– Andrew Strom

During the days of the cold war, of course it was not uncommon for people to prophesy nuclear bombs hitting America. Nowadays it is not common at all. But a friend of mine from Texas – a man I know personally to be a balanced and well-grounded Christian – reminded me of this topic not long ago. He (and other believers) have seen visions of nuclear devastation on American soil that have so shaken him that he moved his family right out of Dallas and right out of Texas. Just another crackpot, you say?

Below is an excerpt from David Wilkerson in 1985 on this very
topic. After that we will hear from my Texas friend. And after
that I would love your comments, my friends.

DAVID WILKERSON wrote: “America is going to be destroyed
by fire! Sudden destruction is coming and few will escape.
Unexpectedly, and in one hour, a hydrogen holocaust will engulf
America — and this nation will be no more.

“America has sinned against the greatest light. Other nations are
just as sinful, but none are as flooded with gospel light as ours.
God is going to judge America for its violence, its crimes, its
backsliding, its murdering of millions of babies, its flaunting of
homosexuality and sadomasochism, its corruption, its drunkenness
and drug abuse, its form of godliness without power, its lukewarm-
ness toward Christ, its rampant divorce and adultery, its lewd
pornography, its child molestations, its cheatings, its robbings,
its dirty movies, and its occult practices. In one hour it will all be
over. To the natural mind it is insanity to come against a prosperous,
powerful nation and cry out, ‘It’s all over! Judgment is at the door!
Our days are numbered!’ The Church is asleep, the congregations
are at ease, and the shepherds slumber. How they will scoff and
laugh at this message. Theologians will reject it because they can’t
fit it into their doctrine. The pillow prophets of peace and prosperity
will publicly denounce it…

“Let the whole world and all the church call me crazy, but I must
blow the trumpet and awaken God’s people. Believe it or not,
America is about to be shaken and set aside by swift and horrible
judgments. Many other praying believers who have been shut in
with God are hearing the very same message – ‘Judgment is at
the door! Prepare, awaken!'” (-Wilkerson – ”Set the Trumpet to
Thy Mouth’, 1985).

JEFF FROM TEXAS wrote: “A few years ago now (3-4?), when I
had slid into a great discouragement (before I fully understood
the depth of God’s love for me & a full rest in His complete &
total sovereignty) & had backslid, hiding in my new 5 bedroom
home with my fancy home theater system, The Lord stopped me
walking up the stairs and spoke to me: “There is something big
coming, & you are not ready”. In my minds eye, I could see a
mushroom cloud and much devastation. I knew what The Lord
meant, & I was touched He still loved me and came and got me
after all I had done in hardening my heart.

“I’ve never been the same since. The Lord led us shortly after to
sell all we had and move (we had no idea where at first, for quite
some time). Anyways, we ended up here in the perfect will of
God in fellowship in Albuquerque, NM, with brethren we have
known for many years (some of which we met at the John the
Baptist conference in Dallas years and years ago).

“I still have had dreams of Texas & destruction to this day… I
take no joy in it (all of our natural family still lives in the Dallas
metro area), but I know something is coming there nonetheless…

“War is definitely coming, as is great destruction… Many in our
fellowship (particularly those with prophetic giftings, but not just
limited to them either, but to many in our local Body), have had
prophetic dreams of such. We all came originally from Texas
(though some had lived at times in California, Mexico, India, etc.),
but God sovereignly moved all of us (at different times) out of
Texas and together here in New Mexico.

“Several of us have had dreams of the outright annihilation of Texas.
Stuff like bombs going off in the major cities (particularly Dallas
& Houston, but maybe San Antonio & Austin also?). Dreams of
mushroom clouds over Dallas…”

ANDREW AGAIN: I am only sending this out because I have
read many similar warnings over the years – so I believe it is
something the Body of Christ needs to discuss. We would be
very interested to hear the comments of other Christians, since
I know many American believers read this newsletter. Has God
been speaking to any of you to perhaps get out of some of the
larger US cities? Does this warning ring true or not?

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  1. Andrew Sep 30th 2015

    We very much look forward to your comments, my friends.

  2. stephen Boyce Sep 30th 2015

    very interesting sadly USA has had the bible and is the porn capital of the world and does spew its vomit world wide. I did even read that Russian chrstians complained of USA style of rock concerts

  3. HomeOfLove Sep 30th 2015

    The Bible warns us that the wheat and weeds will grow closely together. Wherever the gospel is most strongly preached, that will also be where Satan is sowing the most discord. Lots of people have lots of ideas about what God has for the US, I don’t have any visions on this myself. All I know is, I need to prepare myself (and do what I can to prepare my children), because each of us will face a judgment at death, and death can strike any of us at anytime (no catastrophic nationwide judgment needed.)

  4. LikeADimMirror Sep 30th 2015

    Wanted to add….by preparation, I mean a spiritual preparation-of accepting Jesus sacrifice, of humbling oneself to God. I’m not worried about fleeing a potential “danger” zone or anything like that–if I am meant to survive a catastrophic nationwide judgment, God will ensure I will, and it won’t matter where I’m at. Likewise, all the planning in the world will be for nothing, if God does not mean for an individual survive (think the parable of the man who had stored up years worth of grain….but died that night.) Certainly if one has a message from God to move or store up goods, then they should listen. But I fear many are moving and storing up goods solely because the world tells them they must prepare themselves, not because of a message from God.

  5. I am in south africa. i warned a very wealthy friend of mine( who happens to live in south africa as well yet is also america) to sell all his belongings in america, before the devastations hit the USA because of all the wickedness. He replied and told me all the good things about america including Obama being the greatest president, and that other countries have laws allowing homosexual marriage etc. He said why would america be different.
    That got me thinking and i had to ask the Lord. The response i got was because america was a world leader and showing the world that its at the forefront . Forefront of what seems good on the outside , but actually wicked on the inside.
    I would actually be fearful to travel to the USA now.

  6. Jonathan Sep 30th 2015

    Well what do we do? There are Christians in America who pray for our country..who pray for revival..but I guess we are to wicked for God to save?
    I live in Texas I am in extreme poverty not only do I have no chance of moving I can barely pay my rent..what do I do? Pray like Abraham for sodom but everyone keeps saying America will be destroyed..
    So instead of getting to finally be in a revival and be in a real church family like the book of Acts which I have never experienced in my. life instead of being healed and seeing my many sick and injured friends and relatives healed saved and delivered..I get to watch for a brief instant myself and my young children destroyed by nuclear fire?
    I hope you all enjoy the revival and that I thought was coming

  7. Scott Duesterhoeft Sep 30th 2015

    The Lord gave me a dream about 2-3 years ago where I fully experienced NYC vaporized. It was terrifying. Then He told me there would be four other cities that the same would happen to: DC, LA, San F, and last was also in the south.

    As with the WTC event, my anticipation [discernment maybe?] is that it would not come from an outside source but rather inside.

    He has since relocated me to southern Ontario, the country I was born.

  8. From approximately 1989 till 2004 I began having dreams, visions & rhema from the word of a nuclear
    holocaust, military invasion & americans taken into
    captivity relative to america. Half of that revelation
    pinpointed the backslidden state of his church & its
    leaders. I published the dreams & traveled coast to coast
    from 1994-2004 where god had me settle down. From
    2005-2015 I have been having dreams, visions & rhema from his word of his desire to save america for a time by bringing revival to his backslidden, reprobate church and currently find myself in new york again attending the
    late david wilkerson’s times square church.

  9. From approximately 1989 till 2004 I began having dreams, visions & rhema from the word of a nuclear
    holocaust, military invasion & americans taken into
    captivity relative to america. Half of that revelation
    pinpointed the backslidden state of his church & its
    leaders. I published the dreams & traveled coast to coast
    from 1994-2004 where god had me settle down in new york. From
    2005-2015 I have been having dreams, visions & rhema from his word of his desire to save america for a time by bringing revival to his backslidden, reprobate church and currently find myself in new york again attending the
    late david wilkerson’s times square church.

  10. Dimitru Duduman ( Hand of Help ministry ) had an angel visit him and tell him in one day – that America will burn in 4 places: Las Vegas, Florida, California, and New York – and so Texas as well, is very possible….

  11. Ken Arrand Sep 30th 2015

    I am from Zimbabwe. I believe I was shown nuclear bombs on New York and Washington with a huge fallout area covering a third of America. There will also be a mass exodus of people (Christians? – i don’t know numbers, nor timings),who will leave America, some of whom would come to Zimbabwe??? Why they would come to Zimbabwe, I don’t know.

  12. While praying the borders of the U.S. in 2002 I was crying out for mercy. The Lord told me to quit praying for mercy. He said,”sometimes My judgment is My mercy.” I asked “Why are you having me ask for angels of protection on the borders, if You are going to judge this nation?” He replied,”I want them to know an enemy has not done this; they have destroyed themselves from within.” I have had no further discussions with Him on this, but my ministry is based in Texas and I have not been told to leave. I just “know” that we will be fine even though it is going to get really bad in this country. All are going to feel it but those of us who are His will be able to help others through.

  13. I’ve been saved for 42 years. Back in 1973, just after becoming a Christian, I wound up studying the Prophets of the Old Testament….Isaiah through Malachi. As I was studying, the Lord spoke to me very clearly and said this—
    ” I sent Judgment upon Israel and Judah from the North Country….Assyria upon Israel and Babylon upon Judah. I judged my very own people for their great wickedness and they were destroyed and enslaved. Now, I’m telling you that I will do the very same upon America. I will send my Judgment out of the North Country and Russia, along with China, will I send to totally destroy America because of the great wickedness of America, of which she will not repent. Therefore WARN America and WARN the American Church.”

  14. Willem Sep 30th 2015

    I truly hope you are wrong. I will stand on Gods Grace till my last breath. You see we all have a choice either God is wrathfull only or full of Grace only… or He is balanced. I found Gods heart in Grace personally… we need to understand there is a devil… he came to slaugter and kill and destroy… God may be showing you what is satan is planning? I read one of Rebeka Browns books and began to understand how important it is not to have idols in your house… and like a house so is a country. I’ve wondered many days about how strong free masonry is in our day… it seems SA was established in it. As I read about the statue of Liberty came to know that it is a greek goddess resembling Liberty… do your own research. I still don’t believe in a flag… I believe in YHVH. I am I am…. but I pray God will intervene for the USA… everything in the article is true all the wrong stuff… but Gods a God of Grace I believe. I think the foundation upon which the world was built has come to full stature now and in the time to come. I was sad when I found out the SA churches in the old days were run and manipulated by freemasonry.
    God thank you that this earth is yours… there actually are no countries.. we are actually one people before you.. help us love one another and lift up one another in love to see the truth.
    Thank you

  15. Jonathan. Gods heart is redemptive in nature. I believe in our judgement will come redemption to those who will hear. I also see a revival, how large I don’t know. We may not have much but we are willing to share. Let me know your needs and I will put it out to our affiliates if we cannot help.

  16. Kevin Stiller. Sep 30th 2015

    Hullo Andrew. The Bible speaks of Israel in end times being very wealthy, living securely in unwalled cities. Could there be two Israels today? A little Israel and a big Israel? Sometimes it is difficult to separate the two. The feet of the impresive statue are made of iron mixed with clay, and it will be given to these feet to trample on many nations, but its power shall not last, for God will take away its power after a short time. mmmmmmmm ? Cheers.

  17. For many years the Master has shown my little wife visions of war, conquest, devastation and occupation of this nation of this nation. This will be spearheaded by Russia, China and North Korea.

    we have sought the Lord about leaving USA and HE has never said go but HE did lead us to maintain current passports.

    You can read about these things on

  18. I cannot see how USA can be nuked, when the problem with nukes is that where they come from can be tracked, and that allows retaliation = the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction (or MAD). The Bible mentions the sea and waves roaring Luke 21:25; Very few people have heard of the military term VHSS = very high sea states. IF somebody (Russia or Pakistan or Iran etc) wanted to “nuke” USA it would be easier to park a few nuclear bombs at the bottom of the sea a distance off shore then trigger them simultaniousely and lift a wall of water perhaps a killometer high to be a super tsunami. Then the victim USA would not know who to retaliate against. I think the pillars of fire in the book of Revelation would probably be in the Middle East rather than in USA. Just some ideas. This is not a “thus saith the Lord”. I get suspicious of grand sounding prophetic words – many have come and gone and not been fulfilled. I need to know the fellowship calibre and submittedness of a prophet before I take any heed at all, otherwise it is just well-meaning froth, from Lex Stewart, Austrralia

  19. It is obvious to me and so many awake Christians that we are living in the end of days, either “in the great tribulation or strong birth pains. America is Mystery Babylon and we all know what happens to her. Never before have I been able to read and understand the book of Revelation and end times prophecies. Knowing Americas doom and judgement I do not feel compelled to move nor has God told me to buy a survival kit. But Jesus said “when you see these things begin to happen LOOK UP your redemption draws nigh! Praise the Lord He is coming soon!!!

  20. Stuart Sep 30th 2015

    Yes, I believe judgment is coming to America and soon. I am currently working in Dallas, but live elsewhere. I can only trust that God will have me out when the time comes.

    George Washington had visions of three major wars on American soil…the war for Independence, the “civil” war and a third. I believe the third is yet to come.

    With our porous southern border it is entirely likely that enemies of the people (friends of those in power) have transported nuclear devices and have them already located in many of our population centers…no doubt all of the biggest cities, and perhaps specifically the ones with Federal Reserve banks.

  21. Jan Grant Sep 30th 2015

    I really don’t buy into this idea.

    The biggest sinners against Christ are Islamic nations who kill Christians and anyone else who disagrees with them, or take their rights away and restrict their worship.

    This is because Mohammad said that anyone who is a disbeliever (non-Muslim) must die.

    Surely if anyone should be destroyed it is them? What about justice for all the MILLIONS of Christians that have been wiped out since Islam was born?

    America is full of non-believers of Christ as much as any other nation. Look at Europe, slowly becoming atheist or agnostic. Throughout history there has always been majority faithless and minority faithful.

    I would rather the USA rule us than Islam, eespite all their faults.

  22. I heard this in my spirit: “Do not grow weary in well doing, be strong in My Word, be strong in faith and let your light shine to the glory of God.

    “By spring, WWIII will be raging. Nations join forces one against another. America will suffer greatly, many will die. Where once you stood as a beacon on the hill America, now you are a pot* dried and rusted. Your rejection of your God has cost you much more than you realize. Much more.!. Europe will once again suffer through war but this time the battle will come to the shores of America. Your defenses are down, your battle armor is worn and America will fall in defeat at the hand of tyrants.”
    *The men that devise iniquity, and that give wicked counsel in this city, saying, It is not near, itself is the pot, We are the flesh; therefore thus said the Lord Jehovah, Your slain whom ye have put in the midst of it, these are the flesh, but itself is the pot. Ezekiel 11:2, 3, 7

    here the pot denotes the city, or the people there; and the flesh denotes evil; for the slain, who are called the flesh, denote those with whom good and truth have been extinguished.

    “The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness…” Romans 1:18

    “Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient.” Ephesians 5:6

  23. I have been watching prophesy about end times since the 60’s and although much has changed, people, places, the message is the same. I don’t see America being No.1 on the hit list, but the judgment will BEGIN with the church (1 Pet.4:17) Nevertheless, America WILL be judged by God for having spread moral, licentious decay throughout the world who has been a willing partaker of her lack of values in recent years; an attitude of “Well, it’s good enough for America, it’s good enough for me.” – while the church has sat back, with only a whimper of protest as she too has been swept away by this tsunami of lawlessness. Right throughout the world, the sin is just the same.

    Cesspits of lawlessness, and moral decay like Hollywood will have much to answer for, as they spread their filth into homes and hearts, their progeny held up as tin gods for us to admire for their outward beauty, but inside they are full of filth and unrighteousness. Universities are no longer just a place of learning, but places of godless anarchy and atheism. The gospel is shouted down with derision because the church no longer has power, the Holy Spirit having long departed from most establishments, and its people little different from the world! The Light has gone out.

    I truly believe that God will hedge His people about with a hedge of supernatural protection in these last days. I truly believe that HE will provide for all those who will trust in Him with all of their hearts and lean not on their own understanding. God needs us to be empowered by the Spirit, to BE LIGHTS shining in deep darkness for the lost and dying to see, and for us to be beacons pointing to Jesus alone who has the power to save in these terrible times. As God ALWAYS has called and shielded those willing to stand, and even as He did for Israel when she left Egypt, He provided food, and water for them where there was none. He sheltered them, and protected them – even in their rebellion. Daniel – in the lions den. Shadrach, Mesheck, Abed-Nego in the fiery furnace, Paul and Silas in the dungeons…….Is God able to protect His own? Of course!

    Of course God has warned us that the earth will not be cleansed by flood, but by fire…..and He said the EARTH – not JUST America, although she surely has much to answer for. The world made its choices when they followed her down the pathway of godlessness, and threw God’s Gift of Jesus Christ out of their knowledge.

    And having said that, should I be afraid of dying should God choose that for me for His glory? – that another may see my love for God and be saved?… my trust in God ABOVE my fear of dying from a nuclear attack? Yes. I will not lean on my own understanding, but will acknowledge Him in ALL my ways. How about you?

