-by Andrew Strom. –(Nov 4, 2004).

“It is with great sadness that I make the following report…”

I said last week that the ‘Whitedove’ conference in Kansas City this past weekend would be a pivotal one. It certainly was pivotal for me personally. I wish I could say that there was deep repentance – that the preaching was incredibly anointed and the crowd were on their faces crying before God. I wish I could say that, but I can’t. In fact, it seemed to me that the opposite was true. The saddest thing of all is that many people probably came away from this conference saying how “wonderful” and “uplifting” it was (-just as they always do). But I have to tell you, I was grieved to the core by it. Many parts of it I would even describe as spiritually “sick”.

Some people believe that the fall of Paul Cain into serious sin is some kind of aberration – just one individual’s problem. But I am convinced that the fall of Paul Cain (-who was recognised worldwide as the ‘father’ of this movement) is a symptom of a much wider disease. The whole movement is sick. As I have stated in previous articles, the ‘Prophetic’ as we know it is really a “fallen” movement – since the early 1990’s. But I always held out hope that it would somehow turn around and get back on track again. In fact, I believed that this conference was a heaven-sent opportunity for that to happen.

However, after what I saw this weekend, I no longer believe this is possible. The deception is now too deep. This movement is being “given over to believe a lie” and I want no part of it. I am cutting myself off, because I cannot afford the disease to spread into what we ourselves are doing. Things have now gotten so bad that we have to separate ourselves – and to do so publicly.

As you know, I requested special prayer from you all last week that a true spirit of Repentance might prevail in this conference. The reason I made this request was because God had woken me up at 6 am the previous Friday and given me a strong word about the conference. (God only wakes me up like this quite rarely – perhaps five times a year).

The word He gave me was that this must be a ‘repentance’ conference – that this was in essence the “last chance” for the Prophetic movement because it had become more and more corrupt – centered around money and ‘ear-tickling’ words, false prophecy and so-on. This was a gathering of KEY prophets at a moment in time when the ‘father’ of the movement had just fallen. It was God’s ideal moment for a truly “solemn assembly”. (And yes – I did write and pass this word on – in person – to the three main leaders of the conference).

However, what actually eventuated at this event seemed to me to be more akin to a circus than a solemn assembly. The music, the concert-style lighting, the stage dancers, the groaning tables stacked high with books and CD’s for sale, the ‘ear-tickling’, the hype, the $40.00 door fee (plus extra offerings taken each session) – and that’s just for starters.

What really bothered me about the weekend was the total lack of any truly ‘prophetic’ preaching. There was some good stuff on Self-pity and Bitterness right near the start, but after that it was mostly downhill. As always, there were plenty of anecdotes and tales of angelic visitations, etc. There were Scriptures quoted and a few helpful insights. But as far as a message that truly pierces and challenges and convicts – well, don’t go looking for that in THIS prophetic movement! In fact, there were warnings AGAINST any message that might come across as even slightly “condemning”, and there was even one of those cute talks on the need for “loving oneself”, etc.

Today’s prophets seem to talk a lot ABOUT the ’sword of the Lord’ but never actually bring it to bear. They bring no piercing word. And thus the entire movement is open to great deception. And instead of REPENTANCE, people are getting all kinds of counterfeit spiritual experiences. There seems to be almost no discernment at all.

The ON-STAGE DANCING throughout this conference was a good example. Now, I myself am a rock musician, but from the beginning these dance items had a rather ‘wild’ aspect to them that truly made me uncomfortable in my spirit. There was even one that came across like a sensual ‘Harem’ dance. Much of it really felt “off” – and almost anyone who sees the videos will tell you so. Even the worship had a very “tribal” feel to it at times. And by Day Three they were doing dance items with just loud voodoo-style drums only – and leaping around in a frenzied circle making weird cries to the super-amplified beat. The feeling in the room was so oppressive and “pagan” during this, that I could hardly even bear to stay in there. Then came one of the most shocking statements of the whole conference – from one of the main prophets. He got up and said that people may feel uncomfortable with such obviously “pagan” type dancing, but that it was originally God’s type of dancing and we were just now ’stealing back’ what the pagans had stolen from God!

