A joyful celebration of ministry travels among the beautiful people of Africa-

Posted in TV & Videos by Andrew on December 18th, 2012 at 3:59 am.


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  1. Marilyn Crow Nov 27th 2012

    Hallelujah, Thank you Andrew for showing us the smiling faces, the touched hearts who know the love of God. Puts everything into right perspective. Hallelujah.

  2. ValleyAnt Nov 28th 2012

    It was humorous and heart-warming to watch the children saying the hallelujahs.

  3. Teshuva Nov 28th 2012

    This, to me, is the best video I have seen posted at this site. It was refreshing to see everyone having a good time in the Lord. The adults even looked like children to include you Andrew.

    I would also like to add a comment from New Jerusalem, who is unable to post at this time.

    Thank you for sharing this video with us, Andrew. These children have seen Jesus in you because the Fruit of His Spirit is obviously flowing out of you in this video.
    And of course you, Andrew, are obviously filled to overflowing with His Joy of His Holy Spirit.

  4. Andrew Nov 28th 2012

    It is certainly designed to be a “joyful” celebration-type video, which is unusual foir this site – since we usually are looking at pretty “heavy” things going wrong with the church.

    I like doing this kind of thing every now and then – especially related to ‘music’ which has a real joy to it.

    But there is a very serious side to things, which is our primary calling. I only wish “joyful celebration” was the only thing to focus on today. Sadly it is not.

    Bless you!

    Andrew Strom.

  5. Teshuva Nov 28th 2012

    Right now that is all He has me focusing on.
    What He can do, not what the enemy is doing.
    He made me to understand that if my focus is on Him then I give no power to the enemy, because my perspective has changed and He wins.
    David knew in his heart that the battle was won, and that
    is what he went to battle with.
    I hope you get to like doing this type of thing more often as it changes the atmosphere, and when the atmosphere changes so do the people. Truly thank you for sharing. I will be buying this and one other song on the album.

  6. Andrew Nov 28th 2012

    Glad you like it, Teshuva – but think on this fact-

    If Jesus had preached only the “joyful” He never would have been crucified. It was the ‘convicting’ things He preached that got Him killed.

    Bless you!


  7. fabakary Nov 28th 2012

    I think sometimes we enjoy criticizing one another, than encouraging one another. One of the hardest things of our selfish nature is to “give “. Encouraging others is giving , criticism is not giving in fact it is taking from others in that it makes us feel righteous as we compare ourselves with others. Do to others as you will like them to do to you, is an impossible thing for our selfish nature. One time the Lord saw me in a dream about how much of Christian fellowship like this online fellowship is more of attacking one another than building one another. There was a wall where women were seeking the lord in devotion , but the outside the wall is a group of people who were to meet to build one another , I was so surprise to see many outside in that fellowship with knives in their hands purposely to attack one another . The dream was more longer than this , it is not necessary to share the other part of it but one thing is clear is the Lord is not happy when we meet in places like this purposely to fight. Even the rebuke we give in the spirit of the lord would not be something our carnal nature will like, so such rebuke also can be giving. Most of the time that is why we are not interested in building because it takes death to self , to forget our own need and desires to received encouragement and be an encouragement to others. Let drop the knives of self and allow the spirit to use us to build one another , even His judgment which is true will bring healing to His body. I think that’s what teshuva is saying.

  8. Andrew Nov 28th 2012

    Could be, Fabakery.

    You are right that love, joy and peace should be in demonstration on these boards.

    Good stuff, my friend

    Bless you!


  9. watchful Nov 28th 2012

    I think you must be the coolest grandpa around, Andrew. 😉 (We have minstrels at my house too.) It’s a lovely song and very cute the way you put that together. And the people are truly beautiful in the Father’s sight and loved by Him, as are you. It’s wonderful to see the love that He gives to bestow on others and you are like a proud papa among the people. Despite the joyful theme, it’s as though there is a hint of sadness that comes across which touches me, like a longing of one’s spirit which I think we can all relate to, we all who are acquainted with grief. How thankful I am that we serve a God who wipes away tears, and I say Hallelujah too!

  10. ValleyAnt Nov 28th 2012

    Fabakary, I really appreciate what you’ve shared. I agree with more of a need to build each other more often. I’ve been dismayed at how terribly hard people have found it to simply just agree with others selflessly. Much of the agreement I’ve seen appears selfish– like two people may say the same thing and one person will be applauded while the other is ignored. I don’t know how to explain it, but we do need more selflessness and building of others rather than only seeking to share our views. (Even when we agree with others, it’s often selfish rather than selfless.) If Love isn’t first in our Christianity, we are only saving ourselves and can do little for others. How I wish wisdom and not pride was guaranteed with age. May God grant Grace to those who life has hardened to humility or vulnerability so that Life and liberty (and not the letter and the Law) can be the result. Are we waiting for fivefold ministers to come and teach us how to build each other up and live in unity. Those who choose debate over peace expose against all their knowledge that wisdom and righteousness are not out-working in them: “The fruit of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace” (Jas. 3). There’s a time for everything, but the Bible (and any parent with more than one child as well as do all laws of various kinds) makes clear that unity and agreement are the foundation for fellowship… even among sinners and evil spirits. How much more should they not be the foundation for fellowship among Christians.

  11. fabakary Nov 29th 2012

    God blessed you valleyant for those Counsel in spirit. I am blessed

  12. Fun!, I really like the song, very original and well written and seeing your trip there and all the people was great.

  13. Gabbie Nov 29th 2012

    Andrew: I loved the song and watching the people’s faces as they sang, particularly the children, and can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t like it! Bless you!

  14. I loved the video – it reminded me of my mission trip to Ghana with my husband and how precious the people are there. We think we go to bless them but actually they bless us more with their faith, smiles and love for one another. Great job Andrew – love the hat!

  15. Ian & ali murphy Nov 29th 2012

    hey great song….. was just a little hard to hear. apart from that was really great!

  16. I like it Andrew. Thanks for sharing their lives with us.

  17. Doug57 Nov 29th 2012

    Great song and video Andrew

  18. Great, uplifting, thanks. Gorgeous smiling faces.

  19. Thank you for sharing this beautiful song and all the smiling faces in this video, Andrew (smile). It made me smile and enjoy (smile)

  20. Heart warming sacred moments.
    I liked seeing the children who were standing in a row.The middle child suddenly bent over at the waist to reveal a small child carried on her back. That was precious.
    Revelation 7:9

  21. Your email implies there are those who were not so keen on this song but all the comments above are positive. Do I dare bring a negative? Or will I be shot at!!!
    I love the Africans and visit Malawi every year for 10 weeks so seeing the children responding was lovely. But the music? For me personally, no. It was, dare I say, too worldly. Fine if you are just having a jolly but for praising Him – I’d say no.
    Sorry Andrew as I love the stuff you send out but not this time. Do I dare come back to this site and see how many are shooting at me??

  22. Ejimanze Nov 29th 2012

    ‘… God shall judge the thoughts of men’s heart according to my gospel’, Apostle Paul wrote.

    It’s quite a joyful song, but then it all boils down to the thoughts and intents of the heart. If it is a promotion of Self – ‘see ME having a good time in the midst of the poor black natives…’ then…

    Who gets the glory, Jesus or ME? That’s the litmus test I apply to my thoughts, words and actions. And believe you me, 80% – 90% of the time, it’s good old ME that pumps the air with a clenched fist. Good a thing the Lord every time activates the Cross and punctures the swollen head to release the pressure and hot air. Pretty painful but I’m always the better for it.

    Of course I know, Brother Andrew that you are an intrepid missionary. I knew when you took on the mosquitoes in Papua New Guinea and risked your life for the cause of the gospel. I joined in rebuking that nasty malaria that you picked up there. So my comment above is not a criticism but a reality check for one and all to crosscheck our motives for any good work so that our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ may say to us on that day, ‘Well done good and faithful servant!’

    Bless U!