  24. Regardless of what state or even what industrialized nation you live in … this is surely a possibility. Christ’s church … the true church seems hardly a blip on the radar. “Few there be that find the way”.

    Tell me seriously … What number comes to mind when asked for a “few” of anything? To me it’s always been 3. And the perfect number is 100 (you cannot get more than 100% of anything).

    So, assuming Jesus was a man and had the attributes and thoughts of a man (as we are led to believe) then His few was also 3, and those that find the way are thus only 3%. Think about it.

  25. Pat Orr Sep 30th 2015

    I appreciate the messages that you send. I have no prophetic word or picture of the future. However, I value hearing what others are hearing and seeing.

  26. Elaine Sep 30th 2015

    For quite a while I have been sensing that the End of the Age is indeed upon us. Now there has been all the disclosure of sexual abuse in the Church and people are being punished. The Bible tells us that the punishment will start with God’s people, the Church. This definitely happening. I have no fear of death per se, in fact I often say to the Lord that I am amazed at His Grace and tolerance of all that has and is happening. We can only Be His Hands and Feet and Voice to those around us, reflecting Christ in our lives reaching out with love to those in need. I trust in the Lord. He is in control. He has The Plan and all things are working towards good for those who love Him and are chosen by Him. The Lord will use whichever instrument He wishes to bring this Plan to fruition. All praise and glory and Honour be to Our God.

  27. Fram60 Sep 30th 2015

    A few comments – please also read Maurice Sklar’s prophecies at his website maurice sklar dot com regarding these same issues. I have felt led to increase my prayers for nonbelievers and backslidden in my family. We all need to pray more, this is a powerful tool we have that I personally do not use enough. No one knows when the tribulation will start, there has been preparation in the church for 100 years. Also, Jonathan, please start reading the mercola dot com website for natural healing remedies. I suggest clean food and water for you, plus sunshine, walking and EFT (emotional freedom technique) with free teaching manual download at eft universe dot com. All low cost or free items. Please continue to pray for yourself and those around you for healing, wisdom, provision and guidance, and of course salvation and revival for the unsaved and backslidden.

  28. the Lord came to me in a dream in the 1990’s, about judgement coming to America – and part of the dream was that a black cloud came over and in to – my hometown… That does not mean that judgement was coming only to my hometown – but TO AMERICA ( which is where I live…) The dream about Texas being nuked ( that numerous people have had ) – may be representing America and not Texas necessarily…. Lindie

  29. JAN GRANT – what we need to bear in mind, is – AMERICA was founded on Christian prinicples and IS considered a Christian nation….. and so judgement is coming to US – AS A CHRISTIAN NATION……

  30. Mike Dunn Sep 30th 2015

    When God judges a nation, He gives them weak, inept and/or wicked rulers. That is the case with America. We have President Obama, who by disposition would fit right in with the evil kings of Israel and Judah, because that’s what we as Americans deserve. We have powerful federal judges with a spirit of antichrist who openly oppose Christians in the name of tolerance and wield their authority to persecute believers in this country because that’s what we deserve. We have this exhibited alarming and amazing naivete in negotiating a one-sided, short-sighted and plainly dangerous Iran Deal that has opened the door wide to future nuclear devastation because that’s what we have sown as a nation. Sadly, we have sown to the wind and will reap the whirlwind.

  31. Kathleen in WA State Sep 30th 2015

    I claim no gift of prophecy, nor have I had visions of anything in particular. That said, I have long had a sense (a knowing my knower) of coming trouble for the U.S. I don’t know what is that trouble; it could be a nuclear assault on our soil, or from the devastation of an EMP; a catastrophic earthquake; or even the implosion of our banking system. It is one reason I have concluded that residing in a major metropolitan area is unwise. For that & other reasons we left Seattle 17 months ago in favor of a more rural, even remote location in eastern Washington State.

    Not a day passes that I don’t shake my head over the downward plummet of America’s morality. Worse, so many seem to be blind to it if not altogether in favor of it. What was once so unique about America’s Christian perspective & resolve has faded to all but a memory. The knowledge of God rarely informs a decision. Little wonder we leave both our land & hearts wide open for trouble.

    And this …
    “In his arrogance the wicked man hunts down the weak,
    who are caught in the schemes he devises.
    He boasts about the cravings of his heart;
    he blesses the greedy and reviles the Lord.
    In his pride the wicked man does not seek him;
    in all his thoughts there is no room for God …
    His victims are crushed, they collapse;
    they fall under his strength.
    He says to himself, “God will never notice;
    he covers his face and never sees.”
    ~ Psalm 10:2-4,10-11,

  32. I believe prophecy that come as warnings are given to protect and direct us. In 2000, we sacrificially left my hometown of 50 years and God clearly sent us to the Dallas, Texas area. Upon living here these 15 years, we have learned of God moving so many ministries here it has been astounding. I believe, God has his people in places as a preservative to those places- to interceed and be a Godly influence for his glorious kingdom. If God was willing to spare Sodom and Gomorah for 10 righteous how much more so for millions upon millions of His people? On the other hand, If an enemy wants to eliminate God’s people, like the new world order wants to do, then the question would be where would they attack? Also, I believe any such attacks would be an inside job by the NWO. God has been miraculously preserving His church. I believe we need to live not in frar but rapture ready. Let’s pray for supernatural protection and direction an not get into presumptions, assumptions or “knee jerk” reactions but rightly discerning what the will of God is seeking accurate interpretation and clarity of guidance. Please pray for America and the souls here. God spared Hezikia’s life and added 15 more yesrs. Sometimes I think God sends words to test our hearts as to how we will respond. Moses stood in the gap even between God and His people. I personally believe God will get more glory by spoiling the intents of Satan’s plans than allowing the destroyer to destroy the righteous.

  33. Very disappointed that you would post this nonsense. These nuke claims have been floating around for years. All this does is promote fear and uncertainty. No one should be encouraged to uproot their lives and move on the basis of these alleged prophetic dreams and visions. All of us who are born again by the Spirit of God can hear from God ourselves. We should not be led to rely on spurious claims by people we do not know.

  34. We, as a small Spirit-led church, have been hearing through prayer and our Prophet this very same message- Something’s coming. Prepare yourselves. Of course, he did not mean store up anything physical, i.e. food, money, supplies-these all rust and can be stolen. He means to work on our relationship with the Lord and know Him well, not just know about Him- be as close as we can to Him. It is about our relationship with Him that matters. Praying always in love and repentance.

  35. Kathleen in WA State Sep 30th 2015

    In response to Steve Lumbley … To a large extent I agree. A wholesale exodus from large cities would be unwise, especially if the believer were not lead to do so by the Spirit of God but by a certain fearfulness. Haven’t we witnessed far too many Chicken Little clarions in years gone by already? I’m not prepared, however, to dismiss those who would encourage (operative word) the believer to know God’s prophetic word for themselves; to look up for the blessed hope that we all yearn for.

    May we each be found searching the scriptures daily & yielding to whatever prompting God imparts.

  36. I live in Rochester, NY and about 7-8 months ago I had a short dream that I saw what I thought was a bomb device being sent up into the air and I quickly grabbed my little daughter and covered her with my body and then I woke up. Short but still shook me up a bit. Makes me wonder what it was about.

  37. This may be.. but.. what God has been showing me is His desire to see intercessors…. Moses and Aaron stood between the dead and the living after Gods wrath had gone out.. Moses interceded for a people time and again to cause God to show mercy.. He reminded God of His mercy and His promises.. I believe only a humble people will desire God.. He gives grace to the humble, so something must bring humility to a wicked nation.. maybe a plague, or war or…. maybe a warning like Jonah, which seems to have gone unheeded already…… At the same time Gods heart is that we lay down our lives for one another.. to love our neighbor as our self… far be it from God to destroy the righteous with the wicked.. Let us Gods people intercede with God for the lost… :) I pray that will be the hearts of the saints.. otherwise it will be Ezekiel 22…..

  38. Just to clarify my last comment.. the day after a conference of believers in September.. I woke very early with a dream that a specific person at the conference was supposed to read me Ezekiel 22, I got up sensing it was important, and read it…. and believe it points to America at this time.. I called this person and He confirmed he had been studying this just before the conference and especially verse 30………………… May the Lord keep us from being inactive because of our focus on things to come, but rather busy about His business.. … to seek and save those who are lost.. :)

  39. sylvia Sep 30th 2015

    I too have had a vision of a nuclear explosion – about five years ago in a Lydia Conference at Ashburnham Place I saw an explosion on the borders of Syria and Israel – it was to be the forerunner of more to come if it was not heeded. Just recently I have been remembering it.

  40. Bob Brown Sep 30th 2015

    The focus of Jesus concerning tribulation is that we be not afraid. John 16:33. He even said to “Be of good cheer.”

    “Be not afraid of those who can kill the body and not the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to kill both body and soul and cast it into hell.” Matthew 20:28

    There are many promises about God taking care of His own. If we are sealed by the Holy Spirit, then the Holy Spirit will enable us by His grace to die if and when that time comes.

    There are so many promises of God’s protection and care for His children I scarce know where to begin. Read Psalms 27, 46, 91. Read God’s promise in Isaiah 33 about our water and bread being sure. And read in Isaiah 26:20 where God simply tells us to come into our chambers until the indignation passes.

    God said that there would be such distress in the world that unless “He shortens the days, or no flesh would be saved.”

    My reading of the Scriptures and understanding of prophecy is that God is going to allow the powers of evil to surround God’s people with all weapons and armies (Rev. 16:13ff; 19:10; 20:7-10) and then, I BELIEVE, that the powers of heaven will be shaken and the sea and waves roaring preventing any kind of nuclear attack. And then we are to lift up our heads because our redemption draws nigh.

    However, there have always been wars and rumors of wars. If you’re not prepared to die, you’re not prepared. Do you know Jesus or not? Is He alive and real to you? Isn’t He right there with you right now? :-) We are lambs for the slaughter, Paul wrote, BUT nothing shall separate us from His love. “To die is gain.”

    Let’s stop with all the promotion of fear and with all the hand-wringing over visions and dreams and let’s stay with the Word and His great and precious promises. Survival doesn’t depend on how much money a person has but how much faith! Our Lord has a thousand ways to lead us in these last days.

    America deserves judgement. I expect it. Just remember that Jeremiah was a prisoner in the middle of Jerusalem when it was captured and he survived. Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your steps. -Prov. 3:5,6.

    God bless

  41. Jonathan Sep 30th 2015

    I’m going to prepare for death..I’m going on a juice fast either God will move or I will die or explode and die..I will be praying psalm 51 and praying for the sins of this nation..Futility? I guess my whole life is..
    Jon in Texas

  42. Marie Duncan Sep 30th 2015

    I have not had a dream or vision from God in many years, but way back in the 70s and 80s I did have a few. Briefly, here are the ones I can somewhat describe:

    I saw troops marching through our housing area on a military base in PR. Though they all looked Caucasian, they were wearing what looked like Red Chinese uniforms. One knocked on our door. I was afraid to answer, but did anyway. It as a young blond soldier holding out a cup and asking for a drink of water.

    My family was filing into what looked like a brick school or government building. There were green shrubs to our left. Later, we filed back out. My mother was not with us when we came out (she died in 1994). To our left where the shrubs had been, we could see down into a valley. There in very vivid and beautiful color was what looked like a city in Russia. It looked to me like Red Square.

    I was with a co-worker in a post office. We were mailing out what looked like an official seal of the USA. There were numbers on them that were like those on a clock. I was holding one in my hand, when the 3 fell to the floor. I knew we were rushed and was trying frantically to retrieve the 3. I was told there was not time to retrieve it. Also that, “Life as you know it, will soon come to an end.” The next thing I was aware of was being up in the air in a position called “the jelly fish float” in swimming classes as a child. Below me on the earth, was what I knew was total chaos, and I knew it was something terrible, but it was a blur and I could not see it clearly. I knew I should feel terror, but all I could feel was total rest and peace, as if I were safe in a peaceful cocoon. That was all.

    Right after Hurricane Frederick, I was literally driving a Christian school bus full of kindergarten kids through a suburban housing area. There was a lot of trees stripped and quite a bit of rubble. Just ahead on a corner was a tree with not one single leaf on it, but it was full of brightly colored oranges. I found this amazing and tried to get the kids to look, but they acted oblivious. The next day, I brought my camera so I could take a picture of the tree. I knew no one would believe that I had seen a tree with no light weight leaves, but full of heavy, fully ripe oranges. But, when I got there, there was no tree at all. I asked God what had happened. In my spirit, I heard, “In the last days, I will shake everything that can be shaken, so that those things that cannot be shaken will remain.” I told a friend about the tree, but not what I had heard. She said I had had an open vision. I had never heard that term. She said she would meet me at McDonald’s for lunch. I entered McDonald’s at the appointed meeting time and saw my friend seated all the way across the room. As I neared her table, she began to speak this,
    “In the last days saith God, I will shake everything that can be shaken, so that those things which cannot be shaken shall remain.”

    In another dream/vision I was escorted by air to a scene in a mountain region. There in the center of this social gathering place was a statue of a being that looked like the Yoda of Star Wars. This seemed to be the very center of this society. Up a hill behind this statue were stairs leading up to what appeared to be a judicial building with tall columns. I, standing to the left of the statue and facing it, saw the statues of two men standing to my right. I remember that one was Mark (the disciple) holding a book. I was perplexed that this statue would be off to the side and that this one that looked like Yoda was the center of attention. That was all.

    Since then, China has become very much a part of our lives in America, Russia disbanded (I never believed that it truly had, but that it was a ruse to give us a false sense of security), the Illuminati has come out of the closet (so to speak) in Hollywood, Our leaders have trashed the Constitution, and are trying to bring in the “New World Order,” and life as I have known it is very much coming to an end.

    There are a few more, but I will just share one. In a vision, I was driving the school bus. I was instructed to stop, get out and walk into a forest across the road. I did as instructed and stopped just inside the forest. In the distance ahead and to my left, I heard what I perceived to be the voices of other “Christians.” I could not make out what they were saying, and asked, “What are they doing?” I was answered, “Never mind what they are doing. You do what I tell you. Turn right and start walking.” I did so. As I walked deeper into the forest, I became younger and younger, until it seemed I was about 8 years old. Suddenly it became so dark and so lonely that I became very afraid. Then, I was aware of something to my right. Suddenly, in an instant, I experienced the most intense fear and then the most intense Joy and Peace I had ever known. For, I saw a leopard lying on the limb of a tree and facing me (fear). Then I beheld his eyes and knew it was The Lord (Joy/Peace). He came down from the tree, walked around behind me, and stood by my left side. I placed my left hand on His right shoulder and He walked me out of the forest onto one of the main streets of my city. Everything was still, silent and gray. Up in the air in front of us, was the word, “DEVASTATION.” There were no cars and no people, except for a woman sitting at a desk in the front of the strip mall parking lot, up close to the road. We crossed the road and walked up to her desk and faced her. The leopard sat a few feet away and sat down facing my left side. The woman looked very distraught, and said to me, “What shall I tell them when they come?” I thought, “I am just a child. How do I know what to tell her?” Then, right away, I knew to look to the leopard(The Lord) and He would tell me what to tell her. I turned to look, and immediately the vision was over. I still sometimes cry when I think of this, longing to look into His eyes again.

    I will let you ask God what all this means. I believe I know, in general, and trust He will show me more as time goes on, but I have had no more of these dreams and visions that I totally believe were of God, in about 30 years.

    One last thing: A few years ago, I felt God dropped the following into my mind and heart………..”No matter what you see, hear, think or feel, trust me with all your heart.”

  43. Roxanne Olson Sep 30th 2015

    Recall that for many Biblical prophecies, there was a silver lining. “Yet return to me, says the Lord.” Remember how upset Jonah was that God was so merciful to the Assyrians. Right now, we live in an amazing time of cultural clashes and the confrontation of different values. We need to speak up for God and for what we believe. The internet is a ripe for salt and light. You can post ideas on famous people’s Twitter feeds, email reporters easily, witness to all kinds of online people by topic, and show your love and wisdom. The media still takes internet comments seriously. This is a charge to everyone: Keep praying for God’s mercy, hope in God, be salt and light, and share the good news!

  44. So, he was so shaken that he moved his family right out of Texas ALL the way to New Mexico??
    What should Christians do for America? How about interceding? How about praying that God will intervene? Read the story of Sodom and of God’s responses to Abraham when he asked…Will you not destroy it for the sake of..what did God say back to him?? How about Christians getting out of their religious, pious, condescending, “I hope God sends a nuke to America, so I can be proven right” attitudes, and PRAY! Do you pray will all your heart for God to intervene in America as well as your own wicked, socialists nations? How about going into the marketplace, even politics, and actually doing something? What is wrong with America? Could it be that Christians, Christian leaders for, lo, too many years, have abdicated their leadership in society to the ungodly? “Let’s just build our little Christian kingdoms, fight each other, and complain about how the wicked rule.” It is sickening to me how weak and impotent the church is, not just in America, mind you. Here is an example of someone doing something to effect change: One group of Christian warriors, lead by a young man, David Daleiden, worked for 2 years infiltrating Planned Parenthood to obtain videos exposing the evil that’s been going on for years. Because of his group’s work, we have a chance to see a change in the abortion industry. Thank God for them! They have done something that apparently the entire Christian community in America had no power to do since 1973. These are people I want to give tithes and offerings to. Where are the fighting men, and women, in God’s ARMY??? I have been born again, Spirit filled since the 70’s. I for one, have had it with doing nothing Churchianity. A few months ago, a good number of Christians from Australia fasted and prayed for America. That was like cool water on a hot day. America is in pain. America is right now the certain man that fell among thieves in Luke 10. Who will be the good Samaritan to us in our time of need? Will you pass by and prophecy death to us, or will you pour in the oil and wine by praying with love and compassion? “Which now of these three, thinkest thou, was neighbour unto him that fell among the thieves?
    And he said, He that shewed mercy on him. Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou likewise.”

