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-Andrew Strom

For some time now I have been convinced that this century will see the collapse of our civilization – whether Jesus returns in that time or not. Western civilization has taken literally centuries to build. But by the end of this century I believe it will be in a state of ruin and collapse that few can imagine.

Recently there were a couple of posts by others on our website
that I thought were pretty insightful in regard to all this. Here they
are below-

Therese wrote:
“Someone I know had a dream of the western hemisphere being
picked up like a paper map by a huge hand and rolled into a ball
in His hand and tossed away… It is His grace that warns and why
would He not, He is not a dumb idol that cannot speak, He is the
Living God. The Spirit of prophesy is the testimony of Jesus…

The difference between our nations that sin and the heathen nations
that sin, is that our nations have professed Christ and are known
around the world as Christian nations… we are blaspheming and
profaning His name before the whole world. It is for the honour of
His name that His longsuffering will have to come to an end if His
warnings have wrought no repentance. Judgment begins with His
house…. and then the world!”

Bill Fowler wrote:
“In the early nineties I saw in my spirit a hand with the fingers
splayed apart. Then the hand slowly began to close, but only a
partially before opening again, only it never opened fully. That
position became the “new normal.” Soon, the hand began to close
again and then open again slightly, thus creating another new
normal. This happened several more times until the hand closed
into a fist and no longer opened.

“As I pondered this vision, I believed then as I do now, that the
Lord was warning me that America was going to go through a
series of judgments followed by some level of reprieve. But instead
of repenting, she would adapt and try to move ahead with a
business as usual attitude. Ultimately the country will be brought
to a place of absolute crisis with no remedy, no more options, no
more time to repent.

“Obviously these shakings became most noticeable during and
after 9/11, along with other convulsive judgments since that time,
but we have not reached the absolute crisis point that will inevitably
come sooner rather than later.

“Nevertheless, this is not a time to panic, but to repent, to pray,
to get serious about building up the body of Christ, particularly
the remnant that is paying attention, and to share the gospel
boldly with those who are lost, as well as those who are wandering
from the faith. This would be a depressing message indeed if not
for the hope we have in Jesus, His glory and the life to come. I
experienced some measure of depression for several years
contemplating the magnitude of destruction coming, but I am glad
to say the Lord has shown me the X factor in all this is His glory,
His power, and His grace that will carry those who trust and obey
Him through the greatest storms we will ever face in this life.”

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Posted in Articles by Andrew on October 9th, 2015 at 12:33 am.


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  1. Andrew Oct 9th 2015

    We welcome your comments on this, my friends.

  2. Boy, I’m not so sure this is or ever was a “Christian” nation, although it might have been perceived as such by other parts of the world. I think we have had a great Christian influence and I think that we have had a great impact on spreading the Gospel around the world. But I don’t, for one moment, believe that we are or ever have been a “Christian nation”. I know that is not politically correct within the Christian community to say that, but I did because I believe it is truth.

    That said, I am hard pressed to see America as a Christian nation that has gone astray and God now has to punish us for our sins. I think that we are a nation that had many blessings on us for whatever reason and that had many freedoms, for whatever reason, that has now decided to bless evil. And we do now bless evil in America. The more evil, the more it is defended.

    And that has brought judgment on us. But the judgment on the Church is another thing, Andrew. The judgment on the church comes because the church has become a corporation and a realm of the Laodicians, whom God hates. He hates the prosperity gospel, and any gospel that does not bow to a fear of God, of which we have many. But you cannot combine the judgment on America with the judgment of the church in America. They are two very separate things. And because we do not allow prophets to speak out and call things what they are, most Christians live in a fog on this issue.

    America was blessed because there were many Christian in her ranks who did good works. Obviously, this blessed God. But our nation is being judged as a pagan nation and the darkness that is about to fall and has already fallen on us to a great degree, is very similar to the judgments that fell in the Old Testament.

    The church is asleep, Andrew, thinking that because we are a “Christian Nation” that somehow, God is going to pass over us, Rapture us out, and overlook all the other Christian persecution in the world and tell them,”Well, you did NOT live in America, that GREAT Christian country.” What hogwash.

    God is still God. Error is still error. And America no longer has a fear of God and among God’s people there is little fear of God, except among the rank and file who “Get It” but for the most part, not among the general population. Find me 100 people in my state (Washington) who understand a fear of the Lord and spiritual warfare and being an overcomer and who have actually overcome the world (and the sins of the flesh) and actually living that life and I will be shocked. Really.

    I do not mean to be hard. But I am tellling you. I have seen what is to come in dreams. I have been saved since 1971. I remember the Jesus Movement. I remember revival. I know from how far we have fallen and honestly, most Christians in America have no idea. No idea. The darkness that is coming isn’t going to make Jesus as a fun guy who augments my life a whole lot of fun for the future.

    I appreciate what you do, Andrew. Bless the Lord!!

  3. My daughter was teaching on Hearing God’s Voice at her small Bible College in 2007. I took the course. The Lord told me to keep writing, for I would be going through trials and I would need to know what to do when that time came.
    That time came November 2013. Illness. I looked at these prophetic words. The Lord would send trials as training programs to “with each negative, I was to remind myself to worship the Lord and practice being in his presence.”
    Other trial came and each was a part of my training program.
    If we did not learn to dwell in His presence we would not be able to go through what was ahead of us in this country.
    Also he said if I would set my love upon Him, he would do more for my ministry.
    I am seeing results of being able to go easily come into his presence.
    The Lord gave me the song; O for a thousand tongues to sing my great redeemers praise. I thought of God telling Israel to go to where 3 armies were coming after them and put the praisers in front of the army and the enemy destroyed each other.
    If you open my web: and click on Newsletters at the top of the page, you will see newsletters about God’s training program.

  4. God has already moved on many years ago to other countries like China where the Church is growing very fast and starting to evangelize other nations. They will come to North America also.

  5. ValleyAnt Oct 9th 2015

    America didn’t start as a Christian nation. I can’t say I’ve apprehended it all, but I believe that a big part of God’s displeasure with America is our export of unrighteousness while claiming to be God’s special people. I believe what may be an even greater reason is similar to the first reason but seems to have graver consequences in the Bible: fraud.

    A person who does a good or bad deed in his own might or wisdom and then ascribes their deed to God is a fraud, and God detests this kind of thing. In the OT especially, the true prophets decried the false prophets continually, because God had an especial hatred for those who claimed that things were from Him that were not from Him. To Jeremiah, He said of them, “I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran; I have not spoken to them, but they prophesied.” Seeing that He sent Jesus who represented Him well, it’s obvious that God has a problem with those He didn’t send who act like He sent them but don’t represent Him well. Such people ascribe to God things that didn’t come from Him. I believe God has a special contention with America on this issue because we ascribe our filthy rags righteousness to God Himself, and there’s nothing insignificant about that.

