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  1. Andrew Jun 1st 2016

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  2. Andrew Jun 1st 2016

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  3. Jeanette Kirby Jun 1st 2016

    I agree that baptism is so much more than a symbol or ritual. So is communion. There are great blessings in both, and churches who downplay the importance of these holy ordinances are robbing their people.

  4. David marsh Jun 2nd 2016

    The Scriptures – God’s very own Word – are so clear as to what are the outcomes for obeying God’s instructions on how to enter in to God’s Kingdom.

    Sometimes testimonies, also, are very powerful in illustrating this phenomena.

    In ?Feb 1992 I decided, after many months of searching out this God thing, that I wanted to become a Christian.

    My staunch Bible preaching neighbor instructed me that I need to get water Baptized. I truly had no idea about the Scriptures or what it was all about at that time. All I knew was that there was a God, and I wanted to know Him.

    I had been a athiest all my life. None of my family ever attended church, so my knowledge of God was zero.
    I was 32 years old, divorced, drinking heavily, completely addicted to cigarettes, suffered bouts of deep depression. And generally my life was a train wreck. I was still drinking and smoking right up to the day i was baptized.

    However, my neighbor prepared me somewhat by explaining that his baptism was followed by a sort of amazing ‘high’ of feeling free. I accepted that but I had no idea what was going to happen.

    We duly arrived at the church. It was a small Revival Center church and they all prayed in tongues. What a weird thing I thought but I didnt care. I just wanted to get baptised.
    They gave me white shorts and white T shirt to change into. A canvas tub was filled and there I was standing before the church of about 35 members. The pastor duly had me sit in the tub and asked the appropriate questions of my belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God who died for my sins. I confirmed his question. He then baptised me in the Name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    It is hard to describe the internal sensations within my body as I arose and stood up from that immersion. It was like I was being washed or cleansed from the top of my head down through my body and out through my feet. It was like a dross was being removed. And in its place this amazing newness of a pure clean freedom. A Presence of cleaness. A Presence of goodness. A Presence of lightness filled my being.
    It felt like I was high on this most beautiful substance that one could imagine. My mind was absolutely clear, my inner being filled with Peace and Joy.

    The next day, being a creature of habit, I looked at my packet of cigarettes, and it was like I had never smoked before. Friends called round and we walked up to the local watering hole. Ordered my usual schooner of beer but as I raised that glass to my mouth I could not drink it. It was like the most foreign thing. I really did not want it. And from that day forward I have never ever been troubled by any black clouds of depression.

    I was completely new. I had this permanent Peace within that I never experienced before. It was truly a brand new life. And the Spirit of God was so strong on me during those early few years.

    I was in shock and totally elated all at the same time. I never imagined that there could be a God. And now I was in His Kingdom. From that day forward I have only wanted to know and understand Him and His ways.

    It was possibly the most powerful experience of my life.

    That was the essence of water baptism for me.

    God bless you all
    David Marsh.

    P.S. Being such a babe in Christ at the time (1992) I thought that my experience was perhaps a one off. But I am beginning to understand now that Water Baptism done in Faith – is tremendously Powerful – for anyone who will take this first step toward Jesus.

  5. David marsh Jun 2nd 2016

    I should amend that. My mother was talked into attending our local Church of England for about 6 weeks (in 1968) by our Cub leaders within that church. Otherwise we were a regular atheistic secular family.


  6. Logan Jun 2nd 2016

    “Please add your comment on Youtube rather than here.”

    Some are too smart to be signed up with YouTube thus can’t leave messages there.

    Great post Andrew, thank you. Logan

  7. William Rice Jun 2nd 2016

    The kingdom of God is misunderstood by everyone who believes that water baptism is an outward sign of an inward change. Jesus was in the grave for 3 days without pneuma or breath of the Spirit. When we are baptized into the likeness of His death (being submerged under water) we are now in the likeness of His death because if we do not come back up for pneuma then we are truly in the same state as Jesus was. This water baptism teaches our soul what death is without access to pneuma. The training of our soul as to the 3 deaths that we must go through in order to see the Father’s face is mandatory. The 5 unwise virgins were saved from the lake of fire but until they died to their mind by giving daily preference for the renewing of the mind by the Holy Spirit they could not come into being a wise virgin (or the Holy Place). Many are called and few are chosen. We need to teach the full Kingdom of God not just the outer court.

