I know some will not receive what I am about to say, yet many will. I do not believe we have yet seen the glory and fullness of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as prophesied by Joel. What we have seen are just a few sprinkles! Yes, we have had a worldwide charismatic renewal and love has brought many together. It has been an experience shared worldwide, yet it is just a foretaste.

God will permit nothing to hinder what he plans to do. The enemy
is in for a surprise. Just as it appears the church will be inundated
by a satanic flood, the Spirit will raise up a standard. Understand
what that standard is, and you will understand what God is about
to do. The standard is a holy people, pure, undefiled, delivered
from the corruption that is in the world. That standard is a new
breed of sanctified Christians, who will shine forth as lights in the
midst of a wicked and perverse generation. It will not be just a
renewal of love and praise, but a restoration of holiness unto the Lord!

There will still be shouting and praise, but it will be the shout of
victory over sin and compromise, fulfilling the purpose of the last
outpouring: “That all who call on his name shall be delivered…”
(Joel 2:32). Delivered from what? From sin! From the spirit of the

We will not have had the fullness of the Spirit´s outpouring until
baptized people separate themselves completely from the world.
We must emphasize separation and purity of heart. The purpose
of the Spirit´s coming is to sanctify and prepare a people for the
Lord´s return, a people without spot or wrinkle.

When the fullness of the Spirit´s outpouring comes upon all flesh,
conviction for sin will be everywhere. “He will convict the world of
sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment” (John 16:8). That is
the outpouring of the Holy Spirit!

Tragically, too many speak with tongues, but then live like the devil.
Sin was never uprooted and all they received was an experience of
ecstasy. God blessed them just enough to call them into a deeper
life of holiness and submission, but they stopped and went about
saying, “I´ve got the Holy Ghost.”

Oh, there is so much more! I thank God for the privilege of praying
in an unknown tongue; it is my way of releasing all the pent-up
praises to God in a communication beyond my understanding. But
you can speak with the tongues of men and even angels, and
without charity, you have received nothing. But I say it goes even
deeper. You are not truly baptized with the Holy Spirit until every
hidden part of your soul has been exposed-and every sin
confessed and forsaken.

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  1. Andrew Jun 26th 2013

    I’m with Wilkerson on this.

    I believe in one last great Outpouring

    -Andrew Strom

  2. Wow!!! What an awesome timely word!!!! That is just what I have been praying for. May God be praised!!!!

  3. Ken Everett Jun 26th 2013

    May I ask what Biblical support you have for this belief? In my understanding we are seeing what God foretold in terms of the increase in the spirit of lawlessness; people are haters of God and lovers of themselves; more and more Christians are turning to hybrid belief systems which are made up of some Biblical and many secular tenets; the ‘falling away’ is increasingly evident in churches all over the world.

    I am sorry, but I cannot agree with this outlook. Nowhere in Scripture are we told about a great end-time outpouring of God’s spirit, but every other end-time sign and warning is all too clear.

    It is nearing end of day. We must GET BUSY for soon it will be night and no-one will be able to do anything more for the lost.

  4. David Markham Jun 26th 2013

    I love David but I just don’t understand this thinking. The Prophecy of Joel was fulfilled in Acts Chapter 2. Peter even said so in reference to what took place. There is no need for a last great outpouring. We have been baptised with the Holy Spirit and with Fire. If the Church would just walk in this power, we would see a great number of souls added to the Kingdom!! It feels like an excuse to sit around waiting for God to do something. God has already done what he needs to do to save the world. It’s up to us to share the good news of the Gospel and to walk in His annointing and power!! Let’s lay hands on the sick, let’s preach his good news from every mountaintop!! It’s time for us to be who He called us to be!!!

  5. Amen. There is a prophecy about the church that has not been fulfilled and that is for the glorious church to arise in holiness (Isaiah 60). There must first be a spotless bride for Christ to present to Himself. It begins with the church acknowledging its true condition of carnality and sin and measuring itself not against the standards of men but with the standard of Christ who sees our hearts (Rev 3 – Laodicean church). The true gospel has not been preached and so the true redemption of Christ has not been produced.
    Watch this video to hear the true gospel that will produce what Wilkerson is speaking about:

  6. Barry Schmidt Jun 26th 2013

    I hope this happens!
    For over 50 years now the Pentecostals have been prophesying “the big ONE”.

    While our hope is not end time revival but the glorious appearing of our Lotd Jesus Christ from heaven and while thr Bible doesn’t promise such an ouypouribg specifically in this hour WHY WOULDN’T GOD bring something like this ?

    “we have heard of your fame and your glory in other generations. Renew them in our day O God of Edwards, Finney and Wesley!”

  7. What part of All FLESH, ALL PEOPLE or ALL MANKIND is so hard to understand. That means everyone in the whole world.

    Acts 2:17

    Amplified Bible (AMP)

    17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, God declares, that I will pour out of My Spirit upon all mankind, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy [[a]telling forth the divine counsels] and your young men shall see visions ([b]divinely granted appearances), and your old men shall dream [[c]divinely suggested] dreams.

    I don’t think a worldwide outpouring means there can not also be a great falling away. Most people reject living holy lives before the Lord, they still play at seeking God. There are two different things going on , what Jesus is doing and what people do. The Lord God will do what He said, we hope all people will choose to love and obey Him.

  8. Dr. John Jun 26th 2013

    Brother Wilkinson uses the old word, “charity”, for the agape form of love, which is sometimes called tough love. And, that’s what it will take, for Christians to stand out like a light on the hill. Today’s real question, I think, is not if but when this will happen. From my experience with my own family of kids, grandkids, and great grandkids, the shaking has already begun (as in Heb.12:27). I think we are very near the time.

  9. Scripture DO tell us of a last days revival unlike any other. All could be able to see it but the UNscriptural pre-trib rapture doctrine forbids it and blinds.

    Christ comes back to a church who has reaped the last harvest and has paid with their blood.

    In order for Wilkerson’s word and God’s plan to come forth, Christians must start believing and living the true gospel, which includes deliverance from sinning, not just forgiveness of sins done.

  10. David m Jun 26th 2013

    I asked the Father to give me a word to confirm these things that are said, and the “lot” fell on Ecclesiastes 1:9
    “That which has been is that which shall be; and that which has been done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” Amen.

  11. DonaldN Jun 26th 2013

    I like the sound of this word. Another great outpouring would be wonderful to see in my lifetime.
    The problem I see is that it is not told in scriptures. This whole situation is why there are so many different opinions on the end times, or almost every other doctrine in existence. We cannot state something and choose to believe it just because it sounds good to us and we desire it to happen.

    2 Tim 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

  12. DonaldN Jun 26th 2013

    God has given me a nugget of wisdom in the last few months. It really puts things into perspective.
    His word to me was this. “Who writes history? What do they write about?”
    A hundred years from now, if the Lord tarries, what will history say about the Church of this era? It will speak of the mainline church system, the mega churches, the church that society sees. It will not speak of the remnant believers who are dedicated to their Lord. It will not speak of the thousands of small groups gathering to hear the truth and live it out in their everyday lives.
    The same has been throughout history. We cannot judge what the Spirit has done over the years by reading history books, they don’t tell it all.
    The Spirit of God was as active in the “dark ages” as powerfully as He is right now. He has been poured out once and there is no need for another outpouring. God does not work out in the open society to try to prove Himself. He works in the hearts of the individual. He has not changed. He has said He will not leave us nor forsake us.
    There is a great deal written about the Jews throughout history, but aside from the Bible itself, very little is written about Jesus. History is written by the world. God is writing on the hearts of true believers.

  13. Brother David writes………..

    “We will not have had the fullness of the Spirit´s outpouring until baptized people separate themselves completely from the world. We must emphasize separation and purity of heart. The purpose of the Spirit´s coming is to sanctify and prepare a people for the Lord´s return, a people without spot or wrinkle.”

    This is what the remnant is, this is God’s people separating themselves from the world. I would put to the readers that ” the world,” includes dead denominationalism and dead Christendom.

    Christendom being everything that professes the name of Jesus in name only, yet are as much ” the world,” as what we would think of when we think of the term ” the world,” or Babylon or the system of the world. And the truth of brother David’s prophetic word can be seen right now. God’s people are separating themselves from the established church.

    There is a remnant people arising. And I only use that word as an adjective, not as a name designed to pigeon hole. A remnant child of God is simply a genuine child of God who can no longer stomoch the luke-warmness or worldliness of their church. God is calling out the hungry and the thirsty. Hungry and thirsty for what? Hungry and thirsty for nothing more than Him, His presence. For they know in their spirit that He is life and they must be where the life is. The Lord gave me this word back in 2009, take it or leave it as the Spirit leads…….. bro Frank

  14. Sadly David W. like so may others is wrong when he claims ” “and without charity, you have received nothing…”
    Paul does not agree that God’s gifts are nothing. “And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.” He say though we have them, but do not have Love – I – WE – are nothing. He does not put down the gifts just the recipients who abuse/misuse them.
    Nowhere does Paul even hint that tongues, , knowledge, faith, etc .are nothing!
    Rather he uses the personal pronoun “I” all through the chapter.
    Read chapter 13! Are we so blind?
    Pr Michael

  15. David Markham Jun 26th 2013

    @Reb, please share with us these scriptures that tells us the revival in the last days will be unlike any other..

  16. Michael, why are quoting half a sentence and then using it out of context. David Wilkerson is correct,

    “. But
    you can speak with the tongues of men and even angels, and
    without charity, you have received nothing.”

    His point is that speaking in tongues and living like the devil is not the gift of God.

    “Tragically, too many speak with tongues, but then live like the devil.
    Sin was never uprooted and all they received was an experience of
    ecstasy. God blessed them just enough to call them into a deeper
    life of holiness and submission, but they stopped and went about
    saying, “I´ve got the Holy Ghost.” ‘

    No way did he put down the gifts of God, just those who claim to have received the Holy Spirit and still do not love (obey Jesus) .

  17. Brother D. W. . “We will not have had the fullness of the Spirit´s outpouring until……… ”

    Wrong again John 1
    John, God’s word and the holy Spirit say, speaking of the Spirit filled:-
    15 John bare witness of him, and cried, saying, This was he of whom I spake, He that cometh after me is preferred before me: for he was before me.
    16 And of his fulness have all we received, and grace for grace.”
    and again Col. 2 ( “For in him (Jesus) dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.”
    God is His own interpreter!.
    Spirit filled? you’ve received Him, His fulness, His faith, His love, His authority et al. you are blessed of Him. Wake up! Don’t waste or bury the talent thus losing it in the end.- Math 25 24 to end. Be a doer, use it!.
    Pr Michael

  18. Michael, and once again you quote half a sentence and use it out of context.

    “We will not have had the fullness of the Spirit´s outpouring until
    baptized people separate themselves completely from the world.
    We must emphasize separation and purity of heart. The purpose
    of the Spirit´s coming is to sanctify and prepare a people for the
    Lord´s return, a people without spot or wrinkle.”

    This is a correct teaching , if you receive the true gift of God and continue in Him you will be changed and live a life that pleases the Lord because you obey Him. Your attitude toward this article is pretty condescending , Michael.

