“OUR DEAR AMERICA” – Wolfgang Simson – COMMENTS?

NOTE: I know that a lot of our Christian friends in America are hurting after the re-election of Obama, and I can certainly understand this. But let me ask you a couple of questions: – Do you think US Christians will be more anguished or less anguished over the spiritual state of America in the next 4 years because of this result? And do you think they will likely PRAY more for America or less for America because of it? – You see, from God’s point of view there can always be more to these things than meets the eye. Below is a very thought-provoking piece about Obama’s re-election that I ask everyone to read with an open heart…

OUR DEAR AMERICA – Where do you go From Here?
by Wolfgang and Mercy Simson.

Today, Obama has been re-elected; all the efforts of many Christian
leaders, prayer movements, “prophets” and “concerned Americans”
who have lobbied, written appeals, articles, books, letters – some
have even done films – to warn not to vote for him have come to
nothing. Many of them have behaved as if the future of the Kingdom
of God is at stake. Well, it is not.

Can we, as foreigners who dearly love you as a people, say a few
words into this situation? Because it is evident to us that God has
a clear plan with your nation. But many don ́t seem to see it, and
therefore run the danger of fighting the wrong fight, wasting precious
time and resources, and even endlessly call upon God to do what
he just will not do.

The German weekly Der Spiegel, kind of a German Time Magazine,
has a cover picture of Uncle Sam in bed, titled, The American
Patient: The decline of a Great Nation. We think this is a prophetic
picture. As your friends, we know, acknowledge and admire that
America has had a great past. But how will your future look like?

God chastises whom he loves because he knows: pride will come
before the fall, and humbleness and brokenness is the only condition
he responds to. We personally sense we need to tell you: the
destiny of your nation is in God’s hands, not yours. It is not at all
about Obama or Romney, it is about God using all the nations in
the world according to his global and unchanging plans. Did you
ever allow the thought that God in his sovereignty is using Obama
like a pawn on his chessboard to humble the US as a nation
because he wants to show his grace to a nation gone completely
self-sufficient? A nation that is so full of independence, individualism,
nationalism and trusting a greed- and fear-based economy that there
may be only one way open to heal it from its idolatry and re-align
itself with the Kingdom of God: a crisis beyond anything that
America has ever seen?

In 2008, God has been challenged by a man standing up in public,
preaching to the cheers of a huge crowd: “Yes we can!” We watched
it; we saw the tears of excitement in the eyes of the people; the
statements were received as if coming from the Messiah himself,
and the electoral rallies had all the flavor of a religious revival. “Yes,
we can” is the exact opposite of the King of kings saying: “Without
me, you can do nothing!”

If God is the one who “deposes kings and raises up others” (Dan
2:21), does it really matter what are the names of the current
puppets set in place by God that advance both the New World
Order and the Kingdom of God? Neither Herod, Pilate nor Caesar
were truly important for the development of the Kingdom. That is
exactly why Kingdom people do not play in the Second League,
but the First, the one that matters. The one that puts the Kingdom
first, and everything else – including their own nation – second.

The problem of the current commotion and insecurities arises
when even the people that call themselves after God keep confusing
the Kingdom of God with the United States of America. And when
that happens, especially through Christians with a public voice,
then we have truly lost all perspective of the coming Kingdom of
Jesus Christ and the predictions he has made that will precede
his coming.

America is being publicly humbled by God; and he is going to use
Obama – and those after him – to further advance his agenda that
will lead all nations to kneel before that one true King Jesus very
soon. If any nation wants to become a tower that reaches up to
high heaven, it will be humbled by a God who will not share his
glory with people relying on their own strength.

America, where do you go from here? What does this mean for
you? The future is going to be very, very rough. Your securities
will vanish, the economy will go down, the education system will
become even worse, the streets more dangerous, the churches
even more divided, the youth even more disillusioned – unless
there is a true movement that abandons all those idols mentioned
above, and radically repents, makes a radical alignment with the
King of the Kingdom of God and his constitution, live the Law of
Christ in all areas of life, first and foremost in the areas of sex,
money, power and how we “do church”. This is a defining moment
for you as a nation. You could go down, as the German journalist
of ‘Der Spiegel’ predicted. Or, America could be literally re-invented
by Kingdom people who are ready to implode the prevailing myths
about America’s greatness, and replace it by God’s greatness.
The King has even greater things purposed and would fulfill those
purpose IF those who call themselves after Jesus the King, would
turn away from their self-made religion, self-made churches and
religious factions, self-made visions of success, and their self-made,
harmless God.

Can we lovingly but urgently call you back at this hour to begin and
initiate a movement to reposition and repatriate yourselves into the
eternal Kingdom, by submitting yourself not only in theory but also
in practical deeds to Jesus the King, starting to obey the King and
his liberating decrees in all the areas that count? You might even
want to write a declaration of dependence on God and each other,
because by idolizing anything else before and over God, you will
become illegal aliens in the country that counts, where we all are
called to have our home: the Kingdom, the one place where our
true citizenship, nationality and allegiance lies (Phil 3:20). This is
the only one country that will not be shaken, as it has an
unchanging King.

If there is any way that we can help you in this great challenge
and task – we want you to know we will.

-Wolfgang and Mercy Simson, Germany.
Email – [email protected]

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  1. This warning comes from the tender heart of a friend of our country. Thank you, Wolfgang. Here’s my own take on this, a meditation for our church bulletin. “Those of us who are unhappy with the election must surely realize by now that political activism isn’t the answer. When half the people want more government, those who provide more government will win. As someone said, “If you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on Paul’s vote.” So what do we do? What we should have been doing all the time. We let our light shine; we become salty salt; we pray for revival, sanctify our hearts, and declare the whole counsel of God without fear. We focus “on things above and not on things on the earth.” We continue to vote, of course. We continue to “do good to all men” as we have opportunity. But our real mandate is not to reform society through politics, but to rescue souls out of darkness. Societies change as individual hearts change. And only the Gospel changes hearts.”

    Blessings Richard

  2. you took the words right out of my heart.

  3. Foolhardy Fred Nov 8th 2012

    Please explain how one side of politics is so much better for “christians” than the other ( how a Mormon can be “Gods man) when the “christian” church is predominantly apostate itself. Why on earth is there a greater expectation on politicians then there is on “pastors” to be faithful to the Word of God. Clean up the apostasy, turn away from the New Age occultic hybrid religious systems and practices which have overrun what was once christianity and christian churches before bothering to attack politicians who must govern for their entire constituency not just those of a particular belief system.

  4. Mary Ann Nov 8th 2012

    I was praying after th election and felt the leading of the Spirit when He brought to remembernce what Jesus said, my kingdom isn’t of this world. If Romney won you would be lulled into a false security that you have more time. Like Riciard said we ae the light but light shines the brightest in the dark. Just hnk of this during world war 2 on the sub at night they couldn’t smoke on deck because the flame of the cigarette could be seen for miles. we should be shining like that.

  5. Eric Swensson Nov 8th 2012

    This is a communication of love? It is a judgment. It is no more discerning than the one posted here a few months ago.

    You need to understand that people like me do not confuse the church with the state so it is impossible to think the way your communications infer.

  6. Marc Wildman Nov 8th 2012

    This article is so right on its uncanny. No, it’s not about Romney or Obama as they are just manifestations of a fundamental indisposition. So many Church leaders, and so-called Christian institutions thought it was OK to vote for the ‘lesser of two evils. Since whilst, does God corroborate evil in any form? Let’s take this up a notch. Many of us who God told not to vote were accused of not doing our so called ‘civil’ duty. Well, one’s spiritual duty is above and beyond and remote from any so-called allegiance to vote for evil or either of these men who are two sides of the same coin. I have said this before, and I will say it again. It is an unpretentious comparability but true.

    If God didn’t spare His ‘first-born, Israel, the original branches, then what makes the Church think He will spare them. Andrew, you have listed many, many contumacies, false doctrines, and heresies that have ostensibly originated here in America. Then it’s not so formidable to put it all together. Yes, God has placed America under the hands of her adversaries. Obama has done more damage in four years than any other President, but Mitt Romney wouldn’t have offered much different in the long run. Perhaps the words spiritual wickedness in high places rings a bell

    In closing, when America’s helixes downwardly the world goes with it folks. God is who He is, and many; many changes are coming for everyone. They have been for some time.


  7. Lisa Rhynes-Partlow Nov 8th 2012

    While your “salty” opinion is definitely being revealed, why is it that suddenly our “UNITED”states of America, are suddenly under condemnation. Prior to the arising of “the LAST:shall be FIRST” man to considered worthy of your highest earthly position, THERE WERE 43 other MEN/GODS before him. Why such condemnation now, when you say robbing Peter to pay Paul, both were disciples and each others keeper, as GOD has so lovingly taught us to do.

    We know that “the poor shall always be among us”, , yet BLESSED are the POOR IN SPIRIT, for they shall inherit the KINGDOM OF GOD and not man.

    ROMNEY (R-MONEY), was and remains your choice..ask yourself WHY? Under any other circumstance you would condemn him as a Christian because of his MORMONISM (mammonism), yet GOD has allowed the truth to be revealed in all nations, simply because HE allowed the foolish things to confound the wise, and a nation is surprised…………….hhhmmmmmm?????

    Let not your hearts be troubled, the government is upon HIS shoulders, and it is HE and HE alone that exalts a nation, and when HE shakes, HE will shake both heaven and earth with no exclusions.


    Let us be not entangled again with the yokes of bondage of prejudice, because the GOD that we say we serve ……is creator of all….the good and the evil….that HIS purposes may be accomplished. IN A WORLD OF LIES, TRUTH IS TREASON.

    See through the eyes of CHRIST and refrain from foolish conversations……as the divided party just experienced,,,, you might be confounded because of that which appears foolish…because of your self proclaimed SENSUAL wisdom….. and have to eat your own words before an exalted nation.

    GOD AND GOD ALONE shall have the last say, not you nor I, but GOD ……… we cannot “predict” HIS ways or thoughts, and infer that they are “prophetic”, if that were the case….the world was predicted to be done away with, many years ago…….hhhhmmmm?

    BUT GOD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  8. Tanya Nov 8th 2012


  9. debylynne Nov 8th 2012

    we are called to ‘tread a fine line’ as it were. in this world, but not OF this world….we ARE called to be GOOD citizens in this nation and do the best we can for our country – GOD is the establisher of ‘government’. but, underneath it ALL, we must never forget that we ARE pilgrims and aliens in this land. i AM saddened over the outcome – NOT because i believed ‘romney’ to be some ‘savior’ or anything remotely like it, but, because he, along with paul ryan, DID, to a degree ‘represent’ a more ‘moral and conservative’ america and it is VERY hard to realize how far we have fallen from ‘basic morality’. it is a sad and sobering truth to have to ‘come to grips with’ who we, as a nation, have become in the sense of what DOMINATES us…..we are not who we once were and even the ‘magazine’ cover in germany declares this to be true – THEY see what so many of us have been blind to. i would appreciate NOT being ‘attacked’ on here because i still believe we have a moral obligation to ‘vote’ and to do what we CAN – i am NOT ashamed of ‘making the effort’ – i simply have to leave the rest with HIM.

  10. great post, but I really don’t see how this country will turn it around and start following Jesus.

  11. Terry Nov 8th 2012

    The time for complaining and bad-mouthing Obama must come to an end. Clearly, whining about him over the last four years changed nothing for the better. It’s time to pray for him because as we all know, only God can change a heart.

  12. Terry Nov 8th 2012

    The US has fallen because (1) the churches are not preaching the word nor are they evangelizing, (2) the churches are not standing up to the injustices we see and (3) the antichrist deceives those who are not the elect. It is a judgment inflicted on all countries not just the US. God has given us quail but sent leanness into our hearts. He has given us the leaders we clambored for. This situation will worsen exponentially until Jesus returns. In NH our governor and all our state and federal senators and representatives are women now.

  13. Theresa Nov 8th 2012

    Wolfgang, Richard, Ptoe, Fred, Mary Ann and Mark – thank you for excellent posts. Regarding Eric and Lisa, perhaps a more thorough study of both the O.T. as well as the N.T. regarding how God has and will continue to deal with nations and individuals would help. Also, may I recommend “The Light And The Glory” by Peter Marshall, Jr. for anyone wanting to deny God’s involvement with the founding and purposes for America. America has allowed the slaughter of millions of unborn babies as well as babies born alive during botched abortion to be left to die without medical care, additionally far too many “Christians in name only” have become “politically correct” on issues such as homosexuality – God’s judgment is not coming “suddenly” as one of the above posts. In His grace and mercy, God has tried to wake America up for years, but the Christians have NOT been the salt and light we are called to be. God has EVERY right to judge America – for He is not only a God of mercy – but a JUST God. In His judgment, we pray His mercy protects those who truly are born again by His spirit. For the majority of “Christians” a serious study of Scripture, including Daniel and Ezekiel, Naham, as well as Revelation would be very enlightening, as well as comforting in these last days that Jesus said would be perilous. Be not anxious – be not afraid – He must judge America – she’s pointed her finger in His eye for far far too long! Bottom line – if Christians would be more concerned about MORAL issues and taking a biblical stand on them – God will take care of economic issues and national security – this is taught OVER and OVER and OVER in Scripture.

  14. Elizabeth Nov 8th 2012

    Thank you for sharing this. We’re studying I Peter in church and I just went over the first chapter. Some of the concepts I’ve known but others I was “blown away” with as I contemplated them. In some ways I get excited because the signs are all there that the Lord will come back very soon. In other ways, I’m grieving for those that will be left behind. Our mission here…we are strangers in this earth….is to reach these people with the saving grace of God who loves all his children before it is too late.

  15. debylynne, DCE, and Terry – Right On!

  16. Elizabeth – Good girl – keep studying those Scriptures – such comfort they will give. Thank God He has given us his Scriptures – thank God the prophets as well as the N.T. writers were faithful to the Lord to write down what He gave them to do. May we be as faithful in His personal calling to each of us. Thank God we have Him and He has us!!! God Bless you!

  17. There is a common misconception that God is authorizing those who win elections. There are MANY who won (and lost) elections that are highly improbable to have been righteous. In Ancient Israel, there were a plethora of kings. In our bible it records, so and so reigned certain years and did EVIL or GOOD depending on which king it was. Israel was God’s people but often their leaders were evil and replacing them with another evil leader did nothing to resolve the problem. Only turning to God and repenting can cure what ails America.
    American’s have come to regard our “Christian nation” as an endorsement from God. Wrong. God is in control of the earth but men are in control of politics. Political elections are no more righteous than voting for class president. They are merely popularity contests. I am sure that Jesus Christ would not win such.
    For the record there can be no outcome for Righteous leadership from people who neither fear God or regard His Commandments. Expecting a righteous outcome would first require a righteous people, then righteous candidates. Let’s be honest, we have neither. The Supreme Court may say we are a Christian nation but what does God say?
    So, let’s quit blaming or praising men and turn our trust to God. Our King, Jesus Christ, said it best, RENDER UNTO CAESAR THE THINGS THAT ARE CAESAR’S AND TO GOD THE THINGS THAT ARE GOD’S. Claiming that God is guiding the steps of unrighteous men is unscriptural. In fact, we often find that when God directs unrighteous men the people suffer and the king is brought to derision. Note: Pharoah. American’s should be pleased that their political system allows them a voice but reading much more than that into it (either pro or con)is an error from a biblical standpoint. Railing, cajoling, railing and other activity by Christians is the work of the flesh and not fruit of the Spirit.

  18. A resounding “amen” to all you have written!

  19. michael Nov 8th 2012

    Right on target brother.I’m not a U.S citizen, but i grieve for the people of the United States.,because i know that 4 more yrs of Obama, is four years for the perfection of moves to make the United States an ex-super power.

  20. Raul Cardenas Nov 8th 2012

    I do appreciate the spiritual words of Herr and Frau Simpson!
    Not all readers are confused, beffudled Believers.Yet for those who are mixed-up I say:

    I trust you will not start murmuring, whining, complaining, rebelling or throwing tantrums for four more years. And then start relishing the newer Urban Legends!

    My dear Brethren, I also trust that the lesson has been learned and that this is the last time that you have traded the fear of the Lord for the Fright/Dread of Obama or the next dude!

    From now on I do hope that if and when we repeat Our Lord’s prayer:

    Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth, we better mean what we say sincerely, and submit to His Will instead of trying to cajole or manipulate our own fears and biases into his Kingdom!

    In prayer and humble intercession,

  21. Lorianne Nov 8th 2012

    Excellent article. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and concerns with us. My husband and I, although sickened by the outcome of the election, know that God appoints those He deems in leadership and we rest and trust in His ultimately plan. His purpose will be fulfilled and we need to make sure we’re doing our part to further His Kingdom. I have and will continue to pray for Obama and those in government as we are commanded to do.

  22. Karen Nov 8th 2012

    AMEN!! We too believe this is all about God and nothing about us. We prayed God’s will in this election-I believe He has made His will clear. Who is our provider? Certainly not our government. It never has been. We need to look to Jesus as our Savior, not social security, jobs, wealth or our own “strength”. We HAVE no strength outside of the Lord! My understanding is nothing without Him. I am nothing without my Savior. We need to remember who IS and Who always has been in control of all things. There certainly is more to this than we know at this time. God will reveal it in His time. Maybe this will get us on our knees.

  23. Larry Nov 8th 2012

    This is very True, you can only understand it from shoving away from the waters bank and out into the deep, not gazing at the forest from the edge but entering into the deep forest. Eli had a fast food chain and you know where it was located and abused. So, how far and well you see, Depends on You. Whom Do You Trust?

  24. What a word. Thanks Wolfgang. And thanks Andrew for posting. Opinions & comments here will vary, but they are irrelevant. Prophets are vindicated by time. When the following statements were made, very few had reason not to believe them, so why should we expect it to be different today?: “Our nation, this most powerful, wealthy, and dominant people on the face of planet Earth, shall shine on for millennia to come.” (Pericles of Ancient Athens in 398 B.C. A year later he proclaimed: “As we are a Democracy, we can never fail! The people’s will is what makes us strong!” Another year later Pericles was dead and four years later his nation was gone.)
    Augustus said of Rome “Forever shall we live as a beacon of glory to the world.” Constantine added “Under God’s watch, we shall conquer and never fall!”
    And then there was, of course, Napoleon: “We French are the most populous of Europe, the most wealthy, and possess an army that has brought us virtually the whole of the continent! Viva la France! Our great nation will prosper forever as the most powerful nation on Earth.”

    There are many more examples, but these make the point well enough.

  25. Graham Nov 8th 2012

    Thanks so much for sharing this Andrew. Felt like I was reading what God had been speaking to my own spirit in recent times. I’ll be sharing this with my American brothers and sisters.

  26. I have read chapters 17 and 18 in the Book of Revelation. Have you?

  27. Barry Schmidt Nov 8th 2012

    Now THIS is a prophetic word worth publishing!Thank you Andrew.
    “In God we trust”??? I pray this little phrase burns on the heart I every American when God is finished His work- His terrible work.

  28. Thomas Nov 8th 2012

    Thank you, Wolfgang, right on !
    We praise GOD for HIS faithfulness and so He is….faithful to HIS Word and HE very clearly over and over and over declares and admonishes us to obey HIM and follow HIS living Word, the Lord Jesus Christ, as if not, it will have consequences.
    Kicking GOD out everywhere (as if we could), abortion, public and personal corruption, sexual perversion, moral decay, love of money and other demon worship, etc has those consequences as they go against GODS Word.
    So simple and not surprising at all.
    And yes, HE chooses the tools (rulers) over us so we cry out like the Israelites in Egypt for a deliverer whom HE will sent, if we repent.
    Praise GOD

  29. marty Nov 8th 2012

    That was truly a prophetic article, I have been saying much the same thing to everyone I know. Most of the ” intercessory” prayer about this election was from a “bless this country and deliver us from Obama” mentality when it should have been “Lord deliver this nation from sin and our warped priorities”. We must welcome Gods judgements as acts of divine love. We must also start seeking the mind of Christ on all issues, and not make false idols out of what we perceive as deliverance. There will be no deliverance until and unless we repent and seek hard after God. No good parent would ever let a child go through life the way we expect God to let the Church live in this country. Now will this nation and especially the Church accept this chastisement from God and really repent and seek Gods will and way?

  30. Barry Schmidt Nov 8th 2012

    The reason THIS article is worth publishing is because it goes to the main reason God is disciplining America- A refusal to TRUST HIM ALONE ! God is still ONLY pleased with faith in His Son PLUS NOTHING!

    Without exception every article and prophetic word that has been published on this site UNTIL THIS ONE- has focused on self effort religion- doing doing DOING! None of that will never satisfy our God.

    When America TRUSTS CHRIST PLUS NOTHING – that is the ONLY answer God is waiting for America to give Him ( He is also waiting for this answer from all the rest of the nations of the world.)

    Increased religious activity which replaces FAITH IN CHRIST regardless of how spiritual it appears is an INSULT to the Spirit of grace, an affront to the cross and like smoke in the eyes of the Almighty.

    God bless America by bringing her to this alone

  31. I just wondered why in this great big country with so many people ,do we have just those two to decide on for president? i wonder that every year, but you know , the Father is in control always..

  32. Joyce Nov 8th 2012

    It is the death of America and we are indeed Mystery Babylon of Revelation 18. Our days our numbered. However, we who have had so much gospel God holds more accountable….. BUT the Beast System will control all nations soon. THERE ARE NO NATIONS PURE AND HOLY! NONE! “For ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”

    Not one from any other nation should ever point their finger at the USA until their nation has been sinless and pure! God warns us about that in His word. EACH nation desperately needs vast repentance and we all should be busy seeing to our own nation’s repentance and purification.

  33. Although not an American, I spent the better part of six years living and working in the USA. As a foreigner I recognized that the culture of Americanism was interwoven with American Christianity.

    Both the article and many of the comments point not to Domionism, Kingdom Now theology, etc., but to the Word of God.

    True believers are part of Christ’s Kingdom which does exist now and has existed since He walked on this earth. Its government is not orchestrated by humans. Rather, it is directed by God the Father, ruled by King Jesus Christ, and administered by the Holy Spirit.

    It does not seek to set up or tear down any kingdoms of this world. Rather it seeks to please its Head representing Christ upon this earth – seeking to do His will – preaching His Gospel and making disciples after Christ.

    The Bible clearly teaches that Christ’s kingdom is not fashioned after the kingdoms of this world. Rather it is hidden in the hearts of those who have been born-again by His Spirit and who serve Him.

    The message of the article is not only for the benefit of Americans, but also for ALL who are born by the Spirit into the Kingdom of God.

    Many times, true Christians throughout history have averted their sight from their King to “the cares of the world,” but God’s Word and Spirit are faithful to call them back to focus on Him and His Word.

    This article is part of that call in our time. May those who are wise heed its call.

  34. Nelson Nov 8th 2012

    Early this morning when I was spending some time with my Lord Jesus in solitude and silence, and being filled with His incredible and wonderful love, He reminded me that I am in the world, but I don’t belong to the world. This gave me the true perspective of our global reality today and not only peace of heart, but also the assurance that God is in control, as He always has been, is, and will be for ever. Aren’t you glad that your are a child of the Must High God ever? And to know that He takes care of His children, is to know peace, love and joy every day and eternally. Blessings.

  35. The overwhelming re-election of Obama a few days ago proves to me that USA has turned its back on even morality and endorses rebellion and immorality.Mr. Obama represents the worst forms of immorality. He has used the power of the state to force foreign countries to endorse homosexuality. He endorses the most radical forms of abortion. He has publicly mocked the Scriptures.And this is what the people of USA want? Then there is nothing left but God’s judgment and destruction.I believe that we are driving down a highway to hell and just passed the last exit ramp off of that road!

    Do not think this is some sort of endorsement of Romney. He would not have been any better. He was bought and paid for by the same evil forces that own Obama.

    The people get what kind of leader they deserve. I know that God uses whomsoever He will to fulfill His purposes and bring about His plan. He even sets up the basest of men. But I really can’t help but think that USA is now being taken into judgment.

    I’m hoping that many Christians will be awakened by this.

  36. To Wolfgang and Mercy I would like to say that you have put into words a good portion of the truth and thank you so much for speaking the truth that you have put forth and it is very accurate. I believe you hinted at this other piece of truth but it desperately needs to be stated. It is often quoted yet not followed because of man’s own distorted view of the world.

    I am a missionary to the business world and have traveled around the globe. It has given me a sense that Christianity is not only an American thing but a God thing as I have seen this in my travels. As an American citizen I am appalled at the American church with it’s unwillingness to submit to a call of Holiness lifestyle which starts with the Scripture reference found in 2 Chronicles 7:13-15 …. 13 If I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people, 14 and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 15 Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to the prayer offered in this place.

    We have way too much bickering between denominations and not wanting to truly humble ourselves which is preventing God from using our nation in the way he desires. We think our problem is political when in fact it is a spiritual problem as Andrew and even now Wolfgang and Mercy have pointed out. Yes, America needs to be humbled because in our pride we are killing innocent children that are a direct result of sinful pursuits and not wanting to accept responsibility for our actions and turn from our wicked ways. Of course this is not only an issue with America, it is worldwide. Yet we in America who have been given so much refuse to steward it in a Godly fashion. We as Christians refuse to exercise the authority given to us by God through Jesus because we do not want to pay the price. God is surely brokenhearted by this unwillingness. We cannot continue down this path.

    So I say God is bigger than any elected official or party. Arise American Christian church, put aside your petty differences and fall on your faces before a Holy and Righteous God and repent and turn from your wicked ways. Then do the next very important step and do what God through Jesus has given us to do which is to live Holy lives, demonstrate the power of God by healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out demons, cleansing the lepers and preaching the Gospel in love as Jesus has shown us. Stop changing your theology to justify your unwillingness as demonstrated by your inability to do these things. Since God never changes the problem lies with you so get right with God. We are warring against Satan not politicians. Turn to the only true God..I AM and not gods.

  37. Angie Nov 8th 2012

    Interesting article and comments. But am I the only one to notice….the scripture Proverbs 16:18 was misquoted. Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall…..I believe that the re-election of this president means the destruction of the US. Now, more than ever, you need to be right with God. Listening to the Holy Spirit, living everyday for Him.

  38. Thank You for your insite – yes, America has fallen – will it get up? With the country split almost 50/50 I have my doubts.

    Judgment begins in the household of God and the re-election of BHO speaks clearly and loudly as to where the church in America is today.

    Your prayers for the church in America are desperately needed. Pray that the eyes of their understanding will open and pray for strength for the remnant.

    Difficult days are coming to America, and sadly, America is not ready. For too long we have lived in ease, following a ‘god’ of our own creation, doing what seemed right in our own eyes – we will now reap what we have sown.

    I am saddened, and grieved, but not surprised.

  39. Some good insights in your comments, but I don’t understand how you say Obama will be used to humble (punish) you AND then say we were wrong to seek that he would be voted out?! Pietism in Germany (in which Christians said nothing about godly political principles in the public square) did NOTHING to prevent Hitler and his murderers to rise to power. There should be in all an urgent communion with God and evangelism as well as a public voice from the church about human rights, sexual conduct, etc. Any Christian who lives in a free society and does NOT speak to maintain godly political principles of freedom would be a fool. Any Christian who makes that the center of his/ her faith is in error. Yes American Christians have overplayed their politics, but don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. When Dietrich Bonhoeffer saw Hitler replacing God with himself as Lawgiver, he said, “NOT to speak IS to Speak, NOT to act IS to act. God will not hold us guiltless!”. At least the American Church spoke. But Wolfgang says we spoke foolishly. We would all do well to hear more from God and watch what we say. The whole world may be humbled by this 666 man. Forgive us for failing to humble ourselves and intercede sufficiently.