  45. L. Alex Smith Sep 30th 2015

    In Revel. 12:6 it says that the Woman flees into the wilderness where they have a place prepared for her– where God (and ‘they’) shall nourish her there 3 1/2 years…
    I believe that the Woman represents Christianity as a whole (born again, that is) because she is “clothed with the sun” (ref. Psalm 84:11 and Malachi 4:2)… and that ‘they’ are the Remnant in verse 17– her seed WAS the “man child” (KJV) which actually means, “fully-grown son, a male” (huios arsen, Greek). You see the Rapture in verse 5, YET there is a Remnant of her seed. SOME of “her seed” must have chosen, out of Self-Sacrificial Love (true Agape) to purposely remain behind when otherwise the Lord will take them… THEY will nourish the “Woman”, the rest of born-again Christians who are NOT “fully-grown son[s]” . What is “the wilderness”? Does that mean ONLY a spiritual wilderness–or COULD it be also, literal places AWAY from centres of population (i.e. cities)?
    Are YOU willing to “love not your lives even unto death” as it says of those in 12:11?
    Are YOU willing to “nourish the Woman” that is, take in dispossessed Christian brothers and sisters who are Saved but not Mature in Christ… and help them physically AND spiritually? It seems to me, that this prophetic imagery is calling us to a deeper level of maturity and love than we have ever known before… PRAY intensely that THIS will be formed in our hearts…

  46. The biggest sinners against Christ are Islamic nations who kill Christians and anyone else who disagrees with them, or take their rights away and restrict their worship

    to the author of who wrote that………
    Gods anger comes at groups like this , it will.
    BUT who angers GOD the most
    one need read the old testament holy scriptures….
    IT was prophets that stopped the TRUE WORSHIP OF GOD
    that angered him MOST
    and those that DONE IT IN HIS OWN NAME………
    so often were the jews guilty of that
    and thus every time they did not repent
    SOME weapon was formed against them.
    so bad is it to be LUKEWARM
    that GOD says I wish thee were cold or hot….
    SO bad is it to be luke warm
    that even one of the prophets of old
    said BY THE POWER of the SPIRIT
    you want to serve baal…………….GO and serve
    baal………..ONLY LEAVE MY NAME OUT OF IT…….
    JUDGMENT IS COMING……….uoon any nation
    who claims his name, YET DENYS HIM and HIS TRUTH….

  47. Bill Fowler Sep 30th 2015

    In the early nineties I saw in my spirit a hand with the fingers splayed apart. Then the hand slowly began to close, but only a partially before opening again, only it never opened fully. That position became the “new normal.” Soon, the hand began to close again and then open again slightly, thus creating another new normal. This happened several more times until the hand closed into a fist and no longer opened.

    As I pondered this vision, I believed then as I do now, that the Lord was warning me that America was going to go through a series of judgments followed by some level of reprieve. But instead of repenting, she would adapt and try to move ahead with a business as usual attitude. Ultimately the country will be brought to a place of absolute crisis with no remedy, no more options, no more time to repent.

    Obviously these shakings became most noticeable during and after 9/11, along with other convulsive judgments since that time, but we have not reached the absolute crisis point that will inevitably come sooner rather than later.

    Nevertheless, this is not a time to panic, but to repent, to pray, to get serious about building up the body of Christ, particularly the remnant that is paying attention, and to share the gospel boldly with those who are lost, as well as those who are wandering from the faith. This would be a depressing message indeed if not for the hope we have in Jesus, His glory and the life to come. I experienced some measure of depression for several years contemplating the magnitude of destruction coming, but I am glad to say the Lord has shown me the X factor in all this is His glory, His power, and His grace that will carry those who trust and obey Him through the greatest storms we will ever face in this life.

    Pastor Bill Fowler

  48. I PROMISE if we but read the examples in the old holy scrips
    WE would have true discernment…..
    Evil does indeed anger GOD………….
    be greatful HE is such a longsuffering GOD….
    but what truly angers him,
    is anyone, any nation, any world…….
    that worships him………BUT DOES IT IN PRETENSE
    who claims to love him
    YET hates his biblical truth………
    AND this is also what GOD told the jews
    I called you out …………..and gave you a name
    to those who knew better
    YET DENIED the words in that bible
    and served another IMAGE OF HIM
    one that feeds the flesh
    who claims HIM
    yet at the same time, allows abortions,
    even allows gay marriage
    and calls it GODS LOVE…..
    and some still think JUDGEMNT AINT COMING….
    SHEW ME , WHERE IS IT…………..
    THIS NATION as well as the world
    has had many years to repent
    and in those years they had warners warning….
    and yet the nations , govts,
    on a course of greater evil…….
    THERE has been no repentance
    and those who harden the neck , when corrected
    ARE DESTROYED SUDDENLY and without rememdey…
    the Churches of America , will be hammered first
    as well as other believers in the world………
    there is always a moment of refining…
    I am not saying that there wont be some judgements first
    like bombs etc…..
    if a terroists or group brought in said suit case bombs
    CUASE THEY ALLOWED TOO,,,,,,,,,etc
    to produce the fear needed to enslave the whole word
    via RFID…………
    this could very well happen .
    BUT the refinement I was speaking of
    its our firey trials……….
    A nation that claims GOD
    YET CHANGES his image……..
    they have been doing this for years,
    makng GOD into something that can suit their agenda…
    you have grown men like john Bohner
    crying like a baby
    at one of the most false prophetical men I have ever known,
    you have masses from both sides right and left
    hanging on this mans words, from politicians
    down to commen man………
    THE POPE is being used to usher in a evil so great
    the head of all evil…………and
    if we cant recognize the false ones from the true
    RIGHT NOW…..
    when it stands……
    simply meaning……HE WILL JUST SEEM as a man of peace.

  49. I have had two main dreams of great persecutions………
    in one I walked through a house with many rooms,
    and I was allowed to peek into those rooms as we
    walked by them……..and in each and every
    room was abominations upon adulteries and mass evil,
    then I walked out of the house and came unto a hill
    which over looked a valley, and at the end of the valley
    a forest of trees. And then Two deer appeared
    and each had two overly large horns on its head
    I then looked at the deer again, and they each had
    two large wooded planks as horns.
    then I noticed after them ,what appeared as a huge
    exodus of both animals and mankind, running from something.
    I went down into the valley and into parts of the forest and seen
    people of all ages , running and fleeing from something
    behind them, and then I noticed also
    something they could not see, that was going to also cut them off
    from the side……….there was no escape……….
    I noticed two little girls fighting over a toy…..
    and I picked the toy up and told the girls not to fight, that
    fighting is wrong……..the other girl just took off….
    and I picked up the one little girl…..
    but as I went to look to her face, she had the true look of horror
    on her face, SHE COULD SEE what was coming from behind us
    and then she just vanished , instantly…….and I woke up……

  50. in the other dream,
    I walked along side the ocean……..
    and then I looked into the sea and seen a very great tidal wave
    appearing, so large, as it drew nigh even its shadow
    covered me…………….IT crashed and I was not hurt by its effects.
    but then I looked again into the sea, and appeared an even greater wave than at the first…….
    it came it approached, and It was so high it too blocked out the sun and I was under its shadow.
    YET it crashed as well, and I felt no harm.
    At times I have noticed that people will think this pertains to the area in which they live……………maybe and maybe not.
    I have only the understanding that grave persecutions and judgments are coming…. I believe WORLD WIDE……
    however some may get persecuted first, etc.
    IF this dream was meant only for me…….
    THEN it would have to be the USA…….
    and if only for me……..
    cause that is where I dwell ……….
    I am not saying its only meant for me ,
    I don’t know one way or the other..
    JUST that persecutions are on the way.

  51. I have no doubt that destruction is coming to the USA. The question is when? I have no ideal regarding the when! I have no compelling to leave the DFW area yet. I do pray and hope that I am counted worthy to be warned when to leave. So I am counting on the word from the Lord to know when to leave. I have no ideal where to go. But I do feel much better about going West from the DFW area. I will trust in the mercy and goodness of God and His Christ to help us escape what for sure is coming. I figure we have at most 10 years. Most likely it is closer to 5 years or less. Clint

  52. One thing concerns me regards Wilkersons prediction that in one hour all of America will be destroyed by a nucllear holocaust, is this: firstly, he stated that, then he said that judgments (plural) would hit America. His final note on the word he gave was that there would be judgments to hit USA. How could this happen if it is destroyed in one hour by a nuclear holocaust? Presumably wiping out all 52 million people in the nation (or whatever the number is.)
    I can well believe that there will be bombs let off throughout the nation, but one giant nuclear holocaust wiping out the whole nation?

  53. Kathleen in WA State Sep 30th 2015

    This discussion just got a whole lot more interesting now that Putin has stuck a finger in Obama’s eye in Syria. What is it they say about the friend of my enemy?

  54. wineskin Sep 30th 2015

    Oh dear, the doomsday soothsayers are having at it again—and the gullible sheep gobble it up and then bellyache among themselves….

    When will we learn to stop swallowing years and years of regurgitated bad guesses, and learn instead to pipe down and rest in the calming voice of our good shepherd?

    When will we stop our aimless worrying and wandering and learn instead to chill and be still and recognize that He is our God?

    As morally corrupt as America or any nation can become, It appears that today’s worldwide nation of Christianity is in much deeper trouble where our God’s judgement is concerned.

  55. Find this article very interesting. For many years I have sinced that what is coming on America is much more then we can imagine. I am originally from California, but for the last 20 years I’ve lived in Rockwall, TX ( Dallas Metroplex). My heart has always been for America and I thought that is where the Lord was going to use me. I came to Kenya in 2012 and the Lord spoke to me and my wife to make our home here. I have often thought was He leading us here to protect us from the judgment that surely coming on America… to send us back later? I don’t know… but we are experiencing tremendous anointing and fruit here. We have family in Texas.. who are believers, but just do not want to believe a “loving God” would not do such a thing.

  56. I believe that the other nations who have the same things going as USA, same-sex marriage, abortions, teaching little ones homosexuality and other perversions in schools, robbing them of God by teaching evolution, porn on the internet, a huge percentage of young children have had porn flashed on their internet and others access it, allowing in people who build mosques, sikh temples and buddhist temples, new age religion, wickedness on television in every home, etc etc..other nations who have these things must surely fall under exactly the same judgment as America. Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and other western nations have all the very same things going, so why are they seemingly excluded from these judgments?
    I do not think they will be.
    There are many wonderful people of God in USA and moreover they, above all nations have spread the Gospel.
    My belief as to why they are being singled out, is because the Globalists believe that they must destroy America, as it has always been the world power (since WWII.) This I heard somewhere, for me, it rings true.
    I know it is God who uses people to carry out His purposes, but the Globalists (through Isis perhaps) will be bombing in USA soil, so as to “take her down” as the world power. The Dept of Homeland Security in USA is made up entirely of Moslems, radical Muslims. I have a list of their names and they are totally anti Christians. Therefore, it is not a long bow to say that it is likely that Isis will be used in this havoc.
    The Dept of Homeland Security list Christians who “literally believe the Bible, or who do not belong to a main-line church, or who have a bumper sticker about Jesus, etc etc” these are literally listed as “terrorists” (among others!) I saw one news reporter say: “I went to bed, a Christian, and woke up as a terrorist!” The US Govt. for a long time has been funding the Islamic Brotherhood and inviting them in in their droves to USA.

    When the time comes, the whistle will be blown and persecution will begin in earnest.
    There is no safe place on the earth.
    You might flee to a “safe” town or country, then slip on a bar of soap, bang your head and die.
    You might be in a “safe” country and get killed by a car.
    The only safe place is in Jesus.
    You are safer in Jesus even in the middle of a war, than you are, fleeing to a “safe country.” Read Psalm 91: “A thousand shall fall at your right side and ten thousand at your left, but it shall not come near you.”
    This promise is to all who “dwell in the secret place of the Most High.”
    The most important thing you can do is to spend more time in His Presence (alone) praying and seeking His Face. You will eventually come out of your prayer den as bold as a lion.
    You will be far more concerned then, with the people around you who are unsaved than you will with any fears you may have of your own life.
    Jesus will protect you.
    “No, but we will flee on horses, therefore they that pursue you will be swift..” (is a verse that just came ot mind.)
    We each only need to know where HE wants us and then to stay at our post: knowing that to live is Christ and to die is gain.
    When you are truly full of Him, you will have peace in the midst of the storm raging around you.
    I say, God be merciful to all people, giving them more time to hear the Gospel preached in power and signs and wonders in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

  57. BOB BROWN: Good post – all of it.

    One comment:
    “If you are not prepared to die, you are not prepared.”

  58. Simona Sep 30th 2015

    First I want to thank Andrew for being a faithful servant of the Lord, who is helping us to discern & expose the spirits, sounding the alarm & standing up for the biblical truth. He is an inspiration by showing us to stand firm & not to be fearful when opposition comes. We need more godly people like you. I come from Germany & used to go to a healthy Baptist church who is a very loving church & also very quick to confront & discipline those who live in sin… to make sure that the church remains clean. Therefore the church is thriving & blooming! Then with a heavy heart & many tears I moved to America with my family in 1999, because my husband is American & became homesick. I’m in deep shock & very grieved by the things that I see going on in this Christian Nation & especially in the church, who seems to be in great FEAR of confronting sin, which has become rampant! That’s why the church is flooded with all kinds of unclean spirits. The Lord gave me a dream in 2002, in which I saw the church being deep sound ASLEEP! People would even bring their own pillows (!) to the church to make themselves more comfortable in the pews! Then I saw Judgment coming to the church! Also my daughter had a dream in 2008 about Judgment coming to America! The Lord showed her the following: “I saw the American Eagle with gold feathers sitting on the ground, wrapped in an American flag. It sat there, unable to fly, weighed down by the weight of the gold. The American Eagle was attempting several times to take off, but it was too burdened by the enormous weight of it’s luxurious golden feathers. It looked powerless & terrified & eventually began to die.”

  59. Andrew Sep 30th 2015

    Bill Fowler – I found what you said quite illuminating. Simona too.

    Good word, my friends.


  60. We cannot fear what is coming
    But we cannot speak out against those who would warn either.
    Bob brown did a good job. But we must also remember
    the ONLY reason we warn too, is for others sakes…….
    our hope cannot be in what is seen
    But only in what is not yet seen.
    DO not fear to lose all for the sake of the gospel
    But do know the hour of great tribulation is
    and does draw nigh.
    Most would rather hear smooth things
    and things of peace,
    rather than coming judgment
    this is not new……………..
    what is , has been…………….and we need look
    only at the TRUE examples of the TRUE prophets
    written for our own admonition……..
    always few warned, always most rejected
    there is nothing new………..
    only this time………………..The cycle has run its course.
    always has there been anti christs and false prophets…
    and these all have had the same spirit
    that would be in the final false prophet
    and final SON of perdition…….
    and in every generation………..the masses
    have failed to see, even the ones
    who prophesied false from the ones who prophesied truth….
    NOW in all its finality……..
    soon there comes the actual son of perdtion and his prophet….
    and like as of days of old……….the masses are blinded….
    we have come to such days as these,
    because my people have left off the true cisterns
    to go unto the polluted cisterns of men.
    YE have wet your tongues and filled ye your stomaches
    with the polluted waters of men…….
    and worse, and worse………till now
    ye go a whoring from men that even the false prophets would
    have run from just a generation ago….
    for even those false, still had more recoginition in them
    than do the people of these days……….
    the cycle has run its course……………….
    even now is and has the world been prepared for such
    a counseler…………..a wicked cousnler
    to rise above the thorns and the briars….
    but ye say………………we would never follow such a wicked
    and a perverse man…………..
    YE FOLLOW his prophets and teachers NOW
    and ye drink of their cisterns now…..
    HE which is to guide the world into peace and unity
    IF YE cannot see through his prophets
    which prepare the world for his coming……..

