Below are some photos from the wedding of our eldest daughter Jasmine to an excellent Christian man named Gene Brett several weeks ago. It was a truly beautiful and blessed ceremony-

Gene and Jasmine Brett. (Photo credit – Amalia Osborne Photography)

Our four girls – from left to right – Kirsten, Jasmine, Hope and Holly. (Photo credit – Amalia Osborne Photography)

The beaming father and the bride. (Photo credit – Jasher Simmons)

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  1. Jean Louis Hardy Dec 24th 2014

    Praise God!

  2. Louise Dec 24th 2014

    One of the most special things in this world as a Dad is to give your daughter away in marriage, especially to a Godly man that you approve of.

    Congratulations to you all, what a special day in the life of your family 🙂

  3. Ginny Saunders Dec 24th 2014

    Congratulations Andrew to you & your wife. How blessed you are to have four beautiful daughters and now a Christian son to join your family.

    Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Congratulations to your family! What a blessing to have your daughter marry a Godly man! Beautiful girls!

  5. frida pardon Dec 24th 2014

    Congratulations Andrew to you and your wife.God bless the married couple and may He be their guide all the days of their life.
    You have 4 beautiful girls!!

  6. Ben Palm Dec 24th 2014

    Congratulations and may you both have a blessed upcoming year.

  7. Daniel J. Dick Dec 24th 2014

    That is beautiful, Andrew, Jasmine, and family. I cannot believe so much time has gone by since you ministered to us her in Fresno, California. Your kids are all grown now, and now you have the joy of giving your daughter in marriage to a godly young man. May God richly bless you all.

  8. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing the joy and the pictures!

  9. Looking very sharp brother Andrew! 🙂 Congradulations. Will be glad to hear when you are a grandfather.

    Greg G.

  10. Andrew Dec 25th 2014

    Actually, I am a grandfather already, my friend.

    My eldest son has two lovely little daughters. They were both “flower girls” at the wedding, and very cute at it!!

    Bless you!

    Andrew Strom