An American Christian sent the following email to me yesterday:

by ‘Troubled’

I woke up recently to see Trump has won. Some/many Christians are happy and think he will be used as a Cyrus and that God will do good things through Trump. Personally, I feel like they are deceived and misplacing their hopes on him. Yes, he may be able to get better Supreme court justices and other things, but overall, I am troubled by his fruit. Can you tell me what you are feeling in your spirit regarding Trump and what we can expect during his term?

I still feel that the condition of the Church is the largest problem
and that judgment begins with the house of God first. Christians
may be focused on Trump making America better, great again…
but God’s ways are not ours, right? God is more concerned about
the condition of our hearts, that we become truly humble, repentant,
coming into unity and agape love for one another, sharing the gospel.

Right now, American Christianity is a wretched mess …I read
Brother Yun’s book, “The Heavenly Man” and chapter 20, “The
Road to Unity” spoke to me tremendously and clarified for me
what is wrong with American Christianty, multiplied many many
times over. The pride and animosity, lack of love, lack of genuine
conversions, rampant sin (Here in America)… stemming from
bickering and fighting over teachings/doctrines… resulting in the
church continually splitting. Brother Yun said the house churches
in China split into about 10-12, then God said he would not pour
out his power until they came back into unity again. Here in
America, I have read we have at least 216, some say as many
as 33,000 denominations! It all depends on how denominations
are defined.

I would like to research this more. But as a whole, I see too much
bad fruit and carnality in most Christians. I am troubled by their
hopeful and even prophetic expectations of Trump.

What are your thoughts, and others that you know?

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  1. Andrew Nov 10th 2016

    We welcome your thoughts, my friends. Please post in love, as this kind of topic can sometimes create real tension. We truly need to discuss it in a Christian manner…

    -Andrew Strom.

  2. Darilyn Duduc Nov 10th 2016

    It is extraordinary that Donald Trump went from ‘no chance’ to eliminating each contender one by one while coming against such fierce opposition from so many fronts. This is the first thing that says this may be more than just a human appointment.

    It seems perhaps he is not there to make the country great again – we all know what this world is winding up to. As an anti-globalist he would withdrawn the US from the world agenda, making it a solitary self alliance again. The rise of BRICS as an alliance may see the eastern half of the continent in a alliance with Russia, China and India. Europe is re-establishing its unity after Brexit in the western side of the continent. This would leave the central portion of the continent free for an alliance. Looking for the old Roman Empire to be revamped as per the words of Daniel, this central portion is the area plus some where the Roman Empire stood. It is a case of watch this space.

  3. Malcolm Nov 10th 2016

    Perhaps Trump is the lesser of the two evils?
    Christians have been praying for Trump to win, and win he did, even though Clinton won the popular vote!
    God has a plan and Trump will be His servant to carry it out. At least he favours Israel which carries a blessing (Gen12:3) Mike Pence is a godly man who will hopefully keep Trump in check.
    Only time will tell, but we shouldn’t put our trust in man. We are living in the last days, and perilous times have indeed arrived. Hold fast onto the Lord with all your might!

  4. Some thoughts most of us Christians that I know in America have pondered when he first decided to run for off. Some of us pondered even more when Mr. Trump was chosen as the Republican Nominee. I Wonder if the writer of this article is aware that Mr. Trump is surrounded by Christian Advisers. That all have verified Mr. Trump has given his life to Christ? Troubled seems to see Mr. Trump as an ‘evil’ that no one sees. How does ‘Troubled” see Hillary Clinton. A true criminal and liar. Mr. Trump has revealed himself as a humble man. He’s been a showman. It was part of who he is. In America we have joined together and prayed. Strongholds of the enemy have been weakened. We are living in the endtimes. Mr. Trump vows to keep our religious freedoms. Mrs. Clinton vowed to remove them. I don’t know who “Troubled” is, but he either is not American, or he is a Hillary follower. I would suggest that “Troubled” put on his prayer shawl and join the rest of us American’s in Prayer & Fasting for our new President. It is time for the Harvest. With Mr. Trump we have that God given opportunity. Perhaps Andrew you and Troubled are unaware of the many prophetic words that have come about Mr. Trump? None of us know what awaits tomorrow, but I am thankful it’s not Mrs. Clinton and knowing that Mr. Obama will soon be out of office is a true blessing to the huge majority of American’s. We do NOT choose socialism or communism. We are our own Republic. One Nation Under God. I hope that “Troubled” would have a good prayer life if he is American, and continue to pray for God’s Will to be done.
    Advisory Counsel for Trump
    · A.R. Bernard – Senior Pastor and CEO, Christian Cultural Center
    · Mark Burns – Pastor, Harvest Praise and Worship Center
    · Tim Clinton – President, American Association of Christian Counselors
    · Kenneth and Gloria Copeland – Founders, Kenneth Copeland Ministries
    · James Dobson – Author, Psychologist and Host, My Family Talk
    · Jerry Falwell, Jr. – President, Liberty University
    · Ronnie Floyd – Senior Pastor, Cross Church
    · Jentezen Franklin – Senior Pastor, Free Chapel
    · Jack Graham – Senior Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church
    · Harry Jackson – Senior Pastor, Hope Christian Church
    · Robert Jeffress – Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Dallas
    · David Jeremiah – Senior Pastor, Shadow Mountain Community Church
    · Richard Land – President, Southern Evangelical Seminary
    · James MacDonald – Founder and Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel
    · Johnnie Moore – Author, President of The KAIROS Company
    · Robert Morris – Senior Pastor, Gateway Church
    · Tom Mullins – Senior Pastor, Christ Fellowship­
    · Ralph Reed – Founder, Faith and Freedom Coalition
    · James Robison – Founder, Life OUTREACH International
    · Tony Suarez – Executive Vice President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
    · Jay Strack – President, Student Leadership University
    · Paula White – Senior Pastor, New Destiny Christian Center

  5. L. Alex Smith Nov 10th 2016

    Think of the Titanic after it hit the ice-berg, watertight compartment 4 is already flooding. Captain Edward Smith is standing in a daze, at the helm in the abandoned Bridge. The helm is useless.The ship is going down at the bow. A wave of water surges forward and smashed through the windows of the Bridge.
    The Bible prophecies show that there WILL be a one-world government, headed by a “man of lawlessness”, and the governmental system called “the Beast” (the 7th head, along with the other previous ones, will be “crowned” or empowered, in Revel. 12:3)
    For this to happen– there MUST be some kind of international crisis that would precipitate such a move as to abandon the U.S. Constitution, the Parlaimentary monarchy of the U.K. and all other forms of national government in favour of what APPEARS to be “Peace and safety”, or “security”….
    For people to look to Donald Trump, or to Hillary Clinton if she HAD won, as some kind of national “saviour” is the height of folly– but it seems that people ARE INCLINED to look to MAN for that security which ONLY God can provide– see Jeremiah 2:13.
    Presidents and Prime Ministers are only “broken cisterns”…
    But the mentality that looks to them to be anything more than that, is called, in the Bible, IDOLATRY.
    And when it comes to the world’s crisis that leads to the formation of a one world government– people have already practised enough idolising of Man, that it will happen readily.
    Pray for Donald Trump, that God’s Spirit will rest upon him… and that God will truly guide him. But remember, “You can not serve God and Mammon. You can not server two masters. You will either hate the one, and cleave to the other, or you will despise [think nothing of] the one, and love the other.”
    Don’t give in to misplaced trust.

  6. Jenna Nicolette Nov 10th 2016

    Jesus Is Lord reqardless of who would have been president. I voted for Donald Trump and don’t reqret it. He just became born again a few months ago. I believe He is God’s man. Hillary is for murder of babies in the womb and coming out of the womb. Donald may have shot his mouth off but he is being changed daily. Fruit is cultivated why not pray for him and see what God does with him and our country. We have a better chance for good change with him than a socialist government with Hillary. He is NOTa politician he is a partriot, loves amercia and has surrounded himself with Godly men. Hillary has done more corruption and lied more and more is coming out. Donald Trump is not perfect but he loves God and our country. Pray for him and our country I surely am.

  7. I did not know of the advisory board, thank you for sharing that.

  8. Trump was Father’s choice to accomplish HIS will in HIS way. Trying to figure out His plans is the height of folly and presumption on our part.
    I was born in the 60s, a child of the 70s. I decorated and marched in the bicentennial parades. I joined the Navy and was indoctrinated even more…I was a patriots patriot.

    Then July 4th many years ago Father asked me to choose what kingdom I was to belong to…there ended my patriotism. I now serve only one Lord, one King and seek to advance one Kingdom.

    Interesting times we live in my brethren. Seek Him for Him, not for any gains you might obtain. Gird up your loins, prepare ye the way for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

  9. Lorraine Nov 10th 2016

    I have never seen so much hatred toward fellow believers and non believers before as I have during this election . People who I assumed were my friends have showed themselves differently . I took a stand for Jesus . I really believe it breaks our fathers heart to see brothers and sisters in Christ at each other’s throat . Ultimately no matter who was elected we are one body .We should be upholding one another not trying to tear each other down . God loves all of us equally . I was glad when Donald Trump won . I prayed for a good outcome for this election and believe we received one . It shows that when brothers and sisters of the faith get together and pray nothing is impossible to us . I voted for Donald trump and am not ashamed to say I did . He is against abortion and so am I . Life is precious especially the life of the unborn child . Some people were petrified after they announced he had won . They are scared of what the future holds . But I know who holds the future and it’s good . We have a good end people , and forever we will be with the Lord

  10. Not sure what to think of Trump. I did vote for him since I cannot vote for someone who endorses abortion and homosexual rights. I do not think he is a globalist like the previous POTUS back to Carter have been so that is good for America. I have a weird feeling due to the hatred that the Democrats have toward him that within the first six months of Trump being in office that someone will make an attempt to assassinate him.
    Whether it is Trump or Clinton as the POTUS we are exhorted in Romans to pray for them.

  11. LikeADimMirror Nov 10th 2016

    I believe that Christians who think Trump is a “savior” or “gift from God” or a “prophetic trumpet” are 100% wrong. There is nothing in Trump’s background or in his recent campaign that says he is in anyway a Christian. His “surrounding himself with Christian advisers” over the past few months strikes me as a calculated move to get gullible Christian votes. Trump has a history of not keeping his promises, and I do not believe he will keep his promises, including his promise to only nominate pro-life Supreme Court justices, which seems to be the reason many Christians voted for him.

    That said, I do not believe he will be any better, or any worse than his main opponent Clinton. I believe that his presidency will be very similar to what a Clinton presidency would have been. (Indeed, Trump was a life-long Democrat until he decided to run for president in the Republican party, and he financially contributed to his opponent Clinton until 2012, as well as verbally and financially supporting Clinton’s and other Democrat party issues–including abortion.) One of these terrible choices for candidates was certain to win, and unfortunately for the US, it really didn’t matter which one would win.

    Strangely enough, Clinton exhibits far more values in her Christian life than Trump has. Unlike Trump, Clinton regularly attends a Christian church, she has been married to only 1 man, and she exhibited Christian forgiveness in forgiving her husband his infidelity. Of course, none of that means that Clinton is truly a Christian, only God knows that, but she certainly has bore more fruit than Trump has. Christians again show their hypocrisy when they ignore all evidence of Clinton’s Christianity, and yet count stuff as Trump “surrounding himself with Christian advisers” as evidence of his Christianity (pretty sure that surrounding oneself with Christian advisers is NOT considered a fruit of the spirit. Where as forgiveness of marital infidelity certainly is.)

    Myself, I voted 3rd party, refusing to vote for either of the 2 main terrible choices for candidates.

    The worst part of this election mess, is the message many Christians have sent to non-Christians–and that message was that while they claimed to support Christian principles, the reality was they only cared about Republican candidates winning, regardless of the principles those candidates exhibited in their lives. Many non-Christians already had been leery of Christianity because of prominent hypocrites, and this inexplicable support of Trump as a “gift from God” has cemented in many non-Christian’s minds that Christianity as a whole is composed of hypocrites who care only about their party winning.

    I will happily admit I was wrong about Trump, if he indeed turns out to be even half of what his supporters have built him up in their minds to be. But I am certain that won’t happen.

    The problem as you correctly pointed out, is with the church and Christians as a whole (indeed with the US as a whole.) The 2 major parties selecting 2 terrible candidates for the presidency is a reflection on US culture and especially with the selection of Trump, on Christian culture in the US. Things are not going to magically change because of Republicans winning control of Congress and the presidency. The Republican party is NOT a Christian party, at least not with how the Bible defines Christianity.

    Things will only change when people determine to change and live a Godly life in their own individual lives. Once people are doing this, then this Godly life can spread to their families, then to their churches, then to their communities, and then eventually to their political parties. But the change must being with individuals, and too many profession Christians are not interested in that.

  12. Ejimanze Nov 10th 2016

    There’s truth in both Darilyn and Malton’s posts. This was a most amazing election. I was told of the result only on 3 November – Ordinarily I would know much earlier. I shared with family, folks and friends, at home and in America that Trump will win without any controversy. Some took up stones…

  13. Ejimanze Nov 10th 2016

    His win I said would be good – spiritually speaking, for this win is of the Most High who ruleth in the affairs of men and setteth the basest of men on the throne to perform
    His counsel. God is out to completely destroy Babylon, and Trumps mandate is to dismantle American global hegemony and policeman of the world role. We would be seeing a, to thy tents O Israel…as Trump plays the Gorbachev role who dismantled the Soviet Union.

  14. Ejimanze Nov 10th 2016

    In the natural and physical Americans, and the world are going to wonder what hit them. I told my American friends that they were going to elected their own Buhari!

    Has America elected their own Buhari? – http://punchng.com/america-elected-buhari/

    It’s so good to know that the Lord God Almighty is in charge here.

  15. Pj Cardone Nov 10th 2016

    Personally I was not pleased with this assessment in this article for we must keep in mind that we were not voting in a pastor, we were voting For ‘the lesser of two evils.’……to quote what has been said. Perhaps the author of this article would have been happier voting for a woman who believes in murdering babies, and electing to the Supreme Court those who will not uphold our constitutional laws in the yrs to come.
    With that in mind I think we should remember that God takes the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. I do believe that God chose Trump as a Cyrus not because he was spiritually qualified but because he has a heart that God can work with in governing this nation. And we must always remember that God never deals with the obvious in his choosings as we would. I can’t help but think that Trump was gods man of the hour, for such a time as this. He was allowed to make his millions of dollars so that when he ran in this position for president he could not be bought out by special interest groups. He did not have to take their money. And that became the threat to the establishment while they tried to destroy his credibility. Trump has also stated at some point that if he were elected he would not except payment as of the presidents have done. But that he would donate his salary to worthy causes. Who else does things like this. It might also be noted that this man who is not a politician at all took down two dynasties, the Bush dynasty and the Clinton dynasty.
    Remembering that I did not vote for this man to be our pastor to lead our nation I am willing to give him the opportunity to undo the many wrongs that have been done against the American people and against the United States and its constitution.

  16. Much has been said already in the previous posts, but let me say that Trump is not our deliverer and is not our saviour. We only prayed for the Lord to use him to “drain the swamp,” to reverse the diabolic policies of Obama, to end corruption in government, to appoint judges to uphold the constitution of the US, to preserve religious liberty which is under attack in America, to expose and to stop the criminal empire of the Clintons, etcetera, etcetera. The Lord has answered us, but the most important need for America and indeed for the church of Jesus Christ is revival, and we would continue to seek Him for revival.

  17. I agree with the original post. We are putting too much trust in evil men to save a nation who has killed almost 60,000,000 innocent babies in the womb and we cannot expect God to with-hold judgment even if there is some kind of revival.

    Yes, it was amazing that Trump won but if we automatically believe that this is a miracle from God how discerning will we be when the Antichrist shows lying signs and wonders that are so deceptive that even the elect might be deceived? America is wicked and our leaders are a reflection of this.

    Trump has won because people compromised and made excuses for having accord with belial. God’s standard is ONE because He is one. There is not a double standard for believers and unbelievers.

    Psalm 15 says that one of the requirements for entering God’s presence is “HOLDING VILE MEN IN CONTEMPT.” The “Church” did not do that in this election. They tried so hard to defend someone who should have disgusted us.

    May God awaken our discernment again! God can use ANYTHING but we have the free will to refuse evil and choose the good.

  18. our church last year had to sever our ties with the church of Scotland and we have no relationship with PCUSA because of ordination of openly gay ministers and marrying same sex people in the church. But i do agree for unity over the bible

  19. Also, much of the reasoning behind voting for Trump was simply fear of Hillary rather than basing our decision on principles. I did not find any Christian who could give a biblical response for voting for a lesser of two evils or for approving of Trump.

    2Sa_23:3  The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men MUST BE just, ruling in the fear of God.

    Isa 8:12  Say ye not, A confederacy, to all them to whom this people shall say, A confederacy; neither fear ye their fear, nor be afraid. 
    Isa 8:13  Sanctify the LORD of hosts himself; and let him be your fear, and let him be your dread. 

  20. martin comeau Nov 10th 2016

    well to what i have read and listened too. trump is a freemason and jesuit.. so he is a satanist….i think things gonna get waaaaay worse

  21. about trump, I don’t think you should be fixated on his moral actions and his fruit…that’s judgemental… Yes he has been very worldly but don’t forget that king davids behaviour. True Donald trump does not profess Christ but God moves the hearts of the kings? right. He is in because God has ordained it…for what every reason for his will to be done…what you see is what you get with Trump, unlike Hilary there is allot of stuff rotting under the surface. Pence seems like a man who acts with intergrity and Trump does not make decisions standing alone, it is with much discussion. I personally I am happy for Trump has made it, the thought of Hilary is more dangerous. He is not a part of the establishment so is not swayed or paid off..he is freer with his decisions and I believe he won’t succumb to politically correctness…it’s far to simplistic to worry about the fruit…yes I know where your coming from…but he will not make decisions in isolation…if he is used to usher in the anti christ…well thats ordained by God too…depending what view you take…or he will be apart of uncovering corruption..your responsibility is to pray and mine too…may Gods will be done

  22. Sean b Nov 10th 2016

    I am always troubled when Christians promote a candidate because they think it will make or keep America “great” however they define that. In those words I hear so much hope for “our nation”, and so little call for the holy nation of God that has raised within it.
    I fear that more church prosperity, and ease will only have the effect of continuing to lull us to sleep even deeper, rather than wake us to our greater spiritual purposes through Jesus christ

  23. First of all.

    I would think to worry about Christianity as a whole although it is of concern, most importantly it is how you view God in your life that is utmost concern to the Abba.

    No point looking at the condition of the church in general when Jesus supposed to be the King and controller of this small little blue rock we called Earth.

    So where does this lead us to? To give you hope.

    First of all, if you read Revelation between the lines, it shows the depravity and the bankruptcy of man. The very reason why Trump is where he is now today is not because he is good, it is not because he is rich (there are many who are richer than him) and definitely not because he has the connection (Hillary will win him on that count).

    “He controls the course of world events; he removes kings and sets up other kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the scholars.” Daniel 2:21

    So the answer is so clear in the Bible – HE done it and no one else.

    This result as with the Brexit referendum and for my part of the world, the introduction of Duterte as the leader of The Philippines all goes to show that people are frustrated with the establishment. I would say man-made establishment. I have faith to believe that Trump’s presidency, like all man-made government that is not led by God, will come to their own end so much so, the governments will look to the anti-Christ for leadership and advice.

    The reason we should have even higher faith than before is because all these are predicted and shown by the Bible on the future course of humanity. If the good book can show us this then we should have faith in our irrevocable salvation.

    Of course how fearful you are depends on what you think about the end days. Or in other words, where you would be when the end of days comes.

    I understand the heart of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

    “For God did not appoint us to suffer wrath but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Thes 5:9

    Even in 1 Thes Chapter 5, apostle Paul wrote we are not of this world of darkness. We are not appointed to take in the wrath He has prepared for this world.

    If that is so. If that is the blessed hope. Then even if the whole world go into flames, we shall unite with the good Lord…

    …Unless you don’t believe Him.

    We are now awake. We see it happening and on the basis that it is happening, He is coming.


    God Bless America.

  24. Yes it has been an amazing time for me as an Englishman to watch from here in Cyprus. I personally did not want to see the evil empire back in the White House and feel that she may have even been the Woman who rode the Wild Beast and now she has been thrown down by the people who have the real say.

    I believe it has all been a ‘Smoke Screen’ to allow the Jesuit controllers to pull the strings of the new puppet. He is a Freemason, totally against what Christianity is all about. They worship Osiris, Baal and their Jehovah.

    I actually feel he could be the one who makes ‘Peace’ with Israel and look really good for the World for the next term, but do not be deceived by the likes of the Copeland’s who always use the sign of Baphomet. Donald himself was using the 666 symbol with his hands in nearly every speech.

    This planet will never be at peace until our Lord Yeshua Ha Mashiach returns and takes up his Kingship. Daniel 2:44 states that ALL these Kingdoms will be crushed by the coming King.

    Many will say, did we not do this in your name? Yet Yeshua will say…I never knew you, workers of lawlessness.

  25. Hi Andrew!
    I come from Argentina, so from the vantage point of geographical and cultural distance (though I know many Americans and love these people very much!), I can perhaps see things other people don’t. Tree vs. forest.
    First of all, I’m thrilled that Hillary didn’t win for all she stands for. If it was only for her open support of Planned Parenthood murders, I would still have loathed to see her in power. But she has many more overt and hidden things. I don’t mean to be judgmental (may the Lord have mercy on her soul!), but I still see very bitter fruit in that tree.
    Having said that, I honestly cannot say I’m thrilled that Mr. Trump is next on the White House. I certainly rejoice over the alternative. I am, like another Christian has said, “cautiously optimistic”. I’d say VERY cautiously.
    I’ve read the Cyrus argument, and also comparisons with Samson and Nebuchadnezzar. All men who weren’t exactly perfect (two of them, even unbelievers!) but were still used by God to build up His people.
    I’m still concerned… I sense the same spirit of idolatry others have mentioned here. I’ve read it in many Facebook comments. They don’t say explicitly, “TRUMP is our savior”. They do give glory to God. But you discern a happiness that’s excessive, and we’re to be sober-minded, not euphoric. And they also gloat over this victory, in a sense, laughing at Hillary supporters. But God hates pride!
    Anyway, here is a list of passages that came to mind the morning after the election.
    – On praying about authorities and submitting to them: 1 Timothy 2:1-2, Romans 13:1-2
    – On avoiding excessive trust in man, Psalm 118:8-9, Jeremiah 17
    – On asking God to destroy the bows of the mighty, prideful people in power, 1 Samuel 2:3-10
    – On what may happen to the US if the American church doesn’t understand that Jesus Christ is King and should be Lord over their lives, not only in theory but in practice!, 1 Samuel 8:4-22

    My very preliminary conclusions:
    If we are not faithful in 1 Timothy 2:1-2, Romans 13:1 prayers, Trump may be just another man who comes with empty promises.
    The only security we have as Christians is when Christ is our King, and when we pray over our nations that Christ will somehow be the King who moves in the heart of our authorities.
    Being happy because a mere man will save America is not just folly. It’s idolatry. If we believe Christ can save America using Donald Trump, I can agree with that. Sure God can, and maybe He will. But let’s be careful about giving humans a blank check!
    This is not to be taken as condemnation of Mr. Trump, since I don’t know God’s heart about him. I’m only saying our discernment is imperfect. Only God knows the end from the beginning. If you want to talk about surprises, Saul of Tarsus is the perfect example. Now that’s a good surprise. There are also bad surprises, unfortunately. So if we don’t want to be caught off-guard, the best thing we can do is PRAY.

  26. Forgot to say, in his very expensive Penthouse he has the Masonic Pillars everywhere and even the god Apollo who was a later version of Osiris. This is the same god as built into the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Washington. He is a fake Jesus……or anti-christ

  27. Bro. Nick Nov 10th 2016

    A very interesting, insiteful, and thought provoking YouTube video that is – in my opinion well worth watching
    – Donald Trump – The spirit Of Hitler? Forerunner For WW3 –
    website: https://stayingfocusedforjesus.com/
    email: “Staying Focused For Jesus”

    Very interestingly in the ‘news’
    – Vandals destroy shop windows and graffiti anti-Semitic slurs in Philadelphia on 78th anniversary of Kristallnacht
    The Independent‎ @

    – What Is Kristallnacht? Trump Elected President On Nazi Anniversary
    International Business Times‎ @

    – The Decisions Facing Donald Trump – Donald Trump’s clean sweep will likely ensure that he has legislative backing to take radical measures in everything from healthcare and immigration to Middle-East foreign policy. – Prophecy News Watch @

    I have not looked at any of the other YouTube videos that are shown when you do a YT search
    – Donald Trump – The spirit Of Hitler? Forerunner For WW3

    My personal thoughts are that President-Elect Trump has very likely been ‘placed in power’ as yet another charming – but Satanic – and very possibly the most dangerous “antichrist” “deceiver” ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ YET
    – for he is a reprobate, very wealthy member of the ‘elite’ – and by his actions he has shown absolutely no genuine interest in anything about “the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” or in ‘Biblical Christianity’.
    – So – I personally do not expect him to even attempt to change ANY of the following laws of this increasingly “antichrist”, ‘spiritually black’, and increasingly morally bankrupt ‘neo-Pagan’ country
    – which has ‘Legally Murdered’ an estimated FIFTY to SEVENTY MILLION unborn babies in the last 43+ years ~ But ONLY “the Lord God Almighty” actually KNOWS HOW MANY ! ! !
    – that has recently ‘Legalized’ ‘same-sex marriage’
    – and even more recently condoned ‘Trans-sexual’ perversions – LGBPTTQQIIAA+ @ http://itspronouncedmetrosexual.com/2013/01/a-comprehensive-list-of-lgbtq-term-definitions/
    – and then ‘non-binary gender identification’

    It is my personal experience and observation over the last nearly 8 years of the Obama Presidency that the vast majority of those that call themselves ‘Christians’ here in ‘Amerika’ – ‘the religious crowd’ – are politically motivated, and are willingly following the ‘Broad Way’ of ‘the gospel’ of ‘The Moral Majority’ of horrendous pride and ‘Red, White, and Blue’ ‘Amerikan Religious Patriotism’
    There is even – ‘The American Patriot’s Bible’ – which is available in the KJV and NKJV @

    There are very-very-very few people that have given any serious thought to the ‘truisms’
    – ‘The lesser of two evils is still evil’
    – And ‘Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil’
    – And have also very seriously thought about what C.H. Spurgeon said over 100 years ago – ‘Of Two Evils, Choose Neither’

    – But it is my Biblical understanding that there is direct application of that which was written to ancient “Israel” when they also sinned so greatly – that it ALSO applies directly to ‘Amerika’ – NOW:
    “Thus saith the LORD unto this people,
    Thus have they loved to wander, they have not refrained their feet, therefore the LORD doth not accept them;
    he will now remember their iniquity, and visit their sins.
    Then said the LORD unto me, Pray not for this people for their good.
    When they fast, I will not hear their cry;
    and when they offer burnt offering and an oblation, I will not accept them:
    but I will consume them by the sword,
    and by the famine,
    and by the pestilence.”
    (Jeremiah 14:10-12 ~ AV)

  28. There is no perfect candidate for any office and never will be. I have read in several places that he has received Jesus as his savior and looking at the list of advisers that he will be surrounding himself with, he is in a good place it appears. Mr. Pence is also a follower of Jesus. We couldn’t have done any better. True, true, that the Church needs to rise up and be the Church, but I do believe that the Church would have been totally crushed had Mrs. Clinton been elected. God has given us a little more time to be what He would ask us to be. So pray for Mr. Trump, pray for the Church that God will use all to do what He wants to do in these last days.

