In recent years, particularly in the USA, but also in other countries, Christians have become more and more drawn into politics and political issues. I believe this is making the Christian faith more and more hated – not for the gospel’s sake, but rather for taking political stands that Jesus never asks us to take.

Christians are now known for all the things they bitterly “rail”
against. They rail angrily against taxes, against the president,
against immigrants, against the Democrats, against refugees.
They launch into bitter tirades on issues such as health care
and gun control – as though they would gladly blow away anyone
who disagrees. They portray themselves as the biggest supporters
of armies and killing and big business in the entire country. Just
listen to them talk. It is about as far from Jesus as you can
possibly imagine. Once you start playing on this field you need
to remember that politics is the devil’s arena. It is dirty, ugly
and divisive – and we are called to keep out.

It used to be that liberal journalists would at least tolerate the
Christian faith – even if begrudgingly. Now they tend to see
Christianity as the “enemy” – because we have taken political
stances against them on multiple worldly issues. Christianity
as a faith is no longer renowned for “healing the broken-hearted
and setting the captives free” – nor for the gospel that we
proclaim. We are now known for the angry political issues and
causes that we agitate about.

Jesus refused to have anything to do with political power. He said,
“My kingdom is not of this world.” And the early church was the
same. Can you imagine them starting a “letter-writing” campaign
against Herod or Caesar? Never! They were too busy preaching
the gospel.

But today’s believers are inviting widespread hatred of the Christian
faith – not for spiritual reasons but rather political ones. And that
hatred is getting worse and worse every year. We have needlessly
made ourselves the “enemies” of so many that we are called to reach.

These Christians have wrapped the Bible in the flag so tight that
no-one can tell the difference any more. They are actually
preaching “another gospel”. It is the gospel of politics and
nationalism – where Christianity embroils itself in the partisan
issues of the day – and angrily snarls at any who dare disagree.
It is the gospel of the “flag mixed with Jesus”.

What has all this fighting, railing, crusading and bitterness
actually produced? Tons of bad fruit, tons of hatred for Christianity,
and very little actual change. That is because Christians are not
supposed to change the world through politics. We are supposed
to change men’s hearts through the gospel. That is the only thing
that will actually do the job. We have abandoned our calling. We
have become utterly distracted from our mission in the earth.
And we are reaping nothing but hatred from the very people we
are called to reach. The modern “politicized” church of flag-
waving uber-patriots is the very opposite of all Jesus stood for.
We are preaching another gospel – another Christianity altogether.

I believe the American church stands under the judgment of
God for this false gospel. It is just as bad as the ‘prosperity’
gospel which also came out of America and infected the whole
world. And I call on all U.S. Christians to STOP IT NOW.

True Christians are supposed to be “sojourners” and pilgrims in
the earth, giving their allegiance to no particular country but the
kingdom of heaven. It is high time we left all this agitating to the
rabble-rousers – and simply do our job. Preaching the gospel to
the poor. Healing the sick. Binding up the broken-hearted.
Proclaiming the acceptable year of the Lord.

No more Fox News. No more right-wing talk radio. All that stuff
exists only to rile people up, make them mad, and drive the
ratings higher. There is nothing “Christian” about it at all.

To every believer I say: REPENT of this “political” gospel –
this “political” Christianity – and never return to it again.

-Please COMMENT on this topic below-

God bless you all.

Andrew Strom.

Posted in Articles by Andrew on July 4th, 2016 at 8:55 am.


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  1. Andrew Nov 4th 2015

    We look forward to your comments, my friends.

  2. Peter Nov 4th 2015

    Jesus Christ is risen Lord of all things and His followers are called to be salt and light on all issues of life. Christianity is a faith of and for reality and her Lord is creator and sustainer of all.

  3. Andrew Nov 4th 2015

    “Salt and light” does not mean ‘political agitators’, my friend.

    Big difference.

    Bless you!


  4. HomeOfLove Nov 4th 2015

    Everything in this article is true. Christians are called to encourage people to voluntarily change their own individual lives and hearts, not to force their political opinions on others. I no longer identify myself as a Christian, because so many people have assumptions and negative impressions of Christians. Instead, I call myself a follower of Jesus Christ’s teachings. Revival and change will always come from the bottom up, from individuals–not top down from the government.

  5. Peter,

    Jesus’ Kingdom is not of this world. We are sojourners here- called out of the world and to lead others into the Kingdom that is unseen. You’re fighting for real estate that will one day burn, just like Kenneth Copeland and Creflo Dollar. Lose your life to save it. This is the crux of the gospel.

  6. L. Alex Smith Nov 4th 2015

    Dominionism, or Kingdom Now theology, goes hand-in-hand with this mentality. Has Jesus called His people to “take over” the world, to then “present it to Him, when He returns” ? While the promises in Genesis do say to “take dominion”… I’m not sure that He meant it that way.
    When I lived in the States, I listened to radio talk-shows that I considered gave me a conservative perspective to counter what I would have otherwise gotten through the main media. When I moved to the U.K., many of those issues became remote and somewhat irrelevant to me. (Not that I didn’t still care… but now I lived in a different scenario.)
    It began to sink in to me that I had wasted many hours per day that I could have spent praying! Not that the information wasn’t true… it’s that in the great scheme of things in God’s Plan, the OUTCOME wouldn’t be any different.
    In II Thessal. 2 Paul writes, “he who restrains, will continue to restrain until he is taken from out of the midst.” This, I believe, refers to the catching away of the fully-matured sons of God from the main body of Christianity. But what kind of “restraining” would he be writing about? Political wranglings? Attempting to “save Christian culture, by education and electing the ‘correct’ people”?
    While I laud the deeper understanding of our world through classical education, and the preservation of what remains of our “Christian” culture (ethics, mores, etc.) –GOD’s Plan reaches into the heart of man to regenerate it according to His Spirit and His Word.
    I began to sense a divergence between both the goals and methods here…
    Was not the worst thing to happen to Christianity, that Emperor Constantine made it into the State Religion?
    People are wanting to treat the symptom, more than deal with the cause. How can our Light shine in the Darkness, if our light is not so bright, and the dark is not so dark…?
    When we read Revelation, and the warnings of the end times in the Gospels, I don’t see a “triumphant church” taking control of the whole thing… I see darkness progressing until JESUS puts a stop to it! “Unless those days were shortened, NO FLESH would survive! But, because of the chosen ones, they are shortened…” (Matthew 24:22) and Jesus tells us, “…in your patience, possess ye your souls.” (Luke 21:19). In Revel. 3:10, He tells the church of Philadelphia (the church of ‘the love of the brethren’): “Because you have kept the Word of My Patience [or, patient continuing], I also shall keep you out of the Hour of Trial which shall come upon all the world to test them that dwell upon the earth.”
    ….Does ANY of this sound like the “conservative agenda” so promulgated on these radio talk shows today? They are miles apart….

  7. Andrew Nov 4th 2015

    Good points, my friend.

    Yes – those conservative talk shows can sound quite alluring, can’t they? But ultimately they lead us to fight entirely the wrong battles.

    Bless you!


  8. Lydia Nov 4th 2015

    I agree wholly with your sentiments. I love listening to some of the prominent American preachers like John Hagee, The 700 Club etc. I believe they genuinely love the Lord, but I often wonder at their vitriol against the government, the homosexuals, the abortionists etc. Most of the people in these institutions are not even Bible believers. They do not have the Holy Spirit in them and can’t even begin to understand why they are always under such constant attacks. They are blind, and the more they are attacked the more hardline they become. America may have had deep Christian roots, but this is not the case anymore and should not be construed to mean that God is confined in America. He is doing great works in other parts of the world, where His name is still revered. I think these preachers should wake up to the realisation that God is not American, and He blesses where He is honored, and judges where He is dishonored. He is not a respecter of anyone, and should hence strive to go back to the basics of the Bible which seems to have been mixed up with politics.

  9. Joanne Nov 4th 2015

    It is not all or nothing, one over the other. Real Christians will always be hated by the world and its political system. We are not called to please the world in order to be accepted by it in order to win people to Christ. The only thing needed for evil to continue is for righteous men to do nothing. The apathy of the church is what has allowe evil to prevail in our countries and Christians are finally tired of it. It is too bad more Christians didnt stand up to the political systems the killed the Jews at the holucost. Maybe more would have been saved or it could have been prevented. We do have to watch our attitude and not be mean spirited about sharing our beliefs, but they are biblical and should be shared. If the devil picks the political arena or media as his battle ground, I say take it back. He chose the battlefield and we need to have the victory in it. Our country, America, has kicked God out and that needs to stop. Our founding fathers established this nation by coming against the evil forces they left. Slaves were freed because people were brave enough to call evil, evil and fight for what is right. Christians, I believe by the spirit of God, have had enough hiding in a hole and being silent. That is how abortion laws got passed. Apathy is the devils greatest weapon along with deceit. What kind of world are we leaving our kids and grand kids if we don’t stand up for what is right, call evil evil, and be salt and light. Again, our attitudes may need to change, but not the message. It is not one over the other.

  10. Dear Andrew — You hit the nail on the head !! We recently moved from the Washington DC area and frankly we were sick of the politics in the church. The Holy Spirit’s job is to change hearts and this through salvation only. Christians are to lay down their lives as Yeshua (Jesus) did … imagine our Lord railing against the Romans who were to crucify Him. If you are born-again from above, you are no longer a citizen of this world but of Heaven; why do you concern yourselves with things of the earth that are going to be destroyed with Christ’s coming? Our job, our only job, given to us by our King is to harvest souls before His Return. Without love … we are worthless to the Father. This is an anti-christ spirit that is deceiving us, we need to repent and ask the Lord to fill us with His love, and pray for the lost, not think about ways to defend ourselves, store up food for the “bad” times (no faith), spit out curses against our enemies, join political parties to “change” things (only God changes things). We have become “rich”, we have become “fat”, we smell and look like the world, we are the church at Laodecia! Remember in the Last Days, perilous times shall come, we are living in those times … don’t be deceived.

  11. Some of the battles fought reveal that the carrier of that political flag has not prayed until the answer came. Those who have done so know so. God is not on the side of many of the political fights against people He loves, against humanitarian causes, against justice, and against those He, HimSelf placed in positions.

    Note: Christians rail against Republicans also, as there are Christians on the so-called “liberal” side.

    The problems begin when a secular organization hands the Christian a list of what-we-believe, and the Christian willingly takes on the cause without prayer and without consideration of the authors’ agenda and motivations.

    Many deliberately devote their energies to the devil’s causes and the desires of their own flesh, abusing grace and/or determining to repent after their causes are accomplished. A lesser number unwittingly enter in by not diligently searching to see if what they heard from their peers was true.

    Hardly anyone speaks truth to their brothers and sisters, as they have been lulled into silence fearing they will be persecuted for the truth or believing that if so many isn it must not actually be sin (same as the secular world’s justification).

    Doctrines such as once-saved-always-saved, and repeat-the-magic-words-and-you’ll-be-saved block true repentance, deliverance and salvation.

    There is indeed a great falling away. But there will arise a party from the Right which will repent and turn to God. It will happen. God has a remnant.

  12. Steve Nov 4th 2015

    To my observation, your characterization of the American Church’ political prostitution is exactly true. Amen !

    blessings, Steve

  13. Nigel Gerdes Nov 4th 2015


    Thank you for a reflective essay that moves me to write.

    Jesus took a zealot to be one of his disciples. That zealot prior to becoming a disciple of Jesus would have murdered a tax collector. So one can imagine the tensions that the disciples had to overcome between themselves as Jesus taught and showed them the way. So as you write that points to a non-worldly way to act in respect of politics so that Christians are in the world but not of it.

    Sadly politics in the UK is going the same way as in the USA and UK Christians are beginning to be seen in the same light as a consequence of unloving actions, a quest for power, actions based on fear rather than love, and strident harsh voices.

    However to draw the conclusion that Christians should make politics a ‘no go’ area, I believe is to miss what can be for some a call to service as that is simply to leave politics to the devil and he is to be resisted in the name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Your thesis taken to its logical conclusion would have meant no Wilberforce and the end of Slavery. Then as now active living faith expressed in public life was sneered upon by the majority. The Clapham Sect as it was known in the UK had an enormous influence on the moral direction of the UK via politics but the sect acted without using the modern politics of hate. It is now fuelled as we see by misguided at best or at worst completely false preachers or media outlets who are on a power trip, with a wrong attitude that Christians believe they can adopt towards fellow man.

    Christianity works best in this world when it has no temporal power as Jesus demonstrated but that, I respectfully submit, does not mean individual Christians cannot engage in the political arena but they must conduct themselves in a manner that honours God mindful that our first duty is to honour God and to share and live out the Good News of Salvation.

  14. Julie Nov 4th 2015

    Thanks for the food for thought. I am involved in a political party. It seems to me, it is the loving thing to fight for truth and justice in the nation, not just give in to the socialist / communist agenda and give up caring what laws are made. Actually seems irresponsible. These laws have potential to make it illegal to preach the gospel of Christ.

  15. Mega-amen!

  16. Kathe Nov 4th 2015

    Agree with you Joanne and also agree be informed but keep politics our of sermons. If being informed is info given at church, so be it it is I go not gospel and should be possibly considered at best but not taken received as gospel…viewpoints perspectives opinions are just that mans eyes thoughts and voice….not Gods word.
    We need right order and perspective. Gods word is holy, politics is most definite not! I am not deaf,dumb or lame. I will stand and speak inTruth. Few heeded the prophets yet they spoke as directed by God, of God life truth and evil.

  17. Susan Nov 4th 2015

    Thank you, once again, for speaking the truth. I am guilty and I will repent today and walk away from all of it.

  18. Been writing and speaking about this for years. Those who involve themselves with politics do not have the faintest understanding of the kingdom of heaven on earth and what it is all about. They do far more damage to it than good by trying to save the world rather than souls. And for what? The comforts of their flesh. No good soldier of Christ fights worldly battles with worldly weapons, or entangles himself in any way in the kingdoms of man (2 Tim. 2:3-4). Right on Andrew. Keep preachin’ this!

  19. KenC1101 Nov 4th 2015

    Having read both the article and the responses on hand at the time of this writing I see correct thinking on both sides of the table. We are to be salt and light and we are to be sojourners her as this is not our home. We are to preach the gospel and make disciples of men. We are to do the kingdom work while we are here and not let the things of this world side track us (guilty as charged). However, I think we will be held accountable if we let evil slide and do nothing. I am watching as my country (the USA) is sliding further and further into the abyss of homosexuality, sexual deprivation, abortion, and all kinds of wickedness. My country is being invaded by illegals, most of which have an agenda very different than the principles America was founded on. This is because immoral leaders have been allowed to bring this to pass. I definitely think there is a place for politics in a Christians life. Thousands have died to give me the right to vote. However, using the gospel as a way to further my own agenda is wrong. I have been more grieved by Christian response to issues of the day than I have been by the issues itself. We are going to be hated by the world as Jesus was hated. He told us so. Let’s be hated for the right reasons. And if we are going to be judged by God for the things we do while we are here on Earth let us be diligent in seeking the Lord as to what those things are. Just reading this article and the responses have gotten the wheels churning and are causing me to evaluate the things I do and the things that are important so in that very important sense it has done it’s job.

  20. Fram60 Nov 4th 2015

    Andrew, Christians in politics are using the example of Daniel, Nehemiah, Esther and Mordecai, who were all involved in influencing governmental decisions and laws. I agree that politics is divisive, and can become an obsession, but the USA was founded on JudeoChristian principles, and people of faith are placed in positions of leadership by God. I agree that our first goal is to seek and save the lost, but we are all different parts of the body with different occupations, including politicians.

  21. Honestly, I used to believe this way, because half of what you are saying is true. Maybe more than half. There is a very important difference from the Roman empire and the USA though. Wherein, we the people, have a say in what laws are passed, and who runs our country.
    Our number one priority as genuine Christians is to die to ourselves and live according to Gods will, honoring and giving glory to him in all things.
    Being a judge is an occupation just like being a cleaning maid at a hotel. Should the cleaning person quit their job, bc they got saved? Or instead, clean as unto the Lord, and be a witness in her daily life. This is the difference I think you are missing. There is a great deal involved with running the country and many jobs made available by the people. We are the employers, interviewers of these positions. Unfortunately the media and a good deal of politicians are corrupt. But God has raised up a few men who are fighting for good laws, men who love Christ and have been called into battle in the political arena. If we don’t vote for these men, then whatever evil laws are passed will be on our heads.
    You yourselves have been praying and fasting for this country, USA. The reason people are getting into politics is bc some men, of Gods leading, have made public a lot of what’s going on behind closed doors, men who have vowed to stay honest and are proving that they refuse to vote contrary to their constituents views.
    The media is corrupt, and is going to paint Christians in a horrible light, but those who actually spend time with genuine Christians can see that what the media is saying is opposite. There are brash, crude mouthed counterfeit Christians. That does not make voting evil. The world is going to be given over to evil, but God forbid if it happens on our watch. I think that was a quote that I read from one of your emails!
    Please don’t tell people that a Senator who spends hours upon hours standing for what is true, to block legislation that would ruin our country, is doing something wrong, when he is a Christian and he is very muchly doing the job God raised him to do.
    No job, in and of itself is wrong, and God raises up men in all occupations to do his will.
    We should not become so obsessed with politics though, that we start to forget Christ… But that is also true for any profession. Anyone can get so lost in a cause that they get off balance and allow their relationship with Christ to suffer. But any genuine Christian also experiences the chastening of the Lord in those cases. He never loses his sheep. My family, friends, neighbors, and I have to hire a president next year. It is our duty to pray, and follow Gods leading, and to fight for truth as long as we have a say, as well as spreading the good news gospel. We should be doing that no matter what our daily duties are.

  22. Mark Elam Nov 4th 2015

    Andrew, I’ve been reading you for years. This stands out as the most timely and true word you’ve ever posted. Thank you for fearing God alone and being jealous over His kingdom.

  23. Calvin Nov 4th 2015

    So much of we’re seeing as far as “Christians” in the political arena is due to the deep overwhelming influence that the heretical Kingdom Now, Dominionism, Joel’s Army and Latter Rain movement theology is having on “Christian” politicians, church laity and especially church leaders – those who have abandoned their God-given callings to gain a heart of wisdom and discernment and shepherd and protect His flock.

    Paul said to the Corinthians “For I have betrothed you to one husband, that I may present you a chaste virgin to Christ, but I fear lest somehow just as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds would be led astray from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he who comes preaches another Jesus than the one we preached, or you receive a different spirit than the one you accepted or you receive another gospel which you did not accept, you put up with it (1 Cor 11:4)

    I believe you’re right Andrew, there is another Jesus being preached and up until now, most are putting up with it! True Holy Ghost wisdom and discernment has been set aside for pragmatic humanistic philosophy clothed in Christian terms and zealotry.

    Unfortunately, the tentacles of such a political mindset run deeper than most realize as the nature of western democracy itself is rooted and grounded in Hegelian Dialectics (which is another whole conversation in itself), but suffice to say that when a good majority of believers in North America believe the gospel consists mainly of “asking Jesus into your heart,” its pretty easy to see why they would prefer to build a kingdom here.

  24. DonaldN Nov 4th 2015

    Years ago, when the Christian was instrumental in society, laws were made according to biblical guidelines, even if they were not actually mentioned as such. That was because the Church stood for holiness and expected such from the law makers, and the law makers followed that thinking for the sake of the votes of the people.
    The church tries to mandate holiness by demanding that the world make laws and act according to biblical guidelines, when the church itself is as vile as the world. Holiness is not even mentioned in most churches these days. The message is hyper-grace for salvation and then live like the world after you receive your salvation from God because nothing can change that.
    If the church began to live according to biblical standards, then the society that we live in would also see a change, not because of the laws passed, but because of the gospel preached and hearts changed.
    Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. I would rather not vote than vote for a man who I know is speaking lies to establish his position to rule over me.
    In fact, I believe that the voting process has become one of the political groups seeing how many of the people agree with what they have already decided to do regardless of the outcome of the polls.

