A MUST-SEE – 2011 Tsunami Documentary

Think of the hour we are in, when the very worst Tsunami in history occurs in Southeast Asia in late 2004 – and then this one (the worst-ever in Japan) just over 6 years later in 2011. Below is a shocking 2011 documentary showing amateur Tsunami footage from Japan – and interviewing the survivors who captured the video. Very sobering. Take a look-

Posted in TV & Videos by Andrew on March 12th, 2013 at 9:15 am.


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  1. I can never feel anything less than sympathy towards such vast human suffering , but at the same time I wonder how many Japanese people are God fearing ? Can’t even say I’m sure of all the facts , and perhaps my perception is derived from what I read , hear and see through the media , both fiction and non-fiction , but it is nevertheless one which points to a highly sucessful and technologically advanced nation , so much so that they feel so self sufficient and independant from their Creator . The kind of inflictions that earthquakes and Tsunami’s create , should make them think extremely seriously about the power behind such a force capable of wiping out all they have worked and strived for , perhaps even over decades , within a few minutes ? I would love to know how much missionary work is being done in Japan. In my humble opinion , it is much needed , much more so than the African / Indian / Far East Nations who appear to be continually under the missionary spotlight.

  2. stephen boyce Mar 12th 2013

    the end of the world is not too far away. andrew please look at the documentary blood red moon end time events. by mark bilts. that is where the moon turns blood red on pass over and tabernacles in 2014 2015 it is called a tetrad

  3. We must realize the end time is coming upon us amen.

  4. watchful Mar 12th 2013

    These are the beginning of birth pangs………warnings to us.

    The lesson I take away from this is: ………Flee to the mountains!….as Lot was told and as Jesus has told us. Listen to the warnings and don’t wait until it is too late…..Don’t think there is safety in the “designated buildings” any more, the spiritual tsunami that is coming and even now is here, is much bigger than in the past and is swallowing up the “buildings” and those who take refuge in them, so head quickly for higher ground….making sure we are looking up….affections and heart set on things above, for where our treasure is there our heart is also….

  5. Mike Conley Mar 12th 2013

    Thanks for posting, Looking and watching, again reminding me of the sufferring. Than it reminds of the power of God. Get it together and keep it together as He does have the POWER. Thanks again.

  6. Father fill us with You Spirit to overflowing so that our only value in this world is souls. We as believers, should be preaching the Gospel everywhere we go. People are dying in their sin and ignorance. Lord, may our compassion and love for the lost, cause us to witness of Your goodness and mercy without a single thought of our selves. Our reputations or creature comforts are of no importance.

  7. Kenny Atnip Mar 12th 2013

    Overwhelming to watch this. I could not watch it without crying and it reminds me again of the destruction yet to come.

    This scripture comes to mind:
    Luke 13:1 ¶ There were present at that season some that told him of the Galilaeans, whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices.
    2 And Jesus answering said unto them, Suppose ye that these Galilaeans were sinners above all the Galilaeans, because they suffered such things?
    3 I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
    4 Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem?
    5 I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

  8. Kenny Atnip Mar 12th 2013

    May we be as Lot was, a covering for the area where we live. As long as we are righteous and holy God’s judgment will not fall. As Lot’s name is translated meaning “covering” so are we to those around us.

  9. Mick 2 Mar 12th 2013

    My heart warmed when I heard US officials express their concerns for the people of Japan, with their destruction and loss of life. The following day, the US launched an attack on the people of Libya, destroying their nation and killing more than the tsunami did.

    I was reminded of who runs this world, what time it is, and was graciously given further resolve to separate myself from this world, and make it known that I am of another kingdom; one of love, and not duplicity. Folks, who is your king?

  10. Anna M. Mar 12th 2013

    Andrew, thankyou for posting this. There are no words to describe what this must have been like for those having experienced it. We are so fat, comfy and complacent at times…while we all dangle from a very fragile thread called…life.