I have to admit, this was the last straw for me. What could be more blatant? What kind of ’spirits’ do they think are being transmitted to people who open themselves up to that music? There is no discernment in this movement at all.

Now, I do not primarily blame the dancers. They were young and possibly immature. (-They weren’t actually from ‘Whitedove’ itself). Clearly, most of the blame lies with the main prophets who invited them in and openly endorsed and promoted what was happening the whole time. They would get up and publicly acclaim these dance items, thus ensuring that the spirit of it would pervade the entire event. And indeed it did – more and more.

Remember, most of the major “movers and shakers” of the Prophetic movement were at this conference, going along with this stuff. I repeat what I said earlier: This movement demonstrates absolutely NO DISCERNMENT. I urge everyone to GET OUT NOW, before even worse is brought in. I believe this movement is RIGHT NOW being given over to deception by God – and it is going to get much worse.

Even the ’spiritual’ moments in this conference often had strong touches of “Charis-mania” excess about them. And this was not the ‘harmless, silly’ kind of excess, either. It was at a level where I believe demonic spirits of deception were clearly at work. By the last session the audience was so hyped that they threw away all inhibition and leapt into the ‘pagan’ dancing themselves with wild abandon. And one of the main prophets even got up and announced that there were angels in the room going around “blowing on peoples’ fingers” if only they would lift them up in the air. That particular part sounds silly, but actually the whole thing by this stage had become awful beyond words. Virtually every day I came home utterly grieved and depressed. I had come to this conference with great expectancy and hope, thinking that the return of Bob Jones may bring a renewal of all that was originally good about this movement. I literally came as a ‘friend’ and they turned me into an enemy in the space of three days.

Below are the SPECIFIC THINGS that God told me He has against this movement as a whole:

-The giving and receiving of “ear-tickling” words.
-The giving and receiving of money in expectation of prophecy.
-False words and false teaching.
-The lack of a true Repentance message.
-The spiritual ‘blindness’ that allows familiar spirits and spirits of divination to flourish.
-The failure of this movement to judge itself, meaning that God must judge it.
-The idolising of well-known prophets – placing them on a pedestal.
-And so on….

Well, obviously, with great sadness we must now totally cut ourselves off from today’s Prophetic Movement. Any related links and articles will be removed from our web-site immediately.

As you know, for some time now I have spoken of the ‘John-the- Baptist’ type ministries that must arise to preach REPENTANCE in the Western nations. -Preachers of righteousness with a piercing word, like the Finneys, the Wesleys and the Whitefields of old. Such ministries are essential for true Revival to come. I now see that this new move must completely “separate itself” from the influence of the existing Prophetic movement. We need a completely ‘NEW’ Prophetic, and to keep it from being tainted by the sickness that has infected the old, there must be a complete cutting-off and a “leaving behind”.

I urge all of you to take this before the Lord for yourself. We live in very dangerous times, and I believe the old Prophetic literally stands under the judgement of God.

For our ministry in Kansas City, what this means is that we have to go right back to the original calling and mandate over this city, and build on that. We cannot build on the movement that came after. The 21 days of prayer and fasting, the comet that came, and the comission to preach Repentance to the Lukewarm church – these were all foundational elements. So too were the four standards of “Holiness of heart, Unwavering faith, Day and Night prayer, and Extravagant Giving to the Poor”. The original Prophetic move here seemed to be relatively pure for only a few years – and then quickly became a quagmire. So we have to stick to only the original foundations – and build on that. Our Sunday night meetings in Kansas City will certainly continue.

There were prophecies last year that a ‘new’ prophetic – a “second phase” was about to begin. I do believe this. But what we need to make sure of is that it does not become ensnared in the garbage of this previous movement. It must be totally NEW.