    If we desire to make a difference in society, we should be preaching the true gospel and seeing hearts changed to serve the Living God, not just hoping to see laws changed that force people to hide their lifestyle because their heart is not changed.

  25. Erin…well said. The Bible says, When the Righteous Rule the People Rejoice. When the Wicked Rule, the People Mourn. It also says Woe to the those who decree unrighteous Laws! It takes a Righteous Man to fight and pass Righteous Laws and the Righteous have to put in place to Rule so the people will not Mourn. This goes hand in hand with the Gospel!

  26. ValleyAnt Nov 4th 2015

    As some have already said, there’s merit to both sides of the argument. Christians are to focus on fellowship, godly living, and sharing the gospel but are not to neglect other areas such as the political arena.

    Jesus didn’t handle money at all; but we can’t directly follow that example as we need money in this world. Jesus didn’t seek political office nor speak about politics; but we can’t directly follow that example as politics are a part of our everyday lives. In the Bible, we see godly men and women in political positions whom God gave favor because of their godliness. Kings like David are prime examples; but people like Daniel, Esther, and Joseph are probably more meaningful examples as they operated directly within heathen governments and anti-Christ political systems.

    In the OT, we see heathens turning to God and still maintaining their political positions. Some examples were Namaan the leper and King Cyrus. In the NT, we see political men and women becoming saved and seeming to maintain their political positions. Some of these were the Pharisees Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea, Cornelius the Centurion, the Proconsul Sergius Paulus, and some from Herod’s family. The real issue isn’t outward positions and actions but the inward heart. American Christians, for the most part, aren’t concerned with God and obedience to His Word. They honor Him with their lips, but their hearts are in pleasure and politics. When you hang around the average Christian in America, it doesn’t take long to realize that the problem isn’t the politician but the professor to Christianity.

    Judgment begins at the house of God– not just punitive judgment but also right division or distinction. The Bible says that if we would judge (and be honest about) our own state, we wouldn’t have to be judged. By and large, we haven’t done this, therefore we’ve turned, as is common with hypocrites, to judge the world; and so they are turning to judge and persecute us in return. American Christians need to repent from the ancient and MONOLITHIC idols in our hearts that have effectively tied God’s hands in this country and have made us at least twice the sons of hell as are the heathens we so condemn. God help us; and do it soon.

  27. ValleyAnt Nov 4th 2015

    I’ve just read the rest of the comments that came in as I was typing mine and wish I could give at least a thumbs up or applaud all the right things that have been said. It’s good to see that so many people are in the know. God bless.

  28. I heartily agree. However, to be fair, there is an increasing number of Christians who get involved in politics on the side of the left. While I’d tend to be sympathetic towards some of it, especially in regards to seeking justice for the poor, the refugees, the minority ethnic groups, etc., it’s just as easy to get carried away there as well. The extreme of that would be Liberation Theology. It does make it an even more dismal picture when we realise that not only is politics soiling our witness to the world, but also causing disunity within the church.

    Here’s a piece of flash fiction I wrote some time ago, which you may enjoy:

    Again, they came unto Him to test Him with questions.
    “Master,” said the spokesman, “Is it right for the government to support the poor and needy out of the taxpayer’s money?”
    And he looked, and behold, the Conservatives were standing on His right, and the Liberals on His left. And He perceived that if He answered, “Yes”, it would extremely annoy those on His right, and if He answered “No”, it would displease those on His left. In fact, either answer would make Him bitterly hated by one group or the other as He would be labeled as one of the opposite party. And, indeed, their hate for one another had become as a burning fire that raged and threatened to devour the land.
    And answering, He said unto them, “I will ask of all of you a question: How much of your own substance do you give to the poor and needy?”
    He looked at those on His right, and said, “You who say it is the job of the Church, not the government, to support the poor and needy: do you, of your own richness and wealth help those who are hungry and desolate?”
    He looked at those on His left, and said, “Do you have such compassion for the poor and needy that you will appropriate other people’s money to feed them? Does your compassion compel you to give of your own substance?”
    Then, He said onto them all, “Let he who is without sin cast the first vote.”

  29. Collette Nov 4th 2015

    I don’t disagree with this article, but what about abortion? Do we stand by doing nothing while our children are being slaughtered? Are we not called to lay down our lives in service to the King of Kings?

    I start with prayer and try to be obedient to the calling God has placed on my life. And part of that calling is to speak for the unborn! I have called politicians and sent letters, letting them know that I am against the killing of unborn babies…. I don’t watch politics but I do vote…

  30. Steve Nov 4th 2015

    Julie’s comment raises a basic question. Are “truth and justice” secured by following the world’s ways ? Does carrying water for worldly factions, systems, or attitudes manifest love for “The Truth” (Who Jesus said He IS) and Godly justice ? Is there any world system/faction/attitude which doesn’t require its followers to accept ITS “spin” as “the truth” ? Political Christianity manifests not the Spirit of Jesus, but the violent factionalism, lies, and hypocrisy of the world…whose creature it is.

    blessings, Steve

  31. Scott Duesterhoeft Nov 4th 2015

    Brother Andrew,

    You are 100% right on with this message. It is the same one that Father has given me to preach to God’s people in N. America.

    A suggestion: On your About/Contact webpage you have these words: “Andrew Strom is a Revival preacher and author from the nation of New Zealand”

    Would it be more accurate to say “Andrew Strom is a Revival preacher and author located in the nation of New Zealand” or something like that?

    Just an idea.

    Favor and good wishes,

  32. I wonder how much of the persecution we receive today is actually persecution for the gospel’s sake, or how much of it is really a “slingshot effect” of the church having controlled politics and writing the laws of the land for so many years before we entered the “Post-Christian Era”?

  33. Scott Duesterhoeft Nov 4th 2015

    Abominations before the Lord:

    nation flag displayed in God’s house, tax-exempt status, marriage in the name of a world government, ministry license from a world government

  34. I totally agree. The only influence God’s people had on politics was when throughout the Scripture they were brought before Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, King Agrippa, King Herod, Xerxes, Felix, and so forth, FOR THEIR FAITH IN GOD. Not for their beliefs of government politics. In the Old and New we are commanded to respect authority and not speak evil of them. We are called to pray for rulers and submit as if unto the Lord. If any influence was on politics as in Daniel, Joseph, Jesus, Paul, Ezra, Nehemiah it was for the good of the nation that leader ruled, not for the benefit of siding with certain laws that were for or against our public beliefs or personal perspectives.

  35. Calvin Nov 4th 2015

    There is a world of difference between the political leaders and biblical government of ancient Israel and political leaders of today. Biblical governmental leaders where not “elected” under our modern-day “democratic” process. Most biblical political leaders of Israel that God blessed actually led his people in truth – David, Samuel, Solomon, the Judges etc…

    The democratic system upon which our voting system is based makes no room for such leaders. Prime Ministers and Presidents of today are elected (or selected) because they are believed to have the same opinion as the majority of the voting population. Couple this with the controlled and privately owned media, under our current system of democracy, there is little chance of a true godly leader being “elected” to any high influential political office. They have about as much chance as Moses would, had he returned to Egypt to be “elected” Pharaoh by the Egyptians. Could God have installed Moses as Pharaoh? Sure He could. But in His wisdom He didn’t. Just because God CAN do something, it doesn’t mean its His will to do it.

    When the righteous rule, the people do rejoice. This is a statement of fact, not an automatic divine commissioning to enter an election process which has as its foundation manipulation and the gears of deceit & lies.

    The article put forth by Andrew in no way denies the need for governmental authority. The Apostle Paul makes this truth abundantly clear in Romans 13:1. God does have ultimate control and sets up kings and deposes others as seen in Dan 2:21. He may choose however not to do it through this currently contrived demonically-inspired electoral system or the Christians who have as their political running mate – another Jesus.

  36. joseph Nov 4th 2015


    I was an unbeliever for most of my life and was immersed in politics. My zeal for politics has plummeted as my love for the Lord has soared. I no longer vote: God will put in place the leaders he pleases to put in place and the leaders we deserve regardless of my political involvement. I am no longer a democrat, republican or libertarian. I am a monarchist. Oh that the King would return!

  37. angelos Nov 4th 2015

    Thank you Andrew, for continuing to be a voice of truth when so many refuse to hear. Your honesty has pricked my heart. I too was getting caught up into the political arena. Our first and true calling is to be a living Gospel to every soul we meet. I am so grateful and blessed to be a part of the “Body of Christ!” Thank you for being the iron that sharpens iron! May the Lord continue to use you as his Watchman on the wall!

  38. Elaine Nov 4th 2015

    Those who don’t vote are responsible for the murdering of the unborn and the redefining of marriage.
    So your Christians brothers and sisters who are in the political arena are wrong. Franklin Graham and Michael Brown wouldn’t agree with you either and they need to repent? MIke Huckebee and Ted Cruz need to repent? These are godly men who don’t need your criticism.
    God puts in godly kings…………how could that be possible if no Christian cares about our governmental issues?
    Andrew……………….you cause division by judging your fellow Christians. If they don’t agree with you they are missing God.
    Tell the unborn in the womb that you are sorry but you can’t get involved. Where were the Christians when the Holocaust was happening?

  39. Larry Nov 4th 2015

    Hi Andrew,

    You are right that many who claim to be christian, especially in America, do not seem to have political views informed by the Bible or the Spirit of God. Yet this is precisely the case in any profession, and statesmanship is a profession much needed in the modern world. Among carpenters there are many Christians, and the temptations of the carpentry business are many, from wayward housewives to the ease of scamming the ignorant. Men and women of integrity work hard, not simply at their craft but also at integrity. Isaiah was a statesman from a family well connected to the crown of Israel. God used this, and Isaiah bore it with a dignity that only true faith could have accomplished.

    God bless.

  40. Baddbuttski O'Rourke Nov 4th 2015

    My gut reaction is that you are right, but 1/2 right. You have the cart before the horse. You and most commenters are good people who don’t know what they are looking at. Don’t fret though, what you are witnessing is an orchestrated brilliant (now, the serpent was…) end time enactment and playing out of that which is plain to read and see and which will “punish” the folks you are judging. You will get to enjoy waching from afar the demise of what WAS the greatest (thus far) government experiment that was doomed to failure the same as Adam and Eve… free willl and choice gone to seed… Many will join your Perpetual Remorse movement as things unfold and their little faith falls apart…and many will fall away (rejoice, i say!) as they like you have a 1/2 hold on it, and 1/2 is 1/2 amiss… you are going to be able to be glad and gloat watching from New Zealand. It will serve to substantiate your tunnel vision views and beliefs, until it arrives at your front door and then you’ll be too busy maintaining yourself to be trying to judge an entire country in decline’s Christianity from the outside. “will I find faith” what do you believe on the positive side of things? I have been edified at times from what you people put out, but generally come away with “well its apparent what they DON’T accept and believe, but what DO they believe? Healing for today?, miracles for today? do you find in the Word anything about growing and exercising your faith beyond patient endurance of whatever? and you would all do well to quit labeling everything so you can relegate it, faith movement, healing movement, Holy Ghost movement, Name it and Claim it movement” “prosperity message” etc etc… the idiots who abouse the Word and use it to rob will be dealt with – they seem to have succeeded in preventing many of you from walking in many things (it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God) you don’t seem to like movement, … and look into the Word and realize there are things and provisions and functionings available that you have not walked in which does not make them false, just because you are not there and are conveniently trashing anything you dont know, pointing at human failure and excess to prove your negation points.

  41. DonaldN Nov 4th 2015

    Scott Deusterhoeft, Amen! The church has submitted itself to the authority of the worldly government and has removed itself from submission to God

  42. Loy L Nov 4th 2015

    So well put! The news/talkshow ect have let us into the world as the answer to the world’s problems. Jesus leads us outside the gate toward the Father Who is the only answer. I must admit it is sometimes hard to withdraw from listening to the shows but He Who keeps me is able to help. : )

  43. Mike Gonzalez Nov 4th 2015

    Did God establish the home? Yes. Did God establish the church? Yes. Did God establish government? Yes (Rom. 13). The scriptures clearly reveal that righteousness should rule in all God established institutions (Prov. 14:34; Prov. 29:2). I am NOT into Dominionism and I DO NOT believe that any christian should view government or politics as “the” solution to anything. But the idea that being culturally engaged, electing righteous people to lead our government, to have righteous people run for government– amounts to believing in another gospel, or calling it another gospel is just wrong on your part Andrew. The only nation founded on God’s word is the USA, this is clear from our founders. I realize you are not an American, but this nation is responsible for sending out approximately 80% of all missionaries. You are totally wrong on this point brother. You are throwing the baby out with the bath water on this one! The Gospel is transformational, not just for eternal matters but also temporal matters that affect societies. Would you argue that having righteousness, righteous people, and righteous policies leading a nation is not important? Would you argue that societies that are led by wicked people help or hurt children and teens, and families in general? Remember this, someone’s values will rule, why not righteousness? I am very disappointed in your position because I believe you will influence people to not be engaged in an institution that God established. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance.” -Psalm 33:12.

  44. Kyle in Pittsburgh Nov 4th 2015

    …said the man from Austrslia or New Zealand or wherever you’re from. I agreed with your post until… You said “No more FOX News” and could hear you saying it on your accent. If thus is a word from God he will use an Anerican voice to say it. Preach to your own people first.

  45. Therese Nov 4th 2015

    PRAISE THE LORD for the truth and good-on-ya brother….that is some clear light shining there. Salt and light……..is the salt and light of the gospel, the gospel is how we are to be salt and light. Which as you so rightly said is the only thing that works and also the only mandate we are given as believers.

    They took Jesus and tried to make Him a king by force, but He FLED and took the way of the Cross instead. And that’s just what the whole church needs to do is to flee this temptation to get involved in the civil affairs of this world where our citizenship is not. Politics may be a way that seemeth right to some, but it does not lead to life. This does not mean that we abandon politics and do nothing, but it means we abandon politics and take up the gospel instead.

  46. Kathleen in WA State Nov 4th 2015

    Hear, hear! I don’t gather you’re condemning or judging those who’ve made a career of politics, or even those who lobby for righteousness. What I hear you pointing out is the great disconnect between His Kingdom & ways to those of the world. I hear you call out media spin & their dizzying effectiveness to stir up strife.

    I much prefer the gentle & quiet spirit that is so precious to the Lord. And, rather than allow my thoughts to be taken captive by the unsettling political cacophony I listen to Paul. In the context of Christ’s humility & gentleness, he calls us out: “For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” ~ 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

    As for Daniel, we don’t hear him criticizing the rulers or stirring up the mal-contents. He humbly lived his faith and that got him targeted. He WAS light; he didn’t attempt to create a light bulb.

    I am grateful for the privilege afforded we Americans at the polls. We can certainly use our influence there or in supporting the people & initiatives we believe to be righteous. As Abraham Lincoln once said: “Be sure to put your feet in the right place. Then stand firm.”

  47. Opinions are many – yet after we have all given ours, there is really only one opinion that actually matters for each one of us. Christ alone has the correct assessment of our lives. He holds the original blue print of what we are meant to do. Obedience to Him, and the leading of His indwelling voice will one day be the determining factor for our reward at his appearing (2Co 5:10 ).

    Perhaps Andrew one of the most pervasive aspects of what you are observing in the oxymoron of ‘Christian Politics’, is the ‘herd’ mentality of what ‘appears’ to be the right thing to do versus and replacing simple obedience to Christ’s voice (Joh 10:27 ). I do like you calling it a false gospel. Anything that takes the place of the Holy Spirit’s leading is the beginning of deception and potentially a false gospel. A political solution to our problems is very appealing to my old Adamic nature.

    I would encourage every believer to always ask the Father what He desires them to do with their time, talents, resources and relationships. To blindly follow what others are doing without seeking the Fathers specific will is immature faith. Our Lord wants me and us all to grow up and take responsibility to listen to and obey ‘HIS’ voice. I know it takes energy and effort to seek the Lord for personal answers to life’s challenges, but surely He is worthy of that time and energy?

  48. joseph Nov 4th 2015

    to Kyle in Pittsburgh: You are missing something that is fundamentally important. Andrew is not a foreigner to Christians in America. On the contrary, he is a brother in Christ and a fellow sojourner on this earth. That, my friend is the whole point! If you are in Christ, then Andrew is closer to you than your unbelieving neighbor in Coriopolis

  49. Nellie Nov 4th 2015

    Politics are not ruining Christianity. Simply watching the worship of Baal through the doctrine of Balaam take over the worship and teachings in American churches. I believe we need righteous leaders, and to allow the liberals and nonbelievers the door to government will always spell disaster. I understand belief we may take it too far, but to say Christians to stay out is ludicrous.
    Look at our schools. Almost as godless as they can get. Teachers being threatened and authority ignored. Now they are bringing in the Qu’ran to teach as history. Sadly, many Western churches only care what goes on in their four walls. Corporate prayer is few and far between. We only have enough Jesus to keep us close to the mountain of God. We dare not make the climb.
    Leonard Ravenhill said that revival won’t come to America, she is content where she’s at. I agree. Believers have believed such a false gospel that even the devil doesn’t bother her. We have just enough faith to “we thinks” to get to heaven. That’s all we see…self-preservation.

  50. Byron Nov 4th 2015

    Good article Andrew. I posted this one in “local church escapees” in facebook. that group seems to be house church orientated but has a lot of Patriotism in it as well..

    I almost feel like this one is a Romans 7 thing for me on this…

    I seem to fit the politic thing my self but more out of a I don’t want to be over ran by foreigners…

    I could use a prayer or two for the eyes of my understanding to be opened on this one…


  51. Mr. Strom,

    I don’t know what form of government you have in NZ (well, I sort of know but not exactly since you are a democracy but also have a monarch and I do not know how that operates) but here in the US we have a document called the United States Constitution that— with its accompanying Bill of Rights— lays out exactly how the government is to operate and function.
    Many of us believe that our Constitution was God- inspired when it was written; if you read a copy, you will see God’s Hand was clearly in the formation of our Constitution.
    There had never been any document like it before, ever…..the concept of giving God ordained rights to every citizen.

    Whether a person is on the Left or the Right there is nothing ungodly or wrong about standing and protecting the rights that are guaranteed to every citizen; rights that are God given and protected by a legal document…the U.S. Constitution.
    Politicians in both parties have been violating those Constitutional rights for decades and it is getting worse. Those Constitutional rights are all that stand between us and tyranny…..between us and a country that is totally evil —like we have seen in other godless regimes like the USSR and Hitler’s Nazism.

    When a politician takes the oath of office here in the U.S., he or she swears to uphold the Constitution and to “protect it and its principles”.
    If and when a politician is caught breaking their oath of office, it is time for the citizenry to push back.
    Sometimes the citizens pushing back are Christians and sometimes they are not but the important thing is to hold the powerful accountable for failing their duties.
    Take the subject of wars. There is a constitutional process for taking the country to war but politicians have been circumventing that process since the 19th century, for example, when Lincoln took the country to war AGAINST its own citizens back in 1860.
    After the first Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787 Benjamin Franklin was asked by a woman on the street : “What type of government have you given us, Mr. Franklin?”
    He answered, “A republic. If you can keep it.”
    When a citizen fights to protect the integrity of the Constitution, he can forcefully do so without even mentioning the Bible.
    The Constitution can stand on its own and ranting about what the Bible does and does not say is useless……especially since the U.S. is becoming more and more ungodly . Telling people that the Bible condemns certain behavior means nothing to someone who doesn’t believe in the Christian God or His book, the Bible.

    What we do have, however, is that Constitution. It applies to everyone, no matter what God they worship. Our form of government is based on Constitutional rights…Biblically based but, still, not precisely the Bible.
    When I, personally, “push back” although I am a Christian, I never use the Bible as the basis of my argument because, again, that is a useless argument with a non Christian. I try to form my arguments based on what the United States Constitution says because that document applies across the board to everyone, regardless of one’s religion. I know many Christians who believe that speaking out is something Christians ought not to be doing but I keep referring to history….. and feel that it is better to speak out now while we can than later when we cannot.