  19. JeffM With respect please read what Paul said, i am quoting him! We are not talking just about tongues here we are talking of the gift’s of God plural.
    Chapter 13 is where David drew his scripture from and IF his claim applies to tongues it applies to all.
    Is faith nothing? no! are tongues nothing? no! ” desire earnestly the best gifts, …. ” Paul says “I thank my God i speak with tongues more than you all and yet in chapter 13 “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal” Sadly there are many such “tinkling cymbals” around as Jude says ” ……….walking after their own lusts; and their mouth speaketh great swelling words, having men’s persons in admiration because of advantage…..”
    Paul does not say the Gifts are nothing – or we have “received nothing. He says he is – we are nothing, if we do not have LOVE and then exercise them in LOVE.

    Pr Michael

  20. missbridgewater Jun 26th 2013

    People everywhere thirsty for truth already cannot hardly find it, look how many are searching and EVERYONE has a different opioniion about EVERYTHING the bible says, look how they/we search to and fro, still looking for some group or teaching of men to lead us, its tragic, but true. Its all part of Gods plan, even if you dont like it, we cannot change what the word says period, look at Israel today bulding houses/settlements they will never live in, we know whos moving in already those who do have the gift of discernment, Already we see whos lining themselves up with the false trinity, this thinking of some great thing happening, well let me ask you this question, how do you know your not moving in the same power? We need to tarry. Only those who have really heeded the warnings are doing that while others arae jumping from the pan into the fire revivals, to call being “cautious” being dead, sounds more like something those mislead by the enemy would say.

  21. I respect D.W for being a man of God and praise God for the way he was blessed in is ministry. However like many before him and doubtless many after, including yours truly, we are not infallible popes! God’s Word is infallible and Truth and we must stand or fall by it alone.
    We must not put men on pedestals – for their own good as much as ours, i have seen to many once good folk who praised men and pastors, fall of the perch.
    Pr Michael

  22. One of the problems is that far too many professing Christians do not understand the power of the blood of Christ and unbelief has shut them out of the promise. Too many are preaching an Old Covenant redemption of ‘covering’ instead of a New Covenant deliverance from sin and the world. This video explains the difference and reveals the truth that will set people free so that we might have a great revival.

  23. Michael , I guess I just think you are picking apart the article rather than seeing that David Wilkerson believes Joel 2:32 and John 16:8 . Those are the verses he used.

    Joel 3

    Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

    3 (2:28) “After this, I will pour out
    my Spirit on all humanity.
    Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
    your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions;
    2 (2:29) and also on male and female slaves
    in those days I will pour out my Spirit.
    3 (2:30) I will show wonders in the sky and on earth —
    blood, fire and columns of smoke.
    4 (2:31) The sun will be turned into darkness
    and the moon into blood
    before the coming of the great
    and terrible Day of Adonai.”

    5 (2:32) At that time, whoever calls
    on the name of Adonai will be saved.
    For in Mount Tziyon and Yerushalayim
    there will be those who escape,
    as Adonai has promised;
    among the survivors will be those
    whom Adonai has called.

    John 16:8-11

    Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

    8 “When he comes, he will show that the world is wrong about sin, about righteousness and about judgment — 9 about sin, in that people don’t put their trust in me; 10 about righteousness, in that I am going to the Father and you will no longer see me; 11 about judgment, in that the ruler of this world has been judged.

  24. Again
    D.W . ” I do not believe we have yet seen the glory and fullness of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as prophesied by Joel.”

    Peter Acts 2 “This is That…. as spoken by the prophet Joel… ” Peter surely was saying “Folks it’s begun it’s here!! Jump on the buss, were leaving, do not dally”

    The early church lived by the Word and Faith which worked by love, as a result they revelled in glory, excitement, mighty miracles, fellowship, hardship, persecution, torture, victory, joy unspeakable, Godly contentment,, assurance, faith, love et al and yet D.W. did not believe it has yet come?
    If he is correct then “this was not that” because it is yet to come!
    Pr Michael

  25. Miss Bridgewater, if you check out the remnant articles you will see that it is our belief that the last great outpouring is in direct correlation to the great persecution. It is persecution itself that causes God to pour out His Spirit upon His people in the last days because God never leaves us nor forsakes us and when the enemy comes in like a flood, then God Himself will raise up a standard.

    Now, as for the denying and decrying of the pentecostal movement , as some kine of Catholic conspiracy, not sure what to say about that other than to say plainly that you are wrong. The Salvation Army started out as a very powerful, fearless movement of God and is now, for the most part, a social work department. The Methodist Church under Wesley started out and was for a long time a powerfully used church, but so much of it now is dead deniminationalism.

    My point? Things can start out well and then go south. Witness the Charismatic movement that I would contend has virtually destroyed the pentecostal movement. God said that His glory would cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. In these end times and with the great persecution soon to come, there will be worldwide persecution ( sorry if you believe in a pre-trib rap, just not there in the Scriptures)

    If we study the martyrs down through the centuries, we see a remarkable outpouring of His Spirit upon them, so much so that they could rejoice, like Paul, even in the deepest dungeons and even as the flames began to lick at the mortal bodies. Now I know that this kind of outpouring is not what many modern day pentecostals or charismatics are expecting, but it will be of no surprise to those who take seriously that all who follow the Lord to Calvary and beyond and who take up their crosses and die to themselves daily, will suffer.

    Yet look at how the Apostles rejoiced to be counted worthy to suffer for the cause of Christ. Now this, brothers and sisters, is an outpouring of God’s Spirit, when we too can rejoice to be counted worthy of suffering for His sake……..bro Frank

  26. missbridgewater Jun 26th 2013

    Frank, I do read most of what I see and consider all things. I just know that theres some verses in the books of the true prophets of past concerning these times where God says he will SPOIL their glory, and I only see one group that seems to promote this thing. I would NOT want to be them, nor encourage enyone to join that camp, remember the verse that says about encouraging evil, though it may be just one aspect of many errors people do, we are still called to come out of babylon and be seperate, why take ANY chance.

  27. missbridgewater Jun 26th 2013

    Ive cried tears for those in this strange movement today,but when I try to share bible verses with them, they dont even want to hear them, or even consider they may have fallen into error, and most turn nasty, so I wonder if I shed tears for nothing, I still hope and pray for his mercy on all. myself included.

  28. missbridgewater Jun 26th 2013

    Its amazing to see catholics or believers of old say this paton saint or that patron saint, and all that JUNK I dont care what kind of appartiions came to the people, we should know what those things were, I see so called non catholics DOING THE SAME THING following wilkerson and so many like calvin, arminism, and whatever wind of docterine famous men came up with, we are each responsible for our own, and learning and better hear the word ourselves. Who do you think own, teach run seminary schools form theology , make comentaries, etc. Let NO man deceive you, even those you consider to be great, men of old, men of renoun (famous) No religious celebs for me, and they all seem to achieve some sort of “sainthood” when their dead catholic or otherwise.

  29. Put away the long knives Michael . You are not even able to see what the article is about.

  30. The bible is not a long knife, it is a sharp two edged sword. it cuts both ways, in or out.
    “When he (the comforter) comes, he will show that the world is wrong about sin, about righteousness and about judgment………”

    ““After this, I will pour out
    my Spirit on all humanity (unregenerate men and women not all will heed there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
    Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
    your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions;”
    2,000 years of history!
    Please tell me what people the Holy Spirit has not visited. His voice has gone into all the world but the world as always does not listen.
    My point is, this has been occurring to a greater and lesser extent for two thousand years we could not argue with the first church that it had not yet occurred.
    This particular portion of Joel’s prophecy began at Pentecost and continues today until it is fulfilled when Christ returns. It is as much error to put it all into the future, as to place it all in the past.

    My hope and prayer is for a great revival , we must pray and labour in the vineyard for it, however if we do not see it this side of His return, then i will not argue with God, or drop the batten. Will it happen? Only the Lord knows.

    Pr Michael

  31. David Barnfield Jun 26th 2013

    It is with a saddened heart that I have to say I wholeheartedly agree. I try so hard not to judge my brothers and sisters, and often wonder if I am being too hard on them and also do I need to ‘lighten up’ but I recoil at what appears to be acceptable in the church today. I have to examine myself in light of what His Word says and pray that righteousness will prevail in the church. Thank you for this word. Every blessing David

  32. ISNT THAT UNBIBLICAL THO??? I dont totally agree with this article, the end times outpouring wont convict everyone in the world of sin as the very end times will involve almost everyone receiving the 666 mark of the beast and worshipping the antichrist as God (from where there is no possibility of salvation according to the bible), and them persecuting all believers almost completely out of existance before Christs return, that is a given scripturally, standard Christian teaching, (read Daniel and Revelations). That cant happen if everyone is convicted of sin. Where does the binble ever claim such a thing. Or have i misread D. Wilkerson here?
    Some scholars claim “all flesh” means every type of flesh ie some people from every nations and every type of walk of life, eg rich and poor etc not that everyone gets saved or comnvicted of sin.
    I dont believe the end times outpouring will be anywhere near as powerful in the western world as in places like China and Africa either.
    The signs are that a great wave of deception will wipe most of the western chruch out before that time so only a small remnant here will be involved in the great move of God.
    Lets get real, God cant exalt the present church of the western world or allow it to remain until His coming like this.

  33. WATCH OUT FOR A GREAT WAVE OF DECEPTION FIRST: a false revival based on occult healing power. I actually think this may have just started in embrionic form in the UK already, but am still watching to be sure.

  34. Michael , I did not say the bible is a long knife , that is the sort of “out of context” use of the article I was trying to point out.

    I don’t believe we need to have a ” I know I am right therefor you must be wrong” way of looking at other peoples teaching. Sometimes we don’t get what they mean or have not learned all that they know. But you are saying that David Wilkerson said things that it is not clear that he did say. Your own response from scripture being right doesn’t make your point right.

  35. Id better give the website adresses to explain and back up those claims.
    . and

  36. Hi Miss Bridgewater, we agree that men or a man should never be followed. If you make a god out of a man then you are certainly in for trouble. I personally believe that David Wilkerson spoke prophetically, as did A.W.Tozer and Ravenhill and C.S.Lewis to an extent. God still speaks though His people ans there are no Scriptures to suggest otherwise. Now, what I would say from my own experience, that almost every man or woman who have pronounced themselves to be prophets, are not.

    Please believe me when I tell you Miss Bridgewater, there is still a remnant of genuine saints within the pentecostal world. Now, I see evidence through my own website and correspondence that many are coming out now and I praise God for it. They are simply now hungering after God Himself while others still worship men and their teachings.

    And so, the Bible teaches that there are gifts from the Holy Spirit, and just because their is counterfeit out there, this does not mean that the ” baby whould be thrown out with the bathwater.” I believe that to be a scheme of the enemy where he wins both ways, first the counterfeit and then the throwing out of Biblical truths because of it. If God Himself says we need to be edified by these gifts, it would be very audacious to suggest otherwise.

    Let me just assure you, there are many good pentecostal saints, for lack of a better phrase, who exercise these gifts and who stand upon the word of God. But let’s not get sidetracked on that issue, for it is written therefore settled. The issue in the article is about people coming out of that which is corrupt, to not be a part of it. And you will find this worldliness in every denomination ( which I find in and of itself, denominationalism ,to be ant-biblical)

    Yet saints were called to be one. Just read again the High Priestly prayer of Jesus in John 17. We were called to one, to know that we are loved, and to behold His glory so that the world would know that Jesus had been sent. This will be achieved, I believe, in the latter days and I believe it will be achieved through persecution. Remember, the disciple were told to go and make disciples of all the nations, but they did not go until persecution came and then they were scattered. So, persecution has served its purpose before, that which the enemy tries to destroy by it, is turned into the Lord’s victory and a fulfilling of His word.