  40. Louise Nov 8th 2012

    Couldn’t agree more. God is not looking to any nation of the world, including America or Israel. He is establishing the kingdom of God, and His holy nation, the church, is what He is using to accomplish His purposes

  41. Daniel Nov 8th 2012

    In Ps.11…….when things are broken, ….what shall the rightous do………yet God is on the throne
    In Judges; the angel of the Lord told Gil. judgement was on people of God cuase they were serving the gods of the land……..
    god of america is $$$; church’s god is $$$/ or at best serving Jesus and living in fear about money===serving two masters.
    God allows leaders to be leaders as a way of showing the people their hearts….
    Mitt. R. isn’t christian; yet he has morals, where obama doesn’t; and america rejected a man of morals……..cuase america doesn’t want to be ruled with morals.
    the world follows the church………..the church lacks morals, lacks repenting; yes church may confuss, but suppose to confuss and repent.
    until the church arises up; kicks out false prophets, teachers etc. and does the work of Jesus………..nation won’t rises up and vote godly.

    obama goals are to destoy usa; and the jews. usa is supporting those that are over throwing leaders in mideast to replace them with muslim brotherhood leaders; so in future they will be all in agreement and will attack jews………….and obama won’t attack jews himself; but is setting up mideast for the big war.
    i live in CA; most of the bills to raise taxes passed. we are controlled by those that are getting ‘free rides’ in life from the gov’t. the gov’t workers/teachers/union workers, welfare persons. CA is going the way of the Greeks; which again is being led by the church………….church doesn’t want to pick up cross; people won’t do the right/yet hard choice.

    in my take usa will crash by May 2013
    usa will look like Rev.18/19
    usa gives some 20% of the funds to europe banks; plus around same to world bank………..when usa falls that will stop and other nations will also be effected……….pray your nation is on right path; and can make it without usa funds.
    unless there is some big event where church repents first;
    there will be more problems up E. coast; big earthQ’s etc
    you notice churches repenting after any of the major events in usa……..No except a little bit in mid states ………..usa isn’t turning to God …………will we in future?…………i hope don’t have to become deathbones like Ez. 39; before repentence comes………
    life can only come to usa after repentence; not B4


  42. KathyG. Nov 8th 2012

    1 Cor. 4:21 – What do you prefer? Shall I come to you with a whip, or in love with a gentle spirit.
    God gave us a choice. Thank you again Andrew for this wonderful article.
    We see it all over the place 2:Chronicles 7:14…BUT do we heed????
    When we are not willing to be corrected Proverbs 10:17, this leads to sin which leads to sorrow, Proverbs 10:10.
    Matthew 9:13 – For I have come to urge sinners not the self-righteous back to God.
    And Proverbs tells us that if we want to learn, then we must want to be taught.
    I have one question. What will it take to get our attention.
    Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done On Earth as it is in Heaven.
    We serve an awesome God!! 🙂

  43. Justine Nov 8th 2012

    I believe Obama is part of God’s judgement on America – God has given the majority of the people what they wanted – many people love the ‘AntiChrist’ spirit. He is judging the USA because ‘to whom much has been given, much will be required’ and He does rebuke and chasten those He loves. Some people will turn to Him in the midst of troubles who didn’t in a time of prosperity. I think Europe is much more ‘anti-christ’ and I’m expecting just as much judgement on the UK. But also – it is a good thing that Israel now has no one to help them except the Lord.

  44. Justine Nov 8th 2012

    Also, I hear that most of the Jews in the US (particularly New York) are secular – what will happen in the U.S. I wonder to cause them to make aliyah to Israel?

  45. Thanks Wolfgang, you rock brother, my sentiment for the most part.
    much love in Jesus

  46. There is a difference in God removing his hand and God sending judgement. All this stuff that is happening is self created…you can’t blame God for bankrupting the financial system. I think that he’s already removed his hand and that the ‘adversary’ is waiting until all their dominoes are in line before they tip them over.

  47. Audrey Dennis Nov 8th 2012

    Bro. Andrew:

    Thank you so much for this post. It cleared up some thoughts in my mind. I never considered that God would have Mr. Obama be a “pawn”, but now I realize the truth and thank you for that. I had been so upset after praying for so long that Mr. Obama would not be re-elected. I can pray differently now.

    Bless you Bro. Andrew and your Ministry and Family.

  48. Bruce Nov 8th 2012

    A friend sent me your article and I just wanted to say thanks for the encouragement and focus on the right issues. I am one of the ones who began in 2008 to write what ended up being a book, not out of desire to, but being driven by what was happening and not knowing what else to do. It is called America’s Resurrection, it is on Amazon.com. I also periodically write a related blog at http://brucemooreblogs.wordpress.com/ on the same issues. All of that to simply say that many of us are on the same page and “get it”. The Church will become stronger as a result of the challenges if we remain faithful (James 1).

  49. Kay Robinson Nov 8th 2012

    Very thankful for the honesty and precise explanation of what is going on here in America. I totally agree. Couldn’t have said it better. Confession: I had actually gotten caught up in the tug-of-war our political system dictates that divides our country. Caught up meaning finding an us versus them thought process. Not good. And when you’re fed that mindset 24/7 you can’t be giving the true King his due time, attention, energy, worship. There is only peace when you are focused on Jesus and His Kingdom 24/7. Thank you for the reminder. I’ll definitely share this!

  50. I don’t understand something. If you look at the countries where people are horribly persecuted and the remnant is strong, you don’t see God turning that country around. It’s not happening in China. And then the question is, turning around to what? To what Russia became after the Berlin wall fell and Russia collapsed? This turned it into a holy nation?

    I have a hard time understanding how the remnant could be held responsible for the sins of a nation. It doesn’t make any sense to me and I would really like someone to explain this to me because I just can’t settle it in my head.

    What are countries supposed to turn around and be? A theocracy, where God is King?

    I’m lost. America is not and has not been a Christian country for a long, long time, if it ever was. I know the talk in the church is that it was a Christian nation. I don’t buy it. It was a nation that honored all religions and Christianity happened to be the biggest one. But a Christian nation? I’m not so sure.

    So, please educate me because I do not get this at all and I do not find it in scripture.

  51. Wolfgang – Thank you and well stated. We need and appreciate the truth from the word of God from anyone as we are all brothers and sisters of the Lord regardless of our earthly citizenship.

    Judy – The Post Above – I will not pretend to have the answers to all your questions above but I can answer one small part of it that God has been working on me for the last few years.

    I believe one of the biggest problems in America is that “The Church” (people that go to church, claim to be Christians, etc.) have not only got off the path but are lost deep in the woods. Any turning around of the Nation must start from believers turning back to the word of God.

    It is almost impossible to find a church that preaches the FULL word of God anymore. Yes, there are a few out there but among hundreds of thousands of churches……..there are very few left.

    This country was founded on Christian principles and we actually acted on those principles for a couple hundred years. YES, we have always had a large portion of the country that did not follow Christianity, but we still ACTED anyway.

    But the final statement for people that ask me why we don’t have any great candidates anymore? I always say if we can’t even produce Preachers that tell the truth or the FULL Gospel then how are we going to produce Political figures that have Godly principles in mind?

    If the remnant gets on its knees (preaching to myself) and cries out, repents, and turns 100% to God and our Saviour Jesus Christ, then perhaps he can start a spark in us that will spread to others that have been searching and it can grow. Perhaps, perhaps God is not through with this country and we can see a Nation that becomes better than we were before, but not by our strength and might, but by our trusting in the Lord.

    Hope that helps and God Bless, Brother Tom

  52. Righteous greetings.

    At 2Chron.7:14 Cheaters, worldwide,
    refuse to use His real Name.
    He will “blame” you, – first. 1Pet.4:17

  53. Couldn’t have said it better myself….excellent!

    Judy, the bible does talk about those who *name the name of Christ”….and the responsibility that comes with it. Whether the USA has been a Christian nation or not, it probably has had a higher percentage of “professing Christians” than any nation on earth.

    Jesus will have His bride and is refining her in these days…..we look for a city that has foundations whose builder and maker is God….it is and never has been about an earthly kingdom.

  54. Righteous greetings.

    At 2Chron.7:14 Cheaters, worldwide,
    refuse to use His real Name.
    He will “blame” you, – first. 1Pet.4:17

    see: MyHolyName

  55. This message is truly the word of the Lord–bears such witness with the Spirit within me. I appreciated having the opportunity to read it. God truly is the King of kings and He is on the throne governing all!

  56. Victor Nov 8th 2012


  57. Pastor Brian Bennett Nov 8th 2012

    This truth is real
    And what can we say a Mormon would have been better?
    There is a shaking in process in America, and the world
    And God will share his glory with none.
    My hope and my prayer is that The Lord be glorified
    and the real true kingdom of God advanced and the current
    State of America that is like Sodom and Gamorah be brought
    To salvation in Jesus Christ The Lord of glory.
    There is much to do brothers and sisters I pray we the remnant
    Are up to the task at hand, in Jesus name, amen

    Pastor Brian Bennett
    Flowing Life Ministries
    Anchorage Ak USA

  58. Justine Nov 8th 2012

    And what about the pressure America has put on Israel to ‘divide up His land’ – how can God not judge?

  59. Sheeja John Nov 8th 2012

    ‘They set up kings, but not by Me; they made princes, and I did not acknowledge it’. -Hosea 8:4
    Everything is not a doing of God, but God does permit people to have their way to their own destruction, when they rebel against Him.

    My respone to the statements in the posts are as follows:

    – ‘This is a defining moment for you as a nation.’
    O Really! I believe that the defining moment for America as a nation, has past.

    – ‘You could go down, as the German journalist of ‘Der Spiegel’ predicted.’
    You must be kidding. America started its downward spiral long back, and it is down.

    – ‘Or, America could be literally re-invented by Kingdom people who are ready to implode the prevailing myths about America’s greatness, and replace it by God’s greatness.’
    ‘America could be re-invented by Kingdom people’? Really? Seems people are unaware of the truths and prophecies given by God.

    Why give people false assurance and hope? Let them face the truth that the path ahead is a very personal one. Every individual must decide for himself/herself whether they are willing to pay the price to follow Yeshua Ha Mashiach, and to to confess Him ‘Lord’.

    Yes the world is heading to its darkest hour, but for those who belong to Yehovah, this is the most awesome time. A time to shine forth in His glory and grace; a time to stand up for the faith of Yeshua Ha Mashiach and be counted worthy to suffer for His name, a time to declare His praise and wonder. Buckle-MNJup you servants of YAHWEH and His Son – Yeshua Ha Mashiach; put on the full armour of God. The time for you to be glorified as servants of Most High God has come. Keep your gaze fixed on Him and press on to the glorious life and crown that awaits you. Shrink not from your call and duty, lest another take your crown.

  60. Sheeja John Nov 8th 2012

    correction..should read,
    ‘Buckle-up you servants of YAHWEH and His Son – Yeshua Ha Mashiach;

  61. John 'Rocky' Andrews Nov 8th 2012

    All I can say is a resounding AMEN!!! We have become a nation that has turned our government into a god where we expect it to provide for all of our needs. If I recall correctly it is the ONE TRUE GOD that we should rely upon for everything, after all, it is He who paid the price for us all. Even though I did not vote for Obama, I will honor the office for which he holds and pray that he too will come to know ABBA/Father – the ONE TRUE GOD. I have total peace that God is in charge and that the scripture is true when it says that ALL things work together for good,,, He is in charge and we need to seek Him humbly and ask His forgiveness – when we do so we will see His love and mercy flow throughout our land again. He is a faithful and loving God.

    Thanks for the encouraging and right on word.


  62. debylynne Nov 8th 2012

    you said “If you read the article carefully we will find its inspiration in Dominionism, Kingdom Now theology, theocracy and NAR (New Apostolic Reformation). These are not biblical.”

    brother, could you direct me as to HOW you know this?? i am very HYPER concerned about NOT ‘entertaining’ anything connected to those groups and would just like to know how you figured how where it was coming from???

  63. Charles Nov 8th 2012

    I couldn’t agree more, as far as it goes. there is only one issue before the USA. The economy, the national debt, the foreign policy, the energy policy (or lack of it), and the many facets of sexual perversion are not issues to be emphasized. The one issue that overrides all others is that we are a nation under God and we have forgotten God. We not only have forgotten Him, but we have cast him our ot our lives. We are disobeying every one of His laws, both individually and nationally. In effect, we have sent the Operation and Maintenance Manual for the human machine to the recycle bin. Having done so, why are we surprised, even dismayed, when we no longer receive blessings from God? There is no recycle bin in God’s realm. There are either blessings or judgment. We are now under judgment.

    There is only one issue to be delt with. As individuals, and as a nation, we must accept the instructions of II Chronicles 7:14 and put them into effect. We must follow the example set for us in Jonah 3:5-9. If we do that, then we can stand back and observe what Moses declared to the Israelites, “Fear not, stand still, and see the salvation of The Lord” (Ref: Exodus 14:13). THERE IS NO OTHER WAY!

  64. aleathia Nov 8th 2012

    ….AMEN….I AGREE….I especially like that comment regarding the alections not only affecting the US but also affecting the Kingdom of God…lol…but that’s what we are hearing from Christian sights as if ANYMAN has the ability to change what’s going on….God have mercy on us….Help us to regain our focus which is the Glory of our Christ who does the will of God the Father….

  65. Kathleen in WA State Nov 8th 2012

    The sick & sinking sense that has plagued me since Tuesdan night has abated some. It would be better still were it not for the world of armchair quarterbacks blathering on about how Obama won, how Romney lost, which people and which campaign prowesss sealed the deal. Gads … if anything in this country is fallen, it’s our media!

    But I do appreciate the offshore & objective insight you’ve shared here. Not for a single moment have I felt that God is not sovereign, or that the He was stunned by the election results. Believers know (in theory, anyway) that our Kingdom is not of this world. Moreover, we know that His plans & purposes for nations are being worked out; that His prophetic map is drawn.

    I rejoice even as I steady myself. The days ahead, I do believe, will be rocky for America. Yes … I will pray, and I will pray for Obama and all leadership.

  66. Excellent letter from our German brother. Not being able to tell much difference between the political talking heads and the tv church “leadership” has been and is a real concern. Commentary intended to incite anger and rage are not from God. James 3: 13-17 is a great summary of what we should be able to see in God’s wisdom vs. the enemy.

    Lastly, I see some good that has come out of the last 4 years. States are passing laws limiting abortion and gay marriage. The previous 40 years produced nothing of the same sort, so I am encouraged that the church is awakening.

  67. I voted for Obama because I think his programs are slightly better for the poor and weak, and Romney would rake them under the coals more quickly. The biggest issue is baby murder and assignments to the supreme court but it is unlikely that anyone will overturn those entrenched ‘laws’ due to the mood of the nation. Funny how people talk about the victim of rape but no one mentions the baby? These we will need to address one by one with sonograms (and not with violence). God will take care of Israel, and I’m not sure if Obama will figure into that or not -we’ll see. The banksters run the county and the gangsters run many of the churches. I think the evangelical right and their gay and other hate campaigns is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. People despise ‘christians’ for this mean agenda – reflected in the vote. I don’t think this approach is very Jesus-like. Didn’t Jesus say judgment starts with the church and Tyre and Sidon and Sodom may have repented before other places who saw the miracles? But yes, lets keep PRAYING for America and thanks for thinking of us – keep it up!

  68. grazer Nov 8th 2012

    I read ill-begotten articles like this and, once again, can’t help but marvel over how much unneccesary stress busybody christians bring upon themselves and their listeners.

    Today’s Christians are like arguing children playing games on a noisy street—some marching to wedding songs and some marching to funeral dirges—all hoping that somebody will join their noise making.

    This kind of distracting behavior is how and why our worldwide blanket of Christian Influence (Christianity) has grown into a huge, thick veil of aimlessly drifting fog that now stands between us and our rightful, Christ-given access to God.

    Time for all Christians to step back and look at the monumental mess they’ve become lost in.

  69. Beatrice Bruno Nov 8th 2012

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! This is truly a true word and a word that is much needed today. As an Army veteran who has served this country proudly, but, even moreso, a Christian in The Army of the Lord, I truly believe that God is humbling America so that we can turn back to Him. God is faithful! Thank you for your obedience in writing this!!! Beatrice

  70. Renee Nov 8th 2012

    Great message, but I have one comment. This election, I believe, has caused most of the Church here in the States to give up on mere man and look to the Lord Jesus instead. So I’m very happy with the election results, praise God for His mercy.

    But this article seems to imply (forgive me if I’m not seeing it correctly) that much of the Church here isn’t praying for Revival. Imho, that is wrong. Many in the Church here have been praying for another Great Awakening for YEARS, decades even. We’ve been patiently waiting for the Lord to unify us since we are unable to do it ourselves. He has been honoring those prayers already, removing props and idols as only He can. It’s been amazing to watch. What an incredible God we serve and love.

    I believe with all of my heart that the Church, yes even here in the States, is now at the verge of seeing God Rend the Heavens and come down. The fields here are already ripe to Harvest. Sometimes some folks seem to think some major calamity must occur but God’s way is more merciful than ours. Everyone I know is either suffering badly with health problems at this time or economic problems, (loss of a job, home, etc) or other dire problems and very often it is “personal calamities” like these that bring us to our knees more effectively than some huge event.

    Glory to God for His mercy that endureth forever, and may God forgive and bless us everyone. 🙂


  71. Cheryl Nov 8th 2012

    My sister sent me this article, and it is very calming and affirming. Yes, Andrew, please keep praying for America! I have not prayed enough for either it nor for our current president. I felt the Lord tell me, on the night we “lost” the bid for Romney, that He did not want me to be discouraged or sad by this turn of events, but rather to thank and praise Him for it, because He allowed it and had a good purpose in it. So this goes along with what He said, and along with my own feeling that, while I hoped against hope this judgment wouldn’t happen now, this election was decision time, and the worst did happen- at least in the sense that no one wants their nation to go into judgment. And the luke-warm Christians or those Christians in name-only don’t even have a clue what’s happening! Even now, they think everything is fine, and what is our problem!!??! I’m concerned at how long it will take them to wake up, because their waking up is as important as anything I can do- and while I prayed for their waking up before this election, it clearly was not enough. But even now, I feel God’s still, small voice telling me- “Child it is going to be OK. I will protect you. I wish no harm to this nation but it needs to see Me as its God- nothing else, no one else. And until then, there will be a shaking and moving to try to wake those who are slumbering.” Amen, Lord, amen.

  72. DPHeimbold Nov 8th 2012

    Re: Wolfgang’s article; a balanced article with just a few bad seeds, here and there. Wolfgang wrote in part “A nation that is so full of independence, individualism,..” etc, needs judgment?
    Consider the following true story: My son, Gregory prepared for the Storm named Sandy that hit the coast of New Jersey hard. Greg
    heard the warnings and filled up his truck with feul along with 5 five
    gallon cans. He packed up all his tools, generator, chain saws, power tool, Food water, etc went inland 10 miles with construction
    trailer in tow. After the storm pass over, he returned to his house by the water. There was no electricity. He cranked up his generator
    and ligthed his house. His was the only house with food, water and electricity in the neighborhood. Many houses had several feet of water and damage. His didn’t. Greg is a rugged INDIVIDUAL. Greg
    is a self starter. He doesn’t need more government. He is a law
    unto himself. He has a heart of compassion. With wisdom, he
    set about to service his customer of many years…to strip their home of mud and soaking sheet rock. He HIRED 20 of his neighbors at $150/day. Three on his block were in foreclosure. These men were desperate for work. With the DEVIL in the Whitehouse, 26 million American are out of work…My son, Greg,
    has three crew working around the clock…while they are WAITING
    for the Devil’s Government to show up with clip boards and regulations. My son hunts (with a gun) deer and Moose and eats lots of meat for strength. He, like his Dad, hates Communism,
    Fabianism, Humanism, Eco-nuts. He is an INDIVIDUAL…a proud
    American. He is not a whinning Socialist waiting for the government. to help him.
    He created JOBs by himself for his NEIGHBORS under the worst circumstances. This is American exceptionalism at its best.
    One more thing: One of his neighbors, that he just hired, went with him to a lawyers house under demolition. Believe or not, the lawyer and this destitute fellow went to school together and were best of friends back then. The lawyer hired him for $100,000/year
    on the spot!!!! This is God working in the wreckage of the storm.
    Obama is a devilish man. There is no comparison with him
    and Mitt Romney.Obama is a muslim Communist like his cousin Ordinga in Kenya, like his mother, grandparents, etc. Mitt is a Free Enterprise Capitalist. My son is like Mitt; he took broken companies and fixed them. My son fixes storm damaged homes and helps his neighbors.
    Jesus is Lord over all. My son is highly blessed!
    Lord, with your help we will rid the United Stateds of the Communist, Anti-God Leftists, and Community organikzers.
    Long live the INDIVIDUAL! Amen

  73. These words ring so true with me. I have been completely baffled by the willingness of Christians to support Romney. The words which keep coming to my mind are “woe to those who go down to Egypt” (Is 31:1). You cannot rescue yourselves by turning to an enemy – mormonism.

  74. Long live INDIVIDUALS who love God and their fellow man, who speak the truth, do justice and seek peace with all men. Long may these ones live to the glory of God!.

  75. Ckaire Nov 8th 2012

    Amen and amen! Our God is greater, His Kingdom must be our focus. Glory to God in the highest.

  76. DeWayne Nov 8th 2012

    What am i hearing, how to have (proper) respect.

  77. goodwordtoday Nov 8th 2012

    Debylynn – Amen to your “tread a fine line” post. God gave us our form of government – and He expects us to use what He gives us, so don’t feel bad that you go out and vote for the person whom you think best represents God’s interests.

    And it’s perfectly okay to feel BAD about the outcome of an election. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen and heard Christians say in the past couple of days, “Well, God is still on the throne,” or, “We are only sojourners here – this world is not our home so quit worrying about it.” These are both true statements but we have to live in this country and in this world for whatever time the Lord gives us and our descendants do too. Is it wrong to want them to live in a country that cares about morality and about Godly principles – to want our representatives to truly represent virtue? Is it wrong to use the political process that God gave us to effect positive change? NO – it’s not wrong.

    Do we let the world go to hell in a handbasket just because we know it’s going to happen eventually anyway? NO! God doesn’t want us to surrender. He wants us to pray, to give, to sacrifice, to love, to fight the devil and his schemes, AND to engage in the world to snatch as many as we can from the fire.

    It seems to me that many Christians think that believers need to be a light in their place of business, or in education, or in the media, or in the grocery store line, but for some reason it’s not okay to be a light in government or to care about who’s running the country.

    A Christian businessman would probably prefer to hire a person of integrity as a worker. Why? Because he/she thinks that worker will be a better employee and be faithful, hard-working, loyal, and honest. And that’s why it’s no crime to mourn the loss of good people in government.

    When it comes to the decline of our nation and the Godly principles on which it was founded, we throw up our hands in defeat and shout the platitude that God is still on the throne. YES, God is still on the throne, but He expects us to do something on his footstool.

  78. Daniel Nov 8th 2012

    As an American, I say thank you. Very true words.
    More than anything else this election proved that America is completely materialistic. Mr. Obama won because he promised a handout, and there were more people looking to receive than looking for what was right.

    Yet as we are judged, I am not afraid one bit. God can always keep His remnant people, even through the fire. The day after the election the Lord sent me encouragement through His Word, using the passages assigned by the Scripture reading plan my family is following at the moment:
    Ps. 137 – we sat down and wept for what was lost. II Kings 20 – we learned that when God says something is going to end, we should not argue and ask for more time just so we can enjoy live longer. Hosea 13 – this nation has destroyed itself, but God will still help; we have asked for an evil king, which He has given us in His anger, but unto the Remnant He will be our King. Heb 2 – We don’t yet see all things made right, but we see Jesus, who will right all things.

  79. A Gilda Nov 8th 2012

    1Pe 4:17 “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?”

    Very good article and confirms what I’ve been sensing in my spririt. As early as last summer, I knew Ob was going to win even though I preferred one of the other canidates. That was further confirmed when Romney was picked by the RNC as their “boy” wonder.

    My anguish comes not from Ob winning, but the fact it rains on the just as well as the unjust (Matt 5:45)…and every Christian living in America is guilty and held responsible for the sin and rebellion of the unjust/ungodly nation.

    The turmoil will be the same for both, but the only thing true believers have is power and comfort in the Holy Ghost. Do not fear, a remant will remain, though it may not be us. It may be someone else we witness to along the way. We are but one small piece in the big puzzle and the Kingdom is not all about us, but the whole.

    In the days ahead, we will have plenty of opportunity to put into practice the “patience of the Saints” (Rev 13:10) and to learn to die to self and put into practice, “he who saves his life shall lose it, but he that loses his life shall be saved” Matt 16:25.

    WE CAN’T cry about the days ahead in America because millions are already facing threats daily and yet very few in America cry out for them. It is only when we face it that we get upset.

    WARNING: A lot of good “christians” may fall away during th time ahead because they were taught in chruch that NO bad thing (or discomfort) will ever come their way because they are Elect and will be raptured out here before anything bad happens to them.

    Yahweh, Have mercy on us for we have sinned and heaped teachers on us to tickle our ears!

    II Timothy 4:3 “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; 4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. 5 But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry. 6 For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand.”

  80. Simon Nov 8th 2012

    What if the same letter had been written to Germany in 1933 after he became Chancellor? Would that have been the right letter to send to German Christians? Why or why not?

  81. Simon Nov 8th 2012

    What if the same letter had been written to Germany in 1933 after Hitler became Chancellor? Would that have been the right letter to send to German Christians? Why or why not?

  82. Foolhardy Fred Nov 8th 2012

    So exasperatingly true Bernard.

    The frustration involved in continually pointing out such departures from the Word of God is extremely disappointing.

  83. Kaina Cookie Nov 8th 2012

    Year 2011 was set aside to study the book of Isaiah. Cyrus in particular, a pagan king, one who did not know God and Isaiah prophesied 150 years before he was born as God’s anointed. Sometimes God brings trials and adversity into our lives for our good. God used Nebuchadnezzar to discipline His children and Cyrus was used to redeem and to restore them back to their land so that prophecy could be fulfilled.

    Cyrus did not have to acknowledge God to be used by God! How many people today are being used by God to fulfil his plan, and they are not even aware of it? They believe it is they that control their destiny!!! Our life & future is in God’s hands. His plan has been marching forward every since, even before time began. When you realise all by the hands of a sovereign God, as it does me! I have come to find peace, even when I see all that is going on in the world today. They way that Christians are viewed already, is enough to make one lose a sense of peace, but then we refocus our eyes back on The One True God whose plan is being played out. Knowing full well that in the end we will be victorious, and already are victorious in Christ Jesus!

  84. debylynne Nov 8th 2012

    THANK YOU!!! i really really really appreciated what you shared.

    THANK YOU!! sometimes i feel so GUILTY for thinking ‘we are still supposed to TRY and do something’ – i feel like i’m out of step with all the CHRISTIANS that are saying ‘let judgment come – come on come on’……our GOD IS a God of mercy – even though He does HAVE to deal with our sin…BUT – it GIVES HIM NO PLEASURE and i think some ‘Christians’ have forgotten this….
    thank you again 🙂

  85. Foolhardy Fred Nov 8th 2012

    Restated for emphasis Bernard states

    “if you read the article carefully we will find its inspiration in Dominionism, Kingdom Now theology, theocracy and NAR (New Apostolic Reformation). These are not biblical.

    This is so obviously true it is painful. The “church” desperately needs to return to the Word of God as the sole source of teaching on christian faith and morality.

    The compromise with occultic new age teachings and practices so obvious to the committed bible believing christian means as much as ever that the true christian must be extremely vigilant to remain faithful to HIS WORD until the very end.

  86. Foolhardy Fred Nov 8th 2012

    The “gospel of God,” is very specific and must be believed for one to be saved.

    Compromise is NOT in the vocabulary of the committed Bible believing christian.

    “[S]trait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it” (Mat:7:14).