  61. IF ye do not know him when he stands…………
    its because you see him as does the world
    a man with a promise to change the world and make it better….
    if they are being led of his spirit now and from his prophets now..
    THAT IS HOW THEY WILL SEE HIM WHEN they see HIM face to face…………JUST a messenger of world peace and unity
    a doer of good works, and man that would include everyone
    and their lifesytes etc……………
    just a man of world love and unity……..

    they will be given only greater light to endure even the darkest of times……….
    there is no darkness to dark………THAT CHRIST and HIS LIGHT
    cannot give one the eyes to see the only path, the only way
    TO FOLLOW………
    as for the rest whom cannot see now…..
    if they repent not NOW……..
    when he stands………..THEY SHALL RECIEVE
    and then the world will see darkness and the time of the great
    tribulation will begin……..
    many lambs……….many saints of the LORD will be killed….
    yet not one hair of their head shall PERISH……key word isPERISH……………..NO ……..
    for the soul of that man…..WHO LOVES HIS LORD
    and so too shall we in HIM
    SIMPLY meaning…….to be absent from our earthen vessles
    WILL NOT BE DEATH…………BUT only to be present with the LORD…………..
    meaning…………….FEAR NONE OF THESE THINGS
    which shall SHORTLY come to pass upon the earth…….
    IN YOUR PATIENCE posses ye your souls……
    fear not man who weilds his own sword,
    which indeed can kill the body…………but not the SOUL
    fear only HE , GOD, which has power to kill both
    body and soul…………IN HELL……….
    pray for your enemies and do good unto all who hate you
    specially unto those of the house of GOD……
    DO GOOD………….
    BUT NEVER CONFORM ……….to their ways
    the ways of the world…….
    WE are NOW at a time………………….and soon is
    when we shall be tested for our faith..
    for even in churches tis seen as evil
    not to conform to this world and its ways OR EVOVLE as they do say…………
    and yet. I say unto you,
    where it is written …………CONFORM TO THE WORLD……..
    NO …
    the true men of GOD KNOW
    they must preach NOT the gospel of conforming to the
    world and her peace and unity
    the hearers OF IT
    and bring them INTO THE PEACE AND UNITY
    not as the world gives, BUT AS CHRIST GIVES>………
    we are at a TRIAL……….DO NOT SELL OUT….
    teach and preach it………………
    in doing so ye shall both save yourselves and them that hear you….
    that last statement I got from paul to timothy….

  63. In the early nineties I saw in my spirit a hand with the fingers splayed apart. Then the hand slowly began to close, but only a partially before opening again, only it never opened fully. That position became the “new normal.” Soon, the hand began to close again and then open again slightly, thus creating another new normal. This happened several more times until the hand closed into a fist and no longer opened.

    As I pondered this vision, I believed then as I do now, that the Lord was warning me that America was going to go through a series of judgments followed by some level of reprieve. But instead of repenting, she would adapt and try to move ahead with a business as usual attitude. Ultimately the country will be brought to a place of absolute crisis with no remedy, no more options, no more time to repent.

    Obviously these shakings became most noticeable during and after 9/11, along with other convulsive judgments since that time, but we have not reached the absolute crisis point that will inevitably come sooner rather than later.

    Nevertheless, this is not a time to panic, but to repent, to pray, to get serious about building up the body of Christ, particularly the remnant that is paying attention, and to share the gospel boldly with those who are lost, as well as those who are wandering from the faith. This would be a depressing message indeed if not for the hope we have in Jesus, His glory and the life to come. I experienced some measure of depression for several years contemplating the magnitude of destruction coming, but I am glad to say the Lord has shown me the X factor in all this is His glory, His power, and His grace that will carry those who trust and obey Him through the greatest storms we will ever face in this life.

    Pastor Bill Fowler
    that was a message that really NEEDED to get said…
    and I am glad others see this as well……………

  64. Yes, there will be a holocaust, but not by nukes. The Lord will use the sun to destroy those attackers of Israel, as Psalm 83 and Micah 4:11-12 say and Isaiah 30:25-28, Malachi 4:1 describes.
    This sudden and shocking, worldwide devastation of a Coronal Mass Ejection will literally fulfil all the graphic prophesies about the Lord’s Day of wrath. As we see in Revelation, that Day comes next, as the Sixth Seal is opened.
    Be aware and be prepared for this terrifying Day; keep strong in your faith and call out to the Lord for His protection. Joel 2:32, Acts 2:21

  65. Frances Sep 30th 2015

    To Marie Duncan

    We also see great death coming, a massive die-off of people. The cause is unclear, but when we sense the future there are hardly any people left.

    When I was in college back in mid-1960s, I saw a snapshot of people just sitting on their front steps, staring into space, so shocked they could not function.

    Also, so many people tried to get into hospitals that there was no more room for them and they just gathered in the streets outside.

    Remind yourself that THIS LIFE is but a passing moment, soon forgotten. Those who ‘go home early’ may be the lucky ones. Those who remain will do ‘great exploits’.

  66. This is totally unscriptural for the Church!! The Rapture of the Church is never even mentioned. Before God’s judgment falls, the Church is removed!! I have had 3 prophetic dreams about the time of the Rapture…in each one it was right before a terrible storm hit. In one, I heard a voice say “don’t worry..your on the SOLID ROCK!! The dreams about judgement concern the time following the Rapture. God’s Word says His Church is saved from the wrath to come! Jesus bore our judgement In His Body at Calvary!!! Read the Word!!!!!

  67. Judgement abounds in calamitous proportions in the old testament. Even then in the account of Sodom and Gomorrah righteous were saved. It’s not God’s nature to destroy his righteous along with the unrighteous, and there are many precious righteous in the US. Calamity is coming for sure but in Revelation calamity is permitted – why? To bring people to repentance, not to judge believers. Wiping out the whole of the USA doesn’t ring true to me.

  68. Two and a half years ago I lived in San Antonio, TX and the Lord told us we were to move and He sent us to Tampa, FL He was very clear about it and confirmed it over and over. Still don’t know why. Guess we will see.

  69. Andrew Sep 30th 2015

    In response to Sidah-

    The whole USA? No.

    Warnings of calamity in certain cities?

    We dare not rule this out.

  70. Beverly Sep 30th 2015

    Since I have been saved 35 years it is always been nay saying . How can any one Worship our King when everything around us is so depressing.
    Church’s are full of sickness and sin and of asking prayers for the fleshly things and healing’s . Can we ever just give Glory to God in the Highest, what would HE do then .
    Can we look on negative side of life and pray for revival at the same time, is it possible? Oh sinful lives are all around us to keep us from JOY ..I want the JOY of Jesus Christ .that would change the world.
    I am tired of all of the prophets of doom. Is our God a god of doom? He is an awesome God who is waiting for our cry to him and to give him our true love .
    . God give us our First Love and Joy once again in YOU. Let us put aside the doom and give us our innocence and Your simplicity.
    IN the Blessed Word of GOD: The rich man who saw Lazarus in Abraham’s bosom asked Abraham to send Lazarus back to his brothers.. He was told, if they have Moses (law) and the Prophets ( old testament prophets). that is all they need.. Maybe that is all we need in this time. These new prophets and dreamers are not needed..
    Imaginations!. I have not always felt like that but somehow I feel we have to return to the Gospel ONLY.. .Somewhere we have missed the Mark of the High Calling of God . Lord Jesus Help us all. all of this doom and gloom must go in our hearts for The Holy Spirit to move in our midst.
    Tell us how Oh LORD and Open our ears to hear.
    We are very weak but YOU are strong. Rise up and hear our pleas Jesus. We are desperate for YOU.

  71. Ann Marie Doverspike Oct 1st 2015

    25 years ago I experienced a vision so intense I still remember it as if it were yesterday. A bright light appeared that was so hot and intense that people began to melt in anguish. I heard them yelling “call the church, call the church” as they melted. Then a voice from far away said “they will not come”. As I watched this my heart was grieved, there was no hope for them. The melted flesh was everywhere.
    Then a tired, weary old man came with a yoke over his shoulders carrying two buckets of water. He came upon the bloody guts and bones on the ground and took his buckets of water and tossed the contents of water all over them.
    My understanding was this was some kind of nuclear event but not sure what the old man represents. I know something is coming but am not afraid. I have a great peace about it – almost like just sitting back and waiting because things are already in motion …

  72. I believe as Patty said that there will be a rapture as it says we will not be appointed to wrath.But I believe the rapture is post trib pre wrath as it comes after the great tribulation as Matt 24:31 says.Then comes over 3 years of Gods wrath poured out in the trumpet and viol judgements.I believe these judgements will certainly hit America.I believe that,unfortunately,the rule of the anti-christ and persecution of Christians come before the rapture.The tribulation and the great tribulation are not the same as Gods wrath.I fear for my family in America and am praying for God to get them out.

  73. annikins Oct 1st 2015

    It seems to many many Christians in the Western world seen to think calamity should not come to them, that they should be removed before the persecution begins. But what of the Apostles and the many horrific things that have happened to true believers down the centuries? What about the poor souls around the world this very day that are being slaughtered,raped and tortured, for their faith, along with others who don’t believe as the radical Muslims do. They are witnessing such atrocities that most people would lose their minds having seen such things.
    Judgement is coming ,I think many praying Christian witness this in their spirits.We cannot assume we will be spared, I would much rather be prepared to suffer and be pleasantly surprised not to be, than to expect to be spared and receive a brutal shock.
    As for David Wilkerson, I think all we need to do is listen to his prophetic utterances, or visions of the future to know that he is a true man of God. I listened to the 1973 prophecy about what was to come in the church, and the world. It is so accurate it’s chilling,yet in the 70’s we would not really have believed we would see such things , but it is happening to day.
    But as many have said, judgement is Gods mercy, it is the way he grabs his peoples attention to turn their hearts back to him. We must be in the Word and in prayer to prepare ourselves and others for these times.
    God bless all of you,

  74. I would like to share part of word given to me by the Lord, placed on my website this week. I live in Australia, but our country too is on a downhilll spiral as is the rest of the world.


    There is a great sword sweeping upon the earth, as the fire, wind and rain of My judgment is unleashed on a world that is unclean and defiled by the worship of other gods. Many nations have denied My name and have sought to make their own rules, thereby choosing to relinquish My covenant of protection and blessing. On My people who are called by My name who have put no other gods before Me I will bring from heaven the Spirit of burning love and a mighty torrent of the Latter Rain in the form of waves of shimmering, vibrating worship and you will enter My rest, your soul protected from the evil one as you are clothed with My Spirit.
    The redemption song can only be heard by those who dwell in the scret place and live beneath My Shadow.. to these I will give ears to hear and eyes to see the mystery of My mercy and unfailing love. For it is only with the heart can heaven be entered and only withe heart that receives My love will My power be manifest.

  75. I believe there is certainly ‘some’ truth in all that people are seeing/hearing from the FATHER. I know HE is speaking to many, moving people about…….I know this as we are one of those families. I believe as in the days of the Hebrew nation, Yehovah established cities of refuge. I know many who have been called to sell out, down size, move to the more remote areas of the US. HE actually called us back to the US from a foreign country.
    I’ve heard of specific prophecies spoken against Dallas, Vegas, etc. I believe the US is in for some very disastrous times in the future because “to whom much is given, much is required” (my paraphrase). We will be held accountable like no other nation other than Israel.
    I do believe the larger cities will be hit the hardest simply due to the massive numbers and people’s dependency upon conveniences provided in large cities. The church has failed, the US as a whole has become no better than Sodom/Gomorrah or Corinth. Judgement is due. Many good people will perish as the devastation will be corporate but Yehovah always has a remnant.
    We recognize the signs; we know not the hour or the day devastation will descend but we were told by our Messiah to be Watchmen and look up as our redemption draweth nigh. We’ve only to look to the mid east……….those poor people, christians, children are experiencing the Four Horseman now. It has begun, folks.
    We can only listen for HIS voice and follow HIS commands. HE knows each of us and HE knows HIS sheep and HIS sheep know HIS voice.

  76. Bill Harper Oct 1st 2015

    I have been impressed for some time that God’s judgment is eminent upon this nation. The Bible says “to whom much is given, shall much be required, and this nation has been blessed above every other nation since it’s founding. I don’t believe the judgment is limited to the state of Texas though, but I firmly believe it is going to be on all of the U.S.A. I often think of how after the 9-11 bombings using aircraft as the bombs, the people ran around saying “God bless America” and I personally said “God isn’t going to bless America as long as we keep promoting and condoning sodomy, abortion, adultery, and all the other wickedness that we have promoted, especially since God allowed us to vote in a Muslim president for 2 terms of office who is bent on doing everything it seems he can to not only destroy this nation from the highest office in the land, but also to bring God’s judgement on the U.S.A. as Balaam taught Balac to do. Jonathan Cahn gave us another warning with his book “The Harbinger” but although it has been widely read but it also has been largely ignored. I truly believe God’s judgment is coming on this nation to wipe it out very soon, and that we had better be rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ so that we, as Christians, will be with Him if He allows our death. I often think of the words of Paul, “for me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” In Christian Love, Bill Harper

  77. Marie Oct 1st 2015

    I can’t believe we or the U.S. would see God’s wrath poured out on the tares in the midst of the wheat. Don’t the angels gather the wheat and remove the tares and separate one from another?

    Of course every nation has sinned and been disobedient. I believe some natural disasters can occur, as they have been and will as that is the natural course of this world. People may be in the paths of storms and weather anomalies, lose their homes or lives and be part of the natural process of living in this world. But, I can’t believe that God’s Wrath will be poured out while the Church, His Bride is still her and trying to get herself ready. Would the Father of the Groom show His great anger on the earth before the Marriage Supper of the Lamb? Would the Saints be in a rejoicing mood with Jesus when they knew the world was being punished? I think the great punishments and wrath and judgments will happen after the Rapture, as the union of the bridge and groom and the marriage supper will be a time of joy and gladness.

    Hope and pray that Texas and Dallas are not hit while the Church is still on earth, nor that anyone in the Church will be on earth. Persecution from the enemy may come, but I can’t see the Father performing His wrath on the world, on the souls of those who belong to His Son.

    I do believe that dreams are given by the Lord and it’s possible these dreams are preparing the receiver to prepare and preach to anyone who will listen, about the terrible days of the Lord’s Wrath and that they are ‘at the door’ – after the Church is gone.

  78. Daniel Oct 1st 2015

    It is just mind-blowing to me that people can accept as normal that piles of past “prophecies” about nukes failed to come true, and yet there are still people today who take this seriously.
    In Old Testament times we would be stoning these people (Deut 18:20-22), not giving a second thought to their extra-Biblical “revelations.”
    We don’t need any of this stuff – just read Matthew 24 and Revelation and the verses about God’s judgment upon sin and we can know without a doubt that God will judge America. But His true Remnant will be safe wherever they are.

  79. After 9/11 I strongly felt that God would protect the nation He created, as long as the people would learn their lesson and come back to Him. No other nation has risen to such power and wealth in such a short time. It surely is a miracle; a true blessing from God! No other country has produced as many Christian organizations as has the United States. But, as much as the Lord has blessed America, this great nation has not only arrogantly walked away from Him, but has defiled itself, with many abominations, and with idol worship replacing the worship of Jesus Christ. Just as we can read how the Lord loved and also punished Israel, so also America will be punished. “The Lord chastens those He loves.” Since the US is absent from Scripture it only makes sense that this, once great, nation will be destroyed. However, for a one-world system to be established, with ALL nations under one umbrella, there cannot possibly be any powerful, independent country in existence. A strong nation (Russia or China?) would never submit to an outside leader (UN?) telling them what to do. The only scenario that would cause ALL nations to accept, and even ask for, a strong leader (savior) to govern the whole earth, is that of a terrible calamity befalling all nations at once, putting them all in the same boat of distress. “Pray that you may escape…” (Lk.21:36) obviously suggests that it is indeed possible to escape the 7 yr. tribulation. Interestingly, in the Jewish culture, a wedding feast lasts 7 days. The tribulation is also referred to as “Jacobs (Israel’s) trouble.” In the story of the 10 virgins we read that all 10 knew the bridegroom (like all were Christians), but only 5 were awake and ready, waiting for Him to call them to the feast. Many Christians don’t believe that Jesus is coming very soon. They are asleep,living as though He won’t come for another 50 or 100 years. They argue that no one knows the day or the hour, but fail to see how Jesus rebuked the disciples for not being able to discern the season. (“This generation shall not pass away…” Matt.24:34)They also ague that Jesus will not come 3 times, but fail to read the Scripture in 1 Thes. the way it’s written: “Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the CLOUDS to meet the Lord in the AIR.” (1Thes.4:17) Jesus is not right away coming to earth, but in the clouds, in the air. Those whom He sees fit to escape the tribulation (rapture), will celebrate a 7 yr. wedding feast (5 virgins) in the “clouds”. Afterwards we will come back with Him, at His second coming TO EARTH. For those who do not expect Him to come before the tribulation, He will surely come unexpectedly, as a “thief in the night.” One thing that puts all nations on earth in the same boat, i.e. something they all have in common, are Christians. The rapture with the sudden disappearance of believers would certainly cause global distress everywhere, paving the road for a strong leader (anti-christ) to save the world.

    Latest news: New York Schools closed for Muslim Holiday.

  80. David Marsh Oct 1st 2015

    Andrew and all,
    How timely. Although I have always had a healthy interest in end time prophecy, up until 6 weeks ago, I could not find a better study on end time prophecy apart from Rev Clarence Larkin. And he published way back in 1922.
    However, God said through Daniel that revelation on end times events would remain sealed until the times of the end.
    In August of this year the Lord strongly prompted me to purchase;
    Tim McHyde’s “KNOW THE FUTURE”
    Benjamin Baruch’s “THE DAY OF THE LORD IS AT HAND”

    After reading through these two authors work, I have not stopped weeping within. Both authors show with great accuracy in the Scriptures, the awful events that God is bringing on the Earth. Both authors reveal the duality of prophecy and how America is indicated as representing the Great Babylon in Revelation.