  37. Jo Sappenfield Jun 26th 2013

    We need to pray fervently for one another. If we are weighed down by deceitfulness of riches and the cares of this life, we are missing out and blind to why we are even here –May God break our hearts with a burden to pray!
    Is there not a cause? Birth pangs demand it! We need to pray in the Spirit; we need to pray the Word; we need to pray!

  38. I’ve never seen David Wilkerson miss the mark.
    It’s no wonder his successor, Carter Conlon, after Wilkerson passed the mantle to him, was told by the Lord Jesus Christ explicitly to NOT change the course of the church he inherited, (TSCNY), but to keep it on the same path as Wilkerson had it going in.

    Certainly Wilkerson’s best and possibly one of his most important messages ever was given in 1998, at Times Square Church, on the subject of Exodus 33.. on exactly the point of the letter above.
    But it gives an insight into America, and our ruination’s spiritual roots, as no other message I’ve ever heard.
    The sermon is called: “Craving the Presence of the Lord’.

    It should be played at every church in America.

  39. I agree. Until the church humbles itself and seeks the Lord with a heart to return in true repentance there will be no revival. The very word means to make alive again – alive unto God in wholehearted devotion and obedience. This video speaks of this very issue and need for today:

  40. Something always puzzles me…..that is why do we always look to the ‘church’ and or the Holy Spirit when in fact it is the living Christ that we must follow. The ‘church’ on earth (especially in the West) is corrupt and by their very existence and structure corrupt the life of Christ we are meant to live. Have a look at what Jesus says about our particular time in history – He does not have a good word to say. Rev 3. Wake up, brethren, flee the ‘church’ system and take up your cross and follow Jesus. Heed the advice given by the Apostle John in 1 John. ‘Church’ has replaced the life of Christ, therefore it is antichrist by nature and deed.

  41. Andrew, thank you for posting this. I totally agree with brother Wilkerson’s message. For years while I’ve been praying I’ve been watching our Lord drawing more and more folks into dissatisfaction and into prayer for mighty revival. Who are these Believers? Nobodies. Most likely their neighbors and co-workers aren’t even aware they’re praying every day about this but God knows. Oh how I thank Him for the precious gift of overcoming prayer in Christ Jesus AND the incredible last days revival which will manifest soon.

    Oh and Reb, I’m a PreTribber. 😉

  42. As usual very interesting mix of comments.
    Would just like to say in this time more than ever we NEED to be filled with the Holy Spirit. We NEED a real living relationship with Christ to keep standing.For that reason I’m inclined to agree that we will be given extra power we need to get through this darkness and deception if we are truly listening and obedient to the Lord.

  43. Jda016 Jun 26th 2013

    There was no specific Biblical evidence for the First Great Awakening, Second Great Awakening, Hebrides revival, Azusa street revival, the Welsh revival and so many countless others.

    I am not sure why people even need “scriptural support” for what God has already been doing for two thousand years. I believe there will be an even greater revival to come where bars will be empty and strip clubs closed; where the lame will walk and the sick will be made well; where the demonized will be cleansed and where people will forsake their idols and turn to the Living Christ.

    I know this is already happening in pockets around the earth, but I truly believe it will happen so powerfully and in such a large scale that businesses will close down to hear the gospel; where football games will be canceled so people can fill the stadium to witness the Glory of God; where schools will be closed as too many children will be weeping in repentance for their sins and their souls saved.

    I believe this will happen before the great and terrible day of The Lord. I believe this will happen before the world is fully judged as the harvest is fully brought in for God desires that none should perish, even though many will as there will be those who refuse to let go of sin and control.

    I pray for this day as I do believe God has His time table and that he has a calendar where everything is set out. Just as he set the boundaries of the ocean to come in and go no further, so I believe he has set up a time for these things to take place.

    There will be a great falling away. Many people’s hearts will grow cold, but I don’t think that means it is impossible for a great revival and harvest.

    We also do not know God’s time table. Who is to say when the end will come? Many feel it is close and so do I, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t enough time for a great falling away AND a great revival.

  44. Hallelujah! Lots of glorious confirmations! See Jehovah Reigns! at The drought is nigh over…it is beginning to RAIN! A line of demarcation is being drawn (Malachi 3:18). Father, we consecrate ourselves to You, purify us with Your Holy fire. Make us portals of Your presence and conduits of Your power. We love you, Lord Jesus, bo Yeshua bo!!!

    “Righteousness goes before him and prepares the way for his steps.” (Psalm 85:13)

    May those who look and long for His appearing, PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD!
    Jehovah Reigns!
    Dawn Vickery

  45. Jda016 Jun 26th 2013

    Renee, your point about prayer is very interesting.

    God would not allow Abraham to inherit Canaan until the “iniquity of the Canaanites was complete.” In a similar way I do not think we will see this powerful revival until the prayers of the saints for God’s glory and revival fill and overflow the cup.

    It will be like a dam breaking and the floodgates of Heaven will open up as God declares that the prayers of His people are complete and revival will break out.

    In the meantime, keep praying, keep loving people, keep preaching the gospel, and keep living a holy and spotless life, but I do believe we are going to see a large move of God.

    It could even be in (and probably will be) a period of great distress. I believe in America the Second great Awakening happened around the time of the Civil war.

  46. impact360 Jun 26th 2013

    Has anyone else experienced a terrible onslaught from the enemy lately, even over the past 4 years or more?
    It has been very difficult for my husband and I.
    Sometimes it seems like we are going backwards and not forwards anymore, this is quite alarming.
    Yet when I am feeling despair about the situations we are in, the Lord shows us that He is actually working out refinement, pruning and forming the Character of Christ in us.
    We were quite surprised to find out that it was through trials and testings that the character of Christ is formed.
    I remember recently in prayer I said, “Lord I come to buy gold refined by the fire!” and I clearly heard His reply, “Are you willing to pay the cost?”
    I knew what that meant, death to self, the cross.
    When someone is worshiping and in the presence of the Lord, it’s easy to say Lord I come to the cross.
    But when we truly have to face the cross, part of us doesn’t want to go through that long drawn out process.
    Well at least it’s been long and drawn out for me.
    If you figured out a way to get it done quickly let me know, lol.
    But the way of the Cross is the way that every child of God MUST GO!!!! There is no other way around it.
    And it’s a lonely place too, most people around you will ridicule you and think you’re “out to lunch”, only those who are hanging on their cross can relate to what you’re going through. Am I a happy camper on the cross, NO of course not, but I’d prefer the cross to the alternative, dieing spiritually. I’d rather submit to the pruning of the Father than become a branch that is unfruitful and have to be cut off and burned with the hypocrites.
    YES God is going to pour out His Spirit on His church again, but only for those who have “Prepared the way of the Lord” in their lives, getting rid of, or rather allowing the Lord to get rid of those things that are an offense towards the Lord. For those in His church who do not prepare themselves it will be a day of judgment like nothing they can even imagine. But for those who have submitted to the work of the Cross in their lives, who willingly went to it and submitted their will and their lives to it’s work, they will be ready to receive, they will have emptied themselves of everything that they are so that they can be filled with everything that He is. And there will be no more names being proclaimed, except the ONE name that is above every other name, Jesus Christ and He will truly be their Lord.
    Time is very short now, and some will turn away because it will be too hard, they will stop short of the high call because of the great difficulties that they must face and overcome, I am a weary traveler, a lonely sojourner, and can understand that danger. Although I have not given up the fight, but I have learned that it’s not on my own strength, I found out, that I actually can do NOTHING apart from Him.
    For those who choose to continue to follow Christ even if it’s to the cross, they will receive their reward for not giving up, but persevering to the end.
    In Daniel it says that in these end times the antichrist will overpower the church, and some will even fall, but it will be for their refinement, and God has promised to give us a little help.
    If godly people from the past who were not worthy of this world, experienced such terrible hardship, why do we think that we will be exempt? Life is not going to get easier, but harder. Are you willing to go all the way with the Lord, or just as far as your comfort is in danger? Jesus warns many will fall away because of the Cares of the Word and He says that some will be offended in Him.
    Yet it’s not all bad!!! It’s awesome, because for those who have insight (truly knowing their God) will lead MANY to the truth (to salvation) and they will shine like the stars. So when you face the hardships ahead, keep your eyes on Jesus, embrace the cross that will bring about the death to your will, yet it will also bring you forth into life, as you are surrendered to the Will of God and are a vessel fit for good use in the Father’s hand.
    God bless you all and may we all be ready when the Lord returns!

  47. Andrew Jun 26th 2013

    Frank – I agree that there is a “remnant”

    I also agree with a period of ‘wilderness’ where one “unlearns” the religiosity of the “four walls” scene.

    But where I come from in this, is that I was part of a huge “Out Of church” wave in the 1980’s that did and said everything that you guys are now saying and doing. “The Remnant will come out from under all organization – and will see a great move of God”, etc, etc. This was all the rage 30 years ago. It came to nothing – just another bunch of “scattered” people who were actually more effective in the “system” than they are now. I have watched this whole thing happen over and over in that time and renounced it as a “scattering” heresy. It bore VERY bad fruit over the long term. But the people involved always deluded themselves that they were part of a “great move”, etc. Same old, same old.

    We need a real actual “gathering” to true ‘Body’ today. Scattering achieves little.

    Bless you!

    Andrew Strom

  48. wineskin Jun 26th 2013

    Well said, Trevor Hartwig, well said.

    Our world of Christianity has become little more than a thick veil of tepid fog that stands between the God seekers their Christ-given free access to Him.

    Time to get out of our Christianity and get back to Christ.
    Time to throw our dead baby out with the filthy bathwater.

  49. Hi Andrew. Now brother, I know that you would never teach that we, even in our own personal lives, would use the past as a gauge to our future. God holds our future and we seek Him today. I say that just to simply point out that because there was a movement in the 80s that had similar views as to what we are heading towards now, has no real bearing on now, it fact it seems a wee bit bitter with all due respect. If you are amongst the remnant believers now, you would find no rage what so ever. Just a simple longing for His presence and a mourning and grieving over the current state of Christianity that was handed down from the last few generations.

    Perhaps you have heard of Gospel Fellowships , which is just one group from SI or the remnant believers that I am involved with which would include Brian Long and others, He you know personally and others you would love and respect. Zero rage Andrew. That’s another decade in the past’s problem. I do agree that scattering, in the sense of that word is not something, is not useful, but we are very deliberately not asking people to come out. We speak to people who come out and a write to mostly people who are out or coming out, but it is the Lord that is doing the calling.

    We are having the first set of meetings in Oklahoma , July 12-14 at Brian’s church. We envision that as the first of many around the country, speaking and encouraging the saints. We also believe that great persecution is coming Andrew, so not exactly the vision that any main group had in the 80s. We do not believe in a pre-trib rapture so we believe that the Lord is calling out His own and preparing them for being a witness in those days of persecution. Brother Greg had his last conference in Atlanta last year on the subject of the persecution to come. So that is where we are coming from. A great outpouring? Yes. On who? The saints, For what purpose? To equip us to be a mighty witness in the midst of a time such as there has never been before.

