I recently returned from my first trip to India, where I was ministering for 10 days in Bangalore. The first thing I noticed was how well India is doing compared with developing nations in Africa, etc. When you go to Africa, the conditions are often pretty primitive, and you can kiss goodbye to hot water, internet or regular electricity. In cities such as Bangalore though, things are much improved. But still there is great hunger for spiritual truth, and Christianity is growing…

The most encouraging and amazing thing to me was the sheer
hunger and devotion of the Christians. My last weekend was
spent preaching at a large Pentecostal fellowship. Each Sunday
the first meeting is at 6:30 AM (!!) and 2000 people show up to it
week after week. Then they have another meeting at 9:30 AM
with another 2000 people! This is a state where there has been
real persecution of the Christians. If anything, it seems to make
them stronger. The preaching there is pretty good, too. And they
see God do amazing miracles.

Every month there is a 3-day fast for the entire church (thousands
of people fasting and praying). And every year there is a 21-day
fast for the entire church!! Can you imagine any of this taking
place in the West?

It seems to me that we need to be importing Indian preachers
into the Western nations, rather than the other way around!

And so, I came back pretty encouraged that although we see
apostasy growing all around us, there is still hope for the future in
places where spiritual hunger and persecution are very much a reality.

God is still building His Church, and the gates of hell shall not
prevail against it.

-PLEASE COMMENT on this topic below-

Blessings to all – Andrew Strom.

Posted in Articles by Andrew on March 28th, 2013 at 10:36 am.


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  1. Praise the Lord! This is so encouraging. I think we Christians in the US are starting to get our legs under us, Andrew. I believe our eyes are opening to the “fat, sloven, lazy” state of our walk, and thanks to the dedication and love of the other parts of The Body, the Spiritual Body in the US is beginning to engage. And boy are the tares among us doing their work to help bring this about. God is Great!

  2. Marc Wildman Mar 28th 2013

    It’s a very simple dynamic really! People will never respond to the gospel when they are distracted, have wealth, have autonomy and can live their lives without God. Suddenly when these things are removed they begin to wake up. This is why God is allowing natural events, disasters, economic hardship and the like to begin to break down this shell or casing that people use to live apart from the truth. Give it a few more years and perhaps sooner and this sleeping Giant called America will wake up.

  3. CMAman Mar 28th 2013

    A very encouraging article! I too, have seen accounts of a great spiritual awakening in Russia and other unexpected areas. Seeds of the gospel are coming forth through the years of drought and persecution. We have had somewhat of a melting pot of religious freedoms in the US for many years. It’s good that we have freedom to worship, but that freedom can also make a strange mix of watered down doctrine and conviction as well. Thankyou for sharing this very exciting news!

  4. Could this be where God went when America expelled Him?
    Thank you very much for sharing, Brother!

  5. Having served the Lord in India for over 30 years and having my home in Bangalore, I appreciated Andrew’s enthusiasm for all that God is doing. Great things are happening across India and churches are growing in most places. However, the level of discipleship is low.

    Physically, Bangalore is exceptional, representing less than 0.1% of India’s population. Many parts of the country, especially rural areas, get power for a few hours a day and water once a week.

  6. InTheWorld Mar 28th 2013

    Persecution seems to make them stronger? Chinese Christians have been praying for some time for persecution to come to the USA for this very reason. The false will fall away. The truth will flourish. Wish I could say I look forward to this, and in most ways I do, but not totally as it will be very difficult times.


  7. I’m glad to hear India is making progress. In some ways lost people are always easier to witness to, because they’ll entertain the idea that they might need salvation. The “saved”, much like the Pharisees of Christ’s day, are much harder, because they do not believe they have anything to worry about. They may be rushing into a deep pit, but they’ll thank you to leave them to it.

  8. Hallelujah! What a Mighty God we serve. Let’s be renewed in Him and excited to preach the true gospel and yes, let’s fast and pray; and let’s encourage all that we know to do the same.
    Andrew, what a wonderful time and blessing from the Lord for you. You get a lot of unnecessary flak from people but He has poured out a wonderful blessing on you.

  9. All praise to God! Oh, let it be so in the United States! Recently attended a Solemn Assembly of prayer for our country-opened my eyes, changed my heart–please pray for the USA! Many churches are asleep and oblivious to our responsibility to pray. Thanks for sharing, Andrew.

  10. L. Alex Smith Mar 28th 2013

    “The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.” I think that the West has prided itself on its past laurels– that is, the advances in revelation gotten through the Reformation, revivalists, and the Pentecostal outpourings…. but truly we are now finding outselves to be last. I have read posts in which some claim there to be only an Apostasy, and no great End-Time Revival: but in Matthew 13 the parable of the Tares clearly states “let both gorw together until the Harvest” at whuch time the wheat will have reache dfull maturity, and the tares, which look identical up until that point, then turn Black, revealing their true colours, and are bound “into bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into My barn”. It wouldn’t surpise me in the least to see the majority of Christians in the heavenly realm made up of other races than white (i.e. from 3rd world countries, not the West, which is mainly white). The Bride will “come out” of Christendom; the “man-child” (KJV, Rev. 12) will come out of the Woman. The “wheat” Christains will be fully-matured, just as Ephesians 4:13 says, “until we (plural)all come into…a perfect (telios-mature) man.” O Lord, let it be, but let us be found within that group as well!

  11. Having spent 12 years as a missionary coming back to North America was hard! It has gotten much worse since we returned here…..but I do believe that things are beginning to percolate. There is a growing hunger for God and in Canada, where I live, we have an entire untouched generation, the vast majority never having heard the gospel. We need to be labouring AND praying. People are dying and going to hell all around us, while we sit in our ceiled houses…Thanks for the testimony Andrew!

  12. Charlene Mar 28th 2013

    Americans have too many amusements to occupy their time, and that’s the way satan wants it. If India ever becomes “westernized”, it will go the same way…with no need of salvation. As it stands now, they still have eyes to see and ears to hear. But I believe America will have to realize something devastating before she has eyes to see and ears to hear. A sad but true commentary.

  13. This is wonderful news Andrew, thanks for posting this. God does hear the prayers of his saints, so we need to keep these precious saints there in our prayers, our brothers and sisters in Christ.

    May the Lord’s hand of protection and discipline be upon the pastors ther in the church you mentioned, that they may continue to walk in his image, a light to a lost and dying world and without compromise.

    This is just the opposite of what I am seeing here in America in the area I live, people here are falling away, many I personally know, some into adulterious relationships,several followed by dicorice some just doubting the authority of Gods word, looking into other relegions, and the youth here, so many are lost, following after the flesh. So many searching for real truth and truely oppressed, and the church is silent for the most part with no real gospel or lasting hope for them, in fact they seem not to trust the pastors here anymore, so many see the fakeness they walk in, truely the light in many of our pastors here has been estuingished.

    Yet I am seeing some light, and personal awakenings of revival in a few, too this I Praise my Lord and Savior, eternally thankful to he and the workings of the Holy Spirit.

    However the laodecia church is so great here in America and the many falling away is very sad to watch,

    Still speaking out with the hope we have in Jesus how he can save them and can radically change their very lives that he is the hope and peace they are seeking for in all the wrong places.

    Praying for these deceived and poor people. I am wakling among many, please pray for myself for open doors and favor with those whom the Lord choses to put in my pathway.
    In His love, Lynn

  14. Can I know the name of the pentecostal church please?


  15. L. Alex Smith Mar 28th 2013

    Contrast the Philadelphia church with the Laodicea church. Philadelphia means “the love of the brethren”, Laodicea means “the people rule”. I am convinced that when the people get what they want, that is, the “leadership” caters to the people rather than to boldly and fearlessly set the standard within God’s Word, there can be no Hot nor Cold, but ONLY lukewarm. Laodicea, the town, was wealthy, had hot springs that were Therapeutic, and cold springs that were refreshing, and lukewarm springs that were disgusting. They manufactured a well-known eye slave there. But Jesus rebuked their self-sufficiency and counseled them to obtain TRUE heavenly riches; and obtain heavenly “eye-salve” that they might see– just like the Pharisees who were “blind leaders of the blind”. Philadelphia, Jesus says, “you have kept the word (or testimony) of my patient continuance, and have not denied my name” therefore, “I also will keep you out of (ek, in Greek) the Hour of Trial which is to come upon the whole earth to Try (test) those who dwell in the earth. Let us press in become that caliber of saint…the choice is yours.