  23. It made me want to go to Africa to minister! There is life there, how beautiful!

  24. jGrace Nov 29th 2012

    Re: the song – I would say, Andrew, don’t look for accolades of man
    nor reassurance from them…..
    just continue to do AS THE LORD ANOINTS & LEADS YOU TO DO….
    bless you, Faithful Brother…… jgrace

  25. Yvonne Nov 29th 2012

    Hi Andrew,

    The song was good. But i have the feeling that the style does not fit you. I think it is better to stick to your own style.

    Greetings, Yvonne

  26. Andrew,
    Loved the video and seeing all the beautiful faces filled with His joy! Also, loved the song! Jesus is praised in our hearts! Be blessed!

  27. That was beautiful Andrew. May I show it in church?
    I like that side of you. We have heard a joyful sound.

    The LORD has me studying His zeal in Isa. 9; 42; and 59-65.
    In Isa. 63:10 the Lord in His zeal becomes an enemy of those calling themselves God’s people. But in the midst of this vision of God’s zeal in judgment there is a praise and a sound of joy. I believe this is a revelation of the joy of God’s people in the midst of His judgements in the earth.

    Yes, things are quite heavy in our world. But be of good cheer, for Christ has overcome the world and will soon return. Hallelujah!

    Let us be zealous for His glory as Christ was.

    Hope to rejoice this Friday night.

  28. Candace Korpi Nov 29th 2012

    This video is awesome! IT is reality and I love how our African brothers and sisters worship! We could learn so much from them about how to rejoice in the Lord always!

  29. HalleluYah! Many Christians I’ve talked to think that hallelujah means “Praise the Lord”. That’s true if they understand that the ‘Lord’ is in fact Yahweh/Yahshua. “Yah” being the shortened family name of both the Father and the Son. HalleluYah is one Hebrew word accepted the world over. HalleluYah! Praise Ye Yah! Also, thanks for assuring me that the guy in the river did not drown. Sincerely, Ephesians 6:24, JimM

  30. ValleyAnt Nov 29th 2012

    And God bless and continue to bless you, Fabakary, for your humility and honesty. And may God bless you and your family and your day and your work. Be blessed for His sake and according to His good pleasure. Amen.

  31. Nice song, the video really put a smile on my face.

  32. I absolutely LOVE the pure joy that these precious people have! I love the children! The music is pure joy-keep it up Andrew. Preach the truth in word AND song. I love the whole thing. What a blessing this video was to me. I want that joy!

  33. Really sweet!

  34. Elizabeth Nov 29th 2012

    Love the song. Its really catchy. What part of Uganda were you in?

  35. Great video! My wife &I were in Kenya/Uganda in 2006 & saw many of the same sites. Thanks.

  36. Dear Andrew,

    Good stuff!!
    Loved the video and the song. Keep up the good work and may the Lord continue to bless you and your family.

    FL — USA

  37. Aleathia Nov 29th 2012

    I loved this video sorry I didn’t comment the first time I saw it. I believe its a demonstration of the love of Christ and breaking down barriers that prevent the spirit of the Lord from flowing thru…..I agree it does show the receptiveness and the openess to gospel of Christ and I think the lyrics to the song and video were both in sync. God Bless you be encouraged. I’m not sure why anyone would have anything negative to say about this video?

  38. Thanks for taking the time to put that together(it takes many, many hours and skill), touches the heart and makes me want to be a part of it. Bless you guys in touching the world for Jesus.

  39. Andrew, the video blessed my heart. Most of what I’ve seen and heard about Africa is heartbreaking but also very joyful when you see how they hunger for the truth and the Word of God. It may be their only hope. It is also heartwrenching to see what is taking place here in the U.S., but I know God is allowing it for a reason, a reason which makes sense to me. Yes, I believe that this country was founded by God fearing, Christ loving men for the most part but when we become too independant of God so as to lose Him in the mix, why would He continue to bless us and let us wallow in false pride and enable us to thrive? I have seen many changes in my 56 years and especially these last 10 since I’ve surrendered my life to Jesus. I trust Him completely and that is where He wants all of us..

  40. Sorry Andrew… rather repetitive, not exactly a great work of art. I also have my doubts that imitating street culture to be cool really helps to appeal to the unsaved, if the idea was to be ‘cool’. Maybe some socially critical theme would have been better for this song, but again, it’s too simple to be good. Then again, guess I’m in the minority here 🙂

  41. Beautiful video. Wonderful people! You mentioned some did not like it? I can’t imagine anyone taking offense with this.

  42. We’ve been to Uganda and Kenya. Joyful, joyful!! Love the video and the song!! Sharing it with others. :o)

  43. Andrew, It was totally cool, fun, and uplifting! It brings glory to the name of our Lord.

    Don’t listen to any negative comments. They just don’t know good music when they hear it!

  44. Dear Martin, Paul the apostle said I have become all things to all people, that at least some might be saved- I bet that didn’t always look culturally correct. It did ,however ,take him outside the synagogue into dangerous places in order to reach those in desperation. I can’t say that I have always done that but want to do it more.

  45. L. Alex Smith Nov 29th 2012

    You can’t go wrong with ‘Halleluyah” ! Meaning Ye praise Yah (YHWH). The two words that always draw my spirit and heart in songs are ‘Holy’ and ‘Halleluyah’.
    Musically, the tune is upbeat and ‘happy’ (I enjoy that), and I love to see the faces of all those singing ‘Halleluyah’.
    The only thing that detracted from it was that weird little high-pitched squealy sound that is used as some rhythm in there. That was an irritant. Hmm, the ‘rap’ part, quoting Isaiah 61:1 perhaps shouldn’t have had as much treble, no bass, like sounding that it came through a really rubbishly tannoy…just make the voice sound regular. But other from that, and that high-pitched squealy thing, it was really GOOD. Cheers Alex

  46. Richard Nov 29th 2012

    Thank you Andrew. Made me rejoice in what God is doing. Like you said Focus on what God can/will/is doing.
    Let the comments of those who perceive darkness in it fall away.

  47. carolyn daly Nov 29th 2012


  48. Beverly Burlingham Nov 29th 2012

    I see Psalm 37 :” delight” yourself in the Lord here in this video .. these wonderful people need the joy of the Lord and if that is what you are called to do , do it Andrew.
    Christians :Do not waste your time picking things apart please.
    Zephaniah 3:17 says the Lord “your” God is with you . He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you . He will quiet ( calm ) you with HIS love. Does not love bring joy, delight. He will rejoice over you with singing. ( joyful songs ) ..
    He will exult over you by singing you a happy song.
    These delightful children of God were so blessed by just a simple message of Alleluia who could take that joy from them.. I am sure Christ is singing over them each second with joy ..
    We should have joy in our hearts to see a smile on their face for Jesus.
    It does not stop there they love the Lord who they sing about. God sees the love and their hearts and delights in it , if only our hearts could be so pure with love. IF ONLY!
    Often “We” pray “God give us back our first love” and then we look at the eyes and hearts of these people and we should rejoice they have that first love we so need .
    God is rejoicing over this Andrew , do not let others take YOUR JOY. Impart it to all the nations , Jesus is alive forever more not dead . He has risen ! Lest we forget..
    Each nationality has it’s own form of worship. It is not the songs it is the heart.
    B B

  49. Hey bro Andrew. I loved the video because it shows your obvious love for a beautiful people. Now the song 🙂 Not my cup of tea as they say but I am always more interested in the heart of the performer rather than the performance. I am also looking for anointing which I realize can be very subjective. I did not sense any anointing on the song bro but again, that’s just me. Keep on keeping on brother. Had a question though, are you still finding the prosperity gospel there, is it still a major problem? I have a buddy who spent 6 years in Malawi and he reported that the many Africans ” come to Jesus,” but their is little change in their actual life-styles. How would you respond to that brother, is their any truth in that statement according to your experience>

  50. Katy Brezger Nov 29th 2012

    I thought it was cute I see everyone was happy, this is good a Merry heart like Medicine and all. why look for any underlying bad, wrong or evil, aren’t we to think on the excellent and praiseworthy rather than look for the perverse?

    one hopes that my Biblical references are enough and that people reading this will remember the verse in Proverbs and Philippians.