    We take much inspiration from the saints in every century for the last 2000 years who forsook all for the Lord, and so often their lives as well. You can tell that this would not sit well with 80% of Evangelicalism which believes in a pre-trib rapture, nor does it sit well with those who want to ” Live their best lives now.” 🙂 It’s a narrow path brother, as the Lord pointed out. I know we can agree on that. God bless you brother…………..bro Frank

  50. Impact360, I say amen to your comment. Perhaps I could use portions of it on my website? God bless you…………bro Frank

    PS yes, this terrible onslaught that you speak of is widespread amongst God’s remnant saints. I hear from saints every day from all over the world and the message from them is exactly what you shared.

  51. jda016 Jun 26th 2013

    Amen Impact!

    My family has been going through the exact same thing, even to the point of having to be willing to die and lay down specific promises that God has given us in our lives.

    The road gets narrower and narrower and sometimes our heads are bowed so low that we can barely pray. All we can say is, “Jesus help us.” Praise God He is faithful to answer!

    I think of how King David went through the same thing as dozens of his psalms were full of despair and yet often at the end of each one he would praise God anyway.

    God brought us to a Scripture a long time ago and it is one that still rings true in our lives all the more when things grow worse.

    “Though the fig tree shall not blossom and there be no fruit on the vine…Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in the God of my Salvation” (Habakkuk 3:17,18).

  52. Andrew Jun 26th 2013

    Thankyou Frank for accusing me of “bitterness”. But this is something different. It is called “experience”.

    This is not to do with the 1980’s. I have been close to all these movements for years and observe them closely. Many of my readers are still part of all this.

    I have been part of the ‘House church’ movement. I have been part of the OOC movement. I have been around this stuff constantly – and around guys who talk just like you – for 30 years. Sorry to say, I see nothing new – absolutely nothing new – in what you guys are doing.

    It has all been done before – over and over. We need real NT ‘Body’ and leadership back.

    Bless you!

    Andrew Strom

  53. I’m with Wilkerson on this.

    I believe in one last great Outpouring

    -Andrew Strom

    I’m with David and Andrew on this… Praise You Jesus… 🙂

    Andrew, thank you for posting this. I totally agree with brother Wilkerson’s message. For years while I’ve been praying I’ve been watching our Lord drawing more and more folks into dissatisfaction and into prayer for mighty revival. Who are these Believers? Nobodies. Most likely their neighbors and co-workers aren’t even aware they’re praying every day about this but God knows. Oh how I thank Him for the precious gift of overcoming prayer in Christ Jesus AND the incredible last days revival which will manifest soon.

    I’m with you on what you share above Renee – we’ve agreed on this before and we still agree… Love you sister, Andrew… 🙂

    Jonathan, there is a new depth of power in what you share – the Lord is really at work in your life brother – I sense a new mantle of authority forming on you – He is taking you through things but you are coming forth as gold – go for God brother, go for God – you are part of this last great outpouring which is about to break on the earth before the falling away Jesus mentions in Matthew 24 occurs in the last three and a half years… 🙂 Love you brother, Andrew

    We need a real actual “gathering” to true ‘Body’ today. Scattering achieves little.

    Bless you!

    Andrew Strom

    Yes Andrew, this is what the Lord is calling us to… Amen… 🙂

    Jesus’ great prayer – I believe the greatest prayer ever prayed and I believe that with tears – in John 17 – is that we the Church would be in unity and that the world would believe once we were in unity – that is the great outpouring which we await – but we do not await in inactivity – we give as our brother Jonathan shared – ourselves to the Lord in prayer (and to each other as He leads us) and as we do He strips us of everything which is not holy and pleasing to Him as these things must be stripped from us before we can intercede for the world and see them stripped from them, Love you, Andrew (I know you are doing this personally so don’t feel that I’m preaching at you but there’s still more for each of us in this to get as low as He wants us to get… 🙂 )… Love you, Andrew… 🙂

  54. Tilman Jun 26th 2013

    Brother David W. was wise enough not to mention the church in this vision, based on Joel 3, because this revival will be different. It doesn’t necessarily take place in the church, since many people of the Lord will have left the church, when it comes. As it says in Joel, the outpouring of the spirit will come upon all flesh, so it will be. People will gather on the streets.

    I am not so excited about that fact that there will be a new revival again. If this would take place in the church, this wouldn’t be exciting. I am glad that it will be completely different and loose from every clerical bondage. This will have a stronger impact on the earth than all the awakenings in the history of mankind before.

    People will gather on the streets and cry to the Lord. There will be proclamation and worship at every corner! Finally, god’s desire, which was from the beginning that church should be brought to the people, will come true. Then the people of the Lord will celebrate the service on the streets and spirit filled people will be shouting and praying with all their heart – and no power will stop them! No one of this spirit filled people will have fear to commit Jesus the Lord, even if they are threatened by death – they all will have the fear of the Lord! Hallelujah!

    This must be awesome. I am glad God has reserved this for the last days when the turmoil has reached its peak. So let us be patient and doing our work faithfully, because there are still some years of tribulation to come first.

  55. Lightning Storm Jun 26th 2013

    arrabōn—PLEDGE (see verse 22 below)
    1) an earnest

    a) money which in purchases is given as a pledge or downpayment that the full amount will subsequently be paid

    2Cr 1:20 NASB – For as many as are the promises of God, in Him they are yes; therefore also through Him is our Amen to the GLORY OF GOD THROUGH US.

    2Cr 1:21 NASB – Now He who establishes us with you in Christ and anointed us is God,

    2Cr 1:22 NASB – who also sealed us and gave us the Spirit in our hearts AS A PLEDGE.

    When the FULLNESS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT has been given, instead of the down payment we have now, THEN the FACES of those who receive the FULLNESS, WILL SHINE WITH THE GLORY OF GOD AS MOSES’ FACE DID. Also, as Jesus’, Moses, and Elijah shone on the mountain of TRANSFIGURATION.

    It is evident in the scriptures that the Holy Spirit AND revelations of God are given IN INCREMENTS as God’s times and seasons unfold.

    The OT Saints received the Holy Spirit “as needed” for the service of God.
    The NT Saints received the Holy Spirit as a PERMANENT INDWELLING TO BE TRANSFORMED from WITHIN……the circumcision of the heart and soul.

    Who are we to say “I HAVE THE FULLNESS OF GOD FLOWING OUT OF ME RIGHT NOW”? If we did, we would be doing what Jesus did the 40 days after His resurrection!

    We have the INDWELLING, but only RARELY has the globe experienced a FORETASTE of the OUTPOURING!

  56. Lightning Storm Jun 26th 2013

    I totally agree with this article from Wilkerson…..Praise God for His LOVINGKINDNESS ENDURES FOREVER!

    I’m looking forward to see the FULL OUTPOURING of the dunamis power of the Holy Spirit upon ALL MANKIND.


    Phl 2:10 NASB – so that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and ON EARTH and UNDER THE EARTH,
    Phl 2:11 NASB – and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

    It will take way more supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish those verses….if we had that kind of power within us NOW…..people would be falling down in REPENTANCE everywhere we walk!

  57. missbridgewater Jun 26th 2013

    Tillman, good point, God will just do his thing as he has always done in a huge way, not through the hands of men. The priests of egypt thought that they had something until God showed up. Same today.

  58. David Marsh Jun 26th 2013

    My dear brothers and sisters.

    Joel 2:1-32 if you will read it through, the subject of Vs.1-32 is ‘The day of the Lord’. The final days of this age of grace. Just before He returns.

    These 2 web pages should prove eye opening.

    God bless you all,

    David Marsh.

  59. missbridgewater Jun 26th 2013

    The prayers of a rightous man prevails much, I think of the miracles of healings that normal christians do for others and have seen them without all the pentecostal rituals and manifestations, so to say people who dont follow the big shows signs and wonders are powerless are full of crap. funny too, how those without manifestations received blessing while the pentecostals have generally always sought after them. Dont tell me pentecostals didnt receive some sort of spirit from the start, when you can see the fruit of it. THOUSANDS of leaders/wives flocked to the crap in the 90s, those with any sort of discernment stayed at home and were CONTENT.

  60. Andrew Jun 26th 2013

    Those were Third Wave Charismatics – not the classic Pentecostals (like Wilkerson) that fell into most of that Toronto stuff.

    Stop bashing the wrong people, Miss Bridgewater.

    Take more care with your words, please.

    -Andrew Strom

  61. Leslie MacLaggan Jun 26th 2013

    Yeah Hallelujah and Amen: your post speaks of just what God has been speaking to me for the last 4 years after he uprooted us from family and friends in California and moved us to Eugene Oregon. We have been living up here in the midst of strong prophetic movement hogwash (the Elijah List is based out of Albany Oregon) and complacent religious organizations disguised as churches. God, through our pastor back in California who has a true gift of prophetic prayer, has been speaking to us about separation, repentance, building a standard around God’s heart here in Eugene and living a life we have not lived before, a life of no compromise. He has been impressing on me that if we do not start it with this generation then generations to come in my family will not be able to withstand the end times. Yes, there is so much more as God has continually been speaking to me and I for one want to be one who is truly baptized in the Holy Ghost by living in the light, all of me, all of my heart exposed to His light and every sin confessed and forsaken. For true revival comes only with repentance
    Thank you for a timely and very relative post
    Leslie MacLaggan

  62. sharon Jun 27th 2013

    The time must be shortened or even the very last few would be deceived. He said when He came back would there be any faith left.
    I heard a word much like the one given back in 88. It is a very stirring an uplifting word to tell us of a great outpouring. Just don’t see it in the end times when the love of many will wax cold.

  63. If we look at the verses that follow Joe 1;32 what time are they speaking of ?

    Joe 3:1 “For behold, in those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem,
    Joe 3:2 I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. And I will enter into judgment with them there, on behalf of my people and my heritage Israel, because they have scattered them among the nations and have divided up my land,

    ,,and regarding the bride , who said the bride only consists of the people alive on earth at the time of the return of our Lord ?

    What place do all the dead in Christ who have gone before us have in the bride ?

    Are we now saying that all the dead saints in Christ will not be part of the bride ?

    So in the balance and context of all scripture , how do we arrive at the place of , end time mans efforts through separation and purification , being what will determine the return of our Lord ?

    Do we now control the events that lay in our Fathers hands ?

    Such arrogance and deception is exactly what prevents this generation from walking in the fullness, power and authority of our risen Lord Jesus Christ .

    The classic age old stalemate between God and man , where we are waiting for God to move and He is waiting for us to move .

    All these twisted prophecies serve to do is separate people from the truth of what Jesus did and said .

    The only thing that limits us from walking in the way that Jesus provided for us , is ourselves.

    If we walk as He intended and provided for us to do , then we will be part of the bride along with all the others who have gone before us , taking up their cross’s, denying themselves , and following after Him.

    The upon His return , we will see the fulfillment of His prophecies concerning this time , and we will take our place along with all who have gone before us , and who belong to Him , as His bride.

  64. Do we really think that Jesus is going to uplift and glorify a remnant prior to His return ?

    Or is it that upon His return in His glory for all the world to see , that ALL those who belong to Him will be uplifted , gathered unto Him , and glorified as well , as a result of His glory ?