    Our Father God,
    May we be awakened once again, to those things temporal and those things eternal..recognizing the difference between the two; valuing our Blood Bought Standing, which cannot be taken away though all the earth may tremble and fall. May we be ever cognizant to your workings within our hearts, as well as in the hearts of others. May we be moved with love and compassion for the suffering and lost of this world. May we be the salt and light which you desire us to be. May we love what you love and hate what you hate. May we be holy, even as you are holy…Children of Our Father in heaven. Amen

  11. sharon Mar 12th 2013

    Amen Anna M.

  12. I must pray for eyes, hearts & ears to be opened; for God to draw all men & for forgiveness of sins. And never ceasing to thank Him for the preparation of His children that we not be taken unawares.

  13. goodwordtoday Mar 12th 2013

    Very sad and terrifying.

  14. Lightning Storm Mar 12th 2013

    Just a small snippet of what the Flood of Noah’s time must have been like.

    In Noah’s time there was no place to flee the coming Waters.

    Mat 24:37 NASB
    “For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah.

    Mat 24:38 NASB
    “For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark,

    Luk 17:26 NASB
    “And just as it happened in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man:

    Hbr 11:7 NASB
    By faith Noah, being warned by God about things not yet seen, in reverence prepared an ark for the salvation of his household, by which he condemned the world, and became an heir of the righteousness which is according to faith. (Where/Who is the ARK OF SALVATION?)

    2Pe 2:5 NASB
    and did not spare the ancient world, but preserved Noah, a preacher of righteousness, with seven others, when He brought a flood upon the world of the UNGODLY;

    How many people in the days of Noah claimed to be FOLLOWERS OF THE MOST HIGH GOD?

    Ungodliness, Ungodly:
    “impious, ungodly” (akin to A), “WITHOUT REVERENCE FOR GOD,” not merely irreligious, but acting in contravention of God’s DEMANDS, Rom 4:5; 5:6; 1Ti 1:9; 1Pe 4:18; 2Pe 2:5 (ver. 6 in some mss.); 3:7; Jud 1:4, 15 (twice).

    So those who NOW claim to be FOLLOWERS should be thinking about HOW the Almighty God INSTRUCTED HIS PEOPLE (are you His people? Jesus followed the instructions. The apostles followed the instructions) on HOW TO ENTER INTO HIS PRESENCE.

    Moses did not even DARE to enter the Presence of God with a COMMON “my buddy” attitude.
    Jesus did not even DARE to enter the Presence of His Father as if He were a COMMON Person.
    Even at the Transfiguration, REVERENCE AND AWE were given to the mere presence of Moses and Elijah.

    Yet, today, we just waltz into a church building with dirty hands; dirty minds, dirty feet and think that WORSHIP/ENTERING INTO HIS PRESENCE is nothing more than singing a few HEARTFELT SONGS.
    Saying a few pious prayers “in the name of Jesus” and hearing a 5 POINT SERMON that quotes scripture.

  15. michelle d. Mar 12th 2013

    Well… Thanks for comfrimation… i started feeling earthquakes last week… and hearing the word disaster… There was an earthquake in Illionios on 3 11 13…at around 9:30 only 2.9… i saw all these past come to pass in open visions over 30 years ago… RUN to the MERCY SEAT… HEar the LORD OBEY… God has brought most to past… only a few more events… REVIVAL whatever it takes… God has put us at this juncture in time… to stand in the GAP… YOU bring forth repentance… This must needs start with each of us… So like they as they WATCHED we will BE BLOWING THE TRUMPENT… BE not as they… said they looked… it was coming and it didn’t even feel real… all they did was watch…as people died…
    That is what the church has been… doing watching… as the wave of sin and unrepentant hearts engulf our world and this nation the US… Jesus said that the sign would be the sign of JONAH and the WHALE… THEY REPENTED so CAN WE… We change the day and the time… ABRAHAM DID…LOOK at Lot… BUT MAYBE WE WILL ONLY SAVE OUR SELVES… But will we… Can this people see with thier eyes… hear with their ears… GOD take out our stoney hearts and give us a heart of flesh…God may you heal our hearts… We must preach the KINGDOM of GOD for is at hand… But like Jonah we might look like a fool if GOD changes the JUDGEMENT… May we REPENT… Judgement is coming my friend it is here… JUDEMENT begins At us… Have Mercy…
    Lord JESUS

    The LORD had shown me these things before they came to pass… HE WILL… instuct you… if you WILL HEAR…

    My dear brothers and sisters HEAR the LORD and OBEY… He WILL LEAD… a thousand at your left hand and ten thousand at your right… HEAR and OBEY!

