by Marilena Fackerell

Our God is a God who says that in the last days we need to go to the highways and byways and compel them all to come in. What a better way to do it but through media. You see, we did not believe that TV and media can be effective either. Till God spoke to us and revolutionized our lives…

He spoke to us about the fact that He wants us to proclaim His deeds to
all people every day (Psalm 145). He said that the watchmen blow
the trumpet to warn a whole population at once of impending
danger and that’s what TV does, reaches people all at once, faster
than one on one. The trumpet was simply ancient media technology,
a way to send a message, now we have airwaves, TV and internet.

He also told us that what we hear in the ear we need to proclaim
from rooftops. In jewish times the roof tops were the way to make
announcements. He is saying make a public announcement,
broadcast what I am telling you secretly in the ear. Proclaim
what I am teaching you to the masses.

Media and TV is simply a bigger microphone that reaches more
people than just a few thousands in a church building and it
reaches behind closed doors to people who might not ever go to
a church or can’t because of sickness. It reaches those who
would not open the door to you if you went to evangelize them
but they do turn the TV on. Movies are ways to capture the
imagination of people and make them live the truth you are trying
to present. That way the truth comes to life for them and there
are greater chances it will leave a more lasting impression.

All the sensory effects of sound, image, music produce greater
learning than just sound only. Many will stop for a movie but would
switch the channel if they saw a preacher. God is not bound by
just one method in how He works, just look at His creation and
you will see He is very creative, He will not limit Himself to only
one way of doing things so why should we limit Him?

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  1. DAVID m Griffith Jul 9th 2014

    Heartily agree as I send this reply on my new Android tablet!!!!

  2. Of course, spreading God’s salvation through Christ should be done in any way possible. TV can be reaching the multitude, but do not overlook Internet. God called me to present His word to the nations, but I never knew how to accomplish this, until someone taught me how to make a website. This was in 1996 and has since been a more than full time job.

    I have been able to reach millions of people and counseled thousands from all over the world, only by staying behind my computer, emailing and writing hundreds of helpful articles on 4 of my different Counselor’s websites, Blogs and Facebook.
    This is all done free of charge… with nearly immediate help.

    Many have been saved from committing suicide, since there is NO waiting list with me. I have had the opportunity to counsel convicts, murderers, preachers… the low and high of society. By God there is no difference and with me neither.

    Internet is a most powerful way to reach others and to personally communicate with those who request help, far more powerful than TV.

    May God bless you all.
    Minister Dr. Trudy Veerman

  3. sharon Jul 9th 2014

    Yeah tablets! Yes sew the seed however you can, and God will give the increase

  4. Darren Sargent Jul 9th 2014

    Before I make the following comments I need to preface them with the following: I have a masters degree in creative writing for children; I have written novels(none published); I have attended numerous screen writing courses; I also have a qualification in Art and I have a blog. So, now you know I am not a complete fuddyduddy; I am familiar with media.

    Allow me to selectively pick out the words that stood out to me: “. . . better . . . effective . . . all at once . . . faster than one to one . . . bigger . . . more people . . . movies . . . make them live the truth . . . truth comes to life (through movies) . . . sensory effects . . . produce greater learning.”

    Those words alone do it for me. Not only is the internal logic flawed, but I truly fear for the consequences of a church that thinks like this if we were to follow this logic to its logical end. The backwash effect on the church of such thinking is overwhelming – to reduce the Commission to such mechanical methods (all at once, effective, bigger, more people) robs the bride of Her glory. God often does not do what we want nor expect nor through the means we think obvious that the World uses.

    Of course God can use it; He can use anything – that is His divine Sovereign perogative . . . not ours. He could use a talking donkey if He wants. So, I sincerely hope Andrew’s film is born of a divine call or out of a life that is so much Christ’s that all he does in this realm is what the Lord would want Him to do.

    My conclusion: we do not USE media; WE are the media! We are the message. God sends people – not films. God forms hearts. So, if we focus on that foundation and She who is the bearer of the message – then the means of communication God will appoint – not us.

  5. I have recently started a small website business. I wish to spread the gospel through it whenever possible. Right now I’m working on a website for a Pastor who preaches the true gospel (sin & repentance), and it makes my work a pleasure. I believe it’s important to create a platform for him to get the message out. His sermons will be available to hear and download, and that makes me feel like I’m part of worldwide evangelism that can really transform lives.

    Bottom line: we need to be wherever the people are as long as we can remain untainted by where that may take us, and I have begun to do that by the grace of God.

    If anyone else has had the urge to spread the gospel by website, I invite you to visit my business website, and contact me. I would much rather be working on a site that preaches Christ than any other type. I may have to put you on a list, as I only work on one site at a time.

    God bless you all! May He magnify himself to all the earth through us this day in Jesus name. Amen!

  6. morne Jul 9th 2014

    Hi Andrew
    I do not know, because I am feeling God is directing me to run from media! My whole life long have I been fed a bunch of garbage through the organized church that I am very selective over what I watch, listens to or even read! I am at a place of my life where I know and proclaim that the Word of God is sufficient and enough; so put of the TV, close the internet and stay out of Christian bookstores! In 2 Timothy 4 we are warned that “the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.” I think the media is becoming the “great number of teachers”, where we can found what we looking for and what we want to hear! Yes, media is definitely faster and can reach more people, but I am not so sure about its effectiveness. For me it is not just about reaching people, but about directing them to the feet of Jesus and God’s Word, not media! It is revelation through God’s Word that has, and is still, changing me into the image of Christ, not the opinions and programs of men! Although I am also using emails, I will trade it any day for face-to-face preaching and for the working and manifestation of God’s power through me! You can take the media, give me Jesus Christ!
    Blessings, Morne

  7. I do agree with Darren above as if man can make God’s work bigger, better, faster.

    However, the bible is media, books are media, Jesus chose places to speak to crowds that would best project His voice

    I don’t object to using media but to think there can be a very subtle trap in its use.

    My concern is that the message can become too impersonal. Historically, the messenger walked AMONG those he spoke WITH (not just to). There was a personal dimension to it and the “preacher” was a contact point.

    We have to be wary of only proclaiming a message. It is life that we proclaim.

  8. Dreams, dreams and more dreams. Are they not heaven’s movies. I have been receiving dreams from the Lord for over 20 years now and they have major implact on my life. They warn, they impart promises, they correct and it all happens while I sleep. So who is the producer and director of these “often moving and colorful images” why none other than the Holy Spirit. God has been producing movies from the time He gave Joseph his first MOVIE of him becoming a ruler and his brother’s bowing down to him – all illustrated with sheaths. The book of revelation is one of the biggest bible movies of the future there is. Let’s face it Dreams and Visions and Revelation from the Lord 95% of the time come in the form of Heaven’s Movies. Since we are the Sons and Daughters of the Most High God would God not have us adapt His Ways. Satan seems to have taken great advantage of EARTHLY MOVIES to be his platform to preach from and influence the people of this world. But Satan is a Liar, a Murderer and a Thief and these forms of behavior are exalted by Earthly Movies and literally shape peoples lives on this Earth like never before. So yes the Media is nothing new to the Lord and a truly effective way to communicate and effectively the behavior of the Human Race for God or for Satan. Years ago when the Internet came out (back in the early 80’s) God gave me a dream of the internet. He showed me black lines going underground throughout the USA and when these lines surfaced into homes and computers out came Fresh, Clear, Clean Water. God was telling me than that some of the best spiritual teaching would be coming from the Internet. We certainly know that it did not take Satan long to catch on since the Internet is also one of the most wicked sources of the pornography industry which has put multitudes of both believers as well as unbelievers into the captivity of Lust of the Eyes. OK that will be it for now. Thanks Andrew Strom and may the “Force be With You”…

  9. GaryM Jul 9th 2014

    Writing letters to the newspaper editor works pretty good as well. Doesn’t reach nearly as many as TV and movies, but brings the message from/to your own community.

