I tend to get a lot of criticism when I talk about the feature film we are making. Some think it is not a very “preacher-ish” thing to do. Shouldn’t I be off “spreading the word” instead of participating in such a thing?

But it is precisely the call to ‘spread the message’ that compels
me to make this film – and to make it as widely accessible as
possible. Millions of people today – including many Christians –
no longer read books or articles. They are not interested in
‘preaching’. They do not even watch documentaries. But they
might just watch a feature film. Are we not called to reach these
ones too? -Especially with an urgent warning about the very
times we are living in? (And believe me, ‘warning’ is at the very
heart of this film).

The difficult thing is to incorporate such a hard-hitting message
without making the whole thing “cheesy” or religiously overbearing.

So what is this movie about? Well, the basic theme is that our
civilization really is coming to an end – and the causes are
SPIRITUAL. It is a film that tries to express God’s point of view
as to why our culture is in such a death-spiral – but with a storyline
that will hopefully keep people watching right to the end. The
“message” in this movie is not subtle or ‘hidden’. I am not interested
in making a film like that. It is very clear. But at the same time it
tries to avoid religious cliches. There are a lot of special effects
and things in the film – and I am not at all ashamed of employing
them. Hopefully we will get more people watching that way –
which is the whole idea.

We live today in a very “visual” culture. We have the choice of
either abandoning these people to their dreamworld – or trying to
engage them in a language that they truly understand. Too often
we Christians are such “purists” that we will not even try to reach
such ones. But if we’re called to issue a “warning”, shouldn’t we
do it in a way that they will actually hear?

I have had it on my heart for years to one day make a feature film.
I know I will receive criticism for this “un-preacherly” project, but
I cannot apologize for it. I hope you can understand my heart in
this, my friends. I welcome your thoughts and comments.

-PLEASE COMMENT on this article below-

God bless you all.

Posted in Articles by Andrew on June 4th, 2014 at 11:49 am.


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  1. Andrew, great idea – but why even ask for comments, you will probably just get the usual controversy and nay Sayers – if God put it on your heart, don’t worry about getting a consensus, it probably wont happen……just do it…

  2. stephen boyce Jun 4th 2014

    Andrew you have to obey god and not man. It is not up to man to tell you what to do only Jesus of nazeruth If he told you to make a movie then do it. Like I was told to witness to muslims and I was scared for quite a while but I did it. The lord wanted me to do it and I did. you need to obey god not man

  3. Where there is no vision, the people perish. The movie screen is the biggest pulpit in the world. When Christians realize that the devil has brought his agenda very efficiently through the media of television and movies, they might start backing this type of project. As a Christian filmmaker getting ready to make my 5th feature, I know the frustration of dealing with those who do not understand the war for the minds and hearts and souls of the people of planet earth. I have tried and failed to get help from churches in the town where I live. Stick to your guns, Andrew. The hardest fight seems to be against the Christians who are myopic. I’m thinking about making a movie about making a movie to show people what is going on in this arena and to maybe win some converts to the cause.

  4. Where there is no vision, the people perish. The movie screen is the biggest pulpit in the world. When Christians realize that the devil has brought his agenda very efficiently through the media of television and movies, they might start backing this type of project. As a Christian filmmaker getting ready to make my 5th feature, I know the frustration of dealing with those who do not understand the war for the minds and hearts and souls of the people of planet earth. I have tried and failed to get help from churches in the town where I live. Stick to your guns, Andrew. The hardest fight seems to be against the Christians who are myopic. I’m thinking about making a movie about making a movie to show people what is going on in this arena and to maybe win some converts to the cause.

  5. I applaud your movie making. You have exactly the right attitude. Our society is visual now, so our message must be also. My struggle is that the messaging must also be short… I am not sure a full length movie will get much traction. I have not seen your movie so I cannot judge its sticking power. We shall see. I see a lot of young folk being attracted to 5 minute segments in a series which may add up to a full theme. I wonder if this might work for you. A real problem is that they only watch stuff that is clearly entertainment. Perhaps we can find a way to break down that barrier as well. In any case you have my prayers and my support. Christ with you my friend.

  6. Cindy Meyers Jun 4th 2014

    Andrew, you have left a long and public trail of your love of Truth and your passion for souls. It’s you heart for Christ and His glory that shines through. I pray that your efforts will result in many being swept into the Kingdom of God! It’s clear that this is your desire. God knows and will bless! All the tools of technology can be used for evil or for good. You’ve chosen it for good!!

  7. steve nixon Jun 4th 2014

    Good idea. I hope when it comes out that it’s affordable.

  8. mesha Jun 4th 2014

    Hello Brother, I don’t consider myself a purist by ant stretch of the imagination, but I do believe that a lot of modern day preachers have bought in to the whole idea of using the media that is available. My personal belief is that the preaching of The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Jesus said to pray that The Lord of the harvest would send labourers into the vinyard. I could be wrong but I do believe that if went out onto the streets filled with The Spirit of The Jesus of the Bible, the harvest would be reaped. No gimmicks needed. The Spirit of The Living God is all that is needed.

  9. Woodsy Jun 4th 2014

    Go for it brother! We need more “good stuff” that is NOT from Hollywood! And by all means do not utilize any KJV language to reach the younger generation – that would be a turn-off – unfortunate as it may be, it is still true! It is sad to think that our young digital generation cannot live without access to the net using their mini-mobile devises. The devil is certainly clever in commanding the attention of the masses!
    I’ve always wondered – did the English folks who lived in the 1600’s actually use the “theatrical language” of the KJV on the street??
    Keep up the good work – and GOD BLESS YOU

  10. Loreen Jun 4th 2014

    Go Go Go Andrew Strom!! I have studied the arts and visuals my whole life and know that television and movies are one of the devil’s favorite tools! I have also been a Christian my whole life and know that another tool is cheesy preachy church attendees who criticize anything that doesn’t have a scripture in every other line. The world needs to hear and see genuine Jesus in every genre and you are on the right track.

  11. Bill Bennett Jun 4th 2014

    I agree, films are an excellent and meaningful way to reach out and convey truth. All inherently know that a good story offers a means to impart and impact–hopefully your film will do so. Tell when we can obtain it. And for the same reason we would like to recommend Russell Stendal’s film, La Montana to you. Just let us know and we will send you one.

    Bill Bennett

  12. A preacher without a missionary heart is just a speaker. God’s revelation from Genesis to Revelation is an infinite God initiating, seeking out and saving the finite, that’s us. You’re a man after God’s own heart.

  13. Ed Hopf Jun 4th 2014

    Dear Andrew,

    Culture shouldn’t be dominated by unbelievers. The Cinema shouldn’t be the devil’s domain. People are perishing, and if they
    are reached through the gospel by a film, then obey God and make
    the film knowing He will provide the funds and people.

  14. Amen to previous comments. WHY do people have to criticise? Such religious spirits! Ignore them, Bro. We use multi-media every Sunday and in our Training Schools, powerfully underscoring the Word with pictures and music. What an impact! Jesus was VERY ‘Hebrew picture’. Go for it!