  29. This is what the Lord showed me a few hours before the results of the election came in…..


    Darkness is approaching VERY QUICKLY and most are like deer caught in the headlights of Trump.

  30. Nancy Burns Ravan Nov 10th 2016

    You sound as if Christians are suppose to sit back and not vote and allow Planned Parenthood to continue to use our tax money to pay for the abortions, etc…I do not see those who voted for Trump as putting him in the place of our God. We stood for the choice God gave us. Now, whether judgement falls on this nation or not is up to God. I personally think judgement will fall on the church first. We had no other choice! Talking about FRUITS, I have heard hundreds of testimonies of good things Trump has done for his fellowman. I rarely see that in the church. I trust God but I am sick of the self righteousness in the church…Our righteousness is as filthy rags before the Lord. I enjoy your ministry but I am sick to death of judgement from the so called church…who thinks we are to sit back and allow evil to overtake us.

  31. John Barron Nov 10th 2016

    For whatever reason God has allowed Trump to be President. As a man he is definitely not ‘the answer’ to America’s troubles. He will, however, fulfill God’s purposes. Those purposes could very well include the sifting and strengthening of the church. In one way, I hope this happens. Trumps Presidency is going to cause a ‘disturbance’ in this world which will probably be very uncomfortable. In whatever way it happens be sure to deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Jesus. Look to His Kingdom and not the kingdoms of this world.

  32. Debbie Hoefler Nov 10th 2016

    To: LikeADimMirror: Re your statement “…. not with how the Bible defines Christianity.” I can’t find anywhere in the Word where Jesus defines Christianity. I can only find where He says He is the way, the TRUTH, and the life (John 14:6). He doesn’t He is the way, the RELIGION, and the life. What that tells me is there is no comparison between religion and truth and from reading the Word. Jesus does not teach religion (some truth mixed in with man-made doctrine and practices), He teaches only truth. His Word is truth. From what the Bible says, Christian was a mocking term the non-believers called the believers in Jesus, a nick-name that stuck.

    As for Mr. Trump, God can use anyone He chooses to get His message across to a stubborn rebellious people such as America is today. As well as using Cyrus and many others, He used a donkey to speak to Balaam. Remember, nothing is impossible with God. Also remember, God is the One who puts rulers in and takes them out (Romans 13:1). We must trust in Him that He knows what He’s doing, not what we thing He should be doing. Do you think it’s possible that God might have equipped Donald for such a time as this – why he was able to fund his own campaign so not to owe anyone any favors, etc? We should be grateful that He is giving His nation another chance to make things right with Him, the same as He did many times with rebellious Israel. Hillary would have only led us into the One World Government under Satan. But God in His grace and mercy has given us (America) another chance to make it right with Him. How many times has Mr. Trump said, “I’m just the messenger?” He is not going to waste any time in making America great again and even if he isn’t aware of it, God will use him to do it. Are we going to waste such a blessing or do something about it too by repenting and turning back to our roots of the Truth?

  33. Pastor David, I saw a video that mentions this penthouse thing and other occult symbols in his coat of arms. Shudder… 🙁
    I share your concerns, and that’s part of the reason why during this campaign, though I urged my American friends NOT to vote for Clinton, I was also clear that, if I were American, I could not in good conscience vote Trump. If I’d been American, I would most probably have chosen a third candidate or not showed up for voting.

    A passage that repeatedly came to mind is 1 Timothy 5:21-22
    I charge you before God and the Lord Jesus Christ and the elect angels that you observe these things without prejudice, doing nothing with partiality. Do not lay hands on anyone hastily, nor share in other people’s sins; keep yourself pure.

    I’d also like to mention that in Argentina where I come from, we’ve also recently experienced a polarization and division and a most dirty election campaign pretty much like what’s happened in the US. On the one hand, Scioli, the “populist”, left-wing candidate and Cristina Kirchner’s “puppet”. The Kirchners managed to create a narrative (90% of which was lies!) that *bewitched* as much as 54% of the people at one time, and still retain around 30% hardcore, militant, fanatical support. On the other hand, Macri, the right-wing representative of business, who all in all seemed more “balanced”. People’s choice, with a mere 1,5% difference, was the right-winger, after 12 years of socialism ruling. A “convincing”, but total fiction, because ideology was actually an excuse to be in power and spoil the country of its riches! Grand scale theft at its best! Honestly, it was a “choose your punishment” thing! I sense the same towards this US election.

  34. Donald Trump Nov 10th 2016

    I am the outsider (Cyrus) doing the Job for God…

  35. (This is an excerpt from “God’s Wisdom in a Mystery” to be published in 2017 by Don Atkin.)
    The United States of America is not God’s holy nation! It never was, and it never will be.
    Writing to those who reside as aliens, scattered throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia (and to all others who have received Jesus and embraced His kingdom), Peter said,
    You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a dedicated nation, [God’s] own purchased, special people, that you may set forth the wonderful deeds and display the virtues and perfections of Him Who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.
    Undoubtedly, multitudes are genuinely born of the Spirit, yet remain in darkness by continuing to identify themselves as American citizens or other nationalities. Yet, they do not reside as aliens.
    There are strong religious spirits that have their tentacles interwoven in religious systems, keeping the saints from their true identity and the true work of the ministry. Church leaders themselves are the fruit of many generations wrongly believing that the USA is a Christian nation.
    Once again, we experience the church without a proper apostolic foundation and prophetic understanding of the plan and purpose of God. John made it perfectly clear what is the true makeup of God’s holy, dedicated nation:

    “You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation. You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God; and they will reign upon the earth.”

    Paul did claim his Jewish ancestry to save his own life. Here are two short statements:

    • “I am a Jew, born in Tarsus of Cilicia, but brought up in this city.”

    • “Is it lawful for you to scourge a man who is a Roman and uncondemned?”

    However, this was not typical. Nor was it a representation of what he believed or how he lived. This was Paul’s common testimony:

    I have been crucified with Christ [in Him I have shared His crucifixion]; it is no longer I who live, but Christ (the Messiah) lives in me; and the life I now live in the body I live by faith in (by adherence to and reliance on and complete trust in) the Son of God, Who loved me and gave Himself up for me.

    Paul taught that about everyone who is a disciple of Christ:

    • For [as far as this world is concerned] you have died, and your [new, real] life is hidden with Christ in God.

    • if we have become one with Him by sharing a death like His, we shall also be [one with Him in sharing] His resurrection [by a new life lived for God].

    • No soldier when in service gets entangled in the enterprises of [civilian] life; his aim is to satisfy and please the one who enlisted him.
    We in whom He lives are more than surrogates, more than deputies. We are pilgrims, ambassadors, yes. But we are so much more. We have been given the ministry of reconciliation as a new creation. What sets us apart is His life within us. We are to mature into sons who are just like Jesus!

    He is the Christ, the Son of the living God. He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. He is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature, and upholds all things by the word of His power.

    I am in Him, and He is in me!

    Don Atkin

  36. One more thought….if Mr. Trump has just recently become a follower of Jesus, he most likely has not been taught that these things he has in his house are symbols of pagan religions and can spiritually influence his life. He needs be taught, he needs to be mentored in those things. Give him some time to learn about those and some time to learn to become the President that God would have him to be. As the Church, we should not be tearing him apart even before he has a chance to begin this most difficult job. God it seems has miraculously put him in that position and it is now our job to pray, pray, pray and pray some more.

  37. Therese Nov 10th 2016

    The Lord is on His throne, ruling and reigning still, praise the name of the LORD!…..He is the one who raises and lowers kings and kingdoms for His purposes. It is not about trusting in any man, but in watching what the FATHER is doing, and to His will we bow. Those who are placing their hopes in Trump rather than God are in serious error.

    Cyrus was not a believer in the Lord, but he was anointed for God’s purposes in spite of that. I agree with bk that it is presumptuous to try and be a fortune teller as to how exactly the Lord will perform His will in this situation. Though it is true that some may just have more knowledge and understanding of the geopolitical landscape than others.

    Whether he is truly born again or not (just because someone prays a ‘sinner’s prayer’ does not necessarily mean they are born again), we need to pray for Trump that he not be led astray by the false shepherds on that list of those whose “advice” he is hearing. He doesn’t have to be born again to be an instrument of God’s will, as the scripture indicates that Cyrus was not.

    Can’t help but notice how this election has confounded the wise, the media and the pundits are all scratching their heads as to how he got elected, and they are blaming one thing or another as to why their favourite candidate lost……….they are not taking into account the Lord God of heaven & earth. They are saying this is a political earthquake, it is so much like Brexit which surprised and shocked the world and defied the polls and the predictions and expectations of the world’s wise. Also the fact that the world is so much against Trump, taking to the streets in protest seems to be a testament that this is the will of the Lord and not the will of new age, politically correct, self righteous globalists or the devil…..and homosexuals are saying they are fearful of a Trump administration.

    Cyrus was good for the church of that day, he was not an enemy of God and God’s people, but an enemy of Babylon…..though how that all will work out might not be how we think…..don’t we find that God works in mysterious ways that is never how we think He will do things. And keeping in mind that the church of Jesus Christ does not live only in America but all over the world, and this has to do with God’s will for all of His church, not just the American church. Looking to the scriptures, it is His will that the right foundations of the true gospel be re-built and the breaches in the temple wall be repaired etc……how He will use a Trump administration in America to forward His will in that, I don’t know but can only watch to see what the Lord will do.

  38. Clare Watts Nov 10th 2016

    I totally agree with the last two paragraphs of “LikeADimMirror”. The choices of President reflect the condition of the church in America which is obese and self-centered.

    However, I am glad that Trump was elected, because he can stop the flow of thinking that has allowed some very grave decisions to be made over the last few years – extraordinary decisions that would not have been even contemplated by a Christian with Godly values. Abortion! Gay marriage!…..prosecution of those who stand on their Christian faith! You can be sure that Clinton would have not only carried this further but crushed the very fundamental faith that stood AGAINST her agendas.

    Personally, I shudddered at the thought of Donald trump becoming President!…..his past behavior always revolted me, and his pride, loudness and brashness was a turn-off for me. HOWEVER! I believe that he HAS received Jesus as his Savior and (I pray!) LORD! And if so, God has forgiven his past, just as He has forgiven mine and yours…..and I am sure that we ALL have stuff in our past, me absolutely included in that, that we ALL wish was not there! Take David. He was a womanizer and a murderer, a deceiver and a liar. ALL in one neat package. But God loved him and forgave him when HE repented. We perhaps need to be a little forgiving of Trump who was no worse or better than David or you or me. He IS a businessman, and knows how to manage big organizations and people. He’s no fool. The very fact that he got elected WAS a miracle in itself – in that the media was determined to shred him, as was everyone else. Against ALL ODDS he won this election. Now is the time for us all to stand behind him and the men whom he is setting in place to restore the freedoms that have been taken from us over the last 8 years…..including “Obamacare” and freedom of speech.

    Our citizenship is NOT of this world, brothers, sisters, but of the kingdom of God, of heaven. You and I both know this. We are IN the world but not OF it. YES we must obey those who are governing our country, as Paul reminds us….” Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same. For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil. Therefore you must be subject, not only because of wrath but also for conscience’ sake. For because of this you also pay taxes, for they are God’s ministers attending continually to this very thing. Render therefore to all their due: taxes to whom taxes are due, customs to whom customs, fear to whom fear, honor to whom honor.”(Romans 13:7)

    Having said that, I truly FEAR that the church is in GRAVE DANGER of continuing the complacency and sloth, and false doctrine that she has adopted over the last few decades, because she now feels “safe” that life will continue as it was, and nothing changes! – except for good. Remember the 5 foolish virgins! God help us even MORE NOW! GOD PLEASE keep the watchmen on the walls and YOUR PEOPLE about YOUR business before Jesus’ return catches the virgins sleeping…..and the horrifying words, “I know you not!” NOW is the day of salvation! TODAY!

  39. We belong to a Kingdom not of this world. I am happy that Trump won over Clinton for many reasons, but my allegiance is to Christ, His Laws and His Kingdom and His people.

    I will pray for Him. This is the will of God:

    1Timothy 2:1 “Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, 2 for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. 3 For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, 4 who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. 5 For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus, 6 who gave Himself a ransom for all.”

    I believe Paul’s exhortation in 1 Timothy 2 above was taken from this command of God through Jeremiah:

    Jeremiah 29:4 “Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, to all who were carried away captive, whom I have caused to be carried away from Jerusalem to Babylon:

    5 Build houses and dwell in them; plant gardens and eat their fruit. 6 Take wives and beget sons and daughters; and take wives for your sons and give your daughters to husbands, so that they may bear sons and daughters—that you may be increased there, and not diminished. 7 And seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray to the Lord for it; for in its peace you will have peace. 8 For thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: Do not let your prophets and your diviners who are in your midst deceive you, nor listen to your dreams which you cause to be dreamed. 9 For they prophesy falsely to you in My name; I have not sent them, says the Lord.”

    Notice God’s injunction to the captives in Babylon. And are we not spiritually captives in Babylon at this time? We are called to “come out of Babylon” – Revelation 18, spiritually speaking.

    Thanks for posting that “Christian” advisory council. What it reveals to me are those who believe in “Dominionism”. Dominionism is what is behind this false pentescostal movement. Copeland has bowed before the Pope. Yes there are Jesuits and Masons in the highest level of government. I am cautious of those who may preach “PEACE AND SECURITY” in the coming days.

    In my spirit I do feel that darkness was set back in the election of Trump, but let us beware of ‘angels of light’. Let us be careful for our enemy is out to deceive the righteous. In the days ahead it may not be pure evil that we will have to face but those claiming to speak for God promoting the dominion of God’s kingdom on earth….through selected ‘apostles and prophets’. Let us stay in prayer brethren…

    Pastor Bob Brown

    The Intercession line that Andrew started is still up and running with about 5-6 of us still interceding for this nation. It is every Friday night, 9-11pm ET. Just call: 1-877-204-3718 and when asked put in the passcode: 0680803# Email me if you have any questions or problems: B.Brown777@comcast.net

    We need to pray more than ever. Great deception and delusion is coming to deceive the very elect.

    God bless

  40. I am relieved, not because I think Trump is a believer or because I believe he will make this nation great again by the standards of this worlds view. However I am relieved because I truly believe that things would have accelerated under Hilary in the directions that would have brought many more Christians under persecution here and around the world.

    As an awake Christian I see the time as space to actually get prepared and to try to wake up the rest of the church in this nation. This may have been the close call we missed that is intended to give us that space. If it is let us not waste that opportunity.

    One can never really know what type of metal he is made up of. This may be determined when the fire gets hot. I just think for us to predict that he will succeed or fail is not very wise. Think about all the times we were told to pray for Obama when we knew he was not about God’s priorities. At least now I feel there is a chance that God can work through Trumps advisors in response to our prayers.

    For the past months leading up to the election my family and I have been praying for God to expose corruption in the government in many ways. I would have to say that he has answered those prayers in major ways.

    Remember that God gave Saul to Israel who was arrogant. And he gave David, a man who committed murder and adultery, to them as well. And do you really believe that an on fire for God, holy man would have been able to get elected? Most of the US church would probably not even recognize such a man They would think he was too “radical”.

    And what of the remnant in the US church who have realized all these dangers and have been crying out to God for a reprieve for this nation? All of you can say what you want to about the man but my family and myself look to God and we will be praying harder for Trump and his administration even harder now. I say this because I see potential for God to work through them much more than Obama or Hilary.


  41. Trump will make America Great Again.

    But – – – . Ain’t there always a but?

    The World will divorce us, after a bit.
    They will NOT like us taking our money home.
    They will NOT like lines in the sand – that are enforced.
    They do not care for Christian morals.

    So – – is going to be one dickens of a ride.

  42. I voted for him and do pray for this man. God can definitely use him and move his heart for His purposes. There is something there that is pliable, that the other candidate didn’t have. So we must, pray, pray, pray–amen!

  43. In reply to your email yesterday from ‘troubled’; what do you think of Donald Trump?
    I know that Donald Trump is ordained for the job of President of the USA by God. This is certain, because the Bible tells us so.

    ■ Romans 13:1 Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.

    King David also acknowledged this as a fact in his final prayer.

    ■ 1 Chronicles 29:12 Both riches and honour come from You, and You reign over all. In Your hand is power and might; in Your hand it is to make great and to give strength to all.

    The prophet Daniel also spoke in similar fashion.

    ■ Daniel 2:21 And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.

    The Apostle Paul wrote to Titus to remind them to obey rulers and authorities. This is the key; obey them that have the rule over you and stop kicking against authority.

    ■ Titus 3:1 Remind them to be subject to rulers and authorities, to obey, to be ready for every good work.

    I saw that many demonstrations were taking place against the Presidency of Donald Trump in the USA, and even here in the UK in London. This is lawlessness and sin from those who have the spirit of error and who do not yet now God.

    The Apostle Peter also reminds his readers to submit to authority.

    ■ 1 Peter 2:13-14 Therefore submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake, whether to the king as supreme, or to governors, as to those who are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers and for the praise of those who do good.

    And finally, Jesus told Pilate quite plainly that his authority was God given.
    ■ John 19:11 Jesus answered, You could have no power at all against Me unless it had been given you from above. Therefore the one who delivered Me to you has the greater sin.

    I believe that we Christians need to pray a whole lot more for all our leaders, both secular and within the church, as per 2 Chronicles 7:14 which states, if My people, which are called by My name. This is the church that God is speaking to, and therefore we should take note and get to it, down on our knees, then He will hear from heaven and will forgive our sins and heal our land.

    You say that you are troubled by Donald’s fruit; well what about Hillary’s? At least Donald is pro-life and has chosen an evangelical running mate, Mike Pence. Let this scripture put things into perspective because the sin nature is likely to pop up in everyone!

    ■ Romans 3:10 As it is written: There is none righteous, no, not one;

    So to ‘troubled’ I say, do not fret, take heart and pray and know for sure that God is indeed in charge.
    With love
    P.S. I am British.

  44. “Troubled” is quite right in saying that the Church in the USA is the greatest problem, and that judgment must begin in the house of God.
    However, we live in a world where decisions made by earthly rulers can have an important influence on spiritual matters. The Assyrians were used by God to punish Israel. Nebuchadnezzar was used by Him to punish Judah. Cyrus was used by Him to bring Judah back from exile. The Roman emperor Augustus was used by God to set up a census, so that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, etc. In Britain, God has used many kings to mould the life of the nation, and make it more in line with His will.
    Now, we live in a world where, unlike earlier centuries, ordinary citizens have the opportunity to vote in their leaders, and, as we have seen, these leaders can make a huge difference, for good or evil. In Britain, over the past decades, we have had governments that have led Britain in the wrong way, away from God and his word.
    One of the worst examples of this was when, through lies and deceit on the part of our prime minister, we were led into giving up our sovereignty to join the EEC, later to become the EU, a pagan, anti Christian organization, influenced by Marxist ideology. Many Christians have been praying for years that we would get out of it. Their prayers have been partly answered. Firstly, God caused a referendum on being in the EU to be allowed, against all expectations. Then, in answer to further earnest prayer by His people, He caused the majority of the electorate to vote for us to leave the EU. He did this, not because we are a righteous, God fearing nation, for He knows we are a rebellious nation, which has gone against His laws and His will. But He did it, (as He has told us), to get us out of the clutches of the EU, in order that He can then get this country back to where it should be.
    The USA has also been very disobedient to God, passing laws against the word and will of God, and it would have gone even further away from God if Mrs Clinton had been elected as president, for He knew that she had been functioning in the Satanic spirit world since the late 1980s, putting curses on opponents and corrupting the election system.
    This is why God, in his mercy, heard the earnest prayers of His people, overturned the Satanic infiltration and corrupting influences of the Clintons, and enabled Trump to win, against all the worldly media and influences that were determined to put Christianity down.
    God knows all about the imperfections of Donald Trump, far more than we do, but He also knows that the American nation is in the middle of a spiritual battle, so He answered the prayers of His people who understood what lay behind this election, to stop the devil winning, as He did in the Referendum vote in Britain.
    This does not mean that the war is over. Far from it. Just as in Britain, this is just the first battle that has been won. Two huge problem areas need to be dealt with. One is Donald Trump. We need to pray for God:
    1) to humble Donald Trump even more, (he has been humbled to a certain extent, as we have prayed for him), and make him more reliant on God,
    2) to make him more mature in his attitudes and words,
    3) to make him acknowledge God publicly,
    4) to help him to get the teaching of the Bible reinstated in all schools, especially the teaching of the Ten Commandments,
    5) to help him get all the public Biblical statements that have been defaced or removed, reinstated.
    6) to help him stand firmly against Islam, by severely limiting immigration; and by getting every resident to commit himself or herself to loyalty to America, and acceptance of a code of conduct that requires them to assimilate themselves in the local community, especially regarding clothes, behaviour and the use of English, tested in their local community, making it clear that if they fail, they are to be deported. This will go a long way to dealing with the threat of internal terrorism.
    7) to help him pass legislation to stop abortion.
    8) to help him make homosexual practices illegal,
    9) to help him make same gender marriages illegal.
    10) to help him get the film and TV industry cleaned up, getting rid of the emphasis on sex, violence and foul language.

    No doubt there are many other things that he needs to do, but spiritually, these seem to me to be the most important.

    The other problem area is the Church in America. Just as with our prayers for Donald Trump, we should pray, as “Troubled” suggests, that the whole Church “becomes truly humble and repentant, coming into unity and agape love for one another, sharing the gospel.” All genuine believers in America need to come together, as they did during the Second and Third Great Awakenings, and concentrate on the greatness, the glory, the holiness, the standards, the judgment of Almighty God, as they did then. We all need to realize, as they did during the last Welsh Awakening in 1904-6, our true position before God. Whenever a person submitted his or her life to the Lord Jesus Christ, the people all sang, in Welsh: “Thanks be to Him, who has had mercy on the dust of the earth.” We all need to get back to that place.

    Alec Dunn

  45. DonaldN Nov 10th 2016

    I just posted this on my facebook page yesterday. It sums up what I think about the whole situation. This whole thing is bigger than one man as president….

    Symbolic USA
    So, we now have a new president elect, Donald Trump.

    Consider this symbolism of the USA.
    The presidency is the golden spire on top of the roof. The government is the roof, the people are the structure. At the bottom of this structure is the foundation, this represents the Church, God’s people.

    Observe a few conditions of the foundation of this nation.

    Mega Churches. Pastors who are multimillionaires who preach wealth and prosperity, but the only ones who are prospering are the preachers.

    The all too often heard statement that you cannot tell a christian from a non-christian. Worldliness has overwhelmed the church. Young ladies dress according to the example of Hollywood and the world’s fashion. Young men look to the rap music stars for their desired styles. No biblical teaching of modesty.

    Churches formed according to business corporations. CEOs with Pastor as honorary title. Board members instead of elders/deacons/bishops. Sunday morning pep talks with no spiritual value. Members who go home after the “sermon” with their mind eased that they went to church, but live the rest of the week just like their unsaved/unchurched friends.

    Scattered sheep with no shepherds. No binding of wounds. No bringing back those who wander. No seeking those who are lost. Just memberships of social clubs with CEOs that understand that, as any business, members often change to different clubs. Membership and income is all that is really important. Programs, events and professional quality productions to entertain current members and attract prospective members.

    Christians making a stand against homosexuality, while immorality runs rampant in the church, even among leaders, with no mention of repentance.

    The Word of God is available in hundreds of versions, in every format imaginable, even for free, yet never read by most who claim that it is their basis for living.

    Many have prophesied and promoted Donald Trump as God’s appointment for the presidency. Perhaps so. Remember that God also appointed Nebuchadnezzar to conquer Israel, because of their corruption. It is not the president that sets the strength and stability of this nation. It is the Church, and this nations foundation is crumbling like a sand castle in a hurricane.
    A house divided shall not stand.
    Woe to those who are at ease in Zion.
    It is better to trust in the LORD Than to put confidence in man.
    For when they say “peace and safety” then sudden destruction comes.

    Whoever would have been elected president this time would not have saved this nation from destruction. There are many posts that claim “God is in control!” This is true, but when the shaking comes there shall be many surprised that it is their own foundation that is crumbling.

  46. Dear Andrew –

    Trump was elected as President. The job has a job description: support and defend the Constitution. He is NOT the King, nor is he the National Pastor or – God forbid! – a substitute messiah.

    Most American Christians are not Christians in the Biblical sense. They are church-goers, or people who “believe” the Bible in an abstract or academic sense, but whose true loyalties lie elsewhere. Maybe 2% of Americans are disciples of Christ; most of the rest are savorless salt.