    There are very few TV ministers who have a refreshing anointed message. For most it’s about thee money.

  10. Mark Elam Jul 9th 2014

    Yes, use the media to proclaim the gospel.

    Just don’t use it as an EXCUSE for a lack of PERSONAL, SACRIFICIAL involvement in the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

  11. Ken Everett Jul 9th 2014

    Yes – we should be all things to all people that we might win them for Christ.

    However, e-discipleship is not Biblical and not very practical. Although we can reach\encourage a multitude of people using all the forms of media available to us, discipleship is a one-to-one Spirit-led relationship which produces the most effective evangelists.

    It is also terribly sad that ‘God TV’ has been hijacked by a bunch of money-mad charlatans!. The world looks at these screeching theatrical clowns and pre-judges all men and women of God, so TV does have very negative consequences on our attempts to reach the world. The silence of the ‘church ‘in this regard is deafening.

    I often wonder who will be the very last person in the world to receive the Gospel – because that will signal the return of our eagerly awaited Lord and Savior!

    If the Church truly believed this, I would like to think that they would consider selling all their worldly property to fund this all-important exercise, so that this great promise of God could be fulfilled. (I am sure the collective value of church properties in the world must be 10 times the current USA debt!)
    Sadly, it looks as if the church is totally preoccupied with ‘business as usual’ – acting as though the return of the Master is still a long way off…..

  12. I am the one who wrote the above words. Morne, it depends what you mean by the media. There can be good media and bad media. We started a Christian TV network in India where no asking for money was allowed and doctrine and character were carefully looked at before allowing people on the channel. We chose to stay away from most big Christian preachers because we wanted to show to the Christian community that God can use all of us, hence we shot testimonies of servants in India and trained small pastors who barely survived to have a TV program. Just because there is bad media out there it doesn’t mean good media can’t exist and you can’t create it. If I applied your logic I would never be part of the church at all, because there are always errors in sermons, including in ourselves. But God says that we are members of one body and we need each other, hence we need to be taught and helped by one another, not just God.

    Also, I can say in general, you can use media to make it very personal. We started a local cable network with local pastors, in local languages, who organized special meetings for the locals and went to visit them in their homes and pray for them. This way, quite a number of new churches were started, people came in thousands more to the local evangelistic crusades, thousands got saved and added to the local churches (the local pastors testify that) and the cost of having a tv program was lower than setting up a crusade. People on the brink of suicide called the prayerline and got saved and then visited and added to the churches. One Hindu bedridden paralyzed man got up and walked as a preacher prayed for healing over TV, Muslims called the prayer line and secret believers in Muslim and Hindu homes called for encouragement and prayer as they could not go to a church, for many what they saw on TV was the only Bible they had or were allowed to have. We ran at 7 pm a program scrolling the Bible text with audio voice and music and nature scenes in the background so those who could not read the Bible got a chance to see what it says. We were pastors before in Romania and did lots of one on one evangelism but never saw as many results as when we worked with others in the body of Christ in TV. As God says: One puts one thousand to flight, 2 put ten thousands. And quantity does count because Jesus said in John that ‘By this will my Father be glorified, that you bear MUCH fruit’, not just fruit.

  13. I am the one who wrote the above words. Morne, it depends what you mean by the media. There can be good media and bad media. We started a Christian TV network in India where no asking for money was allowed and doctrine and character were carefully looked at before allowing people on the channel. We chose to stay away from most big Christian preachers because we wanted to show to the Christian community that God can use all of us, hence we shot testimonies of servants in India and trained small pastors who barely survived to have a TV program. Just because there is bad media out there it doesn’t mean good media can’t exist and you can’t create it. If I applied your logic I would never be part of the church at all, because there are always errors in sermons, including in ourselves. But God says that we are members of one body and we need each other, hence we need to be taught and helped by one another, not just God.

  14. Also, I can say in general, you can use media to make it very personal. We started a local cable network with local pastors, in local languages, who organized special meetings for the locals and went to visit them in their homes and pray for them. This way, quite a number of new churches were started, people came in thousands more to the local evangelistic crusades, thousands got saved and added to the local churches (the local pastors testify that) and the cost of having a tv program was lower than setting up a crusade. People on the brink of suicide called the prayerline and got saved and then visited and added to the churches. One Hindu bedridden paralyzed man got up and walked as a preacher prayed for healing over TV, Muslims called the prayer line and secret believers in Muslim and Hindu homes called for encouragement and prayer as they could not go to a church, for many what they saw on TV was the only Bible they had or were allowed to have. We ran at 7 pm a program scrolling the Bible text with audio voice and music and nature scenes in the background so those who could not read the Bible got a chance to see what it says. We were pastors before in Romania and did lots of one on one evangelism but never saw as many results as when we worked with others in the body of Christ in TV. As God says: One puts one thousand to flight, 2 put ten thousands. And quantity does count because Jesus said in John that ‘By this will my Father be glorified, that you bear MUCH fruit’, not just fruit.

  15. 100% Zululander Jul 9th 2014

    Sadly amusing all this stuff. Talk about the church & everyone slams churches, talk about movies, TV presentations & everyone slams it, Andrew goes to Africa with the Gospel & a song wearing a beanie & it’s slammed.
    My goodness, don’t we half need the Lord Jesus.
    I wonder how many folk who post here are out doing the thing they say we should be doing the way they say we should be doing it.
    Like I’ve said before, Andrew I like the way you do it better than the way we don’t do it.
    Bless you brother

  16. L. Alex Smith Jul 9th 2014

    Media can be used for good or evil, and God can use the media. The question remains: it is not that God CAN’T use it– it is: are we giving Him the tools that He wants to use in this particular case? Reaching the masses, quite possibly YES. Reaching the individual? Hmmm. Maybe yes (in the case, that’s the only ‘Jesus’ that they might encounter) but maybe no, in that the Lord wants us to personally connect to another human being, and to manifest His presence and His Spirit from our inner-most being INTO them… a one-to-one contact. This argument fits against not only Media, but any church that is too big to make this effective (possibly over 20 or so people…?)
    Neil Postman, Secretary of Education during President George H.W. Bush’s administration, wrote a compelling book called “Amusing Ourselves To Death” probing and deploring the function of media in the Christian message.
    But at the same time, there IS “a place” for it.
    It goes both ways…

  17. Leslie MacLaggan Jul 9th 2014

    Amen sister….Paul said we are to be all things to all people in order to win them to Christ….if our culture has gone or is going the way of the media especially this younger generation then we as christians should meet them where they are….what Satan may have meant for evil God will turn and make good….I for one am all in with using whatever means to win others to Christ!

  18. katalambano Jul 9th 2014

    Amen & Amen!!! Our warfare is against the “prince of the power of the air” and we must pull down his strongholds over the airways as the Holy Spirit leads! Our enemy wants to maintain his control in this, but the earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof. Mightily grew the Word of God and PREVAILED! ~

  19. Jean Clink Jul 9th 2014

    We write a lot on facebook and Christian forums, and speak up in our churches.

    We watched ”The Gospel of John” movie. Only scripture was spoken by actors who are highly trained in their field and are worshippers who fear God.

    I have not stopped crying since I watched it first several weeks ago. I watch it over and over. I feel like I have met Jesus for the first time and I was born-again thirty-five years ago.

    They put it on tv and youtube, but I buy copies to give people. I heard they went bankrupt. Other movies about Jesus have him look like a sufi mystic or a late-night tv jokester. Not this one.

    Bless you all as you walk out your lives.

  20. Raul A. Cardenas Jul 9th 2014

    To each his/her own!
    If God did not command it, is just noise…

    One more racket or foofaraw that’s what it sounds to me…

    God bless her and her disciples…

  21. Quite honestly, I’d have to see the content before I could give my hearty “amen”. No doubt about it that media is powerful.