  15. jGrace Jun 4th 2014

    i just say BLESS YOU in ALL the LORD puts on your heart to do….
    you are ALREADY PROVEN –
    Your heart is only & ever to Honor Him… and to save Souls…..
    Bless & bless….. jGrace

  16. This reminds me of what Paul wrote about in 1 Corinthians 9:21-23. “When I am with the Gentiles who do not have the Jewish law, I fit in with them as much as I can. In this way, I gain their confidence and BRING THEM TO CHRIST. But I do NOT discard the law of God; I OBEY THE LAW OF CHRIST. When I am with those who are oppressed, I share their oppression SO THAT I MIGHT BRING THEM TO CHRIST. Yes, I try to find common ground with everyone so that I might bring them to Christ. I DO ALL THIS TO SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS, and in doing so I enjoy its blessings.” NLT

    The problem I have found with “Christian” films lately is that they’re corrupt. They do NOT obey the law of Christ as Paul mentions as being paramount in evangelism (above). Many, especially any movie made by PureFlix I’ve noticed, (name is ironic), use worldly themes and strategically placed beautiful, immodestly clothed women to attract an audience. We are not to “lure” people to Christianity by these means. All they are doing is providing watered down, confusing messages filled with stumbling blocks and pitfalls. I trust nothing or no one anymore claiming to be “Christian” until I see purity and holiness pouring forth in contrast to the world of filth we are constantly exposed to. These types of films are harming, NOT helping, and this was NOT the kind of witness Paul was speaking of!

    If your film truly is a warning to the world to turn from sin and cast itself at the feet of our HOLY God, and you use none of the pathetic, twisted tactics of the so called “Christian” producers today, then, by all means, reach them! Grab them by the eyes and ears, and pray it reaches their hearts and minds! If you provide meaningful, truthful, and PURE content in a way that they can understand without violating any of God’s precepts, you will be following in the footsteps of Paul spreading the Good News to all!

    BTW, In contract to PureFlix movies, which we REFUSE to watch anymore, the Kendrick Brothers (makers of Courageous, etc) have put out exceptional movies that mix entertainment and solid messages). Sorry to make that longer, but I think it’s important not only to expose the bad, but also applaud the good!

    Preach it, brother. Can’t wait to be challenged and encouraged by it! So glad you love people enough to take the criticism that comes your way. May God anoint this project, and bring many to Him through it!

  17. Lynn Savron Jun 4th 2014

    I commend you. After reading ‘The Harbinger’ and ‘The End of America’ I know it is critical to wake people up. God’s righteousness demands judgment, and I believe that time is very short. People who won’t read will watch a video. I pray it is of the highest caliber and will be used to bring many to salvation.

  18. His Truth is marching on Jun 4th 2014

    The anointing breaks the yoke. If life is on the altar, from there comes anointing, oil from the crushed olive of our life, losing our life for His sake (preaching to myself). As long as the trumpet sound is a clear one, God will give the increase and to Him be the glory, amen.

    In the town where I live, I saw a church billboard and on one side it said words to the effect that being in the Son will keep us from burning. Whoa! By the Spirit it came in a flash how there is a dearth of conviction of sin nowadays and that this is what my dear little town needs. So brother, I pray there will be those who will be convicted by the Holy Spirit as they watch the movie!

  19. Sandra Jun 4th 2014

    I agree with so many of the comments. If the Lord put it on your heart to do this it will bear fruit,even one soul matters to the Father. I do believe the short videos with powerful messages seen on computers are reaching masses for good or bad. The lord speaks through dreams (visual) and his voice is not limited to just the spoken word or dreams wouldn’t of had the impact they had in scripture. Daniel was given the secret of the dream through vision not from hearing Gods word. I pray he speaks through this movie.

  20. Lynn2 Jun 4th 2014

    Ezekiel 33:6

    New King James Version (NKJV)

    6 But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.’

    Andrew if the Holy Spirit has inspired you to release this film, you must be in obedience to do so, as you well know. May the Holy Spirit use it for the Glory of God.

    So many blasphemy the truth of God through their mega million dollar films, two out now, we are in need of Holy Spirit inspired films something he can and will use.

  21. Lin Calver Jun 4th 2014

    Andrew, ask yourself…does this film give glory and honour to Jesus?
    Does it tell people what they must do to be saved?
    Does it line up with the scriptures?
    In these last seconds it is imperative that we do everything possible to turn people back to Jesus and away from a Christless eternity.
    Therefore, we would be foolish not to use every source (including technology) available to us to reach the lost.
    Didnt someone once say “…..I am all things to all men…that I may be able to save some..”
    Be a film maker Andrew, but do all for the glory of God.
    Preach the word without compromise……Lin

  22. Lin Calver Jun 4th 2014

    Andrew, ask yourself…does this film give glory and honour to Jesus?
    Does it tell people what they must do to be saved?
    Does it line up with the scriptures?
    In these last seconds it is imperative that we do everything possible to turn people back to Jesus and away from a Christless eternity.
    Therefore, we would be foolish not to use every source (including technology) available to us to reach the lost.
    Didnt someone once say “…..I am all things to all men…that I may be able to save some..”
    Be a film maker Andrew, but do all for the glory of God.
    Preach the word without compromise……Lin

  23. Preacher Jun 4th 2014

    Go for it Andrew. Many of the Brethren are comfortable in their churches & not concerned with reaching the lost. I think the idea is that someone else will do it.
    Don’t concern yourself with the critics, just do it. If the Lord had heeded the Priests & Pharisees, there would not be salvation, grace & mercy abounding today.
    I look forward to seeing the film & many more that will set people thinking.
    I have ideas of my own for a film that I have floated to the undecided masses, with a very favourable & positive response. Whether it will ever be made is in the Lord’s hands & I trust Him completely.
    God Bless you in all your work for Him. P.

  24. Vickie Jun 4th 2014

    Doesn’t the word “preach” mean to PROCLAIM? Only a religious law loving, rule-making Pharisee would insist on the good news being shared according to their own pompous standards. Go forth in freedom and PROCLAIM in faith, power and the anointing of God and put the “fear of man” to flight. God is shaking the chains off His people and setting them free from the box they’ve allowed “religion” to put them in. Blessings!

  25. Lynn2 Jun 4th 2014

    So many today are in complete darkness or denial what is on the horizon, many kept in such deception, especially this last days generation, Jesus said the end of days generation would see the greatest deceptions this earth has ever seen, what I am seeing happening here in America is absolute horror, a new twist on Kingdom Now, with no reason nor rime almost like a mental illness in its leaders who believe they are apostles/prophets but now do not want to be called that “because they don’t want to have to live up to the responsibilities of the title??? teaching the church will take over the world and its finances.

  26. Johan de Kock Jun 4th 2014

    Andrew: You need not explain if you have God’s permission. Do it.

  27. Ejimanze Jun 4th 2014

    God looks at the heart, and as Apostle brother Paul said, God will judge the thoughts of men’s heart according to his gospel. And he further said that he will do everything and anything if he can by anyhow save some. And so like some good souls have said above, we don’t need the ok of man to do God’s will.

    But now film making is not a jocular matter. It costs good money, time and effort. My posers, as a communication practitioner are practical:
    – What is your key message(s)? How marketable/appealing is it?
    – Who are your target audience(s)? And how do you plan to reach them with the film (distribution mode)? And ensure their uptake of the film?
    – Why are you making this film? What gaps will it fill in the big picture of the gospel going to the ends of the world?
    – What’s the cost – benefit analysis? (One soul saved of course is worth all the gold and silver in the earth!)

    I am sure you have thought all this through. I will only ask that when the film hits the box office, you should try and get Africa Magic Channel on DSTV to feature it ‘cos it is widely watched over here.

    Bless your heart, brother!

  28. Michelle Jun 4th 2014

    It sounds like you are targeting a specific group of people. In order to do that you have to use the language they speak and work with them where they are at. It seems like whenever someone does want to make a difference with a select group of people, there are those that just don’t understand because they have never “been there”. Not everyone is called to do the same things for The Lord, sometimes it is difficult to see the view from another’s perspective. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what the Lord has led you to put together.