    Mr Baruch claims soberly that God took him in the spirit and showed him what was going to happen. Shaken Mr Baruch protested but God told him to search the Scripture. That was back in 1997. I have only just read his 7th edition book.

    Both books support what many other evangelist have also reported over the years – in that God showed them in the spirit the Nuclear devastation that is coming upon the coast lands of America.

    However, there is hope for those who truly love the Lord. Far be it from me to expound on it all, and neither am I an agent for any of these writers. But you must all research what our brothers present to us from the Lord and then ask God for your self whether what they write is true or not.
    For me, the constant Scripture references to these events by these authors were just too hard to ignore.

    God bless you my brothers and sisters
    The time is short,


  81. Richard Oct 1st 2015

    God has been talking to me about revival and a spiritual hospital, like a healing room where revival begins. In America.

    He has also talked about His judgement coming upon the church. But He has never mentioned nuclear bombs going off in America.

    Nuclear weapons are one of man’s creations, not Gods. If God wanted a judgement so severe it would probably look like more like hurricane Katrina, or an earthquake or some kind of natural disaster, not a nuclear weapon.

    I do not believe God using man’s technology for His judgement lines up with scripture.

  82. Therese Oct 1st 2015

    What comes across to me is that the Lord has been speaking and warning all of His people in diverse ways of what is soon to come. The church is apostate and idolatrous, and will be subject to the same chastisement that befell ancient Israel when she fell away, since Israel is our ensample….some of those curses involved being ruled over by the strangers in their midst, being give a spirit of stupor (shooting ourselves in the foot with self-harming policies, cultural suicide and the like), and being attacked, conquered and taken captive by heathen nations…..and as we know war nowadays could involve nuclear weapons.

    Though truly I think we should be more concerned about the spiritual conquest that is taking place of which the natural bombs would only be the consequence and corresponding harvest of our apostasy. Natural bombs can only kill the body, and we are all going to die when this short life is over anyhow, whereas spiritual conquest has consequences for eternity. What spiritual bombs are being lobbed right now to conquer hearts? …I can’t help but wonder if the Pope’s recent visit to New York and elsewhere was one, it looks like he has captured many hearts if we can believe the media’s portrayal of all those adoring crowds.

    All we can do now in my opinion is to examine OURSELVES and seek the Lord in personal repentance for our part personally in all that is going wrong with the church and pray and plead with Him that He would restore to US the spiritual weapons of warfare that the church so badly needs to walk in victory and hold up the light of the gospel for whosoever will during whatever trials and circumstances we will face in the coming days……..for the sake of HIS name, so that we will not be the cause of HIS name being blasphemed and reproached in the nations.

  83. DonaldN Oct 1st 2015

    Observe what is happening in Europe at this time. The refugees from Islam are swarming the nations. It is also going to happen in the USA soon. It is happening in all nations that once promoted and flourished in Christianity, but have since turned their back on Jesus. It is not the nation itself that is in the judgment of God, but rather the Church within that nation. As long as the Church promoted holiness and sanctification and lived like Christians then their nation prospered also. Now, in the USA, and all over the world, the Church is compromised, worshiping false gods, living like the world, forming their doctrines according to the world’s standards and not according to God’s Word. God’s judgment is coming on the nations because of the Church, not because the world is acting worldly.
    Observe Old Testament Israel. They desired the things of the nations around them, their dress code, their fun and games, their worship, their wealth. God brought Babylon against them and removed them from their land.
    Now the Church is doing the same as Israel did. Desiring their music, their dress code, their ethics, their wealth. It is God who will bring Spiritual Babylon against the Church of all nations that will not repent, turn from their wicked ways, humble themselves, and pray earnestly. Holiness of the people who call themselves Christians is the only hope for any nation. Spiritual Babylon is Islam. God is saying that “if my people choose to live like the world, then I will send the rulers of the world to overcome them and remove them from their place.” Just like Israel, so the Church. Church building will be empty. The few Christian gatherings will be hidden and secret.

    God said to Elijah that He had 7 thousand that have not bowed the knee to Baal. It is the same now, God has His people reserved, those who are not bowing their knee to the Church of the World doctrines and practices. This is not a literal 7 thousand people, but symbolic of those who will sanctify themselves and put their full hope and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, not it the religious system who make false claims to be christian organizations.

    Holiness and sanctification is the only hope for the individual, but that does not mean the nations will not go into captivity. The seven thousand still went into captivity with the rest, but they were blessed where ever they went because they still trusted in God.

  84. David Marsh Oct 1st 2015

    My dear Richard,
    God used the swords of Israel’s enemies to punish their iniquity.

    It is now 2015 and Zechariah 14:12 has yet to be fulfilled.

    Zechariah 14:12
    And this shall be the plague with which the Lord will strike all the people who fought against Jerusalem: Their flesh shall dissolve while they stand on their feet, Their eyes shall dissolve in their sockets, And their tongues shall dissolve in their mouths.

    Don’t know about you, but that sounds like the effects of a Nuclear blast to me.

    Never the less. You need to read all of the other old testament Scripture that describes many other events that are about to take place.

    God bless you,


  85. Therese Oct 1st 2015

    Amen, Donald N and many others………the church is walking as the world, after the things of this world. Riches are not a blessing, it’s a curse….wealth is a characteristic of Babylon….and how hard it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Better the little that the righteous have accompanied with peace………now that is a blessing, to have neither too little nor too much and the gospel of peace.

  86. I read a detailed description of the whole event in Ezekiel 38.

    Andrew, i have been Spirit filled since June 6th 1965 and i do not understand why we have to need dreams when the great majority of scripture is so plain, simple, and easy to understand, once we are spirit filled.? That is unless we wrestle with it. Sadly to our own destruction. Satan tried this ploy against the Lord and failed.
    If we search the Word with preconceived theories we can pick and “prove” whatever takes our fancy.

    eg “Judas went and hanged himself”
    :”go thou and do likewise”
    “that that thou doest, do quickly”
    A corny old one, but an example nonetheless.

    I believe any scripture out of context may often be only pretext.

    I have been a student of history and the West today to me rings a bell with the death throes of ancient Rome , it’s decadence, moral stature, infatuation with material possessions, debauchery, sophistication, the list could go on and on..2 Timothy 3 puts it well “In the last days……………….

    Pr Michael

  87. 25 years ago I experienced a vision so intense I still remember it as if it were yesterday. A bright light appeared that was so hot and intense that people began to melt in anguish. I heard them yelling “call the church, call the church” as they melted. Then a voice from far away said “they will not come”. As I watched this my heart was grieved, there was no hope for them. The melted flesh was everywhere.
    Then a tired, weary old man came with a yoke over his shoulders carrying two buckets of water. He came upon the bloody guts and bones on the ground and took his buckets of water and tossed the contents of water all over them.
    My understanding was this was some kind of nuclear event but not sure what the old man represents. I know something is coming but am not afraid. I have a great peace about it – almost like just sitting back and waiting because things are already in motion

    The dream is from the LORD……..
    My people perish from lack of knowledge, because
    they don’t know me…..
    the cry to the church was given, but the church
    is in bed with the harlot…..
    the old man comes, go back to the first love
    the traditions of the old ways of the first church
    in pauls days….
    the water represents the washing of the word
    the blood and guts the INSIDES
    the washing of pure regeneration of the word
    on the iNSIDE of the man.

  88. ANN marie…………that dream is of the LORD
    its a warning that the church has fallen asleep
    and only destruction awaits……..
    the call given unto the church fell on silent and deaf
    ears due to the love of the harlot…..
    the old man is the representation of the old paths
    the old ways………..of the first true church in the days
    of the apostles and which has been in the heart of all true believers, the water does represent
    the washing of the word,
    the TWO buckets is spirit and water……….
    the blood and guts represent the insides of men
    and the washing by water and spirit
    is what the old man does unto the guts……
    This dream was from the LORD

  89. Arise those who call upon the LORD……
    a tremendous delusion comes……
    from the youth to the old……….all will be under its guise
    it speaks of UNITY, but not of the spirit
    it speaks of peace…….BUT NOT OF THE LORD
    already has this spirit long crept into the world
    into houses and churches……
    and it leads all unto the coming of the head of all evil,
    the wicked counsler, rotten and vile and wicked exceedingly…..
    even now many prophets appear as a lamb
    with good works and fair sensual words………
    BUT THOSE WORDS are of the dragon himself………
    To those under its spell , these men are heroes
    they love humanity , the love and care for the world
    and appear to have brotherly love,
    and peace and harmony , and yet
    to those who KNOW the LORD, these beings
    are lulling the entire church to sleep……
    and not preparing any for the SECOND coming of the LORD
    the bride without BLEMISH
    for their speeches seduce crowds and allure milliions…..
    and all into believing in world peace and world unity,
    but they know not nor is it in them to KNOW
    that they are under the spell of witchcrafts of men
    and of satan…….to lure the world into the idea
    it can have peace………BY Means of MEN and a MAN…..
    ITS setting the world up for the son of perdition
    where men are gods and the devil is god……..
    and man can save his planet,
    and can have his own peace and his own world unity..
    BUT what a price it will come at…….
    for soon when the ONE comes , unto WHOM this spirit is leading
    the whole of the world,
    HE will then speak and the solution to world peace and unity will be, to rid the earth of all who are NOT inclusive unto all men
    who will not put the planet , mankind FIRST
    but rather put GOD FIRST ………HE WILL COME AGAINST
    all saints of the LORD
    and if so many are being lulled to sleep by his spirit now
    and are dreaming of this world peace and unity
    ad one world utopia…………..
    THEY WILL NEVER SEE HIM for who he is…….
    for though he will speak of peace and world unity
    beware him……..for though he speaks peace
    GET the heck away from these men of world peace
    and unity , rick warren lies of darkness
    and the popes lies of hell……..
    sure they appear very kind do many under this spell…..
    BUT any false prophet can appear as lamblike
    yet speak as a dragon……..
    for no peace shall be given unto the wicked
    and about the time they think they have this world utopia
    this world peace and safety…….THEN comes their
    NO the ONLY PEACE a man can know and have
    IS by being reconciled to GOD
    MAKE THAT THE FOCUS …………not these men
    of prosperity and of the world and its peace and its unity….
    fore its too late………..

  90. Serenity Oct 1st 2015

    Dear Andrew and brothers and sisters,

    Thank you for your comments, which are spiritual food in a dry land. I believe that Jeff WAS led to leave TX and that many horrors are coming in/on the US and on us, unless we are in the secret place of the Most High constantly.
    Becoming heartily sick of hearing false claims that the ‘pre-trib rapture is coming any day now’, I was blessed to find that God has revealed mathematically to US citizen brother R.H. Vargo various Biblical timelines. Our God invented math after all, (before all !)
    It cleared the air for me to know that Jesus returns in 2028; the 7-year covenant is signed in September 2021;
    followers of Christ will have 3 1/2 years of persecution in the first half of that 7 years. The good news is that the Rapture will take place in about May 2025.

    Before then there is much to be done – obeying the Spirit’s call. One thing we are NOT to do is beat our fellow bondmen. (Matt. 24:49).
    Luke 21:36 translated from numeric Greek tells us to “watch at every season, making supplication, that ye may prevail to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.”
    Ie, a lot of overcoming to be done.
    God’s peace to you all in Christ.

  91. Andrew Oct 1st 2015

    Jesus returns “mathematically” in 2028?


    Date-setting is generally a recipe for disaster.

    Bless you!

    Andrew Strom.

  92. Serenity Oct 1st 2015

    Yes Andrew, I know what you’re saying, but someone who is thinking God’s thoughts after Him and with a little Divine inspiration and a lot of calculation comes to understand Bible numbers a little more deeply … that is to God’s glory. It’s the glory of God to search out a thing, and to find out the truth.
    Eg, a lot of people understand that ‘time, times, and a half’ and ’42 months’ in Revelation is not based on our 365-day calendar, but rather on God’s 360-day calendar. That is just one first principle that this brother has discovered.
    God through Amos said that He’ll do nothing without first revealing it to His prophets. R.H.Vargo does not call himself a prophet, but the math is beyond coincidence.

    Christians making and revising rapture and tribulation dates FROM THEIR OWN HEARTS are bringing scorn on themselves and sidetracking believers from getting out with the Gospel.
    NASA knows that God runs the Universe on math. That is how they could launch a craft ten years ago and have it exactly where they wanted it – to the minute. God built the Earth using math to measure it out. (Job 38:4-5).
    This man is not seeking glory or tv time for himself.
    PTL for that !

  93. I need to clarify something (since I am the JEFF FROM TEXAS Andrew knows): I didn’t “leave Dallas because Judgement was coming to Dallas” (although another brother’s in our fellowship had a dream specifically about leaving Dallas, looking in the rear view mirror & swing a mushroom cloud). The Lord showed me a mushroom cloud in my spirit (my minds eye if you will) & said something was coming and I wasn’t ready for it. We felt led to sell all we had (house & all) & HAD NO IDEA WHERE WE WERE GOING. We stayed on the road for awhile (my job) & then the Lord moved us to NM with other brethren in a home fellowship. I don’t know where the mushroom clouds will/won’t go off. The Lord led us here for fellowship & to minister to us, & to minister. I will say this. Being from Dallas, it is the ORIGINAL home of the widespread advent of PP & the abortion industry, and is extremely wealthy/affluent so is also the home to MOST ALL the original “prosperity preachers” & a lot of the original Megachurches (like TD Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, Ed Young, the Hope “gay church” home, etc.) & Houston is right behind them. So it wouldn’t surprise me. The OT mode of judgement is that God actually used the Assyrians to judge Israel (who called Hos name & had access to the truth), or Babylon, etc. AND LATER judged Assyria/Babylon. I could see a sovereign God doing the same in our day and using ISIS (modern Assyrians) as well as the Kings from the north & east (Russia, China, N Korea, etc.) to do likewise. No nation has ever claimed to be a “Christian nation” & yet aborted 70 million babies, exported all the porn, & maybe worst of all in God’s eyes, preached a false Gospel in His name of “comfort, peace & prosperity with all compromise (as long as you pay your tithes) & no cross. No holiness. No laying down your life. That’s a generalization, but from someone who has been a presalvation organized crime boss to a radical who ate His Word day and night for years, to a man in ministry in a big church, etc. I have seen a lot & I know what I am saying is true in large measure (but God always has a remnant of course!).

  94. Texas is home to many who hold dear to the false prosperity gospel of men…….
    Even has Joel Olstein , whose church is massive……
    Jeff is right, I live in texas……….
    and the gospel of gay love , etc, is huge here,
    I have warned few on other sites and said
    Texas is not what many think she is…
    she is mother of much abominations……
    this is why I have so often warned you all…..
    most of the real haters against me……….claim christanity…….
    and yet despise me.
    Texas is way worse off than many states
    perhaps even, than California…….and that may not seem
    to be so………BUT most yall DONT LIVE HERE…….
    most may see some abominations,
    but dwell a bit here, where I live………and
    It would shock some of the most seasoned men
    to see what has become of the YOUTH
    much less even my generations age…
    this is bad,
    You know what makes us even worse off,
    the fact there are so many voices that still say
    they are christain and yet my they live worse than
    even some of the outright ice cold against God do…
    this is bad . I am sure abominations are all over
    but perhaps this is why , when I cry aloud and warn
    even some of my friends on sites in other states
    they cant seem to truly grasp what I am saying.
    The most hated thing in the eyes of GOD
    is not the ice cold……………its the lukewarm.
    who praise his name…….YET love their sin………

  95. And what is worse, is that they repent not….
    so many christains ask me…….
    why I am so peaceful or happy….
    and yet I tell them I joy in the salvation of GOD
    I have been saved…
    well, they say they are too…..
    THEN WHERE is the proof………..the fruit
    and why do they not have my PEACE….
    and then when I tell them about
    HAPPY is he who keeps and OBEYS ALL of JESUS SAYINGS
    they call me legalistic……..the devil, spawn of hell ……
    and yet………….they have not the peace I have…….
    Because JESUS IS TRUTH
    ALL OF THEM………just lived out by the spirit……..
    JUDGEMNT is coming
    but what a merciful GOD we have…..
    HE wont just destroy men……..HE chastens them
    so as perhaps they will repent and give HIM the glory…..
    so I pray during these soon to come times
    that many will be zealous and repent…..
    for I desire not a one of my enemies to perish…
    but perish they will , IF they come not to CHRIST
    and if they then continue NOT IN HIM till the end……..
    there is NO MIDDLE GROUND…
    its the whole heart or it never was….
    I cannot give the increase of what I have unto men
    BUT I CAN SHARE……..and I embodlned to share
    and I pray they will not harden their hearts to th simple
    truth of the plain message I bring , by and in the grace
    of GOD……
    time is simply running out………….
    as for me…………TIS GOD and his every saying on my
    heart…………….even if it costs me the loss of everthing
    and my own life……….
    to depart and be with CHRIST is far better anyway
    HOWEVER the will of the LORD be done
    either way, I HAVE THE JOY OF MY LORD
    that is the TRUE PROSPERITY GOSPLE I preach
    with the TRUE RICHES……..
    CHRIST JESUS , risen LORD and redeemer of our souls.