    Right now, we are losing our Republic and it is being replaced by an oligarchy.
    We had better push back now while we can because once liberty is lost it can rarely be regained.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana

  52. What a timely article Andrew. So true! (I’m guilty myself!) Thank you for reminding us of why we’re here!

    “Christians are not supposed to change the world through politics.”

    I am reminded of John the Baptist who lost his head because he got engaged in politics.

    Thank you for setting this (some of us) straight!

  53. Beverly Nov 4th 2015

    Thank you Andrew for the long awaited truth.
    My husband was in the military for 20 years and I was a military wife. A great while back, God moved on us to repent of ever having those thoughts of pride of the USA, the flag or our service to our country..
    MY husband knew in his heart it was not in any way patriotic to do the things our military had to do.
    It seemed to us that Patriotism is a religion in itself. OH did we repent of it all, God is the Prince of Peace not the prince of war. Therefore a princ-ipality of war is what is upon our nation . When I said this in the past so many rejected it but we knew all about it from the God we serve. So even our close Christian friends rejected it. I pray they will accept this message from you..
    We were so sorry for not having seen this for so many years . You are so right on! As usual you truly hear from God . Stay close to His Majesty for we need to hear His Truth. So much I could say but you said it for us.. Truly He will tell His , Keep spreading the truth as you do .. I await my King.
    I am sorry you left America but like you said , over 50 years and no new revival, America usually had a new one each 50 years. We loved being in Pittsburgh when you were there , God did move during Katrina, the testamonies were so needed…

    I do remember David Wilkerson wrote beware of the deliverance ministries in the end days wish I could find that message from him. Do you remember it and could you pray about that message, it is timely .
    THANKS again for this timely message long overdue.
    I listen to none of them now. God showed me about the rich man i hell and so expounded on that message Abraham said if they did not believe in Moses and the prophets! Old testament! the the New Testament:
    If one came back from the dead (HIM)! they would not believe. HE is the only one who came back from the dead. ! And the only One who ever will . I rest on that.

  54. Sadly, the American Christians have NOT been vocal. When the US Government told pastors they had to agree with 501c rules to obtain tax exempt status, they capitulated and agreed with the beastly governments requesat to NOT have a political voice. It was all down hill from there.

    When the USA outlawed prayer and the Bible in US public schools, the American Christians remained largely silent.

    When the USA legalized the murder of baby in mommy’s belly, the Americanized Christians remained largely silent.

    When porn expanded into homes via videos and cable, the Americanized Christians remained largely silent.

    When the USA implemented a policy in the Middle East that has led to the present day genocide of Arab Bible believers, the Americanized Christians continue to remain largely silent.

    Interestingly, when secular Republicans say they are Christians, the Americanized Christians continue to vote for these liars who get into office and fail to keep their promises.

    Meanwhile, satan continues to convince Americanized Christians to stay silent as evil covers the land as a darkness, and gross darkness covers the people.

    It seems the only thing hypocritical Christians speak out the loudest against is the remnant who are speaking out.

    Jonathan Israel

  55. I think you are pretty right on here, Andrew….and yet I agree with some posters who speak of callings to do things like what Wilberforce did. I think the difference in our day, is the standard by which we live. I believe the men and women who did stand in the political arena in those days were exemplary in their conduct and were heeded because of their righteous living, at least to some extent. Now we have allowed ourselves the luxury, because of the false grace message of today, to be nasty and harsh and crude and cruel. I have many American Christian friends on social media who spew nasty stuff on a regular basis. I cringe when I see it. It is exactly in line with what you are saying Andrew. OTOH, Christians did start universities, the nursing profession, schools, etc. and did many good works, including in the political arena over the years. We have lost our bearings, and allow ourselves to fight and squabble over the wrong things and in the wrong spirit, or should I say “flesh”. Yes, that must stop….Reasoned argument in a right spirit against abortion, for example is a good thing. Blowing up a clinic or killing doctors or spreading nastiness towards sinners is not. We win no one that way. Thanks for posting this…

  56. Well said.

  57. Spot on Andrew. Politics is a TEMPTATION for us to get drawn in to the FLESH. I found multiple scriptures such as Daniel 4:16/4:25, 4:32, and more where God sets up kings and He removes them. He puts wicked people in authority when God’s people apostasy, fall into the idolatry of following people/pastors/popes, and Big Name Preachers, rather than seeking to be a disciple of Jesus.
    _Repenting of politics is something many of us do and they are tempting. We are called to preach God’s Word, not political solutions.
    We are called to be holy, not friends with the world.
    We are called to do good, and seek peace, not fight political battles in the flesh.

  58. Absolutely correct Andrew! I became a Christian in the 80’s and it was happening even then and has only gotten worse. Jesus has been replaced by politics in far too many cases in America. Christian radio here is often about managing your money and political rhetoric! It’s just a symptom that we have gotten very far off the mark and are very blind to our spiritual condition.

  59. GaryM Nov 4th 2015

    Dear Andrew,

    You wrote; “Jesus refused to have anything to do with political power.”

    That’s just absolutely not true. The political power in his society was the Hebrew priests and scribes. Jesus spoke against and condemned them quite often. He carried tremendous political power though He held no political office. It was this same power that caused the leadership to say that Christianity had turned the whole world upside down.

    As for specific politics we need to look today at our system vs the ancient monarchy’s and Rome’s citizenship style.. The King was the law and to go against it could mean death and Roman citizenship carried significant individual rights not available to the Hebrews. However, the bible teaches to defy the political powers in certain cases. We are to worship God above all else. We are to do “justly”. In today’s democratic society WE THE PEOPLE are the law and have a responsibility to create a “just system of government”.

    Sure we get carried away, but we do have a responsibility to even die if necessary so that the rights of others may continue. And that was the exact principle upon which the USA was founded. Fighting oppression. And I also suggest that is also the example of the bible. Are we not to defend the weak even it it means our own death? Are we to turn a blind eye to murder? Abortion is murder. Political corruption often leads to murder, poverty and slavery. Are these not our causes? Knowing that the laws (our laws not some unattached entity) are ignored and manipulated. Sir, the bible and Jesus taught no such thing?

  60. Not in ageement with this article . It is the very reason America is now in this position. Silence in the face of evil is evil in itself.

  61. It looks like some in this discussion have assumed that the rest of us in this discussion are anti-politics. I don’t think anyone on this forum is saying we shouldn’t vote, or care who wins an election, or what law is passed.

    As careers go, being an elected official is not a wrong one for Christians, any more than becoming a shoe salesman, or an interior decorator, or a graphic designer, or a policeman or soldier. I don’t think anyone in this discussion is saying it is. Christians are encouraged to work and earn a living, and to put their best effort into what they do as on to the Lord.

    As to our mandate as a church, that’s a different story. Our mandate is to preach the gospel and make disciples of all nations, not to make this world a safe place for our own kind. The latter objective is okay to pursue but it isn’t our mandate. The job of preaching and making disciples is one we’re told we will be successful in — “This gospel will be preached to every nation (ethnic group) before the end shall come.” The job of making the world a safe environment for Christians is not guaranteed to succeed. In fact, we’re told, “In this world, you will suffer persecution…” and that evil will increase.

    On the other hand, many of the things that are wrong with our world may be fixed much more effectively through our influence as disciple makers, by our love towards our enemies, by our washing their feet and cleaning their toilets; than by playing politics.

    In fact, politics is probably the least effective way of changing society. The President, Prime Minister, elected representatives, etc. have very little power to stop the policeman on the street corner near your house from taking bribes. You, as his believing neighbour have much more power. As a friend, you could pray for him and lead him to repentance. By befriending a pregnant teenager, you could do much more to prevent an abortion than trying to pass a law against it. And what about the local Gay community? You’ll do much more for them by befriending them than by debating politics with them.

  62. grant Rayner Nov 4th 2015

    Maybe Christians shouldn’t vote then.Why cast a vote for a political system run buy satan.

  63. Amen Andrew: Several years ago I told my ‘Christian’ brothers and family I would no longer vote as I could not see in the word where Jesus voted……………………..It was like telling them I was anti American. Matthew 10-Mark 15 are what we are to engage. However, I do know that we take who we are and what we are into whatever we do, whether that be professional endeavors-manual-political, etc., the KEY: it is not those things that enter into the mouth of man that defile him but those that come out. for out of the heart flow the real man. Blessings, Andrew,

  64. Kathleen in WA State Nov 4th 2015

    We exercise our duty (if not privilege) to obey the law of the land; and, if lead of the Lord, to vote. At the end of the day it is God alone Who establishes or deposes leaders to advance His purposes.

    “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is NO AUTHORITY EXCEPT THAT WHICH GOD ESTABLISHES. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves” (Romans 13:1-2).

    “Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every authority instituted among men: whether to the king, as the supreme authority, or to governors, who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong and to commend those who do right” (1 Peter 2:13-14)

  65. Avoid the error to just be a priest. He has made us BOTH…. Kings and Priests.

    Revelation 5:10, “You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God, and they will REIGN ON THE EARTH.”

    He said go to ALL the world and to every person, which includes the government and politicians.

    Mark 16:15, And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

    Give everyone, everywhere the full Gospel. Yes, when you see their evil and sinful ways you are to warn them it is sin and they must repent or be destroyed. The good news is that they can repent and turn and be forgiven

    Satan’s big powerplay is one world government and He wants true followers of Yahshua to shut up and stay out. After all, the satanically controlled USA only requested that Churches stay out of politics to get tax exempt status.


  66. agape love Nov 4th 2015

    A hearty amen brother Andrew. Those that don’t really know the Father are being led astray. Many blessings.

  67. Hello Bro. Andrew, you woke me up my precious brother in the faith! I did not realize how far I had slipped away until I read your article. I was called into the ministry when I was 9 years old. Then I grew up and followed that calling but most recently, like you said so clearly, I have been spending hours watching Fox and tuning in to all the Christian talk shows instead of spending my time in obedience to the intercessions of our Lord and going out and peaching the Gospel. I repent, I turn back from this back sliding and return to Luke 4:18-19 Gospel.

    For the Lamb Who sits upon the Throne!

    E. Gannon

  68. Part of the problem is that Gods people don’t know what it is like to live in a kingdom. The answer to the worlds problems aren’t political. As kingdom people, we are to be neither Republican, nor Democrat, Liberal, nor Conservative. Our King is none of these. We are to be Monarchists. Subjects of the King!!!
    Since we don’t have such an example from our world political systems, we need to go to the Scriptures in order to find out what a kingdom really is, what the will of our King is, and to do it! Unfortunately, the closest example of a kingdom today is known as a constitutional monarchy in which the monarch has only an appearance of power, but in fact has no rule over our lives. It’s no different than what we see in all of the world’s political systems. Our King’s will is law. Our king is not elected, and has no Cabinet or Congress, or House of Commons to appeal to. None of us make decisions today taking into account what our President, or Prime Minister would think. We in the body of Christ must focus on being subjects of the King above all else including our family, or congregation, or anything else that gets in the way (including our political systems). Our King is coming, and the time to be thinking of these things is now!

  69. Zululander Nov 4th 2015

    Priests were supposed to be priests, representing the people before God. They weren’t politicians. If they acted like politicians they were not supposed to.
    O.T. they were promised land by God. NT were promised a spiritual kingdom of which Christ is King.
    The Lord Jesus only said 2 things about Govt. Pay your tax & pray for them.
    So called American “freedom” is the problem why it is like it is today. No controls, do what is right in your own eyes.
    Christians pray, not unbelievers. The sacrifice of the wicked (unsaved) is an abomination in His sight.
    Pro_15:8 The sacrifice of the wicked is a hateful thing to Jehovah, but the prayer of the upright is His delight.
    The Church wants the govt, & schools to do what they should be doing. Was God ever ïn schools” in the first place? I thought He dwelt in the Church?
    If the govt says you can vote then vote, if it says you can’t, then don’t. If you want to vote, pray for a govt that will allow you to vote.
    Killing babies is not bad for the babies, they go straight to be with the Lord, it’s bad for the ones killing them & who allow it.
    (I’m 100% totally against abortion because it’s murder)
    The Lord Jesus came to change hearts, not govts. It doesn’t help to tell sinners how sinful they are & how to behave. They need to be told the Gospel of Christ then they will have grace(Gods divine ability) to stop sinning & will have real freedom, not the type of freedom the Americans think they got out of their civil wars. That’s deception.

  70. Zululander Nov 4th 2015

    Sorry, I omitted.
    People in OT fought for the land because that was their inheritance & God told them to fight. Ours is a spiritual Kingdom. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God.

  71. Kwasi Boateng Nov 4th 2015

    Shalom Andrew, I agree partially with some of the things you’ve said. I believe Christians can also get involved in politics. Not every Christian has been called to pastor a church or have radio programs. If there were true Christians in the Congress and the Senate, homosexuality couldn’t have become acceptable in American society. they would have voted against all those demonic laws.

  72. Carl Jones Nov 4th 2015

    Thank you Andrew for a timely reminder of what our purpose on earth is.
    I am encouraged by this verse in Daniel 4:17
    “This sentence is by the decree of the angelic watchers
    And the decision is a command of the holy ones,
    In order that the living may know
    That the Most High is ruler over the realm of mankind,
    And bestows it on whom He wishes
    And sets over it the lowliest of men.”
    I can rest confident that God is control in the affairs of man, He doesn’t need my help to raise up governments or for that matter, to take them down, I do not exercise myself in things which are too lofty for me, instead I can get on with the work he gave me to do when He saved ne, that is to preach the message of reconciliation, both to the saved and the unsaved. – Remember Paul is speaking to Christians in Corinth and telling them to be reconciled to God.
    We can spend so much time and effort, trying to make this sin cursed earth better but to no avail, the only important thing is that Christians are edified and the unsaved come to know Jesus as Saviour.
    Do I really believe Him when He says that this world is not my home if so why do I entangle myself in the affairs of this age if it is all coming to naught?
    Christians need to understand there is no Republican, no Democrat, neither American, British nor Iranian, we are all one in Christ.
    I do not vote for any political party, many of my brothers and sisters in Christ think I should but if I accept that God raises up and sets down earthly powers then I can always thank Him for what He is doing in the world, – I may not understand His working at times but I do know this – That all things work together for the good of those who are His. Many of my brothers and sisters look to political events and rail against those who God has set in power or even begin to question if He actually put them in power, easy to do when you become entangled in this world.
    Trust God, He is working to hasten the return of His Son, that He may be united with His Bride and may we be found doing likewise.
    Carl, just journeying through.

  73. Great post Bro. Andrew…Ist Corinthians 5:12 says it all – For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within? We are supposed to clean house at home and be salt and light to a dying world…

    As far as the feeling some have of sitting by idly doing nothing in cases such as abortion picketing etc, do we really believe God when his word says, the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much…or better still, will we demonstrate our faith by our works i.e., open the doors of our own home and take that young mother in and assist her and help her get on her feet…let’s remember, too child rearing is at least 18 years…how many are willing to invest that kind of get your hands dirty commitment. What if she says OK she is willing to bear her child but doesn’t want to participate in your faith…still willing to support her?

    Obviously this is just an objective scenario but I am trying to illustrate how far removed we are from what we often profess and what we are actually willing to do, and the world is well aware of this.

    Following is an excerpt from one of the captions on my gallery at http://www.multipleworlds.net/Deliverance.html

    There are several lessons for our time we can take away from this story…Many Western Christians want to have a “Christian” government and bemoan that America cannot be “Christian nation.” If we learn anything from the ordeal of Mishael, Hananiah, and Azariah, it is that Christians are not called to labor to change a government in order to make it easy for them to practice their faith. If, however, if they are faithful and shine as lights in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, God is able to turn the heart of the ruler to guarantee their liberty to worship…The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will. (Proverbs 21:1)

  74. Bill Vickery Nov 4th 2015

    Your article lacks any sort of historical perspective, except for a modern understanding of the Christian Right’s lapdog affection for the Republican Party. Hisorically, however, Christ followers have been champions of justice anc, yes, this requires a political involvement. What about Wilberforce? Frederick Douglass? Martin Luther King Jr. (Remember, he was a pastor first)? What about the early Believer’s stance against the barbarism of patricide? So what if Christ didn’t preach against Rome’s excesses? His followers did and thankfully changed the world in the process.
    The problem is not the political influence of Christ followers. The problem is when we try to adopt a political party as our own and cease to the the prophetic voice to a sin-filled culture. The political establishment will always try to silence Holy Spirit Believers because the light of Christ will always bring conviction to sinners – even if they are in the political arena. Christians should not divorce themselves from ANY arena. We are to speak the truth everywhere – especially to the kings and leaders who are making rules and laws that will allow the culture to be more dark.
    I am shocked that you think it is okay when the government forces 3rd grade teachers to tell children that sex between men is good. I am shocked that you encourage Christians to be silent when laws are made to allow for pedophilia.
    Andrew, this is not an either/or issue. We are to preach the gospel and preaching the gospel includes preaching against injustice, oppression, and the chains of sin; and preaching against those leaders who endorse darkness.

  75. Peter Nov 4th 2015

    Christians have always been involved in politics and issues as we live in a political world where government increasingly controls and restricts religious liberties. There is nothing wrong with or unbiblical about Christians working within the system to speak for God’s truth. Hatred for Christianity is not fostered by Christians involved in their representative form of Govt. Hatred comes from our enemy who infects the hearts and minds of people. Don’t blame it on politically active Christians !

    His days are coming to a close and the Bible says his last days struggle against God and His people will increase. Blame the real source of hatred and don’t transfer it to those who speak truth.

    John the Baptist bitterly railed against immorality in high places. He lost his head over it and Jesus called him the greatest among men. You are mistaken when you blame Christians against speaking out against those who kill the unborn and encourage sexual perversion. Do you really think if Christians stop speaking against evil, the world will stop hating us ? Societies all over the world are turning against Christians but you mistakenly credit the wrong cause (politically involved Christians) instead of the real one.

    Christians can be active in politics and not distracted from their calling and mission on earth. The lost will never be reached by failing to speak the truth about evil. The gospel saves and the two are not mutually exclusive. Politically active Christians are not trying to save the world through politics but speaking their God given privilege by accurately telling the world who and what is good and who and what is evil. Repentance for sin precedes faith in Christ..

    “He said therefore to the crowds that came out to be baptized by him, “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Bear fruits in keeping with repentance. And do not begin to say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ For I tell you, God is able from these stones to raise up children for Abraham. Even now the axe is laid to the root of the trees. Every tree therefore that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.” Luke 3:7-9

    Andrew, you do not speak for God in judging the church. His Word does and we will all find out who and how God judges at His judgment. Your belief and opinion is no substitute for God’s sovereignty. He blesses and curses those whom He pleases.
    You are mistaken for blaming Fox news or any other media outlet speaking to issues for drawing Christians away from their primary mission of spreading the gospel. If Christians neglect their God given responsibilities look to the real cause … apathy !
    Not the Media.

    You article is an expression of what is personally bothering you about Christianity today, it is not biblically based or helpful and does not accurately identify the real cause of the church’s weakness which Christ spoke very clearly about :

    “‘I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. For you say, I am rich, I have prospered, and I need nothing, not realizing that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked. I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by fire, so that you may be rich, and white garments so that you may clothe yourself and the shame of your nakedness may not be seen, and salve to anoint your eyes, so that you may see. Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline, so be zealous and repent. Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me. The one who conquers, I will grant him to sit with me on my throne, as I also conquered and sat down with my Father on his throne. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’” Rev 3: 15-22


  76. Fanie Oosthuizen Nov 4th 2015

    If every church would only identify and support ONE GODLY MAN to represent their Biblical values further (and speak to the king Herods as John did) and if all these church representatives could elect ONE GODLY MAN PER VOTING WARD to represent their Biblical values on all possible platforms and at election time, the majority in government could be godly men who will stop the abominable laws and again draft God-fearing laws – and a whole nation can be changed.
    And this is why the nations are as they are. There is not even ONE godly man per congregation who will stand up like John the Baptist and even if there might be, churches are too divided to stand together because the current church structures are driven by egocentric leaders who got there by worldly and carnal means. That is why churches have become so worldly and carnal and saltless.
    Therefore we get the government we deserve. And as Joanne said above, evil flourish because good men are doing nothing. Actually, they are not “good” if they do nothing.