  29. philip foster Jun 4th 2014

    I am looking forward to watching this. May the Lord bless and anoint it to advance the Kingdom!

  30. M Hafner Jun 4th 2014

    Go for it. You’re right to say some will be reached through movie/multi-media resources.

    However, I hope you will also encourage people who are called to lead in the other 7 Mountains. Preaching is not God’s only high calling. We need to encourage Christians who are engaged in business, government, entertainment, education, and other endeavors, too. Not all are gifted spokespersons, some are talented chefs and artists, builders, and laborers… Develop your talents and use them to encourage His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. We are all called to be masters of walking in love and sometimes just cups of cold water. We are all called to be masters in walking as humble servants.

  31. Andrew Jesus mothers advise comes to mind. When she told his disciples to do what ever Jesus told them to do!. If this is what Jesus told you to do in prayer then you need no one’s opinions, comments, or permission just their prayers. I can’t wait to see what Jesus does with this and you! No one needs a following more than they need Jesus. Accomplishing what ever he tells us to do in this life time will be a praise or regret when we get to heaven. Accomplishing his will in our life time is important. May God bless you in what ever he tells you to do. I’m confident he will equip you with everything you need to accomplish that task.
    Blessings on you

  32. Agnes Jun 4th 2014

    Paul says 1 Corinthians 9:19: “For though I am free from all men, I have made myself a servant to all, that I might win the more; 20 and to the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might win Jews; to those who are under the law, as under the law, that I might win those who are under the law; 21 to those who are without law, as without law (not being without law toward God, but under law toward Christ), that I might win those who are without law; 22 to the weak I became as weak, that I might win the weak. I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some. 23 Now this I do for the gospel’s sake, that I may be partaker of it with you.” Andrew, continue to reach all you can by whatever means the Lord Jesus Christ has put in your heart to effectively reach our generation.
    For those who are criticizing your method, they should read this article….. http://www.wordsoflife.co.uk/bible-studies/study-9-by-all-means-save-some/

  33. Just one piece of advice for you, brother – the Canon 5d Mark III. We’ve been shooting features with it since 2008 (it was the Mark II then) and just shot a teaser scene for a new faith-themed feature. You can check it out here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-garden-of-life

    We had dismal luck on IndieGoGo, obviously, but we’ll be setting it up again for investors and donations through another site, along with two other faith-themed features.

    Best of luck with your project. I look forward to seeing some footage!

    Les Butchart
    Greensboro, NC

  34. gloria goold Jun 4th 2014

    We are about to see how God is going to use the media and film and whatever. I am tired of division ,denominationalisim,seperate doctirnes, and everything this “christianity” puts out there. We need Christ to take back HIS church and if its in movies, feature films etc God go for it!!! I am tired of the “church culture” and everything that separates the body.The other day a pentecostal said to me “we need to be in a church body” I said “we need to be in the body” since when did Christ separate HIS body. I believe we have only begun to see the switch over.Andrew go forth in the name of the Lord, and do what the Spirit is saying. Change is where we are heading and change is so needed. Lets follow Jesus, not man . Tired of that !!!

  35. Jeanne Jun 4th 2014

    I for one am with you on making a film. Many of us learn by watching and hearing. Todays schools downplay reading anyway…the future for those students is grim indeed…but they will be ‘entertained’ and film is the way to find them. Don’t give up the fight.

  36. Malcolm Jun 4th 2014

    The apostle Paul said “that by any means the gospel should be preached”. I think it’s a good idea and will reach many people who would normally not have been reached. Go for it!

  37. “that by any means the gospel should be preached”

    Amen. Yes Andrew you must do as God leads you no matter how many people do not have the same burden. We must be like Jesus Christ and follow him, one of His main burdens was to reach lost souls. God bless.

  38. Go for it brother, the message going out both in visual as well as audio is a awesome opportunity to effectively declare the gospel without having to be there yourself. Did not Jesus send out disciples to declare the good news! He was multiplying himself and so might this movie multiply the message getting out.

  39. Andrew- I rarely comment, but for what its worth I think its an AMAZING idea! OF COURSE its a great way to preach! Its too bad EVERY movie made isnt for God’s glory, but thats the EXACT reason we need GOOD ones made. Most people (myself included) love movies. I never watch TV, but I will watch movies, but its so difficult to find good ones that are clean and edifying that I rarely watch movies either.
    Keep standing for the Lord in all that you do! May the LORD mightily bless this movie and convict many hearts through it!

  40. Stacey Jun 4th 2014

    There are many ways to make sure the message gets out. This is a wonderful way, as we are in a generation of visual learners who need stimulation. I watched the trailer and it looks awesome! Can’t wait to see the whole movie!

  41. GOODHEART Jun 4th 2014

    Dear Andrew, I greatly share your “heart” on this movie project! I personally “dream” of doing something similar in the future.The true gospel of revival must be preached by every means.what better way in this generation to do so than to employ the “SIGHT AND SOUND” of the movie industry!

    Be encouraged Bro! May God bless your endeavor with a great harvest of souls fir the kingdom of our God!!

  42. 100% Zululander Jun 4th 2014

    Certainly no opposition here Andrew!
    Well done man, be blessed in your making of the film.

  43. wineskin Jun 4th 2014

    It’s a gutsy move, Andrew.
    Weigh the cost (on every level) and remember, it’s the message, not the media, that’ll make it work.

  44. Movies can be good or bad. The recent Noah film was terrible and false and made his character idiotic instead of a man of God. The 10 Commandments is pretty good despite some additions/errors; “Abraham” with Richard Harris is pretty good but not perfect. As long as the historical Bible character is displayed relatively truthfully and proves to be a man or woman “After God’s Own Heart” then it can do good (and less harm). “Blue LIke Jazz” was interesting and thought provoking. Be a David and not a Saul. PS – Also on the subject of John Macarthur Calvinist and Pentecostal people – you’re both wrong – Macarthur is a Legalist (wrong) and for you “The Spirit never calls attention to itself” – but always points to Jesus. Get back to Jesus and Grace alone; the spirit points to truth and usually doesn’t gesticulate.

  45. Karen Jun 4th 2014

    Thank God for men like you who spread the gospel in this dark world! People are searching for the truth-and it’s NOT out there! Your idea is a timely one. Reach the lost! And take the gospel TO them. If that means making a movie then do it. I think your idea is great. Prayers foe you, your family and this project.

  46. The gospel is not about “giving your life to Jesus” I know a young girl( age 7) who gave her life to jesus at Awanas and became demon posessed. Ken Thornberg has verified that “jesus” is the name of a demonic entity that is “anti-Christ. The correct names of God and His Son are on my web site. Please do not propagate the greatest lie ever told to humanity.

  47. My web site where you can read about the greatest lie ever told to humanity and God’s actual name is:

  48. So long as God told you to do it, it shouldn’t matter to you what we all think.
    And as long as it is fully Scriptural and you are leaning totally on the anointing of God (not the special effects-which in themselves may be a good thing,) then God can use it to win souls.

  49. For Gods’ sake Jeff, why do you drag that nonsense into this discussion?!
    Jesus is NOT the name of a demonic entity, it is merely the Anglicized version of Yahoshua, or Yeshua.
    He knows whom we mean when we call on Him, whether we call Him Yesu, Jesus, Yeshua..whatever language we speak, and there is no demon in hell will stop Him answering our prayers when they are directed toward that One who died on the Cross for us and rose again.
    Sorry if I sound cross, its early in the morning and frankly, I dont want to hear that type of thing that casts doubt and misgivings into the hearts of Gods’ people at this hour of the day-or any other hour for that matter.
    God bless you, in Jesus’ Name.