    It is at the DOR- a generation

  16. One more warning from our Saviour…..And as was said regarding the tower of Siloam…”unless we repent we shall all likewise perish”….

  17. Awesome and very frighening even for the church.
    The world is seeing the power of God, and no mistake about it, His judgement still stands for those who ridicule, dismiss, and mock who is our Creator. To do so is at their peril!
    They did so in the days of Noah. It happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. Nazi Germany wanted a Third Reich.
    Imperial Japan had an empire whose emperor was worshipped as a god. Modern Japan became wealthy where corporate management has been put on a pedestal replacing the family.
    Has anyone noticed how the weather patterns have changed and disasters are becoming more frequent? And yet those in authority try at their upmost to explain them away without any reference to God.
    The bible says what it means within its cover. God’s word says what He means.
    Now is the time to seek the Lord because the worst is yet to come during the Great Tribulation. How dreadful that will be for those who through their own fault are left behind at the meeting in the air.
    So please go out and share and preach the Good News of Jesus Christ, and please, no more excuses for not doing so.

  18. watchful Mar 12th 2013

    Amen to prayers….how beautiful on the mountains are the feet of they who bring good news.

  19. Andrew Mar 12th 2013

    Amen, Watchful and others.


  20. What a horrible situation to be involved in. My heart goes out to the people who had to go through this.

  21. candace Mar 12th 2013

    On February 27th,2013
    I had a dream that we were getting ready for a wedding to begin, but as I looked out at the church seating I noticed the family of the bride and groom were late and I had such a concern that they need to hurry and get into there seats. when I woke up I knew this was about the church and they were not ready.
    My 27 year old daughter called me the same day and told me she also had a dream that night, that our family and others were packing because it was almost time to go to heaven and we were preparing, but her concern to was for the ones who were late.
    The same day an elderly lady called me from our church and wanted to talk to my husband (who is the Pastor) about what she had experienced in a day filled with prayer, she was weeping and saying something is coming and the church isn’t ready for it.
    I truley believe we are close to the end but as a church we need to be awake and prepared because there is a world of unsaved that need Jesus.

  22. Andrew Mar 12th 2013

    I’m glad you posted this, Candace. A good warning.

    Bless you!


  23. Be blessed all peoples of the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let us come together in the name of the LORD
    and praise HIS HOLY NAME
    and pray feverently for laboureres to be sent out
    and that we all be used of GOD
    for winning souls.
    Time draws ever short.
    and a DELUSION like has never been
    is coming. WARN , PRAY and Let the LIGHT of CHRIST shine.

  24. Averyl Mar 13th 2013

    Amazing coincidence this month, – even though there’s no word for coincidence in the Hebrew language.
    The new pope being named, supposed to be the last one according to St. Malachy.
    Obama going to the Middle East, don’t be surprised if he proposes a 7 year peace plan, sooner or later.

    John Hagee has also written a book about the blood red moons coming up.
    Good talking points to bring up the subject of God, the world is frightened.
    We are so priviledged to have God’s word and the blood of the Lamb to cleanse us from all sin, and His Spirit to renew our inward man daily & equip us for every good work. Praise God!

  25. Daniel Mar 13th 2013

    usa has done little to help japan; yet more then 1billion to war in Libr. that started sametime as this; 100mill. to Epty last year; now another 80mill;………..guess if you are a mulims nation; then the mulims presd. of usa will help you.