    Finally, I believe that it’s a wrap for America and that it’s actually darker than most people seem to perceive. (But God did let it get this dark.) Even out of church Christians are subconsciously waiting for someone special to ‘kick this thing off’, and many who are praying for revival are afraid to do more than pray. In the old days, people to action. Phineas with the spear, Caleb and Joshua, Jonathan, David, Peter, Paul, etc. Today, most are looking into the skies or waiting for someone else to take initiative and inaugurate the things and revivals of God in earth. But God works through people. With this passive and frightened mindset among American Christians, I’d be lying to say that I don’t see a total collapse coming. After all, who will make a difference or effect any change in what is coming if no one will act? (Sorry if I went off topic. I’m on my phone where I can’t recheck the article and I’m also in an environment with lots of people talking loudly.)

  6. Jamie Oct 9th 2015

    From the foundation of America there were two seeds sown, the Christian and the satanic. Even back then there were those looking forward to globalizing the world at a future time.. and America is a leader in bringing in NWO. The tares are in full fruition, the beast system is coming and the old must be torn down so the new can arise from the ashes. A very well planned scheme of satan, carried out by wicked men. God is still on the throne and His word is coming to pass, and things are moving fast.

  7. ValleyAnt Oct 9th 2015

    Greg Gordon, I pray that the Chinese Christians will come to the United States quickly. We’re totally fallen in almost every respect as I mentioned the most pathetic aspect, in my opinion, above being that even those who desire and pray for revival and genuine fellowship expect someone else to make it happen and will hardly step out and act alone.

  8. DonaldN Oct 9th 2015

    On my way to work yesterday I felt God speak to my heart. What he said is that this is the Jeremiah Generation. Having heard often about “generations” of Biblical leaders and/or prophets, I did a search concerning this. Most of these “generation” groups take the word as concerning what the Prophet or leader spoke, how he spoke, what he had to say to Israel, and interpreted that to be speaking to Spiritual Israel, which is the Church. In meditating and seeking God on this, I understand that this being the Jeremiah Generation is not what Jeremiah had to say, but rather what he accomplished. In that, I mean he actually accomplished nothing because the people did not listen to him and heed his messages that were directly from God. The end result was the destruction of Jerusalem and all Judah going into captivity because of their compromised religion.
    This is what the “Church” now has to look forward to. All those who are speaking messages of repentance and holiness are not being heard. The Church is too busy seeking the ways of the world around them. Their greed, their dress code, their recreation. The Church wants what the world has and is just labeling it with a “christian” name, but doing the same things.
    The only hope is this. The individual who will seek after God, trust in God, live after the leading of the Holy Spirit, reject the offerings of the world and follow Jesus as the Word of God commands, this person will go into captivity with the rest, but God will raise them up to be leaders just as He did with Daniel, Mordecai, and the many others who would not bow their knee to the false gods of the world.

  9. ValleyAnt Oct 9th 2015

    DonaldN, that sounds right on. Just today, I was talking to a much older Christian and ex-pastor who looked at me with a frightened look as if he was scared that he might be reformed away from his convenient and pseudo-Christian lifestyle just by the things I was saying. He then said that he perceived that God is calling me to share these things with the churches as He called Jeremiah. At first, I thought he was just trying to get out of the hot seat by saying that and responded that God is calling all Christians as He called Jeremiah… Then I listened to him and sensed that he was actually right. Reading what you wrote, I see that he was right in that no one will listen… just like he didn’t listen. (This is the fourth time since this past Sunday that people– four pastors in particular– confessed that I had something important to bring to the table then turned around and didn’t accept anything.) These people’s hearts have been hardened against God for a long time, and they can no longer hear. (On a similar note, ironically, in church this past Sunday with three of those Christians whose necks are stiff and hearts are hardened against the Lord, the Lord began to tell me He will send me to stiff-necked people– non-Christians whose hearts, like the hearts of hardened Christians, are specifically hardened against God, like Muslims and atheists– who will actually listen and repent and be saved.) So, you’re right on. I see that the last thing that specifically those who’ve grown up with religion (ie. Christians) will do is hear; therefore Jesus said, “He who has ears (to hear), let HIM hear.” Perilous times indeed.

  10. Yes, totally agree, Andrew, that appreciating the positive side of all this coming tribulation is important, another aspect of which is in Jn 16:33: “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”
    Btw, lifechanging message on Wed night on the Gold Coast. Thank you

  11. David Marsh Oct 9th 2015

    I have to agree completely with Ruth Shinness.

    God is calling every Saint to Himself in these last days.

    We must come out from the world – and into His ‘secret hiding place’. We must dwell with Him, walk with Him, talk with Him and listen to Him.
    This requires learning to hear God.
    Unfortunately, many will dismiss that this is possible or even desirable – to their own peril.

    But it is absolutely possible – and a must, for the times that are coming.

    Any one interested in accessing over 10 years of scouring and research for the best resources on how to find God’s Voice. Please email me and I will be glad to send you some of the most amazing resources on hearing God’s voice.

    God bless you guys


    [email protected]

  12. The Real Solution for America’s Unsolvable Problems:

    Here is what I believe is a overlooked way to spiritual victory that
    nobody’s thought of, but it can, and should be ours, if we’ll only ask
    for it. It’s what America was founded on, Jubilee. See the link below for why it’s ours and how we should pray for it.

    PS: Be sure and go to the special link page about in the middle of the “Jubilee” page. That’s where the meat and potatoes is located, as well as the prayer link at the end. Remember, God never bring judgment without the opportunity to first repent.

    There hasn’t been a jubilee with the signs that came with this one in 500 years, and it will be 500 years before it happens again. This could be our last opportunity. Choose wisely.

  13. Marie Oct 9th 2015

    There’s a problem, IMO, with hearing a Word for the Church, and mistaking it for a nation instead. Does God send messengers to a nation and ask IT to repent? How can Christians collectively repent? Is there such a thing? I don’t think so.

    There was such a thing for Israel. But that was under the Old Covenant. The Church of Christ will never be ‘collectively’ punished with God’s wrath, as scripture says He will not allow His wrath upon the Church. Yet, we as individual believers in Christ’s Church will be judged according to our individual works. Therefore, a worldly nation, (and all nations in the world are worldly, and none are justified collectively), including the U.S. and the Western nations, can depend on a collective granting of special blessings. Look at our sinful generation today, and previous generations. Groups sinned, owned slaves, etc. etc. The US dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan (which can be argued was necessary to survive), but we cannot claim ourselves righteous, ever.

    There’s a new cultish teaching that proud and vain believers want to hear that tickles their ears; so many today in the U.S. church believe they are special and that their origins protect them from certain judgment because their Founding Fathers prayed to “God”. No where in the founding documents is the Name of Jesus. These same Christian groups WANT to feel unique, special, more entitled for blessings than other nations, therefore, they use scripture to reassure themselves they are God’s favorite. That is pride. Who is His favorite? Under His grace, all men in this world He died for, and He is no respecter of persons whether they are easterners, southerners, northerners, or westerners; all have access to His mercy and forgiveness. No one nation is greater than another.

    I believe the Lord gives His people dreams and visions and I believe that He gives us a time to prepare, but a prophetic Word is for His church. Some use it as a patriotic banner to rah-rah patriotic pride and political positioning. It’s as though some in America think the Church and America are one and the same.