  50. cecily finn Jun 4th 2014

    As many have already said, if God has instructed you to make this film, then you have obeyed God and not man, and that is all that ever matters, our obedience to God.

    The opinion of anyone other than the Lord Jesus Christ is immaterial.

    Besides, the old saying is a good guide: “You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

  51. sidah Jun 4th 2014

    Andrew, this is fantastic! We have to use means that are relevant to this society to reach them. In a world gone crazy on media this is casting your net with the right bait. The ocean is the world! You are a voice in the wilderness – who knows what ends of the earth this hard hitting film will reach and how many people will reach out to the Lord because of it? God speed Andrew. Don’t delay.

  52. sidah Jun 4th 2014

    Oh, I forgot to mention – ask your faithful supporters to bathe this film in prayer, before, during and after making and launching, for the film to be made professionally, for it to reach it’s target audience, for God’s protection every step of the way. Resistance will come because we’re in a war – essential weapons are prayer and praise.

  53. Pamela Jun 4th 2014

    Christian movies are on the upswing here in the U.S.
    See the Easter Weekend review on Heaven is for Real below. The movie is still playing in the theatres which is unusual for Christian movies in the U.S. The door is open and now is the time, Andrew!!!!

    “Playing at 2,417 locations, Heaven is for Real earned an excellent $22.5 million this weekend. Add in its Wednesday and Thursday grosses, and the faith-based true story has already grossed $29.6 million.

    Along with Son of God and God’s Not Dead, this is the third faith-based hit in 2014 so far (you could include Noah as well, but that doesn’t easily fit in to this paradigm). The success of these movies is a reminder that Christians represent a huge portion of the population in the U.S.: according to a Pew Research survey, around 37 percent of Americans attend a weekly religious service.

    Sony targeted their marketing towards Christian audiences, and placed an emphasis on calling ahead for group ticket sales. It doesn’t hurt that the book upon which the movie is based is quite popular, and has a story that is both inspirational and faith-affirming (see the title).

    The Heaven is for Real audience was 62 percent female and 51 percent over the age of 35. They awarded it an “A” CinemaScore, which suggests word-of-mouth will be strong. Ultimately, it should wind up higher than Son of God ($60 million).”

  54. Andrew, Why not make the film! While God’s strategy for the salvation of many has not nor ever will change. The tactics that he will use to get a person saved will always be different.

    Think about it how many people get knocked down while traveling and than have God speak to them. The only one I know for sure was Paul. But God has used many different methods down throught the years. I explain this in more detail in my dissertation titled, “God’s “Strategy” Verses God’s “Tactics,” or God Has No Plan “B.”” Which I have has a PDF file which anyone can have for free.

    Asking for prayer is wise as you proceed.

    God Bless and keep following the leading of the Lord’s Spirit!

  55. Deborah Parker Jun 4th 2014

    Just do as the Lord leads you Bro Andrew…..The only suggestion I would make – Is – if your ‘target audience’ is the ‘unsaved/unchurched’ then go with a film title like – – “The Watchers” or some form of that. If you title the Movie “Pray”, most likely only Christians will go see it. Please give this some prayerful thought. Be Blessed.

  56. I like your desire to be relevant to your generation Andrew. I know that a Christ centred voice in the visual arts is desperately needed at this time. If the Lord is leading you Andrew – keep obedient!

    However I have several questions for you to help you in your thinking:
    1) Is God calling you to develop the creative skills necessary to take on such a role? There are huge commitments of time, energy and financial resources necessary to produce a feature film properly.

    2) Are you willing to pay the price on your family life for several years while you put this producation together. Perhaps you could play a ‘lesser’ role of being part of a team of producers, directors, actors, artists, musicians, playrights, writers, animators etc to learn the necessary skills to later make your own production?

    3) Are you willing to play a ‘hidden role’ in your prayer closet of praying for the success of other Christians in the arts around you. I say this to myself too. Am I willing to be a spiritual guard to others whom the Lord is wanting to raise up to be higher than myself. (i.e. am I truly a servant of the Lord or am I still seeking affirmation from other sources from my peer group)

    It seems to me that our time here on earth is short. 3 score and ten years doesn’t give us a huge amount of time to master diverse media productively. It is better to master one media magnificently, than to be miserably mediocre in many. Which brings to mind a book from the 1980’s by Franky Schaefer “Addicted to Mediocrity” – A harsh title but one that is probably still true of much of the ‘Christian Arts’ scene today.

    The only recent story telling ‘christian’ films that I have been able to sit through without cringeing have been the Kendricks brothers movies. Perhaps you could join their team and learn by studying their story telling processses and visual artforms. Aside from the technical mastery of the medium of film making process, the one thing that I really appreciated about their work was the apparent centrality of prayer which undergirded their whole creative process. I know this is close to your heart as well Andrew.

    God bless your decision making processes

  57. Dianne Bentley Jun 4th 2014

    What is the name of the film? When will it be available and how will we get it? My husband and I find films extremely successful in reaching the remote in PNG. I would love to get a hold of a copy when it is available. Looking forward to it. Any way of getting the gospel out that is effective is good. We need the right bait for the right fish!

  58. Robyn Jun 4th 2014

    Jesus spoke the language of His time and place in a way He could reach the masses. He told us we would do the same and even more than he could. Go for it Andrew, you can reach millions with a message to change their lives for Eternity. God Bless You

  59. Robyn Jun 4th 2014

    Jesus spoke the language of His time and place in a way He could reach the masses. He told us we would do the same and even more than he could. Go for it Andrew, you can reach millions with a message to change their lives for Eternity. God Bless You

  60. Andrew Jun 4th 2014



    God bless you!

    A. Strom.

  61. Craig Jun 4th 2014

    Good on you for making this movie Andrew. Keep up the good work!!

  62. David Marsh Jun 4th 2014

    My dear Andrew,
    I love your sincere heart for the lost and I very much look forward to meeting you one day. I have no problem with your production of this movie. The Lord sometimes asks us to do things that others don’t necessarily agree with.
    I f the Lord asked you to produce this then you are fulfilling His plans for your life. And God always works alongside our obedience in the power of His Spirit.

    Just an aside, I do believe the beginnings of the Last Reformation revival is now underway – under the leadership of Torbin Sondergaard, who I believe will be visiting Australia in September this year.

    God bless you Andrew
    and all who comment here.

    David Marsh.

  63. Marie Jun 4th 2014

    I totally understand your heart is in this and you need not apologize, Bro. Andrew.

    I’ve had it too with purism. I used to follow codes, rules, legalistic OT law, and now that I am having to rely totally on His grace and His Word, without a church body, I get weary with the arguments and accusations of ‘what is a real christian’ and ‘who goes to heaven and hell’ and ‘which doctine is correct or incorrect’ and ‘those who partake in the gifts of the Spirit are of strange fire”, etc. etc. etc.

    Until we lift up Jesus and only Jesus, unbelievers won’t bite. They are witnessing the Church tear itself apart, in disagreements and in accusations towards the world. The church has lost her first love. The world doesn’t feel that love.

    I say do what the Lord impresses you to do. If it’s in movie form, and you love the Lord with all your heart, how can it fail??

    Some christian movies have an agenda, and bringing the lost to salvation is not their first priority. Profits, awards for creative talents and earning prestige among their peers, makes movies that portray the Lord a circus. I have a personal distaste about seeing an actor portray the Son of God. It distracts from who He is Today, sitting at the Right Hand of God and religious-themed movies just turn me off.