    Personally I have stopped watching T.V. over 10 years ago, but obviously, I do keep up with media with the internet. Since I have given up T.V. I find that my sensitivity to the things that displease God, has gone way up. Where at one time I could sit and watch what most would call a fairly benign subject matter, today, I cannot even sit for 5 minutes watching it, without feeling defiled and like I am grieving the Holy Spirit.

    My honest question is this. How do you reach your audience with the gospel through the media, when your audience is used to sensationalism, consumerism, violence, sexuality, women’s lib, gender neutralization, and on and on? Really, unless you make your subject matter just as ‘appealing’ as the filth they are used to, will they even listen?

    The statement was made that people won’t necessarily listen to the gospel “straight up”, but they would listen to it in a movie. I disagree with that statement. They will listen as long as they are entertained…beyond that, they will not listen. There is a difference between sitting in front of a TV finishing out a movie, and really WATCHING it.

    There are a lot of “God” movies out right now and I wouldn’t give you two cents for the whole lot of them, as far as their content. I have so many Christian friends that rant and rave about these movies and how exciting it is that their unsaved friends and relatives will go to these, where they won’t listen to them when they try to ‘preach’ at them. The reason they will go to these movies in my opinion is because they are just like the churches today, giving a watered-down, feel good message, and not the gospel at all.

    IF, and only IF, the true gospel is given without all the other ‘fluff’ then I would give a hearty amen.

    I know that I will be branded as judgmental with my hard-line views, but truly, I am so done with movies and Television and media in general.

    God bless you Andrew for making your movie and I pray God’s blessing on it. If it only reaches a handful of people, it is worth it. I believe that you will NOT compromise the message for the sake of a so-called success. If others do the same, as I say, I can give an ‘amen’ to that. Sadly, I don’t have much faith that many will.

  22. goodwordtoday Jul 9th 2014

    Darren had a very interesting and thoughtful response. I agree – we are the media and whatever means to multiply God’s message should be utilized when necessary. But remember that if every person who calls him or herself a Christian actually took the Gospel seriously and led someone personally to Christ every day, we would have the world saved rather quickly.

  23. Provoked by the discussions here I wrote an much larger article on the subject at the following link, feel free to read it – and leave comments on please –

  24. Deb, you have given the best answer (approx 2 posts above) !!

  25. I think we could talk ourselves into thinking any evil thing is good — then use loads of hand picked scriptures to back up anything we’re thinking.

  26. While I believe we should use the media to promote the gospel, we need to do it in a way that enables others to realize we are not like the blab-it-and-grab-it con artists, who dominate TV media. It seems that the false apostles, false prophets, and false teachers are extremely well funded. They remind me of the prophets of Baal, who withstood Elijah. Even though we are outnumbered, we should take our stand for the truth.

  27. 100% Zululander Jul 9th 2014

    Deb i think the issue is media or not. Not judgement on content. Church is good & right but often content isn’t good, so we don’t reject the concept of church, microphones, radio, tapes & CD’s, books & articles in magazines & internet….like this one.
    Something like a gun. U can use it to kill some meat to eat or to kill someone. It’s not the gun (medium) its the one using it. I think this discussion is using the media or not. We all agree content must be biblical in any presentation whatever medium

  28. 100% Zululander Jul 9th 2014

    sorry about capitals…mistake

  29. Thanks for the for the affirmation IsChristSoontoReturn. 🙂

    I agree with you 100% Zululander. Good analogy about the gun and media.

    I’m still wondering though, about my honest question in how do we reach an audience through a medium that has been basically taken over by the enemy and many people’s appetites are not for godly things? I’m not talking about Christian talk shows for example – referring more to movies, music, video games, etc.

    Thank you also for further explanation Marlena. I read your article. You and your husband sound genuinely sincere about your desire to see God’s Kingdom advanced. May I make an obvious (well to me anyway LOL) observation? Your ministry was in India, correct? Totally different audience in Canada and U.S. Would you agree? Just saying.

  30. May I be specific? I want to know how do you reach the world with the gospel by using the media to make a movie, and have that movie appealing to the world, yet not compromise Christ’s standards? There have been maybe a handful of movies in all my years, that I would say met that criteria.

    For instance, I heard the back story of Fireproof. The main actor (I can’t believe his name evades me right now LOL) who refused to kiss his leading lady at the end of the show. He felt that even as an actor, it was morally wrong to kiss another woman even for the sake of a movie. So, his own wife was brought in at the end to do that scene. I was so impressed with that!
    I know of MANY Christian actors and actresses today that have NO problem portraying another person’s spouse for the sake of entertainment. How does God feel about that?

    What about dressing modest and not buying in the world’s view of appropriate dress? (And no, I am not a prude). But, I am also disgusted with the way many young ladies dress today (in church) and I am very concerned for the men in our churches that have to be subjected to it. So, would these movies actresses dress modestly? Or would they be worldly like 99 percent of the rest of world?

    And, my final thought is.. If we have to start looking like the world, to REACH the world…then aren’t we just back to square one? What happened to the pure gospel? Why isn’t it enough anymore?

  31. Darren Sargent Jul 9th 2014

    I think there are two issues here . . . at least!

    First, is the validity of Marilena’s ministry, and second is the principle of whether to use media. I don’t wish to confuse the two, as it is clear to me that Marilena dearly loves the Lord. I did read your more extended post on the other site. If I could make some comments . . .

    What struck me and stood out was the period you did not have the TV in your house – I think it was 12 years. Such a fast from the world’s filth eminently qualifies you to say, ‘ the world has nothing in me.’ I think this is more than important. I think without it the Lord does not appoint such a ministry. You clearly have been dealt with in this regard. How many of us can say that? I know I can’t! This the wilderness you passed through and I would strongly suggest that anyone seeking such a ministry needs to pass through it to the point where it is no longer on their mind. The Lord clearly got you in a corner to persuade and convince you. You were not looking for it. And I think this too is also important, very important. It is interesting that in your account of how the Lord drew you into this arena you foreground certain things, but others fall to the background. It is these things that caught my eye and just perhaps should catch yours also. Perhaps you don’t fully comprehend the importance of these intial steps.

    In the light of that, I think turning this ministry into a model or even dare I say a franchise would be a most grievous step – even if you thought you were encouraging the body and contributing to world evangelism. I have no doubt God has appointed you, but none and no one of us can be protected from the deception and temptation that success can bring unless we watch our hearts diligently. And the temptation can be more sore and beguiling when it concerns spiritual things. Moreso in spiritual things! How much more when in front of a global audience? Well done for testing certain ministries, but ultimately you are a parachurch organisation. I hope for your sake that you are in fellowship continually with people who will watch over your souls daily and have the right to speak into your life.

    Nevertheless, what you initially wrote at the top of the page concerns me in many places, but I want to address that in another post on whether to use media or not. I haven’t finished thinking yet and don’t want to fire anything off. As for your husand and yourself, God bless you both. May the Lord lead you to uncover every trap laid before you.

  32. I loved how you said gods not bound to how he shows himself he does use anything and anybody to reveal himself to the world much blessings

  33. Andrew Jul 9th 2014

    I strongly agree with those who say modern consumers are being damaged by modern TV. A lot of it is sick and getting worse. We do not have TV in our house, but we do watch DVDs.

    Using media is all in the MESSAGE of it, the MOTIVIATION, the CALLING and the WAY it is done.

    But yes – it is very difficult.

    Blessings to all,

    Andrew Strom.

  34. Darren, just managed to read your comments. You say that you don’t like the idea that I used words that meant more and bigger and all of the same time. But as I have mentioned in the article, Jesus said BY THIS will my Father be glorified, that you bear MUCH fruit. So what is wrong with much? If Jesus has no problem with it? Would you rather hear ineffective, slow, little? I know that people who seek influence and success above God’s will in their lives go in the wrong, but that’s not what I am talking about. When we started New Hope TV, we refused to ask for money on the channel or allow anyone else. We refused partnerships with big ministries who would have given us lots of money and content, because of our convictions. I want to challenge your thinking that you can’t do something big without it being unholy, you can. Andrew was at our office in India and saw for himself that it is possible.