    We can’t believe we live under an umbrella of spiritual privilege, blessings, prosperity and protection just because we live in a nation that was dedicated to God. The ones who may have dedicated the nation to God can’t keep the contract with God through the generations; they have no power to do this and it is not scriptural. Only Jesus Christ has the power to do this, yet no where did He teach us to depend on national or group salvation. Salvation is an individual free gift. It can’t be bought or paid for for future generations. Each individual from each generation needs Christ’s regeneration in their lives, and there is no collective spiritual contractual insurance policy anywhere in scripture that we can claim as a group.

    Please, dear brethren, we can’t make stuff up; these are the last days. Yes, these prophetic dreams no doubt are real and should be heeded, but we remember that this has to be for the Church. Ephesians teaches us that we are to edify one another (Church) with the spiritual gifts, including prophecy; yet some take that prophecy exclusively for their nation. The nation can’t be saved until Jesus returns.

  14. Marilyn C Oct 9th 2015

    Judy, that was really spot on.

    The nations, Gentiles of the world, have always been under the influence of the evil one & will be judged as we know.Concerning the Body of Christ in every nation, well, we know that our precious Lord is maturing it to come to the Unity of the faith. These are the truths He has clarified from His word to the Body over the centuries –

    Salvation, baptism in water, infilling of the Holy Spirit & giftings, the ministry gifts of the ascended Lord & finally to come the eternal purposes of God for – the Body of Christ, Israel & the Nations.


  15. Markus Oct 9th 2015

    Dear friends – America is not the the bellybutton of the world and not the centre of Gods attention. Not in blessing and not in judgement. What is that “western civilisation” that you are talking about anyway? It is not all about America, don’t be deceived. Not in blessing and not in judgement. For me as a European things look a little different! Things are speeding up here at the moment. We are beeing flooded by muslims who gain a growing influence in our countries. Look at what is going on here and you will see a decline of western civilisation where western civilisation started!

  16. Hi all.

    I have heard a number of people comment recently on the trends we are following as a group of nations including, but not limited to, America and how those trends compare with other cultures down through history before they fell.

    One marker is the acceptance and normalisation of homosexuality in sequence after fornication and adultery. The next step is pedophilia which is the “last straw” before the drstruction of cultures throughout history.

    If you doubt that, remember there is nothing that can be said of pedophilia today that wasn’t said of homosexuality 60 years ago and I don’t think it will be as long as another 60 years before change happens.

    The biggest litmus test, acid test or (for want of a less industrialized phraseology) “key performance indicator” of weather or not you are doing, and saying, God’s will is: does the world hate you. (Please see James Ch4.)

    Obviously, this issue and many others are not the root problem. The root problem is that the culture wants God out of their lives. They do this because they have bought the demonic image of God sold to Eve by the serpent in the garden of eden.

    Maralyn Manson sings “I am not a slave to a God who doesn’t exist.” The existence of God is the “up front” deception here, but the subtle “back door,” “behind the scenes” deception is that if God did exist, he would be a cruel taskmaster, out for mere conmtrol and power.

    This has happend right under the noses of the church, who have made little if any effective response to this. Chasing after prosperity, entertainment, and spiritual experiences rooted more in the ocult and eastern mysticisim than scripture.

    So, if judgement begins at the house of God, that means that God fixes the world through the church, and he can’t do that until he has fixed the church first.

    The devil has been allowed to create envirenment where we have to tell lies about what God says on a variety of topics, or else. Preaching the truth has consequences. If we say homosexuality is something we need to deal with, thats discrimination.

    God has allowed this for a reason. To test his church. To seperate the wheat from the tares, the gold and silver from the wood and hay. Not for his knowledge, he already knows. For ours. If we fail to preach the truth, if we accept things within the church the bible says are wrong, that is God allowing us to see we have fallen.

    The phraise “come out of her my people” (Rev.18:4) could arguably be interpreted as calling true christians out of an apostate church as calling christians to be seperate from the world. When it gets this bad, we can only warn and then leave. We cant stay if nothing changes.

    Revival will only come through churches that are totally commited to God and his word regardless of the consequences. Failing that, economic calamity, extreme weather, military conquest, natural disasters are all biblical methods of Gods judgement.

    What happend to Herod in Acts 12:23 and the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD is evidence they are still relevant in new tetstamant times.

    The big question is, will there be enough people willing to take a true stand for Christ as he defines it to restore a culture? When the Son of Man Comes, will he find faith on this earth? (Lk18:8)

  17. Clare Oct 9th 2015

    Quote: “His power, and His grace that will carry those who trust and obey Him through the greatest storms we will ever face in this life.”

    This reminded me that there REALLY IS a remnant of STRONG believers, who look, not to escape the coming storm, but to glorify Jesus IN it. I have often thought of how people prefer to believe that Jesus will come and take us out of the tribulations that we are to face in these last days, when He Himself said in Matt.24:27-31, and Mark 13:24-27 said that He was only coming AFTER the tribulation. As Todd White said, “Jesus is not coming to RESCUE us but to take us to His marriage feast!”

    Why am I saying this? Because so many years ago, back in about 1996, it was laid on my heart a sense of dreadful urgency when I was out walking in the forest in Australia. It was a call to purify my own heart, and to call all who would hear to do likewise! It was an experience I could not explain in words, except I KNEW that this came from God… words were spoken, only a pregnant, loaded silence! It has been my call ever since… point to Jesus! For we live TRULY in the last days of this world.

    I now live in America, and it horrifies me the destruction that Satan has caused this nation WITHIN ITS HEART! Every day I am confronted with people who are broken, dying in their sins, and being destroyed by addictions! It is almost impossible to now employ a person who is clean and sober! A huge manufacturing plant nearby had this problem with employees who were either alcoholic or addicted. They did an on the spot drug test of all their employees and 70% were found to have drug/alcohol substances in them. Where have we gone!

    Isis has training camps set up just south of the border, and Muslim illegals are flooding across the borders into the country. The church sleeps. God’s people just go on living their comfortable, undisturbed lives as if nothing is happening around them. THEY ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD! How great is their darkness when their light has gone out. Each ONE of us is called to BE a light to those around us, to point every soul to Jesus before it is too late. How will those who hide in their addictions in fear of the world disintegrating around them ever know that Jesus SAVES and gives LIFE to those who will seek Him – if WE don’t tell them and show them Jesus! We are called to be strong, and to face the coming destruction with Jesus abiding within us and us abiding in Him.It’s NOT ABOUT US AT ALL!!!! – IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS! WE have HOPE – what about those who don’t? – doesn’t God love them too?

    I say all of this, because unless we can SEE the mess that we are in, we will not SEE the need for us to get out of it. Franklin Graham has called for prayer across the nation….setting up state prayer groups. Hallelujah! Would that this be a call right across the West, for the church to get on its knees before God and CRY out to Him with ONE VOICE! Yet there ARE places where this is happening – like China, Africa, India. Didn’t James say that the effective, fervent prayers of ONE righteous man avails much?……Let us PRAY! ALL of us – it only takes ONE, or even two or three for Jesus to be in our midst.

    Darkness is the absence of light. Let OUR light so shine before ALL men, everywhere, that they may see our good works and glorify our Father who is in heaven! May Jesus be lifted up in every dark place to bring HOPE and LIFE to this dying world. May God truly pour out His Spirit into the hearts of His people is these last desperate days! May the latter rains come as never before! And may the light of Christ be seen in every place! Amen.