    But, having said that, I still believe that some movie-goers may have felt a conviction power going to these movies, and who am I to discourage them? Of course we have to preach the cross. But, there are many gifts, and bringing about prophecy also convicts people into turning to the Lord. If unbelievers mock us about the ‘last days’ and ask “where is the promise of His return”, a depiction of the world’s birth pangs in a movie might give serious thought and stir hearts.

    I believe that many right now are questionning if the world can continue as it has, even unbelievers are asking what is going on? We shouldn’t get discouraged about evolutionists, or global warming activists; we all live in this world together and we are all noticing the world shaking and we are all witnessing something fearful and awesome at the same time. We have to be instant in season and ready to explain to them, as we stand side by side with them during these spiritual/natural manifestations; christians shouldn’t mock liberals and environmentalists, and atheists, we should be loving them, not attacking them. With the right attitude and love for the Lord, we could witness revival.

    I can see a possible scenario where believers and unbelievers, together, huddling near a fire to keep warm, helping one another out, after a disaster. Imagine what kind of revival that could result in?

    Prophetic fulfillment gives us hope and excitement, even in the midst of tribulation. Talking about Jesus’ return in the midst of this world’s crises is urgent. We don’t have time to disagree; if the tool lifts up our Lord and brings souls to Him this way, praise His Name.


  64. Sadly I see again that so many have departed from sound doctrine and truth, just as Paul prophesied would happen, we are living in that prophetic time, where professing Christians read the scriptures but don’t obey them, quote them but don’t apply them.

    The word of God is very clear on this matter.

    Didn’t Jesus say this?

    Matthew 24:14

    “And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

    Jesus didn’t say anything about a movie, video, drama, or a rock concert in those scriptures did He?

    So what does it mean to proclaim or preach?

    2784. kerusso kay-roos’-so of uncertain affinity; to herald (as a public crier), especially divine truth (the gospel):–preacher(-er), proclaim, publish.

    It’s pretty clear to me what it means to preach or proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God.

    And didn’t Paul say this?

    1st Corinthians 1:20-21

    “Where is the wise? Where the scribe? Where the lawyer of this world? Did God not make the wisdom of this world foolish? For since in the wisdom of God the world did not know God through wisdom, God was pleased through the foolishness of preaching to save those believing.”

    Let me restate what the word of God says with emphasis and caps:


    Absolutely nothing about movies, video’s, or any other worldly means to reach people. Not even the bible itself is mentioned! It’s just good ole fashioned PREACHING!!!!! And the word of God will never change regardless of culture, or man’s attempts to do what they FEEL led to do.

    God will not contradict Himself or His word, and people can deceive themselves all they want to, but it will be those who hold to the truth in these last days that will do what is pleasing in the sight of God, and be preserved when His great judgments fall.

  65. Rebekah Eyland Jun 4th 2014

    Great! Where and when can we see it? Looking forward to something that can be another tool for spreading the gospel!

  66. Why not make a movie? Everything we hear about or see in the media gives us an opportunity to share our beliefs with those who don’t read the Bible. I have given out several Bible verses to ‘seekers’ just from ‘general conversations’, without hitting them over the head…. If we don’t show respect, (treat others with love), we don’t deserve respect.

  67. Catherine Jun 5th 2014

    Well done Andrew, this will be something to look forward to! How fortunate that we live in an age where such media are available to us for bringing the Gospel afresh to the lost!

  68. Maria Jun 5th 2014

    Go for it. Of course you should do it!!

  69. Gerredina Kovac Jun 5th 2014

    Hi Andrew. Thanks for making a movie about the times we live in. My thoughts are, how do we get the people who don’t realise that the problems currently facing the world are of a spiritual nature to believe that they are such? Many people I talk to shrug off the idea of a spiritual world. They are saturated with dark spiritual movies but think it is all fantasy and don’t believe it is real, that when they watch the stuff that they leave themselves wide open to the demonic world. We went to watch the “Son of God” and I sat near the entrance of the theatre. Hundreds of people went in, there were 8 people in our theatre and from others it was the same in other sessions. How do you intend to reach the target audience? What makes you think your movie will reach more people than other movies, you need a bigger budget for advertising than you do for the movie itself if you want to reach an audience outside of the church.
    Like to hear your comments on that?

  70. Lynn2 Jun 5th 2014

    This young adult generation most will not step foot in a church today, they are a generation that just plain plane no longer trusts the church, in fact I know many whom have been deeply hurt by their church, and have seen the fall of several pastors, and most love the world way too much,

    However some have the movie and are aware of the Left Behind series. Now these bring a lot of mixture and miss information, a lot of Hollywood, so there must be an open door for an end of days video/movie based totally on the word of God, minus all the Hollywood deception, I know my grandsons 18 to 28 are very interested in the end of days and are reading Revelations and Daniel and have seen the Left Behind Series.

    I believe a movie would be a ministry opportunity for those whom will not go to church and in most cases would be better not going to many of the churches available that truly lack the presence of the Lord and the Holy Spirit and teach false doctrines.

    It would be a way to get the truth in many homes. Most people today have not a clue what is coming.

  71. Sarah Jun 5th 2014

    We have to pray more than ever before people, and begin to live in the fear of the Almighty who under the unction of the Holy Ghost will prick mens hearts and it comes through preaching and proclaiming from holy vessels, God fearing saints who live pure and holy lives sold out to Jesus. We can’t be weary in our well doing. Noah preached 130yrs and not one person repented.

    And so it will be also in the last days that as in the days of Noah where men will be a violent peoples and haters of God. Nothing we do will turn their hearts but we must continue His methods of delivering the message to the world. Our methods are not His methods and we must use His methods to fulfill his purposes. We must follow the blueprint laid out by the architect. My son has a lot of young friends who are indy christian movie makers. The Widows Mite, Ace Wonder (was in theatres this year) is one of them. They are definitely good, but are they reaching a lost world? Can we find a replacement to the unction of the Holy Ghost through the preaching of a human?

    It is well known amongst Literary scholars that movies are the lowest forms of information delivery for humans. Further, they produce within the human no need for response.


  72. Greetings Brother Strom,
    I don’t think I can add anything much to the many comments of support.
    I, too, encourage you to do as the Lord has directed you.
    I also believe that God confirms to us that which He directs us to do. As I view the many comments of confirmation, I think you have your answer.
    God bless.

  73. linzi Jun 5th 2014

    re your movie project. Go for it Andrew. I pray the Creator of the Universe will give you and your family a special creative anointing for this project. The Lord Himself knows how to reach the young people of today. They are not stupid. Many of them know there is something very wrong in our world. For some a spirit of hopelessness has attacked them, that is why many of them are committing suicide. You are an anointed creative family. You have been created and anointed ” for such a time as this”. I wholly support you in this project. It will take much prayer, but I am confident you will succeed and many lives will be touched by the Holy Spirit and saved. I pray that you will have great prayer support from the Body of Christ for this project.

  74. Been thinking along these lines for some time now. I am especially interested in doing a film on the Horrors of Hell since there has been so much recent revelation along these lines. Certainly does not hurt that we are currently located in Hollywood California. Great to hear you are staying cutting edge. By the way we began attending a church here in Hollywood that believes they have been called to bring Revival. However the problem is they are “hooked up with Rick Joyner”. Recently God has been giving me many dreams that we will not be able to continue to fellowship with them since they insist on the Drunk Anointing and the Laughter Anointing as well as the Gold Dust being signs from the Lord. In addition I believe on of the most serious forms of sin currently going on in the Body of Christ in America is marriage, divorce and remarriage. And with Rick Joyner championing Todd Bentley’s latest fiasco of divorcing his wife and family and marrying his ministry partner I call that “deception” since Joyner now married his Revival Tattoo Boy into Adultery as defined by Jesus Christ.