  51. sharon moon Nov 29th 2012

    It was wonderful.

  52. You’ve ruffled a few religious spirits with this video and song. Good for you. Keep up the good work.

  53. Carl Hetzel Nov 29th 2012

    I just love it and I believe it is a great addition to your music selection. I can hear a great vocal only version of this song happening in the near future!!! 🙂

  54. Nancy White Nov 29th 2012

    Wonderful way to start my day. I loved it. It had been a very hard year for me and it has been hard to get my joy back. This video put a smile on my face and a positive attitude in my heart.

  55. I enjoyed the fun, joyful praise to God exhibited in the sweet, caring spirit of this video. Very relational, like our God is. I like seeing this other side of Andrew presented (although wasn’t presumed nonexistent). Good job!

  56. Thea du Plessis Nov 29th 2012

    Well done – good portrayal of our beautiful Africa. Love the song – simple, but reaching the heart. Spiritually awesome!

  57. I was so uplifted by it. My hubby and I have been on several missionary trips to Jamaica, and they too have great, lively worship. Oh, that we would lose our conservative way and let loose with worship to Him. Keep it up.

  58. Great video!!!!! Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Kathleen in WA State Nov 29th 2012

    What a fabulous means of engaging the culture, as well as a creative & joyful means of sharing with us what’s happening with the African people (though I know this tells only part of the story). I couldn’t help but think how puny are most of our own problems in comparison to theirs, so to witness their rejoicing was very humbling. Love those little ones!

    Methinks we could all stand a little singing, dancing & shouting of “hallelujah!”

  60. mlcole Nov 29th 2012

    Catchy tune and it is focused on HIM and not “I”.

    Unfortunately, it’s sad to see the people were prompted into doing the Halleluiah parts and it brings the entire thing down.

    In my opinion, redo the video with people that are really worshiping to the song.

  61. i love it

  62. It is a warm and joyful sound. ‘Hallelujah’ !

  63. imredeemed Nov 29th 2012

    While the words are great, it has such a “rapper” feel about it. I’m wondering why you would need a knit hat in Africa? I realize that’s popular with rappers but I question your motives for wanting to be like them. Just a simple video of you working with the people without all the obvious posed scenes and techno music would have been great. And your song referenced the spirit of the Lord was upon you, I’m wondering if you really saw blinded eyes opened literally? Andrew, you’ve touched on this type of stuff in the past, which surprises me to see this. You can’t preach about dragging things of the world into the church, and then do it yourself, that’s called hypocrisy.

  64. There are several of us who hesitate to share our honest response to this video, but because you asked, I will respond.
    My heart was deeply grieved with this piece. If I didn’t know English I would think it was a secular form of entertainment. The music did not suggest worship to me–very short on melody, for one thing.
    Years ago God delivered me from rock music. As such, I see the dangers of it and grieve to see it perpetuated even within the church of Jesus Christ.
    “Therefore, come out from among unbelievers, and separate yourselves from them, says the LORD. Don’t touch their filthy things, and I will welcome you.”
    2Co 6:17 NLT

    Here are a couple of articles by David Wilkerson on the subject:

  65. Susana Hernandez Nov 29th 2012

    Andrew, this is a nice song and a good video. I don’t know where in Africa you were (it would be good to state at least the country), but I know East Africans worship with great enthusiasm. The song does not convey that passion for me (I’m a musician, worship leader) – I think it’s the arrangement, not the song. It needs to be more up-tempo, I think. You could have included the sound of the congregation singing, or at least the kids, or both. It’s too laid back for me. By the way, That part of Africa reminds me of some parts of rural Colombia, including the market.

  66. Susana Hernandez Nov 29th 2012

    2nd comment, after seeing the two before mine criticizing you for looking like a rapper, etc. I think they are exaggerated. I wish the rap part were MORE like a rap. I don’t think they can judge you for wearing a cap. Let them be free from their legalism. I didn’t have a problem with the song, just that it needed more oomph. I thought I was delivered from rock music, too, until I realized it was more the condemnation of the legalistic traditional church causing me to reject so much of my past, not all of which was bad. I’m 62 now and if music and song lift Jesus up without giving me tachycardia (from which I do not suffer) or deafness (that’s been one of the consequences of ministering music for many years anyway), I can flow with it. God still looks on the heart not on the appearance. Pick up the beat a bit, a little more passion in the word Hallelujah (one of the most passionate words in the Bible), and it’s fine. That said, even though I am not nuts about the music, it’s going around in my head, kinda sticks with you.

  67. childofgod Nov 29th 2012

    It was a blessing to see the African people worshipping our Father with such joy and their genuine smiles with the backdrop of your song. In a land stricken with so much poverty and hardship, they can experience the JOY OF THE LORD. We in the western world could and should learn a thing or two here.

    Thank you for the blessing.


  68. Pastor Brian Bennett Nov 29th 2012

    Andrew I liked the song and the high praise of God that it represents. Your outreach ministries to the nations are in full view. Be sure yo stay the course, for the joy of the cross you bare as did our Lord Jesus Christ.

    the faces of the peoples in the vidio were delightful to see.

    Keep the faith moving brother Andrew


  69. Catchy and made me smile… thank you.

  70. Andrew I thought your video and music were well done, but I have a couple of thoughts I would like to express. I see that most of your comments are positive, and the negative ones seem to be only preferences of personal choice. To be fair I have to state up front that I am a former christian, and can not actually consider myself to be one now, so my opinion may be considered a bit biased or prejuducial. Some of the comments have noted how the people in your video are seen to be so beautiful in their praises of God, but to me it seems that you are using them as props for a music video. The one caucasion within their midst just seems out of place, why is he there? I can not help but think that, here once again, is a foreigner who travails through unhospitalble conditions to supposedly have some kind of truth or reason to celebrate to impart for the betterment of these African brothers in the Lord. Why was this video not filmed in a mainstream first world country? Is this not where the best relative impact would be seen amongst a populace able to view a video such as this on their one of many electronic devices? Can it be seen that these African brothers and sisters are benefactors from a video like this or are they simply being exploited to further a ministries’ causes? I have thought for some time now that the church world wide has many things backwards (cart before the horse type). Should not there be individuals from third world countries coming to first world countries to impart to them the truths of the bible? Maybe first world christians would not care to see this happen lest it upset a comfortable lifestyle. I can not say that I have heard of this happening, but I can not see it being overly common. Thanks for reading, Wayne.

  71. Hey Andrew,
    Not my kind of music but as long as it glorifies God, I’m fine with it. Felt some anointing on it too. Love the beanie hat. Nice to see you can have a little fun.

  72. Anastasya Nov 29th 2012

    Andrew, this is not intended as negative criticism.
    When I hear singing about healing the broken-hearted, it hurts.
    I am very ill, and my primary medical diagnosis, for which I am on disability, is having a broken heart. A heart that has been utterly shattered due to repeated extreme trauma of many kinds, including multiple rapes and worse. I expect that in Africa there are those suffering similar to my suffering. My hope is that you would not just sing about healing them, but would actually heal them. That is what Jesus did: He did not just sing about it, and leave them to suffer, as the church in North America has done to those like myself. Jesus actually healed them!
    I could not watch the complete video; the music is too triggering to me and I could find myself in another hospital.
    May God bless you greatly, and may you actually bring to them, including the blind, deaf, lame, those missing limbs, and others, the healing they so desperately need. And then give God ALL the glory. Thank you!

  73. Okay… it was great… seriously… it is what it is and good for you…fun… I am old and have been in the church for years… God is amazing and He uses what we give to him… don’t think it was meant to be a musical masterpiece… it showed what you were doing in a fun and positive way… my grandchildren loved it. And they are the future, not us old people who get set in our ways… and they are young… love the Lord and have not had a missions experience. thank you for sharing!!!! Oh, by the way the tune was simple and the kids picked it up right away… Probably teaching their friends..