  16. Yes Andrew! REVIVAL is coming to the USA! On the heals of unprecedented troubles (especially in the coastal areas), the hearts of the people in the USA will learn to fear the Lord again. Judgment works well to teach wisdom.

  17. Maurice L. Fuller Mar 28th 2013

    I get a bit tired of being compared unfavorably to this or that group of Christians. Fasting, if it is not specifically Spirit-led, is useless and is nothing more than Phariseeism. I have, on occasion, been led to fast, with good results. When there is no such leading, I feel no obligation whatsoever to do so, all guilt trips by modern Pharisees notwithstanding! Please give it a rest.

  18. Sandra G. Mar 28th 2013

    Praise be to God for this move.
    Thank you Andrew for bringing this message. You are blessed by God
    and HE has given you the ability to travel to these countries, and share
    HIS word, what a blessing. To go to a country that is predominantly into false idols (Buddah, etc.), and show them the truth that is Christ
    Jesus. May the Lord bless you, and guide you as you continue to walk in HIS light.

    In HIS grace,
    Sandra G.

  19. Pastor.Prabhu Bhushan Mar 28th 2013

    Dear Pastor i really happy with your india trip..

    i thank God for testimony .

    Jesus bless you .

    …..pastor prabhu india.

  20. Jda016 Mar 28th 2013

    Wow! Amen! Very encouraging indeed!

  21. AMEN………….now this is wonderful good news.
    Andrew…………….ever remember these words.
    in revelations we see two different churches
    sardis and laodicia
    NOTICE what GOD says is GOOD about them and what he hates.
    HE tells the church of sardis
    i have seen your persecutions, tribulations , poverty
    NOW go to laodiciea
    and notice the laodicaeans have all the worldy things
    and easy times that the sardies church does not
    they are rich in this world………YET GOD calles THEM POOR.
    BUT he gives them the way out of their delusion
    HE SAYS……………..I COUNSEL thee to buy of ME GOLD tried in the FIRE that YOU MAY BE RICH.
    AND then andrew. let us remember…………..that ALL GOD loves
    HE chastnes and scourges for OUR OWN PROFIT.
    faith MUST be tested and tried……………..and when it it
    LET PATIENCE have her perfect work.
    WE can see the struggling christains, persecuted christians
    all the while the lukewarm are drowning in deception.
    and pray the lukewarm EMBRACE HIS TRUTH NOW.

  22. Be on gaurd and pray for them also andrew
    for false minisitirs are being sent their way to decieve.
    BUT GOD knows those that are HIS
    A good word……………would be to have us gather together
    monies and send them bibles and men to KEEP them ONLY in sound doctrine. Let us know if we can help.
    LET all lambs give aide to those who work in DOCTRINE
    those who labour, let all be partaker of heavenly fruits.
    EVERY lamb can give. and should give , specially to the household of GOD.
    Let us know if the group can help. WE should give aide to all
    and get and keep all in SOUND DOCTRINE, IN CHRIST.
    Be blessed.

  23. Ive heard the same. Thats is the first bit of present day encouragement Ive heard anywhere for a while. I wonder how much is their predisposed spiritually submissive attitude, especially amongst the poor due to the cast system etc??
    I do believe God is going to greatly annoint the African churches in the future altho at present they seem to be going backwards due to prosperity teaching.

  24. John Crowder and the New Mystics go out to India and run charities there which is bad news, to pary against, as they move in the counterfeit occult annointing. Indians are obviously open to this due to the occult Hindu influences out there already, Kundalini coming back to India vis Crowder n Co. Thats probabaly the main weakness to pray against.

  25. re India

    I was recently travelling through N E India Himalayan region and was so surprised how Christian (pentecostal even) the whole region was. The terrain was mountainous, the roads steep and rough, but around every sharp corner was a ‘church’. I met tribal women with bits in noses, moko tattoes on faces, walking down their tribal village path carrying Bibles. There were huge billboards posting evangical meetings. The evidence of blessing from this Godly commitment was evident, as you saw no beggars on the street, food was plentiful (not to mention water) and much community enterprise. Nagaland reports 98% Christian populace.
    However take heart Europeans, because one USA missionary
    back in the 1800’s gave his life to Nagaland, thus seeds for Jesus were probably sown and the last headhunter gave his life to Christ in mid 20th century. God does not need much, not alot of financial capital, not a fancy building, just a man/woman sold for Jesus, willing to give up all (take up cross) and GO. Another NZ lady I knew well walked for 30 years (1940) thru villages in central India preaching the Gospel. She died from stomach cancer at age 80, a previous result of a tropical disease caught there. She gave her life to Christ for the sake of Indians. And yes in NZ the Asian leaders are starting to come and missionize all the luke warm Christians here, sitting under false doctrines and false teachers/prophets. God will build HIS church wherever it may be and use whoever is truly willing -but in HIS strength not ours. Amen!

  26. Very blessed to hear what the Lord is doing in India.

    A lot of very good comments as well.


  27. Andrew Mar 28th 2013

    To the gentleman who thought I was being harsh to poor Africa in my comparison of electricity, internet, etc-

    SPIRITUALLY – Africa is one of the most fruitful and hungry places in all the earth. So please do not feel that I was “putting down” Africa in that sense. But here is what I have personally found in my travels-

    Nigeria is the second richest country in Africa. I have ministered there extensively, and also been to Uganda and South Africa. Indian cities have made huge progress in electricity, internet, etc. Lagos and other African cities are nowhere near the level of many cities in India in those basic things. However, I know that rural areas in India are much poorer – and electricity supply is poor.

    A very noticeable difference, though, in many ways, between what I saw in and Indian city and what I have seen in African cities.

    But as I said, SPIRITUAL hunger is the most important thing, and in this Africa is one of the most fruitful places in all the world.

    Bless you!

    Andrew Strom.

  28. Alison S Mar 28th 2013

    By the Grace of the Lord we run a small charity which cares for about four hundred AIDS affected street children, elderly widows, lepers and other poor and needy in India. Just got back from two weeks visiting the slum dwellers, lepers, jungle villagers and poor in South India, where there are many false ministries. Staying in a children’s home with a hundred orphan children, we had many power cuts, which means no water, no flushing toilet, no internet, no international texts and Indian shower, which is a bucket of cold water and a jug. We had the following testimonies on our travels out and about in the scorching heat, as we preached the Gospel to the poor, loving and caring for them and praying for the sick; demons left,the blind healed, the lame walking, breast and throat cancer healed, asthma healed, arthritic knees healed, giant catches of fish came into the nets of the poor fishermen. A man dying of TB was lying in bed in his palm hut when we were dragged into it by fellow slum dwellers, we prayed, gave some support and left. The next day his relatives called to say he was healed. All his neighbours in the slum have come to Christ. Many poor village people have seen the power of God and come to faith, so their faith does not rest in eloquent words of man’s wisdom but in the demonstration of the Holy Spirit and with power. To God be all the Glory and Honour that is due His Name.

  29. Andrew Mar 28th 2013

    Wonderful, Alison.

    You are truly the ones doing the Lord’s work in these days

    Rich will be your reward in heaven.

    Be blessed and encouraged!

    -Andrew Strom

  30. Lightning Storm Mar 28th 2013

    Alison states:

    ” Many poor village people have SEEN THE POWER OF GOD and come to faith, so their faith does not rest in eloquent words of man’s wisdom but in THE DEMONSTRATION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT AND WITH POWER. To God be all the Glory and Honour that is due His Name.”

    These words are the SAME WORDS that Jesus left us with in the book of Acts!

    We are to do GREATER acts than those recorded in the book of Acts!