    That “narrow-minded” statement was not the invention of some dogmatic fundamentalist, but came from our Lord himself.

    “The faith” for which we must “earnestly contend” (Jude 3) has definite moral and doctrinal content and must be believed for salvation.

    All else is Babel which, tragically, is where most of the professing “christian” church is at today.

  87. debylynne Nov 8th 2012

    kaina cookie
    while i AGREE with your post to a GREAT extent – there is ONE thing that we MUST recognize from the Word of God….

    free will – over and over and over again israel ‘chose’ to go against the will of God and SUFFERED because of it – much more than she ever NEEDED to have suffered if she had simply heeded the Word of the LORD.

    my point?? GOD WILL HAVE HIS WAY – HIS WORD WILL BE FULFILLED, but how much NEEDLESS suffering could be avoided if we CHOSE RIGHTLY??

    God IS ‘in control’ of the ultimate destiny of this world – but HE has NOT taken our ‘freedom to choose’ from us and WE are responsible – NOT God when we choose BAD LEADERS!

    and yes, i know about the couple of scriptures that talk about the LORD raising up and putting down – GOD’S PERFECT WILL – which we try and HINDER much of the time!

  88. God bless you, and thank you for your love and care. Some of us have been preaching the things you have been talking about for some time. Please pray that the veil of deception would fall, that the Church in America will wake up, repent, and turn back to God’s Word. Pray for leaders who will rightly divide the Word of Truth and teach it without compromise. May God have mercy on us all.

  89. Simon Nov 8th 2012

    I found the whole article patronizing and condescending, and I’m not even American!

  90. Joanne Nov 8th 2012

    PTL and thank you, thank you, for these comments, truly words of wisdom. My daughter and I prayed that God would remove Obama, BUT IF NOT (from Dan. 3:18), no matter, it is GOD who rules in the affairs of men! ALL the affairs of man – He alone knows what is best, and He alone is fulfilling HIS plan for His creation.
    Thank you again, Wolfgang – you are expressing the wisdom of the Lord, and truly believers here in America need to listen!
    Joanne Anstine

    I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions and giving of thanks be made for all men; for kings, and for ALL who are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable
    life in all godliness and honesty (I Timothy 2:1-2).
    The key words give the reason why – that WE may lead a quiet and peaceable life. Not that those in authority might “shape up,” but that we, having done so, and understanding WHO is “working ALL things after the counsel of HIS sovereign will, will have peace, resting in Him.

    “The church is not called to reform worldly government. The church is not called to condemn the world, or bring the evildoer to justice. The church is called to share Christ, Him crucified and buried and raised from the dead (Paul’s words). Great error has entered into the church as she has thought her calling included the establishment of Christian government and nations. Search the entire New Testament. You will find not a trace of the church�s involvement in the affairs of world politics, nor the establishment of a Christian nation.”

  91. debylynne Nov 8th 2012

    we ARE called to be ‘salt and light’ IN this world – and that pertains to more than ‘just’ witnessing – examine what ‘salt’ is for – not just for ‘seasoning’ but for ‘preserving’ – we DO have a part to play in the affairs of this world – to ‘make disciples’ first and foremost, but beyond that?? yes, as a matter of fact, we DO.

  92. thank you i have done nothing but weep pray and ask god to forgive me ooooo0oo00oh how stupid we have been

  93. Clare Watts Nov 8th 2012

    This wonderful, encouraging word was sent out by Chip Brogden today, and it just SO lifted me up…I would like to share it with you. Enjoy!:

    This week here in the United States we held our presidential

    If you paid attention to the results of the election then the
    following trends can be seen:

    – Half the people want the government to take care of them; the
    other half want the government to leave them alone.

    – Half the people want the government to legalize homosexual
    marriage; the other half want the government to stay out of
    legislating immoral, sinful behavior.

    – Half the people want to be able to kill unborn babies as a matter
    of personal choice or convenience; the other half believe killing
    is wrong.

    And so on.

    Clearly, the United States is no longer united; we are now the
    Divided States of America.

    But this is not just an American issue.

    The world as a whole is heading down a road that is morally and
    spiritually bankrupt.

    Personal responsibility is not popular; therefore, spiritual and
    moral responsibility is equally distasteful.

    The popular worldview is the attitude of, “Do whatever you want,
    however you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want.”

    So it looks like the “let me do whatever I want to do” group has a
    slight majority over the rest.


    The election results also show us that:

    – Half the people DO agree that our country is going in the wrong

    – Half the people DO believe in Biblical, moral, ethical, spiritual
    and family values.

    – Half the people DO want to take personal responsibility for their
    lives and DO NOT want the government to take care of them.


    Don’t give up.

    Don’t be depressed.

    Don’t be frustrated.

    Don’t be swept away by the tide of negative pessimism about your

    The Bible says that “in *every* nation *anyone* who fears God and
    does what is right is acceptable to Him” (Acts 10:35).

    So this isn’t just about the United States – it’s about you and your
    nation, wherever you live in the world.

    In every nation (no matter how wicked it may be overall) God will
    preserve a remnant of those with the courage to speak the truth and
    do the right thing.

    Will we keep standing for what is right, or throw up our hands in

    Now is the time for us to love, support, pray for, and encourage
    one another as members of the Holy Nation of God’s Called-Out

    Love God, love your neighbor, and let your light shine – now, more
    than ever!

    And be spiritually, moral, and financially responsible with your
    personal liberties by not taking freedom for granted.

    Your fate does not depend upon how the slim majority votes, or how
    the elected leadership chooses to rule.

    Remember: “the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it
    to whomever He chooses” (Dan. 4:25).

    You see, I’ve read all the way to the end of the Book, and I’ve
    gotta tell you…

    All this is just temporary anyway.

    Jesus MUST increase (Jn. 3:30); therefore, He WILL increase, and He
    IS increasing. He can’t be stopped.

    Yes, the last days are going to be a trying time; but the Lord is
    preparing you for such a time as this.

    Wake up and take responsibility for building a real relationship
    with Jesus; spend time with Him and get into His Word.

    You can keep in touch with the news and be aware of what is going
    on, but don’t be consumed by it (there is a difference).

    Remember: Jesus came to fulfill something much larger than any
    nation on this earth, and everything is working to fulfill this
    prophecy whether we can see it or not!

    Eventually, Christ will inherit the nations of the earth (including
    the United States); and when He does, He is going to make a few

    Be ready.

    Until then, let’s continue to pray for His Will and His Kingdom –
    not from desperate fear and frustration, but from confident hope
    and expectation.

    I am your brother,

    Chip Brogden

  94. Andrew Nov 8th 2012

    Chip is a nice man and there is truth in what he says.

    But he missed a large group of people.

    The ones who don’t believe a Mormon should be elected by Christians as the president of the USA.

  95. tiffany Nov 8th 2012

    disagree with the article…agree completely with Terry, Judy, and Grazer a very big amen to your post!

  96. Rodney Gynther Nov 8th 2012

    Listen, I think your article is a bit condescending. Most of my American Christian friends and relatives have been praying earnestly for their nation for many years.
    The Bible says to “choose life” in Deuteronomy. How can you NOT understand that the concern over THIS election is that Obama is pro-death. He is the most pro-abortion president ever. So please don’t criticize our American brothers and sisters for wanting a president who – although a Mormon – is at least more leaning toward pro-life. In the first 37 years since Roe v Wade America has aborted 53 million babies. Why then is it so hard for you critics to understand that, yes, American Christians were gravely worried about this election. And we as Christians are NOT passivists – we will and should fight this war for the unborn child and VOTING FOR ROMNEY IS PART OF OUR BATTLE.

  97. Rodney Gynther Nov 8th 2012

    I think it amazing that a German would have the gall to write such a comment. If any people on earth have ever relied upon the arm of the flesh it would have to be Germans. So proud of their intellect and business acumen. Can I please remind the writer of this article that most of the liberal theology that has destroyed a great part of the Church has come from German theologians, who thought they were smarter than God. I think he should keep his criticisms to himself!

  98. Rodney Gynther Nov 8th 2012

    Lorie, You have swallowed the liberal rhetoric hook line and sinker. There is no hate campaign against gays. We had lesbians at our church. We loved on them. But then we found out that they were there to pray on the young girls. So they were asked to leave. Is that wrong? If a man came to your church to pursue women wouldn’t you ask him to leave?
    You are allowing your own hurts to engender empathy for these people without looking at the facts.
    Secondly, any Christian that voted for Obama did not keep him- / her – self informed. Because if you knew who he was you could not in all good conscience vote for him.

  99. Thank you Andrew for posting these words by Wolfgang. It needed to be said. I have watched as people professing to represent the body of Christ have tried to twist God’s arm to do what they have determined is best for their country and the world at large. To them, it’s not about God being in control and doing as He pleases. As He told Nebuchadnezzar :

    Daniel 4:32

    “And they shall drive thee from men, and thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field: they shall make thee to eat grass as oxen, and seven times shall pass over thee, until thou know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will.”

    It is either this is true, or it is not. No man, anywhere, can come to power if the Lord did not ordain it for His own purpose. It is God, that gives the kingdom of men to whomsoever He will. It is sheer sinful presumption to think that we know better than God.

    The Old Testament prophets and New Testament saints all served their God, far better than most in our day I might add, and it was inconsequential that some of the wickedest individuals ruled the land at the time. They looked to their God for hope, power and direction.

    To see that some believers are absolutely mortified, terrified even at the prospect of their choice not being elected, demonstrates to me that we as Christians do not believe that our God is in control, do not look to Him as our Father and Keeper, and that now more than ever we as a body need to repent in dust and ashes before our God.

  100. PJensvold Nov 8th 2012

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  101. All I have to say is that none of us need to fear, God has it all under control. God will NOT pour His wrath out on His children.

    None of us here have “all truth”, but many of us here have, “some” truth. God, however, knows what is happening and will happen in the future in all things.

    A tactic of the enemy is to divide and conquer. Please remember that. I have noticed that since the election a lot of bitterness, pride, and down right meanness has manifested, even among brethren.

    I understand why! These are life and death issues and there are those that have worked tirelessly for the causes! Many are tired and disillusioned, the perfect environment to breed unbelief. This is a recipe for roots of bitterness to take hold and we can’t allow it!

    Recognize it for what it is and drive it far from your heart. It won’t help at all. What we need is to let God unify His true believers. Not unity around this president, or that president. Not unity around this political stance, or that. Unity in Christ Jesus, and faith in HIS ability alone!

    We HAVE a King people! That’s the good news!! He hasn’t, and never WILL be, defeated!!! Praise to His Holy name!

  102. Brother Paul Nov 8th 2012

    Doesn’t God provide the answer to this debate in His Word, the Bible? Is it not Biblical and historical fact that in times past, God has placed even His own people, Israel, into the hands of judgement by allowing kings, peoples and nations to hold His people captive for a certain length of time?

    Whenever Israel would not listen to the voice of their God or heed His warnings, did He not turn them over to the rule (often oppressive and tyrannical) of another government? Has God not used oppressive and even evil governments to root out and stamp out sin and wickedness in His own people?

    What is it about America that makes Americans so proud of their nation – so proud that it seems even the God of this universe has to ask permission if He chooses to do what He desires without consulting this so-called great nation of the world? Could America, or any nation for that matter, be a great nation if God had/ has not allowed it to be great?

    This overt and self-proclaimed notion of greatness and national pride raises these questions (amongst others): What is this greatness of which America so loudly boasts? If it is for abortions – then surely America wins! If it is for homosexuality – then surely America wins! If it is for flexing its military muscle all over the world – then surely America wins! If it is for interfering in the political and internal affairs of other nations – then surely America wins once again! And ad-infinitum etc etc – where does one stop?

    If America WAS the so-called great nation to the level of which it boasts, then surely the spiritual health and condition of that country would shine like a brilliant light set upon a hill, and would be seen from all over the world. But this raises a conundrum, because IF America was this bright light of spiritual purity and a true world leader of Christianity, then surely America would not need to blow its own trumpet and blast its own horn.

    Surely the rest of the world would clearly see the light shining from that land and America would not have to boast long and loud for all to hear.

    Perhaps America has fallen into the hands of an almighty God and, rather than coming from without, He has allowed an army of invaders to rise up from within the nation. Perhaps that proud, bold and boastful nation is being IN-vaded and this is all part of GODS plan.

    Did God warn America? Of course He did – yes, and many times over! Did America listen? Let history and present events speak for themselves, but it appears that America was/ is so wrapped up in its own pride (spiritual and otherwise) that America saw no need to take heed of Gods warnings!

    And perhaps after many warnings, God did not stop to ask America one more time for its permission to be handed over to these invading forces… Just perhaps!

    Does the Bible not say that pride goes before a fall, and are the history books not full of accounts of many great and powerful nations falling as a direct result of pride?

    Is it not true that America is where it is and has the government of which it deserves?

    But God is merciful – He always has been! 2 Chronicles 7:14 – He is a great and merciful God… and HE, not America, is God.

  103. Thanks for this! It reiterates what I’ve been thinking.

    I had a question. How could Romney, being a Mormon, be a better choice? I couldn’t understand why he was chosen as a candidate.

    But I am reminded that God is the One in control of governments and leaders, as this article says.


  104. debylynne Nov 8th 2012


    i am one of those ‘americans’ who chose romney – KNOWING he was a mormon over obama….why?? why would i vote for someone who was NOT an ‘out and out born again Christian??’ because i read the ‘history’ in the Word of God and i REALIZED that many times the LORD used ‘seemingly’ ungodly, HEATHEN rulers to do His people and the kingdom GOOD. i chose to ‘take a chance’ on this mormon because he was at the very LEAST – NOT what obama is – i like the words the brother used ‘PRO DEATH’ – now, i know romney’s voting record – i had NO illusions about him – he’s a ‘moderate’ – NOT a ‘conservative’ but he IS PRO ISRAEL and i firmly believe that we had an opportunity to SLOW the ‘headlong’ rush over the cliff – i didn’t say STOP – i said SLOW and at this point, slowing it down seems VERY good….but, alas many believers chose to show how truly ‘spiritual’ they were by throwing their vote away or not voting at all – that is between them and the LORD. i simply TRIED to do ‘what was in my hand’, in the hope that it might help ‘set the stage’ for something MORE – but those believers that chose NOT to vote or that voted for someone with no chance to win??? they simply voted for obama – mr pro death – yes, that IS what they did and i say that with NO acrimony – but, let’s just call it what it is…

    i’m sure many feel ‘good’ about the way they voted and many are now crying ‘judgment is coming’, but, i’ll say again, the LORD takes no pleasure in the ‘destruction of the wicked’ – He takes NO pleasure in destruction – period.

    i’m just not so sure that those that seem so EAGER to see ‘judgment begin’ have ever LIVED in a country of oppression and bondage – where there is NO freedom to preach the gospel – i just wonder what everyone will say when it comes to that…..

    we look for the coming of our LORD – He ALONE is our Savior and King – but while living on this earth, i believe, we have RESPONSIBILITY and not just for me,myself, and i or we four and no more.

    i’m not trying to ‘offend’ – we each must give an account to the LORD for what we have chosen to do.

  105. debylynne Nov 8th 2012

    and just one more thing

    when the LORD allows men to CHOOSE – we cannot lay the ‘blame’ for the outcome at the LORD’S door.

    His PERFECT will is going to be acomplished – in the end, it WILL…but, look to your Bibles and look at the hard lessons we can learn from the children of israel – FREE WILL – free to suffer if we do NOT do the wise thing….so, please, i’m not so sure we can say ‘God is in Control’ – i mean, of course HE IS of the ultimate OUTCOME – but men do what is AGAINST THE WILL OF THE LORD ALL THE TIME….and He has allowed it but there IS a price to pay.

    “oh, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how many times I wanted……. but YOU WOULD NOT”

  106. DuckDownNZ Nov 8th 2012

    I’m not ashamed of the Good News of God’s plan to save. This is a far better message than all the politicians in the world could produce. Is it possible we as christians are more politically motivated than good news sharers? I know I am not happy with how much (or how little) of the good news I share.

  107. Kathy McKinnon Nov 8th 2012

    It’s a good article and great to hear a perspective from outside the USA. After initial disappointment with the results, I remind myself that God is in control, he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and our future is in His hands! The church meanwhile needs to be praying and crying out for repentance and revival in our land.

  108. Linda Nov 8th 2012

    This article was right on, God is sovereign over the nations and uses them for His eternal purposes. Does not mean we quit praying for God to give us new righteous leaders. Our leaders are a reflection of what is in our hearts and lives. So far, America is entrenched in the sewer judging by our choices.

    There has been whining but there is also truth spoken and to speak the truth boldly is not whining. We are to hate what God hates and love what He loves. We are also to rejoice over the wicked when they are destroyed, but in today’s “christianity” you rarely see this side of the nature of God spoken. Judgment also yields grace and the fruit of repentance.

    Vessels of destruction still come by God’s hands. He is over the affairs of man. But just because someone is put up for our chastisement doesn’t mean he is blessed of the Lord and we are to ignore it and like it. Sorrow comes and then we pray joy in the morning. Repentance is what the outcome should be, obviously that hasn’t hit us yet in fulness. I think that more people will turn and pray from this outcome. Not over politics but our condition.

    No man can fix what is wrong here in America, it is a symptom of a much worser illness, the love of sin. Too many people were still looking for a man and not the Savior. Evil is still good to way too
    many people. It was not ever about the economy, but God’s heart is grieved at the murder of the innocent and the babies, and the laws that protect perversion. He doesn’t care about our wallets.

    We also tolerate the spirit of antichrist in our midst with islam gaining influence. Our politicians on both sides are corrupted with power and do and say nothing against immorality. Our “churches” have embraced complacency, tolerance and even welcomed islam into their midst. We hear about the economy but not about this abomination growing in our society.

    Terry, it is not God’s will that any man should perish, but if men persist in rebellion, then God gives them over to their own ways which will damn their souls. He is forced to do this because He can’t save men who persist in damning their own souls. Romans 1:21-32 is the Word for now. America has gone our own way and tries to live apart from God, but worse yet our leaders mock Him.

    Woe—to them who pervert His justice, His Word, His ways. Just as God puts over us the basest of men, He also destroys them when He is done according to their wickedness. He did not make them wicked, they were so in their hearts and a vessel ripe for His using. Daniel 7:14

    America still belongs to God and we have reaped the whirlwind and things will only get worse upon us. But to think that the whole nation will turn back to the Lord, think again. Some will.
    Just as in tribulation men have the wrath of God on their heads and yet they still look up and curse Him. So sometimes the wicked just need to be destroyed, they won’t turn back and hate God.

    My prayer is for the Lord to destroy the evildoers, snare them in their own pit, give their office to another, give them according to their own ways, that from the least to the greatest of them , they will know and fear God. Don’t get confused with the lost, who are ignorant of God and need saving and our prayers for the harvest, and the wicked who know there is a God and hate Him anyways. They will never stop running to evil. I will rejoice when they are destroyed.

    People wrongly assume that this is the final end of America, no it is not, just a shaking, restructuring, and house cleaning. God still has His purpose for this nation. It will not make it out of judgment the same as it was, but there will be partial restoration back to our founding principles that were based on biblical truths. Much more loss of life and property. Humbled. The people have voted but the Lord has not cast His vote, it is coming, watch, wait and pray.

  109. tiffany Nov 8th 2012

    @DuckDownNZ AMEN, I agree!

  110. betty Nov 8th 2012

    I’m humbled simply from reading this article…Being a spoken word poet, I’m inspired to write a poem in reference to this…Thanks for sharing…God Bless

  111. Randall Nov 8th 2012

    (paraphrased) And Job’s friends saw that his suffering was great.. and they were silent for a few days..

    Then they began to speak…

  112. Andrew Nov 8th 2012

    LOL !!!

  113. Andrew Nov 8th 2012

    BTW – Wolfgang Simson included his email for people to contact him. Here it is-

    [email protected]

  114. David Mason Nov 9th 2012

    Andrew, was interested in what Wolfgang and Mercy had to say re: post-election in America, and they’ve echoed thoughts and convictions that I’ve had for a while now. Thoughts which are more than just mere opinion, but born out of a growing conviction in my spirit regarding America as a nation….as opposed to any personal bias.

    And I agree, that it would make little if any difference who was elected, as either leader will be historically and instrumentally used by God, to manifest His righteous and timely judgement (and severe mercy) on this great nation. I just don’t know why I see great sorrow and ruin coming to this land….a time when the eagle falls and no phoenix can be found to arise from the ashes and take its place ?

    Even here in lovely little New Zealand, even we will not remain insulated from such judgement, for the same judgement which touches America will also touch this country in kind, and the instrument of ruin will visit here also, and achieve what it will.

    Even God’s long suffering patience and mercy, must yield to His urgent call to righteousness and holiness. For judgement must pursue and catch us all, when his mercy and patience are so ignored, and presumed upon for so long. Such judgement, eventually overtakes both the godless who find no limits to their creative expressions of gross sin, and the christian who has replaced the voice of the one true shepherd in their hearts……with that of the ‘charismatic’ orator ?

    Will God extend his call to repentance forever and indefinitely ? Will we come willingly…..or be brought there by manifest judgement ? For I see a time of great ruin coming…..and my failing is, that I simply can’t say why. I do know this much though; our knowledge of that which is truly holy is largely lost, for the most part, to those we refer to as His church. And it has always been ever God’s intent to restore this by whatever righteous means at His disposal.

    I hope I’m wrong about America…..and New Zealand. I hope I’m very wrong. However, godlessness and self-direction have a firm and growing grip in both lands, and the ungodly and christian alike are not immune from either. And I don’t say this because I’m ‘enlightened or holy. I say it because my need is just as great as anyone elses.

  115. Richard Cantu Nov 9th 2012

    Wolfgang and Andrew thank you this loving insight of the condition of this nation and of the body of Christ in the USA. While in prayer the early morning after the election, I asked Him why? He gave me a simple scripture to consider – Ezekiel 14 , but specifically 12-23. He showed me the parallel here between Israel and the USA. He is determined to fulfill His will and discipline on this nation despite our (the church’s) praying and fasting. Though we have the righteous crying out, the role and influence in wickedness that this nation has had on other countries is a stench in His nostrols and His plan is to execute the loving discipline needed to bring a move of the Holy Spirit among the unsaved and revival to His people.

  116. Timothy Betts Nov 9th 2012

    I believe that God is chastising this country of ours. It has been coming for a long time. I would agree that it looks disasterous, but we understand also that all not just the United States must fall in line with the very thinking that you suggest. I know first hand how the American churches have fallen to a subversive message that has been agenda driven for many years. Our problem has been that we have not as good stewards of what God has entrusted us with stand against the godless and intolerant. I have deep hope in the revival of America. I have said for years that the mission field that we must be in is America itself. Too many churches were trying to save the world not understanding that our own nation was turning evil. If repentance does not begin now this nation will be the most wicked of any on earth.Satan has done a great work in a once Godly nation. The church has fallen asleep thinking that nothing can touch them because the soverign will of God. Well we know that God will turn a nation over to Satan to cleanse it. I say yes we must be prepared repent and turn our hearts toward the righteousness and will of God and Jesus must be king of all. Let this be a lesson to you sir Wolfsimson and make sure your heart is right before your land collapses under the calamity. No one is exempt from the sin of a unrepentent people.
    Thank you for your concern and may God Bless you for having a heart for the people of America

  117. chuck Nov 9th 2012

    Christians have been pressing revival in our country for many years, but especially after the clinton presidency. The nation is virtually evenly split in votes cast, showing a clear separation of the sheep and goats. Notably, the supposed evangelical christians, some 14 million, chose not to vote for either candidate, certainly aiding in the loss of Romney, but hoping by this work to commend themselves into the Kingdom of Heaven.
    Bottom line is this – secular humanism, i.e., neopaganism, is much preferred by those who live in the large urban centers of the USA, and largely shunned by those who live elsewhere.
    Jesus said ‘as you sow, so shall you also reap’. The antichrist spirit is ascendant now – thus Lord Jesus return is very very near –

  118. What’s coming is going to affect every nation and person on the face of this earth, including the writers of this article.

  119. debylynne Nov 9th 2012

    i’m just reading an interview with brother simson from 2006 where he says that 2 great influences on his life are c.peter wagner and the late john wimber.
    are you aware of this or if it has changed??

  120. The best perspective I saw on this election was from Pastor John MacArthur. He wrote a sermon called “Homosexuality and the Campaign for Immorality”. I would suggest reading / listening to it: http://www.gty.org/resources/sermons/90-449/homosexuality-and-the-campaign-for-immorality

    Basically, he looks at Romans 1:18-32. If a nation forgets God, first He gives them over to sexual immorality (Sexual Revolution of the ’60s). Then if they don’t repent, He gives them over to homosexuality. And if they still don’t repent, He gives them over to a reprobate mind.
    I think we are to the point in this nation where the people with a reprobate mind are gaining a majority. So many are so foolish they can’t even make an intelligent decision in their own best interest. And these people elected Obama.
    I sincerely believe Obama is God’ instrument in destroying America.

    Sadly, if we elected a seemingly moral man (but not a Christian man) like Romney, we might have felt good about ourselves because outwardly because we would have limits on our depravity. But the hearts of the people of America would not be any closer to God. I think God allowed Obama to win so people could fully experience the horrific consequences of letting sin run rampant.

    Personally, I have been putting most of my extra cash into third world missions for several years now. (Mostly Gospel for Asia or Voice of the Martyrs). In all honesty, I can’t see saving for retirement because the way this nation is headed, I can’t imagine my savings will still be there in 20 years. (I do reinvest back into my farm, so I do have some serious assets and I do have resources to help people if times get bad.)

    In my mind, the re-election of Obama, given that people this time around actually know what he stands for, signals the commensing of God’s Judgment.

  121. debylynne Nov 9th 2012

    “We HAVE a King people! That’s the good news!! He hasn’t, and never WILL be, defeated!!! Praise to His Holy name!”

    AMEN, DL, AMEN!!!!

  122. His Messenger Nov 9th 2012


  123. ValleyAnt Nov 9th 2012

    Andrew Strom, thanks for leaving this forum up.

    Wolfgang and Mercy, thank you for true words. Forgive us for our pride and haughtiness.

    Richard Kirby, you wrote from your church bulletin: “Societies change as individual hearts change. And only God changes hearts.” Amen.

    Barry Schmidt, you said, “When America trusts Christ plus nothing– that is the only answer God is waiting for… Increased religious activity which replaces faith in Christ… is an insult to the Spirit of Grace, an affront to the cross… God bless America by bringing her to this alone. In God we tr. ust!” Amen!

    Daniel, you said, “Life can only come to America after repentance; not B4.” Amen.

    Amen to God’s judgment and good will for America.

  124. Wow! Now, I feel better. Confirmation of some thoughts. This makes me feel a bit better, but I have to wonder…..Will this draw many back to God, or push them further away? I sometimes wonder if WE are Mystery Babylon. It is in God’s Mercy that He sends Judgment. I believe some will see that they have carved their own god out of His Word. Thank God in Heaven that religion will come to an end, and the Sons of God will be revealed. I think this may bring the whole world to its knees. I believe this is the end of the age. Perhaps because this generation of Americans have never really suffered as a whole. I DO understand why black people may think this is a good thing, even though it is reverse racism to vote for someone because of their color. What I don’t understand is how a black believer and follower of Christ could vote for someone so much against Christian values. Even some of my own assembly. I just do not understand. My heart hurts. The other choice was not so great either, but at least he was “saying” the right things.” But, I think he was deceitful, and I know his god is not the One I serve. There was really no good choice. Pride DOES go before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. May God have Mercy in Judgment. I never thought I’d live to see America VOTE a Communist into office. In reality, I believe that the powers that be already had it decided and made it happen. I do not think the vote really mattered like some think. What would cause ALL of our representatives go along with the things that have been going on? Bribery? Programming? Threats? Something is really amiss here. I think that the two parties at the top level are not foes but friends and partners in their quest for The New World Order. Most have no idea what kind of life they are soon to be living. We’ve had the American dream. Now comes the American nightmare. I feel sorry for those who think that their messiah has come. But I do not believe that he is even Moses. Such a shame after all their ancestors went through. They were finally really free in the natural. Now we will all be in earthly bondage. One most do not even seem to comprehend. Please pray for the lost to be found and for real believers and followers of Christ to stand in The Truth, no matter what. Thank you.