  18. I shared this before: DREAM of the 2 BOATS

    Something that I take very serious is when the Lord speaks to children. “Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them! For the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”(Matt.19:14) As it also says in Acts and Joel, “in the last days the children will prophesy.”.

    A few years ago our daughter, who was 12 yrs old then, woke up one
    morning and told us about a dream she had that night. It was a
    “strong” dream. One of those dreams that is so very real and vivid.
    The kind that you remember clearly and in detail, and that leaves
    a very strong impression. As it turns out, it was clearly a prophetic dream…

    In her dream she saw two ships. But these ships were as though
    they were flying through the air. The one ship, were she was on,
    was a raggedy old ferry boat. Instead of seatbelts people were
    strapped to their old seats with rope. There was a captain on the
    ferry who was kind yet strong and firm. While telling everyone to
    hang on tightly, and that the ride would be tough and not an easy
    ride, he kept assuring them with a great confidence that he would
    bring them safely to their destination.

    The other ship was a fancy cruise ship. Both ships were going
    side by side, but at a distance. She could see the people clearly
    as she looked over to the cruise ship. Some of them were her
    friends from church. They were not sitting in any seats or wearing
    seatbelts. Instead they were dancing and laughing while on a
    large party deck.

    Once in a while both ships would come together, side by side,
    while drifting through the air. Our daughter called over to her friends
    on the cruise ship telling them that they must come over onto her
    ferry boat because the party ship was the wrong ship.

    But there was also a captain on the cruise ship. He had scary
    eyes, and whenever our daughter would call her friends he would
    look straight at her and his eyes were evil. He then would turn to
    the people on his ship and say, “Don’t listen to them, they are
    just jealous that you are having so much fun. You are on the right
    ship where the fun is.”

    Then the two ships drifted apart again and she could only see the
    cruise ship at a distance. When they came together again one of
    her friends finally listened and jumped over onto her ferry boat.
    After they had drifted apart once more, the captain told everyone
    on the ferry to hold on, “it’s going to get rough.” Large meteor-like
    rocks came flying toward them but the captain was able to safely
    dodge each and everyone.

    Suddenly and without warning, the cruise ship, which was at a
    distance, dropped downward and completely disappeared.

  19. Therese Oct 9th 2015

    Well, all i can think to say is that what will happen will happen regardless of what any of us thinks, it will happen according to what is written in the bible. And what will happen has happened before, there is nothing new under the sun, so says the word of the Lord. Israel is our ensample and what befell her because of apostasy and rejection of Christ and the gospel has already been befalling the western formerly Christian nations….the exact same judgments are already happening word for word for the exact same reasons: diminishment of the nation, spirit of stupor and slumber, being ruled over by the strangers in our midst, all these things have already begun and is far along but most are not awake to this. War and captivity has yet to occur. And unfortunately that seems to be forming and could begin any time now, but not one minute before the Lord allows, who is sitting on His throne and ruling and reigning in all these things.

    Israel of old – our ensample – was utterly destroyed, not one stone left on another, scattered and exiled such that there was no more Israel……..that is the future the scriptures seem to indicate for nations who professed and were called by the name of Christ but now reject Him and the gospel………except they repent.

    But we must remember and be comforted that whatever happens the Lord has foreknown and gone before in all these things and is working out HIS plans. And even in wrath God remembers mercy…….especially to those who are faithfully following Christ or turn to Him during the afflictions that are ahead, and I believe it will bring opportunities for the advancement of the gospel.

  20. Richard McCollam Oct 9th 2015

    Our Heavenly Father has been very long suffering toward the USA and other nations that make up the West. It was in the mid 90’s that the Lord spoke strongly to me that we were entering into an era of great deception. II Thessalonians chapter 2 “…and because they did not receive the love of the TRUTH…then God sent them a Strong delusion…and they are not saved.

    It is standard knowledge among True believers that Mr Obama is Part of God’s Judgment on America, He is a destroyer of what remains of the Fabric of liberty and freedom. This Liberty and Freedom that America no longer deserves because of the refusal to repent of great debauchery and sin.

    God is on the Throne and for those who ‘Dwell in the Secret Place of the most High’ and abide under His shadow…, they are not appointed unto His wrath. We will however behold it with our eyes.

    It’s my strong conviction that very soon now, we will see this country utterly turned into a shred of it’s former self.

    The slaughter of 50+ million babies, National acceptance of Homosexual perversion, and this administrations turning it’s back on Israel are highlights of a cup of iniquity that is running over.

    May we repent as individuals of our indifference and acceptance as normal the sins that so easily beset us. I pray that as in the day of King Josiah, the workers in the Temple will discover the Book of the LAW which has been lost among the clutter of false teaching, and false anointing for decades. America and the Western Church is in desperate need of a School Master to point them toward the Savior and Salvation.

  21. John Mulinde had a word in 1996 about 3 judgemts coming upon d USA. A very negative word offering little hope but i believe of God.
    I am convinced the USA and W.Europe will become the centre of the beast empire, Rev 13. So a fall into becoming the tool of Satan and open enemies of Christ rather than them loosing their power as nations.

  22. That wud fit the closed fist image in the prophecy teffered to on this site. No longer open to God but turning against Him.

  23. DonaldN Oct 9th 2015

    So, I am hearing a lot of warning, a lot of pending doom, a lot of prophecy, but now I would like to hear some real advice as to what we should do to prepare for this calamity that we are facing. Should we move to the wilderness, stay in the cities, make a stand even if it means facing death, hide, or what? What are those of us who are faithful to Jesus supposed to do now, while the world around us falls apart?

  24. Marie Oct 9th 2015

    I am thankful for all the comments here. I agree on parts and am confused in other parts. I used to totally believe, due to my pastors teachings, that the West (mostly the U.S.) was divinely created for the purpose of spreading the gospel, and had a great responsibility to send missionaries to all parts of the earth. I believed and was taught that the U.S. was the only friend of Israel, that the U.S. was established in His Name and would continue in His Name, as long as the ‘people’ obeyed 11Chronicles 7:14. I believed the U.S. and it’s allies would fight against Satan’s last days’ rebellion.

    Then, through prayer and tribulation, my walk and understanding changed. I could still be wrong, but, I see a deception in that old thinking.

    Is the U.S. divinely created for His purpose? Possibly. But is Mexico, Venezuela, Chili, Columbia divinely created for His purpose as well? Possibly. How do we know who the ‘real’ special nation for His purposes are? Do they have to be rich and first world powerful to push our Father’s agenda? Could Nicaragua, Cuba or Brazil find favor in God’s eyes, as much as the U.S.?

    Do all the above nations implement same-sex marriage? No. Yet, their governments keep many of their citizens poor and they don’t boast about their freedoms, and many are ruled with a fist of iron. They don’t push the ‘homosexual’ agenda, yet they are not as blessed as the U.S. SO, HOW IS IT that U.S. christians ignore the fact that third world nations all around the world (who would never accept same-sex marriage) are still poor, lack jobs, lack freedoms and live very modestly.