    Why isn’t this the NORM in the West?

    The scriptures tell us why! Right out of Jesus’ mouth!

    Mar 6:4 NASB
    Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and among his own relatives and in his own household.”

    Mar 6:5 NASB
    And HE COULD DO NO MIRACLES THERE except that He laid His hands on a few sick people and healed them.

    Mar 6:6 NASB
    And He wondered at THEIR UNBELIEF. And He was going around the villages teaching.

    The West has a SUPERIORITY COMPLEX as did the Pharisees of old.

    Because of their VAST KNOWLEDGE OF SCRIPTURE that has been accumulated for generations, just like the Pharisees, the West believes it has everything that the rest of the needy world is looking for…..including GOD.

    But the West DOES NOT HAVE THEIR BELIEF IN THE SUPERNATURAL POWER OF GOD. They believe in the power of natural man’s programs, institutions, knowledge, money, and the professional training of men/women.

    He is OMNICIENT.

    He does not need man’s contribution. He bends down and ALLOWS THE HUMBLE, THE MEEK, THE SUBMISSIVE to join with Him in His plans.

    God RESISTS THE PROUD! His Presence LEFT THE TEMPLE before……It has left the Temple again.

    The Blaspheming of the Holy Spirit is only ONE way to QUENCH THE HOLY SPIRIT, just keep trying TO BE THE HOLY SPIRIT in people’s lives…..and the Presence of God will leave the Temple!

    No Power, No Revival. No Presence, No Power.

  31. Jda016 Mar 28th 2013

    Wow Alison! That is completely amazing! I am so encouraged to hear that testimony!

    I often despair as I see so little of the power of God in the West, but it gives me great joy and hope to hear your story!

    God bless and keep you!

    Amen Lightning! So much of the West truly is just like the laodician church.

  32. Andrew Mar 28th 2013

    You guys are so right.

    Alison’s testimony is exactly what true NT ministry is all about.

    These people ministering this way quietly around that world – what a reward they will have in heaven.

    Truly Christlike. The real thing.


  33. To Alison S from Alison. Fantastic -you are truly the ‘hidden’ ones going quietly about God’s work. The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few. When I travel around the world I always try and assist where I can (as I have an unsaved husband I can’t commit to full time ministry but I would gladly join you Alison S otherwise!) Recenty I did assist a tribal girl in Bangladesh and arranged surgery and hospitalisation for her (burns going gangrene -death would have been result). This was the only Christian tribe amongst all the Moslem tribes, so my meeting her was a divine appointment for sure. I wept in the streets of Calcutta as I saw the plight of people there, despite the great work of Mother Teresa, the poverty and grime is still so evident. 3 year old boys roaming the streets of Dhaka (Bangladesh) and into rubbish bins -heart wrenching. I pray daily to God that I can be released to go fully back there, if the Lord would save my husband of 43 years.
    I do what I can meanwhile when I am on the road………..I hope people reading your story Alison S will be prompted to GO. Amen.
    Thanks Andrew for this great website……….

  34. booter Mar 29th 2013

    GOD Bless! for your testimony! It has been a while (1990) since I was in the subcontinent, I served for 7 years as a Missionary to Tibetans in the Himalayan regions. So it is a Real Blessing to hear that GOD is (still) Moving Mightily in India.

    The seeds of Gospel planted by Sadhu Sundar Singh long ago, have sprouted after many years, nurtured by the Blood of the Martyrs and Prayers of the Saints.

    It was mentioned in an earlier post about the ‘signs & wonders’ Apostates, that is a Very Real & Present Danger there in India. Throughout the history of the country there has been widespread acceptance of the spirit world, the people are accustomed to living their daily lives with the supernatural. Unfortunately these false prophets are capitalizing on their nature to Hijack GOD’s Truth.

    Pray! Pray!! Pray!!! for Spiritual: Wisdom to recognize the Truth, Maturity to hear GOD’s Voice, Discernment of the false prophets. India has a deep and troubled religious history, Now They Need The Truth! and The Real GOD of The Bible…

  35. I have been supporting Gospel for Asia for years. Last year our church’s Sunday night Men’s Prayer / Bible study group went to a small group meeting held by GFA’s top leadership. There is an exceedingly great move of God taking place in India. What Andrew spoke of supports what GFA was telling us. This motivates me to continue giving a ‘second tithe’ to support third world missions.

  36. “If we suffer with Him, we shall also reign with Him!” Yes, where’s this kind of Christianity – in the West? Not only do I not think so, I know so…what we have in the West is a post-modern, entertainment, fortress Church mentality with a frightful absence of the power of God – we can’t even get it right on what “is” IS! Especially, as we are about redefining sin – who needs a Savior when we’ve join the emergent throng headed for hell’s abyss. The Supremes are now allowed to toy with God’s archetype of His Eternal Purpose: Male and female created He him – that’s right, “man” must be expressed as male and female otherwise he does not bear His image and likeness – so, what is the devil’s strategy: Tear down His image and put mine up there…the day comes when the Antichrist shall sit in the temple declaring himself as God in the temple of God…it’s but a slight jump from sanctifying gay marriage to sanctifying him who demands the day we worship him outright…many will be deceived, betray one another and be offended…why? Because, narrow is the way that leads to eternal life and few there be that find it – and those that do will be “turned in” by those who’ve chosen the broad way and refuse to endure to the end..choosing the safety net of the State over against the rock of our salvation – yes, the day comes, indeed, when this “cheap salvation” (which is all of grace in any event) will throw their stones at those going through the narrow gate. But a faith that is not worth dying for is surely one not worth living for – may the Lord bless the Church in India for you are blessed to have seen and to have experienced Smyrna at her best – blessing in Jesus – Bro. Doug

  37. Pauline Richmond Mar 29th 2013

    Hi Andrew great to hear about your trip to India. I have not been there but know people who have and it is wonderful As one comment stated discipleship is always a problem. On my visits to my christian friends in China they also have a wonderful zeal amidst much persecution. We have to pray that our God sends people who can help them grow. Having said this the early church was provided for and they will be too if they have a heart to know. The Holy Spirit will teach. Coming back to Australia we do notice out apathetic approach and we have so much, we do not have to fight for our right to practice our christian faith,(although we should be doing more to protect it) Breaks my heart when I come across so many children who do not know or never heard of God or Jesus. The tough times coming will test us all. I pray for peace in the hearts of all believers and a strong conviction of the coming and that we be ready. God Bless Pauline

  38. Allison and all be blessed.
    Keep up the good work and praise the LORD.
    I pray for us all and all beleivers worldwide
    to have first love, be in good doctrine, and be about
    the works of the Lord.
    FOR GOD is pleased with good works from a heart of faith.
    I love you all. And again i say PRAISE the LORD.

  39. watchful Mar 29th 2013

    It’s so wonderful and encouraging to hear all these testimonies, as well as convicting…..reminds me of my small beginnings and remembering the joy of serving. Andrew I am sure you have opportunity to warn them against the pitfalls we have here in the west, the ditches we have fallen into.. The gospel is still good news to the poor, praise the Lord for His power and goodness. And I thank God for their prayers, how it is our turn to need them over here….having increased in goods and wealth we don’t realize we are wretched, poor, blind and naked.

  40. Andrew Mar 29th 2013

    Sadly true, Watchful.

    Bless you!


  41. I am not at all surprised to hear this brother Andrew. The reasons you found true Christianity, with real fruit of repentance in Bangalore is that our precious brother Zac Poonen has been preaching faithfully there for over 40 years. God bless this precious holy man of God

  42. thank you for the updates. we certainly can learn alot from the Christians in India and be led to pray and fast when we petition to God.

  43. Pastor Joseph G. Raphael Mar 30th 2013

    Dear man of God,
    Great to hear the good news from India. Can I know which church did you minister in Bangalore? Please let us know when are planning to come back to this great nation of India.
    God bless you,
    Pas. Joseph. Erode, India.
    Gideons Army House of Prayer for All Nations.