  65. Re Andrew Strom – query those comments on scattered remnant

    What are you saying here Andrew –that people now come back to the 4 walled manmade temple or like you have set up a para church ministry, which can often replicate the same. It belittles what and who the “Body of Christ’ truly represents.

    Did Jesus get it wrong too? Most of His ministry was in the marketplace, on the highways, byways, hills and mountains. When he visited the temple it was to address the ills of the Pharisees and money makers. They wanted to kill him.

    To say one can’t achieve their calling in God because they are not residing in a denominational or New Life walled church organisation is wrong. Andrew you may not have ‘made it’ (perhaps ambitiously) out of the walled church structure but God has His ‘Body of Christ’ everywhere. The Holy Spirit personally speaks to each individual where He wants and wills them to reside.

    The kingdom of God is bigger than the Church; the Kingdom of God is any sphere of life in which the will of God is done.

    Jesus is the reign of God. But today people (maybe you Andrew) have instead viewed the residential church as God’s reign –if you want God, plug into the residential church! So the church by default has become God. We have forgotten that Jesus said –You seek the Kingdom and I’ll build the church” Matthew 6:33. Like Jeremiah we need to cry out –the temple has become an idol. The idol of self is at its core.

    A local church group should be set up to disciple new believers, teach them the true word of God, share God’s love, then encourage believers to go out and preach the Gospel to others, as well as do good works. Many groups do this quite successfully. BUT today in the west most don’t sadly.

    But not everyone is called to work in the local church environment or grace its doors. It would negate the fivefold ministry calling of the Body at large. It does not mean we are not fellowshipping with others regularly either. Most are fellowshipping much more because we are no longer Sunday morning or mid week HG night Christians anymore but on fire for HIM 24/7. Amen,

    The below website gives many wonderful testimonies of people, who have been working for God in their calling but outside the residential church.

    The Remarkable Replacement Army‎

    It is Jesus whom we rely on to do His will for our lives not the structures of a church.

    When will folk ever throw off the shackles and mentatility of religion………

  66. Andrew Jun 27th 2013

    If it is not ‘Body’ then it is not New Testament.



  67. Lightning Storm Jun 27th 2013

    AM…..Your post is filled with truth and wisdom. It is the ekklesia and koinonia way. AMEN

  68. Mark Elam Jun 27th 2013

    This is exactly what our pastor has been preaching!

  69. re David’s word.

    David was very prophetic and we are blessed to still have his sermons available online. What in essence David is saying is true. In this article David is not promoting worldwide salvation in an instant, which is not Scriptural but he has seen ahead, a time when more people (than at present) will respond to God in full surrender of their lives and thus go out to affect the world for HIM.

    There could be many reasons for this change:
    *The increase in world economic crises and less reliance on human governments.
    *Increase in environmental disasters affecting lives directly
    *The calling out of ‘bride’ believers from serving the traditions and doctrines of men. This release from the Babylonian captivity of God’s people, means that more will go out ‘at all costs’ and do great exploits for God in the Great Harvest with only Jesus as ‘their agenda’.
    *The fall of nations with dictatorships especially in the Middle East, causing local people to seek and probe more
    *More of the known world has been reached for God than ever before and evangelism is now at a national grass roots level of operations as opposed to historic neo colonialism mission endeavours
    *God himself is visiting people (Jews and Moslems) through dreams and visions in areas when no missionary can legally go
    *We are closer to the ‘birth pangs’ on the Biblical timeline than ever before.
    According to Arnold Fruchtenbaum in his prophetic end time book ‘The Footsteps of the Messiah’ the next timeline world event will be the northern army breach on Israel. While many have equated this event with the final war, Arnold writes that the time does not equate with the 7 months (bodies) and 7 years (army gear) cleaning up time after. There will be a harvest, as a result of this war, because the Jews in Israel would have seen God’s supernatural hand of rescue and thus many in the world too. The harvest will be more than ripe for the picking at that juncture before the next birth pangs occur and sets the world stage for the one world Government, the 10 Kingdoms, rise of the anti-christ, period of peace and false security and signing of 7 year covenant prior to the Tribulation.

    I was in Libya in 2009 and when I was visiting some ancient ruins God gave me this word:
    “There is going to be ahead a small harvest in response to the increasing trials to come on the world caused in part by despotic rulers of this world. These local peoples are blind. They think they have all wisdom and knowledge but they know nothing and I will cause them to repent and bring their wisdom to nought. A time will come when this nation (Libya) will become as these ruins of this past civilization that you walk amongst–a pile of rubble in the desert, just ruins in the desert landscape. Their religion is built upon the precepts of men and not of me. Their (Islamic) pillars of wisdom will fall heavily”.

    The Libyan civil war and the fall of Gadaffi started on 15.2.2011
    and Libyan cities were in ruins in the desert landscape!

  70. Andrew, I know that you see nothing new, that comes through loud and clear. And you have not been around ” guys like me,” because I was never part of any house church movement nor was I ever in any kind or rage or paranoia against the established church. Is it possible, God is doing something new and you are just not seeing it because of your past history ? There is a remnant and God is taking them into the wilderness, today brother, not last decade or the decade before that. I observed much of the rhetoric amongst the guys you have apparantly lumped me in with. I have walked amongst the cessasionists, the ” I am a vile worm crowd,” the people who got misled by the Kansas City prophets and now by extension, IHOP. So I know a little of what you speak brother.

    God is beginning to gather His saints Andrew. I know that you once believed that. And it has nothing to do with you or me, its simply the prophetic calendar playing out. He is bringing His saints out of the desert and gathering them together. He is doing this for His purposes brother.

    I am sorry for the ” wee bit bitter,” quip. I could sense you felt what you said in your last comment but I had no right commenting on something I sensed rather that just comment on words written. Please forgive me brother. I believe we are actually on the same page bro, we are both have pentecostal backgrounds , we both believe and operate in the sign gifts and we see so many of these issues alike. I have published your articles on my site and pleased to do so because I know the Lord uses you……………bro Frank

  71. Andrew Jun 27th 2013

    No problem, Frank.

    My own view (which may sound discouraging to you) is that North America spiritually has further “wilderness” to wander in. The “stripping away” is only half done at this moment.

    Later this decade I see a time of potential “ingathering”.

    That is when I might expect God to really start moving in that direction.

    It is just where the nation is at right now. The “purging” has not done it’s full work yet.

    Bless you, my friend


  72. David W is right. There will be a mighty outpouring of the Spirit and soon. Jesus said that the Spirit will guide us into all truth and show us things to come. The trouble is that we’ve thought that we have already come into all truth when there is yet more. The Cross is an unfolding revelation and we are coming into the revelation of the finished work of Christ. We must take the Scriptures as a whole and be open to the Spirit’s teaching.
    God has set His plan for the Church into the types of the Old Testament.
    In terms of the Journey to the Promised Land we have yet to cross Jordan and possess the Land and establish the kingdom. We are still in the wilderness
    In terms of the Tabernacle we are in the Holy Place and are yet to go through the Veil. It takes revelation to see the significance of the Veil
    In terms of the Feasts we have had our Passover and our Pentecost and have yet to come into the Fest of Tabernacles. The Day of Atonement brings a deeper revelation of the Cross which causes the Church to rise up in power and holiness.
    It is all by Grace through Faith. Jesus has accomplished all things at the Cross. We have yet to claim them.
    “I will build My Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail [stand] against it.”
    It is all in the Scriptures but our eyes have not been opened to it yet.
    The forces of evil are rising – so will the Church. The last great battle is coming. We need to have a vision for reclaiming the world for God. That is what we are here for.

  73. Claudia Jun 27th 2013

    We are here because we needed to be reclaimed!

    Man is on the downward spiral and will only get worse. It is time to start looking to the Old Testament and what YHWH told His prophets concerning the end times. I doubt there is a revival of world wide fame coming, except the one for the evil false one who comes. Quietly, neighbor to neighbor, man to man, not recorded by cameras or books, the Salvational Message of Jesus Christ, Yeshua will be, is being, spread to all that are called to hear….and they will quietly wait for their Savior’s return, willing to die for Him, as they quietly share His message.

    Micah Chapter 7 describes a time coming that is partially here already. Sounds like the time when the Lord is about to return….not a good time to be amongst man if one is a Believer….the day that the watchmen were looking for and thy visitation cometh! I am guessing it is after the 7th trump has sounded. Note: “the good man is perished out of the earth”…..suppose they were harvested???

    Micah 7: 2-9 The good man is perished out of the earth: and there is none upright among men: they all lie in wait for blood; they hunt every man his brother with a net. That they may do evil with both hands earnestly, the prince asketh, and the judge asketh for a reward; and the great man, he uttereth his mischievous desire: so they wrap it up. The best of them is as a brier: the most upright is sharper than a thorn hedge: the day of thy watchmen and thy visitation cometh; now shall be their perplexity. Trust ye not in a friend, put ye not confidence in a guide: keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bosom. For the son dishonoureth the father, the daughter riseth up against her mother, the daughter in law against her mother in law; a man’s enemies are the men of his own house. Therefore I will look unto the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me. Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me. I will bear the indignation of the LORD, because I have sinned against him, until he plead my cause, and execute judgment for me: he will bring me forth to the light, and I shall behold his righteousness.

    Isaiah 26: 9 With my soul have I desired thee in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee early: for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.

    And after our King returns with His judgments….the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness during His Mellinnium Reign upon earth.

  74. You see brother, we do agree 🙂 There is definately a process going on , but like everything else in this country, that process is speeding up. The swiftness of change spiritually in this country, just in the last couple of years has been nothing short of breathtaking. The ingatherings are beginning now brother, believe it or not. Pray for our ingathering coming up in July, a group of saints who left a main line denominational church just two years ago, are hosting it. They meet in a former bar that was donated to them. People who have counted the cost , led by brother Brian Long, inviting others of like-mind in from the wilderness to worship and to seek His presence. ………………bro Frank

  75. THE best comment on here was written by impact360. I thank you for your post for you write of the TRUE REVIVAL that IS already taking place in the lives of those willing to be revived!

    It is a beautiful revival, this revival that is already going on, where Believers are currently being purified, being tested, and being refined and made ready for the Return of The King Who will return for His holy Bride who has neither spot or wrinkle.

    The Believers in this current revival are being cleansed from the fear of man by standing strong in love and forgiveness in the midst of persecution by those called “the church”; they are being cleansed from false doctrines as they lay down doctrines of men and demons, picking up and reading the Word only; and they are being cleansed and freed from the lusts of the flesh as they renounce carnal pleasures and turn their eyes from the continual bombardment and lure of worldly entertainment. Such believers are indeed currently being revived and made pure and spotless for their King.

    You can hear them cry out for others to join in this GREAT REVIVAL that IS currently taking place! They cry out on this site, and sites and groups like this one. They cry, “Come out! Touch no unclean thing and God will be Your Father” (2 Cor 6:17,18) but sadly, too many ‘believers’ are entertaining their flesh in the world, or entertaining demons in drunken glory slosh fests in churches. Too many do not realize that the glorious revival is already taking place and that they are missing out!

    1 Peter 4:7 – The end of all things is near. Therefore be alert and of sober mind so that you may pray.

    Luke 21:34 – “Be careful, or your hearts will be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness and the anxieties of life, and that day will close on you suddenly like a trap. 35 – For it will come on all those who live on the face of the whole earth. 36 – Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.”