    Also you said that God only uses people, not films. So does God never use the Bible, that is also printed media? Does he use Christian books, CDs, etc? He uses His people to make them and use them for His purposes!

    You said that we are the message, yes, we are God’s epistles. But we are also to present a message while being the message. Jesus told us to go and preach the Gospel to all nations, not just be the message. And that is what we present through preaching, movies and any other TV programs.

  35. Another thing I wanted to say Morne and Darren, we use media not just because it is better and bigger, but because God directed us and commanded us to do so, just see one of my posts above in regard to my testimony on this matter. We did not do it because it fancied us, but because God instructed us to do so. And we do not direct people to media, we preach the same as in church, things from the Word of God, revelations we receive in our quiet times with God and point them to Jesus. You can’t say the Word of God is enough and you don’t need the body of Christ. Broken as it is, it is still the body of Christ. I totally understand what it is to be dissapointed with the church and where it is at, but we don’t have to throw obeying the Scriptures that teaches us that a member of the body cannot exist by itself or it will die. God wants us to be humble enough and learn from imperfect preachers, cause we are imperfect too. Derek Prince once said: ‘There are two things: the actual and the ideal. To be mature is to see the ideal and live with the actual. To fail is to accept the actual and reject the ideal; and to accept only that which is ideal and refuse the actual is to be immature. Do not criticize the actual because you have seen the ideal; Do not reject the ideal because you see the actual. Maturity is to live with the actual but hold on to the ideal.’ So don’t’ isolate yourselves from the church just because it is imperfect but rather try to be the light that changes them. And by the way, we are using media here to communicate and receive Andrew’s messages.

  36. Hi Reb,
    I suggest you check my long version of this article at – you will see there that it can be made personal and we did this by the grace of God in India. It works very well, it is very effective and you can still remain holy while you do it

  37. I find it so interesting that the ones that have not had T.V. for years, are the ones that feel called to media, in some cases.

    I haven’t thought about this in years, but when I first gave my life to the Lord as a 19 year old, I used to be one that spend a great deal of time in bars, actually more like lounges. I remember telling someone that was disciplining me that now that I was saved, I wanted to go into the bars for a different reason – to witness to others.

    My mentor was very wise and he told me that it was too early for that. I asked him; “How will I know when I am ready?” He said: “When you no longer WANT to go there, but feel compelled by God to go.” Such wise counsel.

    I think this fits here, too. There are those that are called to go into this, and those that are still very much IN the culture and have other motives that only the Father knows. Deciding for yourself which you are, will go along way to discerning your motives.

    The word says to ‘examine yourself to see if you are in the faith”.

    I haven’t had T.V. for probably longer than 10 years and we too, like Andrew, watch DVDS at times…but I can tell you for certain that it would HAVE to be God that leads me into this, because I would NOT want to go.

    God bless those that are truly called to this area of life.

    Hope what I have said, ministers to someone here.

  38. Lesley Jul 9th 2014

    I personally am not that zealous over using media to reach people for the Gospel. As a main way of reaching people. I believe there is a discipline and growth in Christlikeness in being amongst our brethren, and/or out there in the world facing the battles and proclaiming the good news. I really liked one of the comments above from “Reb” where this person stated “We have to be wary of only proclaiming a message. It is life that we proclaim.” I think that says it all pretty much in a nutshell. However, Im not totally against using media, especially the right use of internet. As I do believe God uses it and I can only say that from my own experience. God used a particular powerful preacher, who is not now living, but his sermons were placed on the internet. Even though I was already a born again Christian, about four and a half years ago, this man’s ministry was used of God to bring me into deep repentance, I received a gift of repentance from the Lord through his preaching, and wept deeply. Not too many weeks later my bowel erupted and I collapsed on my toilet floor and it was a long time possibly around 15 or more hours before I was operated on, and there ensued two years of much health challenge and three operations overall. I faced death that day. Today I am well, working and Praising the Lord and not necessarily in that order!! I thank God for that gift of repentance He granted me, via internet preaching, it was a season of outworking, because I believe there is every possibility that I would not be alive writing this now on this Forum if He hadnt used this internet media to touch a damaged soul that was much in need of this gift of repentance at that time.

  39. Hi Ken, I agree there is a lot of awful bad use of Christian media, but this should not stop us from creating Christian media that is good and holy, it’s possible.

  40. And Ken, regarding if it can be made personal, just read my long version of this article –

  41. And Alex, same reply to you – just check the long version about how media can be used to be very personal and effective –

  42. Hi Deb, you asked how do we reach people with the Gospel if they want only appealing stuff, the same way as you reach them in a one on one conversation, with the help of the Holy Spirit at some point they stop and listen, we have seen thousands saved and added to the local churches and new churches planted by preaching to people through the media or using films that touched people’s hearts. For example, I broadcasted the Father’s Love letter which is just Scriptures about the love of God. One Hindu boy called the prayer line almost crying and confessed all his sins, said that he was jut flicking through the channels and got arrested in front of the New Hope TV channel. He begged us to even visit his sister and we sent a pastor to visit him and he prayed to receive Christ. Just see my long version of the article I have posted the link to above and you will see many example of how it can work that actually happened. We also stopped watching TV for 13 years before we went to India to do New Hope TV, we started a whole new channel, we are not saying here you have to watch the secular media! You can watch New Hope TV at

  43. Hi David Scott, I agree with you, even if some ministers are using the media in a way that is bad, we need to take our stand for the truth. If all the holiness believers were to be as generous and give as much as others give to the false teachers, our message would be more heard than theirs, we need to rise up and actually help those who do this financially and in prayer, just complaining about the false teachers won’t change the fact that too much wrong doctrine is going out, we need to do something positive to teach the truth to affect people’s minds for good.

  44. Regarding the movie issue Deb, there are many wonderful movies where the actors dress modestly and are for example about the life of people like John Wesley and other revivalists, they are like any normal movie, they are not modified to impress, just telling a story. I showed my daughter the movie on John Elliot’s missionary life for example and she wept like a baby and got an immense revelation about the love of Jesus. We aired a movie on the life of Jesus made with Indian actors, there are lots of good Christian movies that can affect people’s hearts in a good way. As for dress, we did not air certain worship videos simply because the dress of the ladies was a bit revealing, but there are many who don’t have this problem. You think that you have to impress them or they won’t listen. I disagree. The Holy Spirit can attract them and they will listen, and we don’t only air movies, we are lots of preaching and many other programs.

  45. What God wanted us to do is communicate his message. And Media is how we do this. When we communicate we may not be as perfect as Jesus, but He would not want us to stop trying. I was personally involved with Marilena Fackerell in the early days of using the TV media. The work they do is to be judged by the fruit and not by our concept of how media is to be used. The change wrought by Christian Media in India is awesome. Many people who are restrained from listening to the True Gospel by circumstances are able to do so from the privacy of their homes. The channel operated by the Fackerells have millions of listeners. Of late Modern youngsters no longer sit down in front of a TV, they are caught up with everything on their phones. So many of us in TV media began to have content for mobiles. In order to communicate we need to use the tools that God made available, initially it was the loudspeaker, now it is TV, Smart phones and the NET. No doubt there is misuse and many are not necessarily doing as per Gods direction. But that should not discourage us from communicating using all the tools that God has provided.

  46. Hi again Darren, we were sent by a church in Sydney Australia and we are now part of a church on the Gold Coast. We believe in fellowship with the boy of Christ, as imperfect as it may be. I would not say it was a wilderness by the way to be without TV, it was not a sacrifice, I was busy with God’s work, reading the Bible, praying, ministering to others, that it did not feel like I was missing out on anything. We had to connect a tv to cable while in India and leave it on simply to check for technical errors while broadcasting. And God knew how to keep us humble, with many financial needs, mistrust from ministers, betrayal and speaking behind our back, financial promises made by Christians who never fulfilled them, etc and the need to work from the background because of persecution.