  74. I like it!

  75. Valeda VanDerSande Nov 29th 2012

    Both my husband, Wayne, and I like the video. wayne said he liked all the people singing together. I liked what the words said. Thank you, Brother Strom.

  76. Andrew,

    Nice song! Fun tempo, easy to sing, encouraging, Scriptural. As for the commenters taking issue with your wearing a hat and looking like a rapper, my only response is, “Jesus wore a tunic and spoke the vernacular of the day.” Remember, Matthew 19 tells us that the disciples rebuked those who brought the children to Jesus for He was laying hands on them to pray for them and bless them!

    You’re a brother who takes the Great Commission seriously. You’re not ashamed to identify with the poorest of the poor, even “the least of these.”

    I pray you don’t weaken yourself by allowing mere men to divide you–men who cast their assumptions upon you in an effort to get you to meet their Pharisaical notions. The Lord God is your Judge.

    To walk in integrity, we must have a clear conscience. May you not allow the feisty hand of man to assault you in your mind, causing you to doubt your own motives.

    “But He gives us more grace.” -James 4:6

  77. I’ve been praying for Uganda for a long time -decades- and seeing the happy faces and hearing the song was a wonderful treat for me. Thank you.

  78. Cute video! Nothing wrong with being joyful and showing it!

  79. Ros Rowe Nov 29th 2012

    Couldn’t stop smiling and found myself reaching out,wanting to hold those children in my arms.Just beautiful, and doing just what God asks us to do – praise and thank HIm.

  80. Dawn R. Justice Phenix Nov 29th 2012

    I liked the video and the song very much 🙂

  81. Hi Andrew, I see the song representing true christianity, how we are to be Jesus hands and feet as we go about ministering the gospe,. going to the poor to the brokenhearted and the sick and seeing blind eyes opened as the song says, trusting in the word and the power of the Holy Spirit to heal/deliver and save.

    Jesus said will I find faith upon the earth when I return? we his true witnesses must walk in faith and be totally dependant on Jesus our Lord and savior,he is faithful to his word.
    It encourages me to get out more and to pray more drawing even closer to our precious Lord. He is still a God of miracles he changes not the same yesterday, today and forever.
    God Bless, lynn

  82. Loved the song. Was it cold in Africa that you needed a stocking cap?

  83. Jimmy Guenther Nov 29th 2012


    I loved it! It was great to see you again, even in video. And it was really great to see the joy on the faces of the believers there. The children, the adults, the believers, praising our LORD with joyful singing.

  84. Sunny Coast Nov 29th 2012

    It was a very uplifting, encouraging and joyful video. It portrays a very clear picture of Gods heart and the exciting things he is doing in the earth.

  85. Graeme and Jean Nov 29th 2012

    Very enjoyable and uplifting. A great glimpse of the openness and response of the African people to the gospel.

  86. Bob Bosh Nov 29th 2012

    Hello Andrew. I did enjoy it . Thank you.

  87. cool dude!. Leave the boring religious moaning saduccees in the dust and do some more bro.thankyou God for our kiwi preacher being happy.

  88. Mick 2 Nov 29th 2012

    Hi Andrew and All,

    The time will come when God’s people will come to see that everything God does, is out of love. He has no moodiness; He has no “hard side”; God is love. We might consider His judgement “heavy”, but His judgement is righteous and good. If we saw clearly, we’d rejoice in all that He does. Start now… for soon He will destroy Satan’s kingdom here, and permanently. He loves the smiles and the laughter; hates the crying and the suffering. Embrace it all and rejoice in all His doings. Give Him the benefit of the doubt. Know Him and receive all of His ways, and He will bring His eternal kingdom of love, joy, peace…

    Salaam, Mick

  89. Very wonderful music! The joy of the Lord is conveyed mightily! Thank you!

  90. Thank you for sharing,it was so beautiful,i loved it,would love to meet the children.

  91. Tilman Nov 29th 2012

    This is really a nice clip. It’s still on my mind, still 2 days having watched it – which is a good sign. More important than the music is the love between you and the people. That’s the message we need.

  92. I wouldn’t expect this from you Andrew, sorry. One more reason why I’ve given up looking for a church. Just when I think I’ve found one… the pastor does something worldly, like makes a cool Christian YouTube video. Really? This video is destined for the A Little Leaven website.
    “What then is this bleating of the sheep in my ears and the lowing of the oxen that I hear?”

  93. Stacey Nov 29th 2012

    I loved it, I found the song refreshing and uplifting, something that is hard to find in a lot of “Christan” music these days. And watching the children and adults was fun, I love African people, they shine joy despite their circumstances, which is also hard to find in the westernized church. Thanks for sharing!

  94. Barnabas Nov 29th 2012

    Enjoyed every second for challenging contrasts of poverty of spirit and joy of the Lord. For the prayer prompting that all should find healing in Him. Also found blessing from listening to other Stroms songs.
    May the Lord free us to be unique in Him. May we all have eyes to see, hearts of compassion, ears to hear the voiceless.

  95. There is praise music, worship music and testimony music. This seemed to me to be a joyful song of praise and showed a testimony of your heart for the poor and broken. Only God knows the intentions of the heart. All this talk about anointing on the song and this deep spiritual talk is really overboard. The song was uplifting, joyful and it showed me another side of your ministry and personality as a brother in Christ. I do not think it was self serving or glorifying nor exploitive. It touched my heart because it is true the African people are very musical and joyful in their own praise and worship. I am sure you made them laugh and uplifted them. I can’t believe you were just singing a song and then ignoring the poor as so many other ministries do in order to raise support.

    Worship music should always be anointed as we are singing to the Most High. Praise music should glorify and be personal expression and uplifting or reflective. Testimony is just that, telling our story in Christ.

    Who cares about the hat or what you are wearing, Talk about legalism and self righteousness. If you were naked, this would be another discussion.

  96. Enjoyable, I will try to share it with my church, Western churches have so much stuff and very little joy of the Spirit like these folks. I see the same with my friends in Miwani Kenya. The website has similar manifestations of the Joy of the Lord.

  97. Andrew Nov 30th 2012

    Yes – though they have little in possessions,

    they have much in simple “joy”.

    Well said, my friend.


  98. dritan Nov 30th 2012

    The song looks good and you Andrew look good with the cap on but it would be a total exaggeration if you think that you went there and healed the broken hearted. I do not like at all the fact that africans are like sheep which can be so easily led by anyone about doing anything like for example you say to them laugh and they will laugh and sing and they will sing. I did not like at all the guy swimming in the river which looked like somebody drowning in need of great help. I agree with Anastasia and Wayne and i also like Fakabary’s comment. I am not trying to discourage you through criticism but because i was asked to comment i am going to comment what i believe about it. The video looks like you are the one who went and saved them from all their problems and hurts and they all became happy afterwards. If it would be less of you into the video trying to show yourself as a redeemer by quoting the verse in Isaia than it would be a great song of rejoicing because it would be simple and it would be a song of joy and celebration with other brothers and sisters in Uganda and the name of the Lord would be lifted up. amen
    I would not take the step and comment what i think is not right here if you hadn’t asked me.The grace of the Lord be with you.amen

  99. Dear Andrew,

    I love your new song and video and actually think it could even be better. It’s a hit!!! Great job, give my love to your family.


    Pastor Perry

  100. Andrew Nov 30th 2012

    I have heard a couple of people comment that the guy in the river looked like he was “drowning”. I felt we showed clearly that he was “running the rapids” deliberately and triumphed. Those guys do this all the time to try and get money from those watching. There were 2 of them doing it on the day we passed through. They definitely did not drown!

    Bless you!

    Andrew Strom.

  101. Enjoyed your joyful video/song! 😀

  102. DL Sheron Nov 30th 2012

    Made me smile! The part where you drove through the muddy water reminded me of my times in Haiti. Thanks for sharing your joy in the Lord.

