-Andrew Strom and others.

-Yes – really, truly “clean” in Jesus. An actual consciousness of real “cleanness” before God. That is what the whole controversy with my sermon was about. A lot of people cannot believe they can ever feel “clean” like that. It caused quite a stir. Here is what some who listened to the sermon wrote about the controversy-

Missy wrote:
“I think the controversy is that from what I have encountered with
myself and other believers that it is very hard for some of us to not
beat ourselves up and strive over sin. I have experienced what
you talked about and it’s an amazing thing, to feel clean before
God!! I loved the video and I hope that many people get to see it…
I have encountered so many believers that sadly do not like to
accept the fullness of being clean in Christ because it seems
that they have a hard time accepting that they can be, or a hard
time accepting that there isn’t something, just something that
they have to “do” to keep themselves in check with God. Now
I’m not talking about having no responsibility as believers, but
I’m talking about ’sin consciousness’ as you said.”

Frank wrote:
“Hey brother Andrew. Here is your problem with that sermon, you
took on the sacred cow of revivalists. I have been around, and part
of the “revival conferences” for a number of years, and this is the
message that is not embraced. That is why I asked the question
at the conference via the internet about “cursing the darkness.”
It’s what the revivalists do, they only ever curse the darkness.
Romans 8 is a very dangerous chapter to be quoting to a people
who almost always dwell in the realms of Romans 7 and the only
acceptable proclamation is ‘Oh wretched man that I am.” Or- ”oh
what a vile worm I am.”

To be a vile worm in many of the circles of revivalism is to be a
virtuous man. To walk in the glory of the knowledge of God in the
face of Jesus Christ is quite another thing. The last thing the
enemy wants is for an army of sleeping saints to arise from their
slumbers or from the dust of the earth and say “Behold the Lamb
of God that taketh away the sins of the world.” You see, the death
to self movement (and I think death to self is vital) only ever look
at themselves and their sin, they are rooted in the OT and their
eyes are on their sin and they look to the 10 Commandments as
they look in a mirror and they see nothing but their own sinfullness
looking back.

The time is far past when the saints lift up their eyes unto the hill
and see where their help comes from, when they lift up their eyes
and see the Lord Jesus Christ high and lifted up. When Jesus
begins to be proclaimed, when the glorious resurrected Lord Jesus
Christ is lifted and we say to men and woman everywhere “Look
to Jesus, look to Jesus,” see the glorious Lamb of God, see the
glorious Lion of Judah.”

ANDREW AGAIN: Yes – sadly, that is what the controversy seemed
to be about. “What can WASH AWAY my sin? -Nothing but the
blood of Jesus”… “Are your garments spotless, are they white as
snow, are you WASHED in the blood of the Lamb?” So many of
the old hymns are about this – being washed clean – having the
RIGHTEOUSNESS OF JESUS living in us. -Actually knowing and
experiencing “cleanness” through Him.

Personally, although I believe in laying a “foundation” of deep
repentance and brokenness, etc, I don’t believe in “leaving” people
there in a state of condemnation and endless striving. We have
to break people through into a sense of deep “cleanness” through
Christ. They must actually EXPERIENCE this ‘cleanness’. That is
the end of all true Revival preaching, in my view.

If you missed it, the link to this “controversial” message is below.
But first, some people said they had trouble hearing the message,
so here is a different “audio-only” feed to try-

Here is the video on Youtube-

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2 Replies

  1. Hey Andrew
    I’ve only just found your website and I thank God that I have because I have been investigating resources to back up what I have sensed for years that certain sections of the church are being seduced by a lust for power which is leading them to make unholy alliances with things that are not of God.

    I am overjoyed that you ard preaching about experiencing cleanness. I haven’t watched your sermon but I will.

    One of the things that has sadly been lost because of the prophetic and false revival movements – is a true understanding of what the Power of the Cross brings to us – that Jesus takes into himself all of our sinfulness – so that we can be free of it – free from the uncleanness and – in a wonderful and miraculous ‘divine exchange’ he gives us his Holiness. His beauty for our ashes. This surely is what ‘Good News’ is all about! Perhaps we’ve lost sight of why exactly the gospel really is ‘good news’…and maybe it’s because – with all the mayhem going on with false prophecies – churches are not really even preaching that at the cross we are truly being washed clean in the the blood of Jesus. How can they experience cleanness if it isn’t preached much these days!

    What a tragic loss to the ‘churches’ it is – the inability to minister this to people. It is nothing less than the confession of sin, the power of repentance but then the crucial final step – to apply the cleansing blood of Jesus and to release the believer with the words that come straight from Jesus himself – ‘Your sins are forgiven’.

    How sad that this should actually be controversial! Isn’t it the heart of what true Christianity is?!

    I remember an old Vineyard song – ‘It’s your blood that cleanses me’ …How far the church has strayed.

    Thank you for speaking out the truth


  2. Dianne Bouffard Oct 16th 2012

    I have never heard any sermon about walking in cleanliness before God, nor do any of my fellow christians ever walked in this belief.
    I thought that I was somehow doing something wrong because I felt no condemnation before my Lord, and would come to him in the freedom of His Word. I took it literally, if He said it, He means it…All I could do is walk by faith, even if it seemed against the grain.
    Thank you for clarifying that beautiful truth, keep preaching it!