  125. Foolhardy Fred Nov 9th 2012

    How is Obama a communist?

  126. Foolhardy Fred Nov 9th 2012

    Another excellent article on dealing with apostasy.


    The promises of God and provisions made under the New Covenant are stronger and more powerful than those given to Israel under the Old Covenant, but in spite of this, the predicted end of the church in the New Testament is failure.

    Only a “remnant” will be saved out of professing Christendom-as was the case with Israel. The majority of professing nominal Christian church-goers will, sadly, go into the false, or harlot church of the tribulation period.

    Theologian John W. Walvoord of Dallas Theological Seminary says this:

    The idea that the Gospel would gradually subdue the people of the world and eventually bring them to the feet of Christ is contradicted alike both by the Scriptures and by history, and the result has been the rapid decline in the twentieth century of optimism in relation to the triumph of the church in the present age…A survey of Scriptural prophecy as it relates to the spiritual trends of the present age should have made clear to any inquirer that the present age will end in apostasy and divine judgment rather than victory for the cause of Christ through the triumph of the church. Major passages of Scripture deal with this subject and the expositor is embarrassed by the wealth of material which plainly teaches that the end of the age will be characterized by apostasy (Matthew 24:4-26; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12; 1 Timothy 4: 1-3; 2 Timothy 3:1-9; 4:3,4; 2 Peter 2:1-3:18; Jude 3-19; Revelation 3:14-16; 6:1-19:21).
    An examination of these major passages on apostasy in the New Testament will reveal that the development of apostasy will be in three stages: (1) the doctrinal and moral departure in the church prior to the rapture, i.e., during the last days of the true church on earth; (2) the apostasy in the professing church after the true church is raptured, i.e., in the period immediately following the rapture: (3) the final apostasy in which the professing church as such will be destroyed and the worship of the beast, the world ruler, as the human representative of Satan will be inaugurated (Matthew 24: 15; 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12; Revelation 13:4-8; 17:16-18). Of major importance is the fulfillment of the prophecy relating to apostasy in the church being fulfilled in the contemporary situation, a subject to which the Scriptures give considerable space. (John F. Walvoord, The Nations, Israel and the Church in Prophecy, Zondervan, 1967)

  127. Foolhardy Fred Nov 9th 2012

    The wholesale apostasy committed Bible believing christians are witnessing everywhere makes this article and concerns about political activity in general irrelevant.

    Faithfulness to HIS Word alone is what God requires ALL else is religious nonsense leading the deluded to hell.

  128. America has passed a point of no return. It will never be a nation with a Christian culture. That means it’s time for God’s remnant people to “assemble themselves together and even moreso as you see the Day approaching.”

    God’s wrath is being revealed against all ungodliness and unrighteousness and has given them over to a reprobate mind. He has removed His protective hedge and blessings against America’s enemies. Prepare accordingly.

  129. I genuinely feel sorry fo Obama, he can not turn US around and like all US modern presidents has aged terribly since taking office
    That said, the choice is not Romney or Obama, there is only one choice. And we here have been granted the grace to accept it – our death and His life substituted in us mean while there “multitudes in the valley of decision” let’s not forget our “prime directive ” is to preach the Gospel.to them..
    US is not “Babylon the Great” That system is first religious then Fiscal and finally Political, it now holds enslaved almost every country on earth! including US.

    http://www.truthinmoney.com/truth.html to understand the fiscal lies! “the love of money…..”
    US is not the only country that faces a fiscal cliff We have been conned into believing that ‘credit” is good for us. when in fact that word really means Debt with a capital D! Graver inancial issues will surely burst upon us “neither a borrower or lender be … ” Remember Jesus was violent with the money changers – called them thieves! In these last days that are already upon us Do not let the church become a haven for business dealings. Do not partake of her plagues! Do not get involved in politics, please explain to me how a born again person could be a politician, money lender religious fanatic ? Come out from her my people! We are in the world but not of it., do not get tangled with the affairs of this world, it is about to pass away!
    Pr Michael

  130. Foolhardy Fred asks
    How is Obama a communist?

    He is only a communist to those still suffering the lingering effects of McCarthyism – the mindset that has made “communist” one of the worst possible terms of political denigration in the US mindset.

    HE is no communist. He is no moslem.

    And yet “christians” continue to spread lies insisting he is both.

    This second term of an Obama presidency gives those christians the time and opportunity to repent of their policitcally charged lies and to turn to the truth of His gospel – promoting the Kingdom of God instead of putting hope in the kingdoms and politics of man.

  131. Andrew Nov 9th 2012

    Tim – I have to agree that there does need to be REPENTANCE from some Christians over the things they have spread about Obama.

    A lot of this talk has been the very opposite of Christ-like.

    To my knowledge Obama would categorically deny being a Muslim or a Communist. These are hateful terms that have no real foundation – just rumors and innuendo.

    He claims to be “Christian” but to me seems more of a “secularist” in most of what he says and does. That does not make him either Muslim or Communist. Far from it.

    Christians need to repent of being so disgraceful in the way they have spread these rumors.

    Bless you!


  132. let’s remind ourselves, the peoples and nations of this earth ,is are victims! of satanic lie! esus came to save the world! from this lie and usher in a new world order not the one politics dream of.
    The disasters rising around us are the birth pangs of a re birth ” But in the last day…….unto the Lord of the whole earth.” Micah 4
    Pr Michael

  133. The “moslem” president?:
    See here

    I would suggest Obama is a cultural Christian like the majority of those born in “Christian” countries. And like them he holds the inclusive view that all religions are basically different ways to the same God.

    Having spent some of his childhood in a moslem country he would have firsthand experience of “moderate” islam – and by moderate I mean an Islamic kind of cultural religion similar to the cultural “Christian” religion of the west – he would have gained an affinity with them and sees beyond the fear and suspicion caused by the headlining militants behind terrorist acts.

    Also as the leader of a secular nation he is required to represent its citizens from all backgrounds no matter what their religion.

    The accusations made against him (he’s communist – he’s a Moslem) are of the type that seek to appeal to prejudice rather than reason. As far as I’m aware NEITHER of those things is illegal, so even if the accusations were true (which I do not believe they are) then they are irrelevant regarding his suitability for the presidency.

    As I said – those accusations are made merely to stir prejudice and fear. Christians should not stoop to such things.

  134. tiffany Nov 9th 2012

    Here is the video from HIS OWN MOUTH where he confess Jesus as His LORD and SAVIOR!!! Those who wish to continue to show such hateful behavior and call yourselves “christian” with constantly questioning his faith, based upon many of your own behavior your faith can very well be questioned to as I’ve seen NONE who profess to love Jesus and serve Him behave in the manner Christ would have towards this man. The truth of the matter is this man is hated solely because of the color of his skin, and the majority of the hate comes from so-called christians hiding behind the cross but your hearts are not hidden from the Lord God!! Enough already of this evil, it just shames the name “Christianity”! If you truly care about souls why are you not spending your time witnessing to those who’ve yet to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, and if you think Obama is one of them, WHY ARE YOU NOT PRAYING rather than judging and spreading lies. You don’t know the man’s heart, so enough already. Judge NOT that you be not judged! Let’s focus on serving the LORD and sharing the gospel of Jesus to a lost and dying world. We can do nothing about who’s sitting in the white house so enough already!! Trust in the Lord, NOT man! Get out of politics and get into the WORD!!

    Here is the link where words are NOT taken out of context to make him appear to be something he’s not. Here’s his own words where he confess Jesus as His Lord and Savior! No one ever said he is the perfect man, just like NONE OF US HERE are perfect…NONE!


  135. Andrew, I see you have deleted the link to the video where Obama allegedly confesses to be a Moslem.

    Good move!

    I was able to see part of it earlier and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a doctored and edited piece of work before – selecting isolated words and part sentences and piecing them together with absolutely no regard for the context of what he was actually saying.

    Unfortunately it is typical of the tactics people (even “christians”) are willing to stoop to in an attempt to discredit him.

    The more I see that kind of thing, the more I see believers are being set a standard to uphold the truth. Sadly many choose a different standard.

  136. Andrew Nov 9th 2012

    As I said, Tiffany, most of his words and actions mark him out as a “secularist” – with a splash of “Christianity” in there – like a lot of people.

    But all of this is really Off-Topic. So perhaps let us leave it alone.

    Bless you!


  137. Andrew Nov 9th 2012

    And yes Tim, the slander against Obama by Christians has been nothing less than SHAMEFUL.

    I do not agree with the man, but such behaviour is utterly un-Christlike.

    Bless you!


  138. tiffany Nov 9th 2012

    @Andrew the post was not directed towards you, it was for another post which I no longer see here. My apologies. Thank you for your reply and God bless you and your family!

  139. Andrew Nov 9th 2012

    Bless you too, Tiffany

  140. Kaina Cookie Nov 9th 2012

    debylynne – there will be time when it will be too late then, to choose – it will be a time when we discover which side we have really chosen whether we realize it before or not! PEACE everyone

  141. Mr. Obama is a reflection of the moral state of the majority of the people of the USA. The people put Obama back into office. The problem is not Mr. Obama nor is it a political problem. The problem is a spiritual one. The majority of people in this country no longer want God. They are rebels. They love their sin. They want their sin. That is why I feel that there is now nothing left but judgment from God.

  142. Julie B. Nov 9th 2012

    While I appreciate the effort to “encourage” the American branch of the Church, I don’t appreciate the condescending nature of the words. It seems to me that most of the writers of these articles that are centered around the church of America are not American citizens and don’t even live in American, and yet they think they know everything about the church over here and what individuals believe… Newsflash: YOU DON’T. And frankly, I’m getting tired of the judgement. It seems that all you seek to do is be critical of us instead of loving. The population of the American church is large, and there are still many people here who are godly, who have discernment, and clearly hear the Lord on what’s going on with our nation. Why don’t you quit the critical emails and just pray for us and encourage us lovingly in our relationship with Christ, if you’re so concerned. Otherwise, it just seems as if you want America to fail…. Thank you.

  143. JC, God’s immediate judgement is that He gives people over to their sinful desires and they sink deeper and deeper into increasing sin until there is absolutely no sense of it being sin.

    Sadly the recent election has shown me how deeply many professing believers prefer falsehood to truth and in their eagerness to defame Obama will cling to (and promote) all kinds of false and wild accusations. They cling to them even when the accusations are proven false. They are treading a dangerous path.

    The political process has seen Obama legitimately returned as president and its an outcome that Americans need to accept and live with: praying FOR Obama.

    As a Christian I am VERY concerned for those professing believers who have so little regard for the truth, whose actions and accusations do nothing for the credibility of Christians or the gospel in the eyes of others.

    No President is appointed without God’s involvement. He is not put their to increase (or maintain) the comfort of the nation.

    Whether the man is good or bad he is put there by God to achieve God’s purposes. .

  144. Julie B, those of us outside of America have the advantage of being (mostly) free of the patriotism that makes it hard for many Americans to appreciate the real state of their nation. We have the benefit of experiencing different culture to your own – as well as your national culture that has pervaded the rest of the world (particularly in the west).

    But you need to recognise that this issue should NOT be about America or being American. It is about the Kingdom of God – a KIngdom that transcends worldly boundaries and includes people from all nations. As such we as believers ALL have the right and responsibility to observe, comment upon and address issues related to God’s Kingdom.

  145. Andrew Nov 9th 2012

    Yes – Tim – the confusing of “kingdoms” is the biggest part of this.


  146. Hi Tim. I agree. The general moral state of this country is horrible. Mr. Obama is not the CAUSE of the the problem. He is a symptom, a reflection of what the people have become. By this statement, I do not mean all people but the majority of people. People want access to abortions upon demand. They want homosexuality extolled and accepted. They want to smoke grass. Just look at the propositions that were passed yesterday.

    I grew up during the fifties and sixties when the moral fabric of this country was torn to shreds. I saw witchcraft, homosexuality, occultism, astrology, hallucinogenic drugs, free love and any other number of immoral things challenge the generally held morals and spread through the country. But you know….the spiritual problem existed long before that. Materialism, greed and “the American Dream.” What we see going on now is reaping the whirlwind because we sowed to the wind for years!

    We must pray for those in authority. We are commanded to do so. BUT…God MUST be obeyed rather than men and we need to keep this in perspective. We can never call good evil or evil good. I don’t mean we should slander Mr. Obama or anyone else but we should speak the truth in love. And we should recognize the spirit of lawlessness and anti-christ when it manifests itself.

  147. Pauline Richmond Nov 9th 2012

    You know Obama is not the sole reason America is in trouble. Gotta blame someone I guess. But give him a break and all those who are in politics who really want to make a dfifference. How can you help us Wolfgang, you cannot. Love, I think your comments also patronising. The whole world is in a state of disobedience towards God. Amongst them are genuine people who love Him and trying their best to do all they can. Here in Australia we have a prime minister, living in sin as we would say. lesbian and gay ministers, are we any better? Yes we must love those who are different but cannot condone their lifestyle. German people in the past have also committed serious crimes against humanity, Denmark and other european countries are accepting of different lifestyles. America is no worse only bigger. I agree with many comments posted, politics, yes I vote it is the law,we obey the law. I pray for Obama and his family who still give up much for their country. Mormon religion is a cult and I do not believe of God.So lets pray for God’s will be done, He appoints and He will pull down,Christians need to pull their socks up and be Christlike.Pray for all those in power, for salvation. I have recently come back from China, please pray for them. Christians over there do it tough and it also is a very corrupt nation. Forget blaming and start praying for your brothers and sisters I pray for Julie Gillard and her government but ultimately it is God who decides. Pray we escape whats coming, If Islam keeps spreading the way it is may GOD HELP ALL OF US WHO CALL OURSELVES CHRISTIANS WAKE UP HIS TOUGH LOVE IS ABOUT TO COME UPON US. HELPING EACH OTHER TO STAY IN THE BODY BY ENCOURAGING ALL WE CAN. SOMETHING POSITIVE ABOUT WHAT WE HAVE. PROPHECY GOOD BUT CONTINUAL POINTING OUT ALL THE BAD IS NOT HELPING. BIBLES SAYS MENS HEARTS WILL FAIL FOR FEAR. TOO RIGHT SO COME CHRISTIANS UNITE AND REACH OUT REACH OUT REACH OUT. LET GOD.

  148. I told my 35 year old son yesterday that MY generation wrecked this country (and we did). We “did our own thing.” We defied all authority. We turned everything on its head. I told him that the problem is becoming progressively worse. His generation was more immoral than mine. And the generation after his is almost completely morally bankrupt.

    The train was gathering speed even before my generation but my generation drove the train into the wall. This whole thing is like a train wreck in slow motion.

    The good news is that Jesus still will accept all who repent and come to Him! God is still not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. I pray that many will come to Christ!

  149. Andrew Nov 9th 2012

    JC – interesting point and well said


  150. Brandianne Nov 9th 2012

    I dig it. I am in America and I agree with all that was said in this letter. It’s crazy how people were sooo determined that the outcome of this election would mean life or death for America. Even ministers have been saying things like, well it can only get worse now. But God sets up the reigning authority and He also directs kings hearts like a watercourse. So I just don’t see the big deal. God is still in control and He is still looking for people with pure hearts and clean hands to join Him in making His vision of the Eternal Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Yay 🙂 Let’s remember Truth people!

  151. Pilgrim Nov 9th 2012

    An interesting point is that evangelical Christians had it within their power to change the outcome, but they voted for Obama in sufficent numbers to ensure his return. That raises a question – Did they pray and receive guidance from God, or did they pray for the status quo? The latter unthinkable and the former is questionable. I am ignoring the question of choice between two equally non Christian candidates. Based on a comparison of their respective policies ( a seeming reflection of moral character (and ignoring political manouvering, party politics and so on,) it seemed an easy choice for Christians to make, given the serious issues that divided the candidates.(Curiously Romney seemed to choose not to make an issue of these in the latter part of his campaign, although He seems to stand clearly for life, marriage and Israel for example.)
    What happened? How could those Christians vote for the status quo, if they recognised the evils. It seemed to me that they were voting for a continuation down the same path, despite serious warnings. Will the true church please stand up.? I am not involved politically but I am geneuinely puzzled.
    If I was an American, I would be seriously concerned for the future of the country now. Empires have come and gone as history and the Bible tell us.As has already been said, our first allegience is to God, not a Political structure, but non-involvement is not a choice either. ” Render unto Caesar the things that are Ceasar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.” As for the rest, the majority who are non Christians, we care for them . “How are they to know unless someone tells them and how will they be told unless someone first goes?”
    It is a clear sign of the times . Unpleasant as it seems, we are IN THOSE TIMES and cannot be surprised that God’s Word is coming to pass.Changes will occur which are beyond our imagination.

    We must learn to pray more earnestly and not let up until God answers clearly. We behave (generalising here ) as if we do not believe God’s Word or as if what He says is not true.It is time to get serious. And remember, “Fear not , for I am with you ” is His promise to all believers. An Australian prophet wrote of what would happen to America under Obama. He called him ‘God’s Alexander’, who would bring the country down from within.
    So what am I saying? As Christians, we look first to God, and we have a responsibilty as citizens, in keeping with the guidance He gives us.We are a Spirit led people.
    If America is facing judgement, we cannot be surprised (it has not collectively repented, but consciously, deliberately, voted for more of the same.) Not only America, but every country faces the same consequences. God does not play favourites, but ‘to whom much is given, of him much will be expected. “But remember also “The just shall live by faith” Trust God and do what He says, and He will guide you through these events.
    And I do believe that the people of America will see God’s Revival ,and I don’t mean the ‘Lakelands’ variety or whatever men are planning.

  152. Brother Paul Nov 9th 2012

    Julie B… perhaps we, the non-American people, have assumed the right to stick our noses in America’s business, because America has for so long assumed the right to stick its nose in everyone else’s business.
    Aside from that – it’s well known that whatever happens in America affects the rest of the world sooner or later and in one way or another.
    The rest of the world (thank you for acknowledging us) needs to watch America very closely as one would watch for a sign or a signpost.
    The Bible tells us to be on the lookout for signs and warnings. What happens in America is both a sign and a warning with the latest election being of no exception!
    Mr Obama would not be President if God did not allow him to be…

  153. Brother Paul Nov 9th 2012

    What makes Mr Obama a communist?

    He may or may not be a communist, however he certainly enforces socialistic/ communist views very strongly and stands against most things Christian as you will see for yourself if you click on the link below:

    10 dire consequences of Obama’s re-election victory


    Remember the ostrich? While it sticks its head in the sand and its rear end in the air, it is a very easy target. Whatever you do, don’t get kicked in the bullseye!

  154. A Prophetic Analysis for Europe

    Introduction: In the last century, Europe was the cradle of
    Christianity. Today, there is a thick darkness and this darkness seems
    to be increasing. What has happened?
    Europe was Christianized before and during the Reformation. But then
    a wave of atheism began to sweep over the continent during the age
    of Reason, and for the last three centuries darkness has steadily
    covered the continent.
    The 20th century has seen the greatest deterioration. Even in the 19th
    century Britain was sending missionaries to Africa, Brazil, etc… But
    then came WW1 and supposedly Christian nations began slaughtering
    each other.
    Europe today is in a desperate situation spiritually. The minds of
    people of the continent are controlled by the powers of darkness.
    Secularism, relativism, atheism, etc… rule over people’s minds.
    Europe is a fertile ground for deception.
    The churches of Europe need to become DESPERATE. This is what
    happened in Uganda. People in the churches said, ‘ENOUGH IS
    ENOUGH NO MORE OF THIS.’ They warred against the powers of
    darkness in prayer.

  155. Some interesting and varied comments

    Forgive my simplicity of a question, but why do not some of the Christian leaders stand for president if the know all the answers. ?
    They would have God on their side, the availability of Divine wisdom which is desperatly needed. Its the old situation ” Send somebody else but not me. Wake up !!! if Gods people cannot find a candidate
    this is what you get. Surely it is time for the Christians of America to put aside their pet theologies,leave their comfort zones, comfortable pews,money making mega centers, and speak with one voice of authority May be then the non Christians would have some regard, respect and support . America needs a Joshua. If MY people will HUMBLE themselves ( get off the pedestal) I thought America is / was the land of opportunity…..When opportunity knocks, don’t knock the importunity, WAKE UP! LOOK UP! AND GET UP! GOD PLEASE STIR UP AMERICAN CHRISTIANS WHO ARE SHAKEN BUT NOT STIRRED Amen

  156. Richard Savage Nov 9th 2012

    Caroline Ayuk, a fair, if brief, assessment of British and European Christianity.

    You omitted to mention the fact that we Britons also thought of our land as God’s own country, thought of itself as the chosen people who could do no wrong provided they attended church one a week. We thought our empire was ours by right of might. Our lesson in falling from Grace is there for all who will see it.

    Nationalism, patriotism and national religion bound us together for as long as it filled God’s purposes – the spreading of the Gospel throughout the British empire. When we began failing in that department, His hand was withdrawn from us.

    The British ego failed to see all empires before us had fallen. Americans haven’t learned the lesson from us.

  157. Richard Savage Nov 9th 2012

    Come on American Christians. You’re not victims, but victors in Christ.

    Get out there on the streets, in homes, churches and work places. Preach Christ and Him crucified, call people back to a Living Christ and away from a living death.

    Do, while you can.

    Here in Britain, it’s illegal to preach on streets (a licence is needed from usually Masonic controlled authorities). Wearing a cross in the work place is illegal; praying with the dying is illegal and it goes on. Soon, the persecutions will begin.

    Get out there America, just do it while you can.

  158. debylynne Nov 9th 2012

    the problem is getting a truly COMMITTED believer ‘elected’ – we have had ‘potential’ candidates before but the ‘concensus’ is always that they do NOT get enough support because so many in our nation are completely given over to corruption. also, you have the problem of finding a ‘Christian leader’ who is ‘moderate’ enough for ALL Christians and not just we ‘radical ones’. those are simply the facts.
    i would vote for sarah palin – i DID vote for her when she ran with john mccain – but, too many BELIEVERS refuse to vote for anyone who is ‘less than perfection’ in THEIR opinion and they ALLOW the UNgodly to ‘rule and reign’…sorry, but we do.

    for those wanting to defend ‘president’ obama – look at FACTS – his voting record speaks for itself – how ANYONE who names the name of Christ could support such a person is beyond me……he stands for EVERYTHING that God hates – NOT rumour – FACT. he is PRO MUSLIM, he is ANTI ISRAEL – because you MUST be one or the other – he supports same sex marriage and all else on the homosexual agenda – he IS, as our brother bernard pointed out – PRO DEATH and the most PRO ABORTION president we have EVER EVER EVER had……how can ANYONE who thinks they ‘know the LORD’ believe that this is ‘ok’. these are FACTS – his voting record and his own words STAND….wake up, people.

  159. Candy Korpi Nov 9th 2012

    I read this article and felt that it was written in love. I sent it to my older brother and some other friends and wanted to send you My (biological) Brothers response as I think that He has some valid points. He gave me permission to post this. (see below)
    Candy Korpi
    From: “Steve McCue”
    To: [email protected]
    Sent: Thursday, November 8, 2012 12:56:54 PM
    Subject: Re: Fwd: [revival] OUR DEAR AMERICA – Wolfgang Simson – COMMENTS??

    Candy, After carefully reading comments I have a few thoughts to share. This seems to be written to a lukewarm church and to lukewarm christians ( if there is such a thing). There are strong believers in the U.S. that are correctly disapointed because we care about : 1) ISREAL- and all that it means to stand by her verses going against her(apple of Gods eye , blessings and curses). 2) MARRIAGE- and how important that covenant and oath is- it is an example of Christ and the Church, and what it means to obey GOD and follow it, or disobey GOD and ignore it. 3)ABORTION- innocent blood, and how GOD will judge this nation because of this SIN. 4) STEWARDSHIP- I could go on and on concerning this one. 5) 6) 7) 8), I could just keep going.
    We (true believers and followers) are not depressed, worried, in despair, confused, devided,…, We know, trust and believe that the GOD of Nov. fifth is the same GOD on Nov. seventh. We do not worry about the future! We do not fear man or anything he can do to us, we fear God and what he can do to us after this life. We have always understood “seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and HIS righteousness and…”. We absolutly understand that the goodness of GOD leads us to repentance, and somtimes GODS` goodness is not a pleasent experience for us at the time.
    The author of this comment to America (my opinion) seems to reflect a thought pattern that we are less or weaker christians because America is (or was) affluent, rich, with a strong military. I totally reject that. I think we understand to whom much is given much shall be required. GOD has used this nation to promote the Gospel to the whole world, to protect the weak, to comfort the hurting and the distressed around the world. I am dissapointed that we may not as a “CHRISTIAN NATION” be able or willing to be as affective in the future as we have been in the past.
    And on a personal level- On a day to day basis we (believers) because of this nation have had to seperate ourselves daily from the pleasures of sin, from the distractions that so easily entangle us, our walk is no easier or no harder than anyone elses. It is the same devil that wants to drag us to hell in the U.S., or Germany, or Israel or anywhere else. And it is the same LOVE of GOD, that brings us all to the foot of the Cross, and causes us to get up and go on with our eyes on JESUS- the AUTHOR and FINISHER of our faith. Our lights will shine brighter moving forward, because light shines in darkness and the darker it gets the brighter we will shine. GOD is certainly preparing the fields for the harvest and our rolls may change. The fruit may be riper and more ready than ever before, but there are many, many, many beleivers all over this country that are mature and prepared and willing to do exactly whatever GOD would ask us to do!!!

  160. debylynne Nov 9th 2012

    Richard Savage
    you are RIGHT – look what has happened in Great Britain – look america at what is AHEAD FOR US……WE have done this. those ‘holy tower’ Christians who don’t want to vote for ANYONE that isn’t a radical Christian, wrap your ‘righteous integrity’ around you and i hope it comforts you when the gospel is MUZZLED in our land. i started to say ‘self-righteous’ integrity but i realize that some ARE very sincere in what they think and what they have tried to do by NOT voting or ‘throwing their vote away’ – i just CANNOT agree because all you did was vote for OBAMA. THAT is what has happened…….
    romney is a mormon……never been a question – never been hidden – never been denied – his life was laid out there – but obama – nothing but questions and cover up…….God help us.

  161. debylynne Nov 9th 2012

    and andrew
    i’m still wondering about this ‘simson’. the more i investigate him the MORE questions arise…..are we NOT to ‘examine all things’ and ‘hold fast THAT which is GOOD’ – which, of course, means DON’T hold fast that which is NOT?????

  162. debylynne Nov 9th 2012

    candy korpi
    i would like to meet your brother – he is WISE in what he says and i agree with every word. amen and amen. speaks to me MUCH more than ‘this’ word by ‘this’ other man.

  163. debylynne Nov 9th 2012

    while as believers we KNOW that the LORD will ultimately cause all things to come to pass and the verses you quoted ARE true – in the ‘right framework’ – PLEASE ALSO NOT THE CLEAR WORD OF GOD and how ISRAEL suffered over and over because they did NOT do what the LORD desired – He does NOT

  164. debylynne Nov 9th 2012


    ……He does NOT over-ride our will. that is NOT the way of the LORD – directing ‘water courses’ means ‘influencing’ the way the water will run – BUT down through the AGES rulers have RESISTED the urging of God and done what was ABOMINATION in His sight…..

    israel herself – again and again – refused to heed the LORD……and the LORD was GRIEVED because of it.