    How is it that latino and South American countries, who have Christ’s Body believers in them, have to work harder for less pay, or have drug cartels and dictators to deal with? These countries do not solicit same-sex marriage. So, why is the Father ignoring their lack and not blessing them, like He blesses the U.S.?

    These are the many questions I’ve asked myself when I go to the Word.

    My last question is: Does the U.S. really get blessed because it obeys the ten Commandments and God’s natural laws? Or is it blessed mainly because of intelligent carnal minds that create a great democracy? I think it has been blessed all this time because of the cleverness of men. It’s freedoms come from the edicts of men.

    Power and prosperity aren’t necessarily from God. Nations that have less and struggle might be the ones blessed by our Father in Heaven, as that keeps them humble, charitable and dependent only on Him.

    Where did we get the idea that money and prosperity is from God? Didn’t Satan offer Jesus the world?

    Just my 2 cents.

  25. This is a good word, Andrew. I think you are “spot on.” The challenge is getting believers to understand that this reality will dramatically impact every one of us and will require a profound lifestyle response on our part. As Francis Schaeffer used to ask, “How Shall We Then Live?” It’s one thing to talk about it; it’s quite another to re-orient your life as a believer in response. I’m currently preparing a short book on what I see as the coming underground church that God will raise up in the West as a result of these events. What does it mean to “be” the Church during these times and until Jesus returns.

    P.S. I love your opening paragraph to this post and would like to quote it with attribution. Let me know.

  26. I’m a descendant of the brother of Capt John Parker. The Parker family were all Christians, Almost all of the founding fathers were Christians, I know, my family was there, Even the Jewish part of my family were Christians ( A Jew can be a Christian?). Read the New Testament, until Peter preached to the Gentiles they were all Jews.

    People confuse our Constitution with our Government. The liberties & rights in the Declaration of Independence & our Constitution all came from the Bible. The Government we have came from these documents. The idea that America was never a Christian nation comes from the drivel taught by our Communist corrupted school system. 50 years ago when I went to school, US Government class taught the truth, not propaganda.

    If we’ll take the opportunity that God has placed before us, He will restore us to where we once were, otherwise we will probably be destroyed, God doesn’t need us to “Save” the world. He can do it all by Himself. Which could easily include destroying “Rebellious” America

    I’ll be writing another page in the next few weeks telling, from Bible prophecy, how this can happen. Remember, the Word says that repentance and revival begin in the house of the Lord. God is calling us in a very special time to come back to Him, the Blood Moons are the verifying signs.. Will you listen?

  27. Roger Oct 9th 2015

    Donald – others are asking the same as you..

    Those who are His – need to trust in Lord Jesus, believing, having faith in Him – He is capable, He is in control of His Creation..

    We need to put our own lives in order, to be Holy because He is Holy..

    We need to share the full gospel with all – Jesus is Lord of all, the one Messiah, and soon returning King.

    News today tells us the US is withdrawing their last carrier from the Gulf.

    We need to understand that Lord Jesus will return as He left, and, to where He ascended from. Look at events in and around Jerusalem and Israel – the nations now involved in war in the M.E. are those same nations spoken of in end time prophetic scripture.

  28. This reminded me of a dream that was sent to me by my sister in Israel from 2011. Very similar, the gist of it being, no one listening:

    “It was late in the day, getting dark, and I was standing on the edge of a large crowd of people when I heard the Lord’s voice say, “Tell them there isn’t much time left to repent. Tell them they are about to run out of time.”

    I found myself holding a remote microphone, so I started telling the people what I was told to say. The crowd was quite large, mostly men and women walking to and fro, as if involved in daily business and personal routines. As I spoke (amazingly calmly), the sky kept getting darker, as if the sun was going down and the day was about to end. Many of the people looked at me as they walked by, nodding their heads and smiling in respectful but superficial agreement with what I was saying – but, sadly, not too interested in doing anything about what they were hearing.

    As I spoke, the batteries in the microphone started to die, and my words were becoming fainter by the minute. I said, “Lord, I have to get new batteries, they can’t hear me.” He said, “Never mind. There isn’t time. And they are not listening anyway.”

    At that point I woke up and went into the living room to tell my wife about the dream. The TV was on as I related it to her, but the sound was muted. As I described my dream, I happened to glance up and saw these words on the bottom of the silent screen: “I HAVE A DREAM.” Shortly thereafter I turned on my computer and happened to see the time on its clock, “7:14 PM”. That immediately brought to mind 2 Chronicles 7:14, “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

    With all my heart I believe these two “coincidences” were related directly to the dream.”

    This is not my dream, but it relates. When the USA passed the ruling on same sex marriage, it felt like the tipping point was well past. A verse kept running around in my mind for weeks, “God is not mocked, whatever a man sows that will he also reap”…..God cannot ignore the kind of moral depravity that we are in, and the fall into moral chaos is speeding up exponentially, and very quickly. We do not have a ton of time. We need to know how to hide ourselves in Him, and to keep pressing on. We will need to be a light to people as the darkness falls…and may God help us all….I live in Canada, but it is all pretty similar.

    I believe that the bible teaches that He is exalted in judgment…and I believe that judgement is the only hope we have of seeing people turn to God. How much time do we have? I don’t know, but we need to be ready and praying and serving…

  29. I esp. liked the story/dream of the hand, and the “new normal”….that really is what is happening…and a good explanation…

  30. Marie Oct 9th 2015

    First Peter 1:17-18 tells us “And if ye call on the Father, who without respect of persons judgeth according to every man’s work, pass the time of your sojourning here in fear; forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by traditions from your fathers;

    Verse 19: “But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot; 21: “Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you”.

    It continues and in verse 24, “For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away; But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you”.

    Brethren; How can we believe that our Founding Fathers, our national fathers, nation builders minister to our souls? Their plans and documents are corrupted with corruptible things as with silver and gold (lands, resources, freedoms for many things, including freedom to bear arms). We’re told by the Word through Peter that these vain conversations are received by TRADITION from our fathers. Founding colonialists, however Christian-minded and obedient they were, could never replace the precious blood of Christ. How and why do some Christians in the U.S. feel that the rights and freedoms from the Declaration of Independence, which can be argued was all for Christ’s purpose, be equal to the precious gospel? Things can be drawn from the gospel, which are good and decent, and biblically moralistic, but documents can not erase man’s original sin, nor can it force people not to sin. If any man says he does not sin (or believes his nation did not sin previously, he is a liar). No one can claim themselves cleansed by documents made by man’s hands.

    Even if the Founders were born-again believers, which I doubt, (as many owned slaves) (and they did not acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in their documents, but only used the deist term “God”. Is that enough to make the Christian feel righteous in their soul? That a founder did all the work to set up future generations with power and blessings and protection? But where does the Blood of Christ fall into place here? It’s only the Blood that is without blemish or spot or wrinkle. Man’s pursuits, no matter how much they boast that Christ is in the details, will not save a soul.

    Men are as grass; they are responsible for themselves and their household. Each individual has to make their decision and can never depend on a document whose signatures on it are now in their graves.

    If there is an end to the West, God forbid, it won’t be because of this generations sins. Our ancestors sins were no less than ours are today.