  103. I have always known Andrew as a musician before preacher & later a modern day phrophet. I expect many thought John The Baptist out of place in his time and missed his message. Beautiful song, beautiful people keep pressing on brother Abba has much for you to do!

  104. Serenity Nov 30th 2012

    Beautiful people, and done in a good spirit. We’re never going to agree on every detail, but having the heart right is a great start.
    Well done, Andrew.

  105. Richard Harrison Nov 30th 2012

    Brother Andrew,

    Honestly brother, I’ve never been much for rap music, it’s not my style, but my kids like it. However, when I watched your video it caught me off guard, I didn’t expect it from you brother; at first I thought, “Wow, this is different, is that Andrew?” And as I continued to watch it I felt moved, not so much by the music as by the Spirit. It was as though it was the HEARTBEAT of the FATHER, the spirit of a heartfelt throb that longs to see revival in the land, that longs for others to see the same truth too, that there’s POWER in HIS name. I couldn’t help myself, I began to dance and praise YHVH. I felt an anointing that was coming from your heart and connecting to the heart of Yeshua our Messiah.

    I can identify with the words because I spent many years in the mission field in third world countries and seen and felt many of the same things your are sharing in your song. It has been several years since you came to our little town here in Washington and shared your heart with us. The Electric Company offered us a little room so that all the people from different denominations could come together in one place to hear the word of the Lord that He had given you. I have been receiving your e-mails ever since and love all of them. I can testify that you are truly following the Master’s Heart in these very last days and he will revive us here in the good old US of A if we trust Him, if we let go of the distractions. Each one of us knows our own hearts and Yeshua knows our hearts better than we do. He sacrificed Himself in order to heal us (spirit, soul and body). If we don’t trust Him, if we don’t give everything to Him, are we not saying that His sacrifice is insufficient?
    So who are we fooling, only ourselves. We must let go of them and trust HIM. We must worship HIM in SPIRIT and TRUTH. What am I talking about? If one of us or all of are hurting, we must give the pain to him. If one of us is running, stop. If one of us is hiding, come out. If one of us is angry, forgive. Etc……………. There’s healing in the name of Yeshua, ALELUYAH!

    God Bless you and your family Andrew,

    P.S. Could you please send me the guitar song sheet with chords to this song brother. My 17 year old son, (Joshua) has a desire to minister in music and would love to play this song to the youth group at their campfire coming up.

    Love in Messiah,

    Richard Harrison
    [email protected]

  106. Jeannine Nov 30th 2012

    Beautiful African children. Their beaming faces have lifted me. And we in the U.S. think our life is a struggle? To smile in adversity is a grace and a blessing to others. Thanks, Andrew, for the praise and smiles and that you see God’s plan which extends beyond the present to an ultimate good!

  107. ValleyAnt Nov 30th 2012

    It was an uplifting video and song. Jesus fit in so well with His day that no one thought Him special in all the many years of His upbringing, His hometown people were surprised when He suddenly appeared as ‘a Healer and a Rabbi’, and the ministers of the day accused Him of ‘chilling with sinners’. We need to make room for Grace or we’ll be missing much of what the Lord will be doing in these last days. He always catches the religious by surprise.

  108. watchful Nov 30th 2012

    …Valley Ant, am just reflecting on how differently things look through the eyes of grace, when we’re in the spirit as opposed to when we’re not in the spirit….I like being in the spirit so much better because then we see things through the Father’s eyes as He sees, through His eyes of amazing grace which covers our stark nakedness. Wish I would stay in that place every minute of every day, in every circumstance, though alas, can’t say I’m there yet, but am only humbled by the things He uses to teach me and hope that by His grace I will learn aright.

  109. Cathy McIndoo Nov 30th 2012

    Awesome! The Presence of the Lord was ALL over me as I listened to this, watched the wonderful love you’re giving these children, folks. Thanks to you Strohms’ for being obedient to the Lord’s Truth and sharing it!

  110. Stephynia Limongello Nov 30th 2012

    I thought your heart shines through int eh video, and to me that is the important thing. Obviously seeing the your greeting by the man at the first of the video said it all, those people were blessed by you and your ministry. I imagine that’s the kind of greeting Jesus got as well. When our hearts are pure before the Lord hten everything else falls into place.

  111. sharon Nov 30th 2012

    Happiness in the midst of having almost nothing of material wealth.
    Yet if you have never had some things you would never miss them.
    They have bad roads, poor cities, and happy Christians.
    Good place for the power of the church to progress.
    Praise is always a good place to start.

  112. Good to see you singing, smiling, joyful! Maybe people will see another side to you and to the gospel. You have some very serious messages, and rightly so, but there is this “joy unspeakable and full of glory” that we should never lose or forget about!

  113. Andrew, I’ve never heard ‘rap’ music that I know of…So I can be an honest critic. I enjoyed it greatly. Those precious people are so special, also. I think of ‘Jesus loving the little ones who come unto me’. Of the older ones who make a joyful sound….Of David who sang out to praize the Lord. (I’m willing to say some didn’t like his music either:). It was a “new” sound to me, and it is very catchy….Thanks.

  114. Andrew Nov 30th 2012

    Joan – thankyou for your kind words. I do not really consider this a “rap” song since it is mostly all melody – except for the spoken Scripture part in the middle.

    So to me it is not “rap” as such. I consider the whole thing a kind-of “joyful melody” overall. That is all I can think of.

    Bless you!


  115. I liked the song and loved the pictures even more! Praise the Lord for the Body of Christ in Africa!

  116. ValleyAnt Dec 1st 2012

    Watchful, I wish I could see through eyes of Grace all the time and be in the Spirit all the time. I’m probably doing any of those maybe 5% of the time right now. Therefore, I prefer to err on the side of mercy 🙂 For now, I’m just, like the song, “Oh, oh, oh, oh, staying alive, staying alive!” I hope by His Grace I’ll also learn what He wants to teach me.

    Now, have exhausted my limited mercy, I agree with Anastasya, Dritan, and those with similar sentiments. I believe that sometime around 2,000 years ago, we as Christians lost the ‘acts’ and settled for the ‘words’. I don’t think it’s wise to preach, teach, talk about, or sing about anything in the Bible that we aren’t doing ourselves. This isn’t necessarily because it appears hypocritical but more because 1.) there’s no integrity in speaking good news but not bringing it, and 2.) there are many, many, many Christians like Anastasya who are more hurt from words without actions and for whom good news must come with action. On one hand, this video is uplifting for some; on the other, it is harmful for others. The conclusion of the matter is contained in the Bible, in the human conscience (i.e. common sense), and in every last molecule making up all of God’s Creation: God spoke, and it came to pass; in the same way, Christianity for anyone in need is dead without supernatural power. Without God’s supernatural power, people can survive and smile, but without it, people can’t live (to any measure of abundant Life). We can mean well without it, but we can’t do well (effect any real or lasting change) at all. Unless God means to withhold His Grace from us, no one needs to be in the dark concerning this fact: we need God’s power today, and we need it now.

  117. ValleyAnt Dec 1st 2012

    I read over some of the comments again and just want to share some of my heart which is in relation to what Anastasya, Dritan, and Wayne shared. I didn’t get to truly realize the totally compromised Christianity of Western nations until I became homeless in ’03. It was when I saw the interaction between Christians (churches would volunteer at the homeless shelters) and the homeless that the Lord began to open my eyes to what I can only call a hybrid Christianity. Like the mule, a hybrid mix between a majestic horse and a lowly donkey, Western Christianity, a mix between God’s Word and human preference, is sterile and cannot bear (lasting or real fruit). James said that faith without works is dead; this is just what Christianity is today. It’s a monstrosity, an alien lifeform, a mix of darkness and light (and what agreement do those have).