    Trump is not called to change that. He is, at best, a tourniquet to stop the hemorrhaging and maybe level the playing field a little bit. Those who have wielded political power in the recent past have labored to force cultural change with power. Maybe Trump can stop, or at least slow, that sort of abuse.

    The liberals, sodomites, blacks and other groups have their own cultures and they close ranks when their shared objectives are challenged. Christians do not have a distinctive culture in this country. We don’t have community, we don’t love each other or trust each other …. truth be told: we hardly even know each other. We get together in our “Christian” community centers (which is what most American churches are) every week for entertainment and an “uplifting message.” Then we go out into the world and become indistinguishable from it. Trump can’t change that, nor is he expected to. The best he can do is get the government off our backs and out of our pockets. With a little more freedom and a little more money, Christians can properly be expected to grow up in all things in Christ.

    In America, they probably won’t. Instead, they will buy larger screen TV sets for their “sanctuaries” and go out for dinner more often.

    Trump may be a judgment against the American church, though it’s certainly too soon to tell. Perhaps he will just give us more rope so we can hang ourselves.

    I think God has been gracious. Most Americans have no idea of how profoundly evil Hillary and her ilk are. We should respond to God’s grace by turning off our TV sets and turning our hearts toward God, and then living obedient lives in these final moments of history before Jesus returns. But that is probably asking too much of most Americans. I can only hope I’m wrong, and that we will realized how good God has been to us. Because truth be told, had Hillary been elected, even she would have been better than we deserve.

  47. Dont know why but after i read this…this is what came pouring into my heart! Its too all people! Be thou not fooled…God is not mocked! The election has no bearing on My Righteouness…did my people really humble themselves? Ha I say it is not so…the hearts of man the motives of man have been revealed. They humbled themselves in the sense of self righteousness in order to get thier way! My people have chosen sides and brought division once again! Have I not called you to unity and to love your enemies and to pray for those who persecute you? I am still waiting on My people to humble themselves in My sight! I am requiring true repentance true humility leaving thier own desires at the alter and a turning back to the message of repentance the message of My son and the Cross! This is a crossroads so to speak a time of decision a time of heart searching a time of man seeing himself for who he really is! Come to Me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest! Look to Me alone not the cares of this life and I will give you rest, saith the Lord!!!!,

  48. Debbie Hoefler Nov 10th 2016

    To: BB – you said – And are we not spiritually captives in Babylon at this time? We are called to “come out of Babylon” – Revelation 18, spiritually speaking. What exactly is Babylon, spiritually speaking? What is God telling us to come out of?

  49. Like it or not, Christians have enjoyed freedom in America largely because of A Deist government, not a Christian one. Trump has a world view that favors the
    American system to remain in place, therefore he has my support. It is still the best system on earth and America is still the best place to live for the common man.
    Regarding his spiritual state, I pray that he is humbled to the point of turning to the savior for strength and wisdom and ultimately to give his whole heart to the Lord Yeshua-Jesus. My prayer for Hillary is that she would be humbled and turn to the Lord in repentance. I think our job is to pray for these people. I think that is God’s heart as well.

  50. Charlene Nov 10th 2016

    Yesterday, I saw a church marquee that put it very succinctly. It read: “Salvation does not come from either an elephant nor a donkey, but from the Lamb”. I might have added “the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of God”. There is nothing else that matters. Put your faith and trust in Him alone, and all else falls into place.

  51. DonaldN Nov 10th 2016

    Dan 5:21
    “Then he was driven from the sons of men, his heart was made like the beasts, and his dwelling was with the wild donkeys. They fed him with grass like oxen, and his body was wet with the dew of heaven, till he knew that the Most High God rules in the kingdom of men, and appoints over it whomever He chooses.

    Many such scriptures state that God appoints the leaders of Nations, and He does it for His own purposes, many times for the purpose of judgment upon the church, just the same as He did with Israel, sending Nebuchadnezzar to take them into captivity. The reason was that Israel was corrupt, compromising and worshiping the gods of the nations around them, then coming into His house and saying “We are delivered to do these abominations.”
    Now the church loves the world and the things of the world. They compromise the true Word of God, they worship the things of the world around them, them go to their Church building and sing praise and worship songs. They gather together and pray that God deliver them from evil rulers and restore their nation. God is not listening to the prayers of these people any more.
    Because the Church has given her attention and love to the world, God is now bringing the religion of Babylon against the Church. The Church shall go into captivity, spiritually, just as Israel did in the natural. This shall happen in all nations that were at one time considered a “Godly Nation.” This is the Baptism of Fire spoken of by John the Baptist. This is the purging he spoke of.

    Luke 3:16-17
    John answered, saying to them all, I indeed baptize you with water; but one mightier than I comes, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire:
    Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and will gather the wheat into his garner; but the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire.

  52. I do believe that Trump has the potential of being a modern day Cyrus. While Trump has said and done some pretty outrageous things, unlike Clinton, I don’t see any criminal intent. Is it wrong to use the IRS tax laws to your advantage? Of course not. Do guys (have you ever) engaged in locker room talk about the opposite sex? I’m not sure that any heterosexual man could honestly say never. In the world of glamor and glitz is it unusual for the participating women to cozy up to their benefactors inviting hugs and kisses? No, it’s quite the norm. Plus, can anyone change for the better and be forgiven? Notice how the accusing women are reporting things from 10-15 years earlier. How much of that is because their “star” and youth has dimmed and this is their chance to shine a moment longer? Some, at least, for certain. Is every business perfect without someone complaining that they didn’t get what they expected? Of course not … the students attending Trump University decided to enroll and chose to stay in. Half the freshmen in State universities drop out. Why don’t they blame the university?

    Does anyone really read the bible anymore? Did not Jesus heap insults on the Jewish leadership? Isn’t one of the major complaints against Trump that he insults the establishment leadership?

    Lastly, Trump’s election does show the coming together of the people against a leadership that has run amuck. I think the church is a big part of this reunification. We unified to establish our nation and we are reunifying to take it back. Could it be?

  53. Jane His Lamb Nov 10th 2016

    I have stayed before the Lord and trust the inworking of His Holy Spirit and His word is the final authority….”He raises up and sets down Kings”. He knows what HE is doing, allowing and working in nations to deal with HIS people. All through the word we have been shown HIS ways with KINGS…leaders. They are as Hosea said…a reflection of the hearts of the people. I have wept over this election as I have in prayers since 2007 when the Lord called me to a year of prayer and fasting for the Nation with the words that “This nation and HIS HOLY NATION were in danger of annihilation.He told me to go to Washington and stand in the gap…HE GOT ME INTO THE WHITE HOUSE PAST ALL SECURITY…TO STAND BEHIND THE PODIUM THAT PRESIDENTS STAND IN FRONT OF TO ADDRESS THE NATION! AND THE SPIRIT MOVED ME TO PROPHESY JESUS IS LORD OVER ALL NATIONS AND HIS WILL BE DONE IN AND OVER THIS NATION!! Since that time I have known and seen the peril of a BACKSLIDDING church and NATION….and have had weeping intercession for both. THE LORD has allowed TRUMP…but it is not TRUMP that I see….I see what compelled my heart and caused me to CRY OUT TO GOD for mercy….the words of HILLARY that she would annihilate the UNBORN even as it was being born!!!! THIS MURDER…the reprobate minds of homosexutality, the unclean sins of sexual perverision by DEFYING THE LIVING GOD who instituted ONE FLESH MARRIAGE for HIS PURPOSE of GODLY OFFSPRING… and the JUDGES that will seal the nation in a deeper rebellion against a HOLY CHRIST….all were the bottom line for me. The day of the election the LORD gave me a WORD to send out..”A WORD TO THE ELECT ON ELECTION DAY!” The message HE gave was to the ELECT..HIS PEOPLE in THIS NATION…..”COME LET US RETURN to the LORD WITH FASTING, WEEPING AND MOURNING….FOR OUR SINS….HIS PEOPLE. Sins of everything the “Troubled” person wrote on….and BRING WITH US WORDS TO HIM…saying…”By my iniquity I HAVE SINNED…and HE WILL HEAL OUR ( the church in this nation) BACKSLIDDINGS and LOVE us FREELY. Hosea 14 We have prayed for REVIVAL in this nation for years…BUT WE HAVE NOT DEALT WITH OUR SINS IN OUR LIVES as CHRISTIANS. JUDGEMENT does indeed begin IN the HOUSE of the LORD. We have caused HIS name to be mocked with our sins against HIS WORDS….HIS LOVE….AND have lived like the world….as enemies of the CROSS of CHRIST. THE LORD is giving us a picture of this…IF WE WILL TURN FROM OUR WICKED WAYS…HE WILL HEAL US….RECEIVE US and PREPARE US AS A BRIDE…who is SALT and LIGHT once again in a wicked and perverse generation. THIS NATION is not the KINGDOM OF GOD….but there is a remnant that HAS CRIED OUT to HEAVEN to “TURN US AND WE WILL BE TURNED….REVIVE US AND WE WILL BE REVIVED! Why…so we can see all the signs, wonders, and miracles that make us feel so powerful??? NO…SO THAT WE CAN DIE TO OUR LIVES AND LIVE AS CHRIST…LOVE AS CHRIST….AND DIE AS WITNESSES UNTO HIM…( WITNESS THAT MEANS “MARTYRS” ) Romans 12….LIVING SACRIFICES. IF WE WILL GET OUR EYES OFF TRUMP…and get our eyes on THE ONE WHO IS CALLING US TO REPENT as HIS PEOPLE…and EXAMINE OURSELVES and let THE CONVICTION OF GODLY SORROW work in us again…BREAKING OUR HARD HEARTS and OPENING the way for THE FIRE OF HOLY LOVE FOR CHRIST AND ONE ANOTHER to be LIT again…WE WILL SEE CHRIST EXALTED as HE RAISES US UP ONCE AGAIN TO LIVE IN HIS SIGHT. Hosea 6

  54. Brother,, I see MR.Trump as a “type” of Pharaoh ,, who allowed the salvation of Jacob and the Jewish nation, The Lord’s man on the scene was Joseph who I relate to Mr. Pence… John14v21 Bless you Steven K.

  55. Kathleen in WA State Nov 10th 2016

    All I can add is that I agree in the main with most every post here.

    Donald Trump is a flawed man, no doubt. But the Conservative platform he represents is far preferable to the wheels off, “progressive” path that leads to every man doing what seems right in his own eyes. No thank you.

    I will gladly support anyone who’ll make it their aim to protect our religious freedoms and Constitution; appoint Supreme.Court Justices that will give themselves to that initiative; make a certifiable effort to protect our borders and ensure our military (and vets) have everything they need to succeed; and reduce governments footprint above the carbon one.

    Jesus is Lord!

  56. Bro. Nick Nov 10th 2016

    I am a 70+ year old VN vet – and had voted in every previous federal election since the early 1970’s – BUT I am a ‘Biblical CHRISTian’ first and foremost – – – and in a very distant second place, an ‘Amerikan’ citizen
    – So I personally and very seriously considered what C.H. Spurgeon said over 100 years ago – ‘Of Two Evils, Choose Neither’ – and then chose to believe “the certainty of the words of truth” about the “BETTER COUNTRY” written about in Hebrews 11:13-16 [AV]

    I know that there were no perfect candidates – But how could I do that which WOULD NOT honour my personal “Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” by casting my vote – yet again – for any of the political candidates for various offices that I know willingly and knowingly reject “the Lord God Almighty” and His ways?

    So I personally decided after much thought and Prayer that I was not going to – yet again – bow my knee to the idol of ‘popular opinion’
    – Or yet again follow the ‘Broad Way’ of ‘the gospel of the majority’ of the proud, ‘Amerikan’ patriotic, religious Christian ‘crowd’
    – Or be worried about what anyone may say to, or about me, or even do against me because of my personal ‘Biblical CHRISTian’ beliefs –
    For I personally ‘counted the cost’ of what may happen to me
    – And I did not vote in this election

    – and I have already had a couple of folks from ‘the religious crowd’ accuse me of being evil, and directly question my Biblical beliefs
    – and I will not be surprised if there is much more – and possibly much stronger animosity

    From doing some personal research – I see no real interest in ‘Biblical CHRISTianity’ by President-Elect Trump
    – Will I pray for him and all in his administration – Yes
    – as I have for Presidents Bush and Obama – and all those in authority in all countries
    – As it was commanded by the apostle Paul who lived and was executed while under the despotic rule of Caesar Nero:
    “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;
    For kings, and for all that are in authority;
    that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.
    For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;
    Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.”
    (1 Timothy 2:1-4 ~ AV)

  57. Patrick Nov 10th 2016

    I see the Trump win in and of itself as better than the alternative – Working for the protection of the unborn is one example of why.


    A real problem I see is the way the church is going to react to the Trump win. I think it will only encourage them to go on doing business as usual. It will quench their desperation. It will quench their conviction to repent. It will quench their passion for prayer. It will quench their drive to be soul-winners.

    Many of them are going to trust that getting legislated righteousness is God’s main plan. It’s not. Even if Christians got everything they ever dreamed of in America, a veritable Republican/Conservative utopia, none of this will save a man’s soul. We may get outward righteousness, but still have inner rebellion.

    Yes, a kind of legislated righteousness is a good thing. It’s a safety net against total chaos. It’s a police officer to hold accountable those that are only going to live by the law, but it’s not salvation. These people will still die and go to hell, and the church has little desperation for that.

    I believe a truly saved man lives his life differently. He bears fruit in keeping with repentance. This is the righteousness the church should be after – the fruit of born again, new creation, inward transformation. The bonus is you will also get the outward benefit to society.

  58. frank stangel Nov 10th 2016

    I would say more troubling to me than Trump and Pence would have been if the Clintons were back in the Whitehouse with their evil agenda. ( not trying to be harsh)
    Nothing should have changed for Christians other than they should be praying more. I do not see this as a victory for Christians, but God says He raises up and sets down Kings and those in authority. We need to pray. The End of days is here and we can expect to see what the bible says about the nations, persecution and His return. Let us be those who are found watching for our Lord and about His business and not those who look to man to save us.. may we desire what Almighty God desires for us.. 🙂

  59. Trump is a God-send, a diamond in the rough. He has been impacted by the Lord during the past year, coming gradually and incompletely out of dryness into being a tender green sprout — spiritually. The time for our prayers, etc. has just begun. We have not elected a Savior — He already exists and is ready for action. His people here in America have been coming to life according to 2 Chronicles 7:14 for eight years. It is shown by Holy Spirit revival in the marketplace across the nation, not within the religious structure of the church, but the religious structure is beginning to respond. It’s response must be to recognize the “non-religious” reality of the revival and to relate to it as servant-brothers. Trump has many healthy qualities and is just now becoming a faithful being. Over the past 2,000 years, when the Lord has poured out His Spirit on mankind, the church [those of previous outpourings] has rejected the new outpourings, mainly because it was not of themselves. This workplace outpouring is like a rising tide, nothing dramatically new every day, but steady. The time for our best and most fruitful labors has just begun. Keep your peace, yield to the Lord, repent, obey Him with all that you are and have, love your neighbor, this is a time of gentle, genuine awakening, like the waters of the Jordan parting only as the priests walked into them. We are the priests — those for whom those things happened. Don’t rely upon the priests of previous outpourings, but love them and invite them into the waters with you.

  60. Jesus says of His Church: “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.” America does not have a unique problem with not obeying the word of God, not committing wholly to Jesus, distorting the word of God to blend more with the world. Best not to throw stones as you are throwing stones at the Church for which Jesus shed His blood.

    God is dealing with all who belong to Him. That we would die to self and allow Him to live through us. God is love. Jesus prayed for us in John 17 that we might all be one, even as the Father and Son are one. We are being conformed to the image of Jesus.

    America was designed to have a leader who the people choose. Do Christians think that they are less able to pick a leader than the unsaved? We were presented with two choices. One is against our God, the other not as much. It is a Christian’s responsibility to vote because we have been given that “right.” Why allow the unsaved to elect a leader who will make it harder to tell others about the Savior?

    There has been NO fruit to show Donald Trump is a born again Christian, do not let yourself be easily deceived. He does allow, however, Christians to surround him and advise him. The problem is in those who are doing the advising. One in particular is Robert Jeffress who had early on allowed himself to be led away by the spirit of the age and actively participated in politics and the limelight, to the point of calling the Christians who did have reservations from the beginning about Mr. Trump, fools! He openly called his brothers and sisters in Christ fools! He does not take into consideration those of us who pray and ask God’s guidance in our lives and our country.

    What is happening in the world and in our America is God’s dealing with us as it has always been. We have chosen to move further and further away from God just as Isaiah’s time, Jeremiah’s time, Daniel’s time, etc., etc.

    Isaiah 59:15Yes, truth is lacking; And he who turns aside from evil makes himself a prey. Now the LORD saw, And it was displeasing in His sight that there was no justice. 16And He saw that there was no man, And was astonished that there was no one to intercede; Then His own arm brought salvation to Him, And His righteousness upheld Him. 17He put on righteousness like a breastplate, And a helmet of salvation on His head; And He put on garments of vengeance for clothing And wrapped Himself with zeal as a mantle.….”

    Just think of all those who love to cry out about the “pathetic condition of the church in America” that you are actually judging the Church Jesus died for and is actively working in. Where are your intercessors? Where are those who commit to doing God’s will? What would please God more that believing that Jesus is active in His Body, believing that He is able and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it? He is worthy of all of our trust and He is worthy of crying out to the Father in His name to accomplish HIS will and purpose.

    Here is something more important than the condition of the two Americans we are to choose from for our leader: When those who belong to God plead with others who name the name of Jesus yet pervert His gospel, and those brothers and sisters instead of receiving in love mock and flaunt what they are doing and grieve the Spirit in other believers. Insisting that their way is best and they will teach us a NEW way. As a matter of fact, they do not even want to hear our comments on that anymore, because those comments are not words to puff them up but rather reasoning with them. Perhaps those should clean up your own backyard and stop thinking that America is the only place the church has turned its back on our Savior. Revival starts with each one individually. How closely have you been conformed to the image of Christ? Put the pitchforks and stones down and cry out to God.

  61. Rebecca Nov 10th 2016

    I’m so glad Trump won!! Since the last 8 years have brought much destruction, devastation, serious moral decline, upheaval, division in our Nation…the Lord has placed a battle axe as our President Elect, to use his business skills and wisdom, and is surrounding him with Godly counsel.. People see with natural eyes, but to see this by the spirit, he is the man for such a time as this. No human is a Saviour, but God uses leaders. He used leaders all throughout the Bible. Hillary is evil. God bless America!! Pray for Trump and Pence. God bless you!

  62. Daniel 2:21 (ESV) proclaims, “He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding; ”

    I think the election results proves this truth. God put the person into the presidency the one He wants. Without doubt, the expressions of many, in the posts above, speak to this truth.

    It is equally true that those, who are born-again disciples of Christ, belong to a kingdom and a culture which is diametrically opposed to the kingdoms and cultures of this world. Our focus is to be on Christ’s kingdom. As sojourners here belong, we do have a responsibility to be good citizens in the country in which we are placed (see Romans 13:1ff).

    Personally, I believe that Trump is the best (or lesser of two evils) for the station of president. Will he follow Christian precepts and lifestyle? Probably some and yet not all.

    The real issue upon which we should be focussed is the need of the church for spiritual cleansing and revival. In responding to one post by a Christian on FB, I stated that our churches need to stop being a “bless-me-club” on Sundays and become hot beds of prayer – being open 24/7 with Christians seeking God’s face in humility and repentance – first for ourselves, secondly for our fellow believers, and thirdly for the world and/or the country in which we live.

    Only in perfect submission and obedience to Christ, can we become the salt and light Christ deigns for us to be.

    May God help us.

  63. Friends,

    Most seem to think that they have to get the whole nation to follow God for Him to save us. OR they have to get the whole church to follow God to save us. ONE MAN and God is a majority against the whole world.

    Some seem to be aware that the state of our nation is the fault of the church, BUT they refuse to see that they are apart of that church. We say that we are not immoral or walking in sin, yet we do not believe God can save us by the prayer of one man. That is NOT faith in The Lord. That is not turning from our wicked ways. For not having faith in Him is wicked.

    Look at Israel during the time of Gideon. Israel was not walking with The Lord. Yet by the prayers of a few that cried out to God, He visited Gideon and called him to fight the enemy. There should have been an army of a million show up to fight, but only 32,000 showed up. BUT the Lord sent 22,000 home that feared the enemy more than they feared God. So many seem to fear the enemy today more than God. But God did not use the 10,000 that were left. He sent 9700 home that were arrogant and thought they would have victory simply because they were from Israel. Today we seem to have many who seem to think God will fight for them simply because they claim to be Christians. But The Lord used only 300 to defeat the enemy and He could have done it with ONE.

    Several months ago a man posted on my web site that he thought Hillary was going to win. I posted the story of Gideon and said The Lord can save us with the prayers of only a few. We started praying. I posted that we should not give God advice, or think God needed to be encouraged to do good. We are the ones that need to be encouraged to do good.

    I encouraged everyone to just confess our sin and ask The Lord to guide us in our prayers. We need to pray what His Holy Spirit guides us to pray, otherwise we pray in vain.

    The night before the election, as I was praying, The Lord encouraged me to pray that the Lord would cause the Hillary supporters to stay home and not vote. Who can deny that the Lord answered that prayer.

    The Lord can guide the thoughts and actions of any King just as he can change the course of any river. Did He not stop the Jordan ? We can pray everyday and ask the Lord to guide our thoughts and prayers, and then pray whatever He leads us to pray.

    I am praying that The Lord guide the thoughts and actions of Trump to do the Lord’s will.

    The Lord Jesus is certainly able to do just that.

    The Lord Jesus proved that He wants to save us by shedding His blood on the cross. He proved He is able to save us by raising Himself from the dead. Did he not tell the Pharisees that if they destroyed this Temple ( His Human Body) that He would raise it in three days.


    His bond servant,
    Lou Newton

  64. Jane His Lamb Nov 10th 2016

    There is one FOCUS of the LORD….if we can see that we will position our hearts and minds and lives as HIS body for the healing that come from our the one and only LEADER who is still speaking from Heaven. There is only one thing hindering us….OUR INDIVIDUAL SINS that we have not dealt with by completely TURNING from them. SIN SEPARATES….and no man can FIX THAT….NO MAN CAN HEAL THAT….we need to cry to the LORD for GODLY SORROW that will lead each of us to repent of sins in our lives that have SEPARATED us from living IN THE LIGHT as HE IS IN THE LIGHT….and the BLOOD cleansing that COMES FROM the UNITY WITH HIM ( obeying HIS WORDS) and the FELLOWSHIP that we have with one another….the UNITY OF THE SPIRIT…that comes as a RESULT. HE is preparing a BRIDE who is PREPARING for HIM….and dealing with what GRIEVES the SPIRIT in our own lives, THIS nation is NOT the KINGDOM OF GOD….Donald Trump is just a man who GOD has allowed to be “KING” President….not because of anything other than GOD has allowed him for this time to try the hearts. Will we look for an earthly KING to save us…or will we LOOK TO THE KING of all KINGS “help us to be found worthy so that we can STAND before the SON OF MAN.” Will we be doing what HE said….”Watch, I say watch…for is shall come as a SNARE upon all who dwell on the earth,” It is time for US….HIS HOLY PRIESTHOOD….HIS HOLY NATION,,,to LIVE CHRIST, Put away every IDOL in our hearts, OBEY HIS VOICE…HIS WORDS TO US IN HIS WORD….and SEEK THE LORD UNTIL HE COMES and RAINS UPON US once again in this last day. FOR the days will become darker….THAT IS THE WORD….and if we get our eyes on man….ANY MAN.,we are set up to MISS what THE MAN CHRIST JESUS is calling us to in this midnight hour. GET your OIL…..repent of all that grieves HIS SPIRIT…all that is not in line with HIS WORDS….and GET READY…..FOR PERSECUTION fir LIVING GODLY in CHRIST will intensify as the DAY or the LORD approaches, ARE WE READY.? DO WE HAVE ON THE WEDDING GARMENTS….are OUR HEARTS ONLY FOR ONE….and DO WE LOVE ENOUGH TO DIE FOR CHRIST….DAILY! so….COME and let US return to the LORD ( not TRUMP….NOT AMERICA..BUT TO THE LORD,,,for HE HAS TORN,,,,HE WILL HEAL,,,,HE HAS BRUISED,,,,,and HE WILL BIND UP. Time to OBEY GOD…as EVAN ROBERTS cried out as the OUTPOURING IN WHALES BEGAN and the PRAYERS were prayed…”BEND OUR WILL TO YOUR WILL” ….May the LORD truly cause us to SEE our SINS and TURN from them….and take words to HIM as we do….,HE WILL THEN HEAL US….AND LOVE US FREELY ONCE AGAIN. May HE raise up the TRUE voices of the true prophets in this HOUR who are the spiritual surgeons that can DIAGNOSE because they have been trained by the SPIRIT to SEE what the sickness is in the BODY….and have the function to SHOW us the cancer that is putting our lives and the BODY in PERIL. GOD give us PROPHETS as LEONARD RAVENHILL CRIED AND PRAYED FOR! And let the Pastors STOP CONTROLLING HIS VOICE as HE COMES IN TO DIAGNOSE AND BRING HEALING!

  65. Peggy M. Hof Nov 10th 2016

    Greetings Troubled,
    The church as a whole has not focused on God’s Kingdom (His way of doing and being) for almost a decade and the results are idolatry in every form. Elect-President Trump may like be one of the kings named in 1 & 2 Kings who does not do as their fathers, he may tear down the idols of baal, and break off the gods of Sodom and Gomorrah, however all those kings failed to (Worship the one and only true God ). Worship is according to Song of Solomon the act of kissing. Now you have to have both your eyes on the one you are kissing if you are in true Worship. I have hopes that at least for a short time the waves of God’s judgment is stayed and the people of God have another chance to CHOOSE to Worship in all truth the one and only True God.
    A great weight has lifted, however it could be temporary if the cries of His people are not persistent and genuine.
    I see a persecution coming that will be like none other ever seen against our (the christian’s faith). There are few who are persistent and genuine worshippers those are fully dressed in the garments of righteousness. There are a multitude that are dogs, hyenas (if you will) that are accusatory beyond my ability to explain. We as those who have chosen to turn from our wickedness in humility will be protected only if we keep both our eyes fixed on Him and our lips pressed tightly against His.

