I would really love your comments on this, as I believe it is an important topic for the church in North America. Please give us your thoughts on the questions below-

-Can Patriotism be Idolatry? (ie. Can our country become a kind
of ‘god’ to us?)
-Can Patriotism also become “prideful”?
-Is this a problem in the church today?
-Will many Christians get mad if we question this?
-If we mix Patriotism in with Christianity, will it start to distort the
whole message and mission of the church?
-In other words, will we start to become “activists” not just for
Jesus, but for Patriotism too?
-Is it true that Hitler used Patriotism to manipulate the German
people – and whip them up to go to war?
-Are there voices in TV and Radio today using Patriotism to whip
up the Christians?
-Do you think we can be easily manipulated if they appeal to our
-Now just a couple of questions about the USA-
-Is the US still a force for “righteousness” in the earth?
-When we look at the movies, the TV and the music put out by
the USA – which dominates Western culture all around the world –
what kind of influence does the US have today?
-When we look at this massive influence and leadership, does
she seem to be a force for ‘light’ or more for greed, sex, materialism
and spiritual corruption?
-So is America mostly spreading ‘good’ or spreading ‘evil’ in the world?
-Why then should we “defend” her – as though what she is doing in
the earth is “Christian”?

I realize that these questions will make some people mad. But I am
hoping that we will really think about these things and I would love
to hear your opinions. Please post your comments below-

Posted in Articles by Andrew on July 7th, 2011 at 1:35 am.


3 Replies

  1. earthly patriotism is idolatry, absolutely. there is only one nation believer’s should be loyal to and that is israel ((((and i’m not talking about the zionist political state in the middle east)))) but the true KINGDOM of YAH. paul was a roman citizen and while it afforded him certain benefits he was able to use for YAH’s glory, namely taking the gospel to pagans with the added testimony of being in chains for his beliefs, he never came across as “patriotic” to the roman state in any sense of the word. america is absolutey spreading evil lies and a false picture of christianity. the god mentioned on the her paper money is in no way the Almighty Father in heaven.

    as an american citizen i do find that people become extremely offended when someone tries to speak the truth about america and her counterfeit-israel. there are christians here who are extremely “patriotic” and claim they are willing to die for “israel” unfortunately they are blind, and their loyalty is to earthly political entity’s.

    i do not know how much influence america’s movies and television has had globabally, but america’s vain and perverted entertainment has definitely got its own citizens thinking they are living in some hollywood movie that they themselves are the star of. praying to someday get their “big break” and make a few million so they can be even lazier and get a so-called-reality tv show to brag about it on.

    no one with sense should be defending america, they should be exposing her for what she is (a whore) and warning her to repent before its too late.

    i didn’t answer every question you asked here.. but felt a fire kindled by them enough to rant this off.


  2. Jim Evans May 23rd 2012

    I believe the questions raised in this article are critical. So much activism in the name of Christianity is nothing more than a last ditch effort to preserve our freedoms, but really our prosperity. We don’t want to lose our standard of living. Worse yet, many Americans today have the entitlement mentality so strongly that there is fear of God’s judgment, not for the lost, but for the loss of our comforts.

    I love our country, what it has stood for at times, and for our involvement in putting down tyrants, in our prosperity which has fueled a missionary movement. But we have indeed turned a deaf ear to the cry of the exploited, and we have not held ourselves accountable in the church. We therefore have no power to hold society accountable either.

    Our god is bigness, growth, expansion, usefulness, success. God’s goal is brokenness, humility, holiness, courage and love.

  3. W Gladney Jul 17th 2012

    I have observed this very thing, that this patriotism for the sheer fact of preserving freedom to pursue financial gain and security and not to propetuate the Gospel of Jesus is idolotry. This was priority in this country at one time. Ministers were respected and honored because of this call. Now, we have the complete opposite. The foundation has to be pure, or else, everything crumbles that’s laid on it during stressful situations. Also, the chuch has lost the morality war as a whole. We have lost creditbility. How can we insist that homosexuality is wrong, which it is, but the divorce rate in the church is just as high as in the world. Not to mention there is as much pre-marital sex, and living together with folks going to church as in the world. The spirit of conviction, Godly sorrow, and repentence and the fear of God must return to the church first.