    I once listened to a minister preach a message that was so powerless that he could’ve preached it in a pagan temple of ancient times during an orgy, or in Sodom, and no one would’ve noticed him. This gospel is the one they take to nations like Africa. Powerless Western Christians, aware they have nothing to offer their neighbors, feel good about themselves when they go to places like African nations where the needs are so apparent that they can offer something. Not having Jesus, they have nothing new to give their neighbors, so they make for nations where they feel appreciated even if they don’t have Jesus. Living in the States for 24 years now, and having a tremendous burden to see authentic people at all let alone authentic Christianity, I’ve grieved and am still grieving at this impostor Christianity that indeed can ‘save into Heaven’ but can’t impart Life or healing or resurrection or holiness. My concern is the same as Jeremiah’s in chapter 8: “Is the Lord not in Zion? Is her King not in her… Is there no Balm in Gilead?” In the same chapter, Jeremiah tells the overall condition of Christianity and the world today: “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved!” We sing songs about good intentions, share encouraging words that we don’t really believe, and preach about a Love we exempt ourselves from showing. How can one not be grieved by this hybrid religion of Death (powerless power) that has power to speak but not to act. The whole Creation is awaiting the real thing and is groaning for the ‘naturalness’ of what really comes from God and is not hindered by human preference, sin, and compromise.

    While we say things are going okay, this just isn’t what I see, and I don’t sense the Lord’s pleasure with our Christianity today. In spite of all the happy talk, I still see it as Solomon did: “I returned to consider the oppression taking place under the sun. I saw the tears of the oppressed, and they have no comforter– power is on the side of their oppressors, and they have no comforter” (Eccl. 4). Those who are hurting or oppressed experience not the power on the Lord’s side through Christianity but experience their oppressors and ailments as having the power; and as long as ‘an oppressor’ has no ‘Stronger’ to challenge it, it indeed remains ‘in power’ (Isa. 49:24-26). And the Lord saw things as they really were and still are: “When He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd.” God help those who acknowledge their need to be patient until He establishes Jesus, and not a sterile hybrid Christianity, in the earth.

  118. Sherry Dec 1st 2012

    Uplifting, joyful song. I am blessed and will share it.

  119. All you critics need to take a mans hisory, at least what you know of it, before critisizing a small portion of their actions. Knowing a bit of Andrew I doubt if he went to Africa to make this video. It’s probably 1% of all he did.. Born in Africa & now 66yrs old i’m so glad he brought some fun & laughter to them. Laughter is good, like medicine. Too many American preachers go just to see how many hands go up after their meetings. I’m thoroughy sick of foreign preachers coming to africa & showing their meetings & how great they are & leave for home with fat heads & people who got not much more than an innoculation. An annoculation is getting a little of the right thing. I see the results with sickening regularity here. Well done Andrew for mixing with them outside of meetings. I can just imagine the “somg & dance” there must have been throughout the time you were there. Knowing some of your history tells me there would have been plenty spiritual input & the clean fun would have made you far more real to these folk. A big WELL DONE from a white african.

  120. Paul you know what you sound like?
    I had a cat & it ran into the sea, now in the sea there are fish, now fish have scales, now when you eat fish if you don’t remove the scales when you eat the fish you choke & have to go see a doctor. Now doctors are expensive & few people can afford them so what is the truth of my story we must all see??? Keep your cat in the house or you won’t have enough money to buy food….all spent on the doctor

  121. Sorry Paul. I forgot this little fella in my reply 🙂

  122. Hallelujah, also spelled halleluiah, halleluyah, and the Greek and Latin form alleluia are transliterations of the Hebrew word הללו יה (Modern halleluya, Tiberian halləlûyāh) meaning “Praise ye Yah” or “Praise Jah, you people”.[1][2][3] The last syllable is from the first two letters of the name of God, YHWH (also transcribed JHVH).[4] “Praise Jah” is therefore a shortened form of “Praise Yahweh”[5][6][7] or, in another transliteration of the name, “Praise Jehovah”.

    Hallelujah is found primarily in the book of Psalms. ……..
    The term is used 24 times in the Hebrew Bible (mainly in the book of Psalms, e.g. 111–117, 145–150, where it starts and concludes a number of Psalms) and four times in Greek transliteration in the Christian Book of Revelation.

    In the Hebrew Bible hallelujah is actually a two-word phrase, not one word. The first part, hallelu, is the second-person imperative masculine plural form of the Hebrew verb allal.However, “hallelujah” means more than simply “praise Yah”, as the word hallel in Hebrew means a joyous praise in song, to boast in God

  123. Barry Beattie Dec 1st 2012

    I like the lyrics and the video clips, especially those of smiling African kids. But I think you need to get the song professionally produced. I guess it depends on what you want to do with it.

  124. ValleyAnt Dec 1st 2012

    Ian, perhaps you should name your critics before making an address. If what I said is taken as criticism, then you must be tucked away safely away from the real world. I too am from Africa but live in the States.

    In most courtrooms, the judge makes a decision for one and simultaneously against the other. This, however, isn’t how the Lord always judges. When He judges, He measures justly or with impartiality. In the case of Job, God rebuked Job, the only righteous person there, for a very long period of time. He then turned and judged Job’s friends with a short but more severe judgment. He had rebuked Job for his ignorant words, yet, He told Job’s friends that Job had spoken right words. This seeming contradiction only makes sense when you see that in God’s courtroom, there’s no partiality: He rebukes where rebuke is merited and praises where praise is warranted. But today, we Christians are wiser than God. We pledge allegiance to our countries and to our ministers and then choose to deny or turn a blind eye to their shortcomings. If we judge with partiality, who but we benefits. We’ve been for way too long saying, “I follow Paul. I follow Apollos. I follow Peter…” There will be no power and witness of Jesus’ resurrection (no PROOF that Christianity is ‘the only way’) until we yield allegiance to only One and therefore judge with righteous judgment. Until then, we can pray all we want for revival, but will have to settle for all the false manifestations we see today. And all we will do is complain about it. If satan gives false revivals through false Christians, then SURELY, God gives true revivals through Christians who are true.

    God blesses everything that is good, no matter how far short of perfection it falls (afterall, Sunday School and children’s ministry isn’t supposed to be serious or spectacular); but His power attends Integrity and Truth. In our world where everything is fake and Christians are plastic, integrity has no meaning (though it was Jesus’ own integrity that gave Him power with God), but when we see this spiritual principle come to pass, then we will understand that God’s ways are not our own and that His Word is truth (is good, trustworthy). “Let right be done though the heavens fall” (Caesoninus). Call things as they are (truth) and therefore make room for Grace upon Grace.

  125. Ian, are you Ian from Christchurch New Zealand?

  126. Paul, what business have we to haggle much over the Hebrew which originally started with pictures, then letters which were all consonants?Even the name Jesus, which we love, was Grecianised from Le Zeus into the way we pronounce it today, as the greeks had no j& not knowing Him, but associating him with their pantheon, assigned him that name. I do my best to address Him as Yeshua- which came from the name Joshua, meaning God our salvation.I guess the main question is, however I think of Him, do I actually allow Him to transform me into the images that the bible sets forth or just retain him in my intellect as a good man? If my intellect is as deep as I allow him, then I mustkeep himin the pantheon with the rest of the gods.

  127. imredeemed Dec 1st 2012

    VAlleyant, I couldn’t agree with you more. It seems most “christians” would choose to compromise with the things of this world rather than admit that holiness within the church has gone down the tube. It seems the ones seeing the truth are usually ones that are going through “hell” here on earth, mostly physical issues. My husband has been in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the chest down, for 32 years and just recently was diagnosed with cancer. We both grew up in the nominal baptist church that said miracles were not for today. About 15 years ago God began working in our lives, and led us both into a true relationship with Him and we both realize there’s so much more to christianity than we knew. Since then we’ve seen and have been subjected to the hypocrisy and the lack of compassion within the church. All of the prayers for healing that have not come to pass, all of the prophecies of healing that have not come to pass. People who are fortunate enough to live “normal” lives, apart from ongoing afflictions really don’t understand the frustration of having to hear all the singing and preaching about healing and deliverance and never seeing it. We are convinced that until holiness, true holiness, not the churches modern definition of it, returns to the church we will not see the power of God. We, as I’m sure you have as well, have been criticized for being too harsh, but if speaking the truth (hopefully in love) is harsh, then maybe that’s what we need. What else would YOU call a person who prophecies that my husband will be walking by a certain date, and it does not come to pass? We call that a false prophet, but we’re too harsh. What do YOU call someone who while praying over my husband says I can feel the healing flowing through you right now, yet nothing happens? I call them a fake healer. What do YOU call someone who tells you that it’s your problem that you’re not healed, not enough faith? I call them uncompassionate. And it goes on and on. So as much as people may like this kind of “christianity”, it’s not what I see in the Bible. Whatever happened to, “and He looked on them with compassion and He healed them all”? And “…greater things will ye do”? So keep making your videos, keep singing your catchy songs, keep preaching your nice sounding sermons, all the while the sick and dying people all around just sit waiting for the true Jesus of the Bible to be manifest. When will we wake up and realize something’s wrong???