I would ask that you forward this announcement to as many Lists as you can, and to your Christian friends. We want it as widely known as possible that we have cut off all relations with the current Prophetic movement – and why we did it.

To email me with any feedback, please write to: [email protected]

As you can tell, it has been a terribly sad and devastating weekend for myself and my family. We would truly appreciate your prayers at this time, my friends.

God bless you all.

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.

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  1. Guy Miera Oct 23rd 2011

    Several years ago, I was attending a church service. It was the first time that I had gone to church in many years. At one time I held the office’s of Prophet, Pastor and Teacher. I left the church because my now ex-wife no longer wanted to attend church. If I can’t take care of my own house, how could I ever take care of God’s house? I decided to leave for a few months, and that few months turned into over 20 years. I never blamed God, and I didn’t stop talking to Him. Anyway, when I attended this church God told me that He wanted to use this church to be a beacon of Light in Nevada. He told me that He didn’t want this church to become another “I feel good bless me club.” He also told me that this church had no idea what kind of degradation it was in. They thought God showed up in their services because they were doing something right, when in actuality He showed up to heal His people. He said to me, “You are going to Pastor this church.” I told the Lord, and as I say this it is with a heavy heart, a hurting heart…I told Him that I was not going to Pastor that church, and I left and never went back. About 3 months later it shut down. I could have made a difference…but I did not. The church is in such a bad way at this point, but I believe where sin abounds, Grace does much more abound. In Nevada I will see His Glory do Mighty things very soon, as He is once again preparing me for what must come…The manifestation of His Spirit with Power and Love…He sent me here to be a minister of His Power and Presence, not to be ministered to. I see that now…Believers who have been kicked around for years are waking up and realizing our calling. We are realizing that the Great and Mighty God who we call Father has Chosen us to teach the church how to fight in these last days. Why? Because we have had to fight our way back after losing everthing!!! At one time in my life, I lost everything!!! I am back…with a heart filled with Love for my God and King and a fighting spirit to destroy the works of the enemies of my Father! It’s not over Andrew, it’s just begun…Bless you my brother!

  2. Bro. Winston Dec 4th 2011

    I often wondered if God had ever intended to allow his glory to become a movement. In the 80’s when the prophetic movement was now getting off the ground, God moved me out of it. I saw the corruption that was about to come. Now, I am not knocking the prophetic as a blessing from the Lord, but I am denouncing these movements that have spun out of it. Most of these prophets are plain flatterers, they prophesy what’s favorable to people especially telling people that God has called them into ministry when this is not so. As a result many are frustrated, confused and discontented with church as a whole. We need to get back to old fashion repentance. Where our sins are been revealed by the word of God through his true servants. Oh how I long for the waters of Bethlehem, are there some of David’s mighty still out there? Those who still preach the Word, Blood, and led by the Spirit. Bring me a cup from the springs of life that I may pour it out before the Lord.