  44. I am thrilled and excited to read some of these comments yours, Alison S, in particular. I am about to embark on my 12 weeks to Malawi which will be my 5th visit. My prayer has been literally those Lightening Storm quoting, ‘that my words maybe in the power and demonstration of the Spirit’. My visit would be pointless if it were not so.

    We are NEVER too old to go and I want to encourage those who are retired. I am about to be 69 and preached my first sermon in a Malawi village on my 65th birthday – I tell you it was an amazing celebration to me of ‘retirement’.

    I never wanted to go to ‘darkest’ Africa, or be a teacher or be a missionary – you don’t need to know my background to know why – but God in His wisdom and wonderful sense of humour has made me all three, and I love it!! Exciting, exhausting and very challenging but when you see lives being changed to live for His glory you know it is all well worth the effort.

    And my husband of 48 years? Not for him, but he sends me out each time with his blessing. God will bless him too for that.

  45. watchful Mar 30th 2013

    Bless you Penny, I can sympathize greatly with having an unbelieving husband. How it is a lonely walk and perplexing to navigate sometimes, how to follow Jesus without violating marriage and authorities, etc….wish I had some wisdom to share but am still really seeking it myself…except to say that our heavenly Father knows the way that we take and He is above all and in all and is working it all together for our good…He is bigger than any obstacle or hindrance and is able to fulfill His purposes in our lives and bring Himself glory….

    Other than that, just a big hug to you sister! and we’ll keep praying for God to breathe LIFE into these guys of ours!

  46. Sarah Martin Mar 30th 2013

    Dear Andrew Strom,
    I did go through your newsletter on your trip to India and to Bangalore in particular. I feel that 10 days in Bangalore or in a church cannot give you a vivid picture of what is going on in churches in India. My husband Martin and are into ministry do and we travel not only within India but outside too. As far as the people of the west are concerned I have studied that numbers in the churches excites them but on the contrary it does not excite us as Indians. I do agree with some of the commentators above that ministry in India has become a business. Infact a very promising and growing business which involves a lot of hypocrisy. Mainly the pentecostal churches have no auditing of accounts and there is no transparency as to how the money is spent in churches. My observation is that in the west only Christians (in the true sense of the word) go to churches the rest do even call themselves as Christians. Whereas in India, going to church is a way of life. If you get into these huge churches and find out the genuine ones the will amount to the same number that you will find in the churches in the west. it would be also good if you will let us know the name of the church you attended. Bangalore was always good and especially after it has become the hub of the IT Industry it has developed in leaps and bounds. But still there are places especially in the northern part of India in a very sad state. Please do pray for our country. There is so much of work to be done here. God bless you and your ministry.

  47. MemoryLane Mar 30th 2013

    Penny and Watchful-
    We were once part of a group of dear Believers known as Brethren. Sometimes during a meeting, a very elderly gent would stand and give his testimony as to God’s abundant grace and mercy having brought him from darkness into light. It will always be a very sweet memory for family to recall. This elderly man would stand and weep before the congregation of saints. He would tell of his beloved wife kneeling in prayer for years, praying on his behalf to become a Christian. He mocked, cursed and ridiculed her continually. She believed God for his salvation, and remained faithfully loving her unregenerate man. One fine day, God broke his resisting heart; saving him! He would cry every single time he spoke of that day, and the patience of his sweet wife. She counted all the sorrow suffered, as great joy! While, we (our family and many others) have the memories of God’s goodness recounted by this wonderful couple. God bless you both as He works good to your spouses through you!

  48. antipas4yahshua Mar 30th 2013

    @ Maurice F”if it is not specifically Spirit-led, is useless and is nothing more than Phariseeism.”Agree but what is your definition of Phariseeism/ legalism ?

    Exactly what is Phariseeism ?
    Is is obeying Jesus and the commandments of the apostles or Talmud (ie oral church tradition) ?
    As you mentioned, you had good results with fasting. Given the context of this article and sincerity of the Indian people – they are far ahead of Western Christians.
    I am quite convicted and humbled by the discipline of them.

    Here are a few scriptures to ponder regarding “real” fasting

    Jesus mentioned “”When you fast” in Matt 6:16 He gave specific instructions indicating is expected.

    In addition, the apostles fasted Acts 14:23And when they had appointed elders for them in every church, with prayer and fasting

    Acts 13:2-3 and others.


  49. Thanks for the encouraging words from ole memory lane.
    And may all be blessed of the LORD and praise HIS HOLY NAME. Lift songs of praise unto the LORD
    and Holy hands unto the KING
    and let the heart sing…….
    for all who endure faithful………….one day HIS salvation brings.
    NOW leap for the JOY of the SALVATION of GOD.
    THe PRIZE at thte END of our faith.
    Stand upon the ROCK
    and LIVE by EVERY WORD of GOD…………..
    Provoke one another unto good works
    and keep on the striat and narrow path in CHRIST.
    THE author and finisher of our faith.
    Be blessed and PRAISE the LORD………

  50. Lightning Storm Mar 30th 2013


    Ahhh yes…..this is the walk of the suffering Servant Jesus.

    Denying Flesh for the Kingdom of God to come with POWER into the kingdom of darkness.


    No Presence; No Power No Power; No Revival

    Fasting from food is 1 way to deny self, but there are many other ways.
    Giving up the PLEASURES AND COMFORTS OF LIFE when offered and available, for the Presence of God.
    Humbling ourselves prostrate on our faces literally in prayer whether people see or ridicule or demand our attention be diverted.
    Giving up things of VANITY.
    Fasting from “entertainment”
    Fasting from “socializing” to be ALONE WITH GOD.


    These are some of the reasons why the 3rd World countries have a DEEPER experience with God .
    They are quite EAGER to deny self for the PROMISES OF GOD TO BE FULFILLED IN THEM ABUNDANTLY.

  51. Lightning Storm Mar 30th 2013

    Denying Self, fasting, etc are not meant for”bending the Will of God” to PERFORM FOR US.

    Denying Self is meant for SUBMITTING OUR SELF/WILL/FLESH TO THE WILL OF GOD, to the point of His Presence INCREASING within us.

    A Temple of God should only be FILLED WITH GOD……and emptied of anything CONTRARY TO GOD.

  52. Anthony Donaghey Mar 30th 2013

    Just A Thought 30/3/13

    “For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me. Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink? When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels: For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not. Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee? Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.” (Matthew25:35-46)