  128. I’m Redeemed –

    Under the Old Covenant when God sent a prophet to heal someone, he healed them so they would be better. Under the new covenant, everything he does he does for eternal purposes. We are not going to just float in heaven and play harps. We are going to rule and reign with him. Many who walk the earth with physical ailments have high callings in eternity and God is using the ailment to build strength in them to do what they are called to do in eternity.

    For many the gifts are their God without regard to what God is doing in an individuals life. It is an incredible thing to see in the spirit and extremely common with people that walk in healing and prophetic gifts. I see it in many of these charismatic churches or if I turn on a healing minister on TV. Healing and prophetic gifts working through someone and God off doing something else. They walked away from God a long time ago and have no idea. They are not submitted to the Holy Spirit.

    I am not saying whether God is going to heal your husband or not. He needs to seek the Lord on that and God can heal him directly if that is what the Lord wants to do. Even when the Jesus of the bible returns, he will be healing according to his will not ours.

  129. No, I am in the RSA never been to NZ.
    Name my critics? I refer to all the folk who are critisizing Andrew regarding the video. All the rest of your post is nothing to do with the matter under discussion.
    Tucked away somewhere? You must be kidding, i’ve been in involved in church & leadership for 40 years. I am also involved for the last 2 years with some 60 pastors motivating prayer in churches from every denomination & ministry “flow” in SA, & meeting with some of them weekly.
    I am just tired of peoples critisizm, & then listning how spiritual they are & how they have all the answers.
    SOmeone told mother Teresa how someone wrote some nasty things about her. Her response was “I am so glad they wrote that & not the real truth of how I really am”.
    One day a lady criticized D. L. Moody for his methods of evangelism in attempting to win people to the Lord.
    Moody’s reply was “I agree with you. I don’t like the way I do it either. Tell me, how do you do it?”
    The lady replied, “I don’t do it.”
    Moody responded “I like my way of doing it better than your way of not doing it.”
    I dislike selfrighteousness. Don’t we all.
    All you folk who are critisizing pastors & churches, I would ask you one question. How much do you REALLY love them? How long each day do you spend praying for them & Blessing them in the Lord Jesus name.
    There is much wrong with the church….very wrong…. BUT ONLY GENUINE LOVE & PRAYERS WILL HELP. Folk who critisize are not praying or not praying enough. You’re praying enough for them when you cry to God for His Grace & Mercy on them & love will flood your heart for them.
    redeemed: As much as I feel for you & your husband (I was the director of a national counselling ministry for many years, I understand hurt & compassion) you need to realise you are part of the church & are as responsible as them for yourself & husband. So is the question not “when will I wake up & realise something is wrong & be part of the answer where God has placed me?
    Do we not need to get back to the matter of the video?
    Be Blessed

  130. Last post refers:
    The question IS when will I wake up…..

  131. imredeemed Dec 1st 2012

    Jeff, my husband seeks the Lord every day, and at this point he would much prefer his healing “directly” from God instead of validating any specific ministry. If physical ailments are to build strength for a “high calling in eternity”, then why do we seek His kingdom here on earth? That is what’s so frustrating. When the things in Mark 16:17&18 do not follow the believer, then it seems we need to come up with some other reason instead of just taking things at face value and realizing something is wrong. We long to see His kingdom come, His will be done on earth, but if we just continue along as if everything’s fine I don’t think we’re going to see it. In 2 Chron 7:14 it talks of conditions for God to bring about the healing. If we as christians don’t want to do the “if”, specifically the turing from our wicked ways, then why would God do the “then”? And the ones that are truly seeking God and turning from the wicked ways are the ones that the church criticize for being the “holier than thous” and are told to relax a little. It’s time for the church to, pardon the phrase, “put it’s money where it’s mouth is”, otherwise the world will continue to view us as nothing that they really want, or just another social club to add to their agenda.

  132. It was a “joyful” melody”, Andrew, exactly, with wonderful visuals included. Have you noticed?…Throughout my life, many teachers, preachers and evangelists have had lovely singing voices?…adding talent to that joyful sound. How Great Thou Art, Lord.

  133. imreedemed –

    I agree the church is not what it needs to be, but in a sense that is irrelevant to you and your husband and your walks with God. We will all be judged for our own walks.

    Not all physical ailments are building strength for eternity. And even if God intends to use it for that, someone can not respond correctly. I used that as an example because that is your husband’s condition and that is what God showed me in a dream was going on with many of them. God is doing everything according to his eternal purposes and that it is what I was pointing out. I am just typing on the internet and have no idea what God is doing in your husband’s life. It is relational between him and God.

    It will always be a faith walk and contrary to what some teach as faith, it takes more faith to pray as Jesus prayed in the Garden, “not my will but thy will be done”. If God gave your husband a promise of healing, he will inherit by faith just as people inherit any of God’s other promises. I love the book of Hebrews because actually discusses how we are to inherit the promises of God.

  134. ValleyAnt Dec 1st 2012

    Ian, the people criticizing Andrew doesn’t include me. You shouldn’t use your years in ministry so quickly. If you knew the greater works that people much younger than yourself are presently doing, you wouldn’t be so quick to boast. Jesus was only three years in ministry and only in His early thirties and did more than you can begin to believe. Your forty years and the outcome of your ministry speak for themselves. Pride and hardness of heart tend to come with years in ministry, not holiness, signs, and humility. I trust I won’t have to boast (and make fools of those who boast in themselves and not in the Lord) except to the humble who when they hear are glad and not jealous or unbelieving (Ps. 34:2). Don’t waste your time arguing with me. In time, if you are still alive, you will meet a ‘league of extraordinary gentlemen’ who may not have fame, following, or experience but will have authority and power with God that everyone, including principalities and powers, will become witnesses to.

    Imredeemed, you are right. The people who seek to lay hold of the undefiled Word are usually those who’ve gone through many things and can’t settle for less than what the Word actually says. I’m sorry about your husband. You said, “So as much as people may like this kind of ‘christianity’, it’s not what I see in the Bible.” Amen. We’ve changed the meanings in the Bible to suit our powerlessness. There’s so little humility that can say, “We are missing it. We no longer have the power.” Yet, it’s apparent we don’t have the power, because if satan can actually work miracles through Christians, then why can’t God? Hello. We are quick to say how many false miracles and kundalini are at work among Christians… but we can’t admit that while we can so easily move in the miraculous from satan as CHRISTIANS, we can’t move in the miraculous from God. Imredeemed, the Lord has answers for you and your husband and for so many who don’t have the luxury of settling for what the Bible doesn’t support. But those answers are found among an apostolic people, a people who are terribly and unfortunately rare in our day. They are a people of the Word and the Spirit, an obedient people who don’t pick and choose what to believe, a people who work many miraculous works and don’t boast in a few religious works. I don’t know what to tell you, but I’ll tell you that according to God’s Word, it is His will that the lives of you and your husband be restored. There’s just too much unbelief and too little “Love mixed with faith” among Christians for Him to work with. If we don’t live expressly according to God’s Word and the TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ, how then should we live.