    Bless you for your concern and love for God’s appointed leader of the American people.
    Peggy Hof-Corrigan

  66. To Debbie: I will share my understanding of “Babylon” that is in Revelation.

    Jews and Christians called Rome – Babylon – because Rome conquered and destroyed Jerusalem just like Babylon did the first time.

    Back in John’s day ‘Babylon’ was the Pagan Roman Empire ruled by the Caesars. Then an “image to the beast” followed which was the Holy Roman Empire. Believers had to come out of both of those Babylonian beasts.

    In Revelation 17 the harlot who sits upon the beast refers to the apostate church sitting on the beast. On her head is “Mystery Babylon”. This is all made very clear by H. Gratten Guinness here: http://historicism.com/Guinness/Romanism/Index.htm

    The Christian church today is centered still in Rome! MOST ‘Christians’ belong to this apostate form of the church! BUT the Protestant movement has deteriorated and has itself become apostate and is ecumenical union with Rome. True remnant people of God must come out of both apostate Catholicism and apostate Protestantism.

    The remnant people of God, the true church, are described in Revelation as:

    “Those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Revelation 12:10

    “Here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.” Revelation 14:12

    And the center verse of Revelation describes the true remnant perfectly:

    “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.” Revelation 12:11

    America’s Christians are mostly in both apostate Catholicism and apostate Protestantism/Evangelicalism/Pentecostalism. We are “in Christ” need to “follow the Lamb wherever He goes” in these last days. Revelation 14:4

    That is MY understanding and I believe I have the Spirit of God.

    God bless

  67. I feel blessed to be in America in these days and even though I am not American I want to record my personal reflections for what they are worth.

    This election became about personalities as so many things are in Western society and so for many, it became a matter of who I like the least in this race for the White House.

    But in the end for many regular people who may even have little care for spiritual things, the personalities had to be ignored and the vote became a vote between more of what we have seen under the present administration… and the possibility that changes might come which may actually benefit me (and possibility America too)

    When Mrs Clinton said she would peruse what President Obama had begun she immediately showed her colours. This would be a path that would do its best to free America from personal restrictions and accountability and lead aggressively to a Godless society where the principles laid out in the constitution would change to reflect a liberal approach more and more.

    America have already gone a long way down this path to where the education system actively promotes a programme and puts mankind way ahead of God (who is actually a figment of our imagination) and where this life is all there is so I may as well ‘eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.’

    We use terms like, progressive and liberal where in fact if it feels good I’ll do it and even if I hurt someone in the meantime it’s someone else’s fault.

    So conservative means the ‘dark ages’ where we are bound by laws restricting our freedoms.

    Many people, because of this ‘personality driven society’ found it very difficult to vote for Mr Trump who is seen as rude, obnoxious and bullying.

    However, as believers, in the end many had to put aside the personality and look at what he stood for.
    Personally I feel the God honoured the prayers of His people and have given America another opportunity to actually listen to His voice and hopefully follow Him.
    The popular vote went to Hilary which means, you could say, that more Americans are shaking their collective fist at God than not.

    Psalm 2 has really spoken to me in the past few days but I don’t think that because God is giving America another chance, all is well.

    It will take more prayer, and more listening to the Holy Spirit and then more acting in love before this opportunity can actually turn America and what we call the ‘free world’ around.

    The battle is really in the spirit and we who are led by the Spirit of God are the ones who have the opportunity to capitalise on this grace…

    God must have found ‘ten righteous people’ (as Abraham requested when interceding for Sodom,) who actually prayed and turned His heart towards this great nation.
    I don’t think these ten righteous people were ten religious people but ones who understood His heart for mankind and prayed accordingly.

    The days ahead will tell us whether or not their prayers will become a way of life for them.

    Without which the nation will only increase in her Godless ways. The way forward cannot just be left to the individuals who are being put into office. We have seen in the past that even when believers are in Government things can continue to slide away from God’s purposes.

    Finally I think we need to see our God in a different way from how I saw Him in my earlier days.

    He actually created mankind in His image with a desire for friendship with us.

    The law was given to Moses but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

    If this nation is going to turn back to God, as believers we need, in the days ahead, to reflect the true heart of the One who came as the Father’s Word, whose love led to great personal sacrifice showing once and for all how much He cares for we his greatest creation…

  68. I’m in UK, where we have just had the BREXIT vote. Both Trump and BREXIT seem to be a part of the same geopolitical shift.

    I voted for UK to remain in the EU, but I was aware that many Christians were for leaving, for spiritual reasons.

    As far as I was concerned, I was not voting for or against UK as a “Christian nation”, nor to prevent a takeover by the AntiChrist. I voted soley on my preference for a good economy in the short run, and how that would affect my livelihood. I’m sure I would do so again. However, on hearing that the BREXIT side won, I felt inside like it was God’s will, and perhaps, in the longer term, UK may be the stronger for it. I’d still vote the same way as I did if I had it to do again, but I wouldn’t vote to change our mind.

    As an analogy, I might find that it was better in the long-run that a friend or relative or one of my parents died when they did, but even in hindsight, I certainly wouldn’t do anything to to influence their death.

    In America, I’m sure I wouldn’t have voted for Trump. I don’t think I’d vote for Hilary either, maybe a write-in, like Bernie Sanders, or Ben Carson, or someone.

    But the Kingdom of God will move on, grow, and affect people at the grass-roots even if we end up with a head-of-state who supports infanticide and shooting all immigrants. It’s not the church’s responsibility or mandate to influence political power, nor even make our society more Christian-friendly. If the option to vote is given to us, by all means use it, but don’t take it as a failure if the wrong politician or the wrong agenda wins. Our fight, as the church, is not in that arena.

  69. Reading Zechariah makes me so grateful to the Lord that He has brought us in the UK out from under the captivity and dictatorship of the EU and that He has wonderfully done the same now in USA. BUT it is for a purpose.

    We need to start afresh and proclaim the true gospel – not some wish washy stuff that creates million dollar empires and tickles the ears. We need to recognise that ‘Babylon’ is not our home but that the Kingdom of God is and start doing what Jesus did, preaching what Jesus preached and rescue the lost and dying of this world before it is too late.

    What will you say to Jesus on Judgment Day when He asks, ‘what did you do with the life I gave you’? He will know us by our fruit – and that doesn’t refer to the characteristics listed in Galatians.

    Let’s as I say start afresh and do what we have been commanded. Blessings to all

  70. Jennifer Razzouk Nov 10th 2016

    Wow. As a strong Believer in Yeshua living in a small “rural” area of Northern California attending the largest (2,000) church in our town, 30 minutes from the state capitol, we voted Trump. Our area is LOST. We need Jesus. But the idea that Christians are heathen wolves in sheep’s clothing here is just not true. We are reachingi the lost and we are hoping for change. We are not carnal christians we are desperate for our Savior’s return. No one i speak to (as a Jewish Believer attending a Gentile church with my half Palestinian daughters – their late father born and raised in Jerusalem. Our family is still there – we have many friends in many parts of the world.) who proclaims Christ sees Trump as a savior. We prayed with Franklin Graham. We stood with Dr Dobson. We listened
    to Joel. Rosenberg, we fasted, we were in our knees often. We are heartbroken still. Our Kingdom will come at Christs return not on January 20, 2018.
    I don’t know where in America you live. It may be carnal and lost. Get out there! That’s what we do here and we are not dismayed.

  71. Shoshana Nov 10th 2016

    Initially I was not going to vote for Trump precisely for the fruit and spirit I saw in him but Papa said he was like a Cyrus and that He will use him to accomplish His will regardless.

    The United States that has to repent as a nation. Not just this nation but the whole world. Christianity has to go back to its roots in Rome, yes Rome, and pull out all the snakes that has corrupted it since its inception leaving Rome behind. There are layers and layers of filthy rags that must be discarded. Starting with the replacement concept imposed by Rome. The church that Rome basically declared theirs by shaping it and naming it after itself and consequently her daughters have vainly tried to replace the apple of Yah’s eyes, Israel. There is no way under heaven this would happen as it goes totally contrary Yahveh’s character and name. Yet this is precisely the attitude of many churches today. For this there has got to be sincere repentance. This attitude makes Yahveh a liar and is in fact taking His name in vain. Rome, for political reasons, had to replace both Israel as the chosen people and what it viewed as “Jewish law” in order to impose the only law that could exist in the Roman empire, theirs. There was no room for any other ‘laws’ thus Rome did away with Yahveh’s Torah basically discarding the baby with the soiled bath water. They not only did away with the rabbinical laws (soiled water) that had become a heavy burden but also with Papa’s instructions for living as His children as well; they did away with Father’s Torah picking and choosing a few of its precepts.

    They changed Yahveh’s days and feasts or moedim that He established on the 4th and 7th day of this earthly creation (Gen 1:14, Gen 2:2) to impose their own pagan days and traditions that to this days the church follows creating more golden calves to do so. They even changed what the Jews and former Gentiles that were grafted into Israel called themselves for that of ‘cristianus’. The cristianus, Christians in English, were the anomia followers of Serapis Crestus and had been around for more than 200 years when Yeshua (Jesus) ministered as Second Adam and as Son of Man. The Romans first gave this name to Yeshua’s disciples in Antioch around the year 60 CE yet the disciples never called themselves that, nor would they have. They called themselves followers of The Way in reference to the way shown in the Tanach (“Old Testament” as renamed much later). The Tanach were the only scriptures they used to evangelize and teach the good news, mainly to the lost sheep of the house of Israel living as Gentiles among the nations. Other Jews called them Netzarim (netzer is sprout or twig in Hebrew and Yeshua in their eyes was a rabbi from Nazareth, from branch, same word root). This word is not to be confused with nazirite referring to a nazir, an entirely different meaning. The thing is they never considered themselves as cristianus as these were Torah less (“law” less or anomia) pagans. Yet this is exactly what Rome did with its many pagan additions and subtractions to Yahveh’s teachings that obviously Yeshua disciples continued observing. Rome changed Yahveh’s teachings which they called laws (along with the rabbinical laws) for their own Roman laws; what became the official Roman church Cannon. The protestant movement did not protest enough as it never really went beyond what Rome established all the way back to the roots of the Olive tree.

    Those who profess to really believe in Yeshua/Jesus must understand He was a practicing Jew as where His followers. He did not do away with Father’s instructions but taught His followers the CORRECT way to follow Torah, The Way. Thus He pleiroo or fulfilled it by giving Torah its true meaning and function. When He as Second Adam was impaled on an olive tree on top of the Mount of Olives He could see the Temple curtains, which when ripped, opened the way to the Tree of Life as we who believe in Him and follow His ways will be given total restoration as it was before the fall of man. This restoration will be fulfilled at His return if we believe in Him AND stay faithful to Torah, Rev 12:17. Not a yod has changed from Yahveh’s Torah nor will it do so while this present heaven and earth exist, Mat 5:17-19 (including Gen 1:14, 2:2).

    Only the doctrines of men and demons have added and taken away from The Word to suit their selfish purposes of dominion and control of all things. We need to humble ourselves, turn around and discard all the religious teachings of men and return to the Olive tree over whose two branches, Judah and Ephraim, Messiah’s hands were laid uniting them as one people, Israel. We can no longer play church of this or that denomination but instead be truly grafted into the only tree Yahveh Tzavaot separated for Himself. Soon the nations will say they have inherited falsehoods from their fathers, Jer 16:19. We all need to leave behind father and mother (Rome/Babylon) and ask Yahveh to show us The Way the same way Messiah showed His disciples. The Lion of Judah is roaring for His children, all of them; Judah and the lost sheep of Israel, Ephraim, to come back home. The time is very short, return now.

  72. Robert Nov 10th 2016

    I have to be honest here. I am a little bit upset with this post. I understand that a lot of people are frustrated with the lukewarmness in America because it is a fact with most places but not all. I don’t know who wrote this but they seem to be ignorant about what is going on over here for the last three decades or more. The Democrats were the ones that formed the KKK, pushed abortion into our law and many other things. They love eugenics. Most of the party is communist now. Don’t let the term “progressive” deceive you. The Bible also says to be salt and salt burns and sometimes that means doing what is right that will stall or halt some wickedness even if it is for a season.

    To vote for someone who isn’t going to get in because you think they are immoral when you don’t know if they are or not, is a wasted voted and not using godly wisdom. We are not voting for Jesus. We are in a fallen world. King David in a lot of ways was a tremendous failure if you look at what he did. He broke all 10 commandments including purposely having Uriah killed who was like a best friend [willing to die for David] so he could have his wife sexually. I’m wondering if anyone is reading their Bibles anymore. There were so many false statements the media put out about Trump and most of them turned out to be the opposite and what Hillary, Bill and others in the democrat party were actually doing. One example as I could go on forever: The media falsely accused Trump of being a racist yet audio after audio was found about the Democrats talking about black people that way and how useless women are in Hillary’s own words but to be used to further their purposes. How about using Haiti some years back and collecting millions of dollars with your fraudulent foundation and only giving them 3% to 7% for relief? The rabbit hole is deep my friends. Does anyone out in these other countries know who Saul Alinsky was? He wrote a book called Rules for Radicals [communist handbook on destroying a country] and dedicated it to Lucifer and that was one of Hillary’s greatest mentors along with Senator Byrd who was and might still be a Grand Wizard in the KKK. There are many of us who spoke out and warned people to get right with God over the years as the New World Order is going to be setup ASAP once America is no longer what she was.

    What about the “spirit cooking” Podesta and Hillary were involved in? These people are open Satanists. I don’t know what news is going forth in your country but this is a serious matter.

    Trump getting in, IF HE DOES, might be the last chance of a worldwide revival and a last opportunity for people to get their lives back with God where they need to be. But did you know it is almost impossible to find a decent church that has the move of God in it so many quit going being discouraged. We have been going to a Baptist church for about 8 years now even though we are Pentecostals because many Pentecostals are getting into false prophets, false teachers, dominionism, and many other things. Some of us will probably have to go to home churches soon. We need your prayers people. I know more about what is going on then I wish I did.

    To say people are putting their faith in Trump is both true and false. My prayer was God your will be done but if Hillary gets in, we will soon be a communist nation and the billions of dollars that Christians over here send to feed the poor [including Christians in poor countries] will not be able to do that anymore and the economy will be gone. God have mercy on us for the sake of being able to help others and continue spreading the gospel freely in our country and through the internet. I’m sure there were others praying unselfishly. Many ministries are supported to reach Muslims and Jews and other people groups that come out of America and from other nations.

    I agree with much of what was said here but there seems to be looking at this through stained windows. Get your phone tapped in a country that is supposed to be free. It happened to me. I also was attacked by local government even though I proved my case THREE times. I believe the Fed was doing this to me at a local level to send me a message to shut up. Unless you have been attacked, you wouldn’t know what it is like. I’ve been attacked by many in the church for exposing false movements in the churches. It hurts a lot more to suffer persecution from the church than it does from the world.

    As far as I know it, most of the on-fire Christians were praying for this country and mercy for the last 8 years and they continue to serve God. I believe it was the false converts that helped put Bill Clinton and Obama into the Whitehouse because of bad evangelism by most of our pastors who don’t want to rock the boat but keep that offering plate going. If you preach truth or against sin, you will rarely get an opportunity to speak in most of American churches or just a one-time opportunity.

    There is probably 1 million denominations throughout the world. What I mean by that is just about everyone has created a Jesus in the own heart TO SOME DEGREE. There are cultic beliefs in the Chinese church too.

    To down Trump’s character is usually because of something [digging up old bones] that he did way in the past. Whatever happened to giving someone another chance? Trump’s election, I believe, is a “breather” before the world goes into its last stage into antichrist reign which is predicted and will happen. I believe we are seeing the head wound on the beast system because of Brexit and Trump. But the head wound will be healed according to scripture. Trump being elected doesn’t mean he will be in office in January anyhow. He has already had about 3 attempts/attacks on his life just in the past 6 months. If literally EVERYONE is against Trump except those who have being seeing the truth over the last 3 decades, doesn’t that make you think that God is giving us mercy over here that he still got elected. Voter fraud has to be at least 10 million votes that were not earned. Trump got 90 to 95% of every county in the country but didn’t totally destroy her. Obama stole 8 million votes in the last election as they used dead people’s social security numbers and bussed illegal immigrants around from polling place to polling place and had them vote under pseudo names several times. A friend I know who works for the gov knew a woman that bragged about voting 26 times in the last election. This is Satanic people. Many decent people are voting wrong because they haven’t been given the truth by the media and they trust it too much. God said He would raise a standard when the enemy comes in like a flood. This may be what is going on and just maybe God allowed Obama in to expose the falsehoods in this country [as many are fed up with the lies] and is giving everyone a chance to repent and not have an excuse. I believe we are to do all we do unto Christ and what is best for the kingdom of God and if it means voting for someone who isn’t perfect but more godly than the other person or should I say 10,000 times more godly than the other, it is foolish to sit back and let a blatant Satanist in office don’t you think? What most around the world don’t know is 800 FEMA camps exist here and were ready to haul us off. What about Jade Helm last year training in the fall to bust into American homes? I’m probably freaking a lot of readers out right now and I have only given you the tip of the iceberg. Pray for each other that you may be healed. There are many faithful followers over here. We need your prayers. If America is of the 7, – [was, is, and shall be], this is probably the head wound prophesied in scripture. Remember, it was Britain and the USA that formed the United Nations which is antichrist. And the Bible does teach that the rapture is right before Jesus’ second coming in plain text. Those that are alive and REMAIN at His coming. Paul even said it twice in verses 15 and 17 to Gentile believers. Context people. Read in context and quit following men’s teachings. The false teaching of a pre-trib rapture is going to make many fall away. See, falseness is everywhere.

    There is a remnant in America as in all nations. America once stood as the beacon when it sent 90% of all the missionaries into the world but then got corrupted with false teachers and hireling pastors. Satan is at work in America for sure. I don’t deny it. I have seen it for over 25 years. How about the rest of the world seeing what is going on over here and praying for us? Then there are the self-righteous who are caught up putting themselves back under the law and perverting the gospel as taught by Paul. I guess I am just rambling now.

    Does anyone realize that 90% of our media has been lying to the Americans for at least 30 years now and finally because of wikileaks we were able to prove it but the 90% media didn’t report on it as they have each other’s backs. We had to use the alternative media sources to get the word out and even then Google, youtube and other sources started to sensor the information. Why does the rest of the world think Obama handed over the internet to the demonic United Nations? He is trying to put the last nail in the coffin to not only destroy America from within but also to bring about the one-world government and take away spreading the gospel through the internet. We have already had much stuff sensored over here and blocked over the last 3+ months to try to get Hillary in.

    Please pray for us and please don’t’ think that everyone is so unrighteous over here because that is not the case. Pray that God would use whatever ends up happening to bring people to repentance as it is the goodness of God that brings some to repentance. Pray that their eyes are opened and that God is giving them this opportunity. Pray that people will count the cost BEFORE following Jesus as it is going to get bad before Christ returns.

    God Bless and I am sorry if this came off harsh. God has been leaking things to those who have been following Him and some [not me-shame on me] have been interceding for America for over 7 years straight. I know a group in my old town that would meet every morning around 5 or 6am down at the local gazebo in town and pray for about an hour. And this is people from several different denominations who put aside some ‘non-essential’ doctrinal differences.


  73. When I was lead to pray for this past election it was not for one to win over the other, it was for Clinton to loose. Not because Trump is righteous by his faith in Christ, but, so, in my opinion, Jezebel’s grasp on America would not tighten. So much wickedness was wrought in Israel through Ahab by yielding to his wife’s, Jezebel, will. More so than any king before or after him. Would it not be the same if the people of America allowed her to be in power? Would not the Gospel be further suppressed through her reign? I think so.

  74. Terrese Nov 10th 2016

    Hi. I’m not sure I belong on this website, perhaps too pragmatic about the topic? I am overwhelmed by all the words. No one is our household predicted the Trump victory. We voted because of the responsibility we feel to honor our right to do so. But we are relieved- like has been said “cautiously optimistic” about Trump. We don’t expect him to “spiritually” lead the country- isn’t that the church’s role- but hope he honors the position and behaves himself. I know that during a fitful bout of trying to sleep last night, I found myself unexpectedly praying for Donald Trump- asking the Lord to bless him and equip him for the position he has found himself in- and I felt blessed in turn because it was unrehearsed and came spontaneously right from the heart.

  75. Khandie Nov 10th 2016

    Thank you so very much for sharing this article brother Andrew. I agree wholeheartedly with the author “Troubled”.

    For myself, personally I cast my vote for Jesus as He and He alone is my hope and whom I place my complete trust in. I refuse to follow man, to idolize and/or worship “man”. Jesus is my Lord and Savior. What saddened me the most about this entire “election process” was the hatred, bitterness and deep rooted anger that rose to the surface between “professing believers” truly the hearts of many were expose in the power of HIS light. We are indeed living in prophetic times and deception is rampant. We must keep our eyes focused on Him and remain spiritually alert to prophecy which is daily being fulfilled right before our eyes in many ways. If professing “Christians” would put as much energy in worshiping The Lord, seeking and drawing closer to Him intimately, praying for the lost and going forth to share the Gospel to those who’ve yet to receive The Lord, and walking in Love so that the world then would know we are indeed His disciples as the energy they’ve put into campaigns and elections and seeking “man” to fix and make things right, then The body of Christ would shine like never before. How I long to be in the midst of pure worship of The Lord and of pure love within the members of The body of Christ. But, I suppose that will never happen in “this life” but only in the life to come. Indeed He is coming soon, and for those of us who have chosen to “look up for our redemption draws nigh” welcome Him with open arms 🙂

    Brother Andrew, this is the scripture reference that was placed upon my heart after the selection of presidency. God bless you and your family my friend, praying for you all always!

    “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” (1 Thes 5:3)

  76. Debbie Hoefler Nov 10th 2016

    To BB: Thank you for your understanding of what Babylon is. You are basically saying that Babylon is the religious system, which since Jesus’ day has been taken captive by Rome, which is also what I understand from the Word. We have to come out of the religious system and into the truth, His Word. And those who don’t will go down with it. Very sad that people are deceived into thinking that religion and truth are one and the same. Satan has done his job well, as he did with Adam and Eve in the Garden in getting them to believe the lie over the truth of God.

  77. I do not believe that either candidate is a Christian.
    At least Trump does have Christians close to him (Pence and Carson). Hillary has catholic Caine, who believes that Genesis teaches homosexuality.

    I do not buy into all the prophecies about Trump from the so called prophets. And I am more concerned about his “Christian” advisors than encouraged – too many proven phonies and false teachers among them.

    My responsibility was not to vote for who was best for the USA. My responsibility was to vote for God’s agenda for a nation, in as much as any candidate represented that agenda.

    I can’t conceive of God approving abortion. Trump is the first candidate in a long time that came out strong against abortion. The Christians have been praying for decades for such a chance and potential. I had no option other than Trump.

    Since globalism is the condition of the end of all things, I don’t think it would be Christian to vote for such an agenda. Trump is more anti-globalism than anyone in a long time.

    The economy and everything else was of no consequence compared to those issues.

    Regarding what is best for America, I think that its constitution needs to be preserved as is. It is not perfect, but better than the perversions of it that are now taking place. Trump strongly is in favor of keeping to the original.

    I could not think of one idea or agenda that Hillary was promoting that resembled anything God was concerned about, especially when one looked more closely at it. And my spirit recoils at the very thought of her as president. I am very relieved.

  78. Saints Pray for Revival, beginning with us

    2:20 AM CST – WEDNESDAY – 11/09/2016
    The Lord has bestowed upon us his precious Mercy and his Grace. He has held the clock back a shifting of time of sorts and as his remnant it is to be for His Glory in this hour.Yes this election has been in his hands. Let us not get puffed up. Truely we are his end of days witness and it is souls he has on his mind. I do not believe we shall ever see a bigger harvest than we see coming right now and in the near future, So many, great confussion and depressiion has set in and even hatred and Jeremy is sooo right when he has said we must humble ourselves and reach out to many in love, giving them the gift of salvation as we begin to point many towards Jesus. We have been given an open door opened wide last night in the outcome of this election. We have been given a space of time, a space of freedom, in this election of Donald J.Trump , Prior to the coming of the prophecied NWO. Beast System WHAT WILL WE DO WITH THIS GIFT OF TIME ? I have seen this as a Divine opportunity to allow the Lord to test our hearts to prepare us so as to walk by the Spirit our lights shining keeping our lamps full. I might say I can not tell you just how important it is we seek Jesus seek the Holy Spirit for there is Major Change might I say major surgery the Lord is going to do in the hearts of his Remnant during this time I have seen a great work he needs to accomplish in us all I see a need for change within myself a total surrender walking in his spirit, nothing else will satisfy. This open door he has given us a prepatory time a time of deliverance and of strengthing an awakening and anointing for the battle ahead. He is our KING He is the General of his mighty army. Amen and Amen.

  79. Sherry Millard Nov 10th 2016

    I know everyone has their different opinions on Trump and what he’s going to do in the next four years. There’s a lot of fear in our country right now coming from both sides. God didn’t give us a spirit of fear. All I know right now is that Adonia told my 19 year old son back in the summer that Trump would be the next president. He had dreams of Trump being president and the Lord specifically told him “Trump will be the next president and we will have four years of peace.” So if you’re amazed that Trump beat all odds….well that’s our God for you.
    Also, I saw a video about 2 weeks ago of an announcer introducing Clinton and was quoting the Declaration of Independence….she couldn’t even say the word God and caught herself. I started praying that day that God would keep Clinton from removing Him even more from this country and that He would raise up His remnant to stop this from happening. And He did. God is still God no matter who’s in office. And that’s where I find my peace that passes all understanding.