  77. Cindy Nov 4th 2015

    If we walk in the Spirit we won’t fulfill the lusts of the flesh. All that we see in this country and all over the world is evil waxing worse, darkness and deception are upon us. As the darkness gets darker the light of His Spirit will pierce the darkness. We must allow our own natural affinities to die so that His presence which brings humility and true empowered my His love to be the passion that drives us.

  78. Fanie Oosthuizen Nov 4th 2015

    PS: I agree with Bill and Peter and MzWorldz above.

  79. Fanie Oosthuizen Nov 4th 2015

    AND with Johnathan Israel.

  80. Peter Nov 4th 2015

    Your comments are only half-truth, Andrew. You are right if you consider that the Lord’s people have higher priorities than political activism and right in correcting those who seem to think that political action will bring salvation of some kind to the world. But political action is also involvement in the social, ethical and practical affairs of mankind. At this level is is quite appropriate for the followers of Jesus to be active. We are called to help the oppressed and to act prophetically in calling people to righteousness. I agree that in the USA particularly many have confused politics and the gospel, but God expects, for example, that our family lives are ordered according to his will, so in a similar way our communities ought to be ordered according to his will. There is a place for balanced involvement in politics, just as there is in godly business, culture, the arts and so on.

  81. R & M Kauffman Nov 4th 2015

    Amen, and again we say AMEN! We are so encouraged to read of your convictions and also the many who have commended. Some times we feel alone with these convictions, even among the most conservative churches!

  82. Jeffrey Fisher Nov 4th 2015

    Andrew, Throughout the history of Israel the Jews were sent to island nations when their worship of God was replaced with idol worship. In his grace the Lord stripped away everything that replaced him, including the lands, the temple, and His presence. He created a hunger and desperation that woke up the remnant to their need for God.

    I have always believed that the western church could only be restored by being stripped of possessions and pride in the same way. Politics is an idol as are all man made things. I do not see God’s discipline as judgement, but an act of grace of our Father toward his wayward sons. I do not pray for collapse of culture, or disaster to come, but that when it does come that many will be saved, and cutural Christians will see the truth that only Christ saves.

  83. Barbara Hedrick Nov 4th 2015

    If Christians don’t stand up for righteousness no one will hear the truth and the gospel and righteousness will soon not be allowed to be preached. Think of Germany and think of John the Baptist preaching about Herod’s sin. You are wrong brother.

  84. Todd Harper Nov 4th 2015

    I agree with the title, and that political involvement by many who claim Jesus as Savior are
    causing the damage you describe, however, why did you describe us ALL as
    “bitter” and “railing”?
    Why do you not see why Jesus was killed? and why His followers were and have
    been killed? Jesus does not advise political action, but the Gospel has an
    effect upon ALL politics. The inner kingdom was displacing the outer
    earthly and demonic kingdoms by “stealing” their people into the kingdom of
    Jesus Christ, and as well, by default and the passing of time, creating
    another outer kingdom
    (though our King is not yet on the earth, so the kingdom’s expression is now
    not complete).

    Getting your information second hand from the internet, and from halfway
    around the world in New Zealand, is warped. You are misinformed by the
    enemies of Christ who DO actually want to murder us all. You do not live
    in the US and know next to nothing about the extremely delicate and volatile
    situations we are in. Are you trying to make someone paranoid and cause
    a disaster? The enemy will make much use out of your exaggerations.

    You said: These Christians have wrapped the Bible in the flag so tight that no-one can
    tell the difference any more.

    You couldn’t be more WRONG that everyone has done this, and you’re giving the enemy more cause to attack everyone, especially the easier targets.

    You said: What has all this fighting, railing, crusading and bitterness
    > actually produced? Tons of bad fruit, tons of hatred for Christianity,
    > and very little actual change. That is because Christians are not
    > supposed to change the world through politics.


    You said: We are supposed
    > to change men’s hearts through the gospel. That is the only thing
    > that will actually do the job. We have abandoned our calling. We
    > have become utterly distracted from our mission in the earth.
    > And we are reaping nothing but hatred from the very people we
    > are called to reach. The modern “politicized” church of flag-
    > waving uber-patriots is the very opposite of all Jesus stood for.
    > We are preaching another gospel – another Christianity altogether.

    Agreed, but they hate me ANYWAY. Did you forget this? Were the martyrs
    under the Romans and then the medieval Roman Catholics killed because they
    were “bitter” and “railing” and involved in politics? We all know that is not
    the case. They were killed because salvation in Jesus Christ takes away the
    human bricks and mortar they needed to build their empire, and it’s the same

    You said: I believe the American church stands under the judgment of
    > God for this false gospel. It is just as bad as the ‘prosperity’
    > gospel which also came out of America and infected the whole
    > world.

    Ya think??? Practically everything bad has originated in America. How’s come
    it just doesn’t seem to stop?

    You said: And I call on all U.S. Christians to STOP IT NOW.

    Will it make you happy when the innocent children of God and Christ-honoring parents
    are further destroyed by the humanists? You just lumped us all in with the
    civil religionists.
    The people and “church-goers” who recommend all the globe-trotting empire-building violence are not really Christians, so why do you call them such? And why are you
    libeling the rest of us?

    You said: True Christians are supposed to be “sojourners” and pilgrims in
    > the earth, giving their allegiance to no particular country but the
    > kingdom of heaven.

    Now I’m glad you brought this up, “sojourners”. There are some of us who
    have disconnected from the earthly nation and become sojourners, but in
    doing so, we come into contact with the entire mass of political machinery and
    threats of jail and death meant to oppose Christ and His saints. And in doing this,
    purpose is to GET OUT OF POLITICS, and, amazingly, I am accused of caring
    too much
    about politics. Mr. Strom, if you haven’t yet gotten free of the entanglements
    of the nation YOU live in, such as voting, serving on jury, applying for travel papers,
    registering your house and car, you are still an [“Office Found”] operative asset of that organization:
    your comments in railing against all Christians in the U.S. show me that you
    are indeed one of their operatives. We have people here who rant that we get
    free of “the system”, but come to find out, those same people had never gotten
    out of it themselves. Have you gotten out and become a sojourner? or are you
    still a national or citizen with civil and human “privileges and immunities”?

    Could you have done much more damage? You have just put all true American
    Christians in huge jeopardy. If Christians say ANYTHING today they are
    accused of being involved in politics, falsely or not. The entire world and
    religion of the humanists IS politics, so how can any Christian say ANYTHING
    at all without crossing over into their territory? How could you be so foolish as
    to say that every Christian “. . . would gladly blow away anyone who
    disagrees”??? Are you nuts? You just gave a public testimony that you
    have personal knowledge that most or all Christians want to “blow away”
    “anyone”, which is false.
    We’ve been successful in calming down the gov’t generated rhetoric that
    we’re all a bunch of trigger-happy kooks, but now you’ve given them false
    EVIDENCE to the contrary with your loose mouth.
    On behalf of millions of cool-headed and peace-making Christians in the
    world and in the United States, THANKS A LOT.

    You’ve made a reckless blanket statement that is now endangering the rest of us.

    You said: To every believer I say: REPENT of this “political” gospel –
    > this “political” Christianity – and never return to it again.

    YOU say??? It is Jesus Who commands to repent. If you say it, it is POLITICS.
    Who are you?
    The quotes you send are usually good, but we don’t call on you because you make this and other wild statements.

    > http://www.revivalschool.com/

  85. lynn2 Nov 4th 2015

    The problem is not the political influence of Christ followers. The problem is when we try to adopt a political party as our own and cease to the the prophetic voice to a sin-filled culture. The political establishment will always try to silence Holy Spirit Believers because the light of Christ will always bring conviction to sinners – even if they are in the political arena. Christians should not divorce themselves from ANY arena. We are to speak the truth everywhere – especially to the kings and leaders who are making rules and laws that will allow the culture to be more dark.
    I am shocked that you think it is okay when the government forces 3rd grade teachers to tell children that sex between men is good. I am shocked that you encourage Christians to be silent when laws are made to allow for pedophilia.
    Andrew, this is not an either/or issue. We are to preach the gospel and preaching the gospel includes preaching against injustice, oppression, and the chains of sin; and preaching against those leaders who endorse darkness.
    Yes I agree

    Jesus said let the children come to me!
    How in the world can we stand silent! and let a corrupt Socialist perverted government under the control of satan keep our children under the influence and chains as a nation, of satans men if we have a voting chance to get them out.

    YES Christian parents are to raise their children in the ways of the Lord, but it is getting so dark heer that there is favor on transvestites, homosexuals, and killing the babys in the womb of its mother, that our Lord has created and we are to sit silent?
    Sexuality immorality runs rampet in America drugs legalized no telling what is next.

    We are called to expose the works of darkness, and the leaders in the white house today are being used to kill our children and again the church is told to be quite, sit still just as it remained quiet in the killing of thousand of Jews in the Holocaust. Is God angry at John the Baptist for coming against the great ruler Harold for having an affair ? Is Corrie Ten Boom wrong for coming against her government and hiding Jews from being murdered,, Is God angry at her, What about Ester is God mad at her? There has to be a balance here, and being silent in the face of evil is wrong.
    I am a strong believer for the gospel of Jesus Christ, first and foremostabove all else, this is whom we are, we have been born for such a time as this.his end of days witness. We are to shine our light in all the darkness, keeping our lamps full.

    MANY shall be killed for their witness of Jesus Christ – why? is this not coming against the lawless anti-Christ? Do we sit quiet or do we witness Christ and warn against this world ruler whom is coming in the near future? Jesus did come against the money changers in the temple in his fathers house. Politics has become a huge money maker for our corrupt lawmakers. in our house of governers a house of obominations against our God. whom are under the influence of satan.and so it is a good thing to try to uproot the money changers with God fearing rulers whom a handful truly want God put back into America. Are we willing to try to get this done with our vote?or do we once again sit back silent?

    Our greatest gift to America as a born again believer is the gospel of Jesus this is life changing to those whom are without Christ. This is what America needs and our prayers, his faithful staying joined to Jesus daily and being led of the Holy Spirit in all issues of life. One should seek the Lord on what he would have them to do.

  86. liz48 Nov 4th 2015


    If you are born of the LORD and claim to be ONE with HIS SPIRIT, the US Constitution has to be interpreted in the light of HIS WORD. You probably know that the US Constitution is written in broad terms, with the interpretation left to the Judiciary. You will also know that the founders of the US like Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin were very ungodly men. Ben Franklin, it is established was a high ranking mason, who was involved with the design of the US $1 bill which has Egyptian witchcraft symbolism.

    If you believe that the LORD GOD speaks to human beings today, let me give you an example of where the GOP may not be honoring the LORD at all in its “interpretation of the Constitution.” It is regarding the treatment of immigrants who have been in the US for several years, and permitted to walk in freely when they were useful, and now being asked to leave.

    When Obama ran for office in 2008, I was in prayer and interceding strongly that he would not win, because of his positions on abortion etc. and also because I felt he was a slick speaker with no substance. The LORD showed me that he represented the church, where there was a lot of showy programs and impressive speakers who had nothing in substance in the LORD and HIS WILL and honoring HIS WORD. HE is HIS WORD.

    THE people of the LORD can bring in HOLY leaders – see Daniel 4:17. It is established that the nation gets the leaders they deserve. Unless they come right with the LORD and repent, there will be no change.

    The GOP immigration position is based on UNBELIEF. First, they argue that if the immigrants are accommodated they will run out of resources. The LORD has promised HE will provide. HE never tells us we will run short if we are in HIS Blessings – see Matthew chapter 6 and Deuteronomy 28. HE multiplied 2 loaves and 5 fishes to feed 5000!!! and has not changed.

    The Spiritual Principle is GIVE AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU – Luke 6:38. How could you ever run short if you are a giver?

    The LORD told Israel and tells us to treat the stranger well. Every human being is made in the Image and Likeness of THE LORD so how you treat the “illegal immigrant” is how you treat HIM.

    Nothing you have belongs to you. It is all that the LORD has given you. You don’t take your wealth when you leave the earth and there is no guarantee the people you leave it for will keep that wealth.

    In 2008 the LORD showed me that the economy will tank and it will not be because of the illegal immigrants taking up resources. It tanked on the housing bubble. HE also showed me that race would be important and it was – the Blacks voted for Obama in unprecedented ways.

    Sadly many people think they are right before THE LORD as they call themselves christians. It is deception. If you read the WORD of the LORD you have nothing in HIM unless you think, act and believe as HIM. See Matthew 7.

    If you open the door to evil, darkness can invade with a perversion of sexual relationships, abortion, no value for life and suicidal spirits, people giving up their will in being demonized by drugs that take it away…etc.

    It is time for the US to return to the LORD, not to a church but to THE LORD and HIS WORD.

  87. Sidah Nov 4th 2015

    The Bible says we are ambassadors for the Kingdom of God. Ambassadors don’t remain silent, they are involved in the affairs of the host country. It appears we don’t know how to be ambassadors – representatives of His Kingdom. The end result is not enmity or bad fruit. To our knees and cry out to God!

  88. liz48 Nov 4th 2015


    Thomas Jefferson cut out all the miracles of the LORD and had a Bible with no miracles, as he believed the Bible was good for political policy but could not be supported for the miracles.

    It is called the Jefferson Bible. Google it.

  89. liz48 Nov 4th 2015


    I agree with you. The issue is that you cannot fight evil if you are evil. You have to be clean before the LORD and HE will fight your battle, but leading you into Victory, which can be be winning strategies.

    If we dishonor the LORD by dishonoring HIS WORD, with no compassion for the stranger or the poor, and then we try to dismantle the evil in the schools, we do not win, as we have already blocked our blessings with evil.

    Who can ascend to the Mountain of LORD? Only those with clean hands and a clean heart.

  90. Their ministries never were holy. Why would anyone take them seriously as “The Church” anyway?

  91. A hearty AMEN from me brother Andrew! I couldn’t have said this better. I’ve taken a stand on this issue many times recently and every single time I bring it up, my posts cause a firestorm. It breaks my heart that so called Christians can be so stubborn and blind on this matter when Jesus Himself was crystal clear on the matter.

    God bless,

  92. Linda Nov 4th 2015

    Hi Andrew,
    Very well put. I believe that most of this that goes on is part of the fallout of divided communities and families – and our hurried lift-styles. We tend to live in the moment and take short-cuts, forgetting to focus moment by moment on Christ.
    The reason all these problems exist is the lack of commitment to Christ by those calling themselves Christians. Instead of living in, by and for The Solution that God gave to us, we default to the old man and his ways and means. Our focus is on the problem, not The Solution. In these trying times, our default is so much more natural and comfortable. But – we are to let God use us to reach others: unfortunately, we get in God’s way more often than not. Question: who can God use more effectively: a person who is fully committed to the Lord and His ways, who has no selfish agenda or need for self aggrandizement – or – the person who has knowledge of God and man’s ways and yet is always seeking to right wrongs, manipulate people and situations and use whatever other means he can muster to bring about what he himself believes is truth all in the name of the Lord?
    The meek, humble servant of God goes about God’s business in the quietude and peace of body, mind, soul and spirit; he does not draw attention to himself. He just goes and does as the Lord directs.
    The servant of God also understands that the Powers of this world, people in high places, are only effective at making and upholding the laws it deems fit to put into place (with no lasting effectiveness at permanent resolution), while Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of all law and prophecy and is the final, only, lasting resolution.
    When we choose to rail against the govts of the lands, we play into their own hands and become stuck in their mire and muck. And once our minds are so firmly planted in that plane, we lose sight of Christ. We also cause those evil spiritual forces to enlarge and even take us over. When we focus on Christ instead, we enlarge the forces of God and help to win back over the lands taken over by evil. Each one of us must decide whose way to follow: man’s or God’s.
    BTW: A better title to this important article: “Christians focusing on politics instead of Christ is ruining the True message of the gospel of Jesus Christ”.

  93. liz48 Nov 4th 2015

    The people I know in the Foundation fathers’ movement in the US which claims that the US was christian because of the founding fathers are ALL not Spirit filled believers. They oppose the Spirit in their teaching about being Spirit filled and talking in Tongues. They are religious and denominational.

    Should we read the Book of Jude and wonder if these people are those we should entertain into our midst and shouldn’t we test their doctrines, do our research and find out on which side they are?

  94. David Marsh Nov 4th 2015

    Yes, you are quite right Andrew.
    This issue is one of the many great deceptions that is being fed to the end times church. Jesus warned us of the false prophets in these last days.
    Placing politics, dogma, wealth creation, denominational tribalism and the many other deceptions above the preminence of a personal relationship with Jesus places you before the Lord where He can only say “I never knew you”.

    The 20th Century great evangelist John Alexander Dowie was so on fire for the Lord that he decided to go into politics to advance the Kingdom. God graciously wrecked his short political career. Mr Dowie then moved to America, Illinois and founded a great healing revival. He made tremendous inroads for the Lord but the pull of political things, when he succumbed resulted in great failure. But when he followed the Lord great success returned.

    Political worldly power OR Holy Spirit power.

    There is just no comparison.

    Please don’t be deceived.

    God bless

    David Marsh.

  95. Very true! Well said! May many listen (but to be honest I doubt they will). Criticism is easier than living a holy and righteous life, so becoming the light of the world to others.

  96. Bill Vickery Nov 4th 2015

    I spent time in jail for praying on a sidewalk in front of an abortion clinic. I was arrested for “Disturbing the Peace” and spent 4 months in jail. No, I wasn’t carrying a sign, or yelling slogans. I was alone and walking up and down on the sidewalk. The abortion clinic called the police. I know some people won’t believe this but the local judge wanted to make a point. The only way I could get out of jail was to promise to not pray in front of the clinic – which I could not in good conscience do.
    Some Believers accused me of being political. Funny thing is,unbelievers accused me of “forcing” religion. The abortion clinic said if I was “So interested in praying, let him go to church and pray where everyone else prays…”
    My point is that anytime you speak up against evil; I expect the godless to slander and accuse. After all, the devil is a liar. However, it does hurt when your brothers and sisters in Christ also make accusations. I’m sure there were many who told Daniel – just put the curtains up, or stop facing the window when you pray. Why do you have to be so political Daniel?

  97. Andrew Nov 5th 2015

    If you were getting people saved outside an abortion clinic, my friend – wonderful.

    But that is not what my article is about.

    It is about the endless hours of political “agitating” that Christians are doing on every political topic under the sun.

    Politics has replaced the preaching of the pure gospel.

    Bless you!


  98. Michael Nov 5th 2015

    I fear you have taken the bait along with mainstream society by taking those who call themselves Christians as Christians. “You will know them by their fruit”

    These are people used by the deceiver to deceive and lull the blind into thinking the “name only” Christians represent the church. They are here to stir world sentiment against the day of persecution toward the saints and they are doing a fine job.

    They are part of what the world sees as the church and this so called church will become our tormentors before it is over. If you are a true disciple of Christ you need to flee the worldly church and study to show yourself approved. ” come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord” (2 Corinthians 6:17).

    Be a light by example and salt thru the Word. Let them alone to follow their father and you follow yours for they “are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.”

    The Lord will lead you to those who have ears to hear. The more you read the Scriptures on your own and ask God to open his word to your understanding, the more He will place you in front of people who need to hear it. Pray, study the Word, fast and pray some more.

    Let the blind lead the blind and your example will catch on.

  99. Jeff Thompson Nov 5th 2015

    Andrew, I am both proud and ashamed of you !!

    How can a so called prophet be so utterly blind ??

    I admire your dogged diligence in promoting Christ & true Christian (Christ like) spirituality, BUT I am shocked & disgusted at your constant blind Yankee bashing and this latest promotion of the utter disempowerment of your American brothers & sisters !!