    HE HAS GIVEN US A PART TO PLAY – He always does.

    we will be ‘rewarded’ or ‘suffer loss’ depending on what we DO with our ‘part’ – whether in the ‘Christian realm’ or the world we live in – it is ALL our CHOICE whether we follow the way of wisdom or not.

    i am in the LORD and i know He WILL take care of me – this is NOT fear – it is SORROW and GRIEF because of all the UNNECESSARY suffering that we have added to our future here in the U.S. and for the multitudes of others that DO NOT KNOW what they are doing – that do not know HIM –

    you see, i DON’T rejoice over the judgment of the wicked – i don’t rejoice over all the suffering and sorrow that will come – i don’t rejoice over the gospel of JESUS CHRIST getting ‘locked up’ – will GOD do His people GOOD, in spite of it all?? ABSOLUTELY. but, if you think the Lord is GLAD for this ‘opportunity’ to CRUSH america – think again. His word CLEARLY shows that He always chooses MERCY, if people would only heed Him.

    brother paul
    i agree with MUCH you are saying – i do think you are a bit ‘hard’ on america in saying we always stick our nose in….the other problem with what you are saying is that is ‘reeks’ of calvinism – you have taken away the ‘free moral agency’ if you say that someone ‘would not be president unless the LORD willed/allowed it’ – i can’t agree with that statement even while i recognize your basis for the reasoning…
    sigh…………..blessed be the LORD GOD forever.

  165. debylynne Nov 9th 2012

    amen – so much of what you say rings TRUE in my heart – amen.

  166. debylynne Nov 9th 2012

    tiffaney – concerning obama – what he has said WITH HIS MOUTH – means NOTHING.

    we know this from the WORD OF GOD – it is the FRUIT he bears – the CHOICES he has made – what he has SUPPORTED – these DECLARE WHO HE IS – not ‘words’ that mean NOTHING when they are NOT backed up by his ACTIONS.

    come on, believers, basic Bible 101 – ‘you know a tree by it’s fruit’ – do you REALLY think that a TRUE born again Christian could ADAMANTLY support abortion??? AND homosexuality??

    what planet are we living on – these are NOT rumours – these are the FACTS of what he has DONE and what he SUPPORTS.

    please oh please – stop ‘sticking your head in the sand’ as someone else said – PLEASE!

  167. debylynne Nov 9th 2012

    our president is a socialist – that is what he is promoting – socialism – i do NOT think he is a muslim – if he were, THEY would have a BIG problem with his support of homosexuality – BUT he is MORE DEFINITELY ‘pro-muslim’ in his dealings and that makes him VERY CLEARLY NOT pro-israel…..there will be MUCH MORE to come on this…..

    oh, and by the way, in case anyone is NOT paying attention – the first item on the agenda is A GUN CONTROL TREATY – stock market is DOWN except for the ‘gun industry’ – this doesn’t matter to me – i’m not depending on some ‘gun’ to protect me – it is just CLEAR EVIDENCE that there are MUCH bigger agendas afloat here with this liberal administration.

    even so, come, LORD JESUS, come.

  168. debylynne Nov 9th 2012

    well, i’ve pretty much ‘caught up’ here and the pecan orchard is calling me to come out and PICK THEM UP!! our ‘individual’ worlds must go on – i’m sure there will be SOME response to my ‘input’ when i check back later lol!

    i’m still appalled at what we have ‘chosen’, as a nation, but, my hope in in the LORD, who made heaven and earth, and the heaviness of the past few days HAS lifted somewhat and so, we press on to do what pleases Him in His kingdom – amen??

    i don’t think we should ‘perhaps’ be listening to or following after this gentleman who wrote this ‘letter’ though – i think the ‘stream’ just might be ‘tainted’ – just my opinion – we should ALWAYS check out ‘sources’ ourselves and just ‘receive’ everything that comes our way – according to the Word of God – right?? right. the LORD BLESS YOU ALL – please EXAMINE ALL THINGS, HOLD FAST THAT WHICH IS GOOD.

  169. debylynne Nov 9th 2012

    SORRY!! that SHOULD say:
    and NOT just receive everything that comes out way!! :-/

  170. “Early this morning when I was spending some time with my Lord Jesus in solitude and silence”

    why not spend it with the Father? He is the creator!

  171. I live in the United States.

    Dear Wolfgang and Mercy Simpson:

    I have been so disheartened since the election. I prayed and prayed before the election that America would wake up and become the nation God created us to be.

    This is the most encouraging message I have read since the election. Thank you so much! I needed this.

    I will continue to pray for our nation and ask God’s healing on our land until the time He comes to take me home!

  172. Barry Schmidt Nov 9th 2012

    While God may be judging/disciplining the USA as a populace in general I I just can’t agree that God is judging the church in America ( by giving them Obama as a leader or even by giving them that self righteous cult member Romney) nor is He judging the church in America (for their supposed worldliness or whatever other accusation people are hurling at the church in America) by the disasters He has ordained for them for several reasons.
    1. if this is the case then God was also judging the early church by giving them the Caesars who persecuted and murdered the church relentlessly. If this is true then God also has been judging the church in China for the past hundred years by giving me leaders who have jailed and tortured and killed them without relief. . If this is true then God has been judging His beloved church in the Muslim countries By their nutcase leaders who impose Sharia law on the church there.
    It is true that God ordained every leader ” there is not government authority that God has not ordained” Romans 13?
    But to say God is judging the church in America by giving them Obama is an accusation from the pit of Hades and no Christian should be in agreement with such spurious and false accusations.
    2. Hasn’t anyone read the gospel in the Bible lately where it repeatedly tells the church she has peace with God through the cross, is saved from Gods anger and wrath through faith in the cross and whom God is FOR AND NOT AGAINST????
    Why in the name of ” revivalism” do people get off falsely accusing Gods church in America . The church in America is a part of Jesus beloved bride whom He is espoused to marriage to. Just go ahead and insult , mean mouth and hurl your religious accusations against His precious bride. What we He do to you foolish ones for speaking so rashly against Gods elect? ” He who speaks against His bride speaks against Him and tears down His temple.
    God will destroy him who destroys His temple!
    People be very careful of hurling accusations against Gods people. Jesus will hold you accountable for every careless word you have spoken on judgement day.

  173. Marianne Nov 9th 2012

    The political pundits will continue to make their predictions and prognostications. In the final analysis, God, and He alone, determines the course of human events. Much of the believing community has somehow mistakenly looked upon the U.S. as the Promised Land that will not grant rest to its inhabitants. But, with the exception of a handful of individuals, everyone else who came out of Egypt never made it to Canaan because of lack of faith. So, battles were fought and an entire nation died off in the wilderness. The history of the U.S. over the last 40 years or so shows an ever-decreasing reliance upon God, having removed Him from the classrooms, from the courtrooms, from almost every public sphere, including from its currency. A clear message was given that the nation was not and is not interested in having God in their midst, who would show Himself mighty (Zeph. 3:17). Instead, it is more a message from Micah, with God asking “How have I wearied you” (Mic. 6:3).

  174. Marianne Nov 9th 2012

    The words above were not my own, but I was in perfect agreement. The source was from a friend.

  175. Kenny Atnip Nov 9th 2012

    I agree with the article but also know that judgment has been decreed, more woes to come.

    I think we will see a new government forming and being forced by troops on the ground in around two years.

  176. debbylynn: I am Awe-inspired by your words. You know what I ‘think’. Instead of zeroing in on “a scripture” to create a ‘doctrine’, Christians should truly meditate on God’s whole word, in order to get His fullness that He offers us….grazer was so astute on that issue. for example:

    ‘We are in this world but not of this world’. Then why in the heck did we end up here??? ’cause God put us here, that’s why….to do what??? Hear ourselves talk???…I don’t think so. The Bible mentions the ostrich….The Bible mentions (over and over) our Will. Those two things are worth contemplating….but not to hang a religion on it! There’s so much more that ties it all together in the Bible…Instead of buying up guns that will test your foundations; buy up more Bibles to pass out when the time comes…what goes around, comes around. You’re so right, debbylynnn, It’s so true, Bible 101.

  177. debylynne Nov 9th 2012

    barry schmidt – i am in complete agreement with you about the heart of God – your words truly speak to me.

    joan – bless the LORD – amen and amen.

    deb – do you think it ‘bothers’ the Father if people ‘draw near to Jesus’?? ‘i and My Father are One’ aren’t they?? that IS what the Word of God declares. we ARE to pray to the Father because the LORD JESUS told us to AND we are to ‘ask in My name’ is what He also said……so, is there a real ‘issue’ here??

  178. debylynne Nov 9th 2012

    please don’t let my remarks be ‘offensive’ to you!!! i would REALLY like to know why you think it makes a ‘difference’ to the LORD GOD – seriously – i am pondering this.


  179. Oliver Cork Nov 9th 2012

    As a born again Christiabn, who believes the Bible from cover to cover and the cover too where it is printewd “HOLY BIBLE” I am reasll.y concerned about the re-election of the eminent ayatollah for a second term. This ayatollah has decimated our constitution, and usurped powers that the Congress should have, and he and his mullahs have passed laws in the dark of night without a hint of congressional approval. As I see it, this could be the last election our nation will have. The ayatollah will become dictator for life, and his mullahs will appoint lrulers at all levels of government who will do their bidding. I do agree that this has been allowed by God Almighty (El Shaddai) to humbler us, and bring our nation back to Himself. The American people have turned away like in the days of Noah, mainly due to our higher education denying God, taking prayer out of our schools, wanting to remove the word GOD from opur pledge to the flag, and most of this comes from the legal maneuvering of the godless heathen group the ACLU. The supreme courtg is at fault for legalizing abortion as a means of birth control. I believe that abortion in limited circumstances shjould be allowed, but not partial-birth abortion, or abortion for convenience. It is a human life from conception, and should be protected. Women say it is their body, the should be allowed to do as they please. No it is not their body, it has been bought with a price, the Blood of Jesus on the Cross, and it is not open for discussion. The ACLU forceed Judge Roy Moore to rem ove his 10 Commandments rock from the court in Montgomery, AL several years ago, yet the Supreme Court building in DC has the Ten Commandments on their doors. How can this happen? How can the ACLU get prayer banned from school classrooms and all school sports activities. Ann Graham Lotz (Billy Graham’s daughter) said in an interview once, “God is a gentleman, and He will not go where He is not invited. In other words, GOD is nopt a party crasher. Wonder why we have had so many incidents of shootings in schools, and business places around the country? It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure it out. Myh only hope is that the rapture happens soon to take all God’s children out of the quagmire that is developing.

  180. zeal4thyhouse Nov 9th 2012

    Jer 51:6 Flee out of the midst of Babylon, and deliver every man his soul: be not cut off in her iniquity; for this is the time of the LORD’S vengeance; he will render unto her a recompence.
    Jer 51:7 Babylon hath been a golden cup in the LORD’S hand, that made all the earth drunken: the nations have drunken of her wine; therefore the nations are mad.
    Jer 51:8 Babylon is suddenly fallen and destroyed: howl for her; take balm for her pain, if so be she may be healed.
    Jer 51:9 We would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed: forsake her, and let us go every one into his own country: for her judgment reacheth unto heaven, and is lifted up even to the skies.

  181. selah Nov 9th 2012
  182. I read this article and was immediately struck by it’s condescending tone. I have spent many years on the mission field and several months in Germany last year. Same old, same old “America’s pride is sin, etc….blah blah blah.” Always these things are said with a nose in the air attitude, underneath the “concern”.

    The church in Europe is in good shape? The church in Europe has something to say to the American church? Funny because some of my other German friends are mourning along with us.

    And why is it ‘racist’ to question the president’s faith?

  183. Reading most of the comments they say to me ” leave it to someone else to stand”for any official office. We are too busy in our church and doctrines”. I recall hearing the saying ” You cannot pray Your Kingdom come without saying let my kingdom go.” I agree with what DavPercy says., It may not be what you wanted to hear but there is a lot of whining American Christian Church leaders – get off your comfy couches and get involved in real practical Christianity. get on real tv and radio, where the real people are and show them you care about America

    Incidentally Here is a factual item:

    CLAIM: In June 2007, (then) Presidential candidate Barack Obama declared that the U.S.A. is no longer a Christian nation.

    STATUS: FALSE. This oft-repeated rumor is based on a misquote. One sentence in the text of Barack Obama’s prepared remarks for a keynote address at the Christian Sojourners “Call to Renewal” conference on June 28, 2006 (not 2007) read as follows (emphasis added):
    Whatever we once were, we are no longer just a Christian nation; we are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers.
    It’s clear from the context that Obama was referring to the religious demographics of the country, not — contrary to what some people seem to believe — proclaiming an abandonment of Christian values.

    The statement has lent itself to frequent misquotation because Obama misspoke when he delivered the speech, saying (emphasis added):
    Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation — at least, not just; we are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers.

    see also:-http://urbanlegends.about.com/od/barackobama/a/national_day_of_prayer_2.htm Cut and paste in Google search)

    Sad state of affairs.
    Prayer does not change things it changes people.

    God Please Bless America in the way You see best AMEN

  184. peg flatland Nov 9th 2012

    Could it be that the enemy is after America? We are not Cuba, N. Korea or China or Canada, Italy, Norway, Holland, we has a whole are a giving country, concerned about our neighbors,and the freedom to build a business, to work to support ourselves and Choose our own doctors. What Obama is peddling the socialist agenda that even New Zealand believes, the state will take care of you. Big government! That is what is coming our way to destroy the freedom we so long have enjoyed, we are free to worship, speak about God an gather together. I’m out raged about the judgement you speak out against the good people of America.

  185. Thank you! I agree. There are those of us here who are in line with what you are saying and we are praying and seeking God for how to challenge the rest of the church here to repent and be citizens of our true Kingdom! Please continue to pray for us!

  186. Andrew Nov 9th 2012

    Peg – New Zealand ranks as one of the LEAST taxed and one of the MOST “easy to open a new business” countries in the entire developed world.

    Please do not call me a “socialist”.

    Bless you!


  187. This is an excellent article however i don’t think it is because of pride. America has turned her back on God, killing babies, allowing homosexual marriage, taking prayer out of public places, & so much more….. There will be dark days ahead because we have turned our backs on The LIGHT of the world ! The bible is being fulfilled……

  188. “As in the days of Noah…” go back to Genesis and you will read the state of affiars which led to the flood. It’s the same today. Allowing O to continue in office, will create even greater poverty, insecurity and hatred in the world. But “We are not of this world….” We must enter into the ark and allow the Lord to do whatever it takes to turn the rest of humanity around to repentance. The Lord tells us to “have no fear.” We must intercded for the people in the nation and world to come to the light of the truth. Only the Holy Spriit can draw men and women to Jesus. Walk in the spirit, live in the presence and God will use you and me to bring those in who are willing to come. .. then

    “Come Lord Jesus!” He is willing that none should perish. It’s all about Kingdom (The KIng of Kings and Lord of Lords) returning to the planet to rule and reign. Are we obeying our marching orders?

  189. I too found the article patronizing. Christians ought to vote for those who they think will act in the best interests of Kingdom values. This is not idolatry or looking to man not God but is honouring God. Are Christians supposed to vote for someone who allows the slaughter of millions of babies or for one who does not stand with Israel. What’s wrong with the world is that too many Christians have opted for non-involvement. We are supposed to be salt and light and that includes voting responsibly and prayerfully. According to the Great Commission we are supposed to be making disciples of all the nations teaching them to obey all things that Jesus commanded. I have no doubt that many Christians in America have been praying that God’s will be done as I have. But I would have voted for Romney if I was American. God may have His reasons for Obahama’s re-election.and we have to pray for him. There are too many ‘prophets’ out there ready to jump on the band wagon and breathe judgement on America. I say America, keep on praying and believing for your nation. Revival WILL come .I’m tired of all the doomsday pie- in- the -sky -when- we -die soothsayers. This is where the rubber hits the road. The Earth is our inheritance [Romans 4:13] Jesus brought it with His blood. When the people of God stand up and fight in the interests of the Kingdom,.Heaven stands with them and they win in the end. God Bless America!

  190. Clearly even the sad and unfortunate things in life, including Godless leadership is in His hands, and no Christian would deny that. We welcome the prospect of a true humbling from our Creator by any means, including through the election of a lying, divisive despot who violates our laws — to declare, by a resounding majority, our dependence on God.

    But I am a little confused by this: “because he
    wants to show his grace to a nation gone completely self-sufficient? A nation that is so full of independence, individualism, nationalism and trusting a greed- and fear-based economy that there may be only one way open to heal it from its idolatry and re-align itself with the Kingdom of God: a crisis beyond anything that America has ever seen?”

    This proposition seems to ignore your opening acknowledgment of our massive prayer movement, who clearly rely on Him, and who do not find ourselves to be “completely self-sufficient” but pretty utterly insufficient; and it is precisely those who elected Obama that appear to be the exact opposite of what you suggest – not self-sufficient, independent and nationalistic but government dependent, having significant disdain for our market-based economy, and a substantial level of DIStrust of the wealth creators – who I think you mischaracterize by generalizing a tad too much about greed and fear.

    But then I too may presume too much upon my fellow Americans. Maybe in this election, the ignorant (those who ignore O’s ungodly attributes) are the weak who will humble the proud.

    We don’t confuse America with the Kingdom of God (and everyday are reminded how far away we are), we are only trying desperately to preserve the God-honoring traditions and liberties that others are succeeding in taking away.

    Otherwise, I am certain you are absolutely correct in your premise that God is using this for His own purposes, and a humbling of America by God Himself is certainly the only redeeming thing about this election ~!

  191. Oh, and thank you, and Amen, Val!

  192. Mark Andrew Nov 10th 2012

    I do not believe it would have made any difference to America if Romney had been elected. I believe both Obama and Romney are essentially pawns in the hands of the New World Order, who need our prayer. In the same way, America had earlier been given another “choice” between Bush and Kerry, both who both went to Yale and who both happened to be among the very few who got invited or “tapped” to join the occultic, “Skull and Bones.”

    Did you notice that how the American news media chose to studiously ignore Ron Paul, as if the man simply did not exist or stand for election? Maybe because I am a suspicious concerning political matters, I then realised that this was not a real election at all. Ron Paul was not a part of the general conspiracy of which your mainstream media – and ours in the UK – is a part of. Instead, the media creates a smokescreen of a false battle between left and right, liberal and conservative, so we end up fighting each other instead of having the clarity to see through their lies and partial truths.

    Ron Paul is just a man, and so is Obama. But, God is God, and can send blessings or judgement to the people of America, as He wills, regardless of whether you have a “good” man or a “bad” man for president.

    The Americans, I know, are good people, and even, despite so-called stereotypes, are also humble people. But, despite personal humility, there can also be a pride at a more national or corporate level that stands in the way. There is now no New Covenant version of Old Covenant Israel. The only holy nation is the true and global Body of Christ, Jew and Gentile, American and non-American. God disciplines those He loves. Thank God!

  193. DonaldN Nov 10th 2012

    Such had been the downward progress in New England. Revivals had become less frequent and powerful. There were many in the churches, and some even in the ministry, who were yet lingering among the supposed preliminaries to conversion. The difference between the church and the world was vanishing away. Church discipline was neglected, and the growing laxness of morals was invading the churches. And yet never, perhaps, had the expectation of reaching heaven at last been more general, or more confident. Occasional revivals had interrupted this downward progress, and the preaching of sound doctrine had retarded it, in many places, especially at Northampton; but even there it had gone on, and the hold of truth on the consciences of men was sadly diminished. The young were abandoning themselves to frivolity, and to amusements of dangerous tendency, and party spirit was producing its natural fruit of evil among the old.

    The above statement was written in about 1842 about the Great Awakening in New England in 1740.

    Sounds exactly like the church of today.

    2 Chronicles 7:14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

    The key to this scripture is not to hold prayer meetings and act humble, but to turn from our wicked ways. The Church must separate themselves from the world. We, as a whole, must begin to live out the Word which says,
    1John 3:7 Little children, let no one deceive you.
    He who practices righteousness is righteous, just as He is righteous.

    It is the Church that sets the course of this nation.
    In this I agree with Foolhardy Fred. The apostasy must end and holiness must begin. This is the only way to turn this nation around to be once again the nation known as the Christian Nation.

    Just as when OT Israel was oppressed by surrounding nations when they compromised the worship of God, when they truly returned to God the enemy forces were defeated. (until the final time when God brought the king of the Chaldeans against them because their compromise was too great to overlook any more.) I hope the Church in this nation has not gone too far!

  194. tiffany Nov 10th 2012

    debylynn wrote: tiffaney – concerning obama – what he has said WITH HIS MOUTH – means NOTHING.

    we know this from the WORD OF GOD – it is the FRUIT he bears

    My comment: EXACTLY like many of you speak great words but actions prove otherwise! Just like you may question someones faith, many can do the very same concerning you!

    God bless

  195. There are alot of good points in this artical and coming into the election I began to step into some political activism type things to be a voice to try and keep our specific state from passing gay ‘marriage’. my point is this. I heard the Lord tell me something which goes right in line with what you are saying he said basically: “If you continue to focus where you always have, on evangilism and winning souls, you will get not only what political activity gets (proper votes) but you’ll get the whole person, as they will be devoted to Jesus and hence vote properly, not to mention heaven which is paramount” that being said there is a danger to some of the things I see writen here in your document. just prior to the election I asked a Jehova witness what they thought of the election ( I wanted to know if they’d vote mormon) and she said ‘I don’t vote, I just vote for the coming Kingdom’ well that sounds a little bit like this article ‘ Kingdom of God and not the kingdom of America’. So yes, I am saying I see her comment as not that great yet I know some of us christians say the same thing. keep in mind as I write this I still feel wounded by these election results and fairly hopeless about my country. Yes, I should not make an idol out of america but look at what america is. greatest nation to ever be, unparalleled in God centered formation. America, a nation where freedom to be as God made people to be. We are a blessed people, a place where a microcasm of God and light dwells, very much different than nations under yokes of darkness and communism and excetera, and technically speaking it is not God who puts people in power here but people who do. this is democracy. I know that statement will rub some folks the wrong way but perhaps it would help to think of things on a much smaller scale. 3 people in a room and of the 3 people, a vote will be made for who shall lead these 3 people in say, a 4 hour painting session or you name it, spin class, house cleaning whatever. if these 3 voted on one person and the majority one (2 out of 3) then would you say God put that person in power or the people in the room? so that is my point. also, I see Germany mentioned. hyperboly I know but say Adolf hitler was just elected president of the US. are you going to be like ‘ oh, this must be the one God has to lead us’ and God is soveriegn and all that jazz? NO , No way you are going to be like oh man, I gotta get out of here. (hence the feeling I have). America is a powerhouse of a microcasm of Godly place and should not be thought of as nothing ( or in low or no regard) in order to have higher aspirations for the ‘Kingdom of God’. No, if we like the Kingdom of God, we see that America, precious america needs to stay as that microcasm FOR God. America a tool properly used. fullfilling its destiny. taking it’s place. lets say you have a family. dad, mom and 5 kids. Say it is a Godly family with a good start but something happens, there is a divorce or something and things get broken up less godly etc. are you just going to be like ‘well, God is using this to bring the family to a place of humility’ ? That may be something God does but you better respond this way first: Can this family be brought back together? is reconciliation of mom and dad an option? can we get Johny in a drug rehab program to get him back? how can we seek God in a way that we see how he wants to preserve this family? the family is a microcasm of God’s pressence. but in the same token America is a microcasm of God ( or could be) . so in the same way we don’t say ‘forget the idol of family and go for the Kingdom’ we don’t say ( or shouldn’t say) : forget the idol of america and go for the Kingdom. Now I’m jumping a bit here but lets go back to Obama/hitler hyperboly. let’s say Obama campaigned on a promise that he would kill 5 million babies the day he was re-elected and sure enough as soon as Mitt Romney called to tell he conceded, Obama went around and killed 5 million 1 year olds. just had them shot point blank all within a 24 hr period from 11/6/12. one thing I can gaurentee is that this letter would not have gone out and a more sober attitude would be pressent. First off Obama does not have this evil heart but he is the most pro abortion president ever and he may likely be influential in destroying just as many human lives via abortion as I site in my hyberbolic example. my point is this: we are dealing with serious bad stuff that happens when you vote Hitler or some other bad leader into office. you asked questions. I will answer, but wait before I answer I will have you know a few hours prior to reading your artical I removed a large american flag from my office wall which I had up for years because I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to go on with America. such delema in my heart, and then I read this… so to your questions: yes I am going to (eventually when I get through hurting) pray harder for america than I would if Mitt was in office. yes, we will be humbled by a people more than if Mitt were in office ( more ‘natural’ repentence causing disasters are likely to come via Obama’s leadership and resuling polution on american soil than if Mitt were in).*my opinion, not the Lord speaking* Sure, let God use this current leadership to lead us to our knees, out of dependence on poor ‘american dream’ idols and unto the true God. but just as God is soveriegn over all things in our life such that he uses our mistakes somehow for good, this is perhaps the better way to view the Obama election result ( and senate results as well). specifically: we as americans made a mistake with our personal power and will ( otherwise known as our vote) and so the Lord will do all the things you write in your artical. But as I draw this to a close, just like I wouldn’t want you speaking to my family if it were in dis-array and saying ‘ God is doing this junk to keep you in a better place with Him even if it means destroying your microcasm where God is intended to dwell (the family)’ . In that same manner I say, with hurt for my nation in my heart: don’t say to my nation in dis-array ‘ God is doing this stuff to keep you all in a better place with Him even if it means destroying your microcasm of God where he is intended to dwell (my nation)’ . in summary, I beseech you: don’t forsake America for the Kingdom of God but rather there must be a way to have America thrive, yet through and because of men and women seeking after the Kingdom of God first with america close behind in their heart. When I follow Christ, I never ran off on my family. why do I have to run off from my nation?

  196. Andrew Nov 10th 2012

    Good points, ODC

    There is a balance in all this.

    Bless you!


  197. ValleyAnt Nov 10th 2012

    Peg Flatland, you wrote: “I’m outraged about the judgment you speak out against the good people of America.” With that kind of absurdity, who shouldn’t speak condescendingly about America. Please, tell me how to find the rock you live under and I’ll consider coming to preach the gospel to you: “All have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God.” What good people of America. Everyone falls short of God’s perfect standard, Americans included. You have apparently bought into the lie that America is superior to other nations in spite of the fact that among the nations, we score pretty low in academics and are at the top in crime. Please, pick up your Bible and consider the Book of Romans again. It’s not abortion or homosexuality nor crime and defiance against God that has led to America’s demise, because the Blood is the remedy for all those; it is pride that has already ruined this nation, and there’s no remedy for it but honest repentance (which means giving up ALL the pride and illusions of specialness).

    Pride is the highest abomination listed in the Bible, and just as it did for satan, it must always end in destruction. God saves, but pride betrays. If you believe the people of America are good people (or are better than other nations for some reason and in some way), then you’re exposing your lack of knowledge and rather proudly wearing one of those shirts that reads, “Judge this one”. (Oh by the way, that’s what the shirt called pride reads on the back. Better not to put it on.) Only God is justified to judge (literally, justified to be proud or to be King; to be honored, glorified, exalted). No one or nation can be more good or evil than another by virtue of status, nationality, race, religion. All people are born sinful, and the only goodness that saves is “the righteous that is from God through faith”. We are way past time for getting rid of our national pride, arrogance, and idiocy. There’s death and lots of performance in our pride (we kill others in war, and our young men are killed; for what; pride of course), but there’s no Life in it; we aren’t happy for being good or better than others. We’re still miserable. Time for something real, don’t you think.

  198. Missy Paul Nov 10th 2012

    In the days since the re-election I have had this exact conversation with many members of my home church. God bless them, few are willing to accept that responsibility for the outcome may actually lay with American Christians. I hear “we’ve done all we can.” Have we?, I ask. Further, consider just how long then shall you wait upon the LORD for His perfect plan?