    I witnessed two believers the other day in a heated debate (argument) about Once Saved Always Saved and in the end, reading between the lines, one could scarce find a hint of love coming from either of them.
    It was the usual argument backed up on both sides with the usual passages; like two squinty eyed gunslingers firing up biblical verses in a gun-slinging match; and it occurred to me that both were actually equally correct and incorrect in their points of view.
    The problem is really how we Westerners have been taught to think and with our model of thinking how we end up limiting our understanding of the wisdom of God; whose thoughts and ways, the scriptures tell us, are not like our own; God’s thoughts and ways are much deeper, altruistic, loftier and merciful; a mercy that is without end and knows no sacrificial bounds.
    Our problem is we have been raised in various cultures whose foundations all hail from the Ancient Greeks; democracy (instead of Kingdom); politics; maths, language (most of our modern words and their meanings hail from either Greek or Latin); thus we have had our minds trained from early age to be of a Hellenistic nature; and with this Hellenistic mindset we have been trying for hundreds of years to comprehend a Jewish God through a Jewish Book and our understanding of it is not what it could be, nor, if we be bold enough to be completely honest, what it should be.
    The Hellenistic mindset believes something is either this or that, it cannot be both at the same time; whereas the Jewish mindset, (a mindset crafted by God Himself when he took a gentile called Abram and turned him into the first Jew: Abraham; mindset and all); believes that two opposites can exist side-by-side simultaneously.
    A perfect example of this is free will versus predestination; with the Greek/Hellenistic mindset it is either one or the other; Once Saved Always Saved, (with all the lack of striving for personal holiness contained therein), versus a salvation that also needs the propping up of the holiness maintenance works of Man; (although people who argue this point of view will seldom be honest enough to simply call it what it really is – If I am responsible for the maintenance of my Salvation through meticulous rigour of lifestyle; thought life and whatnot; do not touch, do not taste etc; then I am actually able, despite the dishonesty of deniers, to turn up before the throne of God and brag about how well I maintained the salvation given me through grace; “Thank you Lord for giving me salvation even though I did not deserve it; but what a good man I am for maintaining it from that point on etc” For this is really the argument being made; despite the fact that one will be hard pressed to find anyone honest enough to admit it; it usually ends up all messed about and turned around and inside-out and upside-down until the point can no longer be understood enough to be accurately explained outside of something more akin to a riddle than an explanation (another form of baggage from having a Hellenistic mindset, by the way) – “It is the Lord doing it in me” is usually how the argument is camouflaged, without of course claiming the opposite: that if it isn’t happening then it must be the Lord’s fault because He isn’t doing it in me, or He isn’t doing it in me fast enough to please me or others – especially others!!!
    I like what the Lord told Peter when He asked about John; “What has that to do with you?”
    Now predestination versus the free will of Man can, (and do), both exist simultaneously within the Hebrew mindset; it is only the Hellenistic one that struggles with this Biblical reality.
    Judas Iscariot is a very good example of this truth.
    Now although Judas was predestined to betray Jesus; handing Him up to death; betraying Him with a kiss etc; Judas also did so with a completely free will; he was both predestined and was to suffer the consequences of his own actions and if both these realities do not coincide in some form of spiritually harmonious manner then what justice is there in the heart of God to punish a man for something he has no choice in; no free will, a puppet on a string destined for the flames no matter what, if you will?
    Because the Lord knows a man is going to jump from off the ledge of a skyscraper doesn’t mean the Lord pushed Him.
    The Lord knows the end from the beginning.
    End of story!
    The Hellenistic mindset struggles with such concepts because the Hellenistic mindset is born of paganism; it is not a biblical mindset; it is not the mindset of Jesus; and eventually arguments ensue; arguments glibly called “debates” in an attempt to hide the animosity contained therein; an animosity one brother or sister should not have toward another brother or sister if we are obeying the second most important commandment of our Lord: To love our neighbour as ourselves.
    So the other day I watched as two believers; two seemingly genuine lovers of the Lord, went at it hammer and tongs; one saying that the belief of the other was a doctrine straight from Hell and vice versa; with all of the unspoken implications smouldering behind such inhospitable statements; and back and forth and back and forth it went hither and yon and two and fro; whilst children starved and people slept in cardboard boxes; and babies were aborted and old people died alone in Care Factories without visitors and the world suffered under the terrible strain of Sin in a million trillion different ways.
    A maelstrom of tears trembling down to the ground and not a single hand found to wipe them away.
    I know a man; who as a child, suffered great pain, humiliation, neglect, sorrow and hunger; he tells me he used to sit and wonder for hours where on earth all these loving, caring Christians had gotten to, because during all his long and lonely childhood years; dirty and hungry and frightened living in a war zone; he had not come across so much as one of them; he had heard of them; much like he had heard of the Lough Ness Monster and Bigfoot and fairies dancing on pinheads at the bottom of the garden; but he had never so much as cast eyes on a single loving caring follower of Christ.
    I do not know what to say to that man about all that.
    However, if he was living as a child today and asked me the very same question I would indeed have a very accurate answer for him.
    If he asked me today where on earth are all the loving, caring Christians when there is so much sorrow taking place daily on this planet I would tell him; most of them are safe and sound away in small rooms before their computer screens locked in rhetorical battle with every single soul brave, bored or stupid enough to say something they disagree with; they have been spending hours each day relating with people they have never so much as shared a cup of tea with and they don’t even know what is going on within the hearts and souls of those people living up and down their own streets. It is more important that they win an argument a day than for them to seek you out and take care of whatever it is that is ailing you and those whom you love.
    But that is them!
    That is not Jesus!
    An idea is not responsible for the people who claim to believe in it…
    The Word tells us if we claim to love that which we cannot see with our eyes whilst we fail to love that which is right before our very noses, then we are liars and the truth of God’s Love is not in us.
    That is what I would tell this man; this boy, today.
    In fact, this is what I did tell this man; this boy, today.
    You see…
    I am this man…
    And I was that boy.
    With Prayers of Shalom-Peace & May you remember me loving you enough to tell you the truth;

  53. watchful Mar 30th 2013

    oh ya gotta just love the Body of Christ! Bless you for that encouraging witness Memory Lane, and Randall, Lightning Storm and Anthony, amen, and love to one and all…..

  54. Lightning Storm Mar 30th 2013

    Very very good word, Anthony.

  55. Roger (NZ) Mar 30th 2013

    Anthony – thankyou for your insight and your sharing, may the love of Almighty God, which is Christ Jesus our risen Lord – be with you.

  56. Anthony

    Was blessed by what you shared.


  57. Serenity Mar 31st 2013

    So much truth in your heartcry, brother Anthony.
    God hears. You are so right about so much.
    God have mercy on us if/when we sit in front of a screen writing uncharitable/unedifying comments to people who don’t need our ‘wisdom’.

    To exist, which does a child need – a father or a mother?
    Both, obviously.
    Similar to predestination and freewill.
    There is a ‘contribution’ by both to the final outcome.
    The lifebuoy (Christ and the gospel) is thrown out into the sea of life. ALL are invited to take hold of it. Many don’t, for various reasons.
    Our call is to help strugglers to make the connection.

    OSAS – Without God, I cannot ; without me, God will not.
    Keep me saved, that is.

    Self and Satan have us busy arguing pridefully about such issues, when we should be helping sinners in every possible way to connect with the only Saviour.

    However, it IS interesting to spend time considering what others in the Lord are seeing and doing, also.

    Perhaps those like yourself, who have suffered greatly, are more motivated to reach out in compassion to those who suffer. (I know you are a nurse.)
    Like you, I’ve been through things that make me feel for the lost and suffering. I just have to make sure that what I’m doing and praying for them, is what Father wants.
    Many blessings to you, brother Anthony.

  58. Anthony Donaghey Mar 31st 2013

    Watchful; Lightning Storm; Roger; Gary B and Serenity – Thank you all, and may you continue to be blessed and to be a blessing to others…

  59. antipas4yahshua Mar 31st 2013

    Blessing to you Anthony for mentioning in a very clear concise manner what causes much strife and division (ie Hellenistic vs Hebrew mindset or the ability to hold multiple seeming contradictions).

  60. Anthony Donaghey Mar 31st 2013

    Thank you antipas4yahshua… Shalom.