  80. Hate to tell you but one cannot be President unless God “votes” for you. God will use Trump to accomplish His will and His purposes for the USA. This one thing has to be remembered – Trump is a friend to Israel. My prayer is that the USA once again becomes Israel best friend.

  81. I’m happy he won because he is pro- Israel and seems to have a good attitude toward Christians. If he’s born again the fruit of that is yet to be seen, but certainly
    a better option than the blatantly occultic alternative. My hope is in The Lord so I have peace. Let’s all be about our Father’s business and see how many more we can assist bringing into The Kingdom. God raises and lowers kings & we should submit to blessings and well as judgments . Keep an eternal perspective.

  82. I would have to agree and disagree with you about what is happening in America. Although in many places the church is in decline, many are seeing people being transformed and here on the East Coast we are beginning to see the inklings of revival break out. Many churches are putting down the denominational boundaries and are coming together to see the Church revived.

    On Trump I see a man who is far from being a politician who like many have the pride of being a self made man. A trait that has been a common theme. Truth is politics are not what is going to save America, Europe, Asia etc. only Jesus and Him crucified period. Truthfully if Jesus was here now reigning there still would be those that won’t follow Him. Trump I believe was the best choice of the two. Mike Pence brings the stability of what will take place from that position. However, we must also remember that most of what laws are past are at the hands of congress.

    Our true King is Jesus Christ period.

  83. Trump is a billionaire business ‘expert’ who doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, and 11 years ago, vowed to become a responsible husband AND father — he doesn’t claim to be anything else. And he didn’t take up drinking and smoking and philandering because he became an alleged ‘christian’ he just made that ‘wittingly wilful decision to do so’. That ‘stick-to-itiveness’ spells ‘discipline’ and ‘self-control’.

    HOWEVER, when you track his genetic heritage, Trump’s MOTHER came from out of the ‘heart of Scotland’ the birthplace of the greatest revivals that have had their impact on us north americans. That ‘mother’s heart’ placed God’s WORD into the heart and mind of her son. IT IS WRITTEN: Train a child in the way s/he should go, AND when they are OLD they will NOT depart from it. Scripture says almost NOTHING about the journey from childhood to becoming OLD.

    A word to the wise would be, God can use the most despicable, despised weakling to confound the most pious, self-righteous ‘judging’ christian community to make a point.

    Let God be God, and let us just be His WORD’s obediently following children.

    The choices are between Clinton and Trump.
    *Do you think Trump will ferociously protect your ‘freedom of religion’?
    *Do you think Trump will ferociously protect your ‘freedom to engage in a hetrosexual union’?
    *Do you think Trump will ferociously protect your ‘freedom of expression’?
    *Do you think Trump will ferociously protect the right to any unborn children you carry?

    If your answer’s are ‘yes’ then altho’ you may still have doubts, hand this election over into God’s hands, and do your part in peacemaking for unity helping your fellowman reconcile with their Creator-WORD-Saviour, and brother-with-brother.

    You may be interested in the link below.

    Dr. Lance Wallnau on The Jim Bakker Show Discussing Trump:
    God’s Chaos Candidate Oct. 26, 2016


  84. Lisa Kroening Nov 10th 2016

    God never used “perfect” men in the scriptures as his leaders. TRUMP is exposing the New world order or (one world Govt) Many people refuse to learn about this agenda because they think it is a conspiracy theory. ITS NOT! Trump is exposing it all and for those of you that do now know about this evil regime this is why you are not understanding Trump. Do yourselves a favor and ask GOD to reveal this evil agenda to you and get researching! Its been coming down the pipes in this world for 100+ years now. They have been brainwashing the people for decades thru the schools etc. Mankind has moved away from being “free thinkers” and are being controlled by satan and his minions that are ruling this world. If people would get out of their dead religions and turn back to GOD (the real one) perhaps the scales would be removed from their eyes and they would then see truth. Instead everyone is following after pagan ROME with all its rituals and traditions that have been passed down to them. COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE! saith the Lord… THIS MEANS… come out of it all! all your dead mans religions and pagan holidays worship! GOD wants ALL OF YOU! Not one foot in the world and one towards him. It wont work!

  85. Tenney Nov 10th 2016

    In my prayers for this election, the Lord showed me that He would give us time, for the sake of His people, if Trump were elected. America has been a huge giver of time, money, missionaries and Bibles to the needy world. We need to continue and enlarge on that in these last days of the harvest. We have been given a time of relief from the inexorable march against Christ and His people, and we need to make good use of that time.
    We don’t need to keep denigrating the American church, but strive to know the truth, obey the Lord, and keep His commandments. Bring truth in love wherever possible, help the poor and needy, give what you can, love your neighbor.
    Trump can change by the power of the Lord, if he is willing. We were all evildoers before we came to salvation, so there is no point in carrying on about Trump’s evildoings. Many of us dabbled in the occult, joined cults, aborted babies, stole from employers and other nefarious deeds. But all who come to Christ are washed and cleansed and forgiven. Let us be charitable.

  86. Andrew Nov 10th 2016

    So let me ask this question-
    Given the above sentiment, isn’t it true that it was the CHRISTIANS in America that elected Trump? That he needed the Christian vote to secure those “battleground” states?

    Isn’t it true that the Christians are responsible for electing him – just like they elected George W. Bush?

    -Andrew Strom.

  87. I stayed up late to watch the election results and was shocked Trump won… America is so wicked and I just knew the polls would show Hillary won – but just the opposite actually happened…. and I was deeply troubled in my spirit all day yesterday, and wondered why…but now I see how God is going to use Trump to bring America to it’s knees…. Actually, America is the Titanic, and our ship hit the ice berg in 1973 when we legalized abortion, and we have been slowly sinking ever since – and as you know – just 2 yrs ago, America legalized gay marriage…. I believe judgement will fall and America brought to its knees within this first administration with Trump as President…Many Americans have been deceived in to thinking Trump is some sort of Cyrus that God sent to save us – when actually there is only one Savior for America, and it isn’t Trump…. Also – we HAVE to be judged for our embracing wickedness… Even here, in my small hometown in Montana, two of our local Methodist churches recently celebrated the ordination of a gay pastor and her wife…. I wrote on the church’s facebook wall how wrong this was and gave Scripture, and was immediately blocked…. God is sorting the sheep from the goats… Sheep are lead to green pastures by the Shepherd,and goats eat anything from anywhere…. PLEASE READ AND HEED WHAT GOD SHOWED NATHAN IN HIS DREAM…..
    Donald Trump Prophecy – Uncle Fred

    By Nathan Leal

    On October 20, 2016 – I had a prophetic glimpse – dream. I shared it on my last News from the Wall audio program. For the last few weeks, I did not understand it. But it is now starting to come into focus. If the future plays out according to what I saw, the people of God need to prepare, because a huge crash is coming.

    …And it is going to include Donald Trump.

    So I am sharing this information as a warning to the people of God. Please pray about it, and consider it. If God bears witness with you, please act accordingly to prepare your house, your family, and your loved ones for its arrival.

    The Dream Begins…

    I was traveling in the front passenger seat of a white van. The van had a brand-new motor. A man was driving the van. When I looked at him, I called him “Uncle Fred.”

    The van was traveling in the entrance ramp of a freeway that had two lanes going in one direction. I could not see the opposing traffic. There were also no other cars on the freeway. None. We were the only ones. It was daytime.

    When we entered the freeway, the driver, who I called, “Uncle Fred,” began to accelerate very quickly. I told him that the van had a brand-new motor and we needed to go easy on it.

    Uncle Fred said, “I want to see how much power this engine has.”

    He floored it. The van accelerated very quickly, and within a few seconds, we were traveling at 100 mph. I became nervous and asked him to please slow down. He did not look at me, but stared straight ahead with a big grin.

    And then he said, “This engine has so much power. I love it.”

    We were traveling very quickly. Fred went into the fast lane, on the left. I feared that we were going to crash.

    After traveling several miles, Fred maneuvered the van into the left shoulder of the freeway. We were still traveling at 100 mph. I begged him to slow down. He did not listen. He was enjoying the speed and the power of the van.

    A few seconds later, he maneuvered the van toward the left and drove onto grass alongside the shoulder, he then continued left and maneuvered the van into a large ditch that ran alongside the freeway. The ditch was about 10 feet deep but very wide. It was also very gradual and was large enough for the van to travel inside of, without flipping.

    Fred maintained his speed, but then I began worrying that an obstacle would be further ahead in the ditch, or possibly a culvert / entrance pipe would cross the ditch, and we would hit it.

    I continually begged him to slow down. He did not listen.

    As I looked ahead, I saw that the ditch was going to end and turn into a field of grass. We entered the field safely. But several hundred yards in front of us, was a parking lot with cars.

    There were two rows of cars facing inward with their bumpers almost touching. Each row of cars had about 50 vehicles side-by-side. I was hoping that Uncle Fred would veer to the left, or the right, and miss the rows of cars. I begged him to slow down. He slowed to about 90 mph. This was not enough to avoid a catastrophe.

    I looked down at my seat belt and saw that it was not connected. I then looked behind me, and was surprised to see that I was not alone. My children were in the van. There were also many other children with them. The van was full of children.

    Seeing that there were children in the van, including mine, increased my anxiety. I told the children to quickly buckle their seat belts, because we were going to crash. They obeyed. I then buckled my seat belt. And prepared for the worst. My heart was racing. I felt the anxiety.

    I knew we were going to crash.

    As we get closer to the row of cars, Fred purposely aimed at the middle of the row of cars. This would cause the van to hit the front fender of the car on the left and the front fender of car on the right.

    Thus, our impact was going to strike the front of both vehicles, and like a bowling ball, the van was going to plow through the middle of both rows of cars.

    The dream was over. ——

    Seconds before impact, I woke up. I was trembling. My heart was racing. Because I wondered if the crash in the dream was fatal.

    The Interpretation.

    Over the past few weeks, I have pondered and prayed about the meaning of the dream. Several days ago, the Holy Spirit released me to share the dream because He said that the event WAS GOING TO HAPPEN! I do not understand all of it yet. But I do know, I have to share it.

    So I talked about it in my last audio program. When I did, the election had not yet taken place. But I elaborated that the elements of the dream represented the coming presidential administration.

    I say this, because many parts of the dream speak for themselves.

    The white van – represents the presidency. The white van had a new engine. I was concerned that because it was new, we had to go easy on it. Because a new engine must always be broken in. Otherwise, it can malfunction. But uncle Fred wanted to experience its power. So he accelerated very quickly.

    Who was uncle Fred? I have wondered about this, and at this point in time, (which is subject to change,)

    …I believe Uncle Fred represents Donald Trump. Because Donald has several, “Fred’s” in his family.

    1. His grandfather was Friedrich (Drumpf) Trump.

    2. His late father was Fred Trump.

    3. His late brother was also named Fred Trump. Who died at age 43 from alcohol abuse.

    But this raises a question. Why did the dream feature Uncle Fred driving the vehicle, instead of Donald Trump? There could be a number of reasons. And I would like to propose a few possibilities.

    In the dream, the man was called, “uncle Fred.” I believe that the “Fred Factor,” may be one of the unspoken explanations of Donald Trump’s unique personality, which to many people is an enigma. And to some, an oddity.

    Many people have wondered about it, and studied it. And while some have concluded that he is bold and brave, others have concluded that he is brash.

    …and to those who offer an honest critique or appraisal, the summary, is at times, not positive. Because his critics wonder, why he is – the way he is. And in consideration of the, “Fred Factor,” that I saw in my dream. I have a few questions.

    1. Was Donald Trump’s personality formed by chance? Or is it complex?

    2. Was he negatively imprinted as a child by his father? Or his brother’s death?

    3. Is the little boy inside of Donald Trump still trying to prove himself to his father, Fred Trump?

    I think that it is possible. I believe that Donald Trump’s drive for success and achievement may be powered by an insecurity that rests on “unresolved” issues between him and his father, and also the early demise of his brother Fred. Therefore, the memories of several Trumps who are called “Fred” still haunt Donald today.

    When Trump gave his acceptance speech early Wednesday morning, on November 9, 2016, he thanked his late father Fred, and his late brother Fred. Of course, both mentions could have been totally normal “tributes,” that had no sub-meaning. However, on the other hand, the mentions of the names may speak volumes, and confirm the, “Fred factor,” that I am proposing.

    In my opinion, I am theorizing that the, “Fred factor,” may have huge merit to explain Donald Trump’s psyche. And if it the theory is true, it means that, Donald Trump may still be trying to please his father, and show his big brother that he has what it takes.

    It may also mean that there are influential voices of his father and brother, whispering to Donald, which causes him to strive for power and achievement. Unfortunately, since both Fred’s have died, Donald Trump’s desire for recognition from them, will never be satisfied. Thus, Donald’s personal and business achievements will never satisfy his soul.

    …And without the healing of God, Donald Trump will forever be in captivity to the memories of his dearly departed father and brother who are named Fred.

    In my dream, uncle Fred was driving the vehicle. But it was really Donald Trump.

    (Note – I understand that some Trump Surrogates may struggle with what I am about to say, but I must.)

    Donald wants power. He wants to feel the power. And now that he won the election, he is going to take the white van (the White House ) for a spin, and see what it can do. As it accelerates, he will steer the administration toward the left. And eventually into the far left. The ditch. The thing about a ditch is … once in it … it is difficult to get out of.

    I hope that with the Donald Trump presidency, this does not happen. But if this interpretation is correct, this may be what will happen.

    The Children

    In the dream, there were children in the van with me. This represents the people of God. God’s children. The evangelicals.

    Now folks, I know that there is a lot of excitement with many of you who voted for Trump, but I need to share this. Please take it to prayer. And please consider it.

    First, Donald Trump would not have won the White House without the evangelicals, or God’s children. So the ride that is coming involves God’s people.

    Again, God’s people got in the Trump van… or the Trump bandwagon.

    And many of them did it with good intent. They believe that Trump will do a number of things that the church desires; stopping the Clintons, stopping abortion, appointing conservative Supreme Court justices, protecting the Second Amendment, bringing back jobs, and several other things. I do not fault anyone for this. These are noble reasons.

    So God bless the evangelicals.

    However, the evangelicals support of Trump also means that the evangelicals are in the vehicle with Trump. And if Trump crashes the vehicle, there will be collateral damage to the evangelicals who are in the vehicle. I know that a number of you may struggle with these words. But my friends, they are true.

    – If Donald Trump is successful and rises, the evangelicals will celebrate with him.

    – But what if Donald Trump is not successful? What if he forgets his campaign promises? What if he deviates? What if he forgets the Christians?

    What will happen to the well-meaning evangelicals?

    Dearly beloved, this is why I am sharing this dream, and this warning. I am very concerned, that the future is going to include a huge crash. And it is going to involve God’s people. And those who are not prepared for the coming crash are going to suffer harm.

    In the dream, I warned the children to fasten their seat belts. So I would like to take the time to officially warn God’s people, … brethren please fasten your seat belts, because there is an impact ahead.

    The Crash

    As uncle Fred drove along the grass, I saw the parking lot in front of us. There were two rows of cars facing inward bumper-to-bumper, like you would see in a grocery store parking lot. I was hoping that Fred would maneuver to the left or the right to go around the cars. But he didn’t.

    He had a grin on his face. And purposely aimed for the middle of both rows. What does this mean?

    The left and the right – Democrat and Republican

    The left and the right are the political parties of America. Based on what uncle Fred did in the dream, the white van was purposely aimed at both the left and the right vehicles.

    Translation – (this portion of the interpretation is a work in progress) –

    …this means that Donald Trump’s White House (the Executive Branch) will use its power to plow through both parties, both the left and the right sides of the aisle, (i.e. also both in the Congress and the Senate.)

    In layman’s terms, Donald Trump is going to use the executive privilege of the White House to roll over the Congress and the Senate. This may occur through executive orders, signing statements, mandates, verbal orders, or unilateral decisions.

    This may also mean that Trump is going to hit the ground running. The vehicle was traveling 100 mph, so I wonder if this may translate to the first 100 days of his presidency. (This part, I do not know.)

    But I do know that the vehicle veered left. It got in the left lane. Then the left shoulder. Then it went into the ditch that was alongside the highway on the left.

    If the symbolism in the dream represents the political left, this means that Donald Trump will maneuver himself toward the left, instead of the right like he campaigned.

    As Fred traveled on the left, he eventually crashed. It was purposely. He gained enough speed to plow through both row of vehicles like a bowling ball.

    This is the part of the dream that is very concerning. Uncle Fred was purposeful. And he had a grin on his face as he did it. What does this mean? Does it mean that Donald Trump is going to exhibit totalitarian behavior in his presidency?

    I do not understand why anyone would crash a fast-moving vehicle on purpose. Will Donald Trump do this? And what will the ramifications be? What will the collateral damage be?

    One thing I do know, is it is going to involve Donald Trump and God’s people.

    So I want to humbly suggest that if you are a child of God, please begin taking the proper spiritual measures to prepare for what’s coming.

    In other words, fashion your spiritual seat belts.

    My friends, I know that there is a lot of celebration right now. I understand the “sigh of relief,” that many Christians are feeling, because America dodged the “Hillary Bullet.” But now that she is out of the way, please do not let your vigilance go into a slumber.

    Many argued that Trump was the lesser of two evils. And while I could spend a lot of time disagreeing, that is now in the past.

    We have the future ahead of us. And we must now begin dealing with Trump; the man, the mystery, the anomaly.

    For some – he is the hope.

    For others, he is the dread.

    For me? Trump is a cauldron of caveats who possesses a mandate, (which I will be talking about in the days ahead.)

    And with this I close. Over the past year and a half, I have been rigorously studying Donald Trump. I have gone back 30 years and examined our future president. I have done this because I am a watchman. And also because the Bible tells us to be vigilant.

    Jesus warned us, “to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of Herod.”

    Jesus also said, “we will know them by their fruits.”

    I have practiced this discipline with both Hillary and Donald Trump. I noticed that most of the evangelicals examined the leaven of Hillary, but bypassed the leaven of Trump. But folks, Jesus said it.

    I’m just the messenger. And a scale that is just and righteous should never have our thumb on it. I refused to put my thumb on the scale of Donald Trump. And I was persecuted for it by the majority of the brethren.

    But I must be obedient to God. Therefore, both candidates received an examination. Unfortunately, some of the brethren thought that I had an agenda to steer the election toward Hillary. How they got there, I don’t know.

    Now that the election is over. Hillary is the past. But the Trump presidency is before us. And based on what I have seen in the big picture of the end times, and in prophetic glimpses about Donald Trump, the coming narrative is not going to be what many of the evangelicals are expecting.

    Great calamity is coming folks. And it will involve Donald Trump. I am sorry that I have to say it. I am sorry that I must be the bearer of bad news. But I still have to.

    I know that I am outnumbered. I know that the majority of the watchman are forecasting a vacation for America.

    I cannot do that. Because I’ve seen too much. I have had 5 to 10 prophetic glimpses about Donald Trump. And those glimpses are not revealing the vacation and good times that others are promoting. They are also not revealing that Donald Trump is safe. I will be talking more about this in the coming days.

    Buckle your seat belts folks.

    In His service,

    Nathan Leal
    Watchman’s Cry

  88. Are you saying that you would have preferred Hillary Clinton? are you also forgetting that the Vice Pres elect IS a Christian in every sense of the word? And according to Dr James Dobson, he heard from his friend that the friend, personally , heard Trump pray to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior.
    I am so thankful that the CLINTONS are NOT in the WHITE HOUSE!! that is enough for me.

  89. Andrew Nov 10th 2016

    Lindie – that is a truly sobering word from Nathan Leal. Thanks for posting it. Well worth the read. Thankyou.


    Andrew Strom.

  90. Sandi Preston Nov 10th 2016

    Before I comment on President Elect Donald Trump, I first need to tell you about a visitation I had from the Lord starting on 2/14/16; this lasted for 7 days/nights. I’m 71 and have been a believer most of my life. I was one of the many who believed, once saved, always saved.
    The Lord gave me a life review and told me, were he to come for his bride now, he wouldn’t take me. I honestly can’t say I was terribly shocked because I had been in such a back-slidden state for the past 7 years. That visitation changed my life and, as I repented, he forgave me and withdrew his anger. He told me that he was taking this current government down and would be giving us double for what we had done to others across the world. He showed me the lines of refugees, children dying of thirst and hunger, all because of what this government had fomented in other sovereign nations. He also showed me cages of little children, stacked on top of one another; those who were used for the sex slave industry; perpetuated by people in high places in the United States. We have been a people who have consumed great wealth on ourselves, with little regard for those who are suffering world-wide. We throw away so much food, go on diets, have our stomachs stapled when we are overweight. He then showed me cities burning all over this country. He didn’t give me a date as to when all this would be happening but my sense is soon.
    Now, on to Trump. I was astonished by the Republican Party’s vitriol against this man. What he said all those years ago was indeed repulsive but there wasn’t much more anyone could bring against him. I think the most refreshing thing about Mr. Trump is his refusal to be politically correct; it has become a cancer in this world. Essentially, it suppressed the truth and I think most hate that Donald Trump tells the truth; hideous as it is. As far as his fruit is concerned, only God can read the heart. Mr Trump has shown mercy and kindness to many over the years. Many have come forward and expressed this. He doesn’t sound his own horn.
    The other fact that truly astonished me was so many “christians” endorsed Clinton. Her corruption is unparalled in this government’s history. How could any believer vote for a woman who thinks it’s ok to commit infanticide. If Jesus was running for public office today, he would be excoriated for being a sexist, homophobe, hater, etc. The sheep and the goats have already been divided; he is now dividing the sheep from the sheep. If this doesn’t frighten the church, I don’t know what will. When I had the visitation, he allowed me to experience what it’s going to feel like being at the judgment, with no more opportunity to repent. I cannot describe the terror and dread. These are the most important 10 words you will ever hear; Repent, for the day of the Lord is at hand. I fasted and prayed much for this election and I asked God to give this country his judgment; to give us a man to lead this country through the most trying times to come upon the earth and I believe he answered my prayer. We must continue to pray for Mr. Trump to have wisdom, discernment and protection.

  91. I think you are right on the mark: the real question is the state of the Church.

    Trump is a disaster for America. But I strongly sense that God will bless and build up the Church through his victory.

    Not that we will be better for living under a foul-mouthed President whose main “platform” is fear and hatred of others, and whose guiding spirit is greed and pride. But I already hear Christians questioning their operative political ideas which have helped bring such a man to power.

    I hear honest Christians questioning whether they can follow the teaching that the “conservative Republican” faction shares our values and priorities, and is always the safely “Christian” vote. Questioning whether the “Christian” politics of the last 40 years has actually made American politics better. Questioning whether the big-name “Christian leaders” who have taught us to follow those lies (James Dobson, Franklin Graham, and Jerry Falwell, Jr., among them) are trustworthy guides. Indeed…a great political heresy !…whether “vox populi” is actually “vox Dei.”

    I strongly sense that God is preparing honest American Christians to at last take their every POLITICAL thought captive to the obedience of Christ (II Corinthians 10:3); and preparing to set us free from slavery to political deceptions and deceivers.

    blessings, Steve

  92. Lorraine Nov 10th 2016

    God raises up leaders and removes leaders. Donald Trump is God’s choice or he wouldn’t have won. It’s that simple.

    The systems of this world (or kingdoms of man) must become the kingdoms of our God. The political system has controlled the religious system…the educational system…the economical system…and all other systems for decades.

    This system has just been dealt a massive blow and therefore will no longer be able to oppress His people and all people as easily as it was before.

    This is a Victory for those who possess the mind of Christ and love the Truth. Many heard Him and responded to His call. Natural minded people will never understand what just happened because His ways can only be spiritually discerned.

  93. Donald Trump was by far not my first choice; I know many who voted republican ticket felt the same way. I did not vote ‘for’ Trump; I voted ‘against’ HRC; an evil machine that would have surely finished off what Obama started. However, in all truthfulness, this left-wing agenda machine started decades ago. They have slowly but surely taken this country down one notch at a time and mainly because we, mainstream christians allowed this to happen because of our complacency. I could elaborate on this but suffice it to say, others have done so before me. This is not a new ‘secret’ revealed.
    So, those who voted republican voted ‘for’ one of the most conservative platforms this nation has seen in a long time. We voted ‘for’ the conservative future for the Supreme Court; we voted ‘for’ the ‘right for life’ for millions of yet to be born babies’, we voted ‘for’ our constitution in its entirety……i.e., religious freedoms and speech/thoughts and ways to conduct our own private businesses, right to bear arms, national security, immigration, etc, etc, etc…..all of which would have gone down the drain had HRC been elected. We voted ‘against’ the spirit of Jezebel.

    Yes, there are many that believe it to be possible that God chose Trump ‘for such a time as this’. Trump was the only man who had the resources, the temperament, the courage to stand up against such an ominous machine…..even the FBI is afraid of this machine. Trump was the only one on the political scene and beyond that was not ‘owned’ by the mega beast machine; he didn’t care nor was he afraid of ‘IT’.

    Below is a site for which one could listen if they should choose to pursue this issue further entitled “The Continental Divide” https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-mozilla-004&hsimp=yhs-004&hspart=mozilla&p=Contenintal+Divide+youTube#id=1&vid=d90714fc8d38b8181df1c3280a4b7f28&action=click

  94. America will prosper during Trumps and Pence Presidency for God will use Trump for it to happen. God’s word tells us we will even prosper the merchants of the world.

    It is true .America will one day in God’s prophetic future fall, to be no more totally destroyed. but not right away and in God’s timing.

    As Christ’s remnant we must not get caught up in all the world has to offer, our part in all this is to reach the harvest while it is still day. God just extended his grace and mercy giving an extended time to his remnants work.

    We must surrender fully to God and his purpose to have our hearts right with God to be in a daily relationship with Jesus and as his end of days witness, his people walking and guided by his spirit bring forth the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    THIS IS WHAT SHOULD CONCERN US, saints this is exactly why we are here for such a time as this Be vey careful of the distractions.

  95. This was written by a young student who happens to be my grandson; he is on a Marine scholarship at a major university. Another reason one my say ‘yes’ about Donald Trump

    A Message to the Left from an American Conservative:

    Your unrelenting pursuit of political and cultural domination is unparalleled.