  31. ValleyAnt Oct 9th 2015

    DonaldN, when it comes to star gazing, I’m not too sure; but when it comes to practical application, I’m the first to raise my hand in class. I’ve heard a lot about what’s wrong, what’s been wrong, and what’s going to go wrong too. What should be done about it?

    I was talking to an out of church Christian yesterday who told repeated to me all the things that are wrong. I asked what one was to do. Silence. In everyday life, we find practical answers for problems. We avoid other vehicles and the curb when we drive; we fix bath and shower water temperature if it’s not right; we wear clothes suitable to the weather; we rest when we’re tired; we go to the proper departments to get what we need in the grocery store; we re-position ourselves on a chair or bed if we aren’t comfortable. We’re constantly problem-solving in everyday life and are rarely even aware of it. So, when it comes to these types of issues, why aren’t we looking for solutions?

    I believe the solution is simple as to how to deal with or prepare for everything that is happening or coming: in-person fellowship. A lot of us get our fellowship in books, on TV, or on the internet; but I believe that while this is helpful, it’s actually hindering the flow of the Spirit. Psalm 133 says that it is God’s will for brethren to dwell TOGETHER as God brings the blessing in that environment. Moreover, Hebrews says to not forsake assembling TOGETHER in order to encourage and strengthen each other, and so much so as the Day approaches. This “together” certainly isn’t speaking of books, TV, and the internet. I believe that it’s God’s will for believers to find a way to assemble TOGETHER and that He wants us to do it from wisdom and free will rather than waiting till hardship really strikes and we have no option but to do the right thing. Jesus told the disciples several times that they were to go to the Gentiles. Peter even included this in his preaching in Pentecost; but they rebuked Peter for doing it at the Lord’s leading ten years later and wouldn’t themselves do it until persecution drove them to. We shouldn’t be too comfortable with electronic fellowship nor unwise, like the disciples, but should understand (with evidence of corresponding actions) what the Lord’s will is. First thing is to know with assurance God’s will in this; second thing is to seek Him as to how to carry it out.

  32. Linda Kitchen Oct 9th 2015

    Why America would think they will have a free pass is beyond me. If God’s chosen people were punished for their deeds and unbelief how much more will we be punished for ours? This nation has done far more than Israel ever did in God’s sight. We have been so blessed of the Lord but it is my belief that the end of this nations time has come and gone, so all true believers can do is pray and stay as close to our Lord as we can.

  33. Roger Oct 9th 2015

    We who are twice born, need to remember what we are saved ‘to’, not be worried about what we are saved ‘from’ – our hope, and proclamation, is Jesus, the living Lord and Messiah, and soon returning King:

    “..For the Word of the Lord sounded out from you not only in Macedonia and Achaia, but also in every place your faith toward God has gone out, so that there is no need for us to have to say anything. For they themselves announce concerning us what kind of entrance we have to you, and how you had turned to God from the idols, to serve the true and living God, and to await His Son from Heaven, whom He raised from the dead, Jesus, the One delivering us from the coming wrath.”

    The coming judgements of His wrath – are for those who are still unbelievers, not for those who abide in Lord Jesus. :)

  34. Karen Oct 9th 2015

    You can hardly witness,to the lost-they are so blind and against anything to do with Christ. The so called Christians are worse! When you point out the error of their favorite false teacher, you at called hateful, and then the scripture twisting comes out in full force. It really seems like the love of many has grown cold.

  35. Llewelyn Stevenson Oct 9th 2015

    If you haven’t seen “new norms” in the church as far back as the late 1800s & early 1900s then you haven’t looked very hard. In the 1960s & 1970s the church successfully argued against the outward show of holiness that existed in doctrines the forbid worldly participation. I have even heard Andrew say we do not want to return to that. I ask, why not? In 1980 a book by Peter Wagner came out Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts. I was in Bible College and I told those this book is dangerous because it belittles the Holy Spirit and makes all things psychological. I was laughed at but that book has led to an awful lot of confusion and misapprehension. In the 1980s the church began to look to eastern mysticism to understand the Christian life. Again I was pushed aside for saying it was idolatry. I heard these things being taught in the Bible college I attended.

    Now I tell you, look how your new Bible translations quench the Holy Spirit and lead to many confusing doctrines. Just look. You will see. Translators argue there is little difference between the translations. I disagree. The ministry of the Holy Spirit is being forced out of the church and, if it is replaced, it is replaced with mystical beliefs that often don’t seek a Scriptural foundation.

    What we call the western civilisation of today is not the civilisation that conquered the world. It is vastly different. I have lived a mere 55 years and I have seen so much change in the church and world that I think it should be correctly labelled modern [western] civilisation. It has taken on board many aspects of eastern civilisation. I’m of scots descent and if I may use a phrase I have used in the past, no one knows how to be Brittish anymore.

    There is a judgment and I know it is coming, but today is the day of salvation. What are you doing about today?

    With all this talk of judgment all I know is that God told me in March this year to pray for the revival of Forbes NSW Australia, and I have prayed for it ever since. Just yesterday I had another dream by which God told me, though they say, impossible, I will do it. Though they say, improbable, I will do it. There appears to have been a prophecy in Dubbo last week that confirmed this from reports I have had.

    There must be a timing element for these two aspects to sit side by side. That is what I am searching God for right now.

    Remember mercy triumphs over judgment. Let’s not forget to ask God for mercy.

  36. Therese Oct 10th 2015

    Amen Roger, His wrath is not for the Godly but for the ungodly, but for us we are only chastised as sons, knowing it is for our good, so we do not lose hope. Let us encourage and remind one another not to fear but to continue trusting in God who is able to keep, instruct, guide and provide for His own come what may. There are others who are able to bring this better than me, but the way to be prepared is by having our feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. Meaning to be walking in the gospel, keeping the sayings of Jesus, walking as He did and thus we are prepared in Christ and in His peace. So many of us have been distracted by so many things and so much hype away from the simple humble gospel and walk of faith that Jesus lived and taught, which is really a disconnection from the Head and we need to come back to it.

  37. Marilyn C Oct 10th 2015

    Hi Therese, Roger & Valley Ant,

    I remember you all from a while ago. Glad to see we are still walking with the Lord & looking expectantly to Him. The world waxes worse & as the financial crises come we can be assured that people will be looking to others who do not place their hope in material things.

    A great time of opportunity to show care, compassion & share of Christ.


  38. Val

    I’ve watched most of this unfold over the last 50 years Until the Marcus Lamb 100,000,000 households statement I didn’t realize we weren’t in control of our elections. All of this was done to us, that’s why we need deliverance. We’ve been the victim of Satan, and he has caused us to sin. God can and will deliver us, but we have to ask, and like you, my voice doesn’t seem to be strong enough. But if everyone here will send what I’ve written to a friend, or their pastor, maybe, just maybe enough eyes will open. I’ve only come in contact with one other person who understood Jubilee. and then there was one TV preacher where I posted my page link as a prayer request. He took what I said and commercialized it, asking for a “Seed Faith” offering so you could have a Jubilee blessing.

    I’m sorry, my “Day of Atonement” offering was fully paid on Jesus cross. That’s the sort of thing we need to repent of, truly evil ways.

    We may only have this year to set our house in order.