  75. Irene Peterson Jun 5th 2014

    If God told you to do it, then just do it and don’t ask people that are just the arm of flesh.Most people think that the end will be the end of the world but the bible translators put the wrong meaning there. It is the end of the age and civilization as we know it. The world is not going to end.The fire is spiritual fire and not literal fire.

  76. dear brother
    I only have one thing to say

    if this is what Father God wants you to do, if it is His will for YOU to make it, then you better make it. But ‘make it according to the pattern shown you in the mount’, your prayer closet.

    God bless you as you seek to do Father’s will

  77. I have nothing against you making the film , maybe it will be a great success , get watched by millions around the world , or maybe it will not , no problem with that. But what concrens me more , hence my reason for commenting , is knowing that most who watch the film , are misled by “the world” in the first place , as you rightly say above that we live in a “visual” culture , but those who are following that culture , have , in my opinion anyway , allowed themselves to become horribly deceived in the first place. Watching the film will no doubt stir up all kinds of emotions inside , all of which will be gone and forgotten within a few days to even a few weeks for some. Jesus Himself said that He is the only way , the Truth and the Life , and that NO ONE comes to the Father BUT BY HIM ! I interpret that as meaning that it is only through accepting Him as our Saviour (by Grace given us through His death on the cross) , which means reading His Holy Word at least daily (which is impossible to fully understand , without receiving power through His Holy Spirit ) , the things we need to know will be revealed , as we commit to Him daily in our walk and decision to follow Him. No matter how many (man made) movies we watch , books we read , plays we attend , or CDs we listen to , can ever replace us going down on our knees and begging Our Father through Jesus Christ , for forgiveness , thanking Him for the Grace of salvation , then let Him (through His Holy Word and the power of the Spirit) do the work of spreading this very message to others we encounter on our journey through the rest of our lives.

  78. Ejimanze Jun 5th 2014

    Hi Roy, U said, ‘Think about it how many people get knocked down while traveling and then have God speak to them. The only one I know for sure was Paul.’

    Well, you just got to know another one – me!
    I was ‘astral travelling’ to the ‘Akashic record’ in my hunger for the Truth, when the Truth, Jesus Christ, knocked me down in a blinding light on 21 January 1981, and spoke to me saying, ‘I am the Truth you seek!’ He followed up by pouring the love of God in my heart. Boy, when you get picked out by the Most High when you are stepping on the gas full speed in the opposite direction, you understand the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit like brother Paul.

    Hey brother, I just wanted to ask that you graciously send me ([email protected]) that script of yours. Bless thee!

  79. 100% Zululander Jun 5th 2014

    Tyrone, God said nothing about TV,radio, sound systems etc etc etc. either.
    Don’t confuse what to do with how to do it

  80. Brother, I believe we should/must do whatever God calls us to do. Set aside the nay-sayers and go on about what you believe is your duty. In the end it is God we answer to. You know His voice, follow Him. Often He gives us something out of the ordinary to shake things up. Well, that’s exactly what we need right now. Far too many are sound asleep. Peace, Brother, God’s peace. He knows your heart and He is the One who matters. I pray He bless your efforts to His glory.

  81. Motherofnations Jun 5th 2014

    I think it is wise to hear the concerns of the “nay sayers”. It is best to examine all counsel given. After all it should not be about whether we are right or they are right but what is the better for the world at stake here. I certainly support Andrew if he is making this movie because he thinks it will reach a population that is unreachable otherwise.

    In this world of no absolutes though I wonder how it will be received. Will it be just another thought that people could think? Our societies are now living in the imaginations of their own mind, however they like it to be. I guess there is no telling until we see the movie, or at least read the script. There are a lot of good and reasonable reasons at least in the flesh why a movie is not a good method of delivering God’s absolute truths….. but I guess we will have to wait and see the outcome and certainly support Andrew in his efforts of at least trying.

    Prayer is the most powerful, and personal testimony is the most powerful. If our life is dead and we live to ourselves then we have no power and nothing to convict the world with. Jesus calls it the salt of the earth. I think there will come a time when our societies will be so broken from the years of media that people will literally be on the brink of losing their minds and their families, jobs and health. This will be then the time when preaching will have great power and effect. Going down with them will also be those who said they are from God and lived like the world. Then the remnant will shine in the darkness and then the world will see the power of Jesus on this earth through the remnant, under great persecution.

    But I am certainly for anyone who is trying to get truth out to dispel the lies, but I wonder how much we can do in the flesh for that. I know that some people start up christian websites to dispel the internet lies, but I wonder how effective that is? People go on the media and speak to christians and when they get off and in real life meet a christian they then have a certain view on them. What I am saying is the strongholds of the mind have to be brought down. Satan has blinded the world. Gotta go lots on my plate!! I think “healthy” open and honest conversations on these issues is a good thing and nobody has to be called a nay sayer and a yes sayer. 🙂 For what it’s worth.


  82. Andrew Jun 6th 2014

    Sarah – If it was “in the flesh” I would not be interested in doing it.

    Bless you!


  83. Motherofnations4him Jun 6th 2014

    Oh I am sorry Andrew I didn’t mean it in that way at all. I am meaning by the might of man. I think our world as it is, is beyond reach by earthly might regardless of the efforts any of us exert. I think we are in a time where we need the kingdom of God to visit in our place of ministry. I do know that God can convict during a movie. We need a powerful thundering, loving presence of the Holy Ghost. The kind where kings flesh is eaten by maggots before the peoples eyes kind of thing for taking the praises that belong to Jesus. For the Annanias & Saphira dropping dead for lying. For the sword of the Spirit to cut to the intents. For the lame to walk and the blind to see for the demon possessed to be rent free in deliverance. I truly see that without this display of His power this generation will not turn and believe. This is what I see in this time for this people. That is what I am meaning. I am not about to judge your movie that is yours between you and God. 🙂 Bless you.

  84. Elena Jun 6th 2014

    Go for it, as you well know you will have opposition, but since when should this stop you. If God has put that desire in your heart, be obedient and watch the blessings flow. Can’t wait to see it. God bless you as you advance the Kingdom of God! Elena

  85. Andrew Jun 6th 2014

    Sarah – I guess its best for you to see the movie before judging whether it has a “now word” for this generation or not.

    That is the reason I am making it.

    Bless you!


  86. Motherofnations Jun 6th 2014

    Yep! Can’t wait! Do you remember the last days movies from the early 80’s Andrew? The ones where Larry Norman sings at the beginning and the end…. I showed one of them to my boys a few months back. there are about three of them. Because I grew up with the bible it scared the life out of me when I was not walking with the Lord (16yrs old) and the Holy Spirit definitely used the movie to stir me up. But I was raised on the bible and repentance preaching and…. Oh here I found the link to the 4 movies for the last days. I have never watched those new ones the left behind, I don’t watch movies actually at all (I am pretty different). I am going to watch the last 3 movies with my boys now I found the link again.


    Bless you,

  87. Motherofnations Jun 6th 2014

    Well actually, I rarely watch movies, like one per year or something like that. On a good year I may possible watch 2. 🙂 I can’t recall having watched 3 in one year, but perhaps I did one time but it would have been like many years ago. 🙂

    Bless you,

  88. Harvey Rosieur Jun 6th 2014

    If making the film is what God has placed on your heart, Andrew,how can you do otherwise?, And God will surely guide and bless the venture. .