    For eight years or more you have instituted Executive Order after Executive Order, Supreme Court Decisions, and Bills from Congress including the Affordable Healthcare Act with no regard or respect for the Constitution of the United States.

    For eight years or more your institutions, including but not limited to the news media, social media, and Hollywood, have sought to demonize any other personal or political view that does not match yours stride for stride. However it was not enough for you to control positions of power, the media, and the national culture. You sought to turn this country inside out, divide the American People by every way imaginable, and to undermine the entirety of the United States Constitution for your own gain.

    For eight years or more, you have shamed your political opponents. You have called myself and others deplorables, meaning we “deserve strong condemnation”. You called us bigots, racists, sexists, and every other name you could think of in your quest to expand the Federal Government and to fundamentally change this nation.

    You insulted and spit upon our families and our history as a Republic, and sought to exploit all future generations in the process. You step on and burn our Flag, disrespect the National Anthem, and murder Police Officers. You and your Authoritarian ideology are hell bent on attacking the very core of what being an American means.

    You have shown nothing but contempt and degradation towards us. Therefore you will receive nothing different in return. I have no remorse for you.

    All told, this was not a victory, but merely a step in a better direction. A direction towards restoring our Constitutional Republic.

    The Silent Majority is silent no longer.

  96. Shauna Nov 10th 2016

    Trump has looming court cases and may not make it to President.

  97. Aussie Nov 10th 2016

    I believe God is in total control and onIy He can raise or destroy kings. I also understand that we cannot know a man’s heart.

    However, I came to Christ late in life and for years prior watched the behaviour of people who claimed to be Christians to see if Christ was real, so I believe that we need to be careful in claiming any public figure to be a Christian.

    My questions for those who claim Trump is a Christian are:
    1. On what grounds do you make these claims? (See the article on this site re Lost Foundations)
    2. What would people considering Christ think as a result of being told Trump is a Christian?

  98. Once again Andrew you are demonstrating your lack of discernment, yet still feel qualified to mislead your little flock.

  99. Sulah I would like to copy this and send it to my grandsons. Your
    grandson is a very wise young man. This is exactly what has happened to the political side of America.
    I would leave your name off.
    Bless You.

  100. You have that right Jim Taylor.

  101. You bet I voted for Trump. Not only did I vote for him, I fasted and prayed for this election that the Lord would break the back of the wickedness of the Clinton machine. I believe God heard the prayers of thousands of Christians and delivered us from the oppression of a Clinton administration. Trump may be a flawed individual but Clinton is absolutely evil. Every Christian needs to pray for Trum, his administration, and the Lord lead him in a good wsy.

  102. I believe we are at the time of the end where the Globalist agenda is about to be revealed; I do not believe that Trump will make it to his inauguration, being sworn in as president. I would love it to be so, his policies are sound.
    But does God REALLY want to “make America great again?” I see God judging nations, not building them up but: “The nation that does not serve You shall perish.”
    There are many wonderful people in the USA, some wonderful Christians (though most of us are focused on the money makers etc.); but they will be spared the coming destruction.
    I am highly suspicious of the fact that Obama who is the devils’ advocate regards abortion, morality and religion is speaking such soothing words to the American public about Donald Trump.
    I believe that shortly before Trump is sworn in, there will be a few buildings blown up or, they will crash the teetering US dollar and Obama will exert his executive authority to stay in power, calling in the military to handle the situation. Then there will be Martial Govt. ruling in USA with Obama at the helm.
    There are already thousands of UN soldiers training alongside US military in the USA.
    There is no way, the Globalist rulers (the big bankers) are going to allow Trump to overthrow all they’ve been working for, so long. They have flooded the land with unchecked Muslims not only from Syria, but at least 10,000 were taken over the Mexican border – to avoid immigration – in DHS buses, all young men about 18 -40’s. They all of the age of the El Shabbab (Somalias ISIS.) I saw (on YT) the border guard being interviewed about it and he said there is nothing anyone can do, its Government policy.
    Not all the muslims in USA are radicals, many are not. But far too many are. These ones, I believe, are awaiting their signal. They believe that the Mahdi (false Messiah,) will not come to rule and reign on teh earth, until the world is in utter destruction and chaos. They have allowed this situation in USA to do just that, at the given signal.
    Does anyone else believe we are at the brink of Global Govt.?
    If so, consider what I say. No WAY will they allow Trump to take over as President.
    It is preserved for Obama, because he is doing such a great job of destroying America.

  103. Clinton ? Trump? … who ?
    The answer to every problem today was given to us 2000 years ago
    Just as Jesus said ” I am come in my Father’s name and you reject me, if one come in his own name you will accept him ”
    So we ignore the Message rule of God and demand rule by men. Truth is in the eyes of the Lord Clinton is no better or worse than Trump, all unregenerate folk are classed as dead in trespass and sin by God . So what do i think of our elected so called leaders of any flavor? I fell sorry for them they have an impossible task.
    Pr Michael

  104. Nellie Nov 10th 2016

    Always find it interesting how believers expect much of a leader but so little change amongst themselves. Western churches refuse to see its own large cracks in the foundation yet, believe Trump is the modern version of Cyrus. Many are making him a living idol. ‘
    We have the form of godliness but deny its power and these Christians want Trump to lead us to moral victory. Who is God right now?

  105. Femi Olayebi Nov 10th 2016

    This is a copy of a mail I sent to Charisma Magazine before the election:
    Dear Editor,
    Greetings in the Mighty Name of our Lord Jesus.
    Your magazines have been a great blessing and the articles contained in them very enlightening.
    I am not am American but I would like to make some comments regarding the coming election in America.
    It is my view that the church in America needs to seek the face of God and avoid being partisan so that she is not drawn into making decisions and taking steps based on political opinions only. In this way the American church will not make the mistakes made by the church in some other nations where rather than be the light that will shine in the midst of the darkness of the age they became embroiled in the politics of their nations and lost the place of being the ‘watchman’. This is what leads to the removal of the candle stick and the expansion of darkness.
    May our light continue to shine in darkness and shine brighter and brighter unto the perfect day.
    God bless you.
    Bro Femi Olayebi

    I believe the American Church should seek the face of God and not be moved by political manifestos. It is a time of shaking of Nations.

  106. The mass media hates him!
    The crooked politicians hate him!
    The false church hates him!
    Islam hates him!
    The Luciferians hate him!
    The homos hate him!
    The abortionists hate him!
    The bankers hate him!
    The Mexicans jumping the border hate him!
    Hollywood hates him!
    The rock and roll stars hate him!
    Even the old Pope had a go at him!

    Does this all mean that God hates him???

    Luk 16:15 And he said unto them, Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God.

    2Co 10:18 For not he that commendeth himself is approved, but whom the Lord commendeth.

  107. Jocelyn Nov 10th 2016

    Hi, I’m in NZ. So a different perspective. I think a nation gets the leader it wants. King Saul is an example here. The candidate who best articulates peoples’ aspirations in the most appealing way, is the one who wins approval. People are fickle and politicians no better. All gain with least pain wins votes. Is USA going down? Yes. Every nation is. We have to remember we are in the last days and our job is the same Jesus gave his disciples, to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth and then the end will come ( Matthew 24:14) Our kingdom is heaven, not the world . Outside the west thousands of Christians are being tortured and dying for Jesus rather than disown him. Christ’ body is suffering. What about comfortable westerners. Do we keep our mouths shut about Jesus, everyday citizens worried about the economy and whether the president will make America great or not? Are we not citizens of heaven ? Neither Trump nor Clinton can restore America. Only a deep repentance. I doubt God will make the US great, or even restore the US, or NZ for that matter. Where is the great USA in the Bible? It’s not. Jesus is great and his glory he gives to no one else. US has the reputation of leading the world in hedonism. However I think we in NZ are equals here. Sadly I think the western church is due for stern discipline to bring Jesus back into focus and purge us. God appoints leaders. His purpose is not the economy or national greatness but so he can have people from every nation, language and tribe worshipping around his throne. Any president or prime minister is put there by God for his purpose. Our duty is to pray, intercede and give thanks for kings and all those in authority that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness…this pleases God who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. What is happening in the US right now is bigger than mere politics. A clock is ticking inexorably toward a one world government. I see many deplorable changes here in NZ. Today I have a choice, look up and focus on Jesus and be useful to him or despair about increasing evil. So is it My will or His be done? Is Jesus my perspective, my reality. Help me Jesus.

  108. Sandi Preston: I only read your post, after I posted my other one. I believe everything you say; word for word. If what you heard the Lord say regards the cities of America being on fire, is true (I believe it is, and it ties in with what I said in my other post, and also ties in with David Wilkersons’ prophecy on New York – he saw a thousand fires burning across New York. Why not the rest of the USA, probably because his work and calling was NY.)… As I say, if it is so,I believe it is sooner rather than later. I sure wish its later!
    I really desire that Trump get the opportunity to turn upside down the wickedness that Obama and his predecessors have brought into USA.
    But how long will God allow the situation to continue? He has a calendar and if we are tuned into the Spirit, we can “hear” what is going to happen.. not all of it, but enough to pray, intercede and evangelize so that many are saved before His judgment falls.

    I do not seek the Lord for answers to these things or to know what is coming next, I seek His face, because I love Him. As I’m sure you do too Sandi. I only want to do my part in the harvest and walk with Him.
    Yet He shares things with me, as I notice He does with all who walk with Him.

    One thing I know that hurts God more than all the other sins in the world, is children being abused.
    I know it because God has put it into my heart also.
    The vision you shared of little ones in cages stacked on top of one another, ready to be sold for sex;
    I saw a photo once in a church, (they were campaigning against the sex trade,) showing a toddler, not even 2, probably 16-18 months, a boy, in nothing but pampers and little sandals on his feet, sitting bewildered and in fear, in a cage, ready to be shipped off somewhere for sex.
    There are reports of the Clintons being involved too, though I don’t know if its fact, but some wiki leaks that never made it to main stream media, indicate it is so.
    I do not judge the men and woman who are addicted to this wickedness, we are all made of mud, and without the Lord Jesus, none of us knows how low we would slide. “We have this treasure in earthen vessels.”
    But it breaks my heart and drives me to prayer. Thank you for sharing all you did Sandi.
    You are a strong and godly woman and you deserve respect. Thank God that He shocked you out of that insidious once saved always saved lie.
    So many good and trusting people caught up in it, I would too, most likely, had I not gotten saved in a different church.
    I am so glad for you.

    Yes, I believe that the Lord will bring this awful judgment on America for all the very things you say.
    All nations will be judged though.
    I would love to be wrong, but I have a deep feeling that Trump won’t make it to his inauguration.
    It would be a cunning move to let all the Alex Jones types (who believe in a shoot out with the feds, if they bring in martial law) to “lay down their arms” and think they’ve won the battle; then suddenly, give the signal to the fifth column planted within the nation.

    No one wants it to be so. No one who loves God takes pleasure in the death or suffering of anyone, no matter how wicked the person is.

  109. Great word Jocelyn – my feelings on every point. (Except I don’t believe we get the government we want necessarily – but that is an insignificant point.)
    Yes, we are citizens of an Heavenly Kingdom!!
    Our eyes should always be on Him and our mouths declaring the Gospel and the Lord Jesus to the unsaved around us.

  110. I do believe God has held back HIS hand of wrath on this nation NOT because Trump is a savior but because so many prayers were lifted up; yes, God found a few righteous men/women in this nation thus HE demonstrated Grace. For how long this lasts, only God knows; it will last as long as men put their pagan gods aside; i.e., money, professional sports (many addicts in this category), position, power, large homes, expensive automobiles……..etc….nothing wrong with some of these things if they are not the only source of our joy and solace but we all know Americans are far too comfortable in and with their possessions. Until we are able to let go of these earthly treasures and put our hope and trust where it belongs……..God, then we will find ourselves right back in the virtual frying pan we find ourselves in today. American doesn’t need God; man is able to provide for himself. How sad.

    I am praying that because so many christians/evangelicals chose to get out and vote in this election instead of sitting it out like they did when by ‘not voting’ put Obama in office, they’ve learned to step up and be responsible citizens. I hope we’ve learned that we cannot leave the governing of this nation solely to man. We all know how well that ‘does not’ work.

    After 9/11, this country came together, put on their religious caps and appeared to have had a wake-up call. Well, losing the Twin Towers and the 3000 lives that went along with it wasn’t enough to keep our eyelids open. We fell asleep at the wheel again. I strongly suspect that once good things begin to happen in this country, we will become complacent again…much to our detriment. I do believe this is our last reprieve. I personally and truly believed that God had removed HIS hand of protection from this nation; after all, we had removed/kicked HIM out of every school, gov’t office, etc……it was difficult to see HIM here. HE was/is here in the hearts of those who truly love, honor, and obey HIS Word. There HE will never leave but HIS wrath, when it comes will be corporate, be assured….there will be innocent casualties.

    One of the respondents stated that it was the christians that gave Trump the victory. While they contributed, they cannot be given all the credit. I heard statistics today that refute that. I was surprised to see the numbers of how many black men, hispanics and white young men voted for Trump. Trump won areas that were a ‘shoe-in’ for HRC. This went down completely different than the dems had predicted. These people knew that after 8 yrs of Obama, their lives had not improved; crime was up, jobs/salaries were down. People across the board were weary of lies and broken promises. Trump has a clean slate. It is up to him to prove himself. No one sector can be blamed or given credit for his victory even tho it was a narrow one……conservatives almost lost this election. We learned we could not depend upon current republican leadership……….they have a terrible record. They have betrayed their constituents. We can see that in the recent elections. It was time Americans take the election into their own hands. We knew full well what 8 more years of liberalism would do for us; what moderate conservatism will do for us via Trump remains to be seen.

    I for one intend to pray for this man and this nation. Regardless of how one feels about this man, Almighty God Yehovah allowed this man to be elected as our next president for a reason of which none of us are privy to. It is our job to trust, obey, accept HIS will and pray for this man and turn back to God as never before.

    Blessings and true shalom for all

  111. Words, words, words. Far too many ‘Christians’ like words. Unfortunately, the election of Trump will delay the time when the remnant (or overcomers) will cry out to God for help. If Clinton had won, then severe persecution, suffering, etc., would have come upon us much sooner and force us to cry out to the Lord for deliverance. The election result is the grace of God in action to see if sufficient numbers of His ministers will weep between the porch and the altar. I do not see that happening. (By ‘minister’ I do NOT refer to Pastor Sam, Evangelist Tom, or any ‘big-name minister’.) Only a stick of dynamite from the Holy Ghost (in the form of severe persecution, affliction, suffering, etc) will force us to do what has been written in the Book of Joel for at least 2800 years. Where is Daniel? where is Ezra? where is Nehemiah? where is Paul? where is Moses? where are the sons of Issachar? .Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

  112. Hi Jocelyn, off topic but maybe relevant.
    “Where is the great USA in the Bible? It’s not.”
    God made some amazing statements about national Israel in the end times . The nation called “Israel” in Palestine today does not seem to fulfill them. rather it is become the centre of trouble and the looks more like the burdonsome stone of
    Zechariah 12:3
    ” And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces (division), though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.”

    Although you may not agree with the understanding given in this document, (link below) it provides food for thought, and an alternative to the modern “rapture theory” interpretation.
    Download here:


    “His feet shall stand…… on the Mount of Olives ……Great earthquake….
    (Geographical? – political? – both)
    Jerusalem a sea port?
    Resurrection of those asleep in Christ
    World Peace established
    1000 year reign of Jesus and the Saints”

    I stress that whether what is proposed therein is correct or not, an acceptance or otherwise has no bearing on the Salvation experience of baptism in water and Spirit.
    Pr Michael

  113. I believe Trump is Gods man for the hour.I realise that he is a rough diamond at the moment.I did some research and apparently he is a new baby Christian.
    Most people dont know this but in 2011 a prophecy was given saying that Trump would be the next President to striaghten out the mess that Obama made of the country in the last two terms.God said enough is enough.I think Mark Taylor is the name of the man God gave the prophecy to.I was cautious when I first heard the prophecy about 2 monthes ago because many say they have heard from God etc.Now I know the prophecy is true and from God as it was fulfilled now Trump is the President.

  114. No other nation has risen to such power and prosperity in such a short time. America is God’s special nation that He created. No other country has spread the Gospel like America.

  115. I believe the only way we can understand these events today, is when we look at Bible prophecy and the agenda of “the prince of this world” (satan). The battle is not against flesh and blood… (Eph.6:12)
    All day yesterday I had a vision coming back to me, over and over. In it I saw a fast moving train, going downhill and accelerating faster and faster. Suddenly the wheels locked up with sparks flying. Someone had pulled the brakes!
    Here is what I think it means: This train represents where the world (incl. America) is going. Never before have Christians been persecuted like today in America under a democratic system with Obama and the Clinton’s in leadership. There was the baker couple who were fined $60,000 for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding. They ended up losing their business. Teachers are being taken to court, and losing their jobs, for not allowing transgender students to use the washroom of their choice. The major of a city was fined thousands for refusing to walk in the gay-pride parade of his town. …and the list goes on with people taken to court for “hate speech” because they do not endorse the LGTB community. Then there are the abortions with Planed Parenthood funded by tax-money. (“Your tax-dollars at work.”) Now, you might say that that is nothing, when it comes to persecution, compared with other nations. However, that “train” was going faster and faster, meaning, it would only get much worse. The fact is, America has a very unique place in God’s “economy.” He created America to be the Nation that would produce the most missionaries and Christian organizations ever, bringing the Gospel to the far ends of the world. Plus: America was the main protector of Israel, allowing it to develop and prosper. Obama is a Muslim. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCAffMSWSzY) He hates Israel and surrounds himself with Muslims. He has given $150 billion to Iran, the country vowing to annihilate Israel and destroy America. Iranians daily chant “death to America.” The devil hates America and wants to destroy her because of her Christian heritage and influence, and protection of Israel. (Revelation 12:17) Obama has opened the door for the destruction of the US. He is clearly wanting a one-world system. He openly supports the LGTB community (see gay-colors on the white house, rainbow colors that belong to God!). Libya’s M. Gaddafi said: “Of course, we would never try to conquer America with weapons, instead, we (muslims) just move there.” (see also Europe) The train was heading into the direction of a one-world, weak America, anti Christianity direction. Trump is against abortion, and strongly supports Israel and many Christian values. He is surrounded by born again believers (Pence). I won’t even talk about Hillary Clinton, her connection to ISIS via Saudi Arabia, the Clinton Foundation etc. A very interesting You Tube Clip by Anonymous explains a few shocking things.
    “Who is Huma Abedin” (https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=f5ihN4nQQ8Q&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DSXG_h765ZBA%26feature%3Dem-share_video_user)

    I believe this is the last “Trump” before the rapture. (1Thes.4:17) Here is likely the best explanation regarding the Rapture: https://www.youtube.com/watchv=K83Z5X3kWRU&feature=share&list=LLLY6_6hb8zWqYVLJD-TZ0cQ&index=2
    Perhaps God is giving His church the opportunity to rise up one more time (Revivals are already coming), bringing in a great, short-lived, end-time harvest of many souls, and then the rapture, followed by Jacobs trouble, i.e. 7 yrs. of great tribulation, and a one-world system with antichrist offering to be the savior. End-time prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes: Isaiah 17 – the complete destruction of Damascus in Syria. (There are chem. weapons stored under the city. If they blow up…) Ezekiel 38 – Russia and Iran with Turkey attacking Israel. Russia is moving major military equipment to Syria right now.
    Sadly, 50% of the church will not be at the 7 yr. wedding feast with Jesus. (see the 10 virgins of Matthew 25) Ill prepared, deceived and lukewarm, they will go through the great tribulation, not to be mistaken with “in this life you will have tribulation.”

    Blessings, All 4 Jesus, Mario

  116. HiddeninHim Nov 11th 2016

    This is what I feel in my spirit. America is not a theocracy–and should not be. Otherwise, we are no different than an Islamic state or the symbiotic nature of the church (Vatican) and state during the Middle Ages (the persecution of the Waldensees, the Inquisition, etc.) It is a land where all are welcome and of religious liberty which attracted the persecuted for centuries which always had made America a unique country in it’s democratic experiment. We are called to love the stranger and be hospitable to those who dwell in our land (REAL reason for the destruction of Sodom)…what I see on these comments are non issues that should not concern us about the private lives of others.

    Firstly, a woman’s body is hers….and she can only answer to her God/god if she wants an abortion–NOT dictated from the state. I personally abhor it, but I will not be the pharisee throwing that stone at her. AND if we were a truly Christian nation, then we would be concerned about the citizens from BIRTH to OLD age and health care would be a right and not a for profit business. MAYBE we wouldn’t have to deal with the abortion issue as much then. AND if we were a truly Christian nation, we would NOT spend BILLIONS of dollars on WARS and decimate other countries because they don’t agree with our democratic values–it’s all a racket for the GREED of resources and the ALMIGHTY dollar.

    Trump will be surrounded by false prophets based on that list of advisers. That is what scares me. His followers scare me–look at the growing hate, racist and sexist remarks and attacks!!! To say you’re Christian and voted for Trump is anathema to Christ’s teachings–they are deluded and it reminds me how even the elect will be deluded by the Antichrist. AND to say that Clinton is not a Christian is ludicrous!!! Who are we to judge another’s heart!!!! Yet, so many on these comments are convinced that Trump is born again because he said a prayer!! –Give me a break! His whole life was built on Mammon–born into it and loved making it, making it any which way he could!! Yet he doesn’t pay taxes and I do??? Wow, how Christian!

    Yes, God will use him…just as God used all the authorities in America’s past–including Obama!! And one President who I think was the most Christian was FDR and his policies. Some of you really need to read the Book of Acts again and see how those early Christians operated. What I DO believe in my heart–God will judge America for it’s GREED and the corporate welfare/Wall Street corruption that is decimating the MASSES. There will quite a few surprises coming down the pike!!! And in the END the government will be upon HIS shoulder.

  117. William Nov 11th 2016

    Good thoughts Andrew.

    Here’s what Trump may be able to do, and why I, as a Christian am happier that he got in instead if hitlery.

    Defund planned parenthood, get constitutional minded folks in other positions, prevent any further erosion of American sovereignty, address the immigration problem, prevent any further destruction of the Bill Of Rights, restore relationship with Israel, address the Islamic invasion, etc etc.

    No he’s not perfect and does not have the best fruits, but his vice president pick is very conservative, and he is surrounding himself wi
    th many Christian advisors, more than any president has for decades.

    I believe it is the mercy of the Order, to give the lukewarm, apathetic church in America one last chance to regain and become once again the salt and light is is supposed to be in a wicked culture.

    I believe as a nation we are finished, but at least with Trump we may get somew more time of religious liberty to wake up, rise up, stop being afraid of political correctness and start standing up for and bold!y proclaiming the Gospel so that more names will be added to the book.

    Grace be with ytou ands yours sir,
    William in North Carolina, USA

  118. Traveler Nov 11th 2016

    America had the choice of two

    Trump is the better of the two as far as the country is concerned but a disaster as far as a globalist is concerned

    He will probably hold back the rise of the antichrist for a few years

  119. William Nov 11th 2016

    Sorry for terrible grammar, still getting used to tiny keyboard on tablet, and with spelcheck to boot.?

  120. Thank you William in North Carolina, USA! I absolutely agree!

  121. Peter Cruz Nov 11th 2016

    I’d like to begin by saying that from time to time the Lord has ‘anointed’ (perhaps not in the traditional sense-with the anointing oil, but by virtue of their call) certain men from secular society like Jeroboam, Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus, and Hazael, among others, not so much because they were godly but for a specific time and to fulfill a specific purpose. Three of the men I mentioned were pagan kings.The first came into power as judgement upon Israel, and was called to lead the Northern kingdom (Israel) after it was divided under Rehoboam’s (Solomon’s son) rule. However, soon after he was anointed he led the nation of Israel down a path of idolatry in which they continued for centuries. Two of these kings became God’s rod in His hand at other points in Israels’ history. Another opened the way for Israel’s restoration after the Babylonian captivity ended. God chose each one, ‘anointed’ them all although the majority were pagan. Keep this in mind before jumping to any conclusions one way or the other. I think the Lord knows a little bit more than us about these matters than we do, and who he anoints or not. Blessings.

  122. 1Tim. 2:1-4
    1 I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;
    2 For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.
    3 For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;
    4 Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

    We don’t look to men we look to God to use men. Donald Trump is just a man but he is a friend to Israel, he says he will nominate men who will uphold our Constitution and he says he is pro life. As Christians shouldn’t we pray for him? Not look to him but look to God and pray for him.

  123. Pilgrim Nov 11th 2016

    God may use Trump to put prolife supreme court judges in. However, I am concerned about a man who is arrogrant, jugmental, makes sexual comments about women and demeans women, demeans immigrants and minorities, makes up “facts”, carried on for 8 years questioning Barak Obama’s birth, never apologizes, advocates violence against those who do not agree with him, whips up racism. Trump has caused such division in the country, rather than being a reconciler. I do not trust his character. The last 5 years have been the hotest on record, yet Trump denies climate change and blames the idea on the Chinese. I worry about gutting environmental regulations to make money. Having worked with poor people in the USA for many years, I know the struggle people have to get health care, yet Trump wants to eliminate Obama care. Trump has presented himself as the savior of the USA, yet there is only one savior, Jesus Christ. I think it is a shame that both the Democrats and Republicans could not come up with better candidates. Trump ran as a “outsider” yet he is picking insiders to be in his cabinet. Trump has no political or military experience and clearly does not have non-violent and respectful ways of communicating with others. Showmanship is not what is needed as president. A calm and well reasoned person, who is humble and seeking God’s wisdom is needed. I have been shocked that so many Christians supported a man with this type of character. I was just reading Philippians 2:1-11 this morning. This is Jesus character. I wish I saw this in the man who is the president elect. May God have mercy on the USA. May God draw people to pray and seek God, and root out racisim and judgment of others who are different. The bible says we are to care for the widow, the orphan, the stranger, the alien in our midst. May we as Christians follow the Lord and his example.