  96. We dont know the day of His return.One very clear indication that the rapture and 2nd coming is about to happen is when the sun is darkened and the moon does not give its light and the stars fall from Heaven.There are many passages that say this happens before that great and terrible day of the Lord.The rapture preceeds the day of the Lord after the great tribulation as it says in Matt 24:31,1 Thess 4:13–18,Matt 24 lines up with Rev 6 when the seals are opened.After the 6th seal is opened again we see that the sun is darkened and the moon becomes as blood,the stars fall.This ties in with Matt 24:29.Then the rapture happens and we see in Rev 7 the great multitude in heaven.They are the raptured church.After this for the next 3 years or so Gods wrath is poured out Rev 8–11,12—19 are a repeat.Rev 19 is when armaggedon takes place and we return with Him on white horses.Matt 24:30 and Mark13:26 is a different event before Gods wrath is poured out when He only comes in the clouds to rapture us after the great tribulation.

  97. Andrew I do have a quick question for you…….
    now ponder this one deeply…..
    any time , anyone comes and brings any kind of date,
    DO you really think they KNOW they have been deceived…..
    Serenity has …..
    I have seen devils deceive and say all sorts of things
    on HOW we can know the date,,,,,,,,,,
    etc, etc , etc…….and I by grace HAVE FLED THEM FAST.
    SERENITY…….whoever is telling you this is
    not a man of GOD, no matter how nice and caring he seems..
    HE may say he don’t seek his own recognition
    but inwardly he does…………..
    no man, not even the SON knows the hour or the day…….
    ONLY the FATHER…..
    and don’t let them try the old line
    of………..well since jESUS ascened back up
    we now have more truth etc….
    also……… attention….
    its mans way , of trying to figure it out…..
    don’t buy it…………leave the one who teaches this….
    no matter how kind and caring they seem
    they are deceived and deceiving……….

  98. the mathematical way of trying to figure out the date
    is not new……………….its been done many times….
    there is one thing , though , I humbly must admit.
    they have one thing they get every time,
    and then , check this , they often try it again
    saying, well I didn’t figure this or that into it,
    and STILL SOME PEOPLE wil just keep following andfollowing…….
    WHAT DID GOD SAY about a prophet who says something
    and yet it comes not to pass………
    much less date setting etc……………
    the other thing all these groups have in common is this
    and I must admit it ……
    they are all prophets……..
    FALSE ONES……………..but prophets……
    FLEE THAT MAN ASAP or risk ending up
    where you would not want to be ON THE DAY OF THE LORD.

  99. Serenity………….some men are happy just having
    even a few men follow what they say….
    others need more numbers
    but both seek their own glory…..
    PEOPLE pretend to be humble all the time
    look at the POPE, that man seems more humble
    than most men I know……..
    YET ………….THE POPE is not a man of GOD….
    don’t let the act of the man
    fool you………..inwardly they always like the attention…….
    if he were truly of GOD…..
    he would never have the PRIDE
    to try and denounce what JESUS said…..
    WE know the season when it is near
    BY THE SIGNS of the TIMES of HOW JESUS said it would be…….
    NOT BY MATH………..that is of man…….
    I do see the signs of the times
    and can by HIS grace, tell we are approaching the end….
    BUT that is all we are given to know…….
    this math theory is not new at all…..
    his approach is not new at all……….
    it is always this……………Some scrip taken out of text
    and to make it seem as it is possible to have
    an idea of when it may occur………
    Satan is always the one who comes and even uses
    scrips to make HIS POINT
    and this man is listening to another spirit
    would never contradict what JESUS SAID
    when JESUS HIMSELF is WHO HE IS……..
    the HOLY spirit only magnifies what JESUS has said…
    NEVER contradicts it in any way……
    be on guard…………satan knows how to deceive…
    and will do so , even with scriptures…..
    we have to TRUST CHRIST
    and thus we have to KNOW we cannot know the day nor hour…..
    but only the season …..
    but again not by math………..but by the signs of the times.

  100. HERE is a question for all to ponder…..
    Can a man deceive and appear to truly be a christain,
    and yet …… a liar……
    can he say one thing outwardly , yet inwardly
    not care about what he even said……
    like can a man say……….I don’t even care about being on tv
    etc….I just know the date etc….and yet inwardly he does
    desire the attention…….
    besides all the times paul and others and Christ himself
    warned about wolves in sheeps clothing….
    LET us look a judas Iscariot himself……
    HEY , he told them…………
    COULD this bottle not have been given unto the poor……….etc
    BUT this he said…..NOT because HE CARED FOR THE POOR
    but because he kept what was put in the bag………
    judas had such a appearance of being a follower of JESUS
    that NONE of them knew him for what he was
    and none of them even KNEW IT………..ONLY JESUS DID
    so no marvel if this man, serenity
    can put on a show…………..and look like the most humble
    thing you ever seen………..
    For satan himself can appear as an angel of light
    so too can his own minisitirs appear righteous unto men……
    AND if the LIGHT that is n them be darkness
    flee that man serenity…………………..
    flee him……..and never look back…………….

  101. Also, born and raised in Texas I can tell you, nowhere on earth is more PRIDE than in those who are TEXANS. “EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS”, “DONT MESS WITH TEXAS”, “WE CAN STILL SECEDE THE UNION”, “NUMBER 1 ECONOMY IN THE U.S.”, etc., There is some truth in these things too, & much pride. Also, don’t confuse the coming JUDGEMENT OF AMERICA with the END OF THE WORLD. One is in an event that is part of the birth pangs & events that leads to the other, but Americans act as if the prophetic End-Times scriptures are “America-Centricl. They aren’t. They are Israel/Middle East centric. Not much mention in the end of what could possibly be America. Except maybe possibly the modern “Mystery Babylon” that falls in one hour.

  102. Serenity Oct 2nd 2015

    Zealous for the truth ! Yes brother. Do you remember I was called a “Pentecostal gang-buster” by an elderly sister on this forum ?! Yes, we all have a measure of truth in Christ, but none of us yet has PERFECT discernment in all things.
    Truth, real truth, God’s truth, will never lead us to disaster.
    When do you think God *might* reveal some of His endtime time frame to His servants, as He promised through Amos ? He revealed the Messiah to old Simeon and Anna about 30 years before He was presented to Israel. Everyone else was too busy to hear the Holy Spirit’s whisper, “That there Baby is the Messiah and the Saviour of the world.” Just like today …

    “Judge righteous judgment.”

    Yes Michael, what you just said is very similar to what this unknown brother in the US has discovered.
    2 Thessalonians 2 is very clear that until the man of lawlessness is revealed, the church will not be gathered up to the Lord in the rapture. (Verses 1-4.)

    Did anyone ever hear of Ivan Panin ? Brilliant mathematician and God-fearer who gave the last 50 years of his life to finding out exactly what the Greek NT said, and then translating it into extremely accurate English for English speakers. The NENT – Numeric English New Testament.
    Blessings to all in Christ.

  103. My insight has been derived from the book of Habakuk.
    Message is 
    The church must seek the Lord’s face in Love and an assurance of sonship.

    I read that book  as below.
    The prophet stood before the Lord with genuine concern.
    The reply of the Lord was terrifying.The Lord Himself was raising the chaldeans who would
    take over inhabitations not their own.
    Subsequently we hear the end of the chaldean and how he will fall because his power is his own 

    Chapter 2 tells me two things that will,happen during the short periods of slight confusion.
    There will be a revival  that will start here ( the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord)and His righteous will live by faith.

    All,through out we see Habakuk a sad and crying prophet. He now rejoices at Gods ways.
    He is now at rest knowing that the chaldean was sent for correction.
    He is seen better off towards the end praising God inspite of his circumstances.

    Let me add here.

    The new covenant prophesy is  directed to Gods own corporate body,His church.There are also utterances to persons which  we call word of wisdom and word of knowledge.
    It had Gods authority in it, with it and for it.
    The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Rev 19:10).
    Speculations,imaginations,assumptions and human prediction should be avoided.
    These have a show of the prophetic but arise fromthe flesh,bringing with it fear,anxiety etc.
    The wisdom from above is first peaceable ,wiiling to yield ,full of fruits and so on ( Please see James 3:17)James 3:17-18
    But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.
    We are in the new covenant where the wrath of God was put on His Son so that we who  believe 
    Live in His rest,no matter what,

    Churches of the Lord Jesus Christ ,you have an authority to bind  and to loose.
    What you bind will be bound in heaven and loosed there  what you loose.
    All the armies of this world cannot override Gods authoity given to you in His own Son.
    Greater is He who is in you than who is in this world.

    Let us move with God in His vision and image in the new covenant.

    God bless you.

  104. Dates??
    A: Isaac Newton the great scientist, who only studied science and history because he believed that God Himself was the Great Scientist, predicted around 2060? Can the planet last another 45 years under mankind’s rule ?

    B: With all the chatter above about the rapture theory, How many of us are aware that the French revolution and its effects on Romanism were fairly accurately predicted by the reformists beginning 100 years prior the event?
    I might add that these reformists, including Newton, used Rev 11 and Daniel as their guide and the Historicist interpretation of Rev – not the Futurist one.
    It gives mesomething to think seriously about.- we can be so dogmatic about the prediction of the future that we fall into great danger of “missing the bus” just like many of the Jewish nation did when Jesus came the first time, for when Jesus did not fit there dogmatic interpretation of His coming (just for starters He did not set Himself up as King and drive out the Romans), To them he was wrong person, wrong time, and they rejected Him.
    What if the futurist theory is wrong? What indeed then?
    We might say the same thing about the Historicist view, and that even though (in my view) to date it has historically a better fit. than either the Pretorist or the Futurist.
    The West has been the bastion of Christian faith but is now largely in decay. The time/season we will know.

    Everywhere we look, disaster and trouble are looming Science alone can not save us even though it has some of the answers. Jesus return, and soon, is the only answer for the peoples of the planet.
    I see our sole duty is to urge them to “Board the ark” before it is too late.
    Pr Michael

  105. Hi Serenity
    Yes i was a fan of Panin and thirty years ago i used an Apple II to write a numeric program based on Panin’s teaching and guess what it “proved Panin was correct” However I and my program were at fault, because i approached the exercise in the dogmatic belief that Panin was correct and did not do the scientific way of peer review.. Fortunately when i gave my program to a computer programming cipher clerk who worked in languages for the secret service ,he showed me how one can do anything with numbers, and my program was corrected, if we search for patterns in any text in any language we will find what we look for. That does not in any way demean the fact that God is the wonderful numberer and that there are significant numbers used in scripture in a marvelous way.

    Bullinger’s book online Knowing about Panin you are bropbally familiar with him Bullinger.

    A modern scientific fact is more encouraging and is beyond dispute DNA it is a language, a scientific design and construction manual with an alphabet sentences, list of materials required, construction details and the perfect timing needed for every stage in building every living thing on the planet, each “after his kind” Wow! DNA is the atheist’s nightmare! they have to prove that language can arise accidentally without a mind because every language in the world was created by a mind. we cannot have the former with without the latter.
    DNA – created by the mind of Almighty God Himself.

    Pr Michael

  106. Therese Oct 2nd 2015

    A couple of things to contribute to what others have said regarding date-setting……… is that prophecy is not written for fortune-telling (divination)…….else we would all be walking by sight and not by faith… and faith would not be needed if we were to walk by sight. The scriptures and prophecies are written for our admonition and instruction……and so we would understand that the Lord knows the end from the beginning and has gone before us in all things………everything is for HIS glory not the glory of the wise whose wisdom is foolishness to God’s wisdom. Human intellect and brilliance of the carnal mind is not what is required to understand God’s word……..because remember that not many were wise etc by the standards of the world when they were called. What is needed is His Spirit, the mind of Christ, which we each receive a measure of and grow in. It is not for us to know the dates and times that are set by the Father’s own authority, and we are told He will come at an hour we do not expect, so no matter what dates anyone tries to figure out it will be wrong……..and the whole point is that we need to be watching and ready at any time…….even the early church lived watching as though He was coming at any time. That is also the point and lesson of living in tabernacles, temporary structures….not living as though this world is our home but waiting and watching for the Lord to come and bring us to our permanent home and eternal dwelling which is not of this world.

    This concept was pictured in ancient Israel’s practice of betrothal and marriage where neither the groom nor the bride knew the time until the groom’s father said so. It is also depicted in the feast of Trumpets where they had to be watching the skies to see when the feast would start, it didn’t start the same day and time each year and they didn’t know exactly when until they saw the moon was in the right phase. Any teacher or preacher who is trying to set dates, I’m sorry to say, has to be false. It is both unbiblical and unspiritual to attempt to do that. We are to know the season and that is enough. We have to be so careful not to be led by our feelings/emotions in these days but to test absolutely everything by the word of God…..there are false spirits, false anointings masquerading as the Holy Spirit. Mathematics or minds of men is not going to unseal the books of Daniel and Revelation………there is only One who is worthy to open the seals.

  107. Responding to Beverly – was Agabus a “prophet of doom” in Acts? The Apostles didn’t think so. They took his Word & made preparations & the church in Jerusalem was saved through the famine because of it. And to all the Pre-Tribulational Rapture believers: I grew up hearing that stuff. Then I really got born again & read the Bible for myself (not spoon fed by teachers/preachers with interpretation all/theological bones to pick) & I had NO IDEA where they came up with that? Do you think God doesn’t love the believers in the former USSR & Romania, modern day N Korea, Iran, China, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Indonesia, N Aftica, etc.? Are they still waiting to be raptured as they are being beheaded? For an EXCELLENT & thorough historically & Biblically responsible look at the origins of where the Pre-Trib rapture came from, you should really look up “Left Behind or Led Astray” on DVD (trailer on YouTube) by Joel Schimmel & Joel Richardson. You will see where this teaching actually derived from & that the early church didn’t ascribe to this (as they hid in caves & ran from persecution many dying a martyrs death), nor did men like Charles Spurgeon, George Mueller, etc. It’s foundations are unbelievable. Don’t wait for a pre-trib rapture. Be ready/willing to lay down your life, carry your cross (an instrument of certain death), & follow the Lamb whither sorbet He goeth.

  108. What a wonderful point jeff……..
    Agabus………..warned the church of great dearth to come
    which later came in the days of Claudius……..
    What another wonderful point…..
    About then being born again…….and READING the word
    for yourself.
    IF people would do just that…….
    SO many of us would have and even now be of the same mind.
    How clearly it can be seen in second thess
    the first chapter……..this ONE time event….
    if they would but read….
    and keep reading it for themselves.
    How often I have made that simple point…..
    JUST read the bible
    stop listening to teachers
    and go read for yourself…..
    Go read HIS sayings……….learn them , live them.
    and yet…………….for all my pleading
    many will not do just that simple thing…..
    Often , when they come to correct………ITS based
    on either what their teacher said……
    OR…………on what they THINK is right or wrong…
    IF a man wants to help his brother,
    It must be only be rightly divided good sound doctrine.
    opinions are only opinions…….
    TRUTH is always TRUTH……..
    I have pleaded so often to just read the bible,
    love simply the TRUTH……….
    and yet, their teachers they will not cease from……
    they will not read the whole letters
    yet they are right and I am in error………
    any man can teach…………but that man must be tested.
    tested by what….
    whole read books in the bible….
    step one……….READ ONLY the bible
    for hours…..
    in time, in quick time…………THEY WOULD SEE
    their own error…….
    but yet……………..many will not…….they choose
    the teachings of men over the teachings
    of Christ and the apostles, and the prophets.
    it boils down to what the heart loves…..
    its either the mix…….which is dung stinky putrid to me
    OR its just the plain truth……of which
    is loaded in them scrips………….
    what do we drink from
    the cisterns of polluted mens wells……
    or the WELL that GOD has provided………..
    that is where and what it all pertains to…….
    How often I have wished so many would
    test them spirits…………
    test all men……..
    only they would not……