    I know you will deny being a Yankee basher, but your critical & envious obsession against America is pretty clear…

    What has New Zealand done right that compares in scale to any good that America has done? If USA had remained neutral, you would either be speaking German or Japanese now… I am not a capitalist, or a communist, but there’s no doubt that Jesus has used America to defend the entire Western civilization against Godless Communist aggression. Who cares if it was the right thing for the wrong reason? Uncle Sam defended the West’s right to choose Christ or satan. Now pray for Uncle Sam to make the right choice !!…

    Imaging the world without America. Just try it. India and the Muslim world would race “eat” New Zealand. Russia and China would race to “eat” Canada. Eurabia currently suffers a political identity crisis stemming from decades islamo-terrorist refugees, so they would likely do nothing…

    Would you feel more “spiritual” trying to evangelise Muslim invaders, or Communist invaders?

    I agree that America is deeply corrupted. So is my beloved Canada. So is your beloved New Zealand. ALL have sinned… To what degree is arguable, but considering America’s relative importance and New Zealand’s relative insignificance, is it any wonder large spiritual forces have slyly hoodwinked many (most) American Christians into believing that Ultra-Capitalism is Christian, or that they have the right to absolute global dominance, even by force? Remember, “Where the carcass is, the vultures circle”. America has more “meat” (power & influence) on their bones to tempt demonic “vultures” to circle them, seeking a weakness to exploit…

    God’s Holy Word COMMANDS US to “seek justice”, to care for the lost, the hungry, the poor & the incarcerated. The Widow & the orphan… Saying “Go & be fed, go & be clothed” is as damnable as hiding HIS Gospel from the masses. That’s not far from “Go & have an abortion”, or “Go marry someone of your own gender”. Tell me, doesn’t the fact that many North American Christians mobilize politically against abortion & gay marriage tell you that there is a remnant on this continent??

    In my recent Federal election, I voted for the Christian Heritage party. Instead a majority elected Justin Trudeau to power. He pledges to pull our F-18s back from fighting ISIS.

    Would you sit & watch ISIS rape, torture & murder helpless minorities, or would you pray hard, then go seek justice? To be a silent prayerful pacifist is essentially saying “Go & be protected”, which was damned by Christ”. Oh, and by the way, EITHER CHOICE IS POLITICAL !!!

    Wake up brother !!!

    I Sincerely love you. I commend you for your mostly good work. I absolutely agree that most Western Christians are carnal, selfish, and blind. Pray for revival, & keep railing hard against the smothering darkness of sin & carnality, BUT DO NOT condemn your sleeping brethren. Instead grow not weary in well doing. If they be condemned, let God condemn at His hour. If I seem harsh it is because politics is the wielding of power over people’s lives. People Christ died for…

    Every major decision matters. To misinterpret scripture & tell Christians to just submit to the demonic political “flavour of the day” is dereliction of duty and counterproductive. We need to be active regarding “all things pertaining to LIFE & Godliness”, not just Godliness only…

    Bill Vickery’s post says it all, just in another way…

    Yours in Christ,

    Jeff Thompson

  100. Andrew Nov 5th 2015

    My friend – while US Christians continue to spend much of their energy agitating over political issues, the pure gospel goes begging.

    Why does America deserve so much attention? -Because she is the leader in world Christianity. She sets the course and others follow.

    I love America – otherwise I would say nothing.

    Bless you!

    Andrew Strom

  101. Elaine Nov 5th 2015

    Discouraging Christians to vote is wrong. Yes there are those who have gotten too involved in political issues. Maybe you have gotten too involved with criticizing your Christian brothers and sisters? There is a balance in both arenas.

  102. Andrew Nov 5th 2015

    I never said “Don’t vote”. Nothing wrong with casting a vote every 4 – 5 years.

    I said, “Don’t wrap yourself up in politics, when the gospel is your mission.”

    Bless you!


  103. Andrew, you’re right. To a degree. Politics is not the answer; it is evil and not at all what most people think it is. But we are not called to not be in the battle against evil. Our Lord sure was when He took a whip into the temple against the money changers. But politics is not the answer. Involvement in politics, per se, is just a distraction, designed to keep us from effecting real change. But we – particularly in America – have a responsibility to be God’s representatives of His higher authority. (Romans 13 does NOT tell us to submit to any civil government; it tells us to submit to God! And it tells us how to be His representatives to the world in which we live.)

    Peter, Christians are not “called to be” salt and light; Jesus said that we ARE salt and light. There’s a difference.

    We need to understand the authority – His authority – that God has bestowed upon us and stand in that, NOT getting distracted by the games of politics, but not ignoring the world around us, either.

    And, no, “voting” is not the answer. It’s part of playing that political game.

  104. DonaldN Nov 5th 2015

    Let me give you an example of the uselessness of politics and voting.
    Abortion was not legalized by voting Americans. It was legalized by the supreme court ruling. That is 9 men who made a choice for all Americans to abide by.
    Abortion will never be dealt with by voting Americans, at least not for many years to come. America has become too corrupt to overturn a decision that has become a multi billion dollar enterprise.
    But….Abortion can be dealt with by holiness. Acting on God’s Word, Trusting God’s Word, teaching the truth and seeing the “Church” begin to live out the Word they profess to believe in. Teaching the young generation that living according to God’s Word has great benefits of peace, love, and contentment, which are the things the world is striving for but not attaining because they are not following the source of that peace and love.
    If some day, the Church has fulfilled the scripture…

    if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.
    (2Chr 7:14)

    of which the “turn from their wicked ways” is of the utmost importance,
    ….then perhaps politics may have a useful purpose in this nation.
    Until then, politics is as useless as preaching to love and acceptance to a stack of fence posts.
    We must strive to see holiness in the Church, and then perhaps we can begin to see society around us once again submit to the will of those who believe God’s way is the best way to live.

  105. Andrew Nov 5th 2015

    The gospel is able to change HEARTS – in ways that politics never can.

    The gospel is our mission. Not politics.



  106. David Marsh Nov 5th 2015

    Proverbs 27:6
    Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.

    Ben, could your pastor be your enemy? Promoting works that are good and right but are far, far, far from what God would rather have you do?

    Are these protest actions coming across in love or in another spirit altogether?

    In kindness of heart we abide in God but to really achieve anything for God requires finding and doing what He specifically calls us to do.
    Did Jesus rail at the establishment because of His knowledge of good and evil OR did He act in accordance with what the Father led Him to do – at that particular moment?
    That is the point.
    When we act apart from God’s moment by moment, day by day leadings from His Holy Spirit – we produce dead works.
    So the question begs.
    Are the churches political actions being led by God or men?
    Did the Pastors say that God specifically called them to each and all of these actions?

    If He did not, then you are being led by the carnal mind of man. There is the danger.

    God bless you

    David Marsh

  107. Dietrich Bonhoeffer:
    “Silence in the face of evil, is itself evil
    God will not hold us guiltless.
    Not to speak is to speak;
    Not to act is to act.”

    Lately, I am reading quite a bit of World War Two history and biographies.
    Of particular interest is Vichy France when so many of the French people became collaborators with the German occupiers. For whatever reasons, many French men and women made the decision not to stand against the wickedness of the Nazi-Vichy government.
    Those who refused to collaborate paid for it with imprisonment, torture and death.
    After the war, many of those former collaborators were executed for treason.
    Andrew Strom, would you encourage an American Christian to enter into a form of collaboration with an increasingly wicked government?
    Do you suggest that Christians should sit quietly and accept what is happening in our country as abortion and same sex marriage and pornography proliferate at an astonishing rate? As this sort of wickedness is becoming mainstream? Are we to sit back and just be quiet? I think not and I remember the multitude of Christian “activists” who were murdered for standing up to Hitler.
    Shame on Christians who sit by silently and watch evil become common place.

  108. DonaldN Nov 5th 2015

    The one thing I have noticed is that those who are pro-political mention often about doing nothing, being silent and the sort. Why is political action the only way to speak out? It is not the only way, in fact, as Andrew has expressed repeatedly, preaching the Gospel in far more effective than casting a vote. Just because a person is not politically active does not mean they are sitting around letting evil expand. In fact, those who are preaching the Gospel are making a much greater impact than any political effort ever has, because the Gospel changes hearts. You cannot mandate holiness by making “sin” illegal.

  109. I believe Andrew is spot on, and he is not just USA bashing as some have claimed.
    When i was eleven yeas old, eighteen years before i was baptised and Spiriit filled about 1952 my brother and i had done two years of correspondence school. after the opportunity came we went back to a public school and in the first week i remember telling Dad i was worried and he asked “dont you like school ” i replied it was not the school as such but rather the frightening prospect that my school contemporaries in grade 6 were the ones who would one day rule Australia. It happened, and in the last 60 odd years this country has little by little, step by step, civilly, morally and spirituality declined to it Godly shame and embarrassment, in my view it is just as bad as USA.
    When i look at Australian political system i am amazed that some folk think Politics and the church can “hold hands”
    Sin is simply disobedience to God, all the evils now surrounding us are the symptoms of sin.
    As many have said above. The only antidote is to preach the Gospel.

    Thanks Andrew, a timely message

    Pr Michael

  110. If you were given the choice between having a conservative Christian president for many years to come or having a powerful spiritual revival in the church and the nation. which would you chose? If it takes the desire, focus, prayer and effort of the church in this nation to bring about either one (or rather, to achieve whatever God desires his church to achieve in this world), which should we be focusing on doing? Don’t let the world deceive you, you are looking at things through the eyes of the flesh and not the Spirit. Look to the power of God, not the power of man.

  111. Brendan Nov 5th 2015

    What happens when a revival comes?

    Crime drops, sin drops, bad things drop. People are changed. And who does it?

    The Lord does it by changing hearts.

    There is a time and a place for Christians in politics. But so often we go where go god has not sent us doing what he has not called us to do. We see only a little he sees everything.
    Does the bible not say seek yee first the Kingdom of god?. Not seek ye first the Presidency.

    And it is important to note that Christians around the world have different political views. I think many British Christians would think Obamacare is substandard and does not go far enough.

    I agree with the basic thrust of the post. Let’s follow Jesus, and leave politics to those God has appointed over us.

  112. Martin Nov 5th 2015

    Patriotism, politics, conservative ideology and liberal ideology are all of this world and belong to this world, they are worldly by definition. Conservative ideology is not at all in keeping with Christianity, and yet many get pulled into embracing the whole of it as if it is straight out of the Bible.

    Wilberforce was a Christian politician, that’s true, but in his day every single person in the UK considered themselves (or said they were) a Christian including all the pro-slavery politicians of the day that opposed him. Wilberforce did not stand as a Christian politician, he didn’t represent Christianity or a Christian constituency as modern day American Christian politicians seek to do (or Christians seek it).
    America doesn’t have a majority of Christians anymore. We are a minority. In the time of the early church, Christians were a minority and they didn’t try to change the world politically at all. There were many causes they could have taken up politically to make the world better, including slavery of that time, but even in the scriptures they didn’t try to change those things of the world, they focused fully on preaching the gospel and reaching the world with God’s grace, and in personal righteousness. In doing so they turned the world upside down. Things did change, whole cultures changed because of the gospel they preached. If they had become political and fought against slavery or other good causes, they would have been side-tracked away from their calling and their eternal view of the world – that this world is temporary and it is the eternal things that are most important.
    Of course, the church can and should speak out against corrupt power, and for justice and righteousness, but without being political. By political I mean seeking worldly power to change something. The church can speak the truth without having to become political about it. In becoming political it actually greatly weakens its message.
    The problem is that worldly power is a snare to true Christianity. It is a counterfeit power instead of the true power the church has been given from God. In the days of Paul and the apostles there was no human power to be grasped, they were under the power of the Romans and other powers of the world. They didn’t even want worldly power. When the church did receive worldly power it became corrupted by it and lost its spiritual power. The problem today is that we have a democracy where each one of us is offered a tiny bit of political power in being given a vote on who governs the nation. This tiny bit of power is corrupting us and leading us into worldliness and worldly mindedness. We think we are able to change things through this tiny worldly power, and the church thinks it can change things through the collective power of its numbers. We don’t realize how corrupting this tiny bit of worldly power is to us. It turns us from seeking and using the true power to change the world. It is a temptation, a snare, a trap, and a deception.
    The biggest problem that I see in America is that not only is the church becoming increasingly worldly and political minded, but there is actually a whole conservative politicised culture that is brain-washing us It is a very powerful spiritual delusion that stems from patriotism for the nation (not a love for the people but the idea and ideals of the nation and its greatness). They have been sucked into militarism and a political ideology that is all about making the nation great and powerful, and is focused greatly on wealth and greed more than anything else. It is actually all idolatry, it has nothing to do with God or his Kingdom, but they mix it together somehow even though much of it is the opposite of what the scriptures say and should be so obvious to any Bible believing Christian who has actually read their Bible. It has all kinds of beliefs in it like a false religion – idealizing the flag and the constitution and the founders and the idea that it was founded on Christianity rather than the philosophies of the day, all of it is wrong and idolatrous, and it is the source of much deception. If you believe America is a special nation to God, akin to Israel, founded on Godly principles by Godly men, then of course you think you need to politically keep the nation Christian, and claim it back as a Christian nation when it goes astray, and that seems to be a lot of what this politics is all about. The problem with all of that is that America was founded on humanism. Freedom of religion and of speech etc are humanistic ideals, not Christian ones, America was the first modern day secular humanist nation, and it greatly influenced the rest of the world to embrace that ideal. It is a very beneficial ideology to live under, but the truth is, humanism is opposed to the kingdom of God. It puts man at the center and makes all things about him. His rights, his good, his happiness, his freedom, his deliverance from suffering and injustice and oppression. All of that is opposed to God being first and the ruler of mankind. It is humanism that sets itself up in opposition to God in the end times, the system of man. America is just another nation in the world. It is special in some ways, many ways in fact, mostly because of the revivals it has had such as the pentecostal revival. But America has also spread many bad things to the world. You won’t hear many sermons against greed in America. The politics of America is sucking many Christians into ideologies that oppose God without even realizing it. They are so caught up in it that they are blind to it and lost in it. As I said, it is a whole culture that is brain-washing. I believe it takes a revelation from God to be able to see it and be delivered from it. I pray for America. .

  113. Kyle in PIttsburgh Nov 5th 2015

    Well, I thought I was going to be the only one voicing disagreement, so I am happy others can agree with me a little. One caveat though- I have been in several cults before (ie. The Children of God) and there is no room for another opinion. If you disagree- that is the “Devil” and you are “not in the Spirit” or you don’t recognize God’s prophet. Alot of people who agree with article are using that argument against people who don’t agree, and that concerns me.

  114. Michael Nov 5th 2015

    Again I will say “I fear you have taken the bait along with mainstream society by taking those who call themselves Christians as Christians. “You will know them by their fruit””

    I know that Mr. Strom’s admonition is correct but given to the wrong people. The worldly church was never saved and they wax worse with time. The sons of God are those who follow the spirit of God and you will never know that as a reality without reading and studying the word for yourself.

    Although no one responded directly to my earlier post, it was followed with a lot of negative comments that are politically motivated and smell of churchianity. It shows that you are not studying the Word for yourself and you are more concerned how a people group or nation is perceived than you are with how Christ shows through in your life.

    You can vote and stand verbally against anything Ungodly but it should never supersede the Gospel in energy or time.

    If you really study history you would know we live in one of the most corrupt countries ever, surpassing Sodom and Gomorrah in every aspect. We have killed a lot more than we saved and we overlook a grossly corrupt government. The heart of man is evil and not unlike Genesis 6:5 it is under God’s jurisdiction. Not ours.

    We are in the last days and your only hope is abiding in Christ through His Word. Out of the mouth comes the abundance of the heart. Get in the word and read to show yourself approved. Ask God to give you a greater desire for reading His word. Ask God to cause you to increase your prayer life. After all it is a gift and He will grant it to those who sincerely ask.

    You are chosen or you would not be interested in what Andrew Strom has to say. Exercise your desire and ask God to increase it. Read His word, study and pray.

    That is my prayer for all.

  115. Robert Conner Nov 5th 2015

    Andrew, I do not agree. It’s pretty difficult to be salt and light everywhere when you tell people to stay out of politics, yet it is by political things that ungodliness comes against the standards of God in the land in which we live (the USA). So we need to do all we can to uphold those standards and if by political means is the way in which to do that; then we need to do it. We need to go into the darkest of places to rescue the perishing and certainly the political realm is one of the biggest offenders. Yet, most Pastors agree with you Andrew, because they have been almost totally silent when abortion was passed into Law (1973) and homosexual marriage in 2015. Today an estimated 60 million babies have been murdered and the Church has done very little instructing the congregation on what to do. Why have they allowed that and been virtually silent? Because they believe the lie that you think is the truth and they do not want to risk their tax exempt status by instructing the congregation on how to stand against the things being passed into Law especially if it means they must talk about the political process. In my opinion your article didn’t even need to be written because it is already that way in America (e.g. we do not stand against ungodliness in politics). If your going to explain it to someone explain to the butchered babies that you approved for them to be murdered.

  116. DonaldN Nov 5th 2015

    Are you people really claiming that political activism is more effective and more important than proclaiming the Gospel truth?

  117. DonaldN Nov 5th 2015

    And also accusing people that didn’t vote of being murderers?
    Especially concerning that both abortion and gay marriage issues were legalized by the judicial system, not by voters.

  118. Understand what politics is about: it is a GAME. It is designed to keep the common people chasing their tales about things that don’t matter while the “powers that be” go about doing whatever they want to do. We do not live in a democracy. No, nor do we live in a republic. (Even Franklin’s comment that they in Philadelphia had given us a republic “if we could keep it” foretold that it would soon be co-opted under the control of the Bank of England.)

    Abortion is a factor for us because, under what is called the 14th Amendment, a U.S. citizen is defined as one who either “born or naturalized in the United States,” so the SCOTUS reasoned that one who was not yet born did not qualify for federal protection. That should wake people up from thinking that the problem of abortion will be solved by political action. There is something bigger afloat. Same with the recent “same-sex marriage” flap: there are powers at work that are out to destroy any entity that calls itself a “church” and that takes ANY federal benefit (privilege). And they WILL succeed … as long as God’s people remain asleep and abdicating their responsibility to occupy until our Lord comes.

    So, Andrew and others, that means that we DO have a bigger responsibility than just glibly preaching the gospel. It’s not politics: that’s a game to keep us dumb and compliant. But neither is it non-involvement. Occupy ‘til He comes! That’s food on the table, shelter overhead, staving off predators, protecting our flocks and our families, and, yes, turning over some tables in the temple if need be.

    Now, granted, not all of us are called to be warriors. But don’t dismiss those who are. What would the OT be without a strong contingent of warriors for God?

  119. Sorry: not “tales” but chasing their “tails.” 😉

  120. DonaldN Nov 5th 2015

    Ben…they are chasing “tales” also

  121. That’s true, Donald.

    Here’s some proof:

    Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh (father of the famous aviator) wrote in 1892 (quoting from a bankers’ handbook):

    History repeats itself in regular cycles. This truth is well known among our principal men who are engaged in forming an imperialism of the world. While they are doing this, the people must be kept in a state of political antagonism. The question of tariff reform must be urged through the organization known as the Democratic Party, and the question of protection with the reciprocity must be forced to view through the Republican Party. By thus dividing voters, we can get them to expand their energies in fighting over questions of no importance to us, except as teachers to the common herd. Thus, by discrete action, we can secure all that has been so generously planned and successfully accomplished.

  122. DonaldN Nov 5th 2015

    Very interesting. Confirms once again what I have said for years. Voting is just a way to keep the people divided over issues while the PTB does what it wants to behind the doors.

    Also, I have said…
    Voting is a way for the PTB to see how many people agree with what they have already decided to do.

  123. Well, exactly. Even under the Constitution as purely interpreted, nobody ever votes for a president; they vote for an elector. Remember the Electoral College? And in most states, all of the Electoral College votes go to the candidate with the most votes in that state, so even THAT vote, if counted as a vote, may not get credited to the candidate of the voter’s choice.

    There are so many things about the American form of government that, in actuality, are far different from what people are taught in theory so that, if the people knew, they’d view things very differently.