  124. @ Andrew: Yes, Christianity Today reported the day after the election that 80% of “evangelicals” voted for Trump. http://www.christianitytoday.com/gleanings/2016/november/trump-elected-president-thanks-to-4-in-5-white-evangelicals.html

    Their article also said: “Among evangelicals, some speculated that Trump’s shaky background on pro-life issues, awkward articulation of his personal faith, and reputation around women would turn away conservative Christians. But party loyalty outweighed those concerns.”

  125. Thank you Peter Cruz. Yes, the Lord uses even donkeys for His purpose. As I mentioned earlier, all that is taking place today must also be viewed in light of end-time, Bible prophecy. In Prophecy we can get a glimpse of His plan, and what is to come. Our view on Bible prophecy will have an impact on how we live, and how we interpret world events.
    Here is the link, which doesn’t seem to work as typed in my longer article above. This, I believe, is the best explanation re. the rapture I have seen so far:
    A Watchman Report – The Rapture Controversy

  126. annikins Nov 11th 2016

    As is obvious from even this site, people are polarized and have very strong views. The fact is Obama has been elected democratically and obviously God knew this would happen and is not alarmed by it . There are so many people who are foreseeing all sorts of out comes but what we can and should do is pray for Trump and his advisers, that God will give them his wisdom and that God will lead and guide him, the rest really remains to be seen.
    We may not be able to understand one another’s opinions on this man but it is so harmful to the body of Christ to have people being so nasty to one another. The days are drawing to a close, that is obvious, surely we need to be praying for unity as Jesus did and that will be our witness to the world, not tearing hatefully at each other.

    God bless

  127. annikins Nov 11th 2016

    I meant to say Trump up there sorry not Obama

  128. @ Pastor Wayne

    “Personally, I believe that Trump is the best (or lesser of two evils)…”

    I’ve heard many Christians give the “lesser of two evils” justification, whether they voted for Trump or for Clinton.

    That’s pure moral relativism, isn’t it ?

    A godly mode of thinking for Christians ?

    blessings, Steve

  129. Bill Harper Nov 11th 2016

    While Donald Trump isn’t perfect, as none of us are without Christ’s perfection ruling in us, he is by far the best of the two choices we had. What happened on 9-11 was a warning sign to repent as a nation, but instead of repenting people ran around saying “God bless America.” God is not going to bless America until we turn our hearts back to Him as a nation, doing away with condoning sodomy and abortion and the other sins promoted by those in authority. No matter who the president is God’s judgment is coming on this nation unless it repents as a nation.
    by Bill Harper
    September 13, 1995

    Though an unwanted orphan at first,
    his heritage almost seemed cursed,
    infant Sammy tried hard to do right.
    No blue blood was he when first born,
    a mixed breed who thus suffered scorn,
    none the less he was cheerful and bright.

    He hated tyranny in his youth,
    as he fought for right and the truth,
    and the king’s tea he dumped in the sea.
    A bold, brazen, young man he seemed,
    but a beautiful dream he dreamed,
    of a place where all men were free.

    He became a righteous young man,
    Fulfilling his dream in his plan,
    as he sheltered the poor and oppressed.
    He worshipped his God and his Lord,
    whose commandments he left not ignored,
    and his place was the land of the blessed.

    He learned the value of prayer,
    for the things of God he did care,
    as he strove, the Almighty, to please.
    When right seemed hard to achieve,
    in spirit, often he’d grieve,
    and in prayer, Sammy would go to his knees.

    The Lord who hears the righteous one’s cry,
    would, very soon, to Sammy draw nigh,
    and Sammy was blessed by his God.
    He excelled above all of his peers,
    he was prosperous beyond his years,
    as long as, in God’s ways, he trod.
    His justice was an unusual style,
    the right to a speedy trial,
    and his system of law was the best.
    Justice was quick and was fair,
    to those who came under his care,
    and his ideals were put to the test.

    One day every week he would rest,
    as he dressed in his Sunday best,
    and took time to worship his Lord.
    His businesses were closed on that day,
    his employees could take time to pray,
    spiritual strength would then be restored.

    He once fought a war for the slave,
    then freedom, to him, he gave.
    He cried liberty and justice for all.
    He fought other wars in his time,
    tyranny he considered a crime.
    He caused many dictators to fall.

    To the poor he extended his aid,
    the debts of the widow were paid,
    and the old got a check in the mail.
    He became generous to a fault,
    as he squandered the gold in his vault,
    and he lived like he’d never fail.

    As Sammy began to grow older,
    his love for his God grew much colder.
    He forgot lessons learned in his youth.
    He set up idols in his heart,
    pornography he condoned as art,
    and he no longer he cared for the truth.

    He has lifted his heart up in pride.
    His old standards he cast aside,
    as he sought the approval of men.
    He murders the pre-born child,
    by the Sodomite he is defiled,
    and he no longer calls wickedness sin.

    It’s a tyrant that he has become,
    forgetting where he has come from,
    he oppresses those under his care.
    He doesn’t have a day for the Lord.
    Decency is almost ignored, his
    filthy talk is heard everywhere.

    His heritage he has forgotten,
    Sammy’s heart is now turning rotten,
    he robs the working to pay the whore.
    His virtue is a thing of the past,
    but the thing that he lives on won’t last,
    though he lives like there’ll always be more.

    Long ago he forgot how to kneel,
    with a contrite heart full of zeal,
    praying for those in his care.
    But the posture again he will take,
    as the hearts of his servants all quake,
    in his time of utter despair.

    For the day is coming real soon,
    of the bursting of Sammy’s balloon,
    and his old heart, in terror, will freeze.
    His few righteous ones will sorrow then,
    remembering the things that have been,
    when UNCLE SAMmy is thrown to his knees.

    The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the
    nations that forget God. Psalm 9:17

  130. Hi all what about these two scripture facts?

    God rules over the kingdoms of men and gives them to however He wishes – even to the lowest of people”

    “All things work together for good to them who love God…called toHis purpose”
    So friends , why worry why pontificate and analyze

    “in everything give thanks” becuase His plane for all mankind is unfolding and that faster in these last days.

  131. Harvey Rosieur Nov 11th 2016

    I am not an American but ‘when America sneezes the world catches a cold’. I thought America had entirely ‘had it’. Barack Obama has done more than any President in history to bring his country down and no-one seems to have tried to stop him-either side-Republican or Democrat. It seemed plain from Revelations that America would diminish as the New World Order increased, merging every country into its allocated place in the 10 world regions as the UN agenda 21/30 shows.Obama is just a porn of the One World Government protagonists. Clinton would merely have been more of Obama and, I thought, the final nail in the coffin.
    For Donald Trump to win against the superior odds of such opposition was more than could be reasonably expected. It certainly cannot be put down to him alone. I heard him speak and was disappointed on every occasion. I would not vote for him,ordinarily, but I would have voted for a trained chimpanzee in preference to’ Crooked Hillary’.(No disrespect intended, Donald). When he said he would move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, that was the clincher as far as I was concerned. I felt an excitement in my spirit. It gave me hope.
    As I heard the announcement I so clearly sensed in my spirit that it was ‘not by might, not by power but by My Spirit’ says the Lord. It is a reprieve for America and for the rest of us. I realised that all the evils I have witnessed against America are in our own midst as well.
    This is time for repentance everywhere.There is, I believe, a revival coming and now is the time to prepare our hearts, with thankfulness and anticipation.Pray for for Donald Trump also.Remember ‘rust never sleeps’ and the New World Order will come if only for an hour.
    I believe God showed his hand in Brexit and now in the US elections, even though the commentators and political experts have not understood this. I believe we will see more of His power.” When calamity befalls a city, will not the Lord have done it?”

  132. @Annikins

    “I meant to say Trump up there sorry not Obama”

    It was a good typo, Annikins. How God commands Christians to think and act toward the President is the same, whichever President’s name you write.

    Your typo highlights a truth very unpopular: indeed, disobeyed: among many Christians the last 8 years.

    Thanks for your post, and blessings ! Steve

  133. Kathy Mckinnon Nov 11th 2016

    I have never seen the body of Christ brought together in fasting and prayer for our nation to return to its Judeo-Christian roots. God spoke prophetically through several proven prophetic voices that He was going to use Donald Trump. God showed me is Zechariah 5 – it jumped off the page to me – the two-sided scroll – one side said “thieves” the other side “perjurers” that they were being removed from Jerusalem which was being restored. The second 1/2 of that chapters speaks of a woman named “wickedness” who was going to be put in a basket and removed as well.

    Churches were not blindly promoting Trump but praying fervently and fasting – I have never seen anything like this level of prayer in my 42 years as a believer.

    During the election night it was going in Hillary’s direction early on, my husband and I stopped what we were doing and prayed through each state that was hanging in the balance. Meanwhile unknown to us at the very same time Daystar was having a live prayer meeting and were doing the very same thing we were doing at the very same time. A graph of the returns shows that there was a turning when we were all praying.

    Hillary Clinton was not a good option for the USA – she believes in abortion through all 9 months of pregnancy, wants Christians to change their views on abortion and gay marriage and gender issues. She has sold out our national security to pad her own pockets and is being investigated for serious crimes.

    I do not look to Trump as a savior, Jesus is my only Savior! But God uses men, even imperfect men to accomplish great things. American Christians cried out to God, we “appealed to heaven” for mercy and God heard us. 2 Chronicles 7:14 has been the cry of many of our hearts. Our government corruption has been revealed in the last year or so and is even worse than we expected. Trump is an outsider and not financially connected to anyone in DC and cannot be bought by anyone. The Republican party didn’t give him a dime. He used his own money and that from supporters like myself.

    I also know that this is only a stop-gap grace period, extra time give for America. I believe a mighty revival is coming to the USA that will bring many to Christ before the end comes. God is merciful and is not willing that any should perish.

    Donald Trump – God bless him!

  134. Does not a God appoint the ruler at our request? And the great tribulation before the 2nd coming of Christ?

  135. Jacque Armstrong Nov 11th 2016

    It bothers me that so many believers call Mr. Trump a “kind of savior or messiah”.
    While I voted for Mr. Trump, I still must keep in mind NO ONE CAN MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN EXCEPT OUR ALMIGHTY GOD.

    I will support our President – elect, however G-d could have put him in power to bring about the end of the ages. WE DO NOT KNOW. I will most certainly pray for him and our country, MY TRUST HOWEVER IS IN JESUS/ YESHUA!


  136. He hasn’t even done anything yet give the guy a chance.Only time will tell.
    Remember Israel and Judah had good kings and bad kings.no different than today.

  137. I believe Trump’s heart is in the right place. He said he would move our Consulate from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which is huge. Obama and Clinton are enemies to Israel; anybody who enables and supports Iran in their pursuit of nuclear weapons has to be put out of public office.
    Perhaps the Lord put Trump in office just for the sake of Israel. I don’t know. But one thing I do know is that God is going to use Donald Trump for His purposes.

  138. Andrew, an excerpt from a post you made in early 2015………

    Imaginations of mans own heart, highfalutin garbage most of it…..attached with the Lord’s Name……God have mercy on us for looking unto men…..I’m guilty and then truly disappointed!!!
    So much garbage flinging around, perhaps we need to repent and be more concerned with the broken lives around us instead of trying to figure it all out, how wrong we get it!!

    What is the most important thing to the LORD?

    AMERICA AFTER OBAMA – a Prophecy
    by Robert Holmes and Mario Liu

    In summary, God has revealed to us the following about the future
    of America after Obama:
    1. Like Babylon after Alexander’s realm, America will rust and
    decay. 2. “USA after Obama will be like the British Empire going
    into decline, shrinking back and losing her overseas colonies and
    bases.” 3. “You can expect moral decline, city by city and state
    by state: bankruptcy both financial and moral. This is the end of Empire.”

    “Hillary Clinton will become America’s first female leader”

    In April 2015, Hillary Clinton announced that she was planning to
    run for president. Robert and I prayed and asked God about the
    2016 US election, and about Hillary’s chances.

    God said to Robert “Remember that after Bill Clinton stepped
    down, I told you then that Hillary Clinton will run for president ,
    and that she will become America’s first female leader.”

    Thinking that this prophecy may be of interest to other members
    of the Storm Harvest List community I sought to get more information
    about Hillary’s presidency. If Obama is Alexander sent by God
    to end the Empire of America, Hillary will represent a significant
    historic figure also.

    I prayed and asked God for further insight on the Hillary presidency.

    God said: “Mercurial is a word to describe the leadership style of
    Hillary Clinton.”

    According to the dictionary, mercurial describes someone whose
    mood or behavior is changeable and unpredictable, or someone
    who is clever, lively, and quick.

  139. Bro. Nick Nov 11th 2016

    It is my Biblical understanding that the message from an American Christian who is the reason for all of these comments
    – his valid concern is validated by the mass of conflicting ‘Christian’ comments that have so far been made –

    – ‘I woke up recently to see Trump has won. Some/many Christians are happy and think he will be used as a Cyrus and that God will do good things through Trump. Personally, I feel like they are deceived and misplacing their hopes on him. Yes, he may be able to get better Supreme court justices and other things, but overall, I am troubled by his fruit. Can you tell me what you are feeling in your spirit regarding Trump and what we can expect during his term?

    I still feel that the condition of the Church is the largest problem and that judgment begins with the house of God first. Christians may be focused on Trump making America better, great again… but God’s ways are not ours, right? God is more concerned about the condition of our hearts, that we become truly humble, repentant, coming into unity and agape love for one another, sharing the gospel.

    Right now, American Christianity is a wretched mess …I read Brother Yun’s book, “The Heavenly Man” and chapter 20, “The Road to Unity” spoke to me tremendously and clarified for me what is wrong with American Christianty, multiplied many many times over. The pride and animosity, lack of love, lack of genuine conversions, rampant sin (Here in America)… stemming from bickering and fighting over teachings/doctrines… resulting in the church continually splitting. Brother Yun said the house churches in China split into about 10-12, then God said he would not pour out his power until they came back into unity again. Here in America, I have read we have at least 216, some say as many as 33,000 denominations! It all depends on how denominations are defined.

    I would like to research this more. But as a whole, I see too much bad fruit and carnality in most Christians. I am troubled by their hopeful and even prophetic expectations of Trump.’

    It is my opinion that the vast majority of comments are answered by the apostle Paul’s blunt statement in 2 Timothy 3:1-9 [AV]
    – and should cause every one of who says that that we are a ‘Christian’ in these ‘End-Times’ that we are living in RIGHT NOW:
    [1] This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. [2] For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful,
    [3] Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce,
    despisers of those that are good,
    [4] Traitors, heady, highminded,
    lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
    [5] Having a form of godliness,
    but denying the power thereof:
    from such turn away.
    [6] For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,
    [7] Ever learning,
    and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.
    [8] Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses,
    so do these also resist the truth:
    men of corrupt minds,
    reprobate concerning the faith.
    [9] But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as theirs also was.”
    (1 Timothy 2:1-9 ~ AV)

    I wonder how many of us will actually take that WARNING totally seriously, and turn from the Religion of depending upon fallen men
    – and return to ‘Biblical CHRISTianity’:
    “Wherefore, my beloved,
    as ye have always obeyed,
    not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence,
    work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.
    For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.
    Do all things without murmurings and disputings:
    That ye may be blameless and harmless,
    the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world;”
    (Philippians 2:12-15 ~ AV)

  140. Andrew Nov 11th 2016

    Linda – yes – I have written to Robert Holmes this week asking for a statement from him about his prophecy. Not good at all.

    Bless you!


  141. As I awaken this morning thinking about the thoughts on this thread and feeling the need for my own clarity on the matter the post by fishermanpete stood out the most:

    The mass media hates him!
    The crooked politicians hate him!
    The false church hates him!
    Islam hates him!
    The Luciferians hate him!
    The homos hate him!
    The abortionists hate him!
    The bankers hate him!
    The Mexicans jumping the border hate him!
    Hollywood hates him!
    The rock and roll stars hate him!
    Even the Pope publicly condemned him!

    You can add to that list:

    The major Christian denominations denounced him.
    The Republican Party leaders would not support him.
    All the liberal commentators berated him.
    And the conservative commentators refused to vote for him.
    The leaders of the free world do not like him.
    And the college professors and students are even now protesting against him!
    Black Lives Matter despise him and beat up anyone who supports him!
    SC judge Ginsberg openly spoke against him!
    The FBI and DOJ would not indict his opponent when all the evidence pointed to her breaking the law!

    And yet Americans voted him to be the President

    There is wisdom in fishermanpete’s post.
    Not sure I can articulate it. Maybe someone else can.

  142. Ken1, for those who may not know “Amir” he is a born again Jew living and born in Israel –

    A Word from Amir Tsarfati

    A word from Amir:
    I woke up this morning to a message on Facebook that says “Shame on you – you have just deceived Christians in the US to vote for and usher in the Antichrist”.
    The writer, a Christian person from Australia, did not even bother asking me what, who when and how. Instead, the “shame on you!” was given.
    So after I cooled off (it’s not that easy nor a quick thing for an Israeli to do) I thought to myself, Lord, why are people so blind? Then I was reminded of the story of the prophet Elijah who probably asked himself that very question a few times a day… Ahab called him “troubler of Israel”. Isn’t that interesting that when you stand up against unrighteousness and crime you are held as the troubler?
    It’s amazing how that story from 1 Kings 18 is as valid and as true today as it was then. The blindness is there and for the most part people are so tired and deceived that they literally sit on the fence and “falter between the two opinions”.
    Well, the time has come and the prophets of Baal and Asherah who sit at the table of the leaders should be kicked out their powerful position. Leaders who abuse their power will be judged and all the false prophets must be kicked out.
    There are two types of antichrist in this world according to 1John 2:18-22 and 2Thessalonians 2:3,4,9,10
    1. The ones (in plural) that will come out of us and deceive us
    2. The Antichrist that will be Satan incarcerated, the man of sin, son of perdition- who will rule the world once the church is gone and raptured.
    Donald Trump is neither one of them:
    1. He is not pretending to be a Christian and he isn’t coming from amongst us, nor has he deceived us.
    2. He is not the world leader after the rapture.
    So, I guess this blindness has happened in part to some Christians as they don’t understand that a president is not a pastor and his questionable past is just as if/not less than many of ours.
    A good leader is someone who surrounds himself with better people than he is. That is what Mike Pence and many other good people are- the team around Trump!
    May we all understand that Trump won as a result of fervent and effective prayers of many righteous people. The grace of God was extended to allow America a few more years to repent and to allow the Christians to use the little time that is left to reach out to as many as possible with the gospel.
    Now that the victory is at hand, may we all remember why it was extended to us to begin with- Pray, share and be about the father’s business!
    Now it’s time to:
    To go to church and not forsake the gathering!
    To get plugged in at the church and serve!
    To study and share the Word!
    To restore relationships!
    To pursue Godliness!
    To encourage each other!
    To witness to a dying world!
    To prepare and equip the saints!
    To get ready for the rapture!

    Sent from my iPhone

  143. BB wrote: “There is wisdom in fishermanpete’s post.
    Not sure I can articulate it. Maybe someone else can.”

    Isn’t it clear that the Lord Himself appointed and elected Trump? With everyone in the “establishment” (Media included) going against this man (Yes, things were rigged! against Trump), only God could have made him win this election for HIS PURPOSE!

    Yes Ken1, here is a short video clip from Amir Tsafari. He and Pastor Jd Farag, an Arab Christian in Hawaii, know Bible prophecy and how to apply it in light of world events. Every Sunday afternoon Pastor Farag gives a short prophecy update, which is bang on and very insightful.

    A Window of Grace by Amir Tsafari


    I find it interesting how many can’t seem to see how God’s hand has been on America from the moment He created her. No other Nation has risen to such power, and enjoyed such blessings, in such a short time, historically. No other nation has reached the rest of the world with the Gospel like the US. This can only be viewed as a miracle from God! Will God use her one more time, in-spite of her corruption? Has the Lord answered the prayers of true believers crying out for His mercy? Yes, there are still millions of true believers in America! Although much of His church is in terrible shape, Jesus doesn’t want anyone to perish! Which nation could He possibly use to reach out one more time during this end-time?


  144. Thanks Mario, i also get Pastor Jd Farag’s prophecy update every Sunday night @ about 10:00 pm as i am in Northern Ireland (5 hours ahead of Est)

    I also truly believe that it was God’s hand working in this election just as we seen Him work in Brexit for us (N Ireland is part of the UK) and i voted that we leave the EU.



  145. Yes BB, i agree with you on that.



  146. Martin Nov 11th 2016

    Some smal comments from a German christian. The American had the choise between pest and collera. Both candidates are what they are, unbelievers. For us Germans it is vital, that the cold war with Russia comes to an end!!! I just hope, that Trump is keeping his word. The same applies to the situation in Syria, where the CIA is supporting this whole mess and we got most of the refugees. We try hard to bring the gospel to this poor people, but we face a lot of problems, not only the language. To all this problems, the only solution is a “Army of praying man” who come to the throne of grace! Everything else will not help!
    Be blessed
    P.S. everybody who finds some spelling mistakes, may keep them 🙂

  147. The Chairman of Israel’s Interior Ministry understands the significance of Trumps victory. Listen to what he says.

    “There is no doubt that one can give thanks to God that all those who have damned the [Jewish] covenant and would wipe out Judaism, thinking they could take control over the Land of Israel here and lead reforms in order to cause destruction received their blow,”

    “Their influence and the great threat they posed to us because they held [control over] the US government…

    “They understand that this power has disappeared and we can continue, God willing, to strengthen traditional religion and Judaism, transmitted down to us from generation to generation.”

    Trump’s election, he added, presages the coming of the Messianic Age.

    “If such a miracle can happen, we have already reached the days of the Messiah. Therefore, we are really in the era of the birth pangs of the Messiah when everything has been flipped to the good of the Jewish people.”
    Jerusalem Post 11/11/16

    We are specifically told to pray for our leaders, 1Tim. 2:1-4, and we are also told to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We need to stop fussing and start praying for this man who says he is a friend to Israel.

  148. The numerous posts that say God intended Trump to be President are of course right. Rule is entirely God’s perogative, and only in His authority: “…there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.” (Romans 13:1) It’s interesting that many Christians who rebelled against this teaching with violent words when Obama was President are willing to accept and obey it now that Trump has been elected.

    There’s a moral blindness, however, in saying that his being elected means Trump is somehow “God-approved.” The same moral blindness shown by those who voted for Trump because he would CHANGE things…oblivious to the fact that change can be for the better, or for the worse.

    That God is the One by whom all kings come to power does emphatically NOT mean that all kings are “God’s man.” The kings of Israel included many who (according to scripture, in II Kings and II Chronicles) “did evil in the sight of the Lord.”

    Nor is God’s purpose in the rulers He appoints always to bless a nation. Again, the history of Israel and Judah verifies that some He appoints to rule His people are used by Him to chasten His people, so they will return to Him.

    It’s not name-calling to say Trump is a man whose spirit is overweening pride. A man shows…indeed, cannot hide…what his spirit is by what he does: and what his spirit is, a man IS. He is also a man who openly manifests his hatred for others (which I John 4:20 says gives the lie to any claim of being a Christian), his greed, his immorality, his lies.

    He’s also quite open about his rejection of Christianity: “Why do I have to repent or ask for forgiveness, if I am not making mistakes?” (http://www.christianpost.com/news/trump-why-do-i-have-to-repent-or-ask-for-forgiveness-if-i-am-not-making-mistakes-video-141856/#qZjtOk4bRPIfuWFf.99) Denying that we sin is what I John 1:10 says amounts to calling God a liar.

    It’s true God has appointed us a ruler who embodies all the evils He hates. But it seems profound moral self-deception to believe that God’s intent is to thereby to BLESS, rather than to punish, us.

    blessings, Steve

  149. Ken1,
    I am in Canada, on the west-coast, near Vancouver. Isn’t it wonderful how brothers and sisters in Christ are able to get together wherever, united in Christ.
    Hallo Martin, wie geht’s? I am from Germany too, living in Canada since 1991.
    You mentioned the CIA involved in Syria etc. Yes, they had their hands in all kinds of things in the past. However, it all comes down to that which happens behind the scenes, in the spiritual realm. (The battle is not against flesh and blood…) In Isaiah 17 (Jesaja?) the Prophet tells us that Damascus will completely be destroyed; uninhabitable. According to insider news reports, in some large tunnels underground Damascus, Syria’s government is storing chemical weapons. We live at a time, with the Syrian war raging, when someone could easily blow up these tunnels, rendering Damascus uninhabitable. And with Russia moving major military equipment into Syria and the Mediterranean Sea right now, Ezekiel 38 (Hezekiel?), the attack on Israel, could easily find its fulfillment very soon. Interesting times indeed. We must be ever so ready for Jesus’ return, reaching out to everyone with His Gospel.

  150. Andrew Nov 11th 2016

    Steve – you make a very profound point.

    Well said.

    -Andrew Strom.

  151. Gary Gorham Nov 11th 2016

    Perhaps we should be thankful for the reprieve we have gotten. Then we should set our minds on things above and seek first His kingdom and take our minds off the things of earth.

  152. Maybe we should do what God tells us to do and pray for those elected to office.

  153. Ejimanze Nov 11th 2016

    @ ‘Mother’ Therese: .”..Can’t help but notice how this election has confounded the wise, the media and the pundits are all scratching their heads as to how he got elected….”

    That was a masterstroke of the Most High: He confounded every soothsayer and every monthly prognosticator. The result of this election was almost as closely guarded a secret in the heavens as
    the rapture!

  154. Steve. Please consider Donald Trump just recently met with a couple of pastors and open to speak about his salvation and it has been reported he has made a confession of faith and he certainly knows how to repent and ask for forgiveness. He even came publically on national TV and came forth and asked the American people to forgive him for his sexest statement he made 11 years ago. I myself would be very careful stating he is not saved. He is said to be a new babe in Christ.

    Many Christians here have been praying for his salvation for months now that God would place him with close Christian friends. It is my belief he needs as all new babes in Christ do, instruction in the word of God Hey, wouldn’t it be wonderful if all here purposed to pray for him and his family and for the Spirits guidance and direction in his life?

