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The Anzac

Our FREE weekly e-letter – one of the oldest Prophetic/ Revival lists on the Internet. Moderated by Andrew Strom, it sends out JUST 3 OR 4 EMAILS PER WEEK. -Articles from around the world. Topics include: True and false revivals, the coming great “shaking” and Reformation, “Personal” Revival, the state of today’s church, the Harvest, “John-the-Baptist” preachers, Revival history, the Prophetic, Street-Revival, etc. Inspiring and challenging articles from around the globe. (-Just 3 or 4 per week).

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  1. thanks brother for all work in him,keep going,
    glory to God.

  2. mark therrien Nov 19th 2011

    hi mark therrien saying hi please email me asap i am a all canadian revivalist proud candian 100% love canada 24/7 bye for now

  3. Lavelle Nov 29th 2011

    We are truly blessed by your devotion and dedication to the work of Christ. Your honesty and straightforwardness is what we need especially in times like these. I would love to have that information that you shared with us a few years ago regarding paying tithes etc. Could you please send me this information.

  4. can you please subscribe me fpr the weekly info.


    p.s. outlook didn’t score

  5. Gwenda Coleman Dec 14th 2011

    Please add me to your email list I have tried to click and send as instructed but it just does not work for some reason

  6. Denis Katongole Mar 20th 2012

    Thanks alot for the work done. I pray the grace of the Father abounds to the end. Amen; Maranatha

  7. is there anyone that lives in south carolina that are like us

  8. Praise The Lord!!!

  9. Sylvia Apr 4th 2012

    Have tried the click but it doesnt work so have sent an e mail asking to be subscribed for newsletter
    Love the website and am devouring the books
    Some hope in a seemingly lost world

  10. Dear Sir,
    I gald to hear from your website.I really appreciate your site.
    Please add me to your website list.I am interested to join with you.
    I am ministering in Malaysia among Myanmar peoples.There are working about one million peoples.Most of the peoples are Refugees and working permit.Let us work togather with you in Malaysia.
    Please send your nwsletters to me from post.My address as follows;
    C-6-2,Medan Putra Condo.,
    Jalan 2/62D,Bdr Manjalara,Kepong
    52200 Kuala Lumpur,

    May God bless you.

    In His service,

    Dal Cin

  11. obiajulu gloria Aug 7th 2012

    Differing opinions on christians today is cos of the blend/flavours being used to mar truth and weaken new believers

  12. Margaret Blunt Aug 31st 2012

    please add me to your email list

  13. richard Sep 22nd 2012

    please add me to your email list

  14. Pastor mike Sep 25th 2012

    Am glad to meet you please add me to your mail list. I need your hand in fellowship. God bless you richly.

  15. Andrew. Blessings and protection over you and your family! Please place me on your mailing list. The truth must be told and we must continue to fear God and not man! Stay strong and of great courage.

  16. Hello Andrew, I so enjoy your messages on facebook, please add me to you email list. God’s abundant blessings on you and yours.

  17. Anonymous Oct 17th 2012

    I dont know what to right i like talk about whats going on in my life an how im tring to fight a good fight but every time i take tow step ford im joping five step back i need preyer my name is john louis i live in hawaii like i sed i dont know what to right but i know tow or more in prey well u know the rest what i was going to say

  18. Johann van der Merwe Oct 19th 2012

    I would like to comment on Christian Music today. The people sing songs that does not make sence, they think to do a lot of singing is real worship, there is a big difference between praise and worship. There is a big difference between, ” I know my Lord will make a way for me” and ” I know my Lord has made a way for me” Some songs say’s Thank you Lord for making me whole, Holy before Thee I stand, If you ask people if they are holy, or whole, they do not believe it, nobody is holy, as far as whole means, they don’t even understand that phrase. How can we wake them up, If you do, the people in the Church hates you. Some songs they sing is faith killers and I believe was given in by the devil himself, some songs is not even close to the Word, it is actually agains’t the Word.

  19. Please add me to your e-mail list, thank you and God bless!

  20. Bro Francis J Sharon Oct 25th 2012

    Wonderful work. Praise God!