  8. Why do demons hate baptisms seemingly today more than in the past? Or do they?

  9. I am not smart enough to understand your comments Logan. What I also question is what happened to the original invitation to comment and those comments. It is one thing to shut down comments from brothers and sisters who are of a critical spirit, but those who are sincerely concerned with what they are reading and seeing, however,as most of the comments before you shut it down were questioning what you and Torben are teaching. I totally believe in water baptism being an important part of a follower’s walk. THAT is not the problem. However, that is what cults do, they only allow discussion that support their agenda. What is of concern is that these who are being baptized are NOT being baptized because they are supernaturally saved, thus the manifestations of demons. So the enemy has taken something precious to the believer and turned it into mockery. However, God cannot be mocked, so it is the promoters being mocked. God simply sets up what HE dictates to follow our conversion from a prisoner to a child. I named one individual who this happened to, the thing is, it’s not like she was sold out when the demons were manifest during baptism and Torben kept her under until he was satisfied. You can look her up on the internet and see she is still following after her old life in addition to promoting Torben’s video. Where is the testimony to God’s power in that? What has been noted is that this is becoming a common theme with Torben’s ministry and with those who are his followers.

    To cause division in the Body over insisting that we all drink the Kool Aid is against the unity Jesus prayed for and insulting to brothers and sisters who are not falling for what is being pushed.

    Important for each believer to ask God is this of Him or of man. Then to study out water baptism in His Word to show ourselves approved, as man’s reasoning is not God’s reasoning.

    Psalm 50:20″You sit and speak against your brother; You slander your own mother’s son. 21″These things you have done and I kept silence; You thought that I was just like you; I will reprove you and state the case in order before your eyes.” All of Psalm 50 for context

    Those who belong to God, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, He will set all things right in us AS WE FIX OUR EYES ON HIM. When we take our eyes off of Him we are at risk of being deceived. We are no longer childlike and humble, depending on only His wisdom and discernment, but we depend on our own, and we WILL be off.

    Thank you for your comment on water baptism William.
    “I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.” Galatians 2:20

  10. Water baptism is of great importance.
    And I don’t just say this to say it.
    By the grace of our LORD for over ten years now
    I have been ingulfed in his word and words.
    in the scriptures daily reading them
    and how they do truly make one wise unto salvation
    through our faith in Christ.
    How important is water baptism……………
    the true apostels sure took it very serious
    as did our own LORD……who though he was without sin
    still did allow even himself to be water baptized.
    it was of such importance
    that in acts…………….even after the gentiles had received
    the out pouring of the HOLY SPIRIT
    and had spoken in tongues as did the apostels
    had………….peter then asked
    IS THERE water that these can be baptized ………
    YES………..even after they had received the outpouring of the HOLY ghost as well as had the apostels
    of still having them water baptized.
    I have read by grace and keep reading just HOLY doctrine
    of the bible and the letters by the apostles to the churches….
    water baptism was of dire importance back to the early church.
    SO WHY is not NOT so dire today………..
    of course I know many who do the baptism
    but its just a ritual to them….
    they go down a sinner and still arise a wet sinner.
    so baptism without Christ ………..is not baptism at all.
    just a dry sinner being made wet.
    it truly is all about where the heart truly is.
    as even phillip , when the enuach said
    see here is water , what does hinder ME from being baptized…
    PETER made SURE the man , his heart was ON GOD
    for peter said……….IF YE BELIEVE with ALL YOUR HEART..
    ye may be baptized……
    most don’t believe from the heart and its just a ritual to them…
    but this is more than ritual…….
    ITS A WHOLE new way , its leaving all the old man behind
    the decision from the heart to live unto CHRIST and not the world.
    while the act of water baptism is not what saves
    IT is the act of the heart , and its a very important one
    a true necessity.
    Now there are some who always try and make it seem
    as though by saying water baptism is necessary
    I mean it saves………….
    they use excuses like well what about the man
    on the cross who never was water baptized
    is he saved………….the answer is YES
    and a resounding yes
    BUT that man COULD NOT come down and be water baptized,
    WE CAN………to any man who can
    HE MUST.
    those who die on death beds…………..or etc
    by all means they are still saved even without water baptism
    BUT again I say……………….IF YOU are able…..and we ARE
    this must be part of our walk in CHRIST…………..