    Praise God we will no longer see full term baby’s murdered upon birth in abortion clinics and slaughtered for their baby parts. Thank God we will have prayer back in our schools and no longer the Common Core. nor teachers forcing our youth to bow and say prayers to Allah in our schools.

    If our President Donald J. Trump is not all the way there yet God is and I believe will use him for his own Glory. and purpose. Many of us voted for our children, for our religious freedom, but mostly we voted for God and his righteous ways to be placed in America once again.

    We voted against a communist leadership and against us being Policed by the United Nation and their NWO anti-Christ agenda. I Praise God his people stood up and voted for God and his ways.

    Most Christians sat home last election and our babys became slaughtered our homosexuals and transvesties came out and we actually have a couple places here in America we now have Shari Law.

    So please can we get our focus on Jesus and move foreward and share the gospel the Harvest is very ripe here right now and millions in need of Jesus. Sadly many in need of deliverance.

    May we not find we have grown hard hearted against these rioters and deceived souls. God has extened his grace and mercy upon our land right now an open door of time to let our light shine.

    Please Pray for America during the transition and for the safety of our Next President Donald J. Trump and his family.

  155. Steve wrote: “That God is the One by whom all kings come to power does emphatically NOT mean that all kings are “God’s man.” The kings of Israel included many who (according to scripture, in II Kings and II Chronicles) “did evil in the sight of the Lord.”

    All this is correct, however, the fact is that there were 2 candidates to choose from. One (Clinton) hates Israel and supports planned parenthood while going to put no restrictions on abortions. She also supports ISIS through her ties with Saudi Arabia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXG_h765ZBA&feature=em-share_video_user
    (Jezebel comes to mind. Bill makes a great Ahab too.)
    God obviously chose Trump, who supports Israel, and who will de-fund planned parenthood with its abortion and baby-parts business. Some say that Trump very recently became a believer. He definitely surrounds himself with born-again believers. (Ben Carson; Mike Pence, David Jeremiah etc.) For the Lord to choose Trump seems to indicate that He wants to support Israel through this man and deal with the evil of abortions etc. Under Obama, the self-declared muslim (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCAffMSWSzY), US Christians were facing more and more hatred, even losing their jobs, or having to pay mega fines for refusing to endorse the LGTB people. A Trump presidency seems to indicate that God wants to bring back certain freedoms to Christians.

    Finally, there are the prophecies of end-time revivals by Azusa’s William Seymour, David Wilkerson and others. IF the church in America keeps praying now, as she has been for the election, under Trump she might have the freedom to rise up one more time, bringing in a great end-time harvest of many souls, before 1 Thes.4:13 very suddenly happens.


  156. He also came out on TV and asked people to pray for him and to pray for him to have wisdom .He is very receptive to prayer. I hope we all carry him in prayer.

  157. Robert McDaniel Nov 11th 2016

    My wife and I read together The Heavenly Man, Living Water and Back To Jerusalem. Reading them changed our lives, We desire to reach the point where our only trust is in God. Where no matter what happens God is enough and there is no fear of man.

    We saw Donald Trump and his wife at a David Jeremiah event in NYC. There was no special attention given to them. During the hour broadcast the camera showed them twice for less than a minute. Shortly after we heard that he had accepted the Lord and prayed that it was true. Just recently we heard that just prior to the debate where he stood for life he prayed for forgiveness. Hopefully this true.

    Our prayers during this season have covered personal repentance, national repentance, for revival in the church beginning with us, for God;s will to be done in the election, for His mercy and to give us another chance. We believe that He answered our prayers.

    May we go forward praying daily for our new president, for the church to repent of its failures, for revival beginning with us, that we lose the fear of man and place our total and complete trust in God no matter what comes our way.

    May we be able to pray with the Chinese house churches not for the defeat of a wicked government but for strength to stand through the difficulties that we may/will face.

    May the Lord bless the Chinese house church movement with strength and provision as they take the gospel to all of the countries between China and Jerusalem

  158. Jonathan Nov 11th 2016

    At least the left did not win and all that that implies. However I agree with you Andrew, may we keep praying that God would have mercy on America and bring another great awakening, that is what is truly needed. Only God can make a nation great!

  159. Therese Nov 11th 2016

    Ejimanze…….amen, it sure was a masterstroke of the Lord Most High! He has shown Himself greater than all the greatest minds and the wealthiest globalist schemers, and it makes me rejoice. It will be something to remember and be encouraged in during the difficult times ahead, that God is sitting on His throne and all powerful no matter what.

    I’m not sure why you are calling me “mother” Therese, but it fits….today I found out I am going to be a grand mother for the first time……this Remembrance day is a day to Remember, that’s for sure. 🙂

  160. Ejimanze Nov 11th 2016

    Brother Andrew I must thank you so much for leasing us your e-pulpit to share on this most amazing matter. It’s been a blessingredients reading thru the thoughts of God’s people.
    This know of a surety, men and brethren that the kingdom and the dominion, and the greatness of the Kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey Him!
    How I yearn and long for the kingdoms of this world to become the kingdom of our Lord and His Christmas, and to reign with Him in glory!
    Come Lord Jesus!

  161. Ejimanze Nov 11th 2016

    …of His Christ. ..not Christmas(printer’s devil)?

  162. Ejimanze Nov 11th 2016

    @Therese…I’m not sure too why I called you Mother Therese?
    I do sense anointings though. I liked the anointing on your post. I’m happy for you, the latest grandma on the block???

  163. Andrew Nov 11th 2016

    Events have a strange way of speaking louder than words.

    And coming events will show all that needs to be shown.

    Steve – yours has been my favorite post in this thread so far.

    Blessings to all,

    Andrew Strom.

  164. Khandie Nov 12th 2016

    Thank you so much for your well written and informative post. I agree with Andrew, by far my favorite post as well.

    Thank you again Andrew for sharing this article. God bless you and yours.

    Many blessings to all here, May The Lord God be glorified in all we say and do!

  165. Ejimanze Nov 12th 2016

    Bro Andrew, I have a brainwave following my chitchat with ‘Mother Therese’ – you could turn this site into an open global online church…
    #Anyone can share a word, dream, vision…max 150 words…
    #Folks can share their (prayer ) burdens, griefs, joys…
    #Anointed men and women of God here could be invited to any local assembly anywhere in the world…

  166. Ejimanze Nov 12th 2016

    #Lonely hearts here would find solace in the sharing…
    #Everyone would be encouraged to help fund the current and extra bandwidth that would be required…
    #U would be the ‘General Overseer’, aka God’s people’s servant who oversees the system is up and running…

  167. Andrew wrote: “Events have a strange way of speaking louder than words.”

    Absolutely. What I find very telling is what we see in all these anti Trump demonstrations in the US right now. Didn’t the mainstream media tell us over and over that Trump and his supporters are dangerous, intolerant haters? Wouldn’t that indicate that Clinton’s supporters are the opposite? While smashing windows and setting cars on fire, these demonstrators continue calling Trump a dangerous, intolerant hater. Trump, during his campaign, used a lot of nasty words indeed. But, as you pointed out, actions speak louder than words. Of course the establishment’s propaganda machine, funded by George Soros, blames Trump for these riots. Go figure…

  168. The problem is the CHURCH. The New Testament does not speak of the church, as the “Christian” church didn’t come along until 200 years later with Constantine. Jesus came to establish His EKKLESIA, not the man-made pagan-based church. (No, ekklesia and church are NOT the same thing – nowhere even close.) I Samuel 8 shows us that God viewed Israel’s insistence on a human king, so that they could be like the other nations, as an act of rebellion against Him. How much worse can you suppose that He regards the Christian effort, 200 years after the ascension of the Messiah, to replace what He had given them with a another pagan-patterned man-made thing?

    So while Trump may or may not help, the point is moot … as long as most Christians focus on playing “church” and remain ignorant of what it means to be the ekklesia.

  169. So, I might add, how do y’all think we can reconcile the two (church and ekklesia)?

  170. Tonya Dalton Nov 12th 2016

    Today, a Facebook friend of mine shared this article. I have heard of this name before, he is a missionary living in China. He shared this insight:


  171. Andrew Nov 12th 2016

    That is a great link to a very interesting word about Trump, Tonya. Here is the link again-


    -Andrew Strom

  172. Yes, it is really ALL about the church. 1 Cor: “We are co-laborors with God.”
    God works with and through His church. That is why Trump is in, as His people have prayed.

    The road to Revival is paved with many prayers; prayers of a deep and true repentance. Let’s hope His church keeps on praying the right prayers!

  173. ValleyAnt Nov 12th 2016

    I read all the comments through to Mario Alleckna’s last one above. Some people gave prophetic words and dreams about Trump’s presidency. I agree with the original post, but it’s good to take all comments into account. Christians often forget that each member has a piece of the puzzle and not the whole: some have more of the negative pieces of the Trump puzzle, others more of the positive pieces of the puzzle. All pieces are needed, just like Trump is said to be “an enigma” and as everyone and every heart is multi-faceted and complex.

    A few days before the election, I was in church, and my Bible fell open to Ezra 1. It says that King Cyrus favored Israel (the Lord’s people), and restored their fortunes and land to them. After Trump became president, I was reminded that just as he is our 45th president, God says in Isaiah 45 that He chose King Cyrus as His ‘anointed’ or vessel. I never saw this passage more applicable than now as it regards Trump: “The LORD does not see as man sees. Man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart.”

    Since my encounter with God in 1998, I have had no greater interest in working with, serving, uplifting, and promoting any minister more than I have had towards Trump. The sum reason is that all the ministers so far preferred “a form of godliness” and so turned down any sincere servants, but Trump has no “form of godliness” and is accepting of everyone. With all Trump’s prideful arrogance, he has far more humility than the ministers I have met so far. I all but see the Lord standing right behind him; whatever he does, I know that salvation is closer to his whole family now than ever before.

    As many have said, the main issue is the ‘Ekklesia’ or what we call the Church. I’ve heard many prophets speak ‘negative’ things about the churches; but worse is that I continually find the prophets to be right. The American churches are dead, the Christians in them often three times worse than they were before religion and worse than the many satanists scattered throughout the churches. Judgment has to begin at His House. I don’t know how God feels about it, but I hate nothing more than Christians who are untrue and who hate God more than the vilest satanist but pretend to be His friends, dragging His Name in the mud and turning everyone else off to the concept of Jesus. God won’t make America great; but I pray that very soon His scythe (judgment) and sickle (salvation) will sweep through every church and ministry and separate the wheat from the chaff so that the lost and unsaved, especially those in darkness and bondage, can– past dead religion– see Jesus as He really is and finally have a chance at genuine repentance and salvation.

  174. Therese Nov 12th 2016

    {{ A few days before the election, I was in church, and my Bible fell open to Ezra 1. It says that King Cyrus favored Israel (the Lord’s people), and restored their fortunes and land to them. After Trump became president, I was reminded that just as he is our 45th president, God says in Isaiah 45 that He chose King Cyrus as His ‘anointed’ or vessel. I never saw this passage more applicable than now as it regards Trump: “The LORD does not see as man sees. Man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart.” }}

    Amen ValleyAnt.

    May I just add that I agree with what some are saying, and many just need to be more sober-minded and remember that just because God has raised up someone for His purposes, doesn’t mean that person is OF God. And that His purpose is for spiritual blessing for His people, which usually has to come at great cost to our material and fleshly comforts. So many in the church are without the armour of God and not yet ready for the last hour. I am sure for my part that His intention with a Donald Trump administration is to somehow facilitate the spiritual arming of God’s people and restoring of the true gospel……which I believe means we can expect for some more of the carnal nature to be crucified. And that Trump is just a buffer to hold off the globalists for a little while, and the spirit of it, as we do that…..I dont’ see how God’s purpose in this can happen during a time of ease and comforts and material prosperity when we really need the opposite here in the west…for our spiritual good. It’s not America that He wants to make great again, it’s His weak, wandering and captive spiritual nation that needs to be built up again…..for the sake of HIS name which is upon His people.

  175. Under Obama, a self-declared muslim (see You Tube), Christians have been more and more persecuted in America, and the rights of minority groups were extended. (Transgender bathroom policy in schools etc.)
    This, I believe, has awakened many to pray hard during this election. After all, not all of the millions of believers in America are lukewarm (Revelation3:14).

    Then the Lord said, “The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah (America) is so great and their sin so grievous …
    Then Abraham approached him and said: “Will you sweep away the righteous with the wicked? What if there are fifty righteous people in the city? Will you really sweep it away and not spare the place for the sake of the fifty righteous people in it? Far be it from you to do such a thing—to kill the righteous with the wicked, treating the righteous and the wicked alike. Far be it from you! Will not the Judge of all the earth do right?”

    “If my people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land. “Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to the prayer offered in this place.…”

    “For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.

    Many leaders of old have prophesied of major end-time revivals. However, you can’t revive something that doesn’t exist or is completely dead. Again, there are millions of believers in America who have simply become complacent and fallen asleep. (Not all have turned outright evil!)

    Rom.13; Eph.5:14:
    “Wake up, O sleeper, rise up from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”

    I do believe that, what we are seeing in the world today (the Middle East; Europe; America), must be analyzed in light of biblical end-time prophecy. (Isaiah 17; Ezekiel 38)

    America was clearly founded on Biblical principles and obviously blessed by God to become a most powerful, wealthy nation in a very short time. I believe that the Lord has not overlooked and forgotten that no other nation has produced more missionaries and mission organizations, spreading the Gospel to the far ends of the earth.
    However, America is strangely absent from Scripture, which seems to indicate that she will be of no significance politically, economically and militarily. Some say that the rapture might have such an effect on America, causing her to become completely crippled. Again, there are still millions of true followers of Christ in the US rural areas, and many more are asleep, ready to be awakened by Revival. Their disappearance could very well cripple a nation, while ushering in a “savior.”

    A Watchman Report – The Rapture Controversy


  176. There is one thing certain (confirmed by this entire post): Trump/America = uncertainty

    There is one thing even more certain: Jesus Christ/His kingdom = certainty

    “If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” – The LORD GOD

    “…humble” (opposite of pride)

    “…seek My face” (beyond mere petition, seeking God’s will not just His blessings)

    “…wicked” (ten sins that create a society that sheds innocent blood: adultery, fornication, lust, drunkenness, immodesty, greed, vanity, pride, unbelief, selfishness.)

    “…Repent…” (humility/turning to righteousness)

    “…First be reconciled to your brother…” (genuine worship)

    “…Love one another as I have loved you…” (discipleship)

    “…Love your enemies…” (meekness)

    “…Tell him his fault between you and him alone… take with you one or two more ….tell it to the church” (effective communication and discipline)

    “…You hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of your own eye…” (integrity)

    “When you make a dinner or a supper, don’t call your friends, brethren, kinsmen, or rich neighbours (rich with popularity and power) …but call the poor, the maimed, the lame the blind (the social rejects and unpopular)…” (true religion)

    “Therefore whosoever hears these sayings of mine, and does them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock…” – Jesus

    When I read what Bro Yun said about God withholding his power because of the disunity, it struck a chord in my heart. We as a church must return to our King and the laws that He has laid down as a foundation for His kingdom. The disunity is a result of disobedience. True unity can only be brought about by true repentance. Unity without repentance = Ecumenicism; … Superficial repentance = superficial unity; … Genuine repentance = Genuine unity and God’s blessing.

    In light of what Jesus has said, as an ambassador of Christ, this is my plea to the church:

    “Be ye reconciled to God! How? …By being reconciled to your brethren whom you have thrown out, run over, and reviled in order to promote your own agendas. Be reconciled to the voice of reproof that has stood in your gate. Come back to the words of the Lord Jesus Christ and the teaching that is according to godliness. Mind not high things but condescend to people of low estate. Do not respect men’s persons but fear God, tremble at His word, respect the things that holy men have spoken, respect the brethren and the pearls that they bring. Do not despise correction and reproof, but love those who rebuke you in love and in truth, and bless and pray for those who do otherwise. Above all, do not be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ, you cannot serve God and Mammon (selfish pursuits). God bless you.

  177. Loren:

    2 things are certain:

    1. Jesus Christ is Lord!
    2. Donald Trump was placed into power by Him.
    (It took a miracle from God for Trump to win.)

    Daniel said, “Let the name of God be blessed forever and ever, For wisdom and power belong to Him. “It is He who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings.


  178. Daniel 4:34-35
    34 And at the end of the days I Nebuchadnezzar lifted up mine eyes unto heaven, and mine understanding returned unto me, and I blessed the most High, and I praised and honoured him that liveth for ever, whose dominion is an everlasting dominion, and his kingdom is from generation to generation:
    35 And all the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing: and he doeth according to his will in the army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth: and none can stay his hand, or say unto him, What doest thou?

  179. ValleyAnt Nov 12th 2016

    Therese, you wrote: “Just because God has raised up someone for His purposes, doesn’t mean that person is OF God.” Right. Trump will still be allowed free will to choose or reject Christ. I know God has always been about restoring His Name and Kingdom, not America or anyone else. But as far as Trump, I strongly sense (and know) that God not only has a special love for Trump (this isn’t uncommon and is God’s heart towards leaders) but God also likes Trump. God is fond of him. Few know why (I don’t know exactly), but God has the prerogative to choose, love, reject, exalt, etc. He does what He pleases, and by the kind of people who hate Trump, God’s fondness of him may be more evident.

    Mario Alleckna, you wrote: “Many leaders of old have prophesied of major end-time revivals. However, you can’t revive something that doesn’t exist or is completely dead.” True. I was recently in Bellingham, WA where the Lord uncovered to me (and a few others) the fact that satanists own the city and control all its churches through puppet pastors and ministers. God showed me the ‘main’ ministry in the city which focuses on revival and showed me another ministry under it. The main ministry He showed me was never alive and therefore is worse than dead while the ministry under it is in complete darkness and bondage but isn’t ‘a false plant’ (so to speak). Before I left the city, He gave me a prophecy against this ministry which began, “It was never alive and therefore will never live. No revival will come from [this] ministry…”

    Loren, you’re right about the disunity among believers. The Bible says that God has reserved His blessings (of revival, prosperity, etc.) for the place where believers are unified in the Spirit. Outside of that spiritual unity, all hope of revivall, God’s favor, and Jesus’s promise of Life “more abundantly” are false. (Ps. 133.)

  180. I did not approve of either candidate. I was extremely disappointed in some of our Christian leaders and how they approached this election. I personal wrote in my choice of candidate. I’m concerned about where Mr. Trump will take us, but all we really need to know is that GOD is in control! COME LORD JESUS COME!

  181. I published this on the Connection Prophecy News website:
    by J. Israel

    November 11, 2016- During the past 17 months, Americanized Christians have touted Donald Trump as the man God sent to save America. They winked at his worldliness, love of money, womanizing statements, chronic adultery and lies; meanwhile, hypocritically attacking Hillary Clinton for her criminal conduct among other things. They also attacked followers of Jesus/Yahshua for refusing to vote for any evil; the greater or the lesser.

    Well, the Americanized Christians were right about one thing; the Lord God did send Donald Trump, but not for the reason they believe and hope for.

    2 Thessalonians 2:11&12, “For this reason God sends them a powerful DELUSION so that they will BELIEVE THE LIE, and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.”


    While campaigning for the office of US President, Donald Trump threatened to order an independent investigation into Hillary Clinton’s criminal activities; however, he NOW says we all owe Hillary a debt of gratitude.

    While campaigning for the office of US President, Donald Trump said President Obama was the worst president in history; however, Donald NOW says that he accomplished great things while in office and pledges to seek counsel from Obama to help him run the country.


    During his victory speech, America’s next president, Donald Trump said, “It is time to come together as ONE UNITED PEOPLE.” He further explained, “It’s a movement comprised of Americans from ALL races, religions, backgrounds and BELIEFS.”

    Hey Mr. Trump, it does not matter what false Americanized Christians say about you, because you belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, NOT holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

    As for you Americanized Christians who’ve placed your confidence in a corrupt man, boldly attacking and condemning Holy Spirit-filled Bible Believers because you COULD NOT UNDERSTAND their walk with Jesus/Yahshua, or why they stubbornly refused your urges to vote for your American savior, listen up; it is you who do not belong to God.

    Hey America, condemnation and judgment stands at your door and your kingdom will be destroyed; REPENT and turn your hearts to the Lord who has prepared an ETERNAL KINGDOM for those who love Him.

    Do you love the TRUTH?

    John 8:42-47

    Acts 17:30, “And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commands all men every where to repent:”

    Be encouraged REMNANT, we have a KING! Abba is on The THRONE!

  182. Someone made a great comment saying that Christians like the idea that God put Trump into power, but when it comes to Obama it’s a different story. Allow me to point out that everything that happens on earth is found in Scripture. God indeed establishes leaders…

    1. Jesus said that the Gospel would spread throughout the earth, and then the end. (Matt.24:14)
    How? God chose Bible believing leaders who established a nation with a Bible-based constitution.
    From that nation (America) the Gospel was taken to the ends of the earth.

    2. God said that His people, Israel, would gather in their own country. (Ez.20:34) After WW2 America supported the Jewish people like no other nation has ever done. This allowed for the gathering of Jews from all over the world in their own country.
    Fast forward…
    3. God established Ayatollah Khomeini who toppled the Persian Sha, and then created the Israel hating Iran we have today.
    4. President Bush, established by God for His purpose, toppled Sadam Hussein. In doing so he created a power-vacuum, which allowed ISIS to form.

    5. In Isaiah 17 God predicts the total destruction of the ancient Syrian city of Damascus. Some believe that ISIS might blow up the chemical weapons stored under Damascus, rendering the city un-inhabitable. God put V. Putin and Syria’s Assad in power. They are fighting ISIS in Syria.

    6. In Ezekiel 38 God predicts that Israel will be attacked by Russia, Iran, Turkey, and others.
    God chooses Obama to be President. Obama is weak towards Russia, only speaking of “red-lines” but never acting. He also withdraws America’s support of Israel and, instead, supports the nation (Iran) vowing to annihilate Israel.
    Seeing how weak Obama is, Russia is now moving major military equipment into Syria, which borders on Israel.
    Ezekiel talks about Russia attacking Israel to “take a spoil.” Lately some VERY large oil and gas deposits have been discovered in Israel. Russia is quite interested in taking the oil and gas as a spoil of war.

    Of course, from Scripture we can also learn about satan’s agenda to be worshipped in the temple in Jerusalem, and that there will be a rapture, causing the whole world (there are believers everywhere) to spin out of control, crying out for a strong leader (ant-christ) who will promise to fix things.

    Indeed, it’s all in Scripture how God uses and establishes leaders for His purpose.

  183. Lorraine Nov 12th 2016

    God judges His people every day through His indwelling Spirit. He can also bring judgement upon the kingdoms of this world simultaneously. The corrupt political systems of this world have been oppressing all the people of the earth for decades and is now under His foot of judgement.

    Tell those who love the darkness who are raging in the streets of your cities that this isn’t the judgement of God.

    The very fact that darkness is raging so violently against this victory should give you pause…and cause you, as His people, to not strain at gnats, but look at the big picture of what God is doing.

    God’s people are not to put their trust in other flesh and blood people, or the political, religious, or any other system of this world…but at the very least, surely they can recognize the Hand of God when He is removing mountains on their behalf.

  184. Andrew Nov 12th 2016

    Jonathan Israel – some very pertinent and alarming points you raise.

    Thankyou and blessings,

    Andrew Strom.

  185. Yes it is very easy to link Trump with ancient Cyrus. However remember our Lord Yeshua said, “My Kingdom is not of this World” he also told us “Do not be deceived and even said that the elect would almost be deceived”

    Paul tells us “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition”

    This man will do very good things and will seem to be a wonderful generous person, “like freemasons are” and they blend into the Churches easily as many in Churches are freemasons.

    I read a shocking article recently written by a leader of Hillsongs actually stating that Gay Marriage is blessed by God and that we should love and accept them, just as Christ does…must be reading a different Bible than the one I read.

    I agree that we should love them, but not agree that what they do is actually blessed by God. It seems to me that the almost the entire Church in America is going the same way as ancient Babylon, which I believe it could be Babylon the Great.

    Someone made a comment that America was never founded on Biblical principles, to which I totally agree. It was founded by Freemasons and total rebellion. Huge Obelisk in Washington along with many Masonic symbols, it was founded on killing Indigenous peoples, slavery, greed and every other thing that is against Gods commands.

    I agree the choice was awful, but we need o be very careful that we do not see this ‘Last Trump’ as the answer to the Worlds problems.

    Keep looking up and see what is happening and be attentive the Lord and what he is telling us all. He is the only King who will bring about the Worlds Righteous Kingdom, no man or woman.

    Bless you all, in the US and many other Countries.


  186. Brother Ben Nov 12th 2016

    I don’t think you’re understanding. Trump is an extremely minor issue. Most people on here have a relationship with a man-made entity called “church,” but church is nowhere in scripture. What IS there is the ekklesia … which is NOT “the church.” Church is a pagan entity; read Pagan Christianity.

    I’m not for throwing out everything about “the church,” as most people don’t have a clue about the truth concerning the ekklesia, but I am for stopping the lies and telling the truth and, on our faces before God, coming to understand how He would have us proceed. If the church is counterfeit, and most of us are wrapped up in it, how can anything about Trump be anything but a distraction?

  187. Andrew Nov 12th 2016

    In one sense you are right, Brother Ben.

    But this issue is important because only an utterly corrupt and bankrupt church would seek to solve spiritual problems through the arm of the flesh – using worldly politics to try and solve things that are totally spiritual. Truimp is not a “saved” individual. He shows none of those fruits. And one cannot become ‘saved’ by the “little prayer” method anyway.

    Since the western church is in such a bankrupt state that they think politics is the “answer”, I believe they will reap a terribly bitter harvest from their idolatry.

    The coming years will tell all.

    God bless you!

    Andrew Strom.

  188. Brother Ben Nov 13th 2016

    I think you’re right about the state of the church, Andrew, and while I don’t know Trump’s heart, I agree that it is unwise to trust the arm of flesh of anyone. Yet this is what all churches do when they depart from the ekklesia that our Lord left us to build here on earth, and my motivation is to reconcile us who know Him with what He intended for us to enjoy here.