James writes:

Hello Andrew,
I have a few questions and comments that I would like to send you
and see if you could respond. I am a local church pastor that loves
the Lord and I have seen such a rise in Christian men and women
who have become addicted to internet p0′rn. I am also seeing more
and more ministers that are coming to me with this bondage.

I have seen a recent poll that said that 45% of ministers are addicted.
I believe the percentage is even higher then that, especially here
in America.

Could you please address this topic?

One could say, Well, they are lost and simply not saved, but I do
believe the heart of God is for them to find freedom at the cross
from their deceptions.

We know deep repentance is the answer and you have done such
a great job with some of your writings on this “deep repentance”.
Is it possible for you to write a “step by step” plan or point me to
other resources, articles, etc, that can help me help others.
Especially these ministers. God does not want to just throw some-
one away, but He wants all to find repentance.

Also, is there a ministry [ministries] that you could recommend
that these ministers and believers could contact in order to get free?

ANDREW RESPONDS: I would like to throw this open to others
to give practical solutions that truly work, but first let me just say
this:- With deeply ingrained sin-habits like this I believe the best
solution is a deep “RENOUNCING” of this Stronghold. I have
spoken about this over the years, but I feel a lot of people do not
quite understand it. When I speak of deeply ‘Renouncing’ things in
this way, I am talking about a forceful and “violent” rejecting and
overthrowing that comes from the very depths of your being in
the name of Jesus. You COMMAND it gone – rejecting it with
ALL OF YOUR BEING in JESUS’ NAME. Many people are far
too “nice” when dealing with such things. You have to HATE the
sin, and deeply REJECT it, and VIOLENTLY UPROOT it in the
name of Jesus. (This applies to any other ingrained thing also).
It is “search and destroy”. Make sure you reject it from the
VERY DEPTHS of you. The name of Jesus is all-powerful.

I have known people to become utterly free of many long-term
sin-habits by going through this process. But let us see what
others have to say.

If anyone else has practical insights to help these bound-up
people, then please add your comment below-

God bless you all, Andrew Strom.

Posted in Articles by Andrew on January 12th, 2011 at 1:08 am.

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