    Quit wasting your time, people! There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the “two parties.” There aren’t two separate parties anyway; they’re both branches of the same fraudulent system. And remember this: a vote in the “democracy” (code for communism, per the Lenin College) is a vote against the republic.

    Do you really believe “no king but Jesus”? REALLY?

    Civil government is rebellion against God. It’s REJECTION of God. (Read 1 Samuel 8:7.)

  124. Marie Nov 5th 2015

    Amen and Amen, brother Andrew.

    Since the 2008 election in the U.S., I’ve, as a Christian, tried to defend the ugly comments from Christian politicians, leaders, Christian authorities, evangelists, who used internet to sway their sheep, and who angered liberally-minded commenters. But at some point I could not any more. I had to agree with them. It felt as though our new (church) mission field was now not just unbelievers, but Christians who were swayed into a delusion.

    Many liberal sites would ask, “how do these people call themselves Christian when they say such things?” Or, “where in the Bible do they get that?”

    I’ve had to do damage control, by explaining how the Bible really teaches, and that the ugly, vile rhetoric from some Christians was not scriptural and it was wrong. It was evident many in the liberal camps had enough bible knowledge, because they would go to scripture themselves and find verses that commanded against using such hateful language. In fact, at the beginning, many would call Christians ‘hypocrites’ and almost throw out the baby with the bathwater, but others, came to understand that there will always be pharisees, coming out of any religion and would realize that there was a schism in the church and that the contentious political christians were not really who they said they were.

    I heard many times, “I love your Christ, but not your Christians” and “where is their love of others?” and what about the first and second commandments? They knew and they could see the disconnect.

    It bordered on the Church being dragged down to a level never before seen. It wasn’t the pro-life or marriage protection conservatives that offended these liberals. It was the racial comments, the dog whistles, the permission of Christian sites to allow comments that any pastor would never allow uttered in his church.

    There were few true Christians who could reason with the haters, and abandoned these Christian sites. The hateful comments included a range of things, like engaging in political arguments, blaming ‘liberals’ and their ilk on all the problems, believing in rumors that leaders were so evil that they hated America, lied about their birthrights, and had an agenda to turn the country into Satan’s hands. Then the lack of compassion for immigrants, and the accusations that they came just to be a nuisance, a plague, or a burden on Christians and the ‘Christian’ nation; never realizing how unmerciful they sounded. The love of rights, and gun rights, to the point that they supported anyone who rebelled against the government. They love the death penalty. I’ve readself-professed Christian female politicians say, “Hang em’ high” and I’ll bring the rope”, and smile for the cameras. I’ve heard politicians use “the last days” as a means to influence voters. I’ve seen Christian pastors rub elbows with unrepentant rock stars, and invite them on their shows, showering them with compliments, because these same guests had one common thing with the Christian host, and that was ‘love of guns’ love of ‘telling it like it is’, love of the ‘macho man image’ to the point where they would project their Jesus as a White blue-eyed blond haired Rambo, who loved to whip the temple merchants and use violence to get his point across. Many of these same kind believe that Jesus wanted his disciples to carry swords and fight with swords (Luke 22), which is incredibly twisting those verses, as they were speaking about Jesus being treated like a transgressor, where he would be treated as a common criminal with a sword……….on and on and on.

    All I know is this ‘falling away’ has done great damage to our Lord’s true Church. If there’s any persecution in the U.S. Church, it is self-made. I pray it can be restored.

  125. Andrew Nov 5th 2015

    We are not living in the Old Testament, my friends.

    And it is a fact that the MEDIA today does more than politicians ever can – to corrupt the hearts and minds of the people.

    Why isn’t there a campaign to capture the MEDIA for Jesus?

    -Andrew Strom

  126. Yes, Andrew, the media (information and entertainment) is one of the seven deadly false authorities that attack us. The others (including government and politics) are in the arenas of education, healthcare, law, money & banking, and religion. There ARE campaigns to take on all of these false authorities.

    One of the greatest roadblocks, as indicated by many of the writers above, if unknowingly, is the man-made institutional church and the idea that God created a “clergy” as separate from “laity.”

    So, while you’re right – we’re not living in the Old Testament – neither are we (most of us) living in the true New Testament but rather in one that has been fashioned and created by the hands of men with a vested interest in us believing their version of the New Testament. And THAT’s as much politics as anything else you’re talking about.

  127. Marie Nov 5th 2015

    Sometimes when I would try to find a true site to have discussions with Christians, I’d feel like I was in a KKK site. And, these are sites that describe themselves as being Spirit-filled. I think the ‘white supremacist’ element is there underneath bubbling, wanting to come to the surface. Some comments I read were almost nauseatingly hateful. And if someone did not agree, or defended the defenseless, they would be called every name in the book.

  128. Here are messages from America’s first three Presidents who were involved with politics despite the new age teachings to silence the voice of Yahshua’s followers in the public sector called politics;

    “The blessing and protection of Heaven are at all times necessary but especially so in times of public distress and danger. The General hopes and trusts that every officer and man will endeavor to live and act as becomes a Christian soldier…” America’s first president also said, “You do well to wish to learn our arts and ways of life, and above all, the religion of Jesus Christ.”
    GEORGE WASHINGTON, General and Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army; President of the Constitutional Convention; FIRST PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES; “FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY”

    “The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity. I will avow that I then believed, and now believe, that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God. The Christian religion is, above all the religions that ever prevailed or existed in ancient or modern times, the religion of wisdom, virtue, equity and humanity.”
    JOHN ADAMS, signer of the Declaration of Independence; Judge; Diplomat; one of the two signers of The Bill of Rights; SECOND PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES

    “The practice of morality being necessary for the well being of SOCIETY, He [God] has taken care to impress its precepts so indelibly on our hearts that they shall not be effaced by the subtleties of our brain. We all agree in the obligation of the moral principles of Jesus and nowhere will they be found delivered in greater purity than in His discourses.”
    THOMAS JEFFERSON, signer of the Declaration of Independence; Governor of Virginia; Secratary of State; THIRD PRESIDENT of THE UNITED STATES

  129. And there’s a lot more than that, Jonathan. America was NOT founded by humanists. But it’s a different day today:

    The very first written document pertaining to government on American soil was the 1620 “Mayflower Compact.” It started: “In the name of God … Having undertaken for the glory of God and advancement of the Christian faith … in the presence of God and one another, covenant and combine ourselves into a civil body politic.”

    All colonies in the New England Confederation declared in 1643: “… we all came into these parts of America with one and the same end and aim, namely, to advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and to enjoy the liberties of the Gospel in purity with peace …”

    “…We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights …” Declaration of Independence

    Eleven of the original 13 colonies wrote their constitutions before the Federal Constitution, and they contained requirements for elected officials. They were all similar, and as an example of the prevailing sentiment, The Delaware Constitution declared that a candidate for office must say: “I do profess faith in God the Father, and in Jesus Christ his only Son, and in the Holy Ghost. In God who is blessed forevermore I do acknowledge the Holy Scriptures and the Old and New Testaments which are given by divine inspiration.”

    “To the distinguished Character of a Patriot, it should be our highest glory to add the most distinguished Character of Christian.” ~ President George Washington

    “Our Constitution was made only for moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.” ~ President John Adams

    “God who gave us life gave us liberty…… Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever.” ~ President Thomas Jefferson, 1781

    And let’s look at the WHOLE of Jefferson’s statement, from which we draw the misused phrase “separation of church and state”: “The First Amendment has created a wall of separation between the church and the State. But that wall is one directional. It is to keep the government from running the Church. But it is not to keep Christian principles out of the government.”

    “Before any man can be considered as a member of civil society, he must be considered a subject of the Creator of the Universe.” ~ President James Madison

    “The birthday of the nation is indissolubly linked to the birthday of the Savior . . . the Declaration of Independence first organized the social compact on the foundation of the Redeemer’s mission upon earth . . . it laid the cornerstone of human government upon the first precepts of Christianity.” ~ President John Quincy Adams

    “From the time of the Declaration of the Independence, the American people were bound by the laws of God and the laws of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which they all acknowledge as the root of their conduct. We all came together to obey the word of God.” ~ President John Quincy Adams

    “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded not by religion but by Christians, not on religions but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” – Patrick Henry

    “This is a religious people . . . we are a Christian people . . . These, and many other matters which might be noticed, add a volume of unofficial declarations to the mass of organic utterances that this is a Christian nation.” (The Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States, U.S. Supreme Court, 1892)

    Benjamin Franklin helped write Pennsylvania’s 1776 Constitution, which stated in Frame of Government, Chapter 2, Section 10: “Each member of the legislature, before he takes his seat, shall make and subscribe the following declaration: ‘I do believe in one God, the Creator and Governour of the Universe, the Rewarder of the good and Punisher of the wicked, and I do acknowledge the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament to be given by Divine Inspiration.'”

  130. Marie Nov 5th 2015

    Didn’t democracy start with the Greeks? So ancient Greece was practicing the world’s first effort at Democracy, the same as the U.S. and western nations today. But what does Jesus have to do with these worldly systems?

    So I never understood the American Christian’s reasoning that the U.S has a special unique creation by it’s Founding Fathers. Were not some European, British, or Spanish or Portuguese or French, or any colonialists possibly pious believers in Jesus Christ? When they colonized our shores in the New World, some were true followers of Jesus, and perhaps some were not. Only the Lord knows. Many who may have ‘come in His Name’ had more allegiance to their queen or king, and were not true followers, but more like marauders looking for power and wealth. Others may have come, like the Founding Fathers, and worked out a carnal government that satisfied those who lived for Christ, yet many of the statutes didn’t care about ALL men’s rights (African slaves). So before any American Christian tells the Church that the FF were all devoted to Christ, all I can say is that is ‘not true’. If they were truly devoted to Christ, they would not have put themselves in compromising situations where they would have to order their military to fight and kill indigenous peoples who got in the way. They would not have owned slaves, and certainly would not be rebelling against their own British government. They were very clever, and smart, and powerful and resolute and determined, but they had to rule with an iron fist and any rogues had to be hung, and runaway slaves were hunted down and killed. Please, no more idolization of these men. It is unbelievable how some Christians have put them so high on a pedestal, and refuse to admit historic facts, that some of these were Deists, and those who professed themselves ‘christian’, still did not have the conviction of Holy-Ghost power to put the Name of JESUS on their money, or their Constitution. Using the word God has no conviction power, as there are many gods that men create.

  131. Thank you for allowing us to comment Andrew. I agree with you on several issues. But, common sense Christian issues. As followers of Christ we are His own bought with His blood. We have been crucified with Christ and are a New Creation, it is no longer we who live but Christ who dwells in us. That being said, we are to go about down here, as sojourners as you said. The word sojourner defined is temporary stay. We still have jobs, pay taxes, obey the law, buy vehicles, homes, etc.

    I truly think you are quite upset about Christ’s church, forgetting that He is the power in His church. Perhaps if you had a word for your own country, where you are now living it would have life. But to hear your words to us sounds like: “fighting, railing, crusading and bitterness, tons of bad fruit, tons of hatred for Christianity,
    and very little actual change. That is because Christians are not
    supposed to change the world through politics. We are supposed
    to change men’s hearts through the gospel.” We are not trying to change the world through politics, God is sovereign, he allowed Christians to come from England to start a nation based on Christ’s principals. There is nothing against God or preaching the gospel in being well informed and voting who we want to elect to lead us. There will always be nominal Christians who do not obey God’s word. Romans 8 tells us that those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh. “You, however, are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if in fact the Spirit of God dwells in you.” I am a follower of Christ and I vote. Why wouldn’t we vote the best moral person in? Why wouldn’t we write letters to our president (who is 100% for abortion at any trimester) and urge him to reconsider the death of our most vulnerable? Why wouldn’t we express our views on abortion, homosexuality, marriage between one man and one woman, help educate the public on the destruction to families and individuals who turn to drugs? It is pleasing to God that others see that His people are against what is evil and for what is good.

    I was offended by you lumping all of us into one group. We can only fix our eyes on Jesus individually, and then gather together corporately with others who do the same. We cannot control those who live according to the flesh, we can love them, and come along side and show them the way more perfectly, but that is done in the local church. God is moving miraculously in our local churches. Sorry you feel to throw stones. We have many strong followers of Christ as elected officials and there is not a thing displeasing to God about that anymore than follower who is a surgeon, or a bus driver, or a judge.

    We thank God that we are a country that is free to worship our God, that our government was founded by godly men, that the premise of our ruling leaders is that God is Creator. Yes, we have guns. We do not need gun control but mental illness needs far more of a spotlight than our officials are giving it. Our Second amendment to our Constitution states: “Amendment II
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” We do not want another government to come in and take us over. We also have a first amendment: Amendment I
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” These are our laws, not yours. One of the main reason for a country being overtaken by an enemy from within is that they cease teaching about the history of the country and thus there are no longer patriotism. None of this is instead of God, or over God.

    God Created Civil Government and Purposed it to:
    Provide social order. Dt 1:15-16, 10:12-13; 17:14-20
    Preserve human dignity. Genesis 4:9-15, 5:1
    Protect peace. I Timothy 2:1-2; Proverbs 11:14
    Promote Justice. Psalms 82:2-4; Daniel 4:27; Romans 13:3
    Punish evil, praise goodness. Romans 13: 3-7; I Peter 2:13-14; Proverbs 14:34
    Civic Leaders are God’s Servants and Are Called to Rule Righteously
    In Romans 13:4-6, God says that rulers are God’s servants who carry a sword (authority). For this, we pay taxes to support governing authorities who are God’s servants, giving their full time to governing.
    In Exodus 18:21 and Deuteronomy 16:18-20, God says to select capable and trustworthy men who fear God and hate dishonest gain and appoint them as officials.
    God Calls Christians to Be Active Citizens
    Christians are to pray for the nation’s leaders (1Timothy 2:1-4).
    Christians are to pay taxes (Matthew 22:21).
    Christians are to follow the law, submitting to “every authority instituted among men…” (1 Peter 2:13-14; Romans 13:2-5).
    Christians are to show authorities proper respect (Romans 13:4).
    Christians are to stand up and speak out when man’s law conflicts with God’s law as Peter and the Apostles did in Acts 5:29.
    Why Christians Should Vote
    God says to “select capable men from all the people — men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain — and appoint them as officials (Exodus 18:21 emphasis added). In America, we have the privilege of voting our leaders into service.
    God says Christians are the “salt of the earth” and we can help influence public policy for good when we vote for leaders who share our values (Matthew 5:13).
    Silence in the face of evil is sin (Proverbs 24:11); but Christians in this country can speak out with their vote, as well as their voice.
    “Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.” Samuel Adams, Founding Father

    Psalm 33:12 ESV Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people whom he has chosen as his heritage!
    Proverbs 14:34 ESV Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.

    2 Timothy 2:24-25 ESV And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, correcting his opponents with gentleness. God may perhaps grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth,
    Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God. Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor. 1 peter 2:17

    Here is our pastor’s latest message on this subject: http://spokanebaptist.com/audio/message/civil-servants-sunday


  132. Sidah Nov 5th 2015

    It’s interesting to read the various comments and I commend you Andrew for putting yourself out there. As Christians we are people of influence, flavouring our environment with Christ in us. Surely we need Christians in politics, in media, in teaching. We are in the world for a time to do this, ambassadors of the Kingdom. We are to go out and be as innocent as doves but as shrewd as serpents. Be involved in world affairs without succumbing to its pressures. Gain strategies to use without stirring up trouble. Love has to be the motivating factor. We are proclaimers of the truth, let the Holy Spirit carry the weight of that truth to the hearer.

  133. Andrew Nov 5th 2015

    When we look at the FRUIT of all this political wrangling – and the nasty tone of so much of it – then we clearly see it is the opposite of Jesus.

    I say again – we are called to change men’s hearts through the GOSPEL – but when we try to do it through ‘politics’ we create a disaster.

    Bless you!

    Andrew Strom

  134. Marie, NO idolization of the FF here. I simply cite some quotes to refute those who would say they were just rank humanists. Some may have been, but not all.

    As to your contention that they were in rebellion against the government of England, however, they were NOT. The king of England, George III, threw the American colonies out of the British empire, declared them out of his protection, and made war against the American colonies mainly to enslave them back to him through debts owed to the Bank of England. It was no act of rebellion on America’s part. And if it WERE, to the extent that England was at war with God, it would not have been rebellion anyway but obedience to God.

    My Bible does not tell me that God created civil government. It tells me that the government shall be upon His shoulder.

    Authority NEVER resides in an office, be it “government” or “church.” All authority is God’s. Period. We are NOWHERE commanded to obey any other authority.

  135. Andrew Nov 5th 2015

    Every great empire in history believes it is “specially founded and blessed by God”. Many of the British elites literally believed in ‘British Israel’ teachings – that they were all descended from the Israelites! It is always convenient to believe that “God is always for us” and ‘our armies fight for Jesus’.

    Such a deception.

    And so sad to see many on here falling for it.

    Talk about a ‘great delusion’.

    “If my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight.” – Jesus.

    Blessings to all,

    Andrew Strom

  136. Therese Nov 5th 2015

    What did Jesus and the apostles teach and do? ….That is all we need to know. But it does take eyes to see as I’m realizing more and more.

    We are to be in the world but not of it. We are not supposed to enter the kingdom of this world and join the fray, on the contrary we are supposed to bring people to join us in God’s kingdom, which is within us and comes not with our careful observation. As good soldiers we are not to become involved in civil affairs because we want to please our commanding officer. Resist not an evil person, do good to our enemies………and so many more scriptures. That is the gospel dear brothers and sisters.

    Political activism is a symptom of the church falling asleep and sorry to say, falling away. It proceeds from self-righteousness, not the righteousness of Christ. It is also the way that seemeth right to man but leads to death. God’s ways are not man’s ways…..remember that ours is a HIGH calling not an earthy one.

  137. Andrew, I’ll confess to not having read every post above in detail, but I don’t see the deception that you are citing. I agree with your antipathy to the “political gospel,” at least from the standpoint that it is not good stewardship of the time that the Lord gave us to use here on earth, but I do not agree that that means that we are to withdraw from everything related to living here on earth. On the contrary. God’s original command to man was to “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” That is NOT a command to withdraw.

    But, I agree: politics is evil. But also, in fact, what is called “the church” today is largely a political response to the imposition of “civil government,” and much of “church politics” over the past 1700 years or so has been amongst the worst of politics.

    Therese, do you understand the meaning of the term “turn the other cheek”?

  138. Sidah Nov 5th 2015

    Agree Andrew, the FRUIT is not of the Kingdom. So we change tac with the strategy we are using. We need to be wise in this age. If believers are the salt of the earth they are effecting change. There are Christians in parliament who God has put there to effect change. They are involved in world affairs and they are producing good fruit. The gospel can be preached in many ways as we go about our daily lives in the world.

  139. Andrew Nov 5th 2015

    Legislating “morality” achieves little.

    Preaching the gospel achieves much.


  140. Well……………….hello all who love the Lord……….
    one thing I have noticed……….
    and I am sure any who loves the LORD in truth
    should have the same experience………
    I am hated by BOTH sides…….
    but why………
    I preach ONLY the gospel
    and both sides are of their father the devil……….
    the right supports usuery, being rich,
    war, self denfense……………
    the left lie……….they claim to love the poor
    and thus the call of redistribution of wealth
    is given…….
    yet these elites care not for the poor
    they HOLD the bag……….THEY WILL KEEP what is put therein
    both sides are of their father the devil……
    our call is not one of this world, nor her system……
    OUR CALL is one which is SOLEY based on
    all contradict HIM………..ALL FALL SHORT OF HIM.
    they lie and desire power………….they say whatever
    will get either side into their vote……..
    and sadly many fall for these men of belial……..
    THE GOSPLE is shut down now ON BOTH SIDES……….
    gay marriage which was a far left in the beginning
    satan is using the right against the left
    so as he can keep the whole divided
    and against one the other….
    so as he can use each side
    BOTH SIDES have long sold out.
    and sadly I cannot save them, nor will they hear the words
    of simplicity which I tell of…..
    I simply cannot find a man
    who will preach ONLY JESUS
    and HIM CRUCIFIED any more…….
    always an agenda………….always something
    about getting ahead IN THIS LIFE..
    IN HER cares and pleasures….
    to many I am simply seen as a devil or the devil…..
    YET …..
    to those who know the words of truth is speak
    WHICH always are JESUS words and pointing to KEEPING HIS WORD……………..they KNOW I SPEAK T RUTH……..
    I sorrow now……………..heavy n heart
    for a world and masses, for many so called christains too……
    for I see, by GRACE they are being all led
    to the SON OF PERDTION ……….
    and I cry, and I weep…………….but they will not hear
    the simple message I bring……..
    and this breaks my heart. for them.