  47. David Marsh Jul 10th 2014

    Hello all,
    Should we use the Media?
    Nothing wrong with using the Media to lift up our Lord – providing that it is the work that the Holy Spirit has called us to do.
    That, I believe is the crucial point.
    Unless the Holy Spirit works with us as our personal leader and guide all of our efforts will be burned up as chaff and will achieve very little. His involvement and power alone, achieves what God wants done.

    My personal belief is that God’s present day agenda is to rebuild the Book of Acts church – and I believe Torbin Sondergaard at is leading the way. Torbin’s revival movement is now gaining momentum and this revival is what the Holy Spirit is now working with. ( Have a look )

    It also lines up with Andrew’s previously published views on the end time, soon to be seen – street revival.

    The lost are always best approached personally WITH the working and power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    When HE touches them, they cannot help but respond.

    God bless you all,

    David Marsh.

  48. Prince was actually the man who taught us how to start a channel in India. He started one himself and worked for us in a web hosting company and then God used our relationship to start New Hope TV. Thank you Prince, you have a lot of reward in heaven waiting for you for this!

  49. Amen! Go into all the work and preach The Gospel!

    Beware of becoming a media entertainer void of the sincere word of TRUTH. The flesh profits nothing.

  50. Deb, it is true that TV has more influence in India than it does here, partly also because they are hungrier for the Gospel and because TV is so much part of their every day lives, they turn it on in the morning and leave it on all day in the background. But in the same time, I have heard from the Australian Christian Channel who also don’t allow fundraising and all TV programs are free and sponsored by Christian businesses. They have lots of results of salvations and people asking for prayer. The church in Sydney that we were sent out from, did a TV program and most of the new people that come to the church come as a result of the TV program and this is Australia! God can speak to people through preaching, movies and any kind of content, people are all different and some are touched through a movie, some by a sermon while others by a teaching on marriage or an inspirational movie. We have to get out of our head this limitation that God will only work in a few limited ways. He can even use a donkey, He said He could make stones to cry out, babies, anything He chooses. And it’s different for everyone.

  51. Yes and Yes.
    That said, do not ask for donations or sell anything via the media.
    It is the churches duty to give freely!
    We should not expect or accept donations, gifts, or ask for money from those outside our fellowship.
    “Buy the truth and sell it not”
    The price for all is paid on Calvary.

    Our web sites are going “gang-busters”

    “You can find out a lot from a webpage. But there are some things you really need to experience in person.”

    In old testament times the city gate was where everything happened.. The hucksters, thieves, quacks, spies, kings guards, latest local gossip, news from afar, and no doubt the Lords prophets, were there. all having their say!
    In the same way:-
    Today the World Wide Web is the world’s gate, for the first time in history the Gospel can be spread to the whole world
    Just google “christian” – About 321,000,000 results! and for any other related religious topic -hits in the millions

    Personally i do not care what is said about me as long as they get the name and address right!

    All that said, i find the best method is still face to face testimony.
    Pr Michael

  52. When we began to show movies on our channel it was a decision based on the fact that we needed different content for all ages. We queried the people calling in as to whether we should continue the movies, and they pleaded with us not to discontinue. Because they now have an alternate to the awful stuff that children watch daily. These may not be exactly what we want but it is a far cry from what the children are left with on normal TV. We pray that God will guide us in everything. We do not solicit money nor do we have advertisements on our channel. Since this is a 24/7 channel we need to have different types of content. God’s direction during prayer and call backs from viewers drive us on. God has given me certain skills and I use them for his glory even at age 70. We have formed an Indian Christian Media association to equip churches with the expertise in the latest technology. We have a 24/7 Net radio which broadcasts 5 hymns interspersed with a 3-minute message which now have listeners in 65 countries. We have been able to touch youth with a very short attention span with just a 3 minute message, because the Word of God will cut through sinew and bone through just one verse rather than an hour of preaching.

  53. 100% Zululander Jul 10th 2014

    Marilena you & your husband are awesome people doing an awesome job. There will be no end to answering people who know better than you who have never done it.
    Your “ideal & actual” is excellent.
    May the Lord Bless you Both

  54. Darren Sargent made the point above that too often, the mass media channels replace the personal witness. It’s important to consider that we ARE the media. When we understand that, the other mass media channels become tools that simply extend the media that we ARE, then they go that much farther. Of course, what we ARE, in this case, is of utmost importance. We’ve all seen the damage done to the witness of the Gospel wrought by vessels who — for the lack of better words — had their trousers slip down because the Belt of Truth wasn’t buckled on properly. In those cases, the high tech mass media channels only made it all the worse. However, for those who have truly walk the crucified life while wearing the full armour of God, the mass media channels become a God-sent tool that simply magnifies what’s already there.

    As a writer myself, I’d say Darren is in the right business. It’s possible to write books targeted to the secular reading audience (therefore doesn’t have a “sinners prayer” tagged on to the end), but containing plot elements and characterisation that reveal a message from the Holy Spirit, so that the reader receives a witness without even knowing that he/she is being witnessed to.

  55. ValleyAnt Jul 10th 2014

    This article’s line of reasoning would be more distressing to me if I wasn’t daily in touch with Christians who think this way.

    1. God can and does use media. In fact, and don’t take this the wrong way, He wants to start ‘revivals’ inside movie theaters through His own creativity. However, the disciples in Acts only had their feet, a donkey, a boat or ship, and other people to carry them and their ‘articles’ from place to place; yet they accomplished more spiritually than we have today. God doesn’t need media; He needs people. Therefore, Jesus said, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” He needs laborers– people who are willing to get dirty in the work.

    2. I always say that in America, we think when we are supposed to feel and feel when we are supposed to think. I don’t want to explain it, but it’s basically a most cunning way to evade responsibility: if you can be objective when you’re supposed to be subjective (and vice versa), you’ve pulled off the trick of the century, because you are never in the right place at the right time: you’re always in Neighborhood A when someone in Neighborhood B needs your help (so to speak), therefore, you are excused to never have to minister to the right need– i.e. to never have to walk obediently to God (it is very cunning, and most people don’t consciously know they do it; but Heb. 3:10-12 touches on it slightly)– because you are never able to (you are never in the right place). In our Christianity, we do this same thing. Though we know that no one puts the cart before the horse, we fight to have it so (to have things backwards), because we know that if we were to put the horse first, then we can no longer do it our way and must do it the Lord’s way. (Heb. 3:7-12.) Calling for God to use media is elementary; even nature effortlessly testifies of God, so it’s inevitable that He will use technology too. (He has spoken to me through many secular movies and songs and videos, so He doesn’t need to write up a movie or song or something special for media to reach people.) But if we can just remain in the wrong places at the right times (or right places at the wrong times), we can live elementary lives, say elementary things, and never have to obey God; because God operates right place, right time, and we get this by putting the first things first (intimacy with and obedience to God, learning how to obey like Jesus did who waited thirty years before ‘going into media’) and letting God then inspire us with secondary things (e.g. evangelism, media, arts, dance, food, fashion, music, movies, etc.). But the fact remains true: “If you never grow up, then you never have to grow up.”

  56. Andrew Jul 10th 2014


    Here is the real truth of it. Simple.

    If you are called and anointed to reach people this way, then do it.

    If you aren’t, don’t.

    Blessings to all,

    Andrew Strom.

  57. Jim Rinker Jul 10th 2014

    Ridiculous! Sounds like someone who doesn’t have faith in God’s abilities. The problem is our lack of reliance on the Holy Spirit and our line of thinking that we must “do” something which leads us outside of God will.

  58. ValleyAnt Jul 10th 2014

    Andrew, the actual real truth of it is this:

    1. People who are always moving (ministry) rarely hear the voice of the Lord well but tend to hear what they want to hear; I’ve talked to many of them, and they were never saying what the Lord was saying. “But they that wait on the Lord… will run (ministry) and not grow weary” (Isa. 40:31). Amen.