    Those in the current revival that is going on, are walking, many in solitude, on the narrow path that leads to Life. They are also having their eyes opened to the sin that is in them, and getting it purified out by the Sanctifying work of God through His Word, through prayer, and by daily study of the Bible, and their revival IS GREAT!!! They are coming forth AS GOLD, purified in the furnace!

    I could go on and on about the current GREAT REVIVAL that is currently taking place, but I would ask that all simply join in. Be revived by bathing yourself in God’s glorious presence daily thru prayer with thanksgiving and by reading His Word. By laying aside all filth of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and pride of life, and by laying all doctrines taught to you by men and demons that aren’t found in the Bible, as you cry out for the Holy Presence of God to purify you and cleanse you from all dead works.

    May God bless you abundantly and draw You into HIS current Great Revival.

    Revelation 3:18 – I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see.
    19 – Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent.
    20 – Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.

    2 Corinthians 7:1 – Therefore, since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.


  76. watchful Jun 27th 2013

    ……..old things are passed away; behold all things are become new………

    Maybe there is more to this than we have realized……..

  77. Claudia Jun 27th 2013

    I was working in my farily large garden this morning….which is “my small kingdom” that I am in charge of….planned from the beginning….set out….started….tended/nourished…..carefully weeded with timing so that I do not hurt the tender roots of what I started and planned. I had asked my hubby to help me with a task there,under my direction…..this was the first time I asked for his help. Because he could not set aside his ego/will for my directions which were based on the knowledge that I had from the beginning concerning my garden, I could not make best use of his time for the task that I appointed… was very tedious, time consuming, and inefficient! I was reminded of God and His dealings with us! 😉

    Than my dear sweet Cowboy (a mini Aussie dog) got into the garden because he has to be with me….that is his hearts desire, no matter how hot it is! I had to watch Him carefully because he seeks moles and such underground….not understanding the damage he can do to my plans….unlike my hubby who does speak my language…but because of ego/self will went his own way contrary to directions given. Cowboy is totally obedient…he wants to do my will when he is aware of it. He just lacks training that would be well received.

    The bottom line that I understood today had to do with God’s character and how much He loves us and has perfectly planned for us.

    Just like my garden…God cannot let those into His Eternal Kingdom who have not totally subjected their will and ego to Him…conformed their will and ego into the same as His. To do otherwise would cause choas and conflict…..because YHWH, unlike me is PERFECT in His UNDERSTANDINGS AND KNOWLEDGE.

    I allowed Cowboy, this one time, to stay in the garden kingdom under my strict supervision in order to teach him my will. But I could not leave him there unattended, because he did not yet know my Will, even tho he was willing….unlike the hubby. One was in open rebellion, and the other was just ignorant, but had a willing heart.

    Such is the reason for the Mellinnium Kingdom that is coming…our Master staying with and supervising (with the help of the transformed Believers) those like Cowboy who have good hearts but are ignorant of the Master’s Will….not knowing it or understanding it…..for 1,000 years…probably a life span if things revert back to the times of Noah during this Kingdom on Earth time of iron rod rule.

    Our entire purpose on this earth, right now, is to totally understand the concept that we are to set our self will and direction aside with love and desire for YHWH’s WILL…..via the example of His Son, Yeshua, Jesus Christ.

    To not understand this concept of WHY we are to do that will causes one to go around in circles, following doctrines and traditions of man…each differing in their idea of how things should be.

    Micah 6:8 He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to DO JUSTLY, and to LOVE MERCY, and to WALK HUMBLY WITH GOD?

  78. stella Jun 27th 2013

    I for one have not read anything about a great outpouring revival.
    I read that the false prophet will be the slave of the beast. I saw a second beast, it came forth from the ground ( earth) it had two horns like a lamb, but made noice like a dragon. The second beast was a servsnt t the first beast, and extended its authority everywhere, making the world ( all nations) and all its people to worship the first beast, which had had the first fetal wound and had been healed ( risen up again from the earth ) and it worked ” great miracles” , even to calling down fire from heaven to the earth, while people beheld all these graet miracles and wonders, by the miracles which it was allowed to do on behelf of the first beast. It ( or these miracles and wonders ) were able to win over the people of the world and to persude them tp put up a statue in honor of the beast that had been wounded by the sword and still lived..
    This is a warning for us believers not to be deceived by all these miacles and wonders. I am afraid that what many call these out pouring will be deceived by all these miracles and wonders thatwill be taking place just before the return of the Lord. If this is what is meant by the outpouring or great revival I don`t want to be deceived.
    What I read is the sign of Jonah 9 that is to repent from our wicked ways before his return and cleanse ourselves from all filth of the flesh.
    I do not read nowhere in the word about a graet outpouring before the coming of the lord.

  79. Lightning Storm Jun 27th 2013

    Just as we are not to judge God, and the things of God, according to our experiences, we should not judge according to our LACK OF EXPERIENCES WITH THE SUPERNATURAL POWER OF GOD.

    It is easier for churchianity to praise doctors and medicine for killing or cutting out a disease in a person; replacing an arm or leg with a robotic one, etc; then to REJOICE in the supernatural healings completed by the God that they say they FOLLOW.

  80. —Jda016, Yes, the prayers of the saints, amen. I believe they are about to overflow that cup, praise God for His mercy.

    —Impact360, YES, awesome post!! Since the Fall of 2008 it’s been one attack from the enemy after another. All the folks I know who are praying desperately for more of our Lord Jesus are going through this. But then He warned us to count the cost. Like the old hymn says, The way of the Cross leads Home. If He learned obedience by what He suffered, then so will we. It must be learned before being mightily used. I’m housebound and have been believing the Lord for my healing for decades. I know I will see it manifested to His glory here “in the land of the living.” But more than healing, greater than mere healing. Instead, the manifestation of the glorious health that is mine In Christ Jesus our Lord! That truly goes beyond healing.

    —Andrew J Horton, I love you brother! But next time you mention John 17 will you please post a kleenex warning first? (grin) That chapter brings me to tears too. Oh what a God He is! Oh to have more of Him always, to be ever increasing with more of Him!!

    —WATCHFUL AMEN, that verse has yet to see full manifestation in Christ’s Body of Believers and I get all excited just thinking about it.

    —As far as being in the wilderness, well, you can belong to a huge steeplehouse surrounded by throngs of folks singing hymns along with you and still be all alone in the wilderness. The wilderness isn’t just a trial thing. It’s also, even more so, a heart thing. A heart breaking for more of God that won’t be stopped until He rends the Heavens and comes down!! May God bless all of you my brothers and sisters! {{hugs}}

  81. David Kelling Jun 27th 2013

    We are moving from Shavuot to Tabernacles you would be wise to study that or you might be pounding your fist outside of the bridal chamber.

  82. Lightning Storm Jun 27th 2013

    LOL right on brother David Kelling

  83. For Frank McEleny

    Fantastic – I am right with you Frank – be good to make email contact somehow. I totally agree – gathered out of manmade structures into His Body -out but to come into -regathering in HIM — the Bride being prepared. God is even calling the unsaved in USA -recent trip to Central America I met so many Americans there who see what is happening to their country and want to leave. They had more awareness of end tine events than the Bible Belt. The harvest is waiting in USA…………

    Andrew S
    I think we are on the same railway track. It is great you offer this website and free access. God bless you for this.
    We must all align ourselves with Bible prophecy not our own experiences and the moves of the church from the recent past. God just wants to get the job done – we interfere too much and often muddy the waters.

    Comment from Watchman Nee -Chinese Pastor who spent most of his life in a Chinese jail:
    Ye have heard that it was said of them of old time……but
    I say unto you………Matthew 5:21

    Bondage to the law may be defined as a rigid adherence to a bygone code of life that leaves us unready to follow the Lord’s speaking in the present. We see the law as a standard of living; but it is a fixed standard. When we were youngsters at school our gym teacher lowered or raised the rope for the high jump according to our age and ability. The standard was subject to adjustment and left us scope for development. But the law’s standard is rigid. It leaves no room for advance beyond a given point.

    “But I say unto you….” These words contain a principle for all time. I have heard people dispose of an argument with “Oh that was settled in Calvin or Wesley or Darby’s day. But their days are old time, and so are your yesterday and mine.

    If I do what I did a month ago because today the Lord leads me to do it, that is life, but if I do it because He led me to a month (years) ago, that is law. The law can be a week old or centuries old, but the leading of the Spirit can never be twenty four hours old. The vital question is, do we know the freshness of today’s walk with HIM.

    Are we walking with the freshness if the Lord today or not?

  84. That makes sense to me sister Renee – that you have been “going through it” with your healing “waiting”… 🙂

    You exude Christ sister, you exude Christ… 🙂

    Praise You Jesus – and you will be healed – I speak that in Jesus Name – like you have waited for you will experience right here and now in this world and also in the world to come in your new body which will be even more glorious… 🙂

    Bless you sister,

    Love you,


  85. Jda016 Jun 28th 2013

    Thank you Andrew J, for your comment to me earlier. =)

  86. L. Alex Smith Jun 28th 2013

    Scriptures regarding an End-~Time out-pouring of God’s Spirit, a great revival:
    Joel 2:23 “He shall cause to come down the former rain and the latter rain in the first month”. Rain typologically symbolises the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit. The “former rain” is thought to be the Day of Pentecost and the 1st century… but Jesus warned the Church of Ephesus in Rev. 2 to repent “because you have lost your first love” or he will “remove your candlestick” (Menorah, representing Light and Revelation). Toward the end of the 1st century the sect of Gnosticism and Docetism sprang up; in the 2nd and 3rd all sorts of wild ideas; 4th saw the Roman rule– it wasn’t until the Azusa Street revival that a MASSIVE outpouring of the Spirit took place– a return of the “former rain”. The healing revival of ’48-’53 was mis-named by some “The Latter Rain” because they had never seen the like– but Joel’s “latter rain” is yet to occur.
    Zechariah 10:1 “Ask ye Rain, in the time of the latter rain” it won’t just happen automatically– it has to be prayed in!
    Revel. 12 “woman” represents end-time church “clothed with the sun”– so Saved; but “brings forth a HUIOS ARSEN (Greek, a Full-Grown son, a male)” who is caught up to God (harpadzo, i.e. raptured). At the time this occurs the 7-headed beast will have SEVEN crowns, meaning that the last World Gov. will be empowered (1-Egypt, 2-Assyria, 3-Babylon, 4-Medo/Persia, 5-Greece, 6-Rome, 7-One World Gov.)
    This “full-grown son” means the Remnant that is Distinct from, separate from, and yet part of the “woman”.
    II Thess. 2:7 He who restrains will restrain until he is taken out of the midst…. “he” singular” for group of people who exercise the power of the Spirit to hold back anitChrist demonic forces…
    Ephesians 4:13 Until WE (plural, saints) all come into a mature Man (singular, just like in II Thess. 2, and Rev. 12)
    Isaiah 26:17-21 As a woman with child, we have only brought forth wind, not deliverance. (so far)
    Isaiah 66: 5-9 She was delivered of a man child, called a Nation, and Zion’s Children. (could apply to Israel 1948, but to be applied spiritually to those in the church who will occupy that place in the Lord).
    Jeremiah 31:22 The LORD (YHWH) has created a new thing: a woman shall compass surround) a Man. Compare with Revel. 12:5– there it is NOT “teknon” (an infant), nor “pediae” (a toddler), nor “brephos” (a child) but “huios” (a FULL-GROWN son).
    Isaiah 52:6-8 they shall know My Name…they shall see eye to eye
    with Ephesians 4:3 and 13 unity of the Spirit…unity of the faith, full knowledge (epi-gnosis) of the Son of God, [He has given these offices in v.11]UNTIL we all come into “a perfect (mature/complete/whole) man”
    Ephes. 5:25-27 the church must make itself ready as a Spotless Bride, without spot, wrinkle, or blemish compare to Revel. 19:7 “His wife has made herself ready”