  109. And this is why
    so many are now under
    a version of grace that is perversion…
    a version of freedom which is bondage
    a version of love….which rejoices in iniquity
    a version of hope which is in hope that is SEEN
    a version of faith which is in US and Not only in GOD
    a version of trust, which is in what is seen and not HE alone who is unseen
    a version of unity which is of the world
    a version of peace which is of the world
    THIS PEOPLE is in grave danger.
    tis why we no longer hear GRAVE MEN
    why a false version of the goodness of GOD
    which leadeth to acceptance of sins
    rather than the true goodness of GOD
    which leadeth to repentance .
    the list goes on and on……..
    man will always be deceived………….
    lest he come to Christ…….
    but many say we have Christ…..
    to which I say…………THEN WHY DO YE NOT WALK as Did HE…
    many say we are under grace……
    THEN why do ye not learn to deny all ungodliness and wordly lusts, living soberly ,righteously and godly in this present world………
    grace does not allow us to sin……IT TEACHES US NOT TOO……..
    and this freedom they have because it gives them
    the illusion to just live as they choose to…….
    HOW can a man be in FREEDOM, if he is yet in his sins……
    THERE is no liberty in sin……ONLY BONDAGE
    and the end of sin is death……..
    HOPE………..HOPE that is SEEN………….false prosperity gospel
    teachers IS NOT HOPE at all……………for hope that is seen is again NO HOPE………but if we wait for hope……….that is hope n HIM…….
    TRUSTING in ourselves and our material things
    TRUSTING IN GOD alone ,even in the loss of all those things
    IS TRUST………
    or how about this
    Godliness , not ungodliness,
    and contentment……….not desire…….
    contentment means CONTENT……
    this world, this people are in deep peril……
    and now the time has come
    since the land and her peoples
    will not receive the correction of the men
    after GODS own heart
    and instead hear only the men after mans heart…..
    then unto it will be given men and a man
    after the heart of man
    BUT what will ye do in those days……
    and the call………I COUNSEL THEE TO BUY OF ME
    gold tried in the FIRE , that YE MAY BE RICH
    when it comes………..I PRAY many will be zealous and repent…..
    GOD TRULY is merciful……..
    but we must HEED HIS EVERY WORD
    and learn of him……..even by things which we suffer
    shall our obedience , patience grow…
    BUT MUMBLE NOT peoples………..or be destroyed you will….
    LEARN of HIM……………for he cares for you
    and desires none to perish……..
    but know this…………..many do and will perish
    for they love darkness rather than light
    and will not come to the LIGHT
    lest their evil be corrected.
    PRAY ye one and all…………..that ye enter not into temptation
    but that ye learn of HIM alone, who is worthy to be praised
    during all times,
    yes and this can and will happen……to those who love the LORD
    when the times get hard and the weapon comes down
    and even when we are imprisoned………..YE CAN SING
    even greater……
    when you lose it all for his sake……YE WILL REJIOCE
    for truly we are FREE and
    the crown is the prize…………..
    so what can man do unto me….
    take all my things…….YES
    take and imprison me…….YES,
    even kill me…………YES..
    for mY JOY is IN THE LORD
    and my mind shall be free of all worry
    and free to REJOICE in HIM through it all……

  110. FOR my faith is not based on my circumstances
    who shall lead me and teach me as I ought to know
    FOR how can I know lest he teach me
    what do I now know…..that was not freely given to me….
    ALL is by grace…………..
    our part…………IS TO OBEY HIS GRACE
    for he will give us both the desire to do of his will
    and the POWER to do so…….
    we simply as a child, must trust only HIM
    and follow ONLY the lamb……..
    I love you all, and may the LORD bless you and keep
    you and may all learn ONLY of HIM.
    READ his wonderful, words in that bible…….
    every word is for our good
    every example for our good.
    from every warning to every promise
    all is for the good of our welfare
    and our obedience unto HIS GLORY………

  111. All prophesy that God intends has already been written, there is nothing to add to it. There are those gifted in the prophetic and they are a blessing to the body. However, their gifting is a “seeing” in the Scriptures and is used as we gather together.

    You state: “During the days of the cold war, of course it was not uncommon for people to prophesy nuclear bombs hitting America. Nowadays it is not common at all. But a friend of mine from Texas – a man I know personally to be a balanced and well-grounded Christian – reminded me of this topic not long ago. He (and other believers) have seen visions of nuclear devastation on American soil that have so shaken him that he moved his family right out of Dallas and right out of Texas. Just another crackpot, you say?”

    Don’t know what to make of your comment. However, these are now the days of real war and real nuclear weapons in the hands of hate. So, I suppose it would be no more uncommon for those who feel they have a word to announce what God is showing them now in regard to nuclear war. “Just another crackpot, you say?” One that is being used by God does not need your human defense, as we are told to allow all to prophesy and then discern. Discernment comes from God, not man. I am also not sure that those who are gifted in the prophetic should be used in the local church not over the internet.

    Aren’t we so very weird? We start flocking to “exciting” churches to “hear” from God through others. God gave us His living word that we might all be one with Him through obedience as He opens His word to us.

    This is what the Bible tells us that the Church bought by the Blood of Jesus is to know of prophesy from 1 Corinthians 14: “3 But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men.” How does what Jeff brings to us edifies, exhorts, or comfort? In other words, what is the purpose of those words? God tells us that He will judge. When we begin to bring judgment on ourselves is not good. This is what Isaiah was all about: “5Then I said, “Woe is me, for I am ruined! Because I am a man of unclean lips, And I live among a people of unclean lips; For my eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts.” 6Then one of the seraphim flew to me with a burning coal in his hand, which he had taken from the altar with tongs.…” He identified with all of the people, he was one of them, and God purified his lips.
    “And He saw that there was no man, And was astonished that there was no one to intercede; Then His own arm brought salvation to Him, And His righteousness upheld Him.” Isaiah 59:16

    Same today, we “see” all of this, yet why is our main concern to tell others who we think is “being judged”, we even list out what America is being judged for. Yet, where are the intercessors? Oh that’s right, in order to get full credit for being an “intercessor” you flock to “intercessors are us.” Yet God calls us to go to our closet.
    I agree with the one that posted that many, many other countries are just as wicked as we are.

    1 Corinthians 14: 36 Or did the word of God come originally from you? Or was it you only that it reached? 37 If anyone thinks himself to be a prophet or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things which I write to you are the commandments of the Lord. 38 But if anyone is ignorant, let him be ignorant.

    39 Therefore, brethren, desire earnestly to prophesy, and do not forbid to speak with tongues. 40 Let all things be done decently and in order.

    1 Corinthians 12:31 But earnestly desire the best gifts. And yet I show you a more excellent way.
    1 Corinthians 13:The Greatest Gift

    13 Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal. 2 And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3 And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned,[a] but have not love, it profits me nothing.

    The only reason why you and I are alive in the church today is to tell others the life saving message of Jesus Christ. And, it is ONLY if we are obedient to God and have His power coursing through us to reach another. We must be cleansed, prepared vessels.

  112. Ah, the theological error of Cessationism. Never fails to rear its confused head in any conversation on true prophetic words at some point. May God richly bless you all. Sure, there are lots of “crackpots” & self proclaimed “prophets” out there, but throwing out the baby with the bath water is a grievous error. The things men like David Wilkerson, Leonard Ravenhill, AW Tozer, Henry Gruver, Dimitri Dudaman, TD Hale, Rick Wiles & COUNTLESS OTHERS both widely known and hidden are soon about to come to pass. Even in Daniel 8-9 the angel said “these things are sealed UNTIL THE TIME OF THE END”, & Ezekiel 38 speaks of a total destruction of Damascus (in Syria) even as now Russian, Chinese, & Iranian forces storm into Syria to destroy ISIS even at the behest of the USA. Just keep your eyes forcused on Christ & don’t be offended when what is coming rocks your thinking (especially the Pre-Trib & Cessationist folks).

  113. Jeff,
    Can you imagine the prophetic gifting in the New Testament smashing other brothers and sisters while they defend THEIR gifting? Can you imagine God using his gifting in someone to INSIST that this person really IS speaking for Him? Can you imagine in 1 Cor.14:29″ Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others pass judgment.” That after they passed judgment the prophets said, “no wait, you are all those silly ones that do not believe what I am saying. You are theologically wrong. I am being used and you have to accept what I say.” We are not to judge the one who is speaking, just if their words are from God.
    David Wilkerson is still a blessing to the church and Carter Conlon, and Leonard Ravenhill and AW Towzer. Just because when some of us ask God for discernment toward your words and we comment doesn’t mean we are rejecting GOD.

    I am a nobody. You do not have to fear my comments. Let the others ask God for discernment themselves. Why divide the body of Christ because your words have not been received? We all serve God.

    Romans 14:4 Who are you to judge another’s servant? To his own master he stands or falls. Indeed, he will be made to stand, for God is able to make him stand.

    Romans 14:10 But why do you judge your brother? Or why do you show contempt for your brother? For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. 11 For it is written:

    “As I live, says the Lord,
    Every knee shall bow to Me,
    And every tongue shall confess to God.”

    12 So then each of us shall give account of himself to God. 13 Therefore let us not judge one another anymore, but rather resolve this, not to put a stumbling block or a cause to fall in our brother’s way.

    You are free to believe what you wish Jeff, just don’t insist that I accept what you say is from God, as He promises to give me discernment when I ask.

  114. Therese Oct 2nd 2015

    God esteems those who tremble at His word…………..and there are so many dreams, visions and words that His people are receiving from His Spirit concerning the tribulation that is coming it is impossible to dismiss. This is not unbiblical at all, but confirms what Jesus and the apostles wrote about these days shortly before the Lord’s return.

    I have had several, my daughter has had dreams, someone I know had a dream of the western hemisphere being picked up like a paper map by a huge hand and rolled into a ball in His hand and tossed away……later I saw in the bible Is. 22:18. Jesus Himself warned prophetically of the coming destruction to Jerusalem, just like He is warning us now……….it is His grace that warns and why would He not, He is not a dumb idol that cannot speak, He is the Living God. The Spirit of prophesy is the testimony of Jesus, and well………I guess he is testifying that He is coming soon!

    The difference between our nations that sin and the heathen nations that sin, is that our nations have professed Christ and are known around the world as Christian nations………we are blaspheming and profaning His name before the whole world. It is for the honour of His name that His longsuffering will have to come to an end if His warnings have wrought no repentance. Judgment begins with His house……..and then the world!

  115. Andrew Oct 3rd 2015

    Very well-said, Therese.


  116. Llewelyn Stevenson Oct 3rd 2015

    I have had no visions for America but I do have respect for David Wilkerson as a child of God.

    If I may say, I am not a man of judgment, but of salvation. Judgment is imminent, yes, but salvation is now.

    I am trying to remember the prophet who saw judgments coming from God. He prayed desperately and God relented, two or three times if I remember.

    I try to remind people that God often shows us these things because he intends for us to pray for mercy and grace. Remember Grace is an act of God and not a reward for obedience.

    Remember what such a judgment will do. It will be indiscriminate in its outcome. Are we really prepared for that? We may think we are. Picture unborn babies ripped apart without the chance of faith and repentance. Innocent little children snuffed out before their conscience has chance to respond to God. In other words the death of the innocent along with the guilty. Are you prepared for that?

    If you think God doesn’t care about the little children please remember what he said to petulant Jonah about the number of little children in Nineveh.

    America does have space to repent and we should be crying out for its salvation. I am a holiness preacher and I will tell you plainly the change begins with you. First you must confess your sins and make sure that even your feet are cleansed [John 13]; then you must get rid of any doubtful thing: any hindrance to God’s having full control of your life; receive and fully submit to the Holy Spirit, and be sure to publically confess Jesus Christ.

    It is my observation that we who are quick to judge others are the most resistant to the work of the Holy Spirit. Be sure no log is in your eye because it is possible that judgment is coming because of you.

    America is not so evil that it cannot be saved. With God all things are possible.

  117. Jeff…………I am sure you already know this….
    every time , after Israel had grown very wicked
    and a weapon was to come against it…
    every time GOD sent a prophet to warn….
    VERY few would heed that prophet.
    most just wanted to hear of peace and smooth things…..
    yet , just because most wanted the true prophet dead,
    and did not believe his warnings to repent or this would come…..
    even when they refused to repent, believing they were
    gods children and needed no repentance etc…..
    Did just because they believed it would not come to pass
    mean it did not…….OR DID IT JUST AS THE PROPHET
    said it would…….
    some would rather hear a telling of how GOD gonna get
    them that brand new royals or new house
    rather than any message of repentance
    or coming judgment…..
    So……………here we go again…….
    we warn………………….but it will mainly fall on deaf ears…
    HOWEVER just as GOD told jeremiah
    that this people would not hear him…….
    STILL we warn…………..and perhaps may some repent.

  118. Jeff, or whoever ………what is cessationism….
    I was blessed to NOT be raised in any church
    and simply by grace was led unto Christ..
    and then read only the bible.
    so when many use terms like this,
    I have no way of knowing what it means
    I have even heard a few use the term disspensationalism……
    or etc……
    as with mare and the mass majority of the christain
    world……… will find you get rebuked
    BY OPINIONS……………not biblical truth.
    just count it a blessing, that by grace we or any who does
    see, has eyes and ears to see and hear…
    and do pray for mare.

  119. To all who love the LORD in truth and sincerity………
    and you all are loved and thanks for the warnings.

  120. Serenity Oct 3rd 2015

    Thank you ‘even greater light throgh darkness’ for your love in the Lord and the wisdom and warnings you have put forth. Like you I have no time for tv preachers but delight to sit and read and meditate on His Word.

    Thanks for the Bullinger link, Pr Michael. He sounds so like Panin, eg that Hebrews was written by Paul. The math proves it. I will hold brother Panin and his meticulous, God-fearing, and so accurate work above the opinion of a somewhat-knowledgeable clerk. Reading the Word is so important, but WHAT VERSION ??? Panin and the KJV give a single word, which one may look up in a dictionary. People are going to hell, I fear, trusting in their feel-good versions which don’t warn or instruct in any detail.

    God has SET a day in which He will judge the world. He is not haphazard. I don’t believe He has revealed this to anyone on Earth today, but the year, month, and Feast time of the Lord … When Jesus said, No man knows the day or the hour in which the Son of man comes, that was a broad hint that He will come at Feast of Trumpets one year. Just the other day, in Israel, the feast of Trumpets was delayed because the biggest dust storm in modern Israel’s history swept in just before, obscuring the new moon that had to be seen before Trumpets could begin.
    God gave us minds, to be sanctified by His Word and His Spirit. Let us use them – to His glory. Amen !

  121. David Marsh Oct 3rd 2015


    Here is a list of the many evangelists who have been told by God of Americas destruction.
    I wish it were not so, have a look and see how it sits in your spirit.


  122. There is much wisdom on this board.

    Unfortunately, not all of the wisdom is of the Spirit of God, but of the spirit of the flesh we live in. How can that be, seeing we all say we are full of the Spirit of God? If that is what the spirit of our mind thinks and our mouths proclaim to be true, then we are all liars before God. The flesh always justifies itself.

    The soul may be born and sealed with the Blood of The Spirit of Christ Jesus, but we occupy this body of death that wants what it wants when it wants it. The nature of sin remains in the mind of man, and truth is subject to what that solitary mind thinks is good or evil. Witness on this board the history of the ecclesia/church: If your truth is not my truth then you are not part of me.

    Your teachers, teachers, teachers did not understand the fullness of God’s New Covenant in the Blood of His only Begotten Son Jesus Christ, and have dismissed Communion as some symbolic gesture. If you believed their schooled prejudices then you, in your wisdom, have exchanged the Truth for a lie. The Word of Truth says: “If we say we have no sin we deceive our selves and the Truth is not in us. If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar and His Word is not in us”. Then again Jesus the Christ and Word of God said yesterday, today and tomorrow: “I AM the Way and the Truth and the Life of men. No one comes to the Father but by Me”. The proud deceiver hates the Light and only speaks in darkness. But if we walk in the Light as He is in the Light, we have Fellowship / Communion / Koinonia One with another, and The Blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin. The Holy Spirit of the Word of God is One with the Water and the Blood of God’s Only Begotten Son, made the flesh of Man/Adam.

    What is your wisdom?

    R.Glenn Pratten

  123. Mare, it was not my attempt to smash anyone. I don’t know you, where you live, exactly how you are called, etc., but If you were here in America (as I), saved, & called to cry out in the streets for The people of America to repent, & then called within the American church to cry out for the American church to repent for 16+ years & seldom this word is heeded/heard but rather rejected most wholesaledly by both the world & the church, it can make your message seem “hard”. I’m not excusing any rough edges I may still have – I am merry saying the “Repent for the kingdom of God is at Hand” message to the world, & the “judgement begins at the house of God” message to the church is rarely heard (at least here in America). I am not comparing myself with these men. I am merely saying those who reject what I am sharing are by default also rejecting what these men have shared also. May God richly bless you all as you seek to expand His Kingdom, walk faithful to the calling to which you were called, & to Glorify Him in Spirit & in Truth in the secret place where no Forum Board can see, but the eyes of the Lord always do.

  124. Even greater light than darkness, “Cessationism”
    Is a belief that all of the supernatural gifts mentioned in the epistles (including, but not limited to the gift prophesy & the prophetic calling) have ALL
    CEASED to exist. They claim “Sola Scriptura” (from the scriptures alone”), but then build an unbiblical case through tradition to nullify every gift & calling in our day except pastor/teacher. They say (though scripture doesn’t) that all gifts stopped the day the canon of the scriptures was complete (around 100 AD). I am not trying to divide or split anyone in the Body. I’m merely stating facts & seek to teach true Biblical truth to the Body, that this is error. If we can’t speak & teach against error in teaching in the church without being called divisive, we have to undiscerningly swallow whole anything/everything anyone says/teaches to “keep unity”. That’s a false unity not based in truth (what the pope tries to build at the UN & around the world). That’s actually also unbiblical. In The scriptures, Paul told
    Timothy to “Preach the Word. Rebuke, correct, reprove, exhort, encourage…(etc.) with all long suffering..” That’s not “division” Biblically speaking. That’s obedience. I don’t know the personal life of anyone here (I have never posted here before – I generally don’t post to forums on the Internet) & You don’t know
    Mine. I shared what I shared with Andrew (who I know, who has stayed in my home years ago with our families) & I wasn’t asking him to “put my words on the Internet” (though I have no problem with it either). So I shared as the Lord has shared with me. Take it or leave it. But when people just “can’t hear a word of warning/impending judgement” & it has to be “ALL GOOD & SMOOTH THINGS” (even the good & smooth true things of God’s Gospel of Grace ONLY), there is an imbalance problem within the church. My 2 cents. Anyways, God Bless you all. In Him – Jeff

  125. Therese Oct 3rd 2015

    God’s word is so true and right, amen…….and it’s like these dark latter days are proving it more and more, shining it forth. The Lord bless you all and thanks be to God for all the edification that is happening here.