  39. Therese Oct 10th 2015

    Bless you Marilyn and others………….the Christian nations are those who were called by His Name and called themselves by His Name, they professed Christ at one time, their founding and laws were based on Christianity and from the bible. True that many may not have been born again followers of Christ, or in sin and errors, nevertheless because they claimed Christ and are know as Christian by the heathen nations, so are they judged by the Lord. It’s just like ancient Israel which as a nation was known by the heathen nations to serve one God, but in reality there was only a remnant who did so for much of Israel’s history…..and yet the whole nation was judged when it went astray of His laws and followed after the world.

    To my understanding they were judged as a whole because their backslidden condition was making a mockery of the name of God among those heathen nations and setting a terrible example before the whole world………as well as the Lord desiring to discipline and purify the hearts of His backslidden people……for His NAMEsake. It’s a sad and terrible day when many of the heathen are more righteous than the nations that are called Christian. Will not God punish for such as this…….and He does not change, He is not mocked, our nations will reap what they have sown. I was until recently confused about these things, but when clarity comes, and it is right from His word, I know it is the Lord and all praise and glory be to Him who gives understanding when we ask, so that we can share it with others.

    Intercede and pray for mercy with all the time there is left, yes absolutely, but realize that even for Israel the time came when God said, do not pray for this people. And then all we can do is to HUMBLE ourselves under His mighty hand when it comes down, for He is righteous in all that He does, and TRUST that who sighs and cries for the abominations and vexed in our righteous souls are marked with His seal. In everything give thanks and praise to God, trusting He is working it together for our good.

  40. “For three sins and for four I will judge your nation:
    Because immorality is rampant,
    Because you slaughter your unborn,
    Because you take what I call ‘abomination’ and call I ‘an alternate lifestyle’,
    And because you print ‘In God we Trust’ in your money, but you only trust in your money.

    “Therefore, I will judge your nation, and it shall fall, and not rise again.”

    This us what I believe the Lord God is saying to America today. Repentance is for the individual, not for the nation itself. God has not appointed the Church for His wrath, but clearly, throughout history, God has allowed His Church to experience the wrath of ungodly men. God’s wrath can be all around us, but we who are overcomers can walk through that fire and emerge, not even smelling like smoke. His marksmanship is perfect: He never misses His target, and there is no collateral damage.

    Pray and submit that we can be Daniel 12:3 people in the darkening days ahead. Maranatha.

  41. “call it” not “call I”

    When the wrath of men overtakes us, we need to pray that we are Rev 12:11 believers. We need not fear walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

  42. Thank you for allowing us to comment Andrew.

    These are the living words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So whether it is the Coming of Christ we as believers are going to live through, or the judgment of God on our nation and other nations we must go through as believers, these words from our loving Savior sum it up. How can man add to these? The end of it all? “But he who endures to the end shall be saved.” Perhaps the main thing is surrender to Him as Lord and walk with Him. We will be well used by Him and reach many as we faithfully depend only on Him and His power to save us first and then those around us. Man’s announcement of God’s judgment on this nation or another pales and loses strength when placed next to the life giving words of the One whose incorruptible blood has purchased His Church. Surely His words ought to have more worth than what man brings as a word from Him.

    Avoid Worldly Wisdom 1 CORINTHIANS 3:18-23

    18 Let no one deceive himself. If anyone among you seems to be wise in this age, let him become a fool that he may become wise. 19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, “He catches the wise in their own craftiness”; 20 and again, “The LORD knows the thoughts of the wise, that they are futile.” 21 Therefore let no one boast in men. For all things are yours: 22 whether Paul or Apollos or Cephas, or the world or life or death, or things present or things to come—all are yours. 23 And you are Christ’s, and Christ is God’s.

    LUKE 21:25-36

    The Coming of the Son of Man

    25 “And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; 26 men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. 27 Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28 Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.”

    The Parable of the Fig Tree

    29 Then He spoke to them a parable: “Look at the fig tree, and all the trees. 30 When they are already budding, you see and know for yourselves that summer is now near. 31 So you also, when you see these things happening, know that the kingdom of God is near. 32 Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all things take place. 33 Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.

    The Importance of Watching

    34 “But take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that Day come on you unexpectedly. 35 For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth. 36 Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy[c] to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

    MARK 13:5-13

    5 And Jesus, answering them, began to say: “Take heed that no one deceives you. 6 For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am He,’ and will deceive many. 7 But when you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be troubled; for such things must happen, but the end is not yet. 8 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be earthquakes in various places, and there will be famines and troubles.[a] These are the beginnings of sorrows.

    9 “But watch out for yourselves, for they will deliver you up to councils, and you will be beaten in the synagogues. You will be brought[b] before rulers and kings for My sake, for a testimony to them. 10 And the gospel must first be preached to all the nations. 11 But when they arrest you and deliver you up, do not worry beforehand, or premeditate[c] what you will speak. But whatever is given you in that hour, speak that; for it is not you who speak, but the Holy Spirit. 12 Now brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and cause them to be put to death. 13 And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end shall be saved.

  43. Therese Oct 10th 2015

    Bless you mare, how we do love the words that Jesus spoke, they are precious and true, and equally love His words in the Old Testament as well. If I have misunderstood anything I am happy to be shown.

  44. Hello again Marilyn C. and greetings in Christ Jesus our Lord. :)


    Mare – Amen and Amen..

  45. Therese Oct 10th 2015

    Roger, the words of Jesus in the New Testament do not nullify His word in the Old Testament…….rather they confirm and establish them. But if I or anyone has added to those words please don’t hesitate to point it out, for all our sakes, because I am not bringing any new word from the Lord, but only trying to remind us of what His old word does say.

  46. I agree, Andrew, that the Holy Spirit indeed showed you terrible things to come, but unlike literally you and everyone else who has written on this page, i do not necessarily believe it will really come to pass. This is a site dedicated to revival, but why do none of the writings on this post express faith in the God the scriptures call Almighty?

    So here’s a verse for you guys. Malachi 4:6 ::: And he hath turned back the heart of fathers to sons, And the heart of sons to their fathers, Before I come and have utterly smitten the land!
    This is prophesy of end times, how a certain ministration WILL turn the hearts of fathers to children and vice versa. and IF this great thing were not to take place, then God would have to smite. So, yes, He will have to judge if there is not repentance but now I beseech you remember Jonah???? Ah yes, he also spoke a true prophesy to Ninevah, but BECAUSE he was so rebellious (ah! God has a funny sense of humor does He not), his body was turned ghost white by being inside a whale for 3 days so they thought he came out of their fish god and actually LISTENED to him!! Wow! So did the prophesy come to pass? No! Repentance came to pass! Then deliverance followed. Through this rebellious prophet all the people on the boat that threw him overboard who felt it was wrong and did not want to throw him overboard experienced and immediate calming of thew seas and repented fearing God right and left! so not only did this rebellious prophet bring a whole city to it’s knees in sack cloth and ashes repentance but he brought a whole ship full of old salts to the same condition AND HE DID NOT EVEN WANT TO!!!!!

    I guess my Daddy is bigger than Yours!! And I’m going to boast on Him!