  89. I have been following your newsletters for a while and respect a lot of the quality content you present, whether it’s your own or others. I love the works of David Wilkerson and it’s that level of holiness I hold dear. It’s wonderful you quote from him so often. I consider myself to be a mature, travelled and balanced Christian with experience in Christian media. I am also very interested in filmmaking and am profoundly affected by it. I was surprised to see you were making a movie, and immediately checked out the trailer. My heart sank. As a Christian book publisher I find so many times that untalented book authors say “God told me” to write a book. But in any professional or Christian capacity, it is blatantly obvious it would be quite impossible for God to appoint such a call on a terribly executed project – quite evident in fact, that they should never try and be published. God never told them at all. Yet these people are blinded by the fact that God’s supposed appointment on them somehow qualifies them to circumvent the obvious – a well written, well structured, intelligent and unique piece of writing.

    By now, my viewpoint should be clear to you. As someone who knows about image making, and has critical understanding of the process of filmmaking, I need to say to you Andrew that this project of yours represents all that is wrong in Christian filmmaking. I hear your heart, but this trailer is embarrassing to the message and the medium. I implore you to either stop now or reconsider how you both finance and resource this film. I for one am fed up with the apocalyptic nature of many B-Movie Christian films – what we need is intelligent narrative, high end acting, superb filmmaking and cinematography and stunning scores that convey the nuances of living a spiritual life alongside a physical one – to convey God working in us – not just despite us. This trailer you have released scores less than 1 out of 5, if trying to be compared to films such as Courageous, which represented a quantum leap in independent Christian film. I am being brutal in my assessment, which is out of character for me. But it’s to save you Andrew from drifting off the path I believe you have been appointed. If you do think your script is delivered from the heavens, then at least commission only the very best the movie industry has to offer. God doesn’t deserve B-movie status.

  90. Hello and greetings to all, I have missed you all.
    I would check in from time to time to see if the post was back up
    and running. For a bit there I thought Andrew just up and disappeared. As far as the movie goes, the only true way to judge whether I is of GOD, simly Watch the movie as Andrew said.
    I believe that is the only fair way to determine truth.
    If I may I would like to offer some perhaps helpful advice
    In todays society, people deep down know they are missing something. Just the other day at work, I had two comment on why I was always so happy. and in the past at least two others have recently made the same comment.
    ALL four claim to be christain.
    I did not see a way to attack them for NOT being christain.
    INSTEAD I saw a HUGE DOOR to witness.
    My simple answer is the reason I am so joyful and happy
    is because I am christain and saved by Christ.
    Now, that should make all think deep.
    For if they claim to be what I am , a christain,
    then maybe they will ponder, why they are not the same.
    SO in this movie, I would STRONGLY focus
    ON making it a POINT, to POINT at CHRIST.
    to Say HE IS ONLY way one is saved.
    THEN to make it a POINT to say how does ONE truly KNOW
    HE is of CHRIST.
    For we have not seen CHRIST with our eyes.
    so how do we KNOW we are OF HIM
    make that point , to sin no more, but to walk as did Christ
    and if they want to know that
    to do TWO things………….GO after him with the whole heart
    right IN THAT BIBLE.
    A testimony of my own walk, my even encourage you as well
    As does anyones true testimony of Christ.
    PUT both the GOODNESS of GOD in that movie
    and the severity OF GOD.
    Exhort them both with compassions and mercies of Christ
    to give us the way OUT of wrath of a righteous GOD.
    and with fear. Put in their both.
    Fill it with truth , fill it with GODS WORDS
    which by his every word, we do eat.
    and if you want to throw in some special effects,
    why not, I mean imagine HOW it must have really looked
    to Ezekiel, HE must have SEEN a GREAT GLORY.
    so add some, BUT MAKE IT ALL TRUTH.
    conform not a bit to any new way or teaching.
    JUST keep it biblically accurate.
    either they receive or they do not.
    FOCUS on that. And by all means,
    win some you will. We don’t know whom the elect are
    and let the LORD add daily to the church .
    one plants , another waters, BUT ONLY GOD gives the increase.
    and let us understand, that the only reason a man don’t get the increase………IS because that man or woman, SHUT out
    and hardened their heart to truth. THUS we DO all things
    for the glory of GOD, hoping for souls to be won.
    BUT we do so KNOWING ONLY GOD can give that increase.
    Be blessed Andrew.
    I will watch the movie.

  91. Indeed by now, it is seen times are and only shall worsen ,

    let us who are the called of Christ, be ever diligent in our walk in Him.

    casting aside all that is of the carnal nature and putting on the whole armor of God.

    We are witnessing what becomes of lukewarm preaching, and at or nigh its end, will mushroom

    into utter darkness and ultimate betrayal of all who hold ONLY to good wholesome words of our Lord

    His good and pure holy doctrine.

    the cycle and cycles of evil have abounded through nations and times, till we are now here at this last time.

    when a world will destroy many by means of peace and unity, and will for a short time

    as one voice and one world, come against the true lambs whom graze in the pasture of truth and holiness, provided by our Lord.

    But let not a one be highminded, but fear, and pray feverently through these times, that we be counted worthy to escape the wrath of our

    Lord which comes on all who hold the truth IN unrighteousness.

    Let us be ever diligent in our walk in Him, may prayers only Increase, faith ONLY grow

    and during our times of testing, may all be found In Him without murmurings, without disputings and arguments

    about any chastisement or chastisments which are about to come upon all lambs to try them.

    FOR tis the righteous judgment of GOD, that we do indeed suffer for the Kingdom which has been given unto all

    and shall be given unto all who hold our LORD in truth and sincerity of heart.

    Marvel not at what is about to come against many lambs, do not be surprised, or taken back, by what is soon to

    be coming against us. For we do not believe in a false prosperity gospel, which says, the world will treat us GOOD and like kings.

    IT shall indeed hate us , and this shall soon worsen worldwide and go from words to actions.

    the fullness is nigh complete. and all things prophesied by the prophets, by OUR LORD, and by the apostles

    shall indeed come to pass.

    as in the days of paul, and others, times grew worse, till they came against all lambs

    and so on in many generations has this been.

    ONLY now at its end, the spirit of wickedness will for the final time, with one voice and all nations at once

    coming against all lambs who hold the supremecy of our LORDS words far above the foolishness of mens dung wisdom.

    Let us be ever thankful, that we have been called out of darkness, and be ever rejoicing IN THE LORD

    for HIS salvation, his mercies, for it is indeed true that our GOD does desire none to perish

    but that all would come to REPENTANCE.

    the key to a life in Christ comes with REPENTANCE from sins, and a new man living by the spirit.

    which teaches us to walk as did Christ, to deny all ungodliness, and worldy lusts, to live soberly

    and righteously in this present evil world.

    and with great hope in our Lord, and in His coming, let each cast aside any works of the evil flesh

    and may each be found IN HIM, walking as DID HE, without spot or blemish.

    WORK out your salvation with fear and trembling……………WALK as DID HE.

    CHOOSE ye this day whom you shall serve……………..trusting in the ONE who has called us from darkness and into

    the marvelous and righteous light of Christ.

    The world and sadly many churches have fallen into the sensual lures of the Whore.

    Who has been at work, and is alluring men by the groves into her church of the world and its peace and unity.

    BE YE NOT OF THEM, nor hold to them, rather COME ye out from amongst them and so so with great speed and sense of urgency.

    THE LORD shall guide his own, and keep his own and nuture his own . But let any man who names the name of Christ

    depart from all iniquity and let Grace abound upon the heart, grieving not the HOLY spirit , which is our guide,

    but keeping HIS commandments upon the heart, and hearing and Doing these things.

    KEEP that which is HOLY………………HOLY and pure. the HOLINESS of our LORD is our walk.

    a life separated from the evils of men in which once we all did walk when we were once held in sins sway and the darkness

    of satan. BUT GOD in his mercies, by His grace, has called us out of all this, and transalted us into the Kingdom of HIS SON.

    upon WHOM we wait, and await.