    So, yes, there will be a time of apostasy (II Thess. 2); and there will be a group who restrains (NOT apostasised); there will be a false church (the “harlot” or whore, of Rev. 17) but also “the woman” who is Saved– but not mature. And her “fully-grown son” who as “A Male” bears forth the male Authority and rights of Inheritance.
    Luke 21:28-31 Jesus says “When these things BEGIN to come to pass, then LOOK UP (unBow yourselves) for your Redemption draweth nigh.” The church will be in a bowed-over state if we are to “unbow” ourselves.
    The Bride: all through the ages– it depends on your intimacy with the Lord (NOT romantic, it’s only a Typological picture!) But, it’s the END-TIME group of The Bride that we are concerned with here. Song of Solomon, the Shulamite (which means, 1-from the town of Shulem, 2-woman of Peace) cf. I Kings 1:1-4 “Abishag” means “Errors” ! “very fair” vs. 4– cf. with Song of Sol. 1:15
    Typolog. Song 1:5-6 “I am black, yet comely” Her “mother’s children” (the church) were angry with her (like Mary vs. Martha);
    Song 5:7 the Watchmen didn’t recognise her, thought she was a night-walking prostitute, and Song 8:5 “Who is she who cometh up OUT OF THE WILDERNESS, leaning on her Beloved One?” The Bride group of Christians won’t necessarily be recognised by those who are SAVED, yet don’t have that deep heart relationship with Jesus. They even will come out of the Wilderness–but, Completely Dependent on Jesus, leaning on Him.
    Revel. 12: 10-11 That group (the fully-grown son) will be caught up. Qualifications: 1) Overcome the devil by the word of their testimony 2) the Blood of the Lamb [never leaving the Cross and His Blood] 3) and they loved not their lives even unto the death– totally willing in Self-Sacrificial Love to die for the Lord AND for the Brethren. I Corinth 13 Agape means “Self-Sacrificial” as opposed to the selfishness around now.
    Can we all make it our goal to press into this level of relationship and maturity in the Lord? This is “the mark of the prize of the High Calling” in Christ Jesus.

  87. L. Alex Smith Jun 28th 2013

    Remember the vision (or dream) called “The Bride is Coming Out Of Christendom” by Wayne Thomas; Andrew Strom put that onto Revival List a couple years ago. The same message. BTW Revel. 17:9-10 defines the seven heads.

  88. Hi AM, you can contact me here [email protected] . …………..bro Frank

  89. Marilyn Crow Jun 29th 2013

    We all know that Christ is the Head of the Body & that He sent His Holy Spirit to `guide ` us `into ALL the TRUTH.

    This the Holy Spirit has been doing throughout the centuries & even in my life time I have seen great restoring of truth. These have refreshed, strengthened & renewed the Body of Christ. Yet there is still more truth for us to be guided into before we as the Body of Christ, reach the maturity of Christ. (Eph. 4: 13)

    Each restoring of truth has come in cycles.

    1. Preparation of people`s hearts. (hidden)
    2. Revelation of the truth the Holy Spirit is revealing, by the few, the more & the many. At this stage people think, `Oh, a revival.`
    3. The outworking of that truth in people`s daily lives & standing against opposition.

    So as the Holy Spirit guides us into each truth –
    – it frees us, (John 8: 31 – 32) from error & bondage.
    – it sanctifies us, (John 17: 17) as we work with the Holy Spirit to let the next revealed truth be outworked in our lives.
    – it matures us, (Eph. 4: 13) as we learn to cooperate & mentor others & share giftings.

    At the moment we are in the middle of a cycle of revealed truth by the Holy Spirit – the truth that Christ is the Head of the Body & that it is He who organises it in everyday life – discipling, mentoring, encouraging, praying, etc, etc. This is not easily seen on a large scale or measured as in `bottoms on seats,` but I see it in our area & Torben`s clip also gives an everyday insight into this.

    Then as Andrew Strom said, he sees a move of God in the second part of this decade. I would agree, for the last truth to be revealed by the Holy Spirit has yet to go across the Body of Christ. The ground work is being prepared in people`s hearts by the Holy Spirit now & then the few, the more, the many will have revelation.

    It will be a quick work for the Lord has His anointed ones being prepared who will run with the final revelation of truth. Also the quickness of communication today is like none before. What took years of preaching & sharing, now is shared in minutes.

    There will be also the greatest battle against this final truth & many people will be deceived & connect with the world`s earthly idea of an earthly kingdom. They will believe what is false & be driven to `save the world.`

    Let us then prepare our hearts ready to receive Christ`s Holy Spirit guiding us into ALL the TRUTH. (of Christ & His purposes)


  90. So much good commentary and I don’t know where I stand on what to believe. But, my formula to use when I’m not certain about prophetic words and how it ties in with what scripture reveals, is “what would Jesus have me do?”

    If a prophet senses a revival coming, I’ll rejoice. How can anyone spurn a heavenly gift? If the Lord wills that He pours more latter rain on us soon, then I rejoice. I won’t fight it. If David Wilkerson was speaking as a prophet, we can wait for it; if it doesn’t come to pass, then we keep occupying until He comes, and if it comes to pass, we can thank the Lord Almighty and try to participate to the fullest.

    One way or another, we know God is completely in control. What He decides to do in these last days will happen, regardless of whether we want to believe it or not, or regardless of whether one agrees and another disagrees. But, upon hearing of a last day spiritual revival, a true child of God would be overjoyed to hear it; a naysayer would be angry to hear it.

    Sometimes the true motives of our hearts are revealed when God chooses to reveal a word through his prophets. If we get angry or miffed, then it tells us we have a lot of dying to the flesh to do. Because if the prophecy is true or false, our attitude in Christ should always be thankful and hopeful and if men try to damage that hope, we still have a Christ-like attitude and rejoice, whether we live in spiritual draught or spiritual overflow.

  91. David Scott Jun 29th 2013

    I agree for several reasons. The first is that God first spoke to me about a worldwide holiness revival in a dream in 1966. He confirmed that dream through a verse in 1 Cor. 1 in 1969. After He sent us as missionaries to New Zealand in 2003, He said a lot more to us about it. This revival was begin when or shortly after the 6th seal is opened in Rev. 6. The full context of what God will do continues to the end of Rev. 7. Some verses in this complete context cross-reference to Rev. 12. The big picture from all this indicates that intense spiritual warfare will motivate many in the church to desire holiness more than worldliness. We will discover how to appropriate the blood of the Lamb in such a way that it will cleanse us from all sin. The last enemy to overcome will be death at Jesus’ second coming. This means sin and the devil will be overcome before Jesus returns. The holiness revival in Rev. 6 & 7 will accomplish this. I have a lot more info on this. Anyone, who wants it, can ask at my email address. I won’t charge anything for it. The last thing I will say about this is that Robert Mears wrote a book called The Last Revival. I agree with everything he said too. My favorite thing he said is that the last revival will complete the Reformation that was really begun by Savonarola, not Martin Luther.

  92. David, I also believe there will be great revival in the time of the tribulation as it is scriptural (Rev 7:9 etc) BUT! the Church will NOT be here for any part of the tribulation (Daniels 70th week) as the Church will be removed/raptured so that God can restart and finish His programme with Israel, and deal with the Nations, but the focus will be on Israel, THEN. Just like, how the focus is on the Church, TODAY.

    The 70th week of Daniel is to THY people (Israel) and upon THY Holy City (Jerusalem)

    Dan 9:24 Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.

    In the time of the Mosaic Law, Israel was the focus but since the Cross, Israel has been set aside and the Church is now the focus, and this Church age will close so that the focus goes back on Israel in the time of Daniel’s 70th week, and so all Israel will be saved (Rom 11:26)

    At the moment Israel is blinded in part – until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.

    Rom 11:25 For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.

    In correct study of the Word we should see the 3 groups of peoples, which are, Church, Israel and the Nations and these must be separated and not bunched together as one, so as to get clear understanding of WHO is been spoken to. Is it to the Church? – Is it to Israel? – Is it to the Nations?

    There is NO reference to the Church after Rev 5 until Rev 19 (the marriage of the Lamb is come) IN heaven.


  93. Marilyn Crow Jun 29th 2013

    Very well explained Ken. I agree with you. `Handling accurately the word of truth.` I pray that others will hear also.


  94. Andrew Jun 29th 2013

    Nonsense. Sorry.

    Anyone who thinks they have the “only true” interpretation of end-time events is deceiving themselves.

    I have seen very credible Scripture showing the church will be here right through the tribulation until Christ actually returns.

    Please do not turn this into an “end-time theory” diatribe.

    But a last Revival and Reformation in the end-times – YES!!

    Bless you!

    Andrew Strom

  95. Thank you Marilyn but very sadly (and it makes me weep) as it appears to me that not many are picking up on the 3 groups or the dispensations, bless you dear Marilyn and I really appreciate your support in all of this.

    Andrew Strom, can you please show me IN SCRIPTURE where the Church will be present in the seven year tribulation, as you claim.

    Andrew Strom as you claim, what Nonsense am I into in my claim of understanding end time events?

    Please explain Andrew Strom.


  96. Marilyn Crow Jun 30th 2013

    Dear Andrew,

    How is it that David Scott, L.Alex Smith, Stella & Claudia can write of their thoughts regarding end-times on this very blog but as soon as Ken or I say a few words you say we are turning this into an end-time diatribe?


  97. Lightning Storm Jun 30th 2013

    The “NEW” eschatology (end times) has twisted the scriptures for over 100 years.
    The church fathers did not teach what we now hear about the “end times”.

    If we are going to build upon the APOSTOLIC FOUNDATIONS, we had better find out what they truly taught first.

    Daniel’s 70th week was from 26-33 A.D. Jesus began His ministry in the midst of the week, September of 29 A.D.

    This is when He went to John for baptism, presenting Himself on the Day of Atonement to fulfill the law of Leviticus 16.
    In presenting Himself for ministry (and ultimately for Sacrifice), He “put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering” (Dan. 10:27) in the eyes of God.
    Because of UNBELIEF that Jesus was the Messiah, the Jews continued to sacrifice animals for another 40 years or more, but it is obvious that Daniel’s prophecy was not about Jewish practice, but ABOUT GOD’S VIEWPOINT. In God’s eyes, the Jews were making illegal and unacceptable sacrifices, because GOD’S FINAL ACCEPTABLE SACRIFICE WAS JESUS CHRIST.

    If the prophecy could be fulfilled only by the cessation of sacrifice in the temple, then, of necessity, the 70th week would have to be dated 66-73.
    There is hardly anyone who might argue for such a late fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy

    Dispensationalism is a modern view of prophecy that emerged in the mid-1800’s.

    John Nelson Darby (1800-1882) of the Brethren movement is considered to be the father of this idea.