    You all have been talking about the tails side of the coin in the last days, but did you forget about Joel who says God will pour pour pour His Spirit out upon alllllll flesh. Or maybe you spent hour after hour upon your knees, but not long enough. Not long enough to see the little cloud! Well get back on your knees again!! Get back there till you SEE it! It’s THERE, I tell you it’s there! And I have been allowed to see into it. There is such a chaotic, disturbing storm of the Holy Spirit about to hit planet earth that cannot even begin to be described!!! Tghis will be farrrrrr greater than any revival that has EVER happened in the past, and believe me, there is no 7 year tribulation period following this revival and when Jesus comes in the midst of the revival, He is not taking believers out of this world and going away to leave it in darkness, rather He is coming to this planet to clean this planet up! When the scripture says “the glory of the LORD will cover the earth as the water covers the seas” that literally means what it literally says. However, you must remember that you and I and every other human being are made from the same 24 elements of earth so we all ARE the earth and the glory will cover ALL men from all nations and He is WELL ABLE TO DO IT!!

    Now, how far will judgment have to go before this revival starts? Not sure, but I am sure of one thing. The church age is already over. It was over in 1993. 40 Jubilees after the day of Pentecost was a specific date in 1993 ending the age of Pentecost. We are now on the bridge between the age of Pentecost and the age of Tabernacles and unfortunately for most believers, God is only picking out a small handful to use in this at first: a Gideon’s army and no man will get the glory in what is about to transpire. Because the glory will be too great!

  47. “…Roger, the words of Jesus in the New Testament do not nullify His word in the Old Testament…….rather they confirm and establish them….”

    I agree Therese :) My comments are general for everyone – not specifically against anyone..

  48. “…but unlike literally you and everyone else who has written on this page, i do not necessarily believe it will really come to pass..”

    Kevin – end time prophecies that are written in Biblical scripture WILL come to pass – however – ‘prophecies’ spoken by man, that are not confirmed in the same written scripture, will not necessarily be fulfilled, and, must be tested.

    The part verse you quote from Malachi – must be taken in context with other scripture. God was speaking to Israel through Malachi, of John the baptist in the spirit of Elijah, and Jesus the Messiah the Sun of Righteousness some 400 years before their respective births.

    Then you quote Joel, and the Holy Spirit of God being poured out on all flesh, together with “..the glory of the Lord will cover the Earth..” – and compare that to: “..I and every other human being are made from the same 24 elements of earth so we all ARE the earth and the glory will cover ALL men from all nations..”

    Again, in context, God was speaking to Israel through Joel, and Peter referred back to this passage at Pentecost – see Acts 2 – and, it was Habakkuk whom God spoke through – concerning: “..the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.” and one understanding of this is that all peoples of the Earth shall know of the glory of God in the person of Jesus the Messiah.

    You also say: “..and believe me, there is no 7 year tribulation period following this revival and when Jesus comes in the midst of the revival, He is not taking believers out of this world and going away to leave it in darkness, rather He is coming to this planet to clean this planet up!..”

    Sorry Kevin – I can’t agree with your theology here – I must believe the context of all Biblical scripture on this topic..

    In the love of Christ Jesus our Lord – I ask that you go back to your Bible and study these things further – in context.

  49. Andrew Oct 11th 2015

    The Western world may have no true Revival while the 3rd World has a huge awakening.

    Sadly I see this as likely

    -Andrew Strom

  50. Angelbeast Oct 11th 2015

    There is no eagle figuring into the end times. My country (USA) has the exact spirit as is described in the closing hand vision – and so we will fall. In fact, that seems to be the spirit of the majority of the churches here though there is a wonderful movement called Acts 29 which is growing and purifying the churches which desire purity more than popularity or nickles and noses.

  51. Angelbeast Oct 11th 2015


    You said, “Does God send messengers to a nation and ask IT to repent? How can Christians collectively repent? Is there such a thing?”

    What was Jonah about?

  52. Angelbeast Oct 11th 2015


    You wrote, “So, I am hearing a lot of warning, a lot of pending doom, a lot of prophecy, but now I would like to hear some real advice as to what we should do to prepare for this calamity that we are facing.”

    Likely, different people will be called to do different things. Abba orchestrates His people in marvelous ways. We are told that we should rescue those like firebrands from a fire. We are also told to run to the hills. We are also told that many will suffer and die for the name of our God in the end times.

    Likely, there will be a need to find a hidden place to stay once the mark of the beast is instituted. In all we will definitely need to be hearing Abba’s voice individually and corporately. That is certainly one thing we should all be learning about and getting better at.

  53. Therese Oct 11th 2015

    The Lord knows how to speak to His own, and the reason for all His warnings that He is speaking to so many of His people in these days is so that we will be sober and alert in our hearts, not weighed down with dissipations and cares of a life that is quickly fading away, but watching and waiting upon Him, ears to His doorpost. Well He has sure got my attention now, and that’s as it should be….and bless you Andrew for allowing the Lord opportunity to bring this out. I never saw so clearly what you have been seeing with this until now and I pray the penny to drop for everyone. He wants us alert wakeful and at the ready…just think of the children of Israel that night the firstborn sons of all who were not under the blood were dying….I bet they were pretty alert, wide awake and ready for the word to leave that awful scene, no longer invested in their life in Egypt!

    Matt. 3:10, 12 And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire……………………………….Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire..

    Well, I just ask is this prophetic word still in effect for the church and the nations that once professed to serve God…? I believe so… was spoken to Israel……….but written down for us. We are in the falling away right now, and sadly it looks like it is a done deal now, past tense already. Praise the Lord for being so faithful in all his warnings to so many of His people in these days and I pray He will help us to be prepared.

  54. What we perceive as “western civilisation” has not been around for centuries, it is a relatively new thing that emerged less than 100 years ago, out of the surviving nations of WWII.
    It has often been considered to have enjoyed God’s blessings – but I would suggest that “Western Civilisation” has in fact been experiencing the effects of the thorns, choking out the fruitfulness of God’s word.

    Now these are the ones sown among thorns; they are the ones who hear the word, and the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the desires for other things entering in choke the word, and it becomes unfruitful

  55. I date “Western Civilisation” to the period after WWII, because it was only after the Second World War that a mostly unified “western” outlook developed – prior to that there were constant political tensions between nations with the potential of military conflict between “western nations”.

    After WWII there came a unifying sense of purpose among those nations in opposition to the “Eastern bloc”.

    Andrew said:” The difference between our nations that sin and the heathen nations that sin, is that our nations have professed Christ and are known around the world as Christian nations…”

    Yes, “western” nations have at times professed Christ, but they have never followed Him. Many individuals within those nations may have been His disciples, but nations: no!

    Not a single nation throughout history could ever be honestly called Christian, and only one nation WILL be 100% followers of Jesus, and that will be Israel in the future.

  56. Andrew Oct 11th 2015

    Western Civilization is generally considered to have begun with the Greeks and then the Roman Empire – then the Catholic empire. So it has more than 2000 years of history.

    I believe this is the century of its collapse.

    I also believe the “peak” is already passed – and the downhill slide is underway. This will become very clear over coming decades – especially as the developed nations fail to emerge from their economic slump. It will go on and on and on…

    Bless you!

    Andrew Strom.