    2. People who are still are more likely to be led by His Spirit and not by their flesh or soul (good intentions). This is because the flesh isn’t glorified when you are still but is or can be when you are ‘moving’ (ministering).

    God is in and speaks ‘in the quiet place’. The Vineyard churches, in spite of all the excess, are famous for their worship songs. One sings, “In the secret, in the quiet place, in the stillness, YOU ARE THERE.” The people who sing these words tend to run all the time, unable to be still, but that doesn’t nullify the truth in their words: God isn’t in the noise, in the ministry, in the chaos, in the sound; He is in the secret, in the stillness, in the silence, in the quiet. As we see most clearly in the case of Elijah on the mountain of God, God may be everywhere, but He is not in everything; He is in the quiet and speaks and relates to us there.

    Yes, God has anointed people for this and that. He has actually given me a… how do you say it… an effortlessness in writing, production, and directing; I look at Christian movies and want to WEEP at how little they glorify God. But the movies God wants to produce are not like the ones we do. If our intentions are right, He winks on ours though ours hardly reach even Christians and stirs up the emotions more than it does the Spirit. In a movie theater, the Holy Spirit visited me in greater power than He ever did in any church or religious gathering. There, I got a taste of the flood of ‘revival’ He intends to ‘fold out’ from the big screen. But just because we have an anointing doesn’t mean we will ever get to use it. Unbelief, people, things get in the way.

    Thousands of Israel died on the other side of the Jordan, because they refused to do things God’s way; none of them got to walk in their anointing– i.e. their God-given destiny. God wants to pour out from the big screen to the extent that operation at the theater won’t be able to continue as usual (at least for as long as the ‘revival’ is ‘upkept’). He wants to do this in the workplace, restaurants, parks, museums, everywhere. But because Christians are inclined to rebellion against God’s ways (i.e. God’s wisdom and methods) and worship of self and self abilities, the Holy Spirit must be held back. He will not compete with the flesh.

    For those Christians who run around in suits and ties mapping out designs and drawing out plans on how to make God look great (i.e. those who believe they are important and that their wisdom is greater than God’s), who think they can manage and control the Holy Spirit and that He will ‘be nice’ when He manifests to certify the works of their own creativity, here is the word to them as to “the surpassing power of His greatness” and His ability to do “abundantly above all that we ask or think”– the word that tells them what God’s ‘move’ in the media is REALLY meant to look like compared to the infantile works they want to ascribe to God:

    “Then the priests brought in the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord to its place, into the inner sanctuary of the temple… And it came to pass [that when everything was in order] that the house, the house of the Lord was filled with a cloud, so that the priests could not continue ministering because of the cloud; for the glory of the Lord filled the house of God” (2Chron. 5).

    We are safe when we control things, but we shouldn’t think that “God is in control” is anything short of spectacular. Everyone will know when someone finally moves out the way and lets Him move. He has a stately grandeur and majesty about Him that no one else can replicate.

  59. Andrew Jul 10th 2014

    I say again-

    If you are called and anointed to reach people this way, then do it.

    If you aren’t, don’t.

    Blessings to all,

    Andrew Strom.

  60. Ingrid Jul 10th 2014

    As I read your article I got an excitement in my spirit and got the impression that God will use your ministry to warn and prepare us of His impending coming back to earth.
    I know you will do nothing that is not led by the Holy Spirit – go well.

  61. DonaldN Jul 11th 2014

    How could anyone logically disagree since this website is a part of the media we are discussing. Be still and hear God. Good advice, then move when he says to move. There are millions that will hear the Gospel through the various media methods. There are just as many who hear a false gospel in the one to one method, so the false teachers on television and the internet are not a reason to throw out the whole concept. We must use every method that God inspires us to use.
    The truth is the truth! Lies are lies. Both can be spread in any form.
    Spread the truth.

  62. ValleyAnt Jul 11th 2014

    Andrew, if one is called to something, they should ‘do it’ in their heart first before ever actually doing it. Everyone wants to ‘do it now’, but what are the fruits, and what is their ministry planted on? “Everyone should be careful how he builds” (1Cor. 3:10) not “Everyone should be anxious to build.” What is the hurry? “Unless the Lord builds the [ministry], they labor in vain who build it” (Ps. 127:1). To ‘do it’ (do ministry) in the heart is to wait for God’s timing. Jesus’ very first recorded words in the NT are in Mt. 3:16. There, after John tried to dissuade Jesus from being baptized, Jesus said, “Let it be so now, because it is becoming of us to fulfill all righteousness.” Our focus is on the prophecies (works, achievement, victories) He fulfilled which are often mentioned through the Gospels that He did such and such “that it may be fulfilled which was written by the prophet…” But in this obscure verse, Jesus points to something that is even dearer to God’s heart than fulfilling prophecy, and it is obedience. Nowhere in the OT is it prophesied that Jesus would be baptized by John; what then was Jesus fulfilling by that baptism? He was fulfilling all righteousness; i.e. He was firstly being obedient to God.

    “To obey is better than sacrifice” (I would paraphrase that for our times as “To wait is better than to minister”) is much easier said than done. Ps. 40:6-8 sheds light on why fulfilling all righteousness was so important to Jesus part of which reads: “I have come… to do Your will, oh God, and Your law is within My heart.” To obey God was more important to Jesus than fulfilling prophecy (more important than ministering to people) as His very first recorded words are telling (after all, He did wait thirty years before fulfilling most of the prophecies about Him). This is a truth that went missing long ago and is still in the bottom of the well, waiting for someone to fish it out: “To obey is better than sacrifice.” People who are called to ministry are called to obedience first. The problem is that most don’t know this; all they can see is the limelight or excitement of ministry. We have enough people ‘doing it’ already but accomplishing little. We need more people who will stop reaching for importance and ministry so He can accomplish much. After all, it is Jesus who will tell so many ‘runners’, “I never knew you” and who distinguishes those who run ahead from those who wait: “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her” (Lk. 10:41).

  63. Andrew Jul 11th 2014

    Yes – but sadly I also know many who proudly hold “doing nothing” as some kind of “superior” practice. Jesus did actually send out his disciples ‘doing’.

    Otherwise you and I would not be here.

    Maybe you are not the only one who understands “wilderness”, my friend.


    Andrew Strom.

  64. DonaldN Jul 11th 2014

    Andrew, perhaps you should do a discussion on the wilderness experience. I am sure it would get a little heated but many could learn from others. It would as varied as persecution. Those persecuted in Islam nations face imprisonment and death, compared to those who think they are persecuted in Christian nations if the are made fun of for wearing a Christian T shirt. The wilderness experience would be as varied.

  65. I second Donald’s request to hear people’s input about their wilderness experiences. 🙂

  66. Darren Sargent Jul 11th 2014

    From the first fig leaf in the Garden of Eden until now, every conceived of technology of man has been used to cover our inadequacy and our shame, and to make up for the curse of sin. So every technology we depend on is conceived of in a fallen world and bears the hallmarks of that world, but God can redeem anything through His Son. To speak of media as a tool to be employed, just another technology or device we can use at our behest would be a serious error. Any redemption of technology must be appointed by God, must be anointed by God and sent by the body. But we can’t just send and forget; the work needs to be reviewed and critiqued constantly like the continuing fragrance of intercession. In the midst of this are sent people over whose hearts God is jealous for, and they in turn are sent to people whose hearts God wants to be Lord over. This is the system; this is the model; there is no other: that we might all be the fragrance of Christ. If this is the purpose of all things then technology must be bowed to that end alone.