  3. Pastor Luther Yellowrobe Jr Jan 11th 2012

    I agree with you brother that alot of ministries today are commercialized and filled with elements of paganism. I was pasturing a small Northern Cheyenne Indian reservation church in Lame Deer Montana for 4 1/2 years as my 1st time as a pastor. Yes I am Northern Cheyenne Native American myself. I did belong to a denomination that has been dealing with a very strong religious spirit in it. They believe in the 3 fold ministry of the teacher, pastor and Evangelist, but not into the Prophets and Apostles (Jesus never talked of only a 3 fold ministry). I was told by the Lord to deal with a spirit of religiousness and witchcraft within the church that I started to pastor. It started with much prayer and fasting as a foundation along with preaching of repentance that brought about healing and deliverance to the people. You must realize that I come from a strong Native American pagan religion growing up and then came to know the Lord that helped me see those ways where so tainted with idols, witchcraft and superstitions that allowed the ‘fear’ of satan (bad luck/curse) elements into the followers of this type of religion. 2 Corinthians 6:17 ‘Come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.’ I have noticed in the last several years that many ministries have started to embrace the mixing of pagan Native American practices into the church and even into some prophetic ministries which has grieved me much as it has become all about the ‘show’ and experience more than the good preaching and teaching of the Holy Word of the Lord! I will admit that I am a young preacher, however the spirit of the Lord would show me things that were happening in services that were not of Him and that many ministries were doing their own things along with familiar spirits and putting Gods stamp on them to His great dismay. The Lord speaks to me mostly in dreams and of course through His awesome word in the Holy Bible and over the last 5 years those dreams have greatly intensified and many of them have shaken me to the core as only the Lord can. For instance last night I had a dream of an unexpected volcano eruption (natural disaster) that caused many people to realize that their is a God. Funny how people can claim to be atheist, but the moment of a situation, they can sure cry out to God for help. In a broken world, God is willing to use what He must to get to peoples hearts and for them to come to true repentance and acceptance of Him. In this dream their was much judgment of God and even directed towards USA and I hope that non-believers come to repentance of their sinful ways and come to the Lord and I hope that the believers that have strayed in their walk, callings and giftings also come to repentance and get back on the same page with the Lord’s will and plan. Like I said, I am young in the ministry and was just starting to be lead into the prophetic giftings and ministry when a bombshell hit me and the ministry. I married a woman before I got into ministry and she appeared to be a really nice and god loving person. Several people told me not to marry her because they said that she was too mean and would destroy me. I thought that they were just a couple of people who had personal issues with her and were just trying to put a monkey wrench into our relationship. While dating she seemed like the perfect person that I had been looking for and we got married. I then started to notice that she had some strong religious teachings that mainly included doctrines of men and then slowly started to see that she liked to be in certain peoples business and even walked in manipulation. Some years ago I was prophesied over a very well respected prophetic ministry to pray and help my wife with her religious and controlling ways as it could get worse if she doesn’t deal with it and that I had to be delivered of a Ahab spirit as I have allowed certain people to manipulate me especially my wife and I agreed to do so as I saw the Lord in this and repented of this spirit in activation in my life and the Lord delivered me of it. Praise God! However my wife never wanted to deal with her issues and started to tear apart the ministry and it came to a point one night where she yelled at me for asking her why she was so angry about some simple thing and she went on a physical offense and hit me with a remote and then charged me and got in my face and yelled at the top of her voice while I trying and talking to her to calm down and asking why is she reacting like this and then she hit me with her fist with a left hook to my jaw! I was so shocked that she was acting like this and I was always taught as a child to never hit a woman because I was a man and the best thing is to walk away. I started to leave and walked towards our bedroom to get a few clothes to leave for the night and she ran in front of me and grabbed a clothes iron off the washer and threw it at me which hit me in the stomach! And she then blocked the doorway to our room and wouldn’t let me in the room to get my clothes. At this time I then started to rebuke this spirit in the name of Jesus Christ and her eyes got really big and immediately walked away towards the phone in our bedroom. I kept rebuking this spirit in activation in my wife and then started to pray out loud for my wife to be set free from this wicked spirit. When ever I wasn’t rebuking this spirit and was just praying for my wife, she would just laugh in the most wicked high pitched witch like voice and sound and tell me me ‘what ever!’ but the moment that I was taking authority in our house and rebuking this spirit in activation in Jesus name, she would be silent. Then her sister answered on the phone that she called on the bedroom phone, she turned her wicked laughter and voice to a real soft calm voice and told her sister to come to the house in 20 minutes because she has something to tell her. I kept praying and rebuking in Jesus name. She put the phone down and walked to the corner of the room and just stood there staring into space like in a trance, I walked up behind her and put my arms lovingly around her waist and told her in her ear in a loving whisper that I loved her and that she was walking in the flesh out of offense and anger. She threw my arms off and told me to leave and that she didn’t have to listen to anything that I had to say and that I should just leave, so I lifted my hands to the air towards the Lord and said I tried to calm her down and talk to her…I tried and left that night. The very next day she went around to all the church leadership (board members) and made up a different version of what really happened. She approached them to ask for prayer for our marriage and then once in their houses she started to make up a story of the event and proceeded to rip me up. Everyone believed her (very painful to me that they would believe such lies) except two ministers that used to pastor years before at other churches, but been coming to the church with their wives and family for some time and called me their pastor, they knew that she was operating in manipulation and a Jezebel spirit. In a nutshell she caused me many headaches and pain and caused the church to split and because our organization set us up as dual co-pastors, I didn’t have the authority to remove her from the pulpit much less the ministry. I am now not part of this denomination and getting my license through a different organization that understood and seen all that transpired during this time. The Lord told me to step down so he could deal with her and some of the leadership that had allowed themselves to be manipulated and that one day he would put me back into another church as the pastor in this same area. I didn’t want to step down, not because of the position of being pastor, but because I love the people so much and was concerned that this might cause some newborn new converts to be discouraged enough to walk away from church and the Lord. But the Lord told me that I wasn’t their God and that I had to trust and have faith that He would take care of them. I said ok I will stand down, but pleaded with the Lord to watch over the people. Which He did. My wife went on the offense to try and get me in trouble with the organization higher ups and even in my job and was speaking ill of me to whom ever she could to gain sympathy for herself and get people to side with her and come against me. I began to lose people who I thought were my friends (Lord warned me this would happen) however there were a few good solid believers who saw through her lies and deceptions and have always been my friends. We have been separated for 2 years now and I have caught her flirting with several Native American men in music ministries on the Crow and Rosebud Indian reservations in her Facebook account and everyone knows about it now. A few months ago she toke a job and moved to Rosebud South Dakota to the place where she was flirting with this man in music ministry. Now I don’t have proof that she is seeing this man, but they have been in communications for years without my knowledge until I found it in her Facebook account. I have not heard a word from her in these last few months and I have been praying and seeking the Lord what to do about my marriage now. many people that believed her lies have come to me and asked me to forgive them for believing her lies and for coming against me in their words and attitudes. In fact many non-believers and traditional non-Christian Native American religion believing people have come forward and told be that when ever I pastor again that they would like to come to the church and bring their families too!! The Lord Is great!! They said that they were watching both me and my wife and our actions, words, hearts and attitudes over the years and said that what they have seen me go through that I must love the Lord and that they see her for which she really is like in her heart. I had to make a stand against a wicked spirit that was trying its best to kill and discredit me in all areas of my life, but I give my thanks, praises, worship, heart and life to my Lord Jesus for protecting me and preserving me through it all!!!!! Please pray for the people on this reservation and for me…