  135. jfreak Dec 1st 2012

    I didn’t know you could sing too! Awesome. Lovely to see another angle of who you are. Lurrrrve the hat.

  136. imredeemed Dec 1st 2012

    Valleyant, thanks for the encouraging words. You sound like someone we could relate to pretty quickly. Not sure where you’re located, but it would be great to meet you and talk to you. From our experience, because of our passion, it’s kind of hard to have fellowship. Not only because of what we believe but because a lot of christians put the worldly pursuits before true christianity that’s there’s really no time left in their schedules for fellowship and true ministry. It’s sad.

  137. ValleyAnt Dec 1st 2012

    Imredeemed, I find the same issue here. True and meaningful fellowship has been hard to find. Most people seem to be able to do without it. I’m in Michigan. Where are you guys located.

  138. imredeemed Dec 2nd 2012

    ValleyAnt, we’re in PA, unfortunately. My sister lives in Caledonia, MI, but definitely does not share the passion. We do have fellowship with people, but it is pretty much all surface, if you understand what I mean. We really don’t get too personal, even though we would like to. We are very flexible since we are self employed, but others are just way too busy with jobs, kids, houses, etc. It’s hard to do the iron sharpeneth iron thing when the irons hardly ever touch. 🙂

  139. ValleyAnt Dec 2nd 2012

    Imredeemed, I seem to find myself touching more wood, hay, and stubble than iron myself. The enemy seems to be the only one who wants to ‘sharpen’ me (more like scrape me) and not for good.

    In the past several months, the Lord has been speaking to me about apostolic fellowship and of joining me with likeminded brethren (Ps. 133). He has told me latest (about two weeks ago) to pray for the unveiling of those who are true brethren. I’m still in the process of praying for this revelation.

    (To simplify, apostolic fellowship in summary means a fellowship of people who ‘live the Life’ and THEREFORE are attended by and experience God’s miracles, provisions, and presence in a greater way than is common in ‘normal Christianity’. It’s Ps. 133 where in the presence of genuine fellowship, the Lord COMMANDS, not rations or trickles, the blessing that can’t be had outside this authentic communion. It’s in the context of this type of fellowship that Isa. 58 will become an experience for many: “Then your light will break forth like the morning, your healing will spring forth speedily, and your righteousness will go before you; the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard. THEN you will call, and He will answer. You will cry for help, and He will say, ‘Here I am’.” Amen.)

    Why don’t we exchange emails (I believe we can do so through Andrew), communicate more in depth that way, pray, and see what the Lord will say and do.

  140. Valleyant I don’t know why you’retaking issue with me. My first post was meant for the critics of the video. THATS ALL If you wern’t a critic then its not for you. Daily I meet young wonderful men in the ministry. I just HATE the constant critisizim of pastors & churches. It has nothing to do with me & my ministry. The critisizim of Andrews video is an example & people are so keen on critisizing that they go off the topic to critisize pastors & churches.
    Thank you to everyone who made positive input. Andrew, your way of doing it is better than our way of not doing it.
    But enough. Be Blessed

  141. Andrew I like the joy and simplicity of the song soaked in the truth of the Word Jesus and the word revealing him. It reminds me of something I wrote some years ago:

    As music of the broken-hearted, in the silence of dark nights,
    tears fall on hard ground.
    Hard ground, a hardened heart, with cracks from a long lasting drought.
    The man who knows all the sorrows cries with the broken-hearted.
    His tears pierce the darkness as shooting stars.
    Tears and tears fill the cracks, soften the wounded ground.
    Slowly the ground is prepared for new to receive seeds of love, grace, future.
    Seeds of comforting words of him who knows the heart, created the heart, created you a unique design of the creative Creator.
    Seeds that will grow in tears wet ground, seeds that once bear fruit, fruit of the change to cry again with others with a broken heart, to soften their wounded ground.
    Walking, crying in the footsteps of the One that lives with us as close as breath, tears, the beat of a wounded heart.
    Be still and know that I am is God.

  142. I think music is very personal. What can be a blessing for one, can be horrible to another. My wife and I are very different when it comes to music, but we both love the Lord and respect each other in their musical choices.

    Jesus died for all, not just for the ones loving pop or organ or easy listening. I think there are a lot of people thinking that God loves only their kind of music, but than why did He give us the talent to develop a wide variety of musical styles?

    So let’s build each other up with words of love and wisdom, and respect each others musical preferences from worship to metal and beyond. The lyrics should give God glory!

  143. ValleyAnt Dec 2nd 2012

    Thanks, Ian. I like the video, the music, the rap (because I also sing and rap myself), and the beanie cap. It was a blessing to the children.

  144. AGazette Dec 2nd 2012

    So let’s build each other up with words of love and wisdom, and respect each others musical preferences.

    We live in a world of Opinions.

    The problem with the internet is that someone can be thinking one thing and they do not convey it properly in writing a comment.

    Then everyone attacks their comment and starts railing about how unchristian they are, not realizing that maybe they meant nothing by their comment in a bad way. But maybe they did mean harm.

    It would be nice to have a board where there is nothing but love and praise, good fruits of the Spirit permeating the conversation.

    But in reality contention will always be present to some degree because men are prone to have different opinions.

    I do not see in the NT where everything was absolute perfection. Let’s look at the Apostles first off:

    Acts 15:38-40
    But Paul insisted that they should not take with them the one who had departed from them in Pamphylia, and had not gone with them to the work.Then the contention became so sharp that they parted from one another. And so Barnabas took Mark and sailed to Cyprus; but Paul chose Silas and departed, being commended by the brethren to the grace of God.

    Well what about in church:

    1 Corinthians 1:11
    For it has been declared to me concerning you, my brethren, by those of Chloe’s household, that there are contentions among you.

    As we can all see contentions existed in the NT church.

    It would be nice to have a perfect internet sight with no divisions, opinions that vary, or controversy.

    But I do not think this will ever happen until we all get to Heaven and God sets everything in order, nice thing about it is that there will be no misunderstanding there. Praise God for that.

    Lord Bless

  145. Patrick Dec 2nd 2012

    I was blessed by the video, the song and seeing all the people. It was different than I thought it was going to be so I’m glad to have checked it out.

  146. ValleyAnt Dec 3rd 2012

    I think I just got ‘trolled’. Oh well.

    Gazette, you’re right about building each other up. I got a little zealous some comments back. One of my main quibbles here is that there’s more opinion sharing and Bible quoting than encouragement and building up. Maybe that’s just most people’s comfort zone. Maybe most don’t feel they need to be encouraged or built up. I know I do.

  147. AGazette Dec 3rd 2012

    Just talking in general because I have seen people take my comments the wrong way as well. I’m not the best writer when it comes to making a point.

    Always blessed by your comments.

    What do you mean by “trolled”?

    Lord Bless

  148. ValleyAnt Dec 4th 2012

    Thanks, Gazette. And I know you were talking in general. It takes me forever to make a point; I often prefer to use some type of allegory, short story, or word play to summarize and let whoever wants to figure it out or misjudge it do so.

    ‘Trolled’. I meant that someone played a joke on me. Nothing special.

  149. Linda Brown Dec 4th 2012

    It reminded me of the Millenium when ALL people will live in harmony and will be happy in their praise to our creator. I didn’t even think of the term “rap.” The song is very catchy. All I saw was joy. Thanks bro.

  150. Steve Dec 5th 2012

    That was really great, and the video too, either one or the other or both perhaps/probably (hard to distinguish), seemed annointed to me. There was something about it.

  151. Steve Dec 5th 2012

    If anyonesreading this Ive just found this one which is excellent as well

  152. Nice song, good lyrics, the squeaky sound was a little harsh for me, but if this were tweaked some it could be very good for Christian radio, no kidding! Regarding Pharisees, rap music can be used of God, and even wool hats are not anti-Christ! Do they want you to use the exact music of the apostles, do you Pharisees sing songs exactly like the NT church? Why not, you hypocrites? Your modern music from the 1700’s must sound very modern and worldly to Pharisees from the 1400’s, AMEN?