  199. ValleyAnt Nov 10th 2012

    About a month ago, I went with a coworker to buy a truck for work. He got a truck for $1, 000… and of course it had problems. We took the truck back a week later, and my coworker said to the guy who sold him the truck, “I had to calm myself down before coming to see you, because I don’t want to get mad.” I immediately winced and clapped my hand over my face as the seller looked at him dumbstruck. My coworker was trying to be nice, but what he said were ‘fighting words’ that couldn’t come out right if anyone tried. Even now, when he reminds me of the incident, I can’t help wincing and covering my face at his very poorly-chosen word phrasing. He laughs about it, but I wish he could go back in time and consider revising his word selection. My reaction to my coworker’s unwitting ‘fighting words’ is similar to the “Oh no, here comes doom” feeling I get when I see pride parading itself: pride, whether or not we know it, is ‘fighting words’ against God. Because it naturally opposes, attacks, and fights against Him (whether or not we know it), He opposes it in return but gives Grace to those who are humble (those who don’t consider themselves to be less or more than what God has created them to be). I live in America and must speak about what I see here: there are sins not committed in pride where there is hope of mercy; then there sometimes is pride with or without any outward sin which prays only for God’s judgment.

    Thank God for mercy, but there’s a type of pride (that takes the place of God) that when I see I feel a sudden urge to stop, drop, and roll to avoid any firey hail, lightning, impending damnations, or overall burning wrath from God on a person. Okay, that’s a little humor in the midst of a serious thing, but when I see people walking in pride unrepented of, I get that same feeling I got when my coworker used those fighting words. It’s almost like a word of knowledge in reverse– a word of wisdom saying, “Disaster is decreed (finalized) for this person” (unless they repent of course). This assurance of destruction and ruin is in every place where pride sits as king in God’s place (e.g. see 2Pet. 2 and Jude for the finalized and certain condemnation on prideful false ministers, what I feel are the most despairing judgments on anyone in the entire Bible), and the writers of the NT were very well aware of pride’s intimate friendship with Death and avoided it like the trap it is (now, Michael, there’s something you can avoid like the plague and guarantee your safety). Pride guarantees judgment like nothing else, and that’s the reason I’m so aware of it in America.

  200. The Bank of International Settlement and the 162 private central banks worldwide is no secret. They are the shadow government. They lend money to all governments, at interest, despite that each govt may create its own debt without any interest.

    The plan for the world is regional and world communitarian (capitalism/communism) govt. UN Agenda 21 is the detailed plan for the future that touches all aspects of life.

    None of this is secret. If all you watch is the TV, or if you trust the TV, then it is all a big secret to you. The central banks hire the Tavistock Institute in London to coordinate the world’s media messaging to ensure the fake paradign is very believable and seemless.

    This is why you know nothing of what I am writing here.

  201. Not knowing what reality is comprised of, and not knowing the reality you live in, is to spit in the face of God and your own spirituality and community of loves ones, You are living a spiritual farce. If you do not understand your world and your place in it, how are you going to understand your place with God?

    This is why it is important to turn off the TV and shut off the fake paradigm and become a student of reality,

    Being an willing participant in a fake paradigm that is specifically designed to pacifiy you and make you irrelevant is to live the spiritual life of an idiot. Spirituality does not exist in a vacuum.

  202. Whilst America is advanced on a lot things this does not measure up to holiness and righteousness,Human rights respected does add up to God’s righteousness.Instead of reasoning on why and what has happened go on your knees repent and He will forgive your sins as nation.Whilst you are advanced on technology and other staff you are equally ahead on wickedness.America has been an envy of most if not all African countries blindly we have accepted wickedness to rear its ugly head and we also suffer the same consequence.Remember God loves America but He hates sin.

  203. Obama is only full of words and doing what he preaches bares very little oor no fruit. He is going to leave the USA in total debt. He now wants to lay his hands on the money of the rich people and I wonder how many of them are not white. Just a thought out of Africa

  204. BJacobs Nov 10th 2012

    odc – what you said is VERY MUCH the way i feel, as well, but you said it much better than i could – thank you. sometimes this ‘oh, it must be God’s will’ seems like a cop-out of ‘responsibility’ – because we aren’t living in a country where we have NO choice as to leadership – we CHOSE – either through voting for or for not voting against the president (voting independent was the same thing) – we DID choose and i have to say that i think the American ‘church’ is responsible to a great extent for the outcome – but that is something we shall have to wait and see how the LORD sees it, i guess.

    missy paul – EXACTLY

  205. BJacobs Nov 10th 2012

    hans – interesting thought.

    no matter what the president says, it is what he has done and does that says it all.

    for those that voted for him 4 years ago, thinking he was a Christian…well, you had plenty of time to find out the truth – if you voted for him again, i’m afraid you voted knowingly (or didn’t vote against him) for someone that cannot be a Christian because no real Christian could support killing babies and the homosexual agenda. we need to read our Bibles and examine ‘leaders’ by the word of God and not our own opinions. people can say anything they like – God says it is what they DO that matters – and we can know who they really are by what they do, so we have no excuse to be ‘deceived’ unless we just want to be.

  206. Michelle Nov 10th 2012

    Someone who is against abortion, against the homosexual agenda, and actually prays was voted out all because they are seen by the majority of Christians as being in a cult. Even though the fruit is much better coming from the state he was leading than the fruit coming from the decisions, mandates, and executive orders of the one who was/is leader of the country.

    False judgment from Pious Religion is the cause or reason for the continuance of much evil both at the national, state, city, county, and family levels.

  207. DonaldN Nov 10th 2012

    All are talking about Obama winning the election and the trouble the USA is in because of it. Romney was no better. His agenda was basically the same as Obama’s. How is voting for the lesser of two evils the right thing to do? I did not vote for president because there was not a worthy candidate to vote for. This is how far the USA has come in it’s apostasy. Only the church can change the course of this nation. Only by holiness can the church change itself. Repent and turn from the worldly ways. OT Israel said “we want to be like the nations around us.” The Church is saying, “we want to be like the world.” If the people of this nation want to be like the world in their actions and desires, why is it a surprise that we get only worldly candidates to rule over us?

  208. BJacobs Nov 10th 2012

    by not voting, we vote. that’s just the way it works. we live in a country where we are given a choice – but, probably not for much longer. God has used the ‘freedoms’ in this country to spread the gospel – we could have kept them at least a while longer. that won’t be the case soon. everyone says the ‘lesser of two evils’ – is a mormon more evil than any other ‘heathen’ person? we have had many presidents that were not truly Christians – still, Christians voted and picked the best of what was offered because they knew God can use ANY man IF that person will allow Him to – obama has not – romney just might have. our choice – we chose. i’m sure that is not a pleasant thought for the ones that did not vote or voted for obama, but, when is the truth ever really pleasant when it spotlights our mistakes? we could have ‘possibly’ deterred judgment/evil for a season – but we chose not to try. that’s it. we chose not to try. i keep thinking about what odc said – about hitler – i was just thinking that yesterday about that – did Christians in germany who had some ‘bad feelings’ about the man say ‘well, it must be God’s will’?? makes you wonder, doesn’t it? and for those that see adolf hitler as an instrument of God to punish the jewish people – shame on you…..a lot of Christians died in that horror as well – most fighting against the one who had been put into power….but i have a german friend and they said that they were really very ignorant of what he was doing – they just believed what he SAID and followed along – until it was too late.
    wonder why those christians that fought against it and helped the jews didn’t just see it as ‘God’s will’ that hitler do what he was doing?? wonder why they didn’t just fold their hands and pray for Jesus to return? some did – to their everlasting shame.

  209. BJacobs Nov 10th 2012

    “False judgment from Pious Religion is the cause or reason for the continuance of much evil both at the national, state, city, county, and family levels.”

    michelle – you may be onto something there.

  210. DonaldN Nov 10th 2012

    We cannot deter judgement by voting for a particular person for president. God does not judge a nation by it’s government, but by it’s righteousness. Only the church can make a difference. Why should we think the world should act morally? It is not because Romney is Mormon that I did not vote for him. His agenda was not any better than Obama’s. Neither of them are as bad as Nero was in Rome. Did Paul write in his letters to act against the leadership of Rome? He wrote to walk worthy of claiming we are Christians. You cannot claim God gave us the right to vote and therefore we MUST vote.

  211. Michelle Nov 10th 2012


    For those who I call My Own. Stand fast. Do not waiver in your faith. As the evil rises, My Grace will rise in you even more. Fear not the storms. Be a light unto those around you. For surely judgment will fall and is falling due to the decisions of men. I bring the storms, I bring the rain, and I hold all the cords of time in My hands. There are those that will come back to Me in repentance through My Christ, Jesus. There are those who will not repent, and there are those who are My light through all of it. That are and will be My witness to this wayward generation.

    Yes, these times are more the consequences of the actions of men, but I have seen the beginning from the end. My Kingdom will come, and My will…will be done on earth as it is in heaven. How long? For Me, it is not a long time in coming, but for you, it is the patience of the Saints, through the blood of the Lamb and their testimony. Some will say that the Marriage Feast is soon. That it is right around the corner. There are signs of the summer approaching, the season can be seen. But there are many trial and tribulations that must be gone through. For My Christ will come back for a Spotless Bride purified by the fires of these storms that she must walk through.

    Am I more concerned for what the wicked do, or for what My Own People do? Am I more apt to smite a nation with harsh judgment when there are found righteous men in it’s midst, or am I more apt to call My Own back into repentance and prayer through it? What is My Own heart motive? If My True character is seen through the Judges and Prophets, My Own heart would be revealed. If they would only lay down their own pride, and come to Me, I would show them. If only they would lay down their own righteousness, I would reveal My righteousness to them. But one rises above the other, and will not look at their own heart, their own standing with Me. All think they are righteous. All are looking through their own eyes of pride. This is the correction that is needed in the west. This is the correction that is needed in each soul that is called My Own.

    It is the very cry of those who are seen in the righteousness of Christ that will bring on the storms in the West. All storms. Physical, natural, and spiritual. When the wicked arise, then My Own cry out to Me for My hand of protection. When so many become backslidden, are not the storms My Mercy? To answer the prayers of My People in Mercy rather than bringing My hand down in judgment. This is the perspective that I would have you see these current times in. Yes, I bring judgment, but I come through the prayers of the Saints first. I seek for intercessors in the land. Then the judgment is only severe as the repentance. If there is no intercessor in the land, My hand will come down upon that nation or country more severe, for there is no grace and mercy to the unrepentant wickedness that is found there and comes up as a stench to My Throne.

    The will of men does not supersede My will. I bring nations up, and I cast them down when they are seen in pride.

    Those who are walking with Me, and who I call My Own: Do not allow your own hearts to be lifted up in pride when you see My hand of judgment come upon other nations or countries. Do not gloat over the wicked who are cast down. Pray for your enemies, and all those who despitefully use you. Come to Me for My heart, will, and way. Do not neglect your prayer closet.

  212. BJacobs Nov 10th 2012

    i included ‘evil’ as well – i’m not convinced it IS ‘judgment’ as so many declare. that is the real point. when people say ‘judgment’ they tend to think ‘inevitable’ – i mean after all it IS God that is judging. but, it seems to me, we have voted for a ‘known evil’ while rejecting a ‘possibility’ of someone that might have been used by God for good. we really don’t know and we chose NOT to find out…..even though we did know he was PRO israel and would not promote the homosexual agenda – it is, as if we simply could NOT vote for anything less than ‘perfection’ as i believe someone else said. we chose to ‘keep’ the evil we knew rather than believe that God could use a ‘heathen’ to actually do this country and His people – good. He could have used president obama, even though he is clearly not a Christian, but, thus far, our president has made it clear that he will NOT support anything that is Biblical or moral in the eyes of God – why is that so hard for us to understand, i wonder?? that God can use ‘whomever’ allows Him to??

    i think i have to agree somewhat with michelle – i am afraid that the ‘church’ has ‘pulled back her garments’ lest she get polluted by the ‘world’ and refused to participate in something less than ‘holy and perfect’ – even though this is for a ‘worldly position’ – not the leader of a church or a denomination – not someone that we are going to follow spiritually – but someone whose smarts might just have helped us tremendously – but, instead, in our pursuit of absolute ‘holy perfection’ we chose a known evil – a known enemy of the things of God. just the way it looks to me.

    Proverbs 14:34
    Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people.

    this pertains to ‘righteous acts’ – doing what is RIGHT – it doesn’t say it has to be ‘God’s holy man’ that does it – i think we made a big mistake. i also think God is good and will help us, but, i still think we had a choice and me made it and we will have to live with it and, God help them, our children and grandchildren, as well.

    one thing about this ‘letter’ – history clearly shows what happens when people do what we have done – we’re supposed to learn from history – but, usually, we don’t. we certainly haven’t but other nations that are ‘further down the road of evil consequences’ recognize very clearly where america has gone – they see it because they’ve already gone this way themselves. we’ve just ‘joined the throng’ of the stupid.

    may God have mercy on us.

  213. DonaldN Nov 10th 2012

    If the Devil offers two choices, one blatantly evil, the other showing a possibility of good, leading to a false hope. Which would you vote for?

  214. Michelle Nov 10th 2012

    Sounds like the same predicament that Paul was in when he chose to state he was a Roman citizen rather than accepting the judgment where he was at.

    He still wound up in prison, taking the better of two evils, but his hope was in the Lord. That hope bore fruit no matter where he found himself due to the decisions of men.

  215. Lloyd Rose Nov 10th 2012

    Psalm 33 :12 says, : “ Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord ”. Is America’s God the Lord at this time ? Certainly not !!!! America has forsaken the living God to serve idol gods.
    The troubling events that are happening to America at this time are God’s wake-up warnings.The Lord God is exceedingly merciful and patient, especially for the sake of the faithful Christians in America.God is giving first the warnings and the chance to repent and if America doesn’t repent then God will certainly judge America severely,
    God bless

  216. DonaldN Nov 10th 2012

    Not knowing the history of Germany, I will ask if someone knows;
    What was the spiritual condition of Germany leading up to Hitler’s rule?

  217. Jackie Tapley Nov 10th 2012

    thank you for your insightful and needed article. I happen to be one of the Christians in America who voted for Obama and am not saddened at all.

  218. DonaldN: At one time in my research ‘life’, I read in Josephus something I’ll never forget. The German, Celtic tribes, were one of the most feared of the Roman Army. The Romans would fight any tribe without hesitation…but the germatic tribes made them tremble in fear…they wiped out an entire Roman legion(whatever) in the Black forest (quite horrifically)….that was the beginning of this ‘barbaric peoples’ recored history. Who could ever scare the proud Roman army.?..The Germans, who else?. P.S. Romans could not conquer them. First Century – Flavius Josephus Complete Works of…….) I lived during Hitler’s rule. Apple doesn’t fall far from its tree.

  219. Dear brother, thank you for this message from the Spirit. Like many comments posted here I went through the same experience from the Spirit of God the night of the election. Initially I had a very uneasy feeling like if our country had been invaded for the takeover by America’s enemies. But as the night progressed and I conluded that an Obama victory was imminent, the Holy Spirit inundated me and game me peace, and reminded me exactly about what you are taking about here, that the Kingdom of Christ is not of this world. If it was for the world Christ would never be crowned, the world doesn’t want righteousness. The Kingdom of Christ will come when the world is about almost to annihilate itself, and the wicked in America have certainly voted to move at break neck speed into the time of the end of the Church Age. We should be looking up from now on like you said to humble ourselves, seek God like never before, sanctify even more and wait for the Blessed Hope, the rapture of the Church.

  220. grazer Nov 10th 2012

    The followers of Christianity are the greatest followers ever!—Problem is, following Christianity instead of Christ is how we get so far off-track and tangled up in the briar patch.

    Time to get our focus, energy, hope and trust back in step with Christ. His way is way easier.

  221. Ed, grazer: Ditto, ditto!!!!

  222. BJacobs Nov 10th 2012

    you said:
    If the Devil offers two choices, one blatantly evil, the other showing a possibility of good, leading to a false hope. Which would you vote for?

    how do you know it was ‘false hope, brother? how do you know what the LORD could have done through the man?

    that’s just it – we didn’t and so we chose ‘known evil’ instead.

    my hope has never left God – but, that does not mean that we didn’t make a mistake.

  223. DonaldN Nov 10th 2012

    The man is a Mormon. They are a cult against the truth. God could work through a Muslim as well as a Mormon. Why do you condemn me for refusing to choose between two of God’s enemies.

  224. DonaldN Nov 10th 2012

    2Peter 2:18-19
    18 For when they speak great swelling words of emptiness, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through lewdness, the ones who have actually escaped from those who live in error.
    19 While they promise them liberty, they themselves are slaves of corruption; for by whom a person is overcome, by him also he is brought into bondage.

    This scripture is talking about false teachers. This includess the Mormon doctrine. I believe this deception is more dangerous than blatant evil.

    You comment about how God could use this man.
    My concerns are more about how the devil could use this man.

    I will not choose between two enemies of God to rule over me.

  225. Andrew Nov 10th 2012

    One thing we have not thought through, in my view.

    Mormonism would have invaded to a degree we cannot imagine.

    Couldn’t America have become far more spiritually “deceived” as a result?

    Personally, I could not have voted for either man.

  226. DonaldN Nov 10th 2012

    I stand on my belief that there is only one hope for America. That hope is the Church, the body of Jesus Christ on this earth. If the Church does not turn from it’s worldly ways then God is not going to use the political system to try to make the people good.

    1John 3:10 In this the children of God and the children of the devil are manifest: Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is he who does not love his brother.

    Remember OT Israel. They all went into exile, even the remnant, those who did not bow their knee to false gods.
    God will not save America because of the Christians in it. If we learn from the OT we need to remember that God is the one who brought Nebuchadnezer against Israel because of their corruption.
    Only by repentance and turning from our wicked ways will God heal this land. Not by political reform.

  227. Andrew Nov 10th 2012

    Amen, Donald.

    Well said.


  228. Natalie Lind Nov 10th 2012

    Every word in this loving “truth” is right on target. I have been lead to pray in the last few months simply this prayer. “Father in your justice remember mercy,” I as well as other intercessors believe that God is beginning to pour out His just judgements on the USA. I also know that if true repentance doesn’t come this once great nation will not survive. This is not fatalism but truth. We have sacrificed millions of unborn children to gods of covenience and greed. We have become the mecca of pornography. We have not kept in our minds the plights of the widows and children. That God has witheld his judgement this long is a blessing.

    Please Canadian friends as well as other Christians worldwide pray with us and for us that as with Ninevah we will repent in sackcloth and ashes for our grievous sins.

  229. DonaldN Nov 10th 2012

    Study and remember the Great Awakening. In the 1740s came the greatest revival in the western world. People were changed, churches were changed, Christians were changed. Soon after this revival came the greatest political reform in the western world, the birth of the United States of America.

  230. Andrew, have a question. If we are in this world, but not of this world, why are we spending so much time indulging in ‘otherworldly’ matters? With Christians, it is all about “trust and obey”? Are we out on a limb and just trying to outguess God? Truly now, God is, was and always will be faithful to His Word? It makes me think that being In this world is more important than His word states. Every thing we need to know about God is in His Word…and He also stated we’ll never truly know Him…all we’re doing is showing again and forever, that He’s always right. We have to stretch it pretty much sometimes.

  231. New Jerusalem Nov 10th 2012

    I see this article and these comments in the same LIGHT as RANDALL does.

    JOB’S “friends”.

    ALL his friends were wrong, including Job!
    ALL his friends did not KNOW God’s ways, including Job!
    ALL his friends needed to REPENT, including Job!

    People who are caught up in the SAME sins as another tend not to throw rocks at that person or nation.

    So of course, Europe and many other SOCIALIST nations will not find fault with the SOCIALIST Obama Agenda. They have lived quite well for years under the SOCIALIST WAY OF LIFE.

    Does this remind you of the Hebrews who were desiring to return to the SLAVERY of Egypt so they could have their old SOCIALIST WAY OF LIFE?

    Where the Government of Egypt doled out the jobs, the food, the housing, the pharmacopeia, and ALLOWED the Hebrews to enjoy whatever THE EGYPTIANS ENJOYED.

    Num 11:5 NASB – “We remember the fish which we used to eat FREE in Egypt, the cucumbers and the melons and the leeks and the onions and the garlic,
    Num 11:6 NASB – but now our appetite is gone. There is nothing at all to look at except this manna.”

    And Father had this to say about the Hebrews DESIRING TO LIVE LIKE THEIR CAPTORS!

    READ ALL of 2 Kings 17.

    Father was telling the Hebrews that they have once again REPEATED what they did in Egypt.

    2Ki 17:33
    They feared the LORD and served their own gods according to the custom of the nations from among whom they had been carried away into exile.

    NONE of the Nations will be GOD’S Nation until the Kingdom of Heaven is ON EARTH AS IT IS IN REVELATION 21:1

    Wake Up! You have been lied to and are being lied to.

  232. DonaldN Nov 10th 2012

    New Jerusalem
    You have made a bold statement. But you made no conclusion. What exactly is your point and what, in your opinion should we be doing?

  233. Thank you. :'( I live in the US and have seen the toxicity of our churches at such a young age with very very few people to support me. This article is of God. I am so grateful. 🙂

  234. Richard Savage Nov 10th 2012

    Oh, America, your fall from Grace has been more rapid than ours in the UK, and much less deep. It took us a hundred years to get this far from God and fifty years to sell out to Islam. We are morally and spiritually bankrupt, our empire gone and our God given wealth dissipated.

    My American brothers and sisters, it matters nothing who occupies the White House!! What matters are the people with sore knees and tear stained faces who’ve spent days and days kneeling before Almighty God in pleading for your nation. Just one prayer from one of them, a prayer reaching into the very Heavens, will have more power than anything the White House can do. More power than any nuclear weapon. Tell me I’m wrong.

    Brothers and sisters, cease hurling scriptures at one another to prove o theology or a particular piety; cease using he Bible for your own righteousness; cease blaming one another for the mess you’re in. Stop seeing events as a judgement or a warning.

    Take your faith in both hands, kneel until bidden to rise, and plead for America; intercede between God and man, you are after all priests and a holy nation.

    Forget the things of this world – you’re only here for a short life time – and concentrate utterly on the things of Heaven. Breach those gates and be heard on high.

    Then, and only then, will America begin to come right.

  235. Richard Savage Nov 10th 2012

    Allow me to encourage you, America.

    Some of us here in the UK, I know not who or how many, have spent much time on our knees in intercession for our country. It’s being going on for years. One here, one there, and another somewhere else.

    Now, we’re seeing the first green shoots of hope that we may soon make an exit from the EU and regain our sovereignty, regain our nationhood and responsibility for ourselves.

    Our currency is strong, our economy is gaining strength.

    Yesterday, we gained a new Arch Bishop of Canterbury, a God fearing man, a man of prayer and personal holiness. Seemingly the first such man in two generations in that office.Here and there the excesses and deviant spirituality of the last two decades is receding and holiness is breaking through.

    Praise Jesus!

    Praise God, He is our hope through Christ Jesus. We are mindful of the very great promises given in the Bible and some of us are pleading these for our nation.

    If we can do it, so can you America. Go for it!

  236. Forget my question, Andrew. Now I understand…Thank you New Jerusalem. Now I’m back on track. No ‘confusion’. Bless you all.

  237. BJacobs Nov 10th 2012

    no intention of ‘condemning’ anyone. please forgive me if i made you feel that way.

    I do still think we’ve made a mistake.

    I think i am done with all this discussion, though. we go round and round – if someone believes they SHOULD vote it is ‘implied’ that they are not trusting God……oh, well….only the Lord Himself knows and all i can say to anyone who chose NOT to vote is that the LORD will simply reveal to us someday whether we chose ‘wisely’ or not.

  238. Andrew Nov 10th 2012

    If you believe you should vote, by all means vote.

    I don’t really think that is the issue in the article.

    Bless you!


  239. New Jerusalem Nov 11th 2012

    Every DECISION a “follower” makes boils down to 1 thing and 1 thing ONLY.

    What is the Holy Spirit INSTRUCTING EACH INDIVIDUALLY to do?


    Look at the NT scriptures….Jesus and all Disciples/Apostles were INDIVIDUALLY INSTRUCTED by the Holy Spirit.

    Did they ALL DO the same things? Make the same decisions? Like ROBOTIC CLONES?

    They did NOT FOLLOW each other…..they followed the instructions of Jesus by the INSTRUCTIONS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

    Jhn 21:21 NASB – So Peter seeing him said to Jesus, “Lord, and what about this man?”
    Jhn 21:22 NASB – Jesus said to him, “If I want him to remain until I come, WHAT IS THAT TO YOU?

  240. Gee, New Jerusalem. You have the Godly wisdom and command of things I feel, but can’t put them together in words. My spirit jumps with joy though….Thank you for the needed lift…perfect timing!

  241. Liberty Nov 11th 2012

    Richard Savage, I am very thankful for your testimony of the green shoots of spiritual revival in the UK. I have had the UK and all of Europe on my heart for years. I have prayed allot for the UK to have an awakening and to remember their Christian roots. Thank you for your encouraging words for America.

  242. Wolf Simson makes a good point regarding God being in control. It is a mistake, however, to assume that Republicans are Christians, while Democrats are not. Both parties have strong Christian adherents and both candidates have expressed Christian sentiments at one time or another. It is also silly to suggest that “Yes we can” is equivalent to an atheistic declaration of being able to achieve greatness without God’s help. President Obama acknowledges God and prays for God’s blessing on America just as Mitt Romney does. Barach Obama has a deep commitment to social justice, something which God himself calls us all to in Isaiah, the Sermon on the Mount and numerous Bible passages. Mitt Romney expressed several God-honouring positions, but would he have been as keen to achieve social justice? There are pluses and minuses with each candidate. It is important not to make God out to be a Republican – or a Democrat.

  243. New Jerusalem Nov 11th 2012

    It is the Flesh of Man (our sin nature/human nature) that builds BOXES and tries to CONTROL the world and his life by filing all things and people in those BOXES.

    Some of those BOXES are denominations; traditions; governments; cultures; racism; religions; gender bias; age bias; physical appearance bias; EVEN theological doctrines of men.


    Mat 10:34 NASB – “Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

    Mat 10:22 NASB – “You will be hated by all because of My name, but it is the one who has endured to the end who will be saved.

    Mat 10:37 NASB – “He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.

    Mat 10:38 NASB – “And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me.

    As Father tore down the Tower of Babel, so He has torn down all of Man’s Boxes in History before now. (historical empires, cities, governments, nations, religions,kingdoms have all been torn down by God)

    And so Father will continue to tear down ALL of Man’s BOXES until His Kingdom of Heaven fills the whole earth. (And the Kingdom of Heaven is NOT the christian religion) There is NO RELIGION IN HEAVEN.

  244. New Jerusalem Nov 11th 2012

    The MIND of Man is the SIN NATURE/human nature.

    The MIND of Man is corrupt and wicked. The MIND is the SOUL of MAN…..the FLESH.

    Even the worldly physicians and scientists testify to the Truth of the scriptures. They have identified the center of the brain as a “SERPENT” like structure. They have identified that the different parts of the brains are the ROOT SOURCES of EMOTIONS/IMPULSES, AND THE WILL OF MAN.

    HOW does scripture tell us we are TRANSFORMED?

    Eph 4:23 NASB – and that you BE RENEWED IN THE SPIRIT OF YOUR MIND.

    Rom 12:2 NASB – And do not be conformed to this world, but BE TRANSFORMED BY THE RENEWING OF YOUR MIND, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

    Rom 12:16 NASB -………… Do not be wise in YOUR OWN ESTIMATION.

    Col 3:2 NASB – Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.

    Hbr 10:16 NASB – “This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days,


    WHO Renews the mind of Man? THE LORD through HIS SPIRIT.