    I so admire you and give you great credit for having the courage to make a stand for what you believe the Lord is speaking to you about your separation from a group that is going down a path that is not of God. I will continue to pray for you and for this group as the Lord has methods to get people back to true repentance and restoration with Him. I am now more aware of the tactics of the Jezebel Spirit and how people can allow pagan elements into the church. I am reminded of how the children of Israel got delivered from Egypt and in a short duration while Moses was getting the 10 commandments on the mountain, so easily they were deceived into bowing down and worshiping a Golden Calf! even after they saw miraculous things the Lord had done for them. They still had religion, but a tainted and corrupt religion that toke the focus off of the relationship with the one true living God that is a jealous God who will not share his people with false idols!! GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER AND MAY THE LORD CONTINUE TO USE YOU IN A MIGHTIER WAY!!!!! IN LORD JESUS NAME….AMEN.

  4. Barry Schmidt Jan 24th 2012

    I am a Bible professor in a small Bible School, have taught Bible for 35 years and have been an avid student of revival history and would be described by most Believers in my city as a “spirit filled” prophet and teacher.

    I have been connected with all these latter rain prophets and the modern prophetic movement since 1989 until today. through  a long and painful process I have concluded my investment in the movement has been virtually a complete loss. To my deep sadness I now know God has been showing me for sometime that the movement is unsalvageable- that it is founded upon unsalvageable eschatology, preaches a gospel of self empowerment and is virtually devoid of the cross of Christ, the call to deny self and repent of selfish living and has become a virtual cesspool of false teaching, occult practices and practitioners.