    Japan and Vietm. are two nations that have little inroads of christians;…………to bad there wasn’t a christian around to help in word and deed in japan right now…………..wouldn’t now be the best time to share the gospel?……….by giving time; labor, food, gospel. why aren’t christians groups from around the world going and working over there right now?………..years ago there were work camps in land of jews for christians and e-z way to share the faith; i did one in afarica 20years ago and in 6wks led 30+people to Jesus.
    ACTION is a the languge of LOVE/JESUS

    rem. parable of Jesus when i was in ……..jail, need water, need food, etc………………….Doesn’t God LOVE people of Japan? Is there christians that show that?

  26. One thing that is notable watching the video is how many of the people, even when the tsunami is almost licking their heels, see to run/walk, almost as though they don’t think it is that serious….the spiritual parallels are clear. There will be people ” in denial” no matter how bad it gets….they will not see the gravity or peril they are facing until it is too late. The idea of “God” seems entirely absent from their comments or minds……

  27. Michael Mar 13th 2013

    I feel for the Japanese and their great losses but I also pray that there losses lead them to find Christ. The Japanese are no different than most people in this world. They worked hard, planed, built, saved and accumulated monetary assets in order to acquire the worldly security of this world. They did this all their life just to see it all gone in one day. No matter how good and secure we think we have it here in US we can loss it all in one day also Just like the Japanese or the Jews in Germany during the Holocaust or other nations did in past history. There are so many scriptures that come to mind from this but I’ll let you think of your own.

  28. Thank you so very much for posting this documentary. I lived in Japan for 3 years. I fell in love with the place and the people. This video needs to be seen. We all need to learn the difference between things we really desire and things we need. I wanted to get into that video and hug those sweet people.

  29. fabakary Mar 13th 2013

    I Once had a vision of some one i knew in the pit of hell. He had a name as a christian , but was living in sexual sins , drunkenness etc When I saw him in that nasty pit of hell , I couldn’t imagine how i can even be tempted again , seeing the horror of how the wicked will end. But that manna was only enough for a short season, within a short season, all the fear of the horror i saw was all gone.It was not like before though up to date, it is still in my mind, but that revelation was not enough, to keep me alive in God, in the trials of life, but Christ. I pray the Lord will visit the nation of Japan for we men are not change by calamities, fear, or terror but the only one, Christ. And even some of us who may believes this things as sign of the end times , will still go on our hard ways in the trials of life without daily relationship with Christ.

  30. Andrew Mar 13th 2013

    Yes – it is very sad.

    And yes – I’m sure it does have a correlation with the last days when so many will be caught out by the “suddenness” of events that sadly so few seem prepared for.

    Blessings to all,


  31. Christian journalist Mar 13th 2013

    Then the third angel sounded: And a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the water, because it was made bitter. Revelation 8 verses 10 to 11

    There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven. Luke 21 verse 11

    Immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Matthew 24 verses 29 to 30