    Be feverent, be diligent, in the walk which we have been freely given in Christ.

    For times shall only get much worse and very soon.

    leaven shall only SPEED up now, in the world and in churches, we who are the called us Christ must

    keep ourselves pure, untainted from the world, without spot or blemish by REMAINING in HIM, who is our righteousness.

    WORK out your salvation…………………….OBEDAINCE unto the ONE WHO HAS CALLED US.

    the HOLYscrips will give us ALL the necessary INSTRUCTIONS in righteousness, that we who live by faith

    may walk as did our LORD,

    those scrips WILL make us WISE unto our salvation. HEAR not the men of belial, whom make

    any kind of working out your salvation seem as though letter works.

    They lie, they err and have sold themselves OUT to sensual lusts of the world.

    WE are supposed to be a HOLY people, walking as did OUR LORD

    and we are to be our brothers keeper, warning any whom stumble, sin etc, TO COME OUT ASAP.

    OBEDIANCE unto GOD is our LIFE. and the SPIRIT has given us THIS LIFE, so as we too can walk as did our LORD.

    let NO man who names the name of Christ, excuse sin as something we cannot stop doing.

    this man speaks of foolish earthly wisdom.

    WHEN we say………IN CHRIST ALL THINGS are possible, let us not be as those who think as men

    and believe that we cant walk as did HE. WE CAN, we must understand this, and trust GOD FOR THIS

    and GOD shall give us all we need to walk so.

    But trusting in these men of the pulpit whom speak nothing of repentance, nothing of true godliness

    nothing of TRUE HOLINESS, is dangerous and will lead only to death.

    SEEK YE THE LORD and do so from a pure heart.

    WHEN paul said To timothy KEEP thyself PURE……………..KEEP thyself from other mens sins……..

    HELLO< he meant what he said. and this IS POSSIBLE, and not only POSSIBLE

    TIS HOW WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE as paul TOLD timothy and countless other places in NEW testament writings

    stay encouraged in the LORD.
    HE IS OUR HOPE and let this be SEEN in all we do
    say, teaching one another and reminding one another
    to walk as DID our LORD and to have all HOPE in HIM.

  92. Motherofnations Jun 8th 2014

    I think a lot of wisdom is said in Paul Stanier’s words. It is very wise to hear good counsel. Too many people today reject good counsel and sabotage themselves in so doing, instead of examining the possiblity that God has sent someone to bring some direction. 🙂 I agree wholeheartedly that God does not want something that rates so low that Satan uses it as a laughing stock before the world.

    Love and blessings,

  93. Andrew Jun 8th 2014

    Here is the first trailer. I guess we will see how “amateur” people think it is-


    God bless you!


  94. Motherofnations Jun 8th 2014

    Andrew I think a lot of us care for you so much, I myself have known you for like 12yrs I think now, and it is hard to criticize. 🙂

    I would much rather you have a critique from those who know about cinematography, scripts, narratives etc otherwise we appeal to a faulty authority. What Paul has said is that the majority of christian movies to date produce bad films because the Lord told them to and there they lean on that to make a movie that is terrible to watch if one would even watch it. Paul says it is better to give it all (lots of money) and aim for the highest or not at all when it comes to cinema.

    I showed a few of my sons (22,20,19). They said the title will not reach the unsaved world because of the title. It is another apocalypse movie right in amongst many at the video store already. The clips of world events was good and some of the effects. The filming of the girl & in the house and in the cave quality was low.

    My husband seemed to like it though he said it looked low budget. 🙂 Again, we are not experts in that field, one of my sons does know about filming and quality, the other has friends making indy christian movies.

    One of my sons said the movie The Cross & the Switchblade was a powerful movie and they are the kind that reach people.

    love and blessings,

  95. Andrew Jun 8th 2014

    Thanks, Sarah

    Useful info.

    Bless you!


  96. Michelle Jun 8th 2014

    I like the title “Pray”. Some say it may turn some off because of sounding too Christian, but I don’t think so. For some people, the word pray is associated with the definition of relationship with God. But, for others (even non-Christian), it is associated with “when something bad is happening, or about to happen, then pray”. The same word brings different associations depending on the different groups of people. That title may be more likely to draw an audience in all areas rather than either secular or religious exclusively. If the word drums up an association of piety (as in the monastery kind)…the trailer will correct that idea.

  97. Motherofnations Jun 9th 2014

    Just to get a look at the quality of film today. There is getting quite a collection of young film makers who are turning hollywood into Godlywood. One of my sons knows the producers and the staff from this production below. They are all homeschoolers, so are we, and my son has been involved in politics in Texas with them. 🙂 This film is in the theatres at the moment and is due to be released on dvd soon (see Amazon.com). You can check out the quality on their official website. Their first release to the theatre was The Widow’s Might (2010) http://www.acewondermovie.com/home.php


  98. Andrew, I did watch the trailer and it does fall short on so many levels. Nevertheless, I am all for your freedom to do and create whatever your heart desires to do. It’s called creativity and passion. I hope after all your work and time it achieves what you want it to do, irrespective of what I say.

  99. Lynn2 Jun 9th 2014

    Sarah I agree, in my small opinion, the name pray does not seem to fit, young adults today are drawn to a more forceful nature. Now I know there is power in prayer, but the magnitude of this type of film it just does not seem to fit. Jesus tells us the end of days will be the greatest days of darkness the earth has ever seen or will ever see. He warns three times “Be Not Deceived”

    The Beast or Wicked One, the Man of Lawlessness are names for the coming Man of Sin/antichrist that will deceive the whole world.

    It will be a world full of great darkness and demonic presence, as the word says the antichrist will be embodied by satan himself.
    Embodied Darkness

    Yet, there is a beautiful light among all the darkness, Christ’s true remnant, the Lord’s end time witnesses, many will lose their very lives for the gospel of Jesus Christ, yet to immediately be under the alter of God, in his very presence.

  100. Motherofnations Jun 10th 2014

    Just as an aside, I hope Andrew doesn’t mind, the link below has the young producer/directors and film crew of the Ace Wonder (and other movies) having a discussion. At the end you will hear the young Mr Bowman state that he gives his artistic skills to works that glorify God only. Pretty impressive these young people. Yes God has a remnant who work for Him. 🙂
    Love these people. 🙂 Very powerful and God is very well pleased.


  101. Motherofnations and Andrew,

    After watching the trailer for Ace Wonder and for Pray, I can tell you which one I would like to see… Pray.

    Jesus never mentioned ‘professional’ or ‘slick’.

    That’s like saying worship must be led by professional musicians…

    Have you ever fallen flat on your face along with a whole congregation, when a couple with water on the brain just cried out, “I love you Jesus” in their very unslick way?

    We need what’s anointed, not to try to fit in or to appeal to the world.

    Man, if ever we need just the pure truth, it’s now. Did you know that the word ‘occult’ means ‘secret, hidden’… very appealing to the flesh.

    What was Jonah’s message? It was very simple. But the anointing, the power of God, caused the whole city to repent.

    May God forgive us for our idolatry.

    Go for it Andrew. I remember when the coveted millennium Christmas number 1 slot was highly contended for amongst the world’s musicians… And here in England, Cliff Richard released The Lord’s Prayer in song (called The Millennium Prayer)… Every radio station banned it from their playlist, but it still made number 1!!!

    He is the Chief Marketer 🙂

    And He is enough.

    Pray? Lord, let whoever sees this that you want to, hear Your call. Amen.