  126. Jeff………….you are right on……..
    Be blessed and praise the Lord.
    How often have the few who warn
    and do all to reprove , correct, Because THEY TRULY LOVE,
    how often they are attacked…..
    and indeed cessationism, is FALSE.
    I sadly see many will believe anything.
    But don’t get discouraged, in fact be encouraged.
    the truth, including warnings, will be preached.
    many will stone………and may we only forgive them.
    but some will hear………….
    As you KNOW…………the problem is not
    saying we are saved by GRACE ALONE…….
    ITS the version of what this grace allows
    that has become perversion.
    for they say……………..many false things and allow
    much bad fruit……….and say…….Hey we are under grace……
    But how do we know if a man is truly under Grace
    or only thinks HE is under grace………
    what shows us he is under grace or still under wrath………
    For grace teaches us to deny all ungodliness and wordly lusts,
    to be walkin soberly andrighteously and godly in this present world.
    Or as JOHN once said,
    my little children…………..IF one says HE abides in HIM
    then THEY walk as DID HE
    or as paul would say…………KNOWN TO GOD
    are HIS…………..let all who name then name of
    Christ DEPART from………INIQUITY.
    or again, let it not be named ONCE among you
    as becomes saints…
    the fruits of the spirit ……….
    but what is the fruit of the wicked.
    for some say…………you cant know a person
    or their heart…………Sigmund is a liar……..
    YE can know a tree by its fruits…………
    no matter if it has good works for show……
    no matter how a tree can appear to the eye
    for many focus on good works and world peace
    and unity and yet love their sin.
    JESUS did not boot out the goats for all their good works
    HE says depart from me , YE who worked iniquity……
    ITS very plain to see the FRUIT of a tree
    and KNOW whether it is good or evil……
    not JUST by its appearance of good works
    for even the evil can appear with good works
    and the FRUIT of the WICKED is TO SIN
    IT matters not if a man sings unto GOD
    IT matters not if a man prays for hours……
    IT matters not if he had good works
    let us sum it up like this……..
    Faith without works is DEAD………..THIS IS VERY TRUE……
    BUT WORKS without faith…………………IS DEATH.
    and many cannot see this……
    false unity false peace,
    Twisting the sayings of JESUS…… fit anyones teaching
    to suit their own carnal deisres…………..IS SIN…..
    and I condemn no man………..I WARN YES
    but only because I LOVE
    for Love compels us to both warn, and encourage….
    how can a man claim he loves another
    if he allows that other to remain in sin…………
    LOVE would pull that other OUT, warn them
    not rejoice in iniquity and say…………its a lifestyle.
    ever get the feeling
    the more YOU LOVE…………….the less you are loved by
    many………PAUL KNEW That
    BUT be that as it may……………..STILL I will
    keep warning REPENT YE …………..and BELEIVE
    and keep reminding the body
    that the chastisments coming…………..are for our good
    to refine us through fire
    and so as none will be alarmed when it hits………..

  127. Thank you Andrew for bringing jeffs warning
    and for keeping up on exhorting the body of Christ.
    All I can know to discern is this.
    By grace I know and understand judgment is on the way.
    the specifics are not clear
    but judgments are clear and persecution against us
    is clear.
    the pope preaches against absolutism
    Obama echoes
    for many world leaders now set the snare
    against the few………
    Ever heard of prolonged dentention
    ever heard of what a potential terroists is……
    Any man or woman deemed dangerous
    or can be seen as a potential terroists
    can be rounded up and held without trial
    till THEY……….determine whether he is friend or foe……..
    Obama sure said there are LOTS of angry men out there……
    this law was brought in under the guise of muslim
    extremists……..for Obama
    said……..say there is a man out there
    he is dangerous, but he has done nothing
    Well now we can round him up till
    we determine whether he is friend or foe…..
    sounded like it was all about a so called good cuase
    because I went to examine what a potential terrorist is…….
    and I went to a site that had the list of
    so called potential terroists………
    and it is true , MUSLIM was on that list…….
    BUT they were NOT FIRST…….
    so who is this dangerous enemy,
    so dangerous they surpass even the muslim
    extremists who blew up twin towers…..
    who is this deadly enemy we have not heard tale off………
    YOU might want to sit down Andrew…….
    that is numbe ONE potential enemy……
    SO if anything , or enough fear gets prophagandized….
    AND its roundup time….
    and then we had the military training in the largest
    exercise known to man on us soill……
    for roundups…
    but no worries……..this is for the war on terror…..
    so who will be getting rounded up……..
    when japan bombed us…….
    did they round up only japs related to the emperor….
    or all japs…….
    when the rich jews were slandered
    in the end did they round up only the rich jews
    or all jews…….
    what is coming is coming..and the signs
    of its coming are everywhere……
    and just like in the old times when this has happened
    ITS DUMBED down and played out
    and even though thesigns were so clear as what was going
    to end up happening to jews……
    hardly any jew listened…………YET IT STILL happened…
    and now today………ITS US ON THAT LIST
    and yet……..oh this cant happen is the cry….
    not only can it happen…………ITS GOING TO…

  128. Llewelyn Stevenson Oct 3rd 2015

    God told me this year to be prepared to die for my faith and by God’s grace I will be, though I’m not sure how one prepares for it, I can only trust him to strengthen me should it come. I spend my days praying for the lost, praying for the church, and praying for his Spirit to come in power. If he gives opportunity I speak as he commands and I don’t expect any other to do otherwise.

    I, too, have had visions and dreams and, if you did not know God, they would seem to contradict what is being shown here but they do not. They are merely another side to the coin.

    I maintain that God is calling all people to the cross and to himself. Salvation is now but judgment is imminent. Grace works by the cross and not without it. You must take a close look at Ephesians 2:8. The gift of God is the sacrifice of God who is Christ. Look into the word “gift” and you will find it specifically means sacrifice. That sacrifice is not of yourselves but it is Jesus the gift of God.

    This is the way of salvation and there is no other way.

    Judgment must come. The Scripture is clear on this and I will never say don’t worry it will never happen. It will happen but you can be saved through Jesus Christ. You will not be saved by fleeing one city to another for judgment must come there too, though it may be delayed a while. Trust Jesus only.

    The Lord told me to pray for my community and he told me to say confess your sins; put away all questionable things and desires; submit to the Holy Spirit, and confess the Lord Jesus.

    Will you do this, and I will pray The Father he will send his promised Holy Spirit on you for Jesus sake. Amen.

  129. Llewelyn Stevenson Oct 3rd 2015

    There is a Welsh hymn fro the 1800s that says something like this, “If you must return first save the people and then come.”

    This hymn led the people to repent and pray and subsequently many in the communities around were saved.

    As I read Dave’s and Jeff’s words my prayer becomes, if you must judge first save the people then judge.

    I have witnessed the despair of seeing someone lost forever. I testified to this man and was rebutted time and again. The day I saw his name in the funeral notices I wept and cried, Father, no more! No more souls to populate hell!

    I know that God is just and we reap only what we sow but for me it is not an easy thing to stand by and watch others destroyed by fire. I will beg for God’s mercy as long as he allows.

  130. David Marsh Oct 4th 2015

    No one is rejoicing in how God is going to judge the world. We are only trying to determine how God is going to judge the world.
    Mr Baruch points out that at the right time an ‘Elijah’ will call all of God’s people home to Edom and Moab.
    This is where the ‘woman’ will find refuge in the days that that the anti christ comes to power.
    God will annoint 144,000 servants with unlimited Holy Spirit power – to witness through out the whole world.

    God bless you


  131. Serenity Oct 4th 2015

    I was not going to post again on this thread but just to say that brothers Clint and Michael have confirmed what brother Vargo found out. Clint says we have 10 or maybe only 5 years left before the end. Michael says it’s unlikely the world can stagger on another 45 years the way things are going. Brother Vargo found out, by the Word and math, that there’s 10 years before the rapture, and 13 years before Christ returns and sets up His millennial kingdom. The math does not lie – when you know math !
    Blessings to all in Christ.

  132. Jeff and others, no one is disputing that God is still using the prophetic to speak to His Church during these times (this includes you Jeff). Any church that has life is hearing from Him. But, what is it He is wanting us to hear from Him? I have read on this post that the warning is going out and that few in the church are heeding. But what does that look like? When God speaks to us He speaks that each may understand. Some of us are allowing TV to consume our time, some are driven by making enough money, some have other habits and many idols, some have one major idol. All that keeps us from a more intimate relationship with God, whether in this generation or past or present is what God is after eliminating in our lives that we might enjoy a oneness with Him.

    The church should be urgently getting the gospel out to the unsaved, whether we are being judged or not. We should keep our eyes on Jesus, whether we are being judged or not. We should be helping our communities to see the love of Christ and give ourselves to being an active member in our churches.
    …5What then is Apollos? And what is Paul? Servants through whom you believed, even as the Lord gave opportunity to each one. 6I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth. 7So then neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but God who causes the growth.…1 Cor. 3:5-7

    Some hear from the prophetic realm that America is going to be judged and think, “How can I get more right with God?”
    “Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.” Isaiah 45:22
    Isaiah 30:15
    ” For thus saith the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength: and ye would not.”
    2 Chronicles 20:12
    ” O our God, wilt thou not judge them? for we have no might against this great company that cometh against us; neither know we what to do: but our eyes are upon thee.”
    The Greatest Commandment Matthew 22:37-39
    …37And He said to him, “‘YOU SHALL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND.’ 38″This is the great and foremost commandment. 39″The second is like it, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.’…

    “Whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God, and everyone who loves Him who begot also loves him who is begotten of Him. 2 By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and keep His commandments. 3 For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome. 4 For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith. 5 Who is he who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?” 1John 5:1-5
    1 John 5:19-21
    “We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one.

    20 And we know that the Son of God has come and has given us an understanding, that we may know Him who is true; and we are in Him who is true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and eternal life.

    21 Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.”

  133. Andrew Oct 4th 2015

    Sadly, I believe all those who insist on “date-setting” the 2nd coming by the ‘math’ like many who have gone before,
    are setting themselves up for total failure,
    like many that have gone before.


    Andrew Strom

  134. Therese Oct 4th 2015

    We are told in scripture to watch BECAUSE we do not know the day nor the hour……..not even Jesus nor the angels in heaven know, only the Father knows. The parable of the ten virgins bears this out as well….they fell asleep because the groom seemed to be taking so long. If they knew when He was coming they sure wouldn’t have been sleeping at that hour. If we knew when He was coming there would be no need to watch, we could just set the alarm clock and forget about it…..but instead we are admonished to watch. It is biblical to NOT KNOW when He is coming and UNBIBLICAL TO KNOW. And if we are watching when He comes we will not be taken unawares. He is coming like a thief in the night and the only reason we will not be taken unawares is not because we know when to expect Him (nobody knows when to expect a thief, a thief doesn’t divulge that information), but it’s because we will be watching out for Him, while the rest of the world is not looking for Him.

    This is the plain teaching of scripture……..but I marvel not that even plain teaching can be veiled nowadays, these are perilous days, and Serenity, I don’t judge that man’s motives, I dont know anything about him and for all I know he may be sincere but mistaken…..but he is not somebody i would follow, especially if he has been corrected and ignores the teaching of scripture.

  135. David Marsh Oct 5th 2015

    Mr Baruch does not claim to know when the last 7 years will transpire but points out that we can narrow down each particulat 7 year sabbath year cycle as to when all of these things will happen. God has always worked within His biblical 7 year sabbath year cycles.
    Therefore, i recommend you have a good look at Mr Baruch’s “The day of the Lord is at hand”.
    God bless

    David Marsh

  136. Andrew Oct 5th 2015

    Why then are specific years being named?

  137. Serenity Oct 5th 2015

    “Surely the Lord will do NOTHING except He REVEAL His SECRET to His servants THE PROPHETS.”
    Amos 3:7.
    Are there no prophets on Earth today, or has God lost His voice ? He MUST be revealing the return of Jesus to someone somewhere. Remember, He said He has not cast off His first nation, (NOR His feasts, the feasts of the Lord). Jesus fulfilled the first three feasts, and then Pentecost, in ONE YEAR. He will return and fulfil the last three feasts in another YEAR coming up soon.

    What is the problem with this ??

  138. Serenity Oct 5th 2015

    Hi Therese

    I just saw your comment above. The brother whose book I now own, has been ignored, never corrected (to my knowledge), and he definitely does not ignore the teaching of Scripture. Starting with a small insight into the timing of the Flood, knowledge of other Scriptural dates began to open up to him as he studied.

    God alone understands EXACTLY how every Scripture verse balances out with every other. In Galatians 6 one verse says, bear the burdens of one another. In the same chapter it then says, each shall bear his own burden. We know that God does not contradict Himself.

    About endtime events, I, for one, am happy to have found a timeline with a firm Scriptural basis. I believe the Lord caused me to find this. I’m not going up on a mountain like those poor souls deluded into gathering to greet the Lord a few years ago. All they met were the persecutors coming up to deal to them.

    Apart from our dear brother Jeff, who else can see how cranky the pre-trib-rapture-any-day-now teaching is ?
    I am receiving great big red-letter emails declaring that the rapture is before the end of 2015, and, “please tell everyone this info or you’ll be responsible for their souls”.
    God told Noah 120 years beforehand, if I read it right. Then He told him one week before to load up. WHAT is the problem with the idea that God might warn His servants beforehand ? Is it unbelief, religion, or what ?

    Old Simeon and Anna who knew their God through spending lots of time with Him, were able to pick up at a glance, by the Spirit, that that Baby was the Messiah, whereas the officiating temple priest didn’t have a clue as he went about his religious duty. (I know the priest didn’t recognize baby Jesus as the Messiah. We would have been told if he had.) Anyway, those two old saints got the revelation 30 years before Messiah burst on the scene. God is free to reveal what He will, when He will, is my point.

    Thanks Therese for bringing the thief and the virgins parables up. This is definitely something for me to meditate on and pray about.
    And Andrew, if the Lord is revealing to various Simeons that the second coming is in 2028, what is “sad” about that ? Except for the destruction of millions more worshippers of the beast ? It says WE are not in darkness that that day should overtake us like a thief.
    Blessings to all in Christ.

  139. David Marsh Oct 5th 2015

    Yes Andrew, I agree, why are specific years being named.
    We know we are at the 6000 year mark of God’s 7000 year plan. But as far as a specific year for the last 7 years, the only concrete sign Jesus gave to us was ‘from when the daily sacrifice is taken away and the Abomination of Desolation is set up’ – which is actually the beginning of the last 31/2 years
    That is the only sure sign.

    God bless,


  140. Therese Oct 5th 2015

    As for me I will I simply stand on what Jesus and the apostles simply said, neither adding nor taking away from it.

    The natural man and mind does math and tries to figure things out, but the scripture says the natural man can neither perceive nor receive the things of God, so that is something to ponder as well.

  141. Therese Oct 5th 2015

    ……and what is worse the natural mind is ENMITY with God, whoa!

    Whereas the words of Jesus are SPIRIT AND LIFE…..words of ETERNAL LIFE. So why do we want to feed on anything that comes from the natural man? Praise the Lord for teaching me that, it is not of myself that’s for sure.

  142. Therese Oct 5th 2015

    Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump….and what is leaven but just a little ADD- itive. By the grace of God I’m seeing today how easily we leaven the teachings of the bible with our carnal reasonings without realizing it, and how we need to cling to the pure words of scripture alone.

    Praise the Lord Randall that you don’t preach with words of man’s wisdom. oh give us ears to hear, heavenly Father. The word of God is for the feeding of our spirits not our carnal minds because to the natural man/mind, God’s word and wisdom is foolishness.

  143. The wisdom of the 10 virgins.

    Come let us reason together, even though we be broken cisterns of flesh that can hold no water.

    Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom. 2 And five of them were Wise, and five were foolish.3 They that were foolish took their lamps, and took “no oil” with them: 4 But the Wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. Matthew 25

    The five foolish virgins, had lamps with them, but the lamps contained no oil whatsoever, and neither did the foolish virgins understand that they would have need of a vessel, filled with oil that would fuel the fire for their trimmed lamps that was to give light for all to see.

    The five virgins that were with Wisdom, had oil in their lamps and also oil in their vessels that would feed the lamp so that in the trimming of the lamp, it would it burn brightly.

    The oil is of the Spirit of God that is freely given to those who desire to be One with the Bridegroom. Also, the Spirit of God is a fire that will burn up the dross of the wisdom of the flesh of man kind. John the Baptist proclaims that he indeed baptizes with natural water, but Jesus is the One who will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.