  245. ValleyAnt Nov 11th 2012

    Thanks, New Jerusalem. Thanks Richard Savage for that very edifying encouragement you shared.

    As Richard and several others have shared over and over, it does not matter who is in the White House; candidates who make it in will be under the control of an elite group of people working to destroy America, etc. Because Americans are accustomed to a society that promotes pleasure first and business only as necessity, we often can’t grapple with the concept of people whose business and pleasure is to run this planet by first destroying the sovereignty of each nation. It is not a theory, but it IS a conspiracy.

    The main concern I see while reading many of these comments is idolatry exposed– the idolatry in our hearts manifested in our focus: Obama and the presidency seem like God Himself to some, but their idols are really ‘comfort and joy’. I just want to see God glorified (something real that actually produces what it promises) and born anew in brand new Christians who are new enough (with no learning or mindsets to get in the way) to be made into “oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of His splendor” (Isa. 61, NIV). I’m afraid that many who are first will indeed be last, but thank God that many who are last will be first.

  246. ValleyAnt Nov 11th 2012

    New Jerusalem, amen. You said that God will continue to tear down strongholds of thought and belief and boxes and prisons that confine and jail and put people in boxes till all that’s of the fallen nature is fallen and His Kingdom fills the whole earth (and that Christianity isn’t His Kingdom). Amen. People are strapped in bondage and often find know. We need that type of preaching in America… on the streets, not just in churches. Till now, Christians sit tight and safe, with only a corrupt government to protect us (which they are doing and are working on doing very well), and the only things buffeting us a little are from negative happenings. We need to be shaken out of our armchairs of selfishness by the Word of God, not just by acts of satan and nature. We need to be saved from poor sins, to stop saying selfishly when bad things happen to us or our nation, “Why me” but to regard others also and say “Why” for ALL to whom bad things happen. God help us and save us AGAIN from our sins. Amen.

  247. Paul J. Henry Nov 11th 2012

    You invite comments, so here are mine:

    You say;
    If any nation wants to become a tower that reaches up to high heaven, it will be humbled by a God who will not share his glory with people relying on their own strength.
    In my 86 years of life as an American, I have never been aware of anyone here imagining or saying that America was anything special except as God has shed His grace upon her.

    Did America have a unique founding? Yes. Please read The Light and the Glory by Peter Marshall and David Manuel for the manifold instances of Divine intervention and provision.

    On a worldwide scale, America has been a unique blessing to other countries and peoples like no other nation on earth. America turned the battle against Germany in WWI and Germany and Japan in WWII. And after the surrender by Japan, look how America immediately began to bind up the wounds and provide help and support for the Japanese people. Look at the Berlin Airlift after WWII when America flew into Berlin food and other vitals in order to break the Russian blockade. Look at the number of nations set free from Communist Russia when America, under the leadership of Ronald Reagan, won the cold war.

    All of the above was accomplished by Christian America by God’s grace.

    During the 1960s a divine restraint was lifted that allowed Satan to have a much freer reign to defile and pollute society. 2Thess. 2:7&8 provides:
    For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. 8And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:
    The word ‘let’ in the above, means “restrain”. Since the 1960s society has been corrupted by more filth and degeneracy than ever before. That explains why the “church” has compromised the gospel; homosexuality and abortion have become “civil rights” etc. etc.

    In my view, Obama is that “Wicked” mentioned in the scripture above, and if so, it portends the very soon return of the Lord. I am certainly looking for him. (See Heb. 9:28)

    Well, this degeneracy has just about run its course and it is time for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. I do not believe that political efforts aimed at moral recovery will avail. Events in the Middle East seem ripe for the fulfillment of prophesy in Obadiah and Ezekiel 38 & 39.

    There are a plethora of scriptures that I could cite to amplify what is said above; however, if you have ears to hear, the above will suffice.

    When Jesus returns, it will be in accord with 2Thess. 1:7-10. I hope and pray to be among those favored saints.

    Paul J. Henry
    Colville, WA 99114

  248. Joseph Nov 11th 2012

    Well said!
    This is the first presidential election that I have not participated in. I am a relatively new Christian ( I am 56, but really I am 7) and am utterly amazed at how many of my brothers and sisters pleaded with me to endorse the secular compromise on the right.
    The truth is that NO ONE was talking about the need for this country to repent.
    I am an American by geography. I know where my citizenship is

  249. luisa48 Nov 11th 2012

    Wow!!!! I believe that came straight from our Lord. No dought. When I read this fear and an anxiety left me. I’m ashamed to say I was fearful and anxious. All Christians need to hear this. I forwarded this to all on my e-mail list. God has spoken.

  250. Ed, Jesus will come when we’ve finished the job He gave us to do – ‘make disciples of all the nations. The ‘Rapture’ is the 2nd Coming. Jesus is going to have ‘a glorious Church without spot or wrinkle’ and He’s got better things for the Church than whisking it out of the world when it’s needed the most. The ‘Rapture’ teaching has breed an apathetic Church with no vision for taking the world for Christ. It’s time for the Church to start thinking and believing BIG because we’ve got a BIG God. Val http//:valpym.blogspot.com

  251. luisa48 Nov 11th 2012

    I truly believe that everybody who voted voted out of fear, including myself. Forgive us Father. When we vote from fear we make mistakes. After all is said and done everybody who voted for Obama and Mitt were wrong. These were some of the main issues: fear, pride, greed, Lack of faith in God and idolatry. Forgive us Father.

  252. Andrew Nov 11th 2012

    Wow – Luisa

    Profound words.

    Bless you!

    Andrew Strom

  253. Nancy Baumgartner Nov 11th 2012

    “…A nation that is so full of independence, individualism,
    nationalism and trusting a greed- and fear-based economy that there
    may be only one way open to heal it from its idolatry and re-align
    itself with the Kingdom of God: a crisis beyond anything that
    America has ever seen.”

    Since when is it unGodly for people to want its government off of our backs and out of our pockets? Its not. And what makes free market capitalism- which has served to improve and enrich the lives of countless people world wide- a “greed and fear based economy”? Its isn’t anymore “greed base” than any other economy! Trusting in wealth and tangible items is a problem for all of mankind, and no doubt God is working in this situation for His purposes- but I see this as America’s “Give us Barabbas” moment, rather than a divine finger-wagging at our founding principles. Your bias is evident in this condescending and subjective article.

  254. BJacobs Nov 11th 2012

    Paul J. Henry
    I feel the need to speak out one more time and simply tell you how I appreciate your wisdom and your perspective as a man who has lived 86 years on this earth and seen all that you have seen. Thank you for sharing that with us.

    I was raised up to believe that we had ‘responsibilities’ because we were born in a nation with such freedoms – I still feel that way and for me, that meant voting for mitt romney. Not because of thinking he could ‘save’ anyone – but, as I have stated before, because I believe the LORD can use ‘whosoever will’ – but I definitely recognize the wisdom of your words and I sincerely thank you for them.

    When people live in nations where they have no ‘choice’ in anything, then they must simply bow their knees and cry out to the LORD for mercy – as we must do, as well – but, when you are given a ‘part’ you MUST seek to understand what that ‘part’ is. We have seen differently as to our ‘part’ – as I said before, only God truly knows and will reveal to us in the end whether we did His will or not. period.

    Someone asked yesterday about the condition of Germany before all the horror took place. I can tell you this – abortion and homosexuality were increasing greatly. Also, the people elected hitler to power – they CHOSE him.

    Here is a link where you can read and up close and personal account of just some of ‘how it began’.


    I will say to you something I saw on a ‘news piece’ – in some places they are putting a ‘figure’ of obama in with the nativity scenes – no, that is not a joke.


  255. BJacobs Nov 11th 2012

    May the LORD bless each of you on this Lord’s Day. I hope that most of you have others to truly fellowship with in His presence wherever you are.

  256. Richard Savage Nov 11th 2012

    BJacobs, I thank you for that link.Henry Ford, I seem to remember, said all history is bunk! Well, even if it’s not, we haven’t learned it’s lessons too well, have we? It will be repeated.

    Whether Hitler came to power in a fair and legal ballot or whether his people were guilty of intimidation is not known. Much speculation surrounds the matter. On the Nazi’s later track record it likely any and every means was employed to secure is leadership. I wonder if such speculation surrounds Obama, or perhaps it ought to be the subject of many questions.

    But again I urge American Christians to be encouraged to pray fervently for their nation, pray without ceasing for no amount of hand wringing and personal recrimination will sop Obama. Only the power of the risen Christ.

    Appropriate that power for America. You can and you must. America’s future is in your prayers. The world will soon know if and how you prayed.

  257. Barry Schmidt Nov 11th 2012

    Look down from heaven and see from Your holy and glorious habitation;
    Where are Your zeal and Your mighty deeds?
    The stirrings of Your heart and Your compassion are restrained toward me. For You are our Father, though Abraham does not know us
    And Israel does not recognize us.
    You, O LORD, are our Father,
    Our Redeemer from of old is Your name. Why, O LORD, do You cause us to stray from Your ways
    And harden our heart from fearing You?
    Return for the sake of Your servants, the tribes of Your heritage. (Isaiah 63:15-17 NASB)

    While this inspired prayer of Isaiah was originally intended for Isreal it is a good prayer for America as well at this time.

    Sovereign Lord of the nations.
    You can glorify Your great name any way you choose.
    You can glorify Yourself by continuing to harden America
    YOU CAN GLORIFY yourself by turning America TO Yourself!
    Oh Lord in judgement remember mercy!
    Glorify Thyself in Thy mercy toward America!
    In Jesus Name we ask!

  258. Marilyn Crow Nov 12th 2012

    It seems to me people confuse the 3 groups that Christ has purposes for –
    1. The Body of Christ – maturing – then judging the world system
    from above.
    2. Israel – Deliverance – to ruling the Nations of earth.
    3. Nations – Judgement on how they treated Israel.

  259. BJacobs Nov 12th 2012

    One thing i do find deeply troubling.

    Lori Kalner – this believer, this pastor’s daughter, that wrote the words you will find if you follow the link above – who lived through hitler’s reign in nazi germany BEGS fellow Christians to do whatever they possibly could do to STOP obama from being elected president. She lived through it. She knows. And she knows that our help comes from the LORD. Still, she pleads with us NOT to allow this – NOT to ‘do nothing’. Does that NOT give you ‘pause’ – does that NOT make you wonder what she REALLY knows that just maybe we don’t? I do. This person who knows and loves Jesus, who lived through horrific times, and came through by the grace of God alone STILL pleads with America NOT to ‘let it happen here’. Not for her own sake, she is old and as she says, is surprised to wake up still ‘here’ each morning. BUT FOR OURS – for the children. I think there is something here that we have missed understanding. I really do. God have mercy on us.
    I’ll just leave it with you all. Go to the link if you care to. Read the words of someone that lived through already what we are ‘entereing into’.

    Someone earlier in this blog said that President Obama was a Christian. Honestly? You dishonor the name of the Lord by saying such a thing. I am not saying that to be unkind to you. I am telling you the truth – have we not brought enough shame to the LORD through the things ‘supposed’ Christians have done and said in our land without declaring such an obvious lie to be truth?

    I said I wasn’t going to speak up any more but after reading through again this dear Lori Kalner’s words I felt compelled to do so. Please forgive me if my words offend you. I am not wanting to offend you – that is not my purpose.

    In Him

  260. Andrew Nov 12th 2012

    Hitler was elected by the conservatives and the “patriotic” types – not the liberals.

    There is danger on both extremes.

    Bless you!


  261. tiffany Nov 12th 2012

    @BJacobs…Actually those who “shame the name of the Lord” are so-called christians who’s hearts are full of bigotry, hatred and racism.

    Here’s what I don’t understand, So many “professing” christians CLAIM to dislike this president based upon policies or whatever, BUT the very same things they CLAIM to dislike this man for were the very same policies under the CLINTON Administration yet not ONE christian sent me a forward email when President Clinton was re-elected stating “Pray for the assassination of this president”…NO not ONE professing christian sent out racial cartoon pictures full of evil, racial slurs, NO not ONE professing christian compared President Clinton with Hitler, NO not ONE professing christian labeled President Clinton as “The Other”..no not one!!! Yet both had the very same ideas, etc. The ONE difference between the two is ONE is white, the other is black!! No…you all that HATE are the ones that shame the name of the Lord! I’ll say it again the main reason this man is hated is because of the color of his skin and it’s EVIL and UNGODLY and I want no part of it and I’m so thankful that someone who was full of the Love of Christ Jesus MY Lord introduced me to him and showed me through scripture His love, my faults and sins and how HE can set me free. Because of that dear sisters love I was able to say “What must I do to be saved?” Has anyone ever asked many of you (besides Andrew) this question or have they RUN the other direction away from our precious Lord rather to to Him! If any of you felt this president was so evil, etc. as many of you are quick to declare, why on God’s earth have you NOT prayed for the man to come to know Jesus as Lord instead of condemning? I just don’t understand it. If you truly believed what you say concerning him, why are you not praying as the Lord commanded of us?? It is the Lord’s desire that ALL come to the knowledge of the truth, that NONE perish, so if you believed as you say he’s not “christian” even though he’s stated he is, THEN PRAY FOR HIM!! I don’t understand why you can’t do this unless perhaps the truth of the matter is you just don’t like the man because of the color of his skin…which I believe that is the issue here! Again, Clinton had the same views and no one protested as they are doing now…. and the way many of you behave, whether or not you’re a christian can be questioned as well so be careful how you judge!

    For me personally I don’t care who’s in the white house because the ONLY Lord and Savior that I have is Jesus Christ the SON OF GOD! So while many want to waste time whining and complaining about this president, and wasting precious time while souls continue to wander, I will do as the Lord commanded and share The Gospel of Jesus and the precious gift of eternal life that He offers to every individual that I meet to win as many souls to Christ Jesus My Lord! I don’t serve the government, I don’t care who’s seated there as I have NO FEAR what man can do to me…GOD is in Control, NOT MAN!

    God bless

  262. Brother Paul Nov 12th 2012

    As a result of the recent elections in America, I believe that Obama will do or at least attempt to do the unthinkable, and that is to run for a 3rd term of presidency.
    As the one world governments’ chosen person, this man has shown and proven that he has the arrogance and contempt to attempt almost anything as far as America’s governance is concerned.
    As a congressional lawyer by profession and trained at the expense and expertise of New World Order strategists, when Obama took first term he personally stacked the highest courts of the land to suit his purposes – and that was and is to re-write the American constitution to line up with NWO agendas.
    BUT GOD IS WELL ABLE to deal with such a person, whether man or woman, AND HE WILL.
    Many warnings went out to the people of America instructing them that this election was possibly THE most important America has ever faced – and the people voted for (or so we are led to believe) the man of their choice.
    In a court of law, if one does NOT agree (in other words disagrees) with something that has been said or done – then by default it is deemed that that person agrees with what has been said or done.
    Therefore it follows, that if you disagree with something but do NOT voice that disagreement – then by default you have just agreed with whatever it was.
    For those American people who were able to but did NOT vote – it is therefore deemed that those people agreed with Obama and agreed with what he stands for. Whether one agrees or disagrees in their thoughts is of no consequence in a court of law – it is only by action or by voicing your opinion that counts.
    Praise God that HE and not Obama or the NWO is on the throne of Heaven, but what must be done on this earth must be done. Biblical prophecy will indeed be proven correct.
    Even so, come Lord Jesus, come!

  263. BJacobs Nov 12th 2012

    Dear Tiffany
    I cannot speak for the ‘so-called’ Christians that you say did these things. I have never received such things nor have I ever sent them to anyone. No true Christian is a racist in any shape or form. I am sorry if my words seemed offensive to you. I am speaking from my heart when i say this man is Not a follower of Jesus Christ, no matter what these other people may be – perhaps they are not Christians, either. I cannot say because I do not know how they live or the things they do. We don’t have to look far at all to see the truth about our President. It is not hidden at all, it is all public record.
    I truly do not wish to hurt or offend anyone here. But, I do believe we MUST speak the truth and I am speaking truth when I say that our President is not a follower of Jesus Christ.

    Did you perhaps go to the link i provided and read what this dear woman shared? I wish everyone would. She is speaking from a very personal perspective as one who has lived through what is ahead for us and she has great ‘understanding’ of what our President is and is doing because of living under hitler. She sent out a cry back in 2008 but who would heed an old woman’s warnings? Apparently, not us.

    Brother Paul, you make a lot of sense and you are right. Praise God that He is on the throne!! May He strengthen each one of us by His glorious grace to be able to face what is ahead and endure to the end that we might be saved – but endure we very well WILL have to do. May we also strengthen one another in the faith and not tear each other down in Jesus’ name.

  264. Cheryl Nov 12th 2012

    As a christian and an American, my duty is to vote when given the option. There are 2 issues that drove my vote this past week; Israel and abortion…I believe God will hold me accountable for my stand on the blessing of His people, Israel and standing up for the unborn. I voted my conscience and my heart…Several months ago while in devotions one morning, the Lord brought King Manaaseh to my mind..so I read up on him..one Bible commentary says King Manasseh led Israel into her “darkest hour of idolatry”..the comment on this king further said that “the blood of the innocent that was on his hands stretched from one end of the kingdom to the other.”.the week before the election, the Lord led me to Lamentations 5…He began to break down this passage of scripture for me..”…Remember O lord what has happened to us; look and see our disgrace..””..Our inheritance has been turned over to aliens..””..our homes to foreigners..””..we must buy the water we drink..””..Slaves rule over us and there is none to free us from their hands..””..Joy is gone from our hearts, our dancing has turned to mourning..” and the verse that brought my heart to absolute tears..16…”the crown has fallen from our head, woe to us for we have sinned..” and on and on He taught me and showed me.I DID NOT want to receive what I was reading..it was a scathing rebuke…I know now why He showed me that…As an American, I am totally heartbroken over my country and the direction it is headed..totally heaetbroken..Thursday night during my prayer time I literally felt like I just crawled up on my Father’s lap and cried like never before..for my country..Now I have a taste of how Jesus wept over Jerusalem..how the prophets wept..my country is headed into her darkest era of idolatry..led by a “king manasseh”…as a christian I look up because my redemption draws nigh….On the eve of the election I was reading in my devotion book from Spurgeon.”Morning by Morning”..Nov 5th he wrote..”You have made this nation the home of the gospel; and when the enemy has risen against her, You have shielded her…’ Lord Jesus, remember the USA….

  265. BJacobs Nov 12th 2012

    I leave you all with blessings in Jesus’ name. I pray that the God of peace will grant you His peace.
    We do not know what is ahead. We do not know how difficult it will be for ourselves, our children, grandchildren, those we love. We do not know what those around us may suffer.
    I pray that the Lord will be glorified in each of us, whatever comes. May we be as ‘lights shining in the darkness’ of this world.

    I am still grateful to be an American. I am thankful for all the good that this nation HAS done. I am thankful to the Lord for allowing me to be born here and to have known all the freedom and blessing that I have known. I am still ‘proud’ of my brothers and sisters in Christ that truly live FOR Him and seek to honor His Name by obeying His Word – I thank God for each one that loves Him and loves His appearing.

    I just want to send out a thank you to each one that is ‘fighting the good fight of faith’ and trying to ‘run this race to finish their course’. I know that I am strengthened in my walk by every other true believer that follows after Him and that is why I say ‘thank you’ – because we all ARE parts of the same body IF indeed we are in the faith.

    So, even though we differ in what we see as our ‘part’ or our ‘responsibility’, let’s just remember that we are NOT each other’s enemy if we are His body.

    God bless you all and goodnight

  266. tiffany Nov 12th 2012

    @BJacobs Again, if you truly believe the negative why are not praying for the individual rather than judge. Why is it no one can answer that? Instead you continue to judge. No, I did not click on any links to read anything negative about anyone as I’m unconcern regarding such as only God knows a mans heart and yes there are many who profess to be christian and do practice segregation and racism and it’s more visible now than it ever was. Like I stated, President Clinton views were basically the same as this president, in fact in some areas worse and yet none of the cruel and evil things that have been done to this president were done to president Clinton.


  267. ValleyAnt Nov 12th 2012

    Dear Tiffany, may the Lord, Jesus Christ Himself, bless and establish you and your entire family in Him from now until the very end of time. Amen. It’s not needful for me to say that you have told a very important truth in all these comments here on a subject we all repeatedly try to tuck away in the cemetery but which is still alive and well. Again, may the Lord, Jesus Christ Himself, establish and bless you and your family forever. Amen.

    It is needful, however, to be a fool so no one will think that I’m some spiritual person. I’m only ever tempted to mock the proud and haughty (the highly exalted in their eyes) who disdain wisdom and determine to be haughty, but someone once said, “Speak softly, and carry a big stick”, and so I try hard to practice that short sermon. But there’s a time and season for everything, and I look forward to the season of raising my voice and swinging this stick. For now, I try to be gentle… Sometimes, I don’t try hard at all.

    There are times when we recognize and acknowledge someone or thing as our enemy or friend. At the end of the first Transformers movie, Optimus Prime and Megatron both recognized and acknowledged each other as sworn enemies; there was no peace or agreement or compromise between them. King Ahab recognized Elijah this way, and David, in the valley, recognized Goliath this way as soon as he heard Goliath speak. There are certain mindsets (for those too unlearned to know what evil spirits are) that I recognize the same way, and Racism is one of them. Not surprisingly, these mindsets and spirits also recognize me on sight, because we’re SWORN enemies. We’re not friends.

    Unfortunately, I often have to talk in riddles, because many people don’t want to hear or can’t bear certain truths: even babies can perceive good and evil, love and hatred; surely, it shouldn’t be too hard for adults to perceive the spirit in a person either. We often can’t perceive another person’s ‘bad attitude’ only when we ourselves aid and abet the same mindset; then we vouch for evil people that SEEM good on the outside, because we too are evil in heart. I’ve never seen a mindset as inferior as that of racism (though the racist are blinded by pride and don’t know this yet). In these last days, the truth will surface, and everything and everyone will be seen as we truly are. Pride and Racism will be exposed as frauds also, and they will be pulled down and humiliated before everyone. Paul Henry and BJacobs and all of you who see through ‘double-standard lenses’ (which makes a thing acceptable or unacceptable depending on who is doing it), God doesn’t see as you do, and God isn’t American nor is Jesus a Christian. Please don’t make me spell it out. No double standard or hatred will enter God’s Kingdom or thrive in the fellowship of the Saints. There’s a hatred of Obama that is tied not to his evil but the color of his skin. Hateful people can’t see that a black president was specifically chosen for this time in a racist country for a reason (chaos first, then ‘peace’). Think with your heads, and tell your racing hearts to slow down. It will be okay. Moreover, “judge with righteous judgment”; i.e. judge with truth (justice, not hatred) in your hearts.

    Finally, I look forward to the return of an authentic Christianity where leaders operate not in childish preferences, as if God cares what selfish things we prefer, but in the wisdom which is from above which is “first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere” (Jas. 3:17). Sincere is a good place for us to start. And while You’re making us an honest and transparent people, come and establish Your own Love, humility, AUTHENTICITY, and truth in America. And Grace upon Grace. Amen.

    P.S. If Paul Henry or BJacobs, or anyone else, wishes to look closer at this monolithic but carefully side-stepped issue of racism in America, I’m definitely willing (though this particular forum may not be the best place to do so). Both the so-called false church and the supposed true church have done a professional football running back’s (that’s my position) job at dodging the more important issues and focusing on lesser ones. Every issue that revolves around love for brethren and others is a primary issue. Our presidents aren’t God; they are not as important as we make them out to be.

  268. BJacobs Nov 12th 2012

    I came back in here even though i SHOULD be in bed and I saw and read your post. The truth it contains moved me greatly. I hear the sound of the Lord in your words. Sadly, but truly.

    Dear Tiffany
    I truly wish someone else would speak up and give you some direction about what God’s Holy Bible actually says concerning this issue of ‘judging’ for you appear to be very confused about what we are commanded by God to do.
    And I do pray for President Obama but that does not make me ‘blind’ to what he has done and what he has refused to do. This man has chosen to support those things that GRIEVE the heart of God. How you could think that a true ‘follower of Jesus Christ’ could do that is beyond me.

    Perhaps someone else can make sense of this because i cannot.

    Goodnight for real this time – may the Lord bless you all.

  269. Hi. Is the USA,or any other nation different than that great city of Nineveh,whom God told to repent,because there wickedness had come up before him.

  270. BJacobs Nov 12th 2012

    ok, dear people, I actually made it into bed this time but my ‘conscience’ was bothering me. I confess that I was irritated by Tiffany’s post and somewhat frustrated because to me it is plain that God’s Word most definitely tells us to ‘judge righteously’ – in agreement with God’s judgments about the actions of men.

    But, Tiffany, I fear I sounded scathing or condescending to you in my frustration and I don’t want to do that. Please forgive me if my words came across that way. I am very serious that I wish you would go back and examine what the Bible CLEARLY teaches on the subject – the WHOLE counsel of God on the matter – but, regardless of that – I do not wish to hurt you and I do not want to grieve the Lord, so please forgive me for responding in irritation.

    In Him

  271. Andrew Nov 12th 2012

    The article is not about “pro Obama” or “anti Obama”.

    It is pointing out different truths altogether.

    I wish that message would get through.

    Bless you!


  272. tiffany Nov 12th 2012

    @BJacobs I’m not confused at all, I understand clearly about “judging” etc., it just appears this is all one sided. When I ask about prior Presidents who’s views may have been the same if not worse and why no one ridiculed that one, no one has an answer. When I ask why don’t we pray for those we may believe do not know the Lord as the word of God instructed us to, no one addresses praying for another soul and etc. it’s simply a continual one sided judging and criticizing just as it is done in the world and I just give up! I am sick hate!! you are right Andrew the article was not suppose to be pro or anti Obama yet that is how the majority posted and I’m not looking for the truths of “fox news” and other one side media. I truly give up, people are going to be as they so choose and still call themselves “christian”. I only feel truly sorry for those they meet who do not know the Lord. Sorry, but when I accepted the Lord as my Savior many, many, many years ago he cleansed me of much and I’m a grateful and most thankful believer on the Lord Jesus Christ and I made the choice to not speak nor gossip, nor read negative things about others but I would PRAY for that person, pray and trust the Holy Spirit to do a work in him/her that they may come t know Jesus as Lord and Savior. This is my heart and it will remain as such. I don’t understand the hate, even when I was in the world, I didn’t understand it. **sigh**

    @BJacobs, please know that I hold no bitterness towards you at all so your apology is not necessary, you spoke how you felt. God bless you and your family. Thank you for sharing your input regarding this article but for me I will continue to pray for this man and his family and serve the Lord as he has called me to do.

    @Andrew, God bless you and your family always. I will not trouble anyone else further on this board nor share my heart at all. I truly give up, people will be as they choose. I know the work you’ve done and so for all you’ve done for HIS GLORY I say…Thank you and God bless!

  273. tiffany Nov 12th 2012

    @ValleyAnt…Thank you so very much for sharing! I appreciate it very much and for everyone else here I say I am very much against many of the policies of this government, it’s just that I prefer to pray for the souls of the individuals rather than chime in with others that spew hatred. I just don’t want to display that kind of behavior to those who are seeking, those who are on the outside looking in and seeking for Jesus. Before I share with one who is lost the scriptures, I want them to first see HIM, see HIS LOVE and then they would be more willing to HEAR the message. For me the way of doing it is through prayer and the Holy Spirits direction and guidance. We don’t have that much time left and so I’d rather spend the time we have trying to win souls to Christ Jesus my Lord and not join groups that want to spew out hatred and etc. Thank you again @ValleyAnt for sharing your words. God bless everyone here. It hurts me to see the “Body of Christ” like this and I don’t feel welcomed here so I’ll leave and I will just continue to pray and Love other as God has LOVED ME. I didn’t deserve His love, but he gave it anyway and so in return I will make the choice to love others and share his love even if hated (something I’ve had to do on many occasion ALL of my life)

    God bless you @ValleyAnt, I understand…I truly do understand!