    It included the NEW idea of the “Rapture of the Church,” which went beyond conventional ideas of the second coming of Christ.

    Darby’s views were popularized in America by Dr. Scofield, who was tapped by the Lotos Club in New York at the recommendation of Samuel Untermeyer, one of the Jewish lawyers who helped frame the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

    The Lotos Club was anything but a Christian organization, yet they found Scofield useful in the promotion of Zionism among the Christians.

    Hence, they gave him a rent-free house in which to write his “Study Bible.” Through his contacts in the Lotos Club, Scofield was able to get his “Study Bible” published by the Oxford University Press, even though he had published only a few small pamphlets before then and had no other credentials.

    The term “Dispensationalism” is now little used, because THE VIEWPOINT HAS BECOME MAINSTREAM, largely thanks to Scofield’s “Study Bible.” Once mainstream, there is little need to apply a label to this view, for there is no longer a need to distinguish it. It has now become simply “the Christian view.”

  98. Lightning Storm Jun 30th 2013

    The Apostasy has already happened and it happened hundreds of years ago.

    Thanks to multiple REFORMATIONS, the truth is being RESTORED and the True Church is coming out of Darkness and into a Great worldwide Revival.

  99. Marilyn Crow Jun 30th 2013

    David Scott & Andrew.

    David said –
    `The last enemy to overcome will be death at Jesus` second coming. This means sin & the devil will be overcome before Jesus returns. The holiness revival in Rev. 6 & 7 will accomplish this.`

    What does God`s word say – (summarised)

    `And I saw heaven opened …& behold …the King of Kings … wages war…Satan bound for a thousand years…then deceives the nations …fire comes down from heaven & devoured them…`
    (Rev. 19: 11 – 20: 1 – 11)

    Obviously there is a thousand years after Christ comes to earth the second time, before death is destroyed.
    1 Corinthians 15: 26 tells us this that
    `The last enemy that will be abolished is death.`

    This is not rocket science, but just reading God`s word clearly with out man`s opinions.


  100. Marilyn Crow Jun 30th 2013

    Also David another comment on what you said,

    `This means that sin & the devil will be overcome before Jesus returns.`

    It is the Lord Himself that deals with the rebellious nations of the world at His second coming to earth. And it is He who deals with the devil, the beast & false prophet.


  101. Marilyn Crow Jun 30th 2013

    Lightning Storm.

    Jesus said His Holy Spirit would lead us into ALL TRUTH. As we know over the years as the Apostle Paul warned, heresies would be introduced. Thus we look to the Lord, His word & His ministries to guide us into ALL TRUTH.

    Just because something is `recent,` does not mean it is in error. Think of the truths the Holy Spirit has restored to the Body of Christ recently -the infilling of the Holy Spirit, the giftings of the Holy Spirit, the 5 fold ministries, etc, etc.

    So it is not because something is recent that it is a heresy but if it does not line up with the word of God.
    The phrase `caught up,` `to meet the Lord in the air,` (1 Thess. 4: 17) is even in the Catholic Catechism, `called-up into the heavens to meet Jesus.`

    Thus it is not the concept that is in dispute but the timing – When.

    To know that you just need to draw the picture of 1 Thess. 4: 13 – 17 & draw another picture of Revelation 19: 11 – 21.

    A picture tells a thousand words. Marilyn.

  102. Lightning Storm Jun 30th 2013

    Marilyn Crow….

    Archeologists and Historians base their science of dating upon an important fact, which is:

    The discovery that is closest in time to the GENUINE EVENT, is considered the most ACCURATE and RELIABLE.

    The teachings of the church fathers are approximately 1000 YEARS CLOSER TO THE TIME OF CHRIST AND THE APOSTLES, then the NEW Scofield/Darby Dispensationalism THEORY OF INTERPRETATION.

    Scofield’s Bible does not have any more AUTHENTICITY AND AUTHORITY then the BOOK OF MORMON and the NEW WORLD TRANSLATION of the Jehovah Witnesses.

    Dispensationalism has “crept into” all of the doctrines of the denominations and influenced generations of believers to a “new” theology that the Apostles never taught.

    The writings of the church fathers who were closest in time to the Apostles would have the most accurate theology.


    Apostolic Fathers
    Main article: Apostolic Fathers

    The earliest Church Fathers, (within two generations of the Twelve Apostles of Christ) are usually called the Apostolic Fathers since tradition describes them as having been taught by the twelve.

    Important Apostolic Fathers include Clement of Rome,[5] Ignatius of Antioch and Polycarp of Smyrna. In addition, the Didache and Shepherd of Hermas are usually placed among the writings of the Apostolic Fathers although their authors are unknown; like the works of Clement, Ignatius and Polycarp, they were first written in Koine Greek.

  103. Marilyn Crow Jun 30th 2013

    Lightning Storm.

    The earliest writings of the Body of Christ are from the Apostles themselves, & notably the Apostle Paul as he was given the revelation of the Body of Christ & its purpose.

    On the other, later, writings have you read St. Irenaeus? He says –

    `Then those who are deemed worthy of an abode in heaven shall go there, others shall enjoy the delights of paradise, & others shall possess the splendor of the city; for everywhere the Saviour shall be seen according as they who see Him shall be worthy.`

    So … does that fit into your thinking?


  104. Marilyn Crow Jun 30th 2013

    David Scott.

    You spoke of `The holiness revival in Rev. 6 & 7. `
    It might be good to look at this. I`ll phrase it this way.

    `Is the great multitude the great revival that is prophesied to come?

    Let God tell us from His word.

    `The great multitude…these are the ones who have come out of the great tribulation…..` (Rev. 7:14)

    Now God tells us that the great tribulation is the `wrath of the Lamb.` (Rev. 6: 16) All men realise this (v. 15 & 16) some repent & some do not. The ones that repent die of hunger, thirst, &/or heat. (&: 16) They suffered the wrath of God that will be poured out on a rebellious world. However through their suffering they cry out to God & He saves them. (7: 15)

    The great multitude go through the wrath of God, the most horrendeous time in all of history. These are the nations, ethnos, that go through this time.

    The Body of Christ however, the Ekkelsia of Christ, are told by the Holy Spirit –
    `God has not destined us for wrath…` (1 Thess. 5: 9)
    `Jesus, who delivers us from the wrath to come…` (1 Thess 1: 10)

    God`s word is clear – He is merciful even amid His wrath, but for us it is not our destiny.


  105. Lightning Storm.

    Matt 24:15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, “spoken of by Daniel the prophet” stand in the holy place, whoso readeth, let him understand:

    “spoken of by Daniel the prophet”

    Matt 24:16 Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:

    Dan 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: “and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease” and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

    “and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease”

    2 Thess 2:4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; “so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God”

    “so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God”


  106. Art Masella Jun 30th 2013

    impact360Jun 26th 2013 – AMEN!!!

    We must die to ourselves!!! And HE makes it possible as we respond to every work He does in our life!!! He IS living and active!!

  107. No worries brother Jonathan, Be blessed, Love you, Andrew… 🙂

  108. L. Alex Smith Jul 1st 2013

    Lightning Sorm, you raise some interesting points. Usually, as in the case of Manuscript Evalutaion, I would agree that earlier = closer to original. HOWEVER, I don’t believe this applies entirely to Biblical revelation given to honest studiers of the Word of God.
    1) The so-called “Church Fathers” were already removed from the original Apostles, except Polycarp who studied under John, and Ignatius, who studied under Peter. But, are their writings authenic? Catholic revisionists have cast doubt on it (because it is known that they “revised” teachings with which they disagreed). Paul said in Acts 20:29 “After my departing, grievous wolves shall spring up amongst you, not sparing the flock, teaching perverse things….” He warned the Galatians in 1:8 “If I, or and angel from heaven preach any other gospel than that we have preached, let him be accursed.” He went on to say that there were already false teachers there, and that he was afraid that they might just bear with them. It doesn’t even take one generation to drift from the original teachings. During the 100’s to 300’s there were all sorts of wild doctrines floating around. Origen had a large influence on “mainstream” Christian thought, even though later his views were condemned– they had alreeady worked their way into common thought. Much of his concepts were from pagan Greek philosophy.
    2) Using terms such as “earlier” and “later” refers to Age, not to Truth, therefore somewhat irrelevant. Think on this– God said to Daniel, “Seal up the words until the End…” which I take to mean, that the closer we get to the End Times, the more revelation from God’s Word will become evidently clear; whereas people from ages past would have a more clouded understanding. Adam Clarke’s Commentary was good, for its time; but isn’t a commentary by someone who is infilled with the Holy Spirit apt to have a bit more Light– assuming that he or she was equal in scholarship levels to Clarke?
    I think that whether some obtain the seeds of their doctrine from Darby, Scofield, or any other theologian, does not make them “suspect” in and of themselves– the truth of what they are propounding should be evaluated independently of the author.
    Some cast aside the entire “rapture” idea because of its “modern origins”. But, the word “harpadzo” is in the Greek text, meaning “caught up/seized by force/ caught away”, and the identical defintion applies to the Latin word “rapere” of which “raptus” and “raptum” is a past participle, I believe if memory serves me rightly. So the only thing really for US to do, is to search the Scriptures diligently, like the Bereans did, and find out where, how, and when it applies, and to whom, in the Scriptural context, including Time Keys (such as 7 crowns on 7 heads in Rev. 12– in Rev. 13:1 there are 10 crowns on the 10 horns– something changed between chap. 12 and 13).

  109. Lightning Storm Jul 1st 2013

    L. Alex Smith…

    I believe that the Catholics had in their hands ALL THE MANUSCRIPTS OF THE SCRIPTURES.

    The Latin Vulgate was the basis of many of the current bible versions.


  110. Marilyn Crow Jul 1st 2013

    L.Alex Smith.

    You had some very good points regarding interpreting scripture for us –

    `to search diligently, like the Bereans did & find out where, how & when it applies & to whom & in the scriptural context, including time keys..`

    So important Alex, & a lot of confusion even on this blog would be sorted out if we `diligently` did this.

    Now, mindful that Andrew Strom does not want this to be a long end time discussion I`ll just make a quick comment on the other subject you brought up – Rev. 12 & 13.

    Rev. 12: 3 & 9 describes Satan.
    Rev. 13: 1 – 3 descibes the World System.
    Rev. 13: 4 & 5 describes the Anti Christ.

    The symbols are interpreted by God in His word.

    7 = Complete
    10 = Law / Lawless
    Head = Ruler
    Crowns = Political authority.
    Horns = Power

    Thus Satan has complete rulership – Political authority & power for 42 months. (Rev. 13: 5)

    The One World System will have a succession of 7 kings, rulers who will lead the lawless political authority.
    (Rev. 17: 9, 12, Dan. 7: 24)

    The Anti-Christ is one (the last) of the successive rulers of this system. (Rev. 13: 3 Dan. 7: 8)
    He is possessed by Satan. (Rev. 13: 3, 5)

    The False Prophet has Economic / Religious power. (2 horns – Rev. 13: 11 – 17)

    Hope that is of interest. Marilyn.

  111. Marilyn, excellent explanation, you are rightly dividing the Word.


  112. Marilyn Crow Jul 2nd 2013

    Thank you Ken, for your encouragement. It reminds me of the scripture in Proverbs 25: 11

    `Like apples of gold in settings of silver
    Is a word spoken in right circumstances.`