  61. Anthony Donaghey Mar 31st 2013

    Encountered, Not Converted…

    I heard a man the other day talking about encountering Christ sometimes not being enough to convert; and of course, this has got me to thinking about some things I would like to share with you all this evening.
    In the New Testament Gospels we have four or five glaring examples of this sorrowful reality that spring immediately to mind.
    Firstly we have Pilate…
    Now although common wisdom would have it that when Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” it is most often presented as a statement of dismissal, like it should be followed with a shrug of the shoulders or a snort of sorts from pompously upturned nose.
    Personally I have always thought of this as a statement of curiosity or indecisiveness rather than a blatant dismissal.
    I wonder if this man was not in fact trying to understand what truth had to do with freedom; after all 2&2 making 4 is a truth; but one is hardly set free by this knowledge; within the laws of nature, gravity insists that what goes up must at some point come down; but this is hardly a statement that will lead to liberation from bondage. So I can kind of understand what Pilate was on about when confronted with this odd statement from a man who said he had come to earth to bear witness of the truth; meaning lies, and the father of them, was now on trial, for this is very much a legal language our Lord is using here with this Roman.
    “What is truth?”
    He didn’t get it.
    He was staring at his Creator in the eyes.
    He was encountering the Living Christ; The Anointed One; The Messiah of Israel and The Saviour of whomsoever would believe enough to call upon the name of the Lord and be saved.
    Pilate was curious; there are many today who are just as curious; many find the Historical Jesus absolutely fascinating; they read myriad books and articles about him; some study his life in universities and go on to write volumes on him; but being curious or fascinated about Jesus Christ is not enough…
    Another man who encountered the Son of God on earth was Herod, and Herod’s response was akin to the response of many people throughout history; including within our own time frame; Herod’s response was open derision; mockery; hatred, even entertainment.
    There was some part of this man that knew someone special was before him; but being a superstitious fellow, he worried that Jesus was somehow John the Baptist returned to take vengeance against him for murdering him; at best he hoped Jesus “the magician” would put on some sort of show; purely for his own entertainment; and today we have many who look to church for the very same thing, they want signs and wonders with a rock n roll soundtrack and a big screen with pretty pictures of flowers and sunsets and whatnot and so forth to entertain them so as they don’t grow too bored during a service; they want hip musicians dressed and inked like the world; they want ‘Christian’ nightclubs; they want to walk mazes and chant monastic mumbo jumbo and dialogue with one another to replenish their ever depleting pride of self; they want to be thought of as ‘kinda’ Christian’ but not so much that they end up looking like they have completely parted ways with the coolness of the consumer minded, psychologised world. There are as many today who are just as superstitious as Herod, avoiding black cats and walking under ladders or breaking mirrors; and the superstitions don’t end at the obvious neither, for instance, many Catholics lately in Australia paid homage to the rotting hand and forearm of a dead ‘Saint’; a guy dead for centuries; the relic made its way around this country like a celebrity from Australian Idol by train and hundreds of thousands came out to bow down to it and to pray to it that it might bring them blessings or good fortune; millions in Rome recently lined up to pray to a small vial of blood from John Paul II; superstition piled upon superstition; believing in anything and everything and nothing all at once; anything except daring to believe that one is saved by Christ alone through faith alone as is plainly taught in God’s Word.
    Herod encountered Christ; but only to deride Him and to be entertained along the way…
    Yet another man was Caiaphas; a professional religious zealot; a man feared and esteemed by the greater community; a man of rituals and elegant robes; a man of rules and regulations; a man who was honoured at banquets; a man who awed most with his long, eloquent prayers; a man of political power; a man actually awaiting the arrival of the Messiah; but a Messiah of his own choosing; not a suffering servant who promoted the idea that all before God were equal and the greatest among us was the one willing to be a servant of all; that the last would be first and the first last…
    We know that this man knew Jesus had been sent by God because of what Nicodemus had admitted before the Lord: “There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews: The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him.” (John3:1-2)
    Caiaphas knew he was encountering a man sent straight from the throne room of God Almighty; “WE KNOW that thou art a teacher come from God”; but Caiaphas wanted a different Saviour; one that would bow down to his concept of Messiah-ship; one who would overthrow the Romans with grand spectacle; most probably one that could be controlled by religion and those in control of that religion.
    What a strange fate; to have waited and studied and memorised the scriptures all of one’s life; eagerly awaiting The Anointed One; and when He turns up in the flesh and He is staring you right in the eye; the complete fulfilment of every Old Testament prophecy actually breathing the same air; you still end up rejecting Him; despite His teachings; despite the miracles, despite the example of His righteous, sinless life.
    In our fleshly ignorance the real Messiah seems no match for the Messiah of our imagination; the baby Jesus eternally meek and mild; the stained-glass Jesus, the Hollywood Jesus, the Jesus who conforms to us and not we to Him; the one that can be put upon the shelf when we want to do something else for a while; the one we only run to in times of trouble, that one we ignore most the days of the year, only to bring him back down from off the dusty old shelf for holidays; Easter and/or Christmas; the one who does not convict us of sin, the one who does not bother us with all of this Sin and Hell and End of the World nonsense; our little puppet on a string who dances to the tune we call, whenever we can be bothered to call a tune at all…
    Yes the High Priest of Israel that year encountered The Eternal High Priest and the encounter was not enough…
    Then we have the man who is least spoken of when it comes to encountering the Living Christ; the other thief on the cross; the one who died with a heart full of disbelief; ridicule and hatred.
    There are many today; as there have been throughout history who have the pathetically feeble plan that goes something like this: I will live the life of Riley, (meaning I will be up to my hedonistic little eyeballs with sin all the live long day), and five minutes before I die I will call on Jesus to be my Saviour – As if God has not come across this puny plan in the hearts of untold millions throughout the centuries – I myself remember harbouring such thoughts before I was saved.
    To the stupid, lazy and insane it seems a plan fit for setting in gold and mounting upon the mantelpiece for all to marvel at.
    I met a Pastor from Whyalla who once picked up a hitchhiker who when asked if he knew the Lord as Saviour said these very words;
    “I’ll live my life as I want and just before I die I will believe in God and go to heaven”
    As he was halfway through that sentence, the pastor, who was driving along at a 110 kilometres an hour, suddenly hit the brakes, skidding and weaving along the asphalt; the young man flying forward, screaming in fear and cracking his head on the windscreen.
    “Well?” asked the pastor, “Did you have time to believe and get to heaven?”
    Needless to say, the young fellow wasn’t impressed and decided it was safer to walk.
    I have always thought that when we grow old, as death approaches we must surely contemplate the end of all things; and come to our senses about the things of God; but since becoming a nurse I have encountered people, days, hours, minutes away from entering a Christless eternity; who, exactly like the other thief on the cross, hang grimly to their defiance like a Pit-bull to a bone.
    The greatest tragedy I encounter in my daily life is witnessing how many die without the Lord as their Saviour; and as my heart breaks for them I hear the same lie over and over again, ground in like salt into an open festering wound:
    “Ah, well, at least their suffering is over now; they’re in a better place” etc.
    What a horrendous lie we tell the dead, dying and those left to grieve for them…
    Two thieves encountered the Living Christ, one was born again that very moment, headed for paradise that very day, the other, into the outer darkness of a Christless eternity.
    The last example of a New Testament encounter with Christ is, of course, Judas Iscariot; and he is perhaps the most fearful example of the lot.
    Judas was one of the twelve, he was sent out in twos, he preached the good news and drove out demons and healed the sick and broke bread with the Lord and most probably believed he was a saved person. After all, Jesus treated him like all the others, He taught him, cared for him, rebuked him when necessary, comforted him, loved him, and called him friend.
    I think many who believe they are saved might not be so, (I do not mean this in any other way but in a loving way), because our Lord is just so…
    And kind and gentle and loving…
    Right up to the very end; our gracious Lord and Saviour looked upon Judas as a friend all the way to the betrayal; Judas thought he was safe in God’s arms right up until he hung himself from a tree in the Potter’s Field of Blood; and personally I find this idea terrifying, that one can be so deluded simply because God is so loving and patient and gracious that one ends up believing they are headed for heaven when in fact they are headed in the opposite direction.
    “I must be alright with God because I have a nice life with a nice job and nice friends and a family that loves me; and all of us living in a peaceful land of plenty…”
    Etc etc etc…
    Yes; encountering the Living Christ in itself is simply not enough to ensure salvation; what is most important is how one responds to that encounter; fascination won’t cut the mustard here; the desire to be entertained won’t hold water; religious rituals and pew attendance and the gathering of spiritual knowledge will not save a single soul in and of their own accord; being ignorant, angry or defiant will not spare one solitary person from entering Hell for all eternity; and simply accepting the long-suffering, loving graciousness of YHWH all the days of your life will benefit you not at all.
    Here is what needs to occur in order that we are saved.
    Here it is straight from the mouth of The Nazarene Himself:
    “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” (John3:3)
    Every single person in one form or another will encounter Jesus Christ during their lifetime here on earth; despite what the sceptics might say to the contrary; and what happens during that encounter will make all the difference in the world for all eternity.
    I hope your encounter will not be wasted.
    I hope you will accept Jesus, the Biblical Jesus, for exactly who it is He claims to be.
    And I hope you will receive the gift of salvation, be born from above, and see the Kingdom of God.
    I also hope to see and live in that Kingdom with you…
    With Prayers of Shalom-Peace & May you remember me loving you enough to tell you The Truth;

  62. Pastor Joseph G. Raphael Mar 31st 2013

    It is true whatever you say.