    Please include me in any future mail outs from your ministry. In the midst of my deep sadness I am not without hope that God – through people like you-will reserve for himself a few who have not yet bowed the knee to this contemporary Baal that has so pervasively infected the current charismatic culture.

    From my little place on the wall,
    Barry Schmidt
    Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada

  5. Barry Schmidt Jan 24th 2012

    I am a Bible professor in a small Bible School, have taught Bible for 35 years and have been an avid student of revival history and would be described by most Believers in my city as a “spirit filled” prophet and teacher.

    I have been connected with all these latter rain prophets and the modern prophetic movement since 1989 until today. through  a long and painful process I have concluded my investment in the movement has been virtually a complete loss. To my deep sadness I now know God has been showing me for sometime that the movement is unsalvageable- that it is founded upon unsalvageable eschatology, preaches a gospel of self empowerment and is virtually devoid of the cross of Christ, the call to deny self and repent of selfish living and has become a virtual cesspool of false teaching, occult practices and practitioners.

    Please include me in any future mail outs from your ministry. In the midst of my deep sadness I am not without hope that God – through people like you-will reserve for himself a few who have not yet bowed the knee to this contemporary Baal that has so pervasively infected the current charismatic culture.

    From my little place on the wall,
    Barry Schmidt
    Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada

  6. Peter Wilson Jan 31st 2012

    I am so overcome with joy and sadness, with joy, because I have found that I am not the only one that can see through this false “Grace” gospel, and know the value and gift of repentance.
    Even repenting of past sins, even back to my youth, to prevent points of weakness, or entry points of the enemy.
    He only attacks our weaknesses not our strengths.
    (This was told me in a series of dreams, when I first became a repentant believer.)
    I had to go to my ex fiancee and boyfriend and apologise for being so selfish and only thinking of my needs and wants, (she had an affair behind my back and got pregnant to the other fellow)
    I told the Lord that “she did the wrong thing, not me”, He told me to do it anyway.
    I had to write down exactly what I was going to say, in a card, and give it to her, and him.
    I apologized for all my selfishness and not even considering her wants and needs.
    I had to take responsibility for the whole situation and ask for their foregiveness. ( I had attempted to murder the boyfriend on three separate occasions, once, he didn’t turn up, the second time, I was stopped by an Angel, the third time, by an audible word from God.)
    I could not say “I only did this because you did that etc”, but had to only deal with my part in the matter.
    I was not to add anything more than what I had written down.
    There was to be no judgemental words toward her at all, or she would see that I was not being genuine, and was not sorry.
    I went and saw them both, it was not easy, I can tell you, and did as the Lord instructed me.
    When I finished, I handed her the card and blessed them both, then got up and left.
    As soon as I walked out the back door, a weight lifted off my shoulders, I could physically feel it!
    The Lord said I had to do the same with my Father, who had dis-owned me when I became a Christian.
    He used to beat us severely, as children and the only emotion we had for him was fear.
    I did the same thing for him, asked him to forgive me for not honouring him as a father, for being dis-obedient, for not being the son that he wanted me to be etc.
    Then handed him the card and said no more.
    He took the card and said nothing, he then got up and left, (we were at my brothers place).
    After that, I had the same experience of a weight being lifted off my shoulders, and when I saw my father the next time, he had completely changed in his attitude toward me.
    He was like a long lost friend, and even lets me lay hands on him and pray for him.
    But sad that there are so many being led “up the garden path” with the message that has infected so many Churches.
    So many don’t know what repentance is, and the as they are taught that they are “No longer under the law”, or they are “dead to the law”, they have even removed God’s reference to sin for the believer.
    Thank God for you guys!
    My spirit is leaping within me!
    Bless you all, my true brothers and sisters.
    Peter Wilson
    Castle Hill
    The Great South land of the Holy Spirit.