  274. BJacobs Nov 12th 2012

    I really do not have a clue as to what you are saying. But, that is fine.
    We are truly living in the time when men call ‘evil good’ and ‘good evil’..
    Are we to talk about ‘superhero’ movies instead of the truth of God’s Word? Or even the very REAL experiences of a fellow believer who survived hitler’s reign and has much to warn us about and share with us that we could potentially learn from if we had any desire to do so. To see where we are headed and to understand what will be required of us. I am amazed that we care so little.
    This is a strange place and as I look back over the posts I am amazed how much people think of their own feelings and opinions over the clearly revealed Word of God. But, I should not be amazed because the Church, as a whole, has gone this way.

    Tiffany, I wish you nothing but good.

    May the Lord bless you all.

  275. BJacobs Nov 12th 2012

    Dear Valleyant
    I do have a question.
    You said “Paul Henry and BJacobs and all of you who see through ‘double-standard lenses’ (which makes a thing acceptable or unacceptable depending on who is doing it), God doesn’t see as you do, and God isn’t American nor is Jesus a Christian.”

    Could you please tell me how you have determined that we see through ‘double standard lenses’? Now, THAT is judging it seems to me – not based upon my ‘actions’ but upon your opinion of my view. I am speaking of ‘judging who people are by the clear things that they do’ which IS the Biblical standard. How is that a ‘double standard’ if it is Biblical standard?

    One reason the church is in such a mess now is because we CEASED to ‘judge righteously’ as we were instructed to do. We stopped examining what men were doing BY THE WORD OF GOD and just blindly followed if it ‘felt good’ and ‘loving’.

    This is not good. You speak of racism as if that were an issue here – it is not. Where have you come up with this idea that racism has anything to do with the fact that our President does that which is UNgodly? Is the ADAMANT support of murder of ‘preborn’ children a race issue? Is homosexuality/same sex marriage and it’s promotion and support a race issue? Is refusing to aid/support Israel a race issue?

    Personally, I have found that when people speak in ‘riddles’ it is because they truly have no valid argument and must go round and round the truth to justify their own reason to speak.

    I will ask you plainly, valleyant, what you see in what I have said that declares that i am seeing with ‘double standard lenses’. I find that offensive because it is accusation with no support. Whereas what I am speaking of concerning our President is based on simple facts of what he has done and continues to do.

    A friend told me that many on these sites just ‘enjoy’ arguing and do not really care for the truth and I am beginning to wonder if they were right. Are we more interested in just ‘airing our own opinions/views’ than in supporting God’s view? It is not wrong to ‘search out a matter’ but our conclusions must be based on God’s Word – not how we ‘feel’ or just our ’emotions’.

    Just to keep the record straight. I never said nor implied that ‘God was American’ – the woman whose ariticle I was suggesting we read is German. As for ‘Jesus is not a Christian’ – you completely lose me there. I am a simple person that believes the standards of the Word of God – I am not interested in trying to impress people with my ‘convoluted quirky thinking’ because I don’t have any!

    I suppose this is all just a great waste of time and energy although I had hoped differently.

    But, let’s be clear. If we are going to ‘accuse’ people of things – such as having a ‘double standard’ let’s be able to ‘back it up with facts’. As i have said throughout my time here, Mr. Obama has declared WHO he is by WHAT he has DONE. There is no guesswork and it has nothing to do with his ‘race’. Unless you can clearly see by a person’s actions that they are in error then you cannot accuse them of such error.

    dear Tiffany, you say ‘don’t judge’, but, dear girl, YOU are judging those that say and do these terrible things you have talked about. We make ‘judgments’ all the time based upon what people DO. To say that we should make President Obama EXEMPT from what we ‘measure’ other people’s actions by is just foolish.

    I will not call evil – good.

    As for the ‘real purpose’ of this whole thread, what is it? That someone outside of America is telling us that this can work for our good? Of course, God can work all things together for our good IF we seek Him. That America has a ‘pride problem’ – what nation doesn’t or hasn’t in the past, at the very least? There are no perfect nations because there are no perfect people.

    Job’s friends, indeed.

  276. Michelle Nov 12th 2012

    To speak out against evil, or evil actions is not wrong. Praying against the spirit behind those actions is not wrong.

    The one thinks the other is the opposite, but it isn’t. Repentance is both prayer and action.

    Binding the spirit behind the actions makes room for the person to make their own choice to do good, or do evil. To do what is right or what is wrong.

    Praying that the false spirit or deception be bound over the people who are for evil or are being influenced by evil is another way to combat the darkness rising in America. Personal repentance comes before national repentance. In all the intercession, it is more important that each intercessor also be in repentance for the same sins seen in others. If not, it is just praying to the wind in self righteousness.

    Look back at some of the noted revivals of old. They all started at the individual level, and then those individuals went out into their own countries to make a difference for good. Walking in justice, mercy, and humility before God.

    This country did not slide into the cesspool by gvt entities. It slid into the cesspool because Christians drifted away from God, and did not hold fast the principles of God. Now we have those consequences to walk through because of that decision each individual made to seek their own kingdom instead of looking after God’s Kingdom. Rising up in pride, defiance, we have lost our way. A correction is coming, but for those who’s hope really is in the Lord, their anchor will hold.

    But the warning here is to make sure our own house is clean before pointing a finger at others. Make sure the Lord sees repentance and confession from our own lips before praying against the influence of others, or the judgment will come upon us more severe. For then who will be worse at fault? Each, the unrepentant Christian and the unrepentant unbeliever would be equal in their unrepentant wouldn’t they?

  277. I enjoy getting into spirited arguments…for they give us such remarkable insight about Christians, from every perspective. I have a thought to throw out: Is it just me, or do others ‘feel’, know, the adage “I cannot hate a person I pray for???” My heart seems to soften so I begin to really love them…not my kind of love, earthly, but from God’s view. God isn’t fair, He’s Just. He loves us, but it’s up to each Believer to find the answers to LIFE, thru trial and error….By our WILL, and to Trust and Obey.

    I had an argument with the Lord back in the 1960’s. It was on the the 1st commandment in the Old and New Testiment: “Love the Lord thy God with all my heart….” I told Him that I wanted to, but I found that impossible, cause He came 2nd after my precious babies…I told Him I just couldn’t no matter how I tried. He didn’t answer me right then and there. But through the years He showed me the difference…..My love for Him is beyond earthly measuring…His God kind of love is like nothing this world can give. He’s always loved me and now all the other mandates are kicking in….and oh yes. another bonus came with it: Yes, Christians can judge other Christians, only. Not the world, that’s God’s duty…but He gave us a ‘Godly antenna’ to know one another.

  278. will the U.S. become like Germany under Hitler? I read the Bonhoeffer bio & see a lot of similarities

  279. Andrew Nov 12th 2012

    Mightn’t a Mormon have bought an invasion of Mormonism to America – a flood of deception?

    Why is nobody talking about this??


  280. Hi Michelle, There is a lot of what you say that I have a strong agreement with and yet I’m sure (unless I’ve misunderstood you – and if I have would you please forgive me) you’ve also said that you don’t view Jesus as being God (unless that was another Michelle and if it was please forgive me for bringing this up)…

    The Father is God, Jesus is God and the Holy Spirit is God, They are One and They are One Lord…

    The scripture is clear on this…

    Could you please clear this up for me – where do you stand on the following scripture?


    Love in the Lord,


  281. New Jerusalem Nov 12th 2012

    DECEPTION comes with MANY labels and faces.

    Mormonism is only 1 of many.

    Is Mormonism more deceptive than the Religion Humanism?

    I say NO.

    The Kingdom of Darkness is a COMPLETE system in and of itself. Which includes political, religious, and economic Powers, Principalities, and Rulers.

  282. A few weeks ago I had a dream. God used my former career as a launching point for His message. I dreamt that I had gone into what once was my shop only to find that all the equipment and tools were outdated, there were spider webs all over. The shop was dirty, etc., etc. I picked up a pair of pliers and they fell apart in my hands. As I walked through the mess, there were more questions about why am I here, what am I doing here? I awoke and sensed that God was trying to say something through this. I lay there and started praying. As I asked God what it all meant, He started saying that this is how He viewed the western church….she was trying to do Kingdom work with tools and methods that didn’t work. If any of you get a chance to read Wolfgang’s “The starfish Manifesto”, I strongly urge you to do so. Much of what he says has put legs to what I’ve sensed for a long time but couldn’t express. Much of the church today has as many if not more idols than Israel ever had and the chastening will much more severe than what was ever inflicted on her. God is not about to dispense His glory onto an idolatrous entity. We need to see that in many ways, we fit the same picture as the one drawn through Isaiah in 29:13: “Forasmuch as this people draw near to me with their mouth, as with their lips do honor me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men”. What many do not realize is that what our Lord threatened to do to the Ephesian church in Rev.2 He has done to the western church, and particularly in Canada and the U.S……..remove our lampstand. The western church for all the energy and resources she expends on her wheel-spinning, has become, for the most part, irrelevent to the society around her. Only wholesale repentance and earnestly seeking His face will get His attention. One revivalist in the past put it this way: “Revival is the inrush of the Holy Spirit into a body that is threatening to become a corpse.” Well said!!

  283. Marty Rene Quintana Nov 12th 2012

    Wow! Very well written, and very true! America must fall on her knees! She must be brought down many notches! She needs to look up to her Creator, The God of the Universe! Only through repentance and confessing our sins, and humbling ourselves will things ever change. WAKE UP AMERICA! The writing is on the wall! Confess Christ the Son of the Living God, repent from your pride and humble yourselves! REPENT! REPENT! REPENT!!!!

  284. New Jerusalem Nov 12th 2012

    AMEN, Henry, for your comment. In particular, the following quote:

    “Much of the church today has as many if not more idols than Israel ever had and the chastening will much more severe than what was ever inflicted on her. God is not about to dispense His glory onto an idolatrous entity.”

    This is my comment:

    Much of the western world believes that IDOLS must be tangible property, material wealth, money, or power.
    But these IDOLS are only the SURFACE/easily seen and pointed to.

    The Hebrew and Greek define IDOL as “AN IMAGE ”
    An IMAGE is “imagined” or pictured in the MIND OF MAN.
    This IMAGE can be a dream (american dream), a vision, a desire, a plan, a goal……….

    ALL set up in the MIND OF MAN, BY THE MIND OF MAN. (which is your sin nature….see earlier comments by New Jerusalem)


  285. New Jerusalem Nov 12th 2012

    Please read all of 2 Kings 17.

    2Ki 17:33 KJV – They FEARED the LORD, and SERVED their own gods, after the manner of the nations whom they carried away from thence.

  286. Michelle Nov 12th 2012



    Gen_41:38 And Pharaoh said unto his servants, Can we find such a one as this is, a man in whom the Spirit of God is?

    Just because the Spirit of God is in a person does not mean they are God. Moses had the Spirit of God within him, but he was not the only begotten Son of God.

    Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God. He is the only perfect one. The only worthy Lamb who was slain before the foundation of the world.

    The Spirit of God was within Jesus, and thus, God was/is with us through Jesus. God revealed himself and His plan for a New Covenant through Christ. If we are in Christ, then we are also in the Father, with His Spirit dwelling in us. That does not mean we are God, nor does it mean we are Christ. It means that by the Spirit of God through Christ to us, we also show or are representatives of God to this world.

  287. Michelle Nov 12th 2012

    Sorry, that should have said Joseph, not Moses.

  288. Hi again Michelle,

    Jesus Himself is Emmanuel, God with us…

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
    (John 1:1 NASB)

    And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth.
    (John 1:14 NASB)

    Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God;
    (Hebrews 7:3a NASB)

    Jesus Himself said,

    Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am.
    (John 8:58b KJV)

    Do you believe that Jesus of Nazareth, born of the virgin Mary, is God Michelle?

    Love in the Lord,


  289. Michelle Nov 12th 2012

    I believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin called Mary, and is the only begotten Son of God.

    As you are quoting 1Jn 1 how about finishing up with verse 2

    Joh 1:2 The same was in the beginning with God.

    Says right there with God.

    Then look at 1Jn 1

    1Jn 1:1 That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life;
    1Jn 1:2 (For the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;)
    1Jn 1:3 That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ.

    vs 2: with the Father

    vs 3: fellowship with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ.

    No wonder the modern Christian world is off the rails. Can’t even figure out who Jesus is, and who His Father is in order to come from the alter of sacrifice to the holy of holies.

    Sorry, Andrew H, but there is other work for me to do. Try studying out Ezekiels Temple Vision, and maybe that will get you on the right track.

  290. If we cant agree that Jesus is God risen in the flesh then I doubt that discussion that lacks this central point of agreement will be fruitful.


    Carl Emerson.

  291. 1 John 5:7 For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.

  292. Pastor JD’s take on last weeks election


  293. ValleyAnt Nov 12th 2012

    Dear Tiffany, I want to say forgive us for our hatred and ignorance, but hey, I’m not one of them! Lol. If you will leave this forum, do what is good for you. May God bless your family and wrap you in that sweet Fragrance He has always reserved for the pure in heart– from Abraham to Joseph to Moses to that sweet psalmist of Israel and His Son– the jealous Covering of His Unfailing Love. Amen. God bless and keep you.

    Dear BJacobs (Paul Henry can answer me if he wishes to), I wish I could put an arm around your shoulder and comfort you. In a restaurant one day, I looked and saw the Holy Spirit issue into the restaurant like thick, dense white smoke and fill it completely (as is His custom). The Lord was present to heal and deliver, and healings and deliverance of every kind manifested in everyone there so that people were even delivered from wrong and ungodly mindsets. The Holy Spirit focused me on those being delivered of racism, and the result of all this was unity and genuine love among those there. The Lord was present as King, and racism and pride (false kings) must bow to Him. Everyone was prostrate, worshiping Him (no matter who they were or whether or not they would choose to live for Him after that). The Lord was there, so every knee (including evil spirits and wrong mindsets like racism) had no choice but to bow.

    My favorite part was that the employees couldn’t perform their duties nor the customers order or eat, because the Lord was King in that place, and the Holy Spirit FILLED that restaurant. As I watched this, I recalled this passage: “The priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud, for the glory of the LORD filled the house of God” (2Chron. 5:14). Amen. This began to spread outside the restaurant.

    BJacobs, too bad no one is racist today; we’re all good people and so don’t need to be saved. However, when the Lord shows up, our filthy rags righteousness is exposed and hopefully cast out. I will indeed continue to judge and will speak continually in riddles (to encourage people to learn the language of the Spirit whose words are spiritual and must then be spiritually discerned; these words are stupid to those who walk in the flesh) according to God’s Grace. Only to those who desire to know and walk completely in the truth will I speak always plainly. The Lord spoke in parables and riddles all the time, and there’s no darkness in Him at all. Hopefully, one day, humility will enable you to learn from the only One who is gentle and humble in heart, who multiplies wisdom and power and all good things to the humble but withholds from those who believe they have already attained. Jesus praised God for His wisdom here, and I do too. May the King live forever (and He does). Amen.

  294. DonaldN Nov 13th 2012

    Let me give two scenarios.
    First, a Muslim leader outlaws Christianity and Christians have to go underground to worship Jesus. Our children and grandchildren will know the difference between Christianity and Islam. This will do away with any lukewarm believers since only those truly dedicated to God will continue to serve Him.
    Two, a Mormon leader presents Mormonism as just another denomination and deceives millions of our children and grandchildren, drawing them into the Mormon religion.

    Are we all so afraid of losing our Christian freedoms that we forget that during the greatest times of persecution is when Christianity puts down deeper roots and makes more dedicated believers.

    Could it be that we are blessed to have Obama re-elected, not because he is good or bad for this country, but because God’s people will have to make a stand for their faith and stop being lukewarm?

  295. DonaldN. Obama is not a Moslem.
    That is only ONE of the outright lies that Christians continue to spread for which they will be held accountable by The Truth Himself.

    No moslem would say the things said by Obama in the video at this link:

    Unlike videos that “prove” Obama is moslem – this one is not edited, it does not compile and manipulate individual out of context statements to depict a clearly false “confession”.

    If you want to point out problems with Obama and his administration, stick with the TRUTH – stick with any policies that are in clear opposition to righteousness.

  296. DonaldN Nov 13th 2012

    I don’t care if Obama is a Muslim or not. You are missing the whole point of my statement.
    The point is this. Many are scared because they think their Christian rights could be taken away. I am saying that God, in His ultimate wisdom, could have made the choice for us for the best interest of His Kingdom, not the kingdom of the USA.

  297. Donald, if that was the point you were making it is a VERY good point – but the inclusion of the “moslem” reference (and its falsehood):

    1) weakens the strength of your point
    2) adds fuel to prejudiced (and false) claims that many insist on promoting despite the clear evidence to the contrary.

    I am totally in agreement with the point you now make clear. God is interested in forwarding His own Kingdom, not in making Christians (or anyone else) more comfortable in an earthly kingdom.

  298. DonaldN Nov 13th 2012

    Whether Obama is Muslim or not, again, is not the issue. I used the Muslim point as an example to point out that Romney could have done more damage to the Christian community of this nation through Mormonism than a Muslim president would.
    Also, many Christians believe Obama is in favor of the Muslims and therefore have a fear of what his administration might do, therefore my point is not weakened for these fearful many.

  299. New Jerusalem Nov 13th 2012

    What is the difference between the Muslim religion and the Mormon religion pray tell?

    They are EQUALLY FALSE.

    They both have a FALSE JESUS.

    Jesus is in the Koran and Jesus is in the Book of Mormon.

    It is a DIFFERENT Jesus than the Jesus Christ who is God, was God, and will forever be Almighty God.


  300. DonaldN Nov 13th 2012

    The difference is this, the Muslim believes a person named Jesus existed 2000 years ago, and that he was a good man and a prophet. The Mormons claim “their” Jesus is the son of God (their god)
    As you say, the True Jesus is God, is the Son of God, and will forever be Almighty God. He was with God, was the Son of God before time began, and was manifested to us as Jesus, the son of man (but still God)….

  301. New Jerusalem Nov 13th 2012

    I was being facetious Donald. They are EQUALLY FALSE Jesus’s.

  302. DonaldN Nov 13th 2012

    OK… must be time for me to go to bed.
    God Bless All

  303. Great Article!

    I personally find it very disturbing to watch the crowds at these political rallies. People looking to these politicians and political platforms for hope. People worshiping their God of government. I also detest watching preachers preach politics from the pulpit like they have the mind of the Lord on the issues.

    I would like to see the Body of Christ as a whole abandon their little utopia christian lives that they hope will be preserved by the government and live the gospel as it is written. The Lord’s kingdom is not of this world. The time is short. The kingdom’s of this world will come to nothing.

  304. “””Mightn’t a Mormon have bought an invasion of Mormonism to America – a flood of deception?

    Why is nobody talking about this??


    Maybe, but it would only sweep in what humanism has already destroyed. The locust already ate the plant and only God can prune the root. I am excited about what God is doing in America!

  305. I was stunned when I received the email pointing me to this page. I have been praying for the election and its results for a while now. What I saw, heard, whatever you want to say, was this:

    The Body of Christ in the USA is woefully weak and divided. Yes, there are pockets of strong, prayed-up believers; people who determine to live by the Word of God and who stand for what is right. There are also those who say they are believers who advocate abortion rights; who live in such a way that non-believers don’t know they are Christians unless they tell them so; who cohabit outside of marriage, get drunk, speak like sailors, and dress provocatively; who feel that simply going into a church and uttering some liturgical words on Sunday will send them to Heaven. They get angry when those who are referred to as Fundies or fundamentalists speak out against abortion, living in sin, and becoming so much part of the world that they are no good as believers. Non-restorative plastic surgery including breast implants, skin tight clothes, materialism, pursuing money and status — all these things draw us away from the Word and into the world. The Church ordains gays. Most mainstream denominations no longer preach that sin is sin. People who live together don’t have to be concerned that they are going to be convicted by the sermon on Sunday. Pastors, even those who lead mega-churches, divorce and remarry with impunity.
    There is no longer a consequence for living like the world lives. We’ve become a watered-down mockery of “Come out from among them and be ye separate.” (2 Cor 6:17) We live, party, and sin right along our neighbors in an attempt to be non-confrontational and seeker-sensitive.

    We got what we wanted on Election Day. We got a wake-up call. It’s time to stop being so listless and weak as the Body of Christ. The time has come to get serious; to gather together and pray in earnest; to change our lives to match our words, to stop playing Christian and start being Christians. We say we want revival but we hide our sins. We no longer tell new converts that they need to change. Yes, God loves us as we are — but that doesn’t mean He wants us to stay that way!!! How can we run the race if we’re out of shape? How can we read the Word, apply it to our lives, and continue to blatantly flaunt living in sin, getting abortions, having sequential spouses, and trying to blend in and not offend? The early Church was martyred, tortured, mocked, stoned, imprisoned, and more; how many of us would face the same treatment based on the way we live today??

    30 years ago, if you went into a church and got saved, people saw changes. Women who came in wearing jeans or tight clothes started wearing dresses to church and dressing more modestly. Men stopped going to strip joints, got rid of the porn, and became the leaders of their families. There was a visible change to reflect the inward change that went on in their hearts after accepting Jesus. Today….well, it’s hard to know who’s a Christian and who’s not if you look at what people wear to Sunday services in most churches. Even the pastors wear jeans and shirts with the tails hanging out. It’s a rare thing to see a suit or a nice dress on Sunday morning. My own church — well, I’m one of two women who wore a dress the last two Sunday services. People dress more nicely for a date or to go to work than they do to come to church. As far as I can see, we’ve lost our sense of reverence for God. Coming together on Sunday for praise, worship, teaching and fellowship isn’t special any more. It’s just another thing we do.

    Now – to get off the bunny trail and back to my point –
    It’s time to get serious. We need to get back to being hungry for the manifest presence of a holy, loving God. We need to start acting like we’re Christians and stop trying to fit in with the world. We’re called to be different. We’re called to be salt and light. Are we, really, salt and light today? Do we dress differently, act differently, speak differently, treat others differently? Do people know we’re Christians without us advertising it? Can they see that we’re not like them? Does our very presence cause some to be convicted, to call out to God for His mercy and forgiveness — or are we just one of the guys or girls? It’s time to stop being so lazy. We are the light of the world!!! How many of us really shine?
    Obama won the election. SO….let’s pray. Let’s repent for our nation. Let’s ask for forgiveness for the sin our nation has washed itself in. Let’s beg God for revival, a revival like the Azusa Street Revival, for a cleansing and restoration of our nation, for hearts to be convicted and lives to be changed. This is indeed a call to arms for the Church, the Body of Christ. Will we heed the call? Will we pray, seek God’s face for our country, repent for our lackadaisical attitude and our fear to speak out and be known as a Christian, repent for allowing ourselves to be sucked into secularity with the rest of our country? Will we stand for what is right, or will we sit in our homes and bemoan the fact that our own laziness, our own lack of conviction and commitment, in part led to this mess? Will we be Jesus’ hands and feet? Will we speak His words and love others like He loved them, or will we be silent?
    This is indeed a call to change. I agree wholeheartedly with what was written. As one with a prophetic gift, my spirit bears witness with what has been said in the original post. Wake up, America! This is no time to sleep. We need to shine like the beacon in a dark night that God intended us to be.
    Off my soapbox now….

  306. Andrew, Thanks for posting Wolfgang’s letter. Those of us who have known Wolf for some time know the deep commitment he has to both the organic house church movement and to the Kingdom of God. His ministry has been an on-going blessing.

    Like Wolf, many believers are coming to the realization that it is time to get our attention off of politics and “the kingdoms of this world” and to refocus our attention on The Kingdom of God. In response to the recent elections in the States I felt compelled to write and encourage believers along the same line. My posted article is entitled “Thy Kingdom Come”: Reflections on Politics, Elections and The Kingdom of God”. You can read it here: http://www.safehousesofhopeandprayer.org/2012/11/thy-kingdom-come-reflections-on-politics-elections-and-the-kingdom-of-god/

    Blessings, and keep up the good work.

  307. New Jerusalem Nov 14th 2012

    Jesus continually reminded people to take their eyes off of the NATURAL. ( another word for CARNAL) We do not belong to the NATURAL after we are born again.

    We are to be SPIRITUAL. The Kingdom of God is SPIRITUAL, NOT NATURAL.

    The Kingdom of God is NOT SEEN by the eyes of Man, it is WITHIN THE HEARTS OF THE BORN AGAIN. ONLY THEY have the spiritual eyes to SEE the Kingdom of God.

    One Day soon, the Kingdom of God will be SEEN by EVERY EYE when Jesus Christ gives His Kingdom to the Father and the Father’s Kingdom of Heaven will FILL THE WHOLE EARTH, MANIFESTING PHYSICALLY ON EARTH as it did in the days PRIOR TO THE FALL.

    1Cr 15:24 NASB – then comes the end, when He hands over the kingdom to the God and Father, when He has abolished all rule and all authority and power.
    1Cr 15:25 NASB – For He must reign until He has put all His enemies under His feet.
    1Cr 15:26 NASB – The last enemy that will be abolished is death.

    Hallelujah Father! Open our eyes and minds to Your Light and Glory!

  308. How true a word & how blessed a nation, with saints like these standing in the gap.

  309. Dear Wolfgang,

    You really hit the nail on the head, so to speak. I was depressed, after the election, on the first night. However, I also realized that God had His hand in this. This country has gone far from God, over the past few decades. I believe that Obama was sent as judgment, just like Nebuchadnezzar was sent to the Israelites. This country stands under judgment. We’ve murdered over 53 million unborn babies, the homosexuals are forcing their way into society, and people will avoid calling their “bad habbits” sin. There is no repentance preached in the Church anymore. There is that user friendly, gospel of love, being preached…but it’s not the Gospel of Jesus. Instead of the Church setting the example to the world, the world has forced it’s way inside the walls of the Church. It’s a mess, and I pray the Lord will take care of it. But if that’s to happen, then we, as God’s people, must humble ourselves, pray, seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways…just like God’s word says, in 2 Chronicles 7:14. I am making a call for His people to do just that. It’s time for God’s people to start acting like God’s people…and stand up for the Truth. I’m with you on this one.

  310. ValleyAnt Nov 14th 2012

    DonaldN, that’s well put. I often wish we didn’t have to come under judgment to start seeking the Lord. God is using Obama and the overall fact that our freedoms are being stripped away more and more and that we’re getting our own way less and less to awaken us to our need for an alternative to hedonism and selfish lifestyles. I’ve found that I’ve grown closer to the Lord in seasons of sadness than in those of happiness. This is very sobering.

    Amen Trisha and New Jerusalem.

    I heard yesterday, but don’t know if it’s true, that twenty-three states in America want to SECEDE from the union because of Obama’s reelection. It’s becoming more and more apparent that this thing is about kingship and kingdoms, whether we will choose self and people who satisfy it or Jesus as king.

  311. Pauline Richmond Nov 14th 2012

    Think I will butt out . Everyone has an opinion , too many to read through. Yes to many of the comments I have managed to read but honestly maybe we should all just spend the time talking to God instead of writing endless, endless comments on what are really opinions of men. Allbeit much scripture quoted and elements of truth inall that has been written and said. As for me I just gonna talk to my Jesus. He will keep me i peace. If you really take on board all of this you would never sleep at night. Its all going to burn one day, bible says so. In the meantime think I will just concentrate on keeping my relationship with God alive and sharing the hope of His promise This does not mean I am blind to all that is happening and will not do my best to right wrongs and support action against God’s law. But I will love the Lord my God with all my heart and with all my soul, and my beighbour, whoever that is as myself. Thank you and goodbye. Andrew you do a great job but do you have any joy in your life or walk. Digging too deep is really not going to change the heart of men only bring more confusion. Bless you and people like Wolfgang for trying to alert the world. I