  63. Pastor Joseph G. Raphael Mar 31st 2013


  64. Sandra G. Mar 31st 2013

    May all be blessed.
    Anthony, thank you. Your words are so true.
    I will add only one thing, most of the Christian population of today have forgotten one important thing, The Fear of God. They pretend that God
    doesn’t have anger, and that all will be saved, if only they would realize that God cannot abide with sin, and learn the sovereignty of God. Jesus is the only way, there is no other, nothing we can do, for it is by grace we are saved through faith. Very good message, thank you.

    Shalom/Peace to you
    His is Risen,
    In HIS grace,
    Sandra G.

  65. Andrew Strom,

    When will you stop your ugly views about Africa? For your information, Africa is a continent while India is just a nation! There are about 54 countries in Africa, so please be specific of where you go to in Africa. How can you say goodbye to Internet, hot water, etc in Africa? Why this ridicule for God’s sake. Why do you always portray Africa in bad shape and only show readers the not-too pleasant sites in the continent of Africa? For your information, there are developed areas in Africa just like in other pasts of the world. Places like Nepal, Bangladesh, North Korea, etc, all in Asia are far worse than Africa. Two-thirds of malnourished children (kwashiorkor and marasmus) are from South-East Asia alone. I will advise the readers of Andrew Strom posts to check things for themselves. For instance, go online and check info about Banana Island in Lagos, Nigeria, places like Abuja, Tunis, Pretoria, Port-Harcourt, and just have a little glimpse of Africa. Readers, please check for things yourselves. May God bless us all.

  66. Andrew Apr 1st 2013

    I love Africa for it’s SPIRITUAL HUNGER, brother. I have been to Nigeria many times, plus Uganda and South Africa.

    Just because you have less of these services in most parts of Africa does not make me love it any less.

    It is the SPIRITUAL ARENA that is most important.

    I was simply noting both the physical and spiritual progress in India – and how far parts of it have come.

    Bless you!

    Andrew Strom.

  67. antipas4yahshua Apr 1st 2013

    Brother Anthony,
    Many thanks for your very insightful writings. They reek of the wisdom, grace, and knowledge of Yahshua & the Holy Sprit.
    Please keep on following Jesus, writing, and posting.
    It is a blessing.

  68. Andrew
    That is great that you have been to India. I also returned from my seventh trip to India on Saturday (30 Mar). I have been going there since 2002. We are involved in 3 main areas of input to India.

    First is we are helping 6 leprosy villages with rice, bandages, ointments, goats, water pumps and other things.

    Second were are involved in some community development projects (tailoring training, goat raising and micro loans).

    Third – I have been teaching small groups of village Pastors (30 to 50 at a time) about the things of the Kingdom of God, True Discipleship, Maturing in Character (Fruit of the holy Spirit) and healing and deliverance in two day conferences. In the smaller conference I can have a dialogue with these leaders and ask them questions and they can ask me questions. We learn from each other, because I am not so arrogant or naive to believe that I have all the answers or that I can’t learn from these men and women.

    The church in India is just like the church world wide. There are many who are in it for the money, power, prestige and material possessions. There are many who are deceived and deceiving many. There are a few who are genuine Pastors and leaders who are laying down there lives for the flock and the chief shepherd.

    I to have been to Bangalore and Chennai and Kerala and Hyderabad and Goa and Sri Lanka and many other smaller places in between. I have spent hours riding the trains and in small cars on bad roads going to the villages that don’t have the big crowds and the big buildings, but are humbly praying and crying out to God to touch their neighbours and their families.

    Yes Andrew there is a move of God occurring in India. Praise His Name. But there are also many deceivers gone out into the world including many on satellite TV that many even poor christians seem to have in India.

    The Pastor I work with told me that every Pastor in India was given for free a satellite dish and a box and connection to Christian content like God TV etc. Somedays I think that was a bad idea with much of the content on some of these channels.

    I am glad you went and please go again, but be warned that not everything you are told about the church there is true. Please be very discerning and wise. I have heard so many stories of the westerner who has come and given time & money for something that either did not find it’s way to where it was supposed to go or ended up building a certain Pastors empire or bank account. I heard just this last trip about a big Korean organisation that gave a fantastic amount of money for a project, but did not even visit the place and check out if the construction had taken place. My friend went there and took photos and sent them to Korea and said this is what has been done with your money – only a few holes in the ground – no building.

    Praise God for all the good things that God is doing there and the men and women that are enduring persecution and poverty for the sake of Christ.

    Bless you Andrew as you encourage the Indian church. May God strengthen you for the task and open wide the doors for your further involvement.

    Michael Root
    Dubbo, NSW

  69. Penny Apr 2nd 2013

    Watchful and Memory Lane:
    Thank you both for your encouragement. I think I have missed led you though – my husband is a long term believer but does not feel called to Africa but as I say sends me with his blessing.

    God bless you both and Watchful I did become a believer first and remember well the difficulties caused. As I have pushed on with the Lord, my lovely husband has followed. Be encouraged.

  70. Penny Apr 2nd 2013


    What a blessing your teaching is. Do you have a website or anything where we can please enjoy more?

  71. Penny Apr 2nd 2013


    It saddens me to see you say the things you do. The Pharisees objected to Jesus but He replied, ‘let him who is without sin cast the first stone’.

    God bless you – I pray you find His passionate love and fall in love with Him.

  72. watchful Apr 2nd 2013

    Hi Penny, sorry for misunderstanding. Good news that your husband is saved……may the Lord bless and encourage you both. And be encouraged knowing that some workers are hired to work in the vineyard in the last hour…!

  73. I lived in Bangalore and Mumbai as a missionary for 2 1/2 years and I was shocked to see that I could not call any pastor before 12 a clock during the day, because they usually were in prayer or prayer and fasting. Fasting prayers was just such a common event in all of the churches. Basically any time they encountered a bigger than usual problem, the solution was always to fast and pray.

    The fact is, they have no crutches like social security or free medical care to fall back on. Also, they demonization level of people around there is huge. So they feel that they have to fast and pray in order to be effective.

    For example, in Mumbai, the pastors come very often under demonic attack – which happened to me while I was there as well – and in that I don’t mean small mental struggles or something, some ended up in mental hospitals for a while, that kind of attack. It is the capital of witchcraft for India and the witchcraft is of Biblical proportions, like they get physical things to change from one thing into another, etc. It is common for people to have someone they know who is mentally ill due to witchcraft. One pastor in Mumbai was mentally affected for one year, he was walking in front of cars and not seeing them, that level. After he overcame this attack, his church doubled in a short time. Now it has tripled. The way she used to evangelize she told me is mostly by casting out demons – people call them to cast demons out of the relatives that came under a withcraft spell. This is mostly what they do, cast demons.

    So with that level of power needed in the ministry they are basically forced to fast! Otherwise they are useless or come under themselves. One pastor came under one of these attacks and was in mental hospital for one year, in Chennai. When he came out after people prayed and fasted like crazy for him, he started a church which now has 25000 members. By the way, the church you visited Andrew is part of a bigger church which has 15000 people, there are at least 3 of those in Bangalore.

    But having said all of this, don’t want to create a picture that it is a church without problems. In fact, since my ministry had to do with dealing with pastors all the time, though I respect some greatly, I was in shock after a while at the sin and lack of love in leadership to the point that it almost affected my faith. It was almost too much to bear or believe that it can be that bad. Jesus had to tell me to look only to Him in the last days so it doesn’t affect my faith. So, it’s not a church without problems, but it is a church where they seek God a lot, miracles are common, people are turning to Christ in droves and it is because they pray and fast a lot!