  141. they wonder they marvel at the peace I have……
    and yet refuse to LIVE the peace I live……….
    they ask ……….
    I answer………….they run from me…………
    as though I have the plague……
    and yet it is not I , that asked them why they are so HAPPY
    it was they who asked ME………
    and I say…….
    and they run and they flee, this message…..
    I speak of godliness with contentment…..
    THEY RUN when I explain both godliness and contentment…
    they run to me……for the peace I have
    THUS the song has been sung……..
    and what a wonderful song it is…….
    to them who accept him , it is life………………unto life……….
    even unto those who deny him
    was the song both seen and heard………..and
    beautiful it was …….
    BUT they heard it not, and they seen it not
    my message has NEVER CHANGED……
    and yet……..my peace only increases both in HIM
    and BY HIM…..
    but naked is the man
    who would twist ANY SAYING to suit his own belief
    rather than simply OBEYING
    for over eleven years……..
    I did not cry when I ifirst read I could not remarry.
    both in HIM and BY HIM
    to change me, and make me joyful
    even with no wife..
    more JOYFUL than many who have wives.
    we must keep them < NOT CHANGE THEM
    but keep them on our heart
    my peace is not of this world
    IF It were……….I would build my house larger
    I would englarge my borders
    I would heap and steap and feel soul
    thou hast done well for thy self……..
    AND Yet even these men
    who love that false devil prosperity gospel
    cannot nor will never have the peace
    I have……..
    for when ANY threat of the loss of their riches
    is told their ear……….THEY FEAR……….
    YET ME
    even if lose all………MY PEACE WILL ABOUND
    for my FAITH is not in what is seen
    BUT IN HE who is not yet been seen unto my eyes..
    if I lose all………..PRAISE BE TO THE LORD
    if my riches increase
    but either way………….I worry not
    nor do I care….
    and thus no matter what state I am in ……..
    and the JOY OF THE Lord is my strength………..
    I sorrow for many now
    for under the spell of the whore they are……..
    and being led right to a system of man and of the beast
    they are in and will be in……….
    WE are NOT a people whose kingdom is of this world……
    OUR KINGDOM is above and within us ………..
    whatever happens to us in this world
    GOD HAS US……….
    in times of peace and in times of utter chaos……….and persecutions……..
    and I WILL RJEOICE even if I lose all
    even if lose my own life……
    my trust is not in her riches…………
    my RICHES are above…….
    and MY RICHES save me and saved me
    from the DAY OF WRATH
    to die will ONLY BE GAIN…..
    but either way………….I HAVE THE JOY OF MY LORD
    and my peace remains no matter
    what is, nor what is coming against me…….
    I COUNT THE REWARD of both knowing HIM
    and in soon to be sufferins as GREAT GAIN……
    HOW I WISH I could just give this to you all………..
    GOD CAN,
    but it is up to each one …………..TO BELIEVE in GOD

  142. so my question is……….
    WHO WANTS THIS ………..
    Ask and ye shall receive
    SEEK WISDOM rather than gold
    seek understanding instead of silver
    seek for her as for treasures……………
    and FIND HER YE SHALL………….
    the words of GOD are IN TRUTH and IN RIGHTEOUSNESS
    and in and on the HEART by the son of man
    , CHRIST they are to be lived out
    and obeyed…………………and THEN YE SHALL KNOW PEACE
    even in all adversity………..
    the profitableness of GODLiness IS in this life
    as well as the next……
    for all those things. the world does have
    and seeks more of…………and yet
    they will never know the JOY I HAVE
    nor the peace I have
    BY SIMPLY NOT CARING ONE OUNCE about that stuff
    by living out JESUS WORDS
    and thus I don’t
    for my faith is not in what I have or don’t in this world………
    and no matter what is coming against us………
    and no man cant take my joy…………
    for he cannot take CHRIST from me………
    he has the power to take my money
    he has the power to put me in jail
    he has even the power to kill me……….
    and even in the last
    to die…………..to be killed even……..
    is not LOSS……….
    it is far greater …………
    and yet even right now……………….I HAVE JOY AND PEACE
    imagine what it will be ON THAT DAY….
    when forever free I am from this body of death…….
    no threat of man can move me of my course
    no fear of loss can cause me fear
    and to DIE , will ONLY to be present with HIM
    with no body of death no more………
    and the KEEPER OF MY SOUL
    and even if man kills me……..
    there is NO DEATH FOR MY SOUL
    for to be absent from this BODY is ONLY TO BE PRESENT
    wtITH HIM………
    OH HOW I wish I could just give this to all who hear it…….
    BUT SO MANY Love the world and her things
    pride and cares and pleasures in this life….
    and realize not , they are poor miserable, blind and naked……
    and yet in money I am poorer than many
    YET I AM NOT POOR at all…….
    I HAVE CHRIST………..and am richer
    than all , no matter if they have billions
    AND all I have IS CHRIST
    and even if sufferings……………….I WILL ABOUND……….
    or be deiceived many will.

    that is where GOD PUT ME………..
    as I KNOW……….
    GODS WORDS………………are TRUTH…..
    mans opinions……………….only MIXED
    and to live by the mix…………..IS DEATH.
    and the TRUTH shall set you FREE
    as it has ME………..

  144. Therese Nov 6th 2015

    Amen, Even Greater Light…..I see now that.it’s a delusion to think we are going to fix this world, by any means. Because scripture says this world is only appointed unto wrath. Many hearts are hardening against the truth, that is sad to see. They will not receive the simple humble gospel that Jesus preached because it is foolishness to them.

    men will pit man against man
    group against group………..
    and are OF HER………..
    my peace is not of this world
    my joy is not of this world……..
    of the one who drinks of that well………………
    DRINK of the true well, which is OF GOD
    and not by mens nasty cisterns of death and pollutions……..
    the carnal mind is what is in the churches NOW……..
    has been………for a long time……….
    and the carnal mind of man can only have peace
    no matter what the state of the world is in………….
    AND NO man can KNOW PEACE
    lest he be reconciled UNTO THE ONLY REEDEMER THERE IS………..
    and drink freely
    the price has been paid…………
    GOD only desires GOOD FOR YOU
    and ye shall never perish……….
    WE MUST eat of HIS WORDS
    and LIVE OF HIS WORDS……….
    or be dammend like the rest of the world many shall…..
    and LIVE YOU WILL……….
    and the ONLY peace a man will have
    is being reconciled unto GOD in CHRIST…………….
    for there is no peace unto the wicked……
    many no longer believe is a lake of fire AFTER DEATH.
    BUT IT IS REAL……..
    COME TO CHRIST………………and we shall never see it
    DENY HIM OR HIS SAYINGS…………and all who do
    so will enter the lake at the end..

  146. Martin Nov 6th 2015

    Ben, I mentioned humanism but not in referring to the founding fathers specifically but in what they created – the first nation established in humanist ideals of human rights and freedoms. This was based not on scriptures or Christianity but on philosophies of the time, especially those of John Locke and other philosophers in Europe. Here is a very short run-down on the philosophers who influenced the constitution etc:
    or this list: http://www.usconstitution.net/philosophers.html

    I am sure that the faith of some of the founding fathers also informed their thinking, though many are known to be deists which are not Christians but believe in a God who created everything and then left it to man. Thomas Jefferson didn’t like much of the Bible, he cut out all the parts where God judged nations or told Israel to destroy a nation and other such things he didn’t agree with, but he was some kind of Christian. I guess we’d call him a liberal Christian today who doesn’t believe in the authority of scriptures. Washington is thought by some to be a deist, though there is no evidence either way. I think scholars think that because he didn’t attend church or something, I can’t remember why they think it. It was a common belief in those days. In fact America at that time was not very religious, it became more religious in the great awakening. And it is a difficult argument to make that the founding fathers didn’t rebel against authority and the king in direct disobedience to the scriptures. In fact there were many Americans that didn’t agree with the cause for that very reason, and many ended up leaving the US to flee to Canada. Also, the constitution is not God breathed or “of God”, it allows for slavery right in the constitution without actually mentioning it by name. It says that slaves can be counted as 2/3rds a person. They say slavery is the original sin of America, and it is a very bad sin, it was an extremely cruel and evil thing that still has its spirit in some parts of America. I say all of this not to be anti-American or to bash America but to open your eyes to the truth that America is not a Christian nation, it was not founded by God and has no special place among the nations, and I say this not to hurt your feelings but to free you from the worldly deception of patriotism. It is hard for Americans to understand this because their nation is great and powerful, but we need to understand that there are only 2 kingdoms in the world, and America is part of the kingdom of this world, and God’s people are part of the other that is not of this world. We are a kingdom scattered throughout and within the kingdoms of this world, and we need to see that we are in enemy territory and that we have a mission to do, and God’s will to achieve. God uses the nations of this world to bring about his will and he always has, but that doesn’t mean they are part of God’s kingdom. Only his people who have the Holy Spirit in them are of his kingdom. Those who get tangled in the affairs of this world, of the politics of a certain nation just because they happen to live in that nation, are being side-tracked from their calling and purpose, and that is what all of this is about. Pray about and seek God and see what he says about it. God bless you.

  147. NOW leap for JOY and PRAISE THE LORD>

  148. Martin Nov 6th 2015

    The fruit of Christian politics in the last 45 years (since Roe vs Wade legalized abortion which lead to a big increase in the politicizing of the church), is…. we’ve criminalized abortion? We prevented legalized gay marriage? We turned the culture to a more righteous path? We lead many to Christ? We’ve saved America from destruction?
    Is the fruit really that nothing good has come of it and only bad, with many Christians becoming hateful, angry, feaful, easily manipulated, mean-spirited and nasty towards others they consider political enemies etc, and a hardening of hearts of non-christians towards Christianity because it stands against them politically. Christianity becoming known as a political grouping of the right and identified as political rather than known for its love and its teaching on grace, and its good works. You should know this – many young people especially have been turned away from Christianity in the USA. Satan made the church become political and used it to turn a generation away from the truth and turn Christians into somethign very un-christ like. He is a cunning enemy. Of course, it wouldn’t have worked if Christians were not so worldly in their thinking about their nation. Christians have voted for a Mormon, much of the church even embraced him, they put away their “Mormonism is a cult” websites and many Christian leaders endorsed him, all for the political cause, and they will do the same again for a Trump or anyone else on their side. Christians have told deliberate lies, carried out smears and slanders and spread rumors and done many other sinful things deliberately for the sake of a political cause. They have compromised and sinned to fight the enemy of the other side as if all is fear in a war of persuasion. I have seen it everywhere in the church. Do Christian leaders call us to repent of the evil we speak against the president or the lies and evil tactics we are willing to use? Hardly.
    Some have said it isn’t the real Christians doing these things, just the nominal Christians who are Christian in culture only, but that isn’t true, I have seen faithful, Bible believing Christians act this way and worse. I fear for the church in America because of it.
    This is the sad truth – I very much doubt Christians using politics will ever achieve what they want from it. There won’t be a victory of gay marriage or abortion or anything that comes through the power of your vote. You won’t achieve anything good at all. And yet, even in knowing this, many will still not refocus on what God’s will is for us to do. We will listen to fox news and Rush and Breitbart and their conspiracy theories that stir up our fears for the greatness of the nation. We will be stirred to fight over and over out of fear and anger. Fear they’ll take guns away, or fear that immigration will ruin America, or the deficit will, or that God will judge America if we don’t vote in a Christian who will stand against all this ungodliness, though no politician ever actually does. Just look at the fruit of the last 45 years. Lets get on our knees instead and pray for the power of God to change the church and the nation. Turning to worldly power and politics is actually a symptom of a lack of real power in the church and of real faith in God to do the supernatural.

  149. Martin, I appreciate your words, but my eyes are wide open, and my knowledge and understanding about history is not newly-achieved and unseasoned.

    America was NOT birthed in rebellion for 2 reasons:

    1. We were kicked out of the colonies; we did NOT leave on our own. You’ve probably never heard of the American Prohibitory Act, but if you’ll dig deep, you’ll find that, by it, King George did eject the American colonies from the British colonies, declare us out of his protection (protection of the colonies was the king’s job, remember), and order his navy to stop all American ships on the seas, capture the ships, and either kill or impress the sailors into the British Royal Navy. That was in December, 1775. It was an act of war against the American colonies. The Declaration of Independence, then, simply declared to the world the state of things that already existed; it did not make America free.

    2. We are not commanded to obey civil government. King James did a number on us (he HAD to, to defend his idea of the divine right of kings and his position as the head of the Church of England) by his translation of Romans 13:1, but if you read the entire book of Romans so as to put chapter 13 in context, study the original languages, and understand scripture, you will find that what that verse actually say is this:

    Everyone, allow yourself to be persuaded by the HIGHER Authorities! For there is no True Authority but that which comes direct from God. All TRUE Authority derives from God. ~ Romans 13:1

    Romans 13 is in NO WAY a defense of civil government nor a command to us to obey “civil authorities”; it directs us to look to the HIGHEST authority, rather than the lower (false) authorities.

    I am not defending America, per se, but the quotes and citations posted above speak for themselves. America HAS been blessed because of our national fealty to God and His truth, but those days are pretty much behind us at this point.

  150. David Marsh Nov 6th 2015

    Politics is a kingdom ruled by the spirit realm.

    That is why Jesus warred first and foremost in the Spirit realm.

    When one understands this, then you will know why Andrew has raised this issue.

    Satan does not want you to war against him with the Holy Spirit whereby we can defeat him. That is why he loves to have Christians getting into politics. Where he will always win.

    God bless

    David Marsh

  151. Most American Christians avoid politics and legislating. And Andrew agrees Christians should not waste time attempting to legislate. So, Andrew, the majority agrees with you already.

    Meanwhile, these same largely silent Americanized Christians elect the “lesser of two evils” every four years, although followers of Yahshua are to reject ALL evil.

    And the seculars, happy to see Americanized Christians remain silent in the legislation process, continue to make laws contrary to Bible Scripture.

    Even worse, the US Supreme Court illegally legislates from the bench to the silent approval of Americanized Christians.

    Now, the Bible and prayer is outlawed in US public schools to the silent approval of majority of Christians.

    Baby is murdered in mommy’s belly to silent approval of majority of Christians.

    Porn is easily available in stores and in homes on cable tv and the internet to silent approval of majority of Christians.

    The US policy in the Middle East has facilitated the advancing GENOCIDE of Arab Christians to silent approval of majority of Christians.

    And now, as Americanized Christianity continues to remain publicly SILENT, the marriage covenant of the Lord has been cast down and trampled, as perverted same sex marriages are now sanctioned by the US Government.

    For all their silent compromise, these things have come upon you. Now, the Lord will deal with the lawless among His people, who have winked at sin and embraced evil in their hearts.

    The compromised and lukewarm who have forsaken the word and ways of the Lord, have failed to be the salt and light that He ordained them to be. Now, the Lord Himself will mess them up and tear them up;. Hosea 5:14-15.

    President Obama and the secular politicians are your reward. They are the symptom of your rejection of the truth; sound doctrine.

    Romans 3:19, declares that the LAW of the Lord is to silence the WHOLE EARTH and hold THE WHOLE WORLD ACCOUNTABLE.

    But you have rejected my word and rejected my law. You have rejected SOUND DOCTRINE. Now, you LAWLESS will see that I am a God who also delights in JUDGMENT.

    Yes, persecution is coming to the USA. The christian system of religion is the kettle and Babylonian USA will kindle a fire under it.

    As Billy Graham has just warned the American churches, “PREPARE” for persecution.

    Jonathan Israel

  152. Here is a thought, Politics is wrecking pseudo Christianity not the genuine. For those who walk in the Spirit all things work together for good, their light will shine brighter in the darkness.

    Pr Michael

  153. So many Christians want all others to agree with what they are saying. The gospel is simply the Good News. The good news is that the wrath of God abides on the unsaved, we are all sinners in need of a savior, to satisfy a righteous Creator/God. The Good News is that there is NOTHING we can offer, no working our way to God’s good graces or trying to be better. Jesus paid once for all. We can add nothing to that. That’s the Good News! The penalty has been paid! We are not allowed by law to share this at the workplace any longer, we were able to stave off the wickedness for as long as the church restrained (and still is) this wickedness. God uses those who belong to Him to accomplish His purpose in many different ways and job titles and in our realm of influence. To think that New Zealanders are “better” Christians than Americans is delusional.

    I think Kathleen from Wa stated well what most true followers of Christ in America are about, Bill Vickery gets it, Barbara Hedrick gets it, Todd Harper, good word, Kyle in Pitts. good word, Michael good, Martin, Ben, good, Jonathan, good. I think you “get” the gospel and what it means to be set free to serve God in all your ways, listening for His direction, His word abiding in us, much time in prayer for all things. “In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” As William Tyndale, when burning at the stake for his faith, cried out, “God open the eyes of the King of England!” That was so political! Right. He was using his last breath to pray for a kings eyes to be opened that more might hear the gospel and be set free. Give your life to God, He will take it and use it for His glory in all you do. Unfortunately, when we state bold things about those that are not in our realm, lumping all into one group and insulting their walk with the Lord, we simply stir men’s emotions. How does that edify? King James Bible Romans 12:3
    For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.

    Thank you Father God for the measure of faith that you have given me, keep me from straying. May I please you with my life.

  154. Andrew Nov 6th 2015

    Martin gets it.

    Well written, Martin.

    -Andrew Strom

  155. Andrew, thank you so much for standing for the gospel of Christ! You’re RIGHT! I’m so encouraged that there were some who heard you, actually HEARD you and repented. Keep telling the truth. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Not politics. It is a different gospel that is not the way, nor the truth, and that leads to death.

  156. Brandon Nov 6th 2015

    Andrew, Should born again believers in America repent for voting? Should all members of anzac have repented for participating in significant and violent activities of war directed by government and politics? Let’s face it, war is an extreme expression of political will and expression of political support. What about watching or reading any news and repenting? CBS? CNN? MSNBC? Or just Fox News? Where does it end? Are there some political activities that are more acceptable or just plain acceptable while many others are not? Does this open the door to legalism?

    What do The Scriptures say about why the world hates born-again believers in Christ Jesus? Does this also presuppose that those behaving and working completely in God’s will can expect that the world will then love and accept them? Of course, I am supporting and arguing for it is best that all walk in God’s will the best any of us can, but does The Scriptures say then the world will love us?

    I have learned a lot in years past from you and your ministry. Admittedly, not much since you left America about 5+ years ago if I recall correctly when you left. Today is the first time I felt angrily harshly condemned when reading one of your emails. This from a person who does not align or support any political parties. A person who tries to stay informed of current events particularly as it relates to events pointing to the spiritual season we are living in especially possible last days season. This also from a person who completely agrees the church in America in general (not all, but a lot) is compromised in many ways including by political powers. This also from a person who believes in the dangers of belief systems such as dominionism. I completely believe that the first and only true way to effect any real good change is through the power of The Gospel and love of Christ for any and all as God is not willing that any should perish.

    Andrew, I’m really troubled why I feel so much confusion and condemnation from your email? I say this considering that there is much that I pretty much agree with, and I have been familiar with and shared much of those views for years.