    The trumpet (Eze 33:1-6) Mirolena spoke of, as being a metaphor for media, could not be taken up by anyone. It had to be given to someone appointed from among the people. It could not be just picked up from the ground or bought at a shop; it was a priestly instrument. It had to be given to the watchman. It was a ram’s horn or a sho’far. This ‘media’ had its tip removed (its highest and most deadly point) and was hollowed out. It was not manufactured, having been sawn off a ram’s head, but it was prepared; it had to be hollow and empty. The thing itself had to be dead and hollow. All the contents had to be poured out. This is the redemption of the ‘media’. All the contents have to be poured out like an offering. Then, it might be used. The horn itself is grown whole out of the life; it was the mature ram cut down in his prime that was substituted for Isaac. The horn, the trumpet, the ‘media’ must be grown out of the Life of Christ, but then it must be cut down. No doubt that that ram had a previous and glorious life, but it came to an end before the breath of another One could fill it.

    The most important thing about this trumpet was the one who wielded it. The constitution of the one who puts it to his lips is paramount, for the sound that comes out of it will reflect their character and what they ‘see’. The horn is a wind instrument and the spirit that rushes through it must come out of the one who blows through it. The watchman ‘sees’. Prophetic ‘seeing’ is crucial in the one who possesses the horn; timing is everything, and the clarity of the notes and what they mean to the people is also critical. What is it that the watchman ‘sees’? He sees two things: the sword coming upon the land and the Lord who sends that sword.

    To characterise trumpets as just “ancient media technology” is to do a disservice to the God who appointed them. Technology is manufactured by man; God creates and gives life. Technology cannot be seen as a bolt-on or as an upgrade to the Gospel. However, the horn established things in the physical from the spiritual; they established events and brought them into being. Prophets, priests and angels are the only ones who can use trumpets and not at their own will. They established the coronation of kings, incited the first exchange in warfare, warned of impending judgment, brought judgment into being, convened a holy gathering, announced repentance, declared a fast, sent angels forth, sent news forth, celebrated a feast, announced the coming of the Lord and caused people to tremble. Even one angel spoke like a trumpet. There is something in the nature and character of God that is like a trumpet. And greatest of all trumpets will be the final trumpet, the trumpet of all trumpets to raise the dead. And this is ultimately what trumpets are about: announcing and bringing into being life and hope and resurrection and the kingdom of God. Trumpets are not toys of technology.

    If your hand reaches out to lay hold of such technologies bear in mind the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit.” A priest who faced the daunting task of rebuilding the temple, a priest who was anointed was told not to resort to might nor to power. How else was he to get it done? Twice he received the negation of God. It was the first thing that was said to him: not and nor, as if he would reach for something with his left hand and failing that would reach for something with his right hand. It is ingrained into us: a knee-jerk reaction. Most probably a tool for something: plans, drawings. It was a slap in the face for Zerubbabel, a severe warning. What would we have done? Call a building contractor? An architect? The problem is we despise the day of small beginnings. As a builder would say, we want to ‘get out of the ground’ as soon as possible but this is where the real work is done. The foundation is the only place. The cornerstone is where it happens. First steps are crucial. If one degree out here, by the time we get to the capstone, it is all out of whack. This isn’t our building folks. This is holy holy holy.

    In the face of such a task we reach for what is effective, expedient, useful and utilitarian: as long as it works! These are the values of the world. The left-brained logical materialist practical personality gets to work, utilises a system and puts together a network of qualified labour to get the job done. This is working for God whilst excluding Him. It is simply seen as a problem to be solved and a hurdle to get over, so that we can consummate the age. We are results-led.

    How would we have planned the deliverance of the Jews out of Egypt? I bet we wouldn’t have sent an escaped murderer to the back side of the desert for 40 years to start with. How would we have announced the coming of the Son of God? I bet we wouldn’t have chosen the lowest place by the side of a slimy river outside Jerusalem by a guy wearing hair garments eating honey and locusts. How would we have staged his triumphal entry? On a colt, the foal of a donkey? I don’t think so. I bet you would’ve have sent the Apostles into Asia after the Lord said ‘Go!’ Would we have expected the Apostles to wait so long for the day of Pentecost? My point is simply this: we cannot guess nor know by our imagination what He will do. Our job is to be and to wait and to stay. Then we will be clothed with power. Even when we Go it is out of the Rest and always from and in the Rest. God is the only One whose work is so perfect that He rests after His work. We, on the other hand, must work from His Rest.

    Jews look for signs; Greeks look for wisdom; Twenty-first century Earth-dwellers look for achievement, deeds and qualifications. They look for numbers, results, outcomes, progress and performance. We were called to obedience; we must look to Him. Therefore a ministry is not justified or honoured just because it reaches more people with a bigger microphone or it sees more results than working one to one. The scale of a project is not an endorsement even when appointed by God. Scale, cost, effect and speed are not considerations in the work of God – just obedience and His Glory.

  67. ValleyAnt Jul 12th 2014

    Andrew, whether it’s proud ‘do-nothings’ or presumptuous ‘do-somethings’, both sides are in the wrong. Jesus sent out His disciples ‘doing’ after He told them, “Wait in the city, until you [receive the right to do].” ‘Doing’ must be in the heart first, because ‘doing’ is really obedience. Those who ‘do’ out of rebellion will hear, “Depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.”

    One thing I’ve noticed about the ‘doers’ is that there tends to be a lot of flesh and self-promotion there. ‘Do-nothings’ can boast all they want, but there are no works for them to take pride in. ‘Doers’ believe they are ‘doing the works of God’, and they tend to be more blind to the facts: “Did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons and perform many miracles?” Neither ‘doers’ nor ‘do-nothings’ are right; but ‘doers’ who ‘do-nothing’ until the Lord sends them are ‘doing it’ right.

    It appears apparent that the rush to ‘do, do, do’ is often really rooted in rebellion rather than in a desire to ‘do’ for God. If you follow the Bible from OT (Israel’s need for bread and meat in the wilderness) through the NT (“Are You at this time going to restore the Kingdom to Israel”), it often confirms that our own timing is rarely in sync with His.

    As for ‘wilderness’ seasons, no one wants to be a scholar of such. The wilderness season in my life wasn’t imposed by God, so it would be nothing to boast about. I’m a ‘doer’; but God knows that 99% of the time, ‘doing’ makes us proud and gradually separates us from Him. Therefore, it’s important to not let your ability to ‘do’ drive you to ‘do’, but to ‘do’ only when you have been sent. But this is probably about 90% of what ministry has become today:

    “I did not send these prophets, yet they ran (ministered); I did not speak to them, yet they prophesied (spoke as if speaking for Me)” (Jer. 23:21).

    Many people already have enough in their natural lives and are not satisfied; and it drives many to pursue ministry as an idol to satisfy their empty places rather than pursuing God in quiet, everyday life (“He has shown you, oh man… to walk humbly with your God”). If they could humbly find satisfaction in ordinary everyday life and “be content with such things as [they] have”, ministry wouldn’t compete with God in their lives, and they wouldn’t seek to fill up with ministry and attention the areas that are lacking fulfillment in their lives.

  68. ValleyAnt Jul 12th 2014

    Darren, I agree with everything you wrote, and I think for me this summarized it all:

    “God is the only One whose work is so perfect that He rests after His work. We, on the other hand, must work from His Rest.”

    That is perfectly said. I can’t add anything to it.

  69. Andrew Jul 12th 2014

    I have been in both ‘extreme’ camps.

    As a feverish “do-everything” type I was proud and judgmental of those I felt did not “do” enough.

    Then I spent years with those who were earnest in doing nothing – the “spiritual” ones who were always ‘waiting’. We looked down on the “do-ers” as unspiritual and carnal. After a long time I realized that we were just as prideful and pharisaical.

    Jesus was a “waiter” and a ‘do-er’. Both.

    Let us be the same.

    Blessings to all,

    Andrew Strom

  70. ValleyAnt Jul 12th 2014

    Andrew, I don’t believe in camps, taking one side or another. It bothers me that people are still stuck in (literally bound up or captives of) cliquishness: “Which denomination are you?”, etc. I was reading my Bible at work once in 1999, and a girl I worked with asked if I was a Christian. I said yes and then asked her if she was Christian. She replied, “No, I’m Baptist.” It began to dawn on me right then that this disunity among Christians was way more serious than I’d thought.