    Much like earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes, the phenomenon of the solar storm can occur at any time during the solar cycle, but every once in a while there are ones which go beyond the norm. NASA is predicting that the current solar cycle is showing enough activity that it could produce a solar storm that could rival the last one recognized in history. That was the Solar Storm of 1859. The Solar Storm of 1859 produced the largest solar flare ever observed. The storm knocked out telegraph systems all over the world, mostly at once. And yet most people are blissfully unaware that it ever happened. NASA’s revelations are that the earth could see a solar storm that could rival the one in 1859, if not larger, and calculations are within the next few years.
    Electronic devices are everywhere. Satellites orbit the earth and provide governments and peoplewith a wide variety of services. If a solar storm of that magnitude does hit earth again, it will be an unbelievable event that will be much more damaging and cause panic all over the earth.
    Power grids will fail and huge blackouts will occur. Many of the modern conveniences that are used, like cell phones, television, Internet, and global navigation will be out of commission in a matter of seconds. And then, there are a lot of other effects that simply cannot be predicted or taken as granted.
    There would be no quick fixes. The economic impact could be a lot scarier than any physical damage. The prediction is for 2013 but may happen later. The only question is when?
    But put this aside and look at something which happened recently.
    Falling stars are either comets, asteroids, meteors, or dying stars which send out gamma bursts. There are objects that come near the earth all the time, but either the object does not hit, or it is burned up in the atmosphere, and if whatever might be left hits the earth, it does not cause significant damage.
    Now this is interesting. Was Sodom and Gomorrah wiped ut by a comet?
    Bible commentators have looked at the meaning of what is being described in the phrase about fire and brimstone falling from the sky. Volcanic activity cannot be used to explain the fire and brimstone, because there are no volcanoes or volcanic deposits in the region. In an effort to explain this phrase, some have said that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was caused by an earthquake which somehow explosively ignited methane gas and sulfur found in the local tar deposits and shot it up into the sky. However, earthquake activity such as this is unprecedented and implausible in terms of geology. For those familiar with astronomy and ancient literature, the expression “fire falling from heaven” is not a cryptic expression nor a literary device that needs some sort of fanciful explanation; it is a simple descriptive phrase. “Fire from heaven” is an accurate description for cosmic material, either a meteor, asteroid, or comet, burning in the atmosphere, see as fire, as it comes in to strike the earth.
    Something happened recently which caught the world unaware outside the City of Chelyabinsk of the Russian Federation after a meteor struck. It came out of the blue and caused panic amongst the residents.
    Some 1,100 people were injured after the meteor blazed across the western Siberian sky with a blinding flash and booming shockwave.
    The Russian Academy of Sciences said it entered the earth’s atmosphere at 33,000mph (54,000kph) – 15 times the speed of a rifle bullet – and shattered into pieces around 18-32 miles (30-50km) high in the sky.
    It reportedly exploded with the force of 20 atomic bombs. Nasa estimated its speed was even faster at 40,000mph, and said it exploded at about 12-15 miles high and left a trail 300 miles long.
    The meteor weighed an estimated 7,000 tons and was about the size of a bus.
    Will such things happen again whereby meteors and astroids fall from the sky or severe solar storms hit earth? Scientists are trying the calculate these events, but what happened in the Russian Federation, their observations failed.
    The Bible prophesies a supernatural event where christians will disappear from the earth and be taken by the Lord Jesus to Heaven. Now that will happen, will catch people unaware, and no calculations or dates are given by the Lord God Almighty. The Word of God just declares “be ready” and don’t be caught out like a thief in the night.
    May this song uplift those reading and making their comments on Andrew’s web site. Praise the Lord!

  32. http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/story?id=98077&page=1

    ITS being marketed………….
    AND this was NOT from a christian……
    I FOUND THIS ON ABC news………….
    do take NOTE on the fifth paragraph………………
    THIS is all going to be about buying and selling
    all about terroists etc.
    AND pards…………..THEY SAID in the HAND
    A journalist.
    THIS has been the goal of the worlds elite
    and builderbergers . AND it is all coming to pass.
    sure we wont be able to buy or sell………….
    BUT………………..ever heard them words BEFORE…………

  33. watchful Mar 14th 2013

    “Digital Angel”…?? how interesting, seems the devil is announcing himself there….

    With no trust in God, people wander further and further away from Him in their efforts to solve problems – they see themselves as little more than animals and now they are allowing themselves to be treated like cattle. Well, they already do, just see the long lineups in airports to be x-rayed and bodies exposed. The frog is sitting in water that is warming up slowly….Tatoos and piercings are also getting people used to the idea of something under the skin………I went past a tatoo parlour recently called “Sinful Inflictions”…the devil even announcing himself there too…..The question is, where will we draw the line as a Christian?

  34. This is very sobering and of the same theme the Holy Spirit showed us. Saints, there clearly is something on the horizon. Christians are suffering more for the testimony of Jesus than every before world-wide. Over 200,000 Christians are martyred yearly for the name of Christ. This message by Denny Kenaston who now is in glory is a powerful warning to believers in the West (Canada and the USA): THE APPROACHING WAVE OF PERSECUTION BY DENNY KENASTON (AUDIO): http://gospelfellowships.net/2013/01/24/the-approaching-wave-of-persecution-by-denny-kenaston-audio/