  74. David Marsh Apr 2nd 2013

    Hi Andrew J Horton,
    Re our last post on the Elijah topic. Could you email me so we can compare notes on these end time visions?
    Yours in Christ
    David Marsh

    [email protected]

  75. David Marsh Apr 2nd 2013

    That is an extraordinary testimony. And i agree with you and the people of India that the fastest and most effective way to seeking the deeper things of God and of His Power is through Prayer and Fasting. The two must go together to be effective.
    I am reminded of when the disciples could not cast out a demon, even though our Lord had given them the Spirit and the authority to work the works of the kingdom.

    Matthew 17:21
    However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.”

    That there is a necessity for prayer and fasting when it comes to Power in the spiritual realm.

    At the beginning of 2011 the Lord led me to a great article on this very subject. You can read it on:

    It is called FASTING: ATOMIC POWER WITH GOD by Franklin Hall.

    Franklin was part of a movement in 1946 in San Diego that invited Christians from all over to participate in Prayer and Fasting. The results were phenomenal!!

    God bless and happy reading,
    David Marsh.

  76. Lightning Storm Apr 3rd 2013

    Thanks David for the link on fasting and prayer.

    Marilena….There are plenty of demon controlled people right here in the US of A, too. The way Americans handle the demon controlled people is to give them prescription medications!

    Fasting and Prayer prior to encountering the dark kingdom works because it DENIES/CRUCIFIES our flesh long enough for the Power of God to flow UNINTERRUPTED through/out of us.

    Westerners think they have “good” things in/from their flesh……they’re even convinced that some of these “good” things are OF/FROM the Holy Spirit!

    Father will SPEW those “good” things into His Fire.

  77. David Marsh Apr 3rd 2013

    Just found my notes from 2011. This link also I found to be useful:

    God bless

    David Marsh.

  78. watchful Apr 3rd 2013

    You’ve been sharing some good comments about fasting Lightning Storm….His strength made perfect in our weakness. Demon induced problems of all sorts do seem to be increasing over here in the west. With the church falling away and the Holy Spirit leaving, there is nothing to restrain them. The salt has lost its saltiness and so ‘rot’ is setting in, sadly. Though it means His light will shine all the more in the darkness. Sin is abounding and so His grace will much more abound.

    In a way we are called to a life of fasting…..fasting from the world itself, this is the leap of faith I am seeking. It would be so easy to “get thee to a nunnery” or to a log cabin in the wilds, but I don’t think that is quite what the Father is after, we are to remain in the world while somehow not being “of” it. Surrounded by such deep darkness…….and yet we are called to “Arise, shine” in the midst of it……this I believe has to do with the ‘resurrection’ of His crucified ones, and the life we are resurrected to is a spiritual one, not of this world, just thinking out loud here.

  79. Lightning Storm Apr 3rd 2013

    Actually what is happening in the world is just the opposite of what you and others are saying, watchful.

    The LIGHT of God is INCREASING in the world, not decreasing.

    Evil/wickedness cannot MULTIPLY because there are the same number of fallen angels as there always has been and each human being CAN ONLY CONTAIN 1 FALLEN NATURE/wicked evil sin nature.

    The ONLY way Evil can MULTIPLY is to have another BABY BOOM.

    The real reason that people are noticing the evil that has BEEN THERE ALL ALONG, is BECAUSE GOD’S LIGHT IS INCREASING IN INTENSITY.

    Religious institutions have preached and preached about each one of us having a sin nature, but deep down inside they DENY that their sin nature is the same as the sin nature in every other human being.
    They will not admit that out loud, but you hear people say all the time, “I don’t understand how someone could do such a horrible thing”.

    Well, if you believed the bible when it says you have an evil wicked sin nature, then you would not be in denial or surprised when evil and wickedness is OUTWARDLY COMMITTED FOR ALL TO SEE.


    This EXPOSING THE HEARTS OF MANKIND is always necessary PRIOR TO True Repentance be given by God.

    This is one of the signs of the LAST, THE GREAT REVIVAL. As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the last days. First the earth was flooded/ completely covered with WATER (a sign of the Holy Spirit), and on the LAST DAY, the earth will be flooded/completely covered with the HOLY SPIRIT!

    The sign of Jonah. ALL of Nineva repented all at once.

  80. Andrew Apr 3rd 2013

    Great testimony, Marilena.

    Blessings on you and everything you guys are doing for the kingdom!


  81. GaryB Apr 3rd 2013

    To be honest here. Its hard for me to believe those involved in witchcraft have more power then Christians.

    This seems very odd!

    Greater is He that is in me then he that is in the world.


  82. Andrew Apr 3rd 2013

    The devil does not have more power.

    The Christians are winning – by the power of Jesus

    Bless you!


  83. GaryB Apr 3rd 2013

    My apologies I misunderstood the post.

    I know its not easy in the mission field.

    My wife and I went to Russia on two occasions to help start two different churches. Our group mainly used street preaching and singing in Russian to draw crowds. We always had a sizeble group of Russians come up to listen. Then they would all just start weeping and crying as the Spirit dealt with their hearts.

    No matter where we went to preach the Gospel the Russians, all of them would start weeping and crying out in repentance, by the hundreds on the street. We had rented a building and would invite them to come to a evening church service. It was standing room only, the building would be totally packed out.

    It was nothing we did, but watched the Lord bring them into salvation. I have a short video clip of large groups of Russians crying and weeping and praising God. Very moving. Many healings took place as well.

    God’s presense was very real, I was fortunate to be there and see the Lord move on men’s hearts.

    I can see where some third world countries would be even worse trying to minister with the living conditions and especially if they are heavy in to the occult and following many gods.


  84. anthony donaghey Apr 4th 2013

    Hi Penny thanks for the encourement I have postings on FB page under my name Shalom

  85. watchful Apr 4th 2013

    Lightning Storm, scriptures tell us and prepare us that darkness will be allowed to triumph for a season. “Iniquity will increase”…..”men will wax worse and worse”, etc. Sign of Jonah is the cross (he died, was buried in the fish and resurrected, re-born) – darkness allowed to triumph but yet God turning it around for good. I want to seriously and lovingly caution you about gradually increasing light, this is a new age concept, and I have heard that also from a very troubled source, someone I know personally where I live who is full of new age and manifesting demons but thinks she is a Christian. Unless you would like to share more about what you mean by that. On the contrary, from what I know scripture tells us that Jesus will come quickly, and suddenly as lightning that lights up the sky from east to west. Only then will He destroy the lawless one with the brightness (light) of His coming. I pray you will read this in the spirit in which it is meant.

    But I think you may be on to something with Nineveh repenting all at once, I will have to think on that for a while, but if so that wouldn’t be until the end…..meaning we need to prepare for the reality of some dark days to get through before that happens.

  86. Lightning Storm Apr 4th 2013

    The opposite of Faith is being FEARFUL, ANXIOUS, AND WORRIED.


    I am not going to change the scriptures or the words I use just because THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS HAS COUNTERFEITED THEM AND USED THEM FOR THEIR OWN PURPOSES.

    Mat 5:14 KJV
    Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

    Jhn 8:12 KJV
    Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD: he that FOLLOWETH ME shall not walk in darkness, but shall have THE LIGHT OF LIFE.

    Jhn 9:5 KJV
    As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.

  87. Lightning Storm Apr 4th 2013

    Darkness has NEVER triumphed and NEVER WILL.

    Just what I was talking about …….a small powerless god is what most people believe in nowdays.

    The Father OFFERED VOLUNTARILY His own Son, Jesus Christ, to be sacrificed.
    Jesus Christ FREELY GAVE His own Life to be sacrificed.

    Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was VICTORIOUS.

    So how do you get “darkness triumphed” out of that?

    The God of the bible is SOVEREIGN AND ALL POWERFUL, and no WILL or POWER can THWART His Plans.

    Isa 14:24 NASB
    The LORD of hosts has sworn saying, “Surely, just as I have intended so it has happened, and just as I have planned so it will stand,

    Isa 14:26 NASB
    “This is the plan devised against the whole earth; and this is the hand that is stretched out against all the nations.

    Isa 14:27 NASB
    “For the LORD of hosts has planned, and who can frustrate it? And as for His stretched-out hand, who can turn it back?”