    I still don’t know the differences between Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Church of God, Assemblies of God, Foursquare churches, etc., and I don’t care to know. There is one truth and one faith, and that’s enough for me. People are always asking you which side you’re on: “Are you Democrat or Republican? Are you pro-life or pro-abortion? Are you blue collar or white collar? Are you black or white? Are you for Obama or against Obama?” You can’t just be. Joshua fell into this trap when it came to the Lord (as did and has all Israel). When Joshua first saw Him, he approached Him a little too boldly (then wound up falling on his face in reverence) and asked Him, “Are You for us or for our enemies?” The Lord replied, “Neither.” (Josh. 5:13-14).

    Growing up, my dad worked overtime to cause division and strife between me and my siblings by basically bad-mouthing each of us to the other so that we’d hate each other and not know why. I didn’t know what he was doing till 2003 (that’s 22 years of not knowing), but I never fell for it, because I never inherited a cliquish mindset. When I found in 2003 that this was what he’d been doing, then I understood why my siblings could not get along with me or themselves; however, I was never given to choosing or picking a side, so I was unaffected. We need to be ‘neither people’ who walk out the balance in the middle, because no one on either side of this thing (Charismatic vs. Evangelical, Word vs. Spirit, this vs. that) is getting it right. In Christ, there are several very foundational ‘neithers’: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female… neither circumcision nor uncircumcision” (Gal. 3:28, 5:6); instead “you are all one in Christ Jesus” and only “faith working through Love” counts before Him (Gal. 3:28, 5:6). Seeing that ‘neither’ is foundational in Christ, we should probably stick with a ‘neither’ mindset when threatened with choosing sides.

    Also, if it wasn’t for hardships that God allowed in my life, I would have been leading the charge for the ‘doers’. I wouldn’t have known what ‘inability’ meant. I would have multi-tasked 24/7 and would have hated the notion of sleeping (which to me would have been wasting time). I would have looked down on anyone who wasn’t 100% of the time strong, confident, attractive, interesting. And if, in that mindset, I ever became a Christian, I would have been like the hyper-Charismatics and probably would have started my own organization right next to people like Rick Joyner. I would have moved God out the way and would have been the one to ‘bring His sons and daughters from the east and gather them from the west’– the one to say (prophesy) to the north, “Give them up!” and to the south, “Do not hold them back!” (Isa. 43:5-6.) I’d be the one ‘commanding all the works of His hands concerning Him’ (concerning Him here meaning speaking as if I speak for Him), doing God’s job for Him, and thinking I had the power to ‘decree a thing and have it established for me’ as so many ministers currently do. (Job 22:28.) But God used a bad thing to save me from myself, to save me from sitting on Mount Pride in the sides of the South, to save me from being so good at ‘doing’ that He could not get a word or action in edgewise as it is today. That’s the problem with strength and beauty (i.e. things that are considered good and appealing); they are good things which God gives freely, but our fallen nature takes good things as our own things, deriving our sense of worth and importance from them, and so naturally causing us to lean at a six degree angle toward pride.

    Maybe you should consider what Donald and Deb suggested: start a discussion where everyone can share their wilderness experience(s). It might do a lot of good.

  71. ValleyAnt Jul 12th 2014

    Correction: if I had become a Christian with a prideful mindset of ‘doing’, I would not have started my own organization as a hyper-Charismatic next to people like Rick Joyner. I wouldn’t have started an organization next to people like John MacArthur either. Rather, I would be like neither one of them and would have started my own ministry enterprise independent of both, neither for one side or the other. But though different, it would all be the same thing: a work of the flesh, built in the power of my own abilities, skills, gifts, and talents.

  72. Andrew Jul 12th 2014

    I guess you just came across as “judging” the calling or anointing of people like Marilena – who are doing wonderful things reaching the deeply lost millions of India. (I have been to their small studio/ ministry base in India – they are doing an amazing godly thing with few resources).

    I am glad to hear you were not ‘judging’ without even knowing people. It just came across that way. Unfortunate.


    Andrew Strom.

  73. Ken Everett Jul 12th 2014


    Correct me if I am wrong please, but through your use of double-negatives did you just say that you are working with Rick Joiner?

    The same Rick Joiner who blessed the infamous Todd Bentley?

    Please tell me this is not so!

  74. ValleyAnt Jul 12th 2014

    Andrew, even if we judge, we have to make sure we don’t condemn but leave room for God to expose the whole story. Jesus did this all the time, and Paul said, “Judge nothing before the time, until the Lord comes” (1Cor. 4:5) which in these matters means that whatever we hear or see about someone or something, we should not pass a sentence on the matter (judge before the time) until we have the full story. In the case of the two prostitutes, who would have known whose child the boy was? But though people were judging (i.e. deciding which one of the women was the child’s mother), the sentence was withheld until Solomon came and exposed who the real mother was. When Jesus’ disciples told Him that He had offended the Pharisees, Jesus replied, “Leave them alone. They are blind guides” (Mt. 15); when John told Jesus that they’d forbidden a man from casting out demons who wasn’t part of their group, Jesus replied, “Do not forbid him… for he who is not against us is on our side” (Mk. 9); and Paul said of those apostles who were in Christ before him, “From those who seemed to be something– whatever they were, it makes no difference to me; God shows personal favoritism to no man– for those who seemed to be something added nothing to me” (Gal. 2). So, why waste time choosing which leader is doing it right and which is doing it wrong? Each person is supposed to ‘go straight ahead’, not looking left or right, letting God be judge of who is true or false, and knowing that the Day will reveal it anyway. I don’t even know who Marilena is; but I do have concern for the leaders who do God’s work partially and then say they are doing it wholly when they aren’t. While things are still wrong, they pretend like nothing is wrong and say, “Peace, peace” when there is no peace. (Jer. 6:13-14, 8:10-11).

    Ken, I didn’t say I’m working with Rick Joyner. I said at first that if God had let me ‘run’ (do what I wanted to do with my gifts and talents), I would have been running with people like him. I then retracted that and said I would run neither with the hyper-Charismatics nor the Evangelicals (nor anything that is restricted and confined to a denomination or ‘flavor’) but that I would have rather started ‘my own thing’ which would not be restricted to what Christianity has become (e.g. Christian movies are always restricted to ‘Christianese’ so that pretty much only Christians understand them; but God speaks to people through even nature and can therefore inspire movies that aren’t ‘Christianese’ but that will cause His fame (or “the remembrance of [Him]”– Isa. 26:8) to spread out from the theaters like fire through a forest so that both Christian and unbeliever are ‘stricken and AFFECTED’); however, such ventures would have been defiled with the same error and pride that marks other ‘moves’ or ministries in that I would have been building on the strength of personality, talent, and work ethic. No amount of ability or strength, no matter how great, is sufficient to build what God is building. (Isa. 40:30.) Paul said, “I labored more than them all, yet not I, but the Grace of God that is in me” (1Cor. 15:10). There is a difference between the things that belong to God and the things that belong to us. God BUILDS the things that belong to Him (the Church (people), the Ministry (ministers), the Kingdom (His fame and glory)), and we STEWARD the things He has given to us (our families, friends, gifts, possessions, etc.). When we cross from our place into His (especially ‘building’ ministry or thinking we must ‘make the Kingdom come’), then problems are always inevitable.

  75. Andrew Jul 13th 2014

    It is the easiest thing in the world to come across as smug and judgmental when you believe in “doing nothing”.

    That is because there is no cost and no risk to it.

    You simply sit at home and ‘judge’ all those silly enough to be “doing something”.

    I was like that too as a “do-nothing” super-spiritual type.

    My smugness and judgmentalism was epic in scale.

    Until God rebuked me. Then I saw how much of the Pharisee was still inside me.

    Blessings to all,

    Andrew Strom.