  7. I am an Evangelist, currently in the southern Philippines. Just a short word. I just want to say thanks for exposing the deception. I am very thankful I had a “Damascus road” type conversion. I have also been studying revivals for the past 10 years and am anticipating to learn more on this site, which i believe is a rare but desperately need resource for the body of christ.

  8. oh ,i wrote this in response to your note on leaving the group you belonged to as it took me back.
    i left a church after i sat in a pew and had the Lord tell me why everything the minister said was wrong.
    but what really got to me was this conference u went to.
    i dont usually say it but i was at a church conference a few years ago just helping out, all the ‘bigwigs were there and while they were praising themselves and saying how wonderful they were, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me and i ended up outside in the hallway doubled up in floods of tears, my pastor found me there, the prophecy the Lord gave me was against what he gave me the term ‘fat cats’
    so called pastors who over eat overindulge and line their pockets….
    they have taken their eyes off God.
    once prophets/pastors ministers of God fasted and prayed
    when i could pull myself together i wrote down what the Lord gave me, i lasted maybe a year at that church but am not there anymore, the Lord removed me, and yes it had the hallmarks of moneymaking which is the curse of Balaam.
    Everything had a price to it, the church i now attend gives, gives gives….marked contrast.
    Many good beautiful people who genuinely love the Lord worship at the former church, I am not allowed to judge them, i gave the prophecies i recieved to one of the pastors, and the Lord knows what they did with them.
    I received another prophecy while i was there also that judgement was now on the house of God,
    someone I shared it with said i had to have it wrong, it must be mercy not judgement, but i know what the Lord gave me. caroline ps all the prophecies i received are written down and dated in notebooks

  9. If tongues today is a restoration of “what was normal in the first century church”, then why are we still sending missionaries to language school? Just wondering. (Acts 2:1-11)

    Andrew, study the Word, and form your convictions based on the word and not experience (yours or others). A little deception, deceives the who lump of truth.

    I would challenge you to consider that the tongues movement has led us down the slippery slope of false gods in the church that you are standing against today. Like it or not, the authority of Scripture today is lost. (hopefully not lost forever)

    2 Cor. 6:16 What agreement has the temple of God with idols? For we are the temple of the living God; as God said, “I will make my dwelling among them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. 17 Therefore go out from their midst, and be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch no unclean thing; then I will welcome you, 18 and I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me, says the Lord Almighty.”

  10. Eric,

    Very good question and a book can be written as to why this practice is not appropriate. Anything that is not understood is occult, and many cults speaks in tongues. There are legitimate tongues on rare occasions, such as one that I heard of from a Pastor in Winnipeg, Canada. A young Spanish man and his wife attended his church and while the Spanish man’s wife understood some English, he did not – yet he heard the Pastor’s entire sermon in Spanish. As an unbeliever only attending to please his wife, he ended up becoming a Christian when the altar call came, and was shocked that the Pastor knew no Spanish when he tried to speak with him. That is the genuine tongues and it is not our doing but the Lord’s. We shouldn’t even be conscious of it.

    Too many people storm the throne of God and take tongues – they are not given it by the Lord. It’s Babylon – and any baby can babble, but it makes no sense, and as my husband told me, how do we know who we are praying to when we speak in tongues? Maybe it’s Satan? And if we don’t know what we are praying, how do we know God is answering our prayers?

    As Apostle Paul tells us, the tongue must be connected to the brain or we appear to be barbarians. God is not the author of confusion.

    Concerning 2 Cor. 6: 16 – Eric, look up the origin of Easter and Christmas, and write what you think of this as well….

  11. I still like the prophetic movement, It not perfect, but I think God is in still!! But see were this is forum is leading us, NOW even the gift of tongs is evil and wrong. Well do you all call thats biblical? What I did like was your article on: IN-CHURCH, OUT-of-CHURCH, FUTURE CHURCH Thats the real deal brother, lets stay humble and pray for one another instead. Niol