    I could speculate as to a lot of those answers. I could likely come up with some ideas as to why I’ve experienced the thoughts and feelings that I have upon reading your email on this issue. I don’t think that would get anywhere though. I have enough respect for you for your work and giftings to try for a discussion (not an argument) on these matters that might benefit myself, others, and just maybe yourself as well.

  157. Andrew Nov 6th 2015

    Read Martin’s last post above to see why I had to write what I wrote, my friend.

    Bless you!


  158. While there is a majority of silence and compromise among so-called Christians in America, there is a remnant who will declare God’s laws to a lawless people.


  159. ValleyAnt Nov 6th 2015

    A lot of people here actually agree with each other, but there’s just some confusion. Andrew is right: Christians shouldn’t focus on politics rather than Christ. Others are right: Christians are to be led of the Lord, even into partaking in politics. And etc.

    I don’t know if some people will receive this, but it’s biblical: the Bible says that the whole earth will be filled with God’s glory, Jesus said that the gospel was to go into all the world, and Paul said that his company was (and Christians are to be) the fragrance of Christ “in EVERY place.” The gospel to all the world and to the Gentiles didn’t make sense to the apostles either. The fact is that wherever a believer is, the Lord has a doorway to work in that place. If believers neglected politics, the Lord could not work there. Jesus said it was expedient that He leave; the Spirit, being in multiple persons, would have a reach into areas that Jesus as a Man was not sent into (such as Gentiles and politics).

    That said, believers within political offices is one thing, and believers focusing on politics more than Christ and the gospel is another thing. How can one point a finger at the speck in the political eye when there’s a beam in his eye? The focus is to be on practicing righteousness, not talking about and wishing it. John said that whoever PRACTICES righteousness is righteous just as Jesus is righteous. This practice comes from new hearts and also renews minds.

    Finally, everyone seems to define the term ‘gospel’ partially which literally means ‘good news’, spoken AND expressed: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed me to preach the gospel… to set the captives free…” Paul also said that in words and actions, he’d fully preached the gospel. If the focus is to preach the gospel to unbelievers more than trying to legislate morality, it begins in the PRACTICE of loving God and fellow believers with actions. This will create and provoke spiritual and moral change faster than anything else as it did in the early Church.

  160. DonaldN Nov 6th 2015

    A prophecy from 11/5/2015

    That which is coming is coming. Your politics cannot save you. Your religion cannot save you. Your church cannot save you. Who can resist the moving of God Almighty?
    As OT Israel went into captivity to Babylon in the natural, so it shall be in the spiritual.
    God brought Babylon against Israel because of their involvement with the nations around them.
    The spiritual is the same. God is now bringing the religion of Babylon against the religious church because of the involvement with the world around it.
    There shall be no more spiritual Israel in the land. All shall go captive.

  161. Brandon Nov 6th 2015

    Andrew my friend, I did read Martin’s comments before I wrote mine. I found those comments only slightly relevant to the concerns and questions I had. I know you must be a busy person who does not have the time to respond to every question from people anywhere around the world. I get that and understand.

    I do want to say in defense of myself. I do have serious heartfelt questions about so much of these concerns and topics mentioned. I desperately want Christ Jesus first and foremost in my life and in all I do. If there is some area where I stray, and I do more often than I want. When I do stray and fail, I want to repent of any and all areas that disappoint our Father and Lord Christ Jesus.

    After reading the original article/email and hours of reading the many comments, I was reading in hopes and attempt that I was reading words of fellow Christians who were truly trying to speak spiritual words of true direction in Scripture and Godly living without any other agenda. After sleeping and then reading some more of the comments, I think that there is a fair share of people hammering political views and opinions under the guise that they are not being political only spiritual. Throughout, I read a lot of desire of pleasing men couched in rebuking and condemning believers for engaging in any political activity, speech, or thought. Particularly as relevant to this entire discussion, it seems there is a lot of people of a leftist political viewpoint condemning any and all Christians in America who may have some political views or beliefs of the right. I’m not declaring this, but I am wondering if this isn’t just some good old fashion hypocrisy? Lots of divisiveness, fear, anger, and resentment in the name of telling others they are doing the exact thing that they themselves are now doing?

    Regretfully, I will state “my credentials” so as to qualify what I am trying to say. I don’t see America as some bastion of greatness in the world. Matter of fact, I’m leaning towards the view that America is the harlot Babylon! I am distrustful and generally dislike all worldly media including Fox News. I don’t listen to Rush. Last time I checked, Brietbart died a few years ago. So obviously I’m not listening to so called conspiracy theories of his. I do listen to some podcasts, including Andrew’s from easily 10 years ago i.e. Andrew’s audio files of sermons and Bible lessons. Lastly for purposes of this discussion, I think churches across America made a big mistake letting worldly political parties and groups get into the churches. And yes, the only true change and hope is in Christ and His love and grace shared with others as Christ calls.

    In closing, Andrew I don’t even know if you have a call or anointing to or for America any longer. I have no real way of knowing or keeping up with your life’s activities other than your email list. From what I understand, you felt called to leave America believing judgement was imminent on America. I think at that time, Andrew was really accurate about America. Of course, I respect you in following where God leads you. With these recent comments, I do wonder if they are informed by you being back here in America? I do wonder if you have that particular anointing for America currently if you have been called away from America for years now? Maybe you do, I’m just saying I don’t know. I bring this up in that I don’t recall any of your words hitting as angrily condemning as these words have in this most recent article/email. While I don’t feel I was a direct target, it sort of felt like an indiscriminate shotgun blast of anger, indignation, and condemnation that had a wide spread and hit me nonetheless because I was in the area. Sadly, I now wonder if the motivation to seemingly condemn any Christian political involvement was atleast in part motivated by political attitudes as well.

  162. I agree with your emotions Brandon and well put. Jesus said, if they hate you they hated Me before you. Unlike Cara’s accolades for you standing on the gospel Andrew, pretty much most of us are standing on the gospel. Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called sons of God. What you are doing appears as someone in a tiny part of the whole world judging all of God’s people clear across the world that they are living for Satan, preventing “young people” from coming to God, as Martin put it. Like the Palestinians who throwing stones at the Jews at the wailing wall. It sets the tone, we begin accusing each other. Who was the accuser of the brethren? Defending ourselves with this is “why I had to write what I wrote” only serves to inflame brothers and sisters. If God alone is not the reason, there is no reason. Let God be God and use us as He wishes. I know many young people who are closed to hearing God’s word because of the “prophesy movement” (C. Peter Wagner, etc.) and many “speaking for God” who were not and allowing others to go on without discerning and calling it what it was. The insistence by this group that we had to recreate the office of apostle and prophet, to be led by them, when their lives did not match the calling they proclaimed. No one in God’s kingdom is more important than another, for we are simply vessels, the more cleansed of self, the more used by God.

    What we all need when we are getting off is for others to come along side in love and show us the way more perfectly. Not throw insults lumping all followers together simply because they are from the same side of the world. America has become as decadent as the Christians allowed it to become with their silence. Then, instead of being sojourners, they began to just live as those who do not know God. As in Daniel where its says that Satan will attack by the constant wearing down of the saints. If it weren’t for God, who is able to save each one of us from ANY circumstance, and bring us to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, we would all be deceived by Satan.

    Excellent word Valley Ant. You get it. We belong to God, not to the observations of others. Over here Andrew, living here, being a citizen, we are vexed, as righteous Lot. We need your prayers, not your observations. We need your love, not your condemnation. Man is man and Satan will always use whatever man is doing for God and accuse him. That is what Job was all about. God asks him, “have you considered my servant Job?” Can you imaging being that in tuned and well used by God that God Himself would actually bring up your name to Satan?!!! Just like your thinking writing this was desperately needed by God, that we are in so need of correction that we need to see it in print. Have you considered my people in America? That there is no one in our own country that can come along side brothers and sisters. Did you forget you were addressing the Body of Christ? Just adding the word “friend” or “bless you” at the end does not encapsulate our words in “love.” We are told to LOVE one another. Even if it took a lifetime, a worthy pursuit.

    I do thank you for allowing comment Andrew. I thank you for your heart toward God. And I pray that you be well used by God and for revelation knowledge of His love for you first, and then for all of His flock. Please pray for us in America, that God continue to strengthen us and lead and guide us and fill us with His love for others and that we be cleansed vessels filled with His power to accomplish what He would have us accomplish. “For the end of all things is at hand, therefore be serious and watchful in your prayers. And above all things have fervent love for one another, for “love will cover a multitude of sins.” 2 Peter chapter two for context.

  163. Steven Grant Nov 6th 2015

    Not one Scripture was used in the above blog. The entire Old Testament concerns the interaction of government and godliness. This was not nullified in the New, but further articulated. Jesus Christ is King of kings, and as such calls us into that area of life and society; not out of it. In the United States, the Founding Fathers quoted the book of Deuteronomy more than any other, in establishing a Constitutional Republic under Jesus Christ. Abandonment theology isn’t just dangerous; it’s just plain wrong.

  164. I don’t disagree, ValleyAnt. The problem, as it were, is people putting their confidence in politics (or whatever) as if that thing will save them. Minister there? Great! Think that our involvement there, because of where “there” is, will save the world? Not so. There Andrew is correct. But it’s not just politics. It’s also in the institutional church. To the extent that what passes today for “church” is man-made – and that’s most of it – going there or “doing church” is not the answer. Just like politics. Just like what passes today for “healthcare” … or law … or education … or media … or banking.

    Jesus IS the answer. But let’s not forget, as I pointed out above, God’s FIRST command to Adam and Eve: “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”

  165. Kathy Mac Nov 6th 2015

    On this issue, I mostly disagree with you, Andrew. The USA was formed as a nation with Judeo/Christian values at its very root and a constitution and bill of rights whose purpose was to protect those rights. Our forefathers were visionary in trying to prevent a lessening of these rights.

    While I agree that screaming on talk radio or tv is not productive for the most part, I think we do need to stand up for what is right and not simply become a doormat and let the ungodly destroy our country.

    My ancestors came to this country in the 1600s for the most part, and my 5th great grandfather gave his life in the Revolutionary War. I feel an obligation to not let that be in vain.

    It was the godly people in this nation who marched for Civil Rights in the 1960s, my parents among them. Should we just have let that evil persist?

    We must be about preaching the gospel, I agree, and living it. Our nation is unique in the way it was founded. God has blessed this country. I pray for a revival to spread across this country and I pray for godly leaders to be elected that we can turn off the slippery slope we have been on for too long. I do not think it is too late for the USA.

  166. Andrew Nov 6th 2015

    If you can’t stand back and see the sheer ugliness of a church that constantly agitates for it’s political “rights” with yelling and anger and finger-pointing, I don’t know what you can see.

    Where is the “good fruit”? There is none.

    Where is the Christ-likeness? There is none.

    Get back to the simple gospel and change men’s HEARTS – just like we are commanded.

    Politics is the worst distraction. So ugly. So pointless. So much the devil’s trap.

    Blessings to all,

    Andrew Strom

  167. DonaldN Nov 6th 2015

    Politics is the proverbial carrot. The powers that be are dangling it in your face telling you that you can make a difference, just keep voting. Meanwhile they are loading you up with a burden that you cannot get out from under as long as you continue to chase the carrot.
    The government that is on Jesus’ shoulders is not of this world. Are you in favor of illegal immigrants voting in this nation? We are not citizens of this world. We are as immigrants travelling through this world.

  168. What is coming is coming and it will not be stayed………
    Since this people trust in men
    and loves to have this so……
    then unto this world shall be given
    a political kingdom of men and kings
    and a King which men desire…..
    And through this king and his kings
    shall the world be utterly destroyed……
    but this people say,
    wherein do we trust in men
    IN that you cast your trust and your hearts
    in men of belial……..
    who do all to win a vote
    and both sides hear these men and both sides
    think they are of GOD
    men of GOD…………
    yet neither side is of GOD,
    since this people love to have this so…….
    THEN Unto this people shall
    be given the son of perdition and his kings.
    but ye say….
    we would never follow the son of perdition nor his kings,
    now and ye cannot discern
    they are of that spirit……….THEN HOW WILL YE DISCERN
    for this people is blind, it cannot see
    its trust is in men and these men are of the spirit of anti Christ.
    if ye are deceived by this spirit now
    YE will ONLY FOLLOW this head of all evil when it comes….
    and say,
    alas finally men and men who run the world as it ought to be run
    and yet , it will be the very son of perdition ye love
    and his kings ye embrace,
    IF ye embrace vile men now……….
    AND cannot discern they are evil………
    WHAT will you do when this HEAD of all evil
    HIS spirit deceives as will HE…….
    and if ye cannot discern this spirit at work in these politics
    THEN ye are blind and will follow this king when once
    he arrives……
    What is cming is cming and it will not be stopped.

  169. THE PATTERN …………
    its the very same as was the jews of the old days……..
    under the delusion and mass delusion these people will go…….
    and the rest , the remnant shall be hunted…
    by the very ones , who think they are of GOD
    and yet will kill and round up in HIS NAME
    all those who wont conform to this political system
    YES the time now is and soon to come
    when many will think rounding men like me
    and others up, WILL BE THEIR GODS WILL……….
    and they will just see us as in the way
    OF their peace and unity
    of their KINGDOM COME……….
    the problem with so many today……
    where is YOUR HEART……..
    what is coming is coming and will not be stopped……
    and unto; you who say
    those days are far off, they are not nigh……..
    behold they will be upon you
    before you even see them……
    and what will the trusters of men
    do in those days………
    Since ye love kings and king
    whose hearts are NOT after GOD
    but rather after the world……
    THEN prepare to meet this king …….
    but O world what will ye do under his burden………..
    The world will learn
    that never should it have trusted in men
    and these kings and king
    will utterly DESTORY this world……….
    and in such short time……
    had the churches ONLY followed the lamb
    HAD they only TOOK heed unto GOD
    this could have been stayed……
    But this people loveth a lie
    and trusts in men
    and cursed is the man whose trust is in man.

  170. I am so very sorrowful for so many…….
    I know and am greatful to know by grace the love of the truth…..
    but so sad is my heart for those who
    would rather have pleasure in unrighteousness
    than love of the truth………
    I am but a simple man
    I cannot give the increase……
    yet they could have had the same hope as did I,
    yet they denied it…….
    we can pray for them……..to come out of darkness
    and come unto the LIGHT
    and we must witness ……
    but understand ……..
    they will either stone you…………or receive the truth……..
    many will hate you……………few will love you……….
    and all whom Come unto CHRIST
    are family…….
    I sorrow for some here even……..
    they cannot let go of their trust in men
    even WHEN ONCE they are warned……..
    and that has me very worried for them…….
    I truly believe we should have a post
    on the KEEPING OF JESUS sayings
    Have all his sayings listed
    and then one by one
    we see who keeps them all
    or who twists some.
    lest they repent….
    that is one thing I have noticed over and over again…
    I have seen these odd beliefs
    then went to correct
    and never would they hear me…….
    THEN I went to their faith in HIS SAYINGS
    they had twisted at least ONE OF HIS SAYINGS
    to suit their own beliefs….
    and that is why THEY NOW BELIVE as they belive
    because they don't live by his sayings
    THEY have twisted some……………….and thus
    are in DELUSION
    how bout we test some here…….
    bet many sadly would fail….
    and instead of repenting, would JUSTIFY
    why they do as they do……….
    but this is needed…..
    WE MUST examine one the other……

  171. Should a christain support war, or even self defense……….
    NO NO NO ………..
    I believe , that no war should ever be supported…
    I even believe,
    that if one come to kill me
    and in fact the only thing I should do to him
    yet ,
    yet I am the dangerous one……..
    lets see,
    most would kill their enemies
    I JUST say LOVE your enemies
    and never even defend yourself
    but rather just forgive them……..
    How bout a post ON THIS TOPIC ANDREW

  172. the problem with the church
    is not just the church,
    for many have left churches….
    the problem with man…………..IS MAN
    the solution is a NEW MIND
    and that which is OF CHRIST………..
    yall want the whole gospel preached…………..
    WELL here I COME ………
    lets love all we hear…………..

  173. I hope and pray we can have this discussion Andrew
    with the whole of them all…………
    and that we can all help one the other
    till we come unto the UNITY of the Faith………..

  174. David Marsh Nov 7th 2015

    Jesus told us that the end times would be just like Sodom.

    Ezekial 16:49-50
    Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread. and abundance if idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.
    And they were haughty, and committed abomination before me; therefore i took them away as I saw good.

    Indeed, we cannot kid ourselves we in the days of Sodom. The great beast kingdom is growing in strength day by day just as God said it would. Because He is allowing it to be so.

    Why then are we straining to change what God is bringing about? Would we have battled against the Romans as well in 70 AD when God wanted to dismantle Israel?
    Are some people here actually fighting against God?

    And why aren’t we doing what God said we should be doing in Joel 2:12-23. The directive to the end time Saints when the day of the Lord approaches.
    That is what God is commanding us to do.

    God bless

    David Marsh

    all Who LOVE the LORD……….
    therese………………bring a wonderful song
    for all the peoples
    and let us all begin afresh and anew
    ONLY in CHRIST and ONLY in sound doctrine…….
    and read ONLY the bible…..
    and praise the LORD
    and understand
    that we too are about to see the mercies of GOD
    for all that HE Loves
    HE will chasten and scourge
    and as he told the lukewarm church
    I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire
    that ye may be rich……….
    the weapon has been formed and is nigh on the way……
    but fear not……..
    all things work together for GOOD
    unto those who love GOd………..
    be blessed and may many souls
    be zealous and repent………
    and may we all learn as we ought learn……
    GOD is truly good.
    and no matter what is soon to come against us
    and if we let patience have her perfect work…….
    and its not for another generation
    TIME has just run its course…..

  176. Wow. Remind me not to move my family next door to your house, sir. If someone messes with my family, I WILL kill him in defense of their lives, and I will do so in the name of God. Solomon agreed with me:

    If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small. If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain … (Pro 24:10-11)

    Do you believe in policemen? I was one, and I had a lot of Christian friends on the force. We’d sooner pray with a man than fight him, and we certainly didn’t want to kill anyone, but defending one’s family is not being unloving, and it is not Godly to adopt this false “turn the other cheek” wimpy view of Jesus. Jesus gave His life because He came here to die for us. Do you think that means that WE are to lie down and let murderers and rapists kill us and rape our families? I think not!

  177. So, David, would you agree with those famous preachers who want to see Armageddon come quickly because it will hasten the Lord’s return?

    Would you have us get rid of the police so that evil can triumph and the Lord may come back sooner? Are we fighting against God to call the police when some crazed drug dealer is kicking in our front door?

  178. Andrew Nov 7th 2015

    Extremes, extremes.

    Why can’t we just discuss the topic at hand?

    Blessings to all,


  179. You know, it’s fine to encourage people to get out of politics, because it’s a phony game, not at all about what most people think it is. Government is a dirty business, full of dirty and crooked people. But I really wonder about those who say that, no, what we are SUPPOSED to be focused on is just giving the gospel. That’s all. Just telling people about Jesus.

    So I want to know. Who here is focused SOLELY on telling people about Jesus? That is your reason for living, for breathing, for existing on earth? That’s all that you do? You don’t go to ball games except to evangelize, and you are so intense about it that you often get thrown out of ballparks. And certainly you NEVER play the game yourself. You don’t work a job. You don’t own a business. You don’t own a car or a house. Your clothes are rags. You rarely eat, and when you do, it’s the modern equivalent of locusts and honey. You spend every waking minute telling people about Jesus with the same intensity as if you knew that you had five minutes left to tell the world and that in five minutes all would be lost. You are as focused as someone who has just seen a tsunami approaching, and you are running and crying in the streets warning people!

    Now, if that person exists on this list, my hat’s off to you. I certainly am not that intense in my giving of the gospel, and I’ll shut up and just listen if that’s all of you and I’m the odd man out here. But I really don’t think that’s so. Is it? Andrew, is it true of you? Or are you still a professional minister?

  180. Andrew Nov 7th 2015

    Again – you attack me with “extremes”, my friend.

    Having a “political” church and a “political” gospel are the issues at hand. And those are both very ugly things that bare terrible fruit.

    Bless you!