  21. Please put me on your e-mail list. I agree wholeheartedly with your insights for these end times. Would like to know if there are others in the Tulsa metro area who share the same views. Mahalo nui loa Leilani

  22. wordfire Nov 16th 2012

    Brother Andrew:

    I give thanks to the”Lord for your life, It is my prayer
    that in the power of the “HolySpirit, his anoting will
    always give you all wisdom, revelation, humility,
    “Love strenght the inner man, keep you from All that
    is Not of the spirit of “God. to Bless all your loveones””
    in His Faithfullness…


  23. pls add me to your email list. Thank you

  24. I love your web site

  25. jed stremel Jan 27th 2013
  26. Wangari Jan 29th 2013

    kindly add me to the list of your email list. Blessings

  27. Ps add me to your email list. Love your website.

  28. Hello Grtteings from Mexico, please kindly add me to your email list,

    Blessings to you, your family and the saints on New Zealand

  29. I signed up for you weekly email list and have not received any emails. Thank You for any help.

  30. esther Apr 9th 2013

    could you kindly add me to your email list. God Bless.

  31. adnan May 3rd 2013

    goood woreks

  32. SAM ABAYOMI Jul 3rd 2013


  33. Verniece Lennox Jul 27th 2013

    Please put me on your email list.
    I have the same exact symptoms as Tammy, (knees) Please pray for me.
    I am an intercessor. Let me know if prayer is needed for your ministry or anyone else that needs prayer.
    Thank You, Verniece Lennox

  34. Please put me on your email list

  35. Dear servant of God Andrew.
    I welcome you Tanzania for Revival.
    I need to hear from you son.
    God bless you.
    Pastor Deus.

  36. I’m trying to subscribe to your list, but having trouble for some reason, could you add me? Thanks.

  37. suzanne nelson Oct 7th 2013

    Trying to subscribe to your list but am also having trouble accessing the link. Please add me to your email list. Blessings

  38. Liz Monks Oct 18th 2013

    So true. We are servants in the Kings service in Botswana, Africa. How sad that this first world watered down preaching has reached remote Afrika. Satan is surely not sitting on his backside.

  39. No one is healthy without spiritual health.

  40. Kindly enlist my email for updating

  41. Please add me to your mailing list

  42. Nana Atakora-Amaniampong Jan 21st 2014

    Kindly add me to your mailing list

  43. David Mitchell Jan 27th 2014

    Please add me to your mailing list! Thank you.

  44. okumu lawrence Jan 29th 2014

    am so gald for you people.ay GOD bless u all.

  45. Henry Milligan Mar 1st 2014

    Please add me to your mailing list

  46. LeRoy Thompson Aug 13th 2014
  47. LeRoy Thompson Aug 13th 2014

    Sorry! That should have read “Blessings to you”

  48. Yvonne Smith Aug 19th 2014
  49. jesse basse Sep 4th 2014

    am from nigeria.realy blessed and revived by your work.please include me in your mailing list.thank you.

  50. Please remove this address from your EMail list. Thank you.

  51. Please remove me from your email list.

  52. Faith Jan 3rd 2015

    Please include me in your email list. I really enjoyed your book”Kundalini Warning” I know people {pastors} who attend this Toronto Blessing all the time to get “Refreshed”. It makes me sick to know the evil they are spreading all over the world.

  53. kindly some me some of your materials. thanks

  54. Please Pray For The Real Solution for America’s Unsolvable Problems:

    Here is what I believe is a overlooked way to spiritual victory that
    nobody’s thought of, but it can, and should be ours, if we’ll only ask
    for it. It’s what America was founded on, Jubilee. See the link below
    for why it’s ours and how we should pray for it.

  55. chas351 Nov 20th 2015

    I dont belong to any denomination except know the Bible is the Word of God,,, recently God told me to “give thanks for His Angel” … so i have been, in prayer giving thanks for His Angel. I have NO idea why or what the angel is doing,, i simply obey God’s voice instruction to “give thanks”… since then i see Angels mentioned everywhere in the Bible interacting with humans.

  56. I just came hear to tell about the visions or dreams I had when I was very young.
    They just felt so real for some reason like, I was a actually there standing there witnessing these things happening in front of my own eyes.
    ( a city like environment in fire’ ground in pieces like a earthquake just happened. People just screaming and chaos!)
    That’s all I remembered.
    I just blew it off as noting.

    That’s all I gotta say.

  57. Gary Nettleship Mar 24th 2016

    Hi Andrew, I am a Pastor in the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada and I would like to send you more of a private email. I just watched The Last Reformation movie and I showed it to our midweek prayer group and we were all very touched by it.
    Could you email me so I can reply with a question and special request.
    Thank you. God bless, Gary

